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Ultimately, psychology at WLC is designed to develop thinking and skills to enable students to
become life-long learners. Each course promotes the ability to think scientifically about behavior
and mental processes and to judge psychological fact on the basis of validity and reliability of the
evidence in accordance with God's truth.

The psychology program reflects the broad range of learning opportunities and experiences
available to our students. We offer service opportunities in the community, internships that
represent a range of careers and teaching opportunities that develop leadership skills.

In psychology, student learning incorporates multi-sensory experiences designed to assist you in
applying knowledge, critical and creative thinking and interpersonal awareness. Students are
encouraged to take what they learn beyond the classroom and into their day-to-day interactions
with others.

                                      Potential Career Fields
Examples of the types of careers that Psychology majors may pursue are listed below. Some
careers may require additional training either during or after college.

                              * Case manager                                    *Social Worker

                              *Employee/Employer relations                      * Counselor

                             * Mental health worker                             *Human resources coordinator

                             * Clinical director                                *Mediator

                             *Psychologist                                      *Therapist

                             *Teacher                                           *Researcher

-Potential Career Fields taken from Julie DeGalan and Stephen Lambert’s Great Jobs for Psychology Majors (VGM Career Books,2001). This
Resource can be found in the Career Development Office Resource Library.

                                                 WLC Alumni
       Here is a sample of what some WLC Alumni have done with a major in Psychology:

          Name                             Employer                      Position
    Cassandra Driver (‘05) Vanderbilt Program for Talented Youth Program Coordinator
    Rachel Richter (‘01)      Kenosha Human Development           Adult Family Home
                                        Services, Inc.                Coordinator
    Mark Mattek (‘04)         University of Phoenix Online Employee Development Specialist
    Nicole Humann (‘95)             Dartmouth College            Asst. Athletic Trainer
    Sarah Reik (‘98)       WI Lutheran Child and Family Service        Counselor
   Julie Sevick(‘99)               Human Development Center                               Psychologist
   Jodi Draeger(‘02)                 Phoenix Care Systems                                Case Manager
   Sarah Edens(‘99)               East Troy Community Schools                          School Psychologist
   Michele Eiche(‘01)             Our Savior’s Lutheran Church                         Lay Ministry Asst.

The Career Development Office offers numerous resources available for checkout in our career
resource library. Some of the titles that may be of interest to potential psychology majors and
those who are currently in the process of choosing a major are:

      Great Jobs for Psychology Majors
      Major Options
      What to Study:101 Fields in a Flash
      Majoring in Psych?: Career Options for Psychology Undergraduates
      The Psychology Major: Career Options and Strategies for Success
      Is Psychology the Major for You?
      Career Paths in Psychology
      College Majors Handbook
      Exploring Health Care Careers
      270 Ways to Put your Talent to Work in the Health Field

The Dictionary of Occupational Titles offers detailed information on vocations, as well as
educational requirements for certain fields. This resource can help you limit your career options,
as it specifically defines job duties and responsibilities. It can be found online at . Another resource is the Occupational Outlook Handbook,
which reports detailed information on certain career fields, including career outlook and
earnings. The Handbook can be accessed at .

                     Professor Contact Information
 Name                 Title               Phone                    E-mail                        Office #
Leanne Olson          Associate           #443-8843                A302
                      Professor of
Matthew Krug          Assistant           #443-8928       A318
                      Professor of
Annemarie             Assistant           #443-8830                A304
Huebner               Professor of
Wendy Close           Assistant           #443-8701                 A334
                      Professor of

                 Prepared by the Career Development Office of Wisconsin Lutheran College
                                    Office: B069 Phone: (414)443-8635
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