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A Useful Friend to Have - Search Engine Positioning Assistance by gjmpzlaezgx


									A Useful Friend to Have - Search Engine Positioning Assistance
Designing a great website is just the first step in achieving web entrepreneurial success. The web is full of well-designed websites all competing for a
place in the first few pages of search engine results. Search engine optimization (SEO) allows your website to beat the competition and establish a
strong web presence. It makes it easier for prospective customers to find your site, greatly increasing the chances of your website success and
business profitability.

SE Nuke has been available to internet marketers now for a couple of years and has really undergone a revolution in that time. On the other hand,
Web2Mayhem is being officially launched this month but the truth is, it has been available to a select few for about a year. Having used both
extensively I often get asked my thoughts on which one is best but the truth is, while the ability both have to cut down your work time to a minimum is
second to none, it's hard to declare one is better than the other.

The more relevant your website is to the keyword request the higher will be its position on the search page results and the consequent chances of
customers visiting your website. The best location for a website is within the top three positions on a popular SE such as Google.

A proper keyword research should start with this understanding that these aims are to be achieved by the keyword research. An optimized content
development requires the proper keyword research, keyword selection and the keyword placement; this in turn will enhance the rankings of the site on
the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

The Web2Mayhem software comes with an account creator, RSS submitter, social bookmarker, video sharer, article distributor, blog poster, pad
submitter - that's a powerful assembly of features and when used in conjunction with the blueprints, then you have a real edge over the majority of
online marketers simply because extra time is freed up and you can create extra SEO campaigns to profit from.

Following are some of the important factors that are taken into consideration while choosing the keywords: 1. Try to select unique key words that your
competitors have not thought of. There are so many tools like Word tracker, Overture and Google Ad sense to find the targeted keywords. But please
do keep in mind, while choosing a keyword try giving a unique shape to it. 2. Optimize for your most profitable key words. How many sales does the
key word generate? How much profit is made for each of these sales? 3. Make sure that the key words are very significant to your site so that people
who find your site through your key words will not immediately leave. Site popularity is a factor to be taken into consideration also. 4. Try to
accumulate a list of key words that covers your site very well so that you aren't leaving anyone or anything out. The nature of business must be
exposed through your keywords. 5. Conversion rate checking is another point. If a keyword is able to bring 10 people to your site, and out of 10, only
one sale generates, in comparison to another keyword that brings only two and that 2 persons buy your products, then the next keyword is said to be
of more useful than the first one. This is called the conversion rate. Therefore, the conversion rate for the latter keyword is higher than the former one.
Ultimately, your search weapon should bring prospective customers; that is what your toil for to sell the more. 6. Seeing what the competitors are
targeting by going over to their source from the view option; it is not entertained that one puts a keyword targeted by a competitor in to-to to one's site.
It would then be called stealing, and frankly speaking, that is not an ethical search engine practice. A competitor's site can be viewed from all
perspectives, so long as a healthy competition exists. It would give you some idea and reference, why and how a successful competitor is on the top.
Guidance is always acceptable, but the replication can never be encouraged. In Google too, such attempt is punishable, and if caught, the site may be
banned for copyright threat. 7. Just do think like how a common person will search for a particular site. Then look for that kind of keywords. It is always
advisable to have two to three special or unique keywords that contain the business lingo or the jargons; in that sense the keywords sought would be
realistic and specific. Once the keywords are attained, the next move is to implement them properly; following are the universal places where the
keywords are usually placed: In the title In the domain name In the heading In the first sentence of first paragraph In the filename In text link In Meta
description In Meta keyword At the bottom of page Keywords optimized this way will have a likely impact to be searched first and crawled well by
search engine spider.

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