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									                              Entrepreneurial Retreat
                                   For Professors
                           Hands-on professional development
                      for faculty from across academic disciplines

               Supported in part by a grant from the Coleman Foundation

                                General Information


Emergency Campus Contact – 3636 (from campus phone)
                           814-641-3636 (from regular line)

Retreat Contacts – Mike Lehman: 814-599-9751
                   Sarah Worley: 814-251-2037
                   Travis Sumner: 814-312-3640

Room Phone Access – dial 9 from room phone for local outside line

Internet Access – available 24/7 in Cyber Café, Ellis Hall
                       user name: Visitor3
                       password: SummerTime (this is case sensitive)
                – wireless connection called “JC Guest” is available in the lobby of
                  von Liebig Center for Science, Brumbaugh Academic Center,
                  Ellis Hall, L.A. Beeghly Library and Shuster Hall, Raystown Field Station

Food and Fun

Complementary Drinks and Chips – located downstairs in the Cloister Hall lounge

Food – available until 11PM at Sheetz located at corner of Moore and 14th Streets

Campus Bookstore, Ellis Hall – open Monday and Tuesday from 8-4

Athletic Facilities – lighted tennis courts and running/walking track available for use
                              Entrepreneurial Retreat
                                   For Professors
                            Hands-on professional development
                       for faculty from across academic disciplines

                 Supported in part by a grant from the Coleman Foundation


Sunday, June 3, 2007

1:00 – 4:00 PM              Registration
                            Lobby, von Liebig Center for Science

                            Food for Thought - Entrepreneurial Book and Refreshment Table
                            Pheasant Lounge, von Liebig Center for Science

                            Review over a dozen entrepreneurial textbooks from a
                            variety of authors and publishers as you enjoy some
                            refreshments, including one of the hottest items (literally!)
                            on the market…University Jerky.

                            E2 – Entrepreneurship Exercises
                            Pheasant Lounge, von Liebig Center for Science

                            After you register and get some refreshments, stop by for
                            your first „assignment‟ of the retreat. All activities will be
                            replicable in the classroom.

4:00 – 5:00 PM              Networking Event
                            Pheasant Lounge, von Liebig Center for Science

                            Meet faculty hailing from eight states and disciplines
                            ranging from Biology to Theatre and Business to English.
5:00 – 7:00 PM   Welcome Dinner
                 Sill Board Room, von Liebig Center for Science

                 Entrepreneurship Education – Lessons from the Trenches
                 Michael S. Lehman

                 The language, experiences and opportunities rooted in
                 entrepreneurship have practical application and exciting
                 potential when applied across academic disciplines. This
                 opening session will lay the framework for effectively
                 integrating the business of new venture creation into the
                 natural and social sciences, the arts and the humanities.


                 Hands-on-Learning – Entrepreneurship in the Classroom
                 Sarah Worley

                 Translating theory into practice is a hallmark of hands-on-
                 learning. After dinner, you will be introduced to a few
                 practical classroom exercises that will emphasize some of
                 the skills and concepts necessary for success in the world
                 of entrepreneurship.

7:15 – 9:00 PM   Interactive Entertainment
                 Suzanne von Liebig Theatre

                 Enjoy an evening of networking with colleagues as you are
                 entertained with music from „Jeremy and Dan‟ and learn
                 to salsa from student entrepreneur Demetri Patitsas.

Accommodations   Residence Halls on Juniata Campus

                 See „General Information‟ for details
                 about your accommodations
Monday, June 4, 2007

8:00 – 9:00 AM          Breakfast Session and Sill Business Incubator Tour
                        Bob and Eileen Sill Business Incubator

                        See firsthand how a model of „hotel-style‟ incubator
                        space, as well as a shared services area, provides flexibility
                        for student and community entrepreneurs. Pennsylvania‟s
                        Keystone Innovation Zone will be highlighted.

                       Directions to Sill Business Incubator
                 five minute walk/two minute drive from Cloister
                             entrance on 14th Street

9:15 – 10:15 AM    An Engaging Entrepreneurship Program
                   Jim Donaldson
                   C225, Brumbaugh Academic Center

                   In this session, Professor Donaldson will summarize the
                   development of the entrepreneurship curriculum at
                   Juniata College. This history provides the context for the
                   current focus on involving alumni. Using alumni is not
                   unusual (e.g., on-campus speakers). But there are new
                   opportunities for engagement. In Juniata‟s first five years,
                   students in entrepreneurship have shown two propensities.
                   First, students tend to stick closely with ideas that are
                   simple, small scale, and already within their comfort zones.
                   Second, students seem to lose any ability to be objective
                   about their own ideas. Alumni can help on both.

10:25 – 11:10 AM   Entrepreneurship in the Arts
                   Andy Belser and Chad Herzog
                   C116, Brumbaugh Academic Center

                   Art and entrepreneurship are fundamentally connected.
                   Encouraging students to see and understand this
                   relationship will help them successfully make their passion
                   their profession. It is our roles as educators to adequately
                   prepare students in the arts to think about themselves as
                   entrepreneurs and create opportunities that will allow
                   them to explore this relationship.

11:10 – 11:50 AM   Making the Most of CEO
                   Sarah Worley and Bret Naugle
                   C116, Brumbaugh Academic Center

                   The Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization hosts an annual
                   conference that brings together thousands of students and
                   offers the opportunity for peer networking and experiential
                   learning. How can you prepare your students to make the
                   most of this conference? This session will highlight ways in
                   which you can prepare them to successfully network and
                   take advantage of the opportunity. It will also provide
                   discussion on ways to raise the funds to take students to
                   these annual conferences.

noon – 1:00 PM     Lunch
                   Baker Refectory, Ellis Hall
1:30 – 2:30 PM   Stumbling Forward: Using Entrepreneurship
                   to Help Students Learn
                 Pat Weaver
                 C116, Brumbaugh Academic Center

                 An entrepreneurship program at your college can supply
                 you instantly with real-world problems for your students to
                 investigate. Incorporating entrepreneurship projects into
                 your courses helps students remember what they‟ve
                 heard, adopt new skills, integrate ideas, analyze shifting
                 situations, and apply what they know in novel ways. But
                 courses using real projects often progress in fits and starts
                 and present genuine challenges for the teacher. In this
                 session, you will explore these challenges and develop
                 strategies to manage the projects and the students
                 working on them.

2:40 – 3:40 PM   Turn Up the Volume: Use of Multimedia
                   in Entrepreneurship Education
                 Michael S. Lehman
                 C116, Brumbaugh Academic Center

                 Interactive. Engaging. Real-life. These words describe the
                 use of multimedia in entrepreneurship courses. By
                 integrating video clips of new and experienced
                 entrepreneurs into class lectures, group exercises and
                 independent take-home assignments, educators are
                 adding value to entrepreneurial education across the
                 country. In this workshop, participants will learn of specific
                 ways to integrate these clips into either an individual
                 lecture or an entire course.

                 Entrepreneurial Books
                 Retreat Participants and Michael S. Lehman
                 C116, Brumbaugh Academic Center

                 Hear from your peers as they provide reviews of a variety
                 of entrepreneurial textbooks and learn to design your own
                 customized textbook.
4:15 – 5:00 PM   Travel to Shuster Hall, Raystown Field Station
                 Meet to carpool in South Parking Lot by Knox Stadium

                 Directions: To travel to the Raystown Field station from
                 Huntingdon, PA, take Rt. 26 South out of Huntingdon
                 approximately 14 miles to the village of Markelsburg.
                 Travel 1 mile south of Marklesburg and turn left onto
                 Fousses Crossing Road. Follow Fousses Crossing Road 1.5
                 miles until it ends at James Creek road. Turn right on
                 James Creek and enter through the gate100 yds down the
                 road on the left. Travel a few miles to reach the Raystown
                 Field Station.

5:00 – 6:00 PM   Necessity and the Other Mothers of Invention
                 Grace M. Fala and Janet Farrell Leontiou

                 Coffee... Jelly... Wax... What do these three seemingly
                 disparate concepts share in common? What can be
                 created when these three objects/concepts are puzzled
                 together? If you can be more inventive you can be more
                 persuasive. Invention was the first of five canons
                 postulated by Aristotle in teaching the art of rhetoric. This
                 interactive workshop or play-shop explores
                 entrepreneurship through the lens of creativity and focuses
                 on invention as a teaching tool and persuasive

6:00 – 7:15 PM   Cookout
                 Shuster Hall, Raystown Field Station
7:15 – 8:15 PM   Session User Interface Prototyping: Tips & Techniques
                 Clif Kussmaul
                 Shuster Hall, Raystown Field Station

                 This session will present tools and techniques to design and
                 refine early-stage UI prototypes for software applications,
                 web sites, and related systems. First, we discuss the roles of
                 UI prototyping, and its advantages and disadvantages.
                 Next, we introduce paper prototyping, present an
                 example, and teams of attendees apply paper
                 prototyping to a design problem. We then describe how
                 general-purpose presentation software and specialized
                 design software can be used, and teams of attendees use
                 these tools in a second design problem. We conclude with
                 discussion and experimentation, including other activities
                 that can be incorporated into courses and curricula.

8:15 – 8:45PM    An Intellectual Property Resource Review
                    That Won’t Put You to Sleep!
                 Michael S. Lehman

                 This will serve as a succinct overview on ways to impart
                 beginner level awareness and knowledge regarding
                 patents and trademarks.

9:00 – 9:30 PM   Travel to Juniata Campus

Accommodations   Residence Halls on Juniata Campus

                 See „General Information‟ for details
                 about your accommodations
Tuesday, June 5, 2007

8:00 – 9:00 AM          Residence hall checkout (out of rooms by 9AM)
                        Lobby, von Liebig Center for Science

8:00 – 9:00 AM          Breakfast
                        Baker Refectory, Ellis Hall

9:15 – 9:45 AM          Take it Back to the Classroom
                        Retreat Participants and Michael S. Lehman
                        Sill Board Room, von Liebig Center for Science

                        Hear from some of the conference participants as they
                        report on their experiences with the classroom exercises
                        „Trade Up‟ and „ROI.‟ Other classroom activities will be

9:45 – 10:45 AM         Entrepreneurial Skills Development:
                        Connecting Higher Education and the Workplace
                        Rebecca Campbell and Doina Vlad
                        Sill Board Room, von Liebig Center for Science

                        The purpose of this workshop is to present a Small Business
                        Internship Training model that connects students of the
                        liberal arts with small business owners and entrepreneurs. A
                        teaching component based on the National Content
                        Standards for Entrepreneurship Education helps to develop
                        entrepreneurial skills in students through reflective activities,
                        experiential learning, and the maximization of involvement
                        by small business mentors and role models who embody
                        these entrepreneurial characteristics.

10:50 – 11:20           Building Entrepreneurship Opportunities in an
                            Introductory Information Technology Course
                        Marlene Burkhardt
                        Sill Board Room, von Liebig Center for Science

                        Information technology (IT) is always more interesting when
                        you have a useful application. What better way to apply
                        IT and in particular web development skills than to develop
                        a business website where you are the entrepreneur!
                        Chances of having a viable business idea improve with the
                        establishment teams composed of students from a variety
                        of backgrounds including experience, major area of study,
                  and country of origin. You often have just that in an intro IT
                  class. By developing the right mix of skills and interest, one
                  or two ideas may flourish. Even if it is not the one in class,
                  students will be prepared for future opportunities in
                  entrepreneurship. This brief session outlines how to help
                  students develop both IT and entrepreneurship skill sets.

11:20 –11:50 AM   Measuring Success in Terms of Societal Impact
                  Sarah Worley
                  Sill Board Room, von Liebig Center for Science

                  Throughout history social entrepreneurs have provided
                  solutions to social problems and changed the way social
                  systems function. Their standards for success are not
                  measured by the “bottom line” but instead through the
                  “social value” of their ventures. The job of a social
                  entrepreneur is identifying and solving large scale social
                  problems across a wide range of disciplines, but is a career
                  option seldom discussed with college students. This session
                  will discuss the increasing trend of social entrepreneurship
                  and the impact it has on world issues, and offer the
                  necessary language and resources for advisors and
                  professors who want to encourage inquiry into this area.

11:50 – 12:15     What’s Next?
                  Conference Participants
                  Sill Board Room, von Liebig Center for Science

                  Participants will reflect on their experience and commit to
                  specific action steps designed to further integrate
                  entrepreneurship in their courses and programs.

12:15 – 1:00 PM   Lunch
                  Sill Board Room, von Liebig Center for Science

1:00 PM           Depart for Home 
                                Presenter Biographies

Andy Belser, the 2003 Recipient of the Pennsylvania Educator of the Year Award, is
Head of Theatre at Juniata College. He earned his master's degree in theatre
literature and criticism from Villanova University and a master's degree in directing
from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He joined the Juniata faculty in
1997. Belser maintains a professional directing career beyond Juniata. He works as a
professional director and as guest director at other colleges and universities. He also
gives workshops and teaches a Juniata course in Contact Improvisation, a movement
form. He and NY dancer/choreographer K.J. Holmes have developed a workshop
entitled "Contact for Actors," which uses CI as an approach to expand an actor's
physical and analytical vision in a variety of acting styles. Formative theatrical
experiences have been a directing residency with Theatre de la Jeune Lune in
Minneapolis, training in Fitzmaurice voice work, and clown work with Avner the

Rebecca Campbell is the Director of CareerWorks at Seton Hill University and
manages an innovative university department that “builds careers with
entrepreneurial skills and internships.” She maintains professional certifications as a
National Certified Counselor, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania and
was a past President of the Pennsylvania College Career Services Association. Becky
was also a small business entrepreneur for 10 years and continues her work in social

Jim Donaldson, a Juniata College alumnus and faculty member, is a professor of
management and entrepreneurship. Professor Donaldson worked as a methods
engineer and economic analyst for Firestone Tire and Rubber Company while also
earning his MA in economics from the University of Akron. Later he earned his MBA
from Syracuse University in 1982. He has taught in the Global Business Strategy
program in Penn State‟s Department of Energy, Environmental and Mineral Economics
and in Saint Francis University‟s MBA program, leading courses in business strategy and
entrepreneurship. At Juniata he has served as Director of Institutional Planning and
Research and has conducted case study workshops at one of Juniata‟s exchange
partners, Humberside University in Hull, England.

Dr. Grace M. Fala earned an M.A. in Philosophy at West Chester University and a Ph.D.
in speech communication and rhetoric at Penn State University. As a communication
consultant, Grace has given numerous presentations on creativity, diversity and
listening in health care, business, education, and government settings. With a
background in music and an interest in storytelling, she teaches courses that are
people and performance based as Professor of Communication at Juniata College.
Chad Herzog has worked for Juniata College since graduating from the College in
1999 with a bachelor's degree in arts administration and communication. Herzog
began his career as assistant director of development for major gifts, has served as
director of conferences and events, and as director of alumni relations and volunteer
development. Prior to his work with Juniata College, Herzog, originally from Phoenix,
Arizona was the creative director for Marchese Enterprises. He is current director
performing arts for Juniata as he directs the Juniata College Artist Series, serves as
managing director for The Gravity Project, leads the Performing Arts Management
program, and the Halbritter Center for the Performing Arts. Herzog serves as a board
member of Big Brothers/ Big Sisters, Penn State Public Broadcasting, Huntingdon Arts
Council, and is the incoming president for Pennsylvania Presenters.

Dr. Janet Farrell Leontiou earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in speech communication and
rhetoric from Penn State University. She spent several years in Human Resources as
Assistant Vice President for the Chemical Bank Investment Banking Company. A
Communication Consultant, Janet is also Assistant Professor of Communication at
Nassau Community College in New York.

Clif Kussmaul is Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Muhlenberg College, and
Chief Technology Officer for Elegance Technologies, which develops software
products and provides product development services. Clif has a PhD from the
University of California, Davis, an MS and MA from Dartmouth College, and a BS and
BA from Swarthmore College. His interests include agile development, virtual teams,
entrepreneurship, and cognitive neuroscience.

Dr. Michael S. Lehman, a native of Lancaster County, PA, received a BS from Juniata
College (Huntingdon, PA), an MD from the Penn State College of Medicine (Hershey,
PA) and an MBA from the Leeds University Business School (Leeds, England). His work
experience includes working at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA
and Johnson and Johnson‟s orthopedic company, DePuy International in Leeds,
England. He has also volunteered at a medical mission in Mozambique, Africa. An
Assistant Vice President at Juniata College, Dr. Lehman leads the team at the Juniata
College Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (JCEL).

Bret Naugle, just recently returned from a semester abroad in London. There he spent
four months completing a marketing internship in a hotel located in Notting Hill. In
addition to working at the hotel three days a week, he also attended classes in
London through NYU's Stern Business School two days a week. Bret has a business
management emphasis at Juniata College and is heading into his senior year, where
he expects to graduate this next spring of 2008. This summer he returns to Huntingdon
to spend his second consecutive summer as the JCEL marketing intern. Upon
receiving his BS this upcoming spring, Bret plans to pursue further education and/or
work with various entrepreneurial quests.
Demetri Patitsas, a recent alumn of Juniata College, made the transition to business
entrepreneurship upon introduction to the Juniata College Center for Entrepreneurial
Leadership. Since then, he has been the successful business owner and founder of
Absolute Creo LLC Ice Cream Truck Service; the co-founder of a non profit
organization that provides labor for Orthodox monastic communities and parishes
throughout North America, St. Paul‟s Fellowship of Labor; owner and instructor of a
salsa dance business, The Bungaloo; and continues to share his experiences and
insight with students, youth, and adults throughout the US. He continues to
experiment with ventures in digital media, world touring, and was the recipient of The
Huntingdon County Chamber of Commerce‟s “Entrepreneurial Success Award” and
recognized as one of four successful entrepreneurs under the age of forty in
Pennsylvania by PaBusinessCentral newspaper. Recently, Patitsas was the grand prize
recipient of the nationwide NFIB “Plan for the Future” business plan competition.

Sarah Worley is an instructor of Communication at Juniata College where she teaches
Public Speaking, Message Analysis and Group Communication. Worley earned a BA
in Communication and Philosophy from Juniata College and earned a Masters in
Public Administration from the University of Colorado. Her academic interests thus far
have focused on leadership, political rhetoric, and media ownership regulations, as
well as work on film documentaries. In 2005 she was awarded a Coleman Grant
through JCEL to integrate entrepreneurial concepts into non-business classes. Worley
has had a variety of work experience in her career which has included teaching, as
well as professional experience in sales, management & member services.

Like you, Pat Weaver teaches analyzing and organizing, working in teams, dealing
with ambiguity, and presenting information with clarity and confidence - most often,
she teaches these skills in the context of business courses. A member of the Juniata
College faculty for 20 years, she currently heads the Department of Accounting,
Business and Economics.

Dr. Doina Vlad, an Assistant Professor of Business at Seton Hill University brings to the
academic area more than 10 years of business experience in accounting, finance,
and economic research areas. Prior to full time teaching, Doina worked in private oil
and utility companies in Romania and Russia. Her professional membership includes
Omicron Delta Epsilon-International Honor Society in Economics, Midwest Economics
Association, and American Finance Association.

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