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					    2010 ANNUAL REPORT

a meal with heart gives hope
Delivering nutritious  meals
 to improve quality of life,
at no cost, for those coping
with life‑threatening illness

                                Photo – Zoriah
                                Photo – Zoriah
                                                                                                              Photo – McBoat Photography
                                                                                  Project Angel Heart staff.

Preparing and delivering nutritious
meals for our community is the
coreof our mission.
In 2010, more than 368 weekly volunteers provided the gift of time, talent and
resources to guarantee that our community of clients battling disease received
the nourishment needed to improve quality of life. Our family of volunteers
raises our spirits and inspires the people we serve while attaining deep personal
fulfillment along the way. This annual report is dedicated to more than 2,800
volunteers who generously contributed their time and effort to prepare,
package and deliver more than 415,000 meals to our clients in 2010. You are
the heart of our organization.

                                                   (303) 830‑0202 | (800) 381‑5612 | 1
          A    message
                    from the
          Executive Director and Board President                                                             Erin Pulling         Mark Thrun, M.D.

                  Because of your monetary gifts, Project Angel Heart continues to
                     succeed and grow despite ongoing economic instability.

    The past year was a wonderfully busy one for Project Angel Heart.     community, now working with the same volunteer crew his dad
    Each day of 2010 was filled to the brim with work on our vital         once belonged to.
    mission, including a particular focus on quietly laying the ground‑
    work for milestones to come̶including a new home for Project          None of you, the 2,872 volunteers and 8,366 donors who
    Angel Heart and our twentieth anniversary, just over the horizon.     supported Project Angel Heart in 2010, did so in hopes of
                                                                          accolades or loud recognition. Instead, you are the constantly
    In light of the quality support provided by our community             humming, driving force behind our success. You give gifts of
    of donors and volunteers, the fact that the work of 2010 was          personal significance simply because you recognize the value of
    relatively quiet in nature seems perfectly apropos. Contributions     being in a position to contribute. Because of your monetary gifts,
    of personal significance, highly individualized and nearly always      Project Angel Heart continues to succeed and grow despite
    unpublicized, are the hallmark of the supporters who drive            ongoing economic instability. Because of your gifts of time,
    Project Angel Heartʼs success. Inspired by Project Angel Heartʼs      Project Angel Heart continues to operate with exceptional
    future vision and business model, one donor surprised Project         efficiency, dedicating 92% of revenue directly to our meal
    Angel Heart with a $50,000 year‑end contribution. Of equal            program. Because of your impassioned support, Project Angel
    personal significance, a six‑year‑old visited the agency to deliver    Heart is the model of a nonprofit that thrives thanks to
    a $52 donation̶a yearʼs worth of the charitable giving portion        community ownership. And by helping us thrive, you save lives.
    of his allowance̶directly to Executive Chef Jon Emanuel, telling
    him that it should be spent “on healthy food for people who are       The coming year is sure to include a great deal of fanfare and
    sick.” And despite adjusting to a household job loss, a family of     exuberant celebration. We will celebrate our twentieth
    loyal Project Angel Heart supporters continued to donate a full       anniversary of service to this community and unveil our plans
    10% of their household income, based on a steadfast belief that       for the future growth of Project Angel Heart, and we could not
    while other expenses can be cut, support of Project Angel Heart       be more excited for all that is to come. Yet these plans are made
    cannot be compromised. We even heard from a client, living            possible only by the quiet, steady work and contributions
    in poverty, who sent us $3 folded into a note expressing her          directed to Project Angel Heart in 2010. Among you is the
    immense gratitude for the meals that arrive on her doorstep each      volunteer who has twice lost a long‑time partner, twice rebuilt
    week, without fail.                                                   his life, and who now, in retirement, donates his time assisting in
                                                                          the Project Angel Heart office. Among you is the donor who lives
    The personal significance behind the time donated by our               modestly off of a small inheritance yet continues to work so he
    volunteers is laden with just as much meaning and passion.            can donate all of his earnings to charity. Among you is the Bread
    One Wednesday morning kitchen volunteer is a cancer survivor          & Butter Club member who told us that, since having been
    whose time with us keeps her gratitude for her restored good          put on 50% furlough, Project Angel Heart donations and his
    health at the forefront of her daily thoughts. After losing a son     mortgage are the most important things he pays for each month.
    to AIDS more than ten years ago, another volunteer remains
    committed to making birthday cards for clients, in remembrance        You are the unshakeable foundation upon which another year
    of the loved one who originally inspired her support of our           of agency success has been built. In the breadth and quality of
    mission. And when one of our long‑time kitchen volunteers             your 2010 contributions of personal significance lie the substance
    passed away, his son took up his place in the dishing line            and promise of our current and future success. On behalf of the
    each week in commemoration of his fatherʼs service to our             thousands of beneficiaries of your generosity, thank you.

                                                                          With Gratitude,

                                                                             Erin Pulling, MNM             Mark Thrun, MD
                                                                             Executive Director            President of the Board of Directors

2 Project Angel Heart 2010 Annual Report
                       More than                             3 million meals delivered since 1991

Statement of Financial Position
From the 2010 Independent Audit
December 31, 2010 (with Comparative Totals for 2009)

ASSETS                                                                   Total 2010              Total 2009

Current assets.............................................................. $4,004,279          $3,217,874
Other assets.................................................................. $ 11,900          $ 13,600

Fixed long‑lived assets, at cost............................. $2,396,822                         $2,340,957
Less: Accumulated depreciation.......................... ($656,669)                               ($603,494)
                                                              $1,740,153                         $1,737,463
                                                              $5,756,332                         $4,968,937


Current liabilities.........................................................$ 204,223            $ 141,681
Long‑term liabilities.................................................. $1,313,567               $1,365,833
Net assets.......................................................................$4,238,542      $3,461,423
                                                                                 $5,756,332      $4,968,937

               2010 Operating Revenue*                                                                          2010 Operating Expenses*
                     $2,665,505                                                                                        $2,410,911
                                                                                                                                               Administration | 1%
                                                                                                                                                 Fundraising | 7%
Individuals | 47%                                                                                                                                $160,937
                                                                           Corporations &
                                                                           Organizations | 20%
                                                                                                   Meals Program | 92%
                                                                    Foundations | 18%              $2,226,378
            Investment/                                             $494,219
            Other Income | 5%                 Government | 10%                                                                                 Top Ranking
            $131,635                          $264,312
                                                                                              *Includes donated goods and services
                                                                                                                                              5 Years Running

                                                                                                         (303) 830‑0202 | (800) 381‑5612 | 3
                                        a meal with heart gives hope
                           For more than 70% of Project Angel Heartʼs clients, modified meals designed
                               to meet heightened dietary requirements are an absolute necessity.
                 Project Angel Heartʼs commitment to fulfill these needs with fresh, delicious and nutritionally
         appropriate meals exemplifies our commitment to the overall health and quality of life of the clients we serve.

Some examples of our modified meal options include:

Standard                                                                              Renal
These are the meals made with the chefʼs original, healthy recipe.                    This diet is tailored to meet the needs of those with kidney
                                                                                      disease. For clients coping with end‑stage renal disease, a
                                                                                      renal diet helps control the buildup of waste products
                                                                                      and fluid in the blood and decreases the workload of
Allergy Sensitive                                                                     the kidneys. Project Angel Heartʼs renal diet includes
A safe option for those with allergies or intolerances to dairy,
                                                                                      meals low in potassium, sodium, phosphorus and acid;
coconut, mushrooms, and eggs. We accommodate other
                                                                                      higher protein‑to‑carbohydrate ratios; and no added
allergies with added restrictions, often through omission of
gluten, fish, nuts, and/or other foods.

Naked                                                                                 Vegetarian
The “naked” diet includes meals that have been made without                           The vegetarian diet is a delicious option for our clients
wine, herbs, peppers, onions, or highly flavorful or exotic foods.                     who prefer/require meals without meat. Adequate protein
Our senior clients and those undergoing chemotherapy (which                           is ensured through the use of ingredients ranging from
can cause sensitive taste buds) often prefer this menu option.                        tofu and tempeh to eggs.

                         On average, Project Angel Heart prepares 30 different menu variations per day.

                Chef’s Corner
                Puerto Rican Style Sofrito (Condiment and Seasoning, yields 2 cups)
    ¼ cup pure olive oil                                At Project Angel Heart, we use this sofrito primarily on top of baked fish, but we
                                                        also use it in stews containing chicken and pork. Its earthy flavor and fragrant
    1 tsp of annatto seeds (also called achiote
                                                        aroma come primarily from the annatto‑infused oil the mixture is simmered in.
    seeds, available at Latin markets), rinsed
                                                        Use sofrito on or in anything that can use a bold, Caribbean‑style kick!
    and dried
    1 pinch saffron                                      In a small saucepan, heat the olive oil on high until it is hot but before it begins to
    ¼ cup chicken or vegetable stock                    smoke. Reduce the heat, add the annatto seeds, and cook 5 minutes, stirring
                                                        occasionally. Let cool completely and strain through a fine mesh sieve. Return
    2 large red bell peppers, diced                     the oil to the saucepan and discard the seeds.
    ½ large yellow onion, diced
                                                        Add the saffron to the stock and set aside.
    4 garlic cloves
    1 bunch cilantro, chopped                           In a blender or food processor, blend the peppers, onion, garlic, cilantro and
                                                        oregano. Add the puree to the saucepan and heat at medium high until it
    1 tsp dried oregano                                 boils. Reduce the heat to medium low, add the saffron/stock, chili powder, paprika
    2 tsp mild ground chile powder, like guajillo       and cumin, and simmer for 30 minutes, stirring
    (available in Latin markets)                        occasionally. Season with salt and pepper
                                                        and remove from heat. The sofrito may
    1 tsp paprika                                       be used immediately, chilled or frozen
    2 tsp ground cumin                                  in an ice cube tray to add to dishes as
                                                        you wish. Enjoy!
    Salt and pepper to taste

 4 Project Angel Heart 2010 Annual Report
                                        a meal with heart gives hope
                                              Clients served in 2010
                             Ethnicity                                                  By Age
                                                                        Ages 20‑44

                                                                Ages 14‑19
                              Caucasian                         Ages 0‑13                          Ages 45‑59
                                63%                               3%                                 32%

Asian American
      1%                                                                                Ages 60+
 Native American                                                                          52%

          African American                      Latino/a
                19%                               13%
                                   3%                      By Gender
                                                           46% Male

                                                           54% Female

  By County                                                  Most Commonly Reported Diseases
                               WELD <1%

                                                               1. Cancer
                                                               2. ESRD (End‑Stage Renal Disease)
                                                               3. HIV/AIDS
                                                               4. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
          BOULDER                                              5. CHF (Congestive Heart Failure)
                    42%           ADAMS 13%
                               ARAPAHOE 13%


                                                                             Did You Know?
                                                                             Project Angel Heart is the ONLY
                              EL PASO                                        program in Colorado to prepare
                                18%                                          and deliver meals for people of
                                                                             any age, battling a variety of life‑
                                                                             threatening illnesses, free of charge.

                                                                (303) 830‑0202 | (800) 381‑5612 | 5
                                    a meal         with heart gives hope
                       Perhaps our greatest asset is the unwavering support of more than
               2,800 annual volunteers who dedicate their time, talents and hearts to our mission.

         At Project Angel Heart, members of the community come together to touch the lives of hundreds of neighbors and
         friends in need of support. Whether preparing, packing, or delivering meals, decorating client meal bags and birthday
         cards, supporting us at special events, or providing administrative support, our talented volunteers have fun in the
         process. Without the dedication of every one of these incredible people and the community of friendship they create,
         we simply could not succeed as we do in our work. Our volunteer opportunities are as diverse as our volunteers, and
         we have a meaningful volunteer assignment for nearly everyone who has a desire and a few hours available.

                                               To celebrate volunteers,
                                               we host a Hearts of Gold
                                               reception in their honor
                                                      each year.

                                                The 2010 Hearts of Gold
                                                celebration was held at
                                              the Capitol Hill Community
                                               Center on September 19.

                                              Did You Know?
                                              In 2010, our amazing volunteers drove
                                              69,025 miles to deliver meals to our
                                              clients. Every week, volunteers drove
                                              1,360 miles, and overall, provided
                                              49,317 hours of service to Project Angel
                                              Heart. Volunteers helped to chop and
                                              prep 9 tons of carrots, 9 tons of onions
                                              and 12 tons of chicken last year!

          “Not only is my time spent at Project Angel Heart important for others,
               itʼs also some of my most enjoyable time spent each week.”
                                      – Bill McAdams, Kitchen and Delivery Volunteer

6 Project Angel Heart 2010 Annual Report
                                            a meal        with heart gives hope
“Being a single mom and having such a drop in income due to treatment added an extra
worry about food. But, the fact that I knew meals would come every week lifted some of
 that stress because I knew that food was coming soon...” ̶ Leslie, 35, living with breast cancer

                                                  The Bread & Butter Club
                                                  The Bread & Butter Club Reception is an annual event to celebrate the dedication and
                                                  support of members who give a monthly sustaining donation to Project Angel Heart.

                                                  Last yearʼs reception was held on Friday, June 25th, at the lovely home and gardens of
                                                  Lisa and Roger Koenigsberg. Nearly 250 Bread & Butter Club members gathered together
                                                  to enjoy the vocals of the Harmony Chorale Harmonix while savoring the culinary delights
                                                  of Lifestyles Catering. Desserts and espresso were provided by Gelato DʼItalia and The
                                                  Espresso Affair. Full bar service was provided by Bartenders and More.

                                                  The Bread & Butter Club is a group of extraordinary Project Angel Heart donors who commit
                                                  to supporting our mission on an ongoing basis. In 2010, more than 340 Bread & Butter Club
                                                  members contributed $205,000 to the Project Angel Heart budget̶an increase of nearly
                                                  14% over 2009 contributions! Thanks to the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado, new or
                                                  increased pledges to the Bread & Butter were matched.

                                                  Please consider joining the Bread & Butter Club. Membership is available with a minimum
                                                  contribution of $360 per year ($30 per month). Visit to sign
                                                  up or for more information.

                                                  Bread & Butter Club 2010 Committee Members: Don Widler, Bob Faure, Kenyon Anderson,
                                                  Robb Green, John Skogstad, James Thacker, Jim Green, Dorothy Goes, Hollis Stacy,
                                                  Donna Goldin Evans, and Lisa Gardner.

                                                  Special thanks to: Lisa and Roger Koenigsberg, McBoat Photography, Bouquets,
                                                  NorthStar Printing, Lifestyles Catering, Gelato DʼItalia, The Espresso Affair,
                                                  Bartenders and More, Deidre OʼCallaghan, Alaskan Brewery, Barefoot Wine, and
                                                  PepsiCo Distributing Company.

 Photos above:
 Catering by Lifestyles Catering
 Our hostess Lisa Koenigsberg and her guest.
 Bob Asmus, Wade Bealer, Dorothy Goes
 and Milo Gonser.
                                                                                                                                              Photos – McBoat Photography

       Proud sponsor of the
   Bread & Butter Club reception

           Matt Davis, Bill Matlock, Renee Gay,
                  Jimmy Cox, Randy Beineke,
                          and Jennifer Newton

                                                                                 (303) 830‑0202 | (800) 381‑5612 | 7
                          Project Angel Heart volunteers go the extra mile, from design to
                          delivery. Those we serve receive weekly deliveries of meals in bags
                          that have been decorated by volunteers̶just another little
                          touch that means the world to our clients.

                          Volunteer Story: Food Transforms an Entire Lifestyle
                          My mother and I have always had a close relationship. Before I left for college to
                          study Biology, she and I went on a mother‑daughter bonding trip, where I fell in love
                          with the idea that food could transform an entire lifestyle. Looking back, she was
                          the person who taught me how to cook and to appreciate food as something that
                          fills up more than just our stomachs.

                          Ever since my first day at Project Angel Heart, I was in love with the mission. I
                          immersed myself in every aspect. Of course I do my best to fulfill my culinary
                          ambitions in the kitchen, but I also assist in the office, in the distribution department,
                          and at events.

                          Project Angel Heart has been very influential in my life. For me, it has provided
                          career direction, empowerment to help others, and the chance to expand my
                          recipe collection. Because my life has been blessed, I know how lucky this makes
                          me, and I know that not everyone is as privileged. Project Angel Heart allows me to
                          improve someone elseʼs life. I can share my prosperity, and I revel in that opportunity.

                          ‑ Corinne DePersis, Event, Kitchen and Distribution Volunteer

                                   Thanks to all of our volunteers
                                     who share their time and
                                                with our clients.

8 Project Angel Heart 2010 Annual Report
                             a meal with heart                          gives hope

Client Story: Hannah                                                                            Hannah at age 4

For some people, lifeʼs challenges begin all too soon. By the time
Hannah was just six months old, her mother Wanda knew
something wasnʼt right. “For a newborn, food is often a messy
and challenging experience. But Hannah was having trouble
keeping just about everything down,” Wanda recalls. After years
of testing and questions, an MRI at the age of three revealed that
Hannah was born with a rare brain disease known as Glutaric
Acidura Type 1 (GA1). The disease makes it nearly impossible for
the patient to consume any proteins, which causes the body to
attack and permanently damage the brain.

The demanding challenge of feeding her sick child was daunting
for Wanda, to say the least. “Because this disease affects the nervous
system, your body is in almost constant movement, so you burn
tons and tons of calories. I used to feed Hannah 15 times a day and
would spend 10 hours every night making food that had precisely
what she could eat, leaving out the things that would make her
sick. Because I was always exhausted, I was never able to spend
quality time with my daughter.”

                 “Our lives changed on day one, with the first meal.”
                                                – Wanda, Hannahʼs Mom

It was then that Wanda was introduced to Project Angel Heart, a
place where her daughterʼs unique and rapidly changing dietary
needs could be met.

Since 2005, Hannah has been receiving meals from Project Angel
Heart. As Wanda recalls, “our lives changed on day one, with the
first meal.” Hannah was three years old at the time, weighed only
29 pounds, and was not expected to live past her sixth birthday.

Today, Hannah is a happy nine‑year‑old. Life is still a challenge
each and every day for her and her family. But because of Project
Angel Heart, it is far more manageable. Wanda is able to cherish
                      more and more time with Hannah. And Hannah
                                                                                                                             Photo – McBoat Photography

                      is able to grow up a little bit more.

                      As Wanda explains, “Hannah loves Project
                      Angel Heartʼs meals because they are
                       delicious, they come in a variety which
                       allows her to develop preferences, and at
                        times she can even feed herself. The
                         kind of financial, emotional and physical                              Hannah at age 8
                         help that Project Angel Heart gives is not
                          comparable with any other organization.”

                          Hannah with her mom and brother.
                          Photo – McBoat Photography

                                                                    (303) 830‑0202 | (800) 381‑5612 | 9
                              project angel heart                       signature events
                                               Dining Out for Life® (April 29, 2010)
                                               In 2010, more than 80,000 community supporters joined our cause and dined out in
                                               support of our meal delivery program. On this day, 315 of the best restaurants in the
                                               Denver‑Boulder metro area donated 25% of
                                               their entire dayʼs food and non‑alcoholic
                                               beverage sales to Project Angel Heart, helping
                                               to raise more than $375,000. Invite your family,
                                               friends and coworkers to Dining Out for Life®
                                               in 2011 ‑ itʼs an extraordinary way to support
                                               a philanthropic cause without spending

                                                                                                                                                    Photo – McBoat Photography
                                               more than the cost of a meal.

                                               It is the generosity of our community, sponsors,
                                               participating restaurants, event volunteers, and
Sponsors:                                      diners that continues to make this event so
                                               successful. Thank you!

                                                       Special thanks to:
                                                       5280 Magazine | 9News | Mix 100 | 92.5 The WOLF | Kool 105 |
                                                       Colorado Pride Guide | The Denver Post | Metromix | O2 Group |
                                                       Out Front Colorado | | Sunflower Farmers Market |
                                                       Waste Farmers | Westword | McBoat Photography | Yelp

                                                   Art for Life (August 26, 2010)
                                                   Vibrant art, delectable culinary creations and
                                                   lively camaraderie created a palette full of fun
                                                   and flavor at the 9th annual Art for Life event,
                                                   held for the first time ever at Artwork Network
                                                   in the Santa Fe Art District. In partnership with
                                                   Saks Galleries, more than 100 talented artists
                                                   contributed their fine creations in support of our
                                                   mission. Plein air landscape artist Cheryl St.
                                                   Johnʼs colorful “Coffee Break” was the poster art       Cheryl St. John, Coffee Break, 2010 Poster Art
      In partnership with:                         for this yearʼs event, and Denver artist Laurie
                                                   Maves was in attendance, creating “live art” throughout the evening. Art lovers and
                                                   friends enjoyed an array of delicious hors dʼoeuvres prepared by local culinary chefs,
                                                   as well as cocktails and wine to satisfy their palates.

                                                   With the support of our generous sponsors, artists, art lovers and friends, Art for Life
                                                   raised nearly $60,000 to help fund our client meal program.

                                                   Special thanks to:
Sponsors:                                          5280 Magazine | Auction & Event Solutions | Barefoot Wine & Bubbly | Bouquets |
                                                   Chef Dan Brown | Frederic Printing | Chef Cruz Imaz | KUVO Jazz 89.3 |
                                                   Omega Marketing | Out Front Magazine | McBoat Photography |
                                                   Pumpkin Seed Frame Design | Root Down | Saks Galleries | SouthwestArt | Yelp!

                                                   Committee Members:
                                                   Michael F. OʼDonnell | Deidre OʼCallaghan | Michael Reinke | Lynn Grigsby

Michael Ragsdale, MD | Lynn & John Grigsby |
                                                                                                                                                   Photos – McBoat Photography

Michael F. OʼDonnell |
Bachus & Schanker Cares Foundation |
Deidre OʼCallaghan |
David Q. McGrath & Andrew Silver, MD

10 Project Angel Heart 2010 Annual Report
                             project angel heart                        signature events
                                   A Taste for Life (November 4, 2010)
                                   Last year marked the 10th anniversary of A Taste for Life, mixing
                                   community service with the best of Denverʼs culinary scene. More
                                   than 500 guests gathered at EXDO Event Center to sample fabulous
                                   tastings prepared by eighteen of the metro areaʼs best chefs, caterers
                                   and specialty shops, including our own Project Angel Heart chefs.
                                   CBS4ʼs Gloria Neal served as the eventʼs first‑ever emcee. Guests

                                                                                                                         Photos – McBoat Photography
                                   wined and dined while browsing fantastic finds̶including vacation
                                   getaways, spa packages, cultural events, wine and more̶at our
                                   reverse silent auction. The evening fulfilled its reputation as a
                                   night of great company and delicious offerings while raising over
                                   $91,000, making 2010ʼs event the most successful ever!

                                            2010 Tasting Generously Provided by:
                                            The Avenue Grill | Beatrice & Woodsley | The Corner Office Restaurant |
                                            Deluxe | Denver ChopHouse & Brewery | The Espresso Affair |
                                            Gelato dʼItalia | Haute Touch Catering | Il Mondo Vecchio |
Sponsors:                                   Johnson & Wales University | Lifestyles Catering |
                                            The Lobby | Occasions by Sandy | Project Angel Heart |
                                            Root Down | Second Home Kitchen & Bar | Shells and Sauce | Snooze

                                            Thank you to our host captains who worked diligently to sell out                                           CBS4ʼs Gloria Neal

Chevron | Robb Green & Terry Sherman |      A Taste for Life by inviting guests to join them at their tables.
HealthONE | Sage Hospitality |
                                            Event Co‑Chairs: Christopher K.M. Leach and Deidre O'Callaghan
Sage Restaurant Group | At the Beach |
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority |    Committee:
Contract Furnishings | FirstBank |          Jeremy Anderson | Julie Carroll | Laura Gillespie Lhevine |
Lynn & John Grigsby                         Robb Green | Paul Jeselnick | David Orlovsky

 “The most delicious volunteer opportunity I enjoyed was working at A Taste for Life.”
                              – Corinne DePersis, Event, Kitchen and Distribution Volunteer

                                                      Sweeten Someone’s Life this Season
                                                     During the Thanksgiving holiday, our Denver‑area and Colorado Springs supporters
                                                     Sweetened Someoneʼs Life through our 2nd annual Pie in the Sky fundraiser. By
                                                     purchasing freshly baked apple, cherry, pumpkin and/or pecan Bluepoint Bakery pies,
Community                                            supporters celebrated the holiday season and demonstrated their commitment to
Partners:                                            Project Angel Heart. More than 1,200 pies were sold online between October 15th
                                                     and November 17th, raising nearly $35,000 and providing more than 6,000 meals for
                                                     our clients. Of the total pies purchased, 222 were donated to clients and their families
Sunflower Farmers Market | 5280 Magazine |            for the Thanksgiving holiday. | Team Packaging Inc. | Mix 100 |
                                                     We are thankful for the contribution of Bluepoint Bakery, a wholesale gourmet bakery
92.5 The WOLF | Kool 105 | Out Front Colorado |
                                                     in Denver that generously baked and donated ALL the pies for this event.
Salon 7 | Central Bancorp
                                                                           (303) 830‑0202 | (800) 381‑5612 | 11
2010 Board of Directors                                  Governance Council Members
                                                         Project Angel Heartʼs Governance Council is a group of former board
Officers                                                   members who have committed to ongoing support of and involvement
Mark Thrun, M.D., President                              with Project Angel Heart.
Denver Public Health
                                                         Former Presidents
BJ Dyer, Vice‑President
                                                         Daniel Brogan
                                                         John Connell, Esq., CPA
Dean McConnell, Vice President                           Mark Cornetta
Kennedy, Childs & Fogg, PC                               Peter Di Leo
Lorii Rabinowitz, Secretary                              Charles Robbins, Project Angel Heart founder
The Networks of 9NEWS                                    Cheri Vargo

John Grigsby, Treasurer
John Grigsby and Associates, Inc.                        Members
                                                         Val Armstrong                           Gary Hard
Directors                                                Pam Clifford                             Jeffrey Hopper
David Alexander                                          Jim Coyle, Esq.                         Pat Long
David Alexander Designs                                  Lanny Dick                              Anne Mack
                                                         Lannie Garrett                          Sandy McConnell
Jeremy Anderson                                          Rhondda Grant                           Carol Shepard
BNY Mellon Wealth Management                             Rev. Al Halverstadt                     Don Widler
Jeff Giadone
United Healthcare
Rosalie Goldman
Retired Teacher                                          Staff List           (as of 12/31/10)

Paul Jeselnick
                                                         Angela Barone                                        Heather Kopas, MSSA
Paul R. Jeselnick Architecture, PC
                                                         Data & Resource Assistant                            Community Outreach Coordinator
Deidre OʼCallaghan
Anschutz Exploration Corporation                         Brandy Brogan                                        Logan Lafferty
                                                         Client Services Coordinator                          Modified Meals Specialist
Michael OʼDonnell
Independent HR Consultant                                Kris Call                                            Mackenzie Liman
                                                         Distribution Manager                                 Client Services Assistant
Joyce Pashel
Ceramicist                                               Lindsey Clark                                        Leanne Loewenthal, MSW
                                                         Administrative & Grant Coordinator                   Client Services Manager
Katie Rehrig
FirstBank of Cherry Creek                                Mindy Davidson                                       Dustin Lopez
Karsten Riggs                                            Director of Development                              Delivery Driver
Sage Hospitality
                                                         Liz Dymond                                           Sandy Nagler, MSM
Lee Rudofsky                                             Morning Kitchen Assistant                            Program Director
RE/MAX of Cherry Creek
                                                         Jon Emanuel                                          Summer Polson
Arnie Tinter                                             Executive Chef                                       Sous Chef
Corporate Finance Group
                                                         John Felber                                          Erin Pulling, MNM
David Westman                                            Production Chef                                      Executive Director
Design With Bite
                          Photo – McBoat Photography     Amy Fleming                                          Jessica Shoemaker
                                                         Director of Finance & Administration                 Events Manager
                                                         Dov Hirsch                                           Kirsten Spielmann
                                                         PR & Media Coordinator                               Volunteer Resources Coordinator
                                                         Tony Huckel                                          Brenda Verghese
                                                         Evening Kitchen Assistant                            Colorado Springs Coordinator
                                                         Traci Knapp                                          Sarah Woolverton‑Mohler
                                                         Development Assistant                                Volunteer Resources Manager

                                                       Project Angel Heart Board of Directors
                                                       Front Row (L to R): Deidre OʼCallaghan, Joyce Pashel, Rosalie Goldman, Mark Thrun,
                                                       Lorii Rabinowitz, David Westman, Katie Rehrig
                                                       Back Row (L to R): Dean McConnell, Karsten Riggs, David Alexander, Paul Jeselnick,
                                                       Lee Rudofsky, Michael OʼDonnell, Jeremy Anderson
                                                       Not pictured: BJ Dyer, John Grigsby, Jeff Giadone and Arnie Tinter

12 Project Angel Heart 2010 Annual Report
                                                                                           Chef’s Corner
                                                                                           Seared Pork Tenderloin
                                                                                           with Caponata (serves 4)

                                                               Photo – Josh Polson
                                                                                           This dish is a client favorite. It showcases some of the
                                                                                           flavors we capture and deliver in our meals.

                                                                                           Pork Tenderloin & Seasoning Mixture
                                                                                           2 tbsp dried basil

                                                               Photo – Rock Solid Design
                                                                                           1 tbsp dried oregano
                                                                                           1 tbsp paprika
                                                                                           3 tbsp salt
                                                                                           3 tsp pepper
                                                                                           1 ½ lbs pork tenderloin
                                                                                           1/3 cup olive oil
                                                                                           3 tbsp lemon juice
                                                                                           Salt (to taste)
                                                                                           Pepper (to taste)

                                                                                           2 eggplant, halved
                                                                                           1 onion, peeled and quartered
                                                                                           5 garlic cloves, crushed
                                                                                           4 oz mushrooms, whole
                                                                                           3 tbsp capers
                                                                                           2 tbsp lemon juice
                                                                                           ¼ cup olive oil
                                                                                           1 tsp red pepper flakes
                                                                                           1 tsp sugar
                                                                                           ½ cup scallions (1/4 cup set aside for garnish)

                                                                                           Prepare the Seasoning Mixture and Pork Tenderloin:
                                                                                           l  Seasoning mixture ‑ Mix together the dried basil,
                                                                                              oregano, paprika, salt, and pepper.
                                                                                           l  Season the tenderloin with the seasoning mixture.
                                                                                           l  Heat the olive oil in a skillet over medium‑high heat.
                                                                                              Add the pork to the skillet and cook until it has a
                                                                                              golden crust. Reduce the heat to medium and continue
                                                                                              cooking until the inner temperature of the loin reaches
                                                                                              150° Remove pork from the skillet and set aside.
Meal modification options to meet
our clientsʼ nutritional needs:                                                            Prepare the Caponata:
                                                                                           l  On a lined pan, roast the eggplant, onion, garlic cloves,
Renal Disease and Diabetes                                                                    and mushrooms until browned.
We use a low fat egg substitute in place of eggs, decrease the                             l  Once browned and cooled, peel the eggplant and
amount of yogurt in the tzatziki sauce, and substitute low fat                                rough chop.
yogurt in place of the Greek yogurt. Additionally, we eliminate                            l  Mix in capers, lemon juice, red pepper flakes, sugar,
the honey in the tzatziki sauce for our diabetic clients.                                     and ¼ cup of scallions. Set aside in a bowl.

Bland Diet                                                                                 l     In the same skillet use to cook the pork, add the lemon
We eliminate all herbs, spices and seasonings (except for a                                      juice and the eggplant mixture. Add paprika and warm
little salt), and eliminate all strongly‑flavored ingredients                                     it through. Season with salt and pepper.
such as onions and garlic.                                                                 l     After the pork loin has rested for about 10 minutes,
                                                                                                 cut into four different portions and serve alongside the
Vegetarian                                                                                       caponata. Garnish with paprika and scallions ‑ enjoy!
We substitute freshly‑made falafels in place of meatballs.

                                                                                               (303) 830‑0202 | (800) 381‑5612 | 13
Our     heart-felt thank you
                           to the following
                                                                                                                           Contract Furnishings                     Ellis McFadden
DONORS who contributed to Project Angel                                                                                    Dr. Alan B. Cooper and Robert Muller
                                                                                                                           Dale Craker
                                                                                                                                                                    Peter McKown
                                                                                                                                                                    Mead Street Station
                                                                                                                           Lynn Crocker                             Mile Hi Bullseye Darts
Heartʼs operating budget and toward future                                                                                 Cucina Colore
                                                                                                                           The Curtis Hotel
                                                                                                                                                                    Mile High United Way
                                                                                                                                                                    David A. Mobley
                                                                                                                           Mindy Davidson                           Janet Mordecai
program expansion in 2010 ...                                                                                              DʼCorazon
                                                                                                                           DCP Midstream
                                                                                                                                                                    J. William Mossburg
                                                                                                                                                                    Robert Myre
                                                                                                                           Stacy Decker                             Margaret Napper
                                                                                                                           Mary Ruth and Vernon Dedisse             John and Patti Neer
                                                                                                                           Denver Swim Club                         Peggi OʼKeefe
                                                                                                                           Desiderata Charitable Foundation         John Olmstead
                                                                                                                           Charles and Dianne Diehl                 Daniel Osborne
 $50,000+                                 Erin and Rich Pulling                  SAGE Hospitality                          Dixons Downtown Grill                    Osteria Marco
 The Anschutz Foundation                  Michael Ragsdale, M.D. and             Bruce and Martha Sattler                  Edward and Laura Dombrower               Out Front Colorado
 Avon Foundation Breast Cancer             Kevin McLane                          Spirit of Christ Catholic Community       Amanda and Sean Donovan                  The Oxford Hotel
   Crusade                                Republic National Distributing         Harold and Judy Starbuck                  Bryan T. Edwards                         Pasquiniʼs Pizzeria ‑ Uptown
 Estate of Howard Blair                    Company                               Step Up for Cancer                        Brian Ellis                              Benjamin F. Pepper
 City and County of Denver, CDBG          Karsten Riggs                          Wahoo's Fish Taco ‑ Corporate             Encore on Colfax                         Pho Fusion Asian ‑ DTC
 The Lu Foundation                        Hugh E. Shields                        The Walter E. Lipe Trust                  Jennifer and Ryan Ericson                The Phyllis M. Coors Foundation
 Ryan White HIV Resources Fund            Davol Tedder                           Wells Fargo Foundation                    Steve and Lysa Erkenbrack                Piatti
 Ellen Scott                              UʼSAGAIN (3000) LLC                    Jennifer A. White and Joan L. Van Wyke    Mark Estes and Elizabeth Wrenn‑Estes     Potager Restaurant
 Season to Share / McCormick              Virginia Hill Foundation               Donald Widler and Michael OʼShea          Evangelical Lutheran Church in America   George F. Pulver
   Tribune Foundation                     Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation                                                  Michael Filkoski and Jonathan Richard    Lewis Quigley and Lee Daellenbach
 SM Energy Company                                                                                                         FirstBank of Cherry Creek                RBC Wealth Management
 Susan G. Komen for the Cure ‑                                                   $1,000‑$2,499                             Debra Foster                             RBG, Inc.
   Denver Metro Affiliate                   $2,500‑$4,999                          240 Union Restaurant                      Fox Restaurant Concepts                  Katie Rehrig and Jared Seyl
                                          American Furniture Warehouse           Johnny and Diana Adams                    William Gaunt                            Michael Reinke and Justin Rallis
                                          Jeremy P. Anderson                     Air Academy High School EPYCS             Charles E. Gerretson and Denis Gerdes    The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant ‑
 $20,000‑$49,999                          Michael S. Asarch and                  Elizabeth Aldworth‑Miller                 Thomas Gibson and Donald Porter            Boulder, Denver, Lone Tree
 Broadway Cares/                           Christopher Acosta                    David D. Alexander and                    Kathleen and Ben Gill                    Rioja
   Equity Fights AIDS, Inc.               Avenue Grill                            Brandt Wilkins                           Laura Gillespie‑Lhevine and              Risky Business
 Community Shares of Colorado             Belmar Mainstreet Holdings             Alexander Dawson School                      Paul Lhevine                          Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
 Daniels Fund                             Nicholas Brooks and Polly Dawkins      Ameripath Colorado                        Give With Liberty                        Rocky Mountain Diner
 The Denver Foundation                    C.G.R.A. Rocky Mountain Regional       Amgen Foundation                          Jerrold Glick                            Jacob L. Rodenberger
 El Pomar Foundation                        Rodeo                                Catherine and Truman Anderson             Rosalie Goldman                          Root Down
 Helen K. and Arthur E. Johnson           The Cherry Cricket                     Annie's Café and Bar                      Great Scott's Eatery ‑ Denver            Rebecca A. Rudolph
   Foundation                             City of Thornton                       Argonaut Wine and Liquor Store, Inc.      Daniel Grooters                          Matthew and Zigrid Rush
 Jefferson County                          City of Westminster                    At the Beach, Inc.                        Gumbo's Louisiana Style Café             Michael Rutkowski
 Jewish Family Services of Colorado       Pamela and Dennis Clifford, MD          AT&T United Way                           Rev. Albert N. Halverstadt and           Susan H. Schaffner
 MAC AIDS Fund                            Colorado Health Network                Patrick B. Augustine                         Susan M. Weeks                        Schlessman Family Foundation
 Martin J. & Mary Anne O'Fallon Fund      John Connell and Eric Versch           Edward S. Baklor and Jeff Cannon           Hamburger Maryʼs Bar & Grille            Dr. Jerome Schroeder
 The Rose Community Foundation            Mark and Lori Cornetta                 Bank of America Charitable Foundation     Hanson's Grill and Tavern                Schwab Charitable Fund
 Susan G. Komen for the Cure ‑            Robert Cox and Bruce Darby             Steve Baroch and Ana Ximenes              Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar            Danny D. Scott, M.D.
   Southeastern Affiliate                   Denver Association of Lease and        Barolo Grill                              Charl L. Hardesty                        Barbara Shecter
 Wal‑Mart Foundation                        Title Analysts                       Bayada Nurses                             Barbara Harrison and                     Shells and Sauce
                                          BJ Dyer and Guenther Vogt              Beau Joʼs Colorado Style Pizza ‑             Michelle Cooney                       Carol and William Shepard
                                          Elwayʼs ‑ Cherry Creek                   South Denver                            Rudolf and Nancy Hauck                   James and Patricia Short
 $5,000‑$19,999                           Encana Cares Foundation                Benny's Restaurante y Tequila Bar         Jill Headbloom and Ulco Visser           John Skogstad and Mike Lavin
 A.V. Hunter Trust, Inc.                  Falkenberg Foundation                  Bent Fork American Grill ‑ Aurora         Heartland Bank                           Billy D. Smith
 Adams County Community                   Amy and Kyle Fleming                   The Bent Noodle Italian Restaurant        Francis J. Hess                          LaKeasha and Kenneth Smith
   Development                            Jeffrey M. Giadone                      Harold Berenson                           Brad High and Mark D. Korman             Spicy Pickle Franchising, Inc
 AIGA Colorado                            Donna Goldin‑Evans and Earl Evans      Eric P. Berg                              Gregory and Wendy Hirons                 Mary Spiesman
 American National Bank                   Michael L. Gosline and Don Werner      James L. Berggren and                     Curt L. Hobson and Lewis Pratt           St. Frances Cabrini Parish
 Mark Amershek                            Robert Green and Terry Sherman          Donald Bennett                           Daron Howard and Edgar Dacuba            St. Johnʼs Cathedral
 Anschutz Family Foundation               Healthone                              Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation      Dr. Faye and Bruce Hummel                State of Colorado
 Arapahoe County Housing &                Hotel Monaco                           Bloom                                     Kimberly A. Huskins                      Steubenʼs Food Service
   Community Development                  Lisa Hubchik and Michelle Bergen       Blue Bonnet Mexican Cafe                  IBM Employee Services Center             Steve's Snappinʼ Dogs
 The Autrey Foundation                    Paul R. Jeselnick                      BNY Mellon Wealth Management              Il Fornaio                               Wayne Stimens
 BNSF Foundation                          Karen Jessey and Jules Armstrong       Dr. Rebecca A. Brinkman and               Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant      Annette and Don Stott
 Bonfils‑Stanton Foundation                Charles Jordy and Brian Fun             Margaret Burd                            JAX Fish House Denver                    Katherine Stricklan
 Cancer League of Colorado, Inc           Jose OʼShea's Café & Cantina           Brio Tuscan Grille ‑ Cherry Creek         Jonesyʼs EatBar                          Strings
 Anonymous                                Lisa and Roger Koenigsberg             Brio Tuscan Grille ‑ Lone Tree            Stephen and Wendy Kaeuper                TAG | Continental Social Food
 Cars for Charity, Inc.                   KTʼs BBQ Corp.                         Andrew A. Britton and David Grey          Joyce Kelly                              Tamayo Restaurant
 Chevron Products Company                 La Sandia ‑ Park Meadows               Greg and Jane Broeckelman                 The Kenneth King Foundation              TCF Foundation
 City of Arvada                           Laurence L. Martinez                   Bull & Bush Pub & Brewery                 The Kitchen Cafe                         Jonathan Tinter
 City of Aurora
 Colorado Foundation for Public Health
   and the Environment
 Colorado Springs Utilities
 Lanny Dick and Jim Hill
                                           “ Thank you all for the support you send with nourishment for body, mind,
 Gannett Foundation, Inc.
 Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado
 Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts
                                          and spirit! I am grateful to be one of the fortunate ones benefiting from your
 Rhondda and Peter Grant
 John and Lynn Grigsby
 Richard S. Hegstad
                                            wonderful organization. Thank you all. P.S. The cookies are fantastic!”
 Samuel N. Hicks III
 The Keith Haring Foundation                                             – Patricia, age 76, living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
 Luther T. McCauley Charitable Trust
 Marson Foundation
 May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust   Dean and Helen McConnell               Jean Ann Butler                           Nancy L. Kiyota                          Ronald and Susan Townsend
 MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger       Erin McDowell                          Café Brazil                               Karen M. Klein and Cami Learned          Robert R. Trainor
 David Q. McGrath and                     Sandra Nagler                          Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods         La Sandia ‑ Northfield Stapleton          Travelers Assistance Program
   Andrew J. Silver, M.D.                 Nathan B. and Florence R. Burt         Ronald L. Carlson                         Le Central                               Kathy and Glenn Truglio
 The Myron Stratton Home                   Foundation, Inc.                      Ronald E. Carlson                         Angela Lynn Leach                        Kelly Trujillo
 Nordstrom                                Sandra and Daniel Nesmith              Carmineʼs on Penn                         Little India Restaurant ‑ 6th Ave        United Airlines
 Deidre O'Callaghan                       Pagliacci's Italian Restaurant         John Carrillo and Rick Worthington        LOLA                                     Vesta Dipping Grill
 Michael F. O'Donnell                     Pikes Peak Community Foundation        Chevron                                   Martha B. Long                           The VF Foundation
 Jeffrey Parker and Eric Johnson           PR Newswire                            Alex Christianian                         Louis and Dorothy Meister Foundation     JT Vrabel
 Joyce and Gary Pashel                    Michael and Deborah Pushchak           Carl Clark, M.D. and Mark Groshek, M.D.   Jim and Mary Anne Mack                   Washington Park Grille
 PCL Construction Services, Inc           Lorii K. Rabinowitz and Andy Holland   Colorado Housing and Finance              Marcoʼs Coal Fired Pizzeria              Frank and Nancy Washnieski
 Pikes Peak United Way ‑ Colorado         Racines Restaurant                      Authority                                Bill Matlock and Randy Beineke           WaterCourse Foods
   Springs Human Services                 Victor Richardson                      Colorado Nonprofit Development             Max Gill and Grill                       Wazee Supper Club
 The Pioneer Fund                         Rollie R. Kelley Family Foundation      Center                                   McDowell Family Trust

 14 Project Angel Heart 2010 Annual Report
                                                                          Bolded names represent members of the Bread & Butter Club.

Wells Fargo ‑ Community Support            Raeanne and Richard Frazer               LoHi SteakBar                              Samʼs No. 3 US Mexi Grill‑n‑Bar ‑    $250‑$499
 Campaign                                  Friday Night Mixed                       Luca dʼItalia                                Downtown                           14th Street Bar & Grill
Wells Fargo ‑ Private Client Services      Jonathan Fried                           Luigiʼs Bent Noodle                        Saucy Noodle                         Cynthia Adams
Tamara Whelpley                            Fruition Restaurant                      Joan and Van Mankwitz                      Linda and Steven Scheffel             Judith R. Aiello
Pamela D. Wilson                           Fuel Cafe                                Rena Marson and Deborah Stone              Jake Schepps and Gillian Ehrich      Betty J. Aldworth
Paulette Wisch                             Gaetanoʼs                                Gary and Carolyn Martyn                    Debra Scherff                         Cavell Alexander
Wynkoop Brewing Co.                        Margaret and Richard Garbe               Rosanne and Roy Masters                    Richard Schirrmacher                 William Alford
Ya Yaʼs Euro Bistro                        Maria Garcia and Dan Kohl                Caz Matthews                               Alan and Terry Seiver                Geraldine Allan
                                           David and Kathy Garrison                 Larry J. Matthews                          Send Me an Angel                     Barbara Allen
                                           Carol and Ernest Gaylord                 Eloise May and Jack Unruh                  Serioz Pizzeria                      Joseph and Delynn Allyn
$500‑$999                                  Gelman's Restaurant & Bar                Kyle McCain                                Gregory L. Silvus                    Keith D. Anderson
1515 Restaurant                            Joseph and Caroline Giadone              Denise L. McCammon                         Susan Skaggs                         Angeloʼs Pizza
3 Sons Italian Restaurant & Bar            Michael and Patricia Glinsky             Paula L. Mcgee                             Jo and Jeff Slaga                     Anthonyʼs Pizza & Pasta ‑
730 South                                  Dave Glynn and Kevin Ottercrans          Dr. John F. McGovern and                   Christine and John Smith              120th & Huron
Frank Ackerman                             Dorothy K. Goes and Hollis Stacy          Brad Yoshimitsu                           Terry L. Smith and Mark Uscier         Arvada
Alba Restaurant & Wine Bar                                                                                                                                            Aurora
Geoffrey Anderson                                                                                                                                                      Brighton
Kenyon Anderson                                                                                                                                                       Castle Rock
Anthony's Pizza & Pasta ‑                                                                                                                                             Centennial
  7th & Colorado
                                                   “I don’t know what I would do without Project                                                                      Dartmouth
  Smokey Hill
                                                   Angel Heart. It’s like having somebody that                                                                        Fitzsimmons
                                                                                                                                                                      Gateway Park
Appaloosa Grill
Janice S. Appelbaum
                                                  really cares about you. These people...really                                                                       Highlands
                                                                                                                                                                      Highlands Ranch
Fred Applehans
Alan Arbuckle and Eric Cornejo
Argyll Gastropub
                                                    care about you, and care about what happens                                                                       LODO
                                                                                                                                                                      Park Meadows
Rachel Arnow‑Richman and
  Michael Richman
Bachus & Schanker Cares Foundation
                                                      to you, and care if you live or if you die.”                                                                    W Belleview
                                                                                                                                                                    Dr. Elizabeth L. Aronsen
                                                                                                                                                                    Ruthie Ashe
Buddy Baker                                                                                                                                                         Bob Asmus and Wade Bealer
Craig Ball                                                                                                                                                          ASTI dʼItalia
Banzai Sushi                                             ‑ Jerry, age 66, living with hepatitis C and rheumatoid arthritis                                          Ann Atkinson and Daniel Isaman
Andrew Barab and Mikel Sasek                                                                                                                                        Augustine Grill
Michelle Barron                                                                                                                                                     Barbara Bailey
Bastien's Restaurant                       George Graff                              Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc        Barbara Stilwell Snook               Charles and Margaret Bandy
Beau Joʼs Colorado Style Pizza ‑ Arvada    Great Scottʼs Eatery ‑ Broomfield         Dominic Meylor                             Solera Restaurant and Wine Bar       Bang!
Beau Joʼs Colorado Style Pizza ‑ Boulder   Greater Denver NACE                      Mezcal                                     Sonodaʼs Sushi & Seafood ‑           Bank of the West
Brian Belt                                 Timothy Greer                            Microsoft Matching Gifts Program             6th Ave                            The Baran James Co, Inc
Hoyl Belt, Jr.                             John Grunzweig                           Bonnie and Ron Milzer                        Aurora                             Alice Barron
Ferdinand L. Belz                          Brian Hadaway                            Leslie J. Mitchell                           Downtown                           Brad Baumgartner
Terry and Willis Bennett                   Scott G. Halford and                     William G. Mitchell                          Park Meadows                       Beatrice and Woodsley
William C. Benzie and Tom Wordinger         Dr. Matthew Breeden                     Mizuna                                     Norman Spivy                         Beau Joʼs Colorado Style Pizza ‑
Scott Bergren                              Herbert and Monika Hallman               The Molner Foundation                      Spring Hill Foundation, Inc           Evergreen
Francine F. Berlin                         Thomas Hanson and Kevin Peterson         James and Shirley Monley                   Dennis and Penny Sputh               Fredric H. Bender
Brian Bernhard                             Nancy and Rudolf V. Hauck                Timothy Nester                             The Stewart Family                   Jean M. Berg and Kimberly Kaiser
Michael Biere                              Gary and Marilyn Hay                     Network For Good                           Timothy Stifel                       Nancy Bible
Billyʼs Inn                                Stephanie Hearn and Ed Wassom            Bernard Nielsen                            Graham Street                        Paul R. Ost and Nester W. Biles, Jr.
Bistro Vendôme                             Morris Hecox                             M. Ken Ogawa, Atty.                        Andy Strickland                      Bill Barrett Corporation
Black Pearl                                Heider Family Foundation                 Old Louisville Inn                         Myla Study and Thomas E. Jewett      Susan Binnicker and Jeri Jones
Block 5 Asset, LLC                         Sharon K. Hertz                          Olivéa                                     Donna Stuedeman                      Bisque: A Chefʼs Kitchen
Blue Sky Café and Juice Bar                Robert Hettmansperger and                Ray O'Loughlin and                         The Summit Steakhouse                Scott Black
Mark Bochnak and Richard Bruce               Jeanne P. Bayerl                        James A. Henderson                        Sunday Afternoon Car Klub            Block 2 West Asset, LLC
Bombay Clay Oven                           Kathleen and Michael Heymans             Robert O'Neill and Jeff Phillips            Sunflower Farmers Market              Kathleen M. Bohland
Bones Restaurant                           Georgia Hiesterman                       Mark Overmeyer                             Jay A. Swope and Josh Hartwell       MJ and DF Boise
Bonnie Brae Tavern                         High Noon Entertainment                  Palace Chinese Restaurant                  Table 6                              Mark and Patricia Boulding
Jamie Boswell                              Greg and Susan Hill                      Parallel Seventeen                         Tables                               Annabel and Pat Bowlen
Paula and Steve Boyka                      Gary L. Hobbs                            Joel Peach                                 Santiago and Barbara Talamantes      Breckenridge Ballpark Pub
Bridgewater Grill at the Golden Hotel      John Hoffman and Dr. Jody Mathie          Pearl Street Grill                         Anthony Tapia                        Elise Brenninkmeyer
Daniel Brogan                              Dan and Jill Hopkins                     Steve J. Pearson and Nancy Van Dore        Taste of Thailand                    Terry Brewick, D.D.S. and Rick
Buenos Aires Pizzeria                      Andrew Hornbrook                         Perry and Virginia Peine                   Brett and Meghan Thorson             Morales
Café Berlin                                Larry Hoyle                              Elizabeth and Jon Pennington               TIAA‑CREF Employee Giving Campaign   Connie and Terry Briggs
Cafe Colore                                Tom Hudson                               Pesce Fresco Bistro                        Tom and Judy Tinney                  Fred P. Brockmeyer
The Capital Grille                         Thomas Irwin                             David and Linda Peters                     Arnold and Elaine Tinter             Edward D. Bronfin
Tom Carlock and Richard Schirrmacher       Lonny Jacobson                           Pho Fusion Asian ‑ Highlands               Tom's Home Cookinʼ                   Jef Brown
Dennis L. Carlson                          John Jancik                              Andrew Piper                               Michael Touff                         Linda Browning
Willis V. Carpenter                        Jayʼs Grille & Bar                       Mary and Nick Pizzuti                      Richard Trenholme and Marta Osuna    Bucy Family Foundation
Jerry Carter                               Kenneth B. Jensen                        Robert J. Pletcher                         Truist                               Cake Crumbs Bakery
Casa Alvarez ‑ Boulder                     Lynn and Henry Johnson                   Sondra N. Ploederl                         Tuk Tuk Thai Grill ‑ Lakewood        Judith A. Calhoun and Cheryl Weill
Robin and Robert Chalecki                  Todd A. Johnson and Luis A. Quinones     Joe and Barbara Pohlen                     Tuk Tuk Thai Grill ‑ Tamarac         Kristen and Mitch Call
Cherokee ‑ Dining on 12th Ave              JP Morgan Chase Foundation               Summer Polson and Chris Olchowy            Union ‑ An American Bistro           Beth Campbell
Ian D. Chesler                             JustGive                                 Daniel Porter                              Cheryl L. Vargo                      Kevin Carroll
City, Oʼ City                              Arthur and Cheryl Karstaedt              Judy Potter                                Teresa A. Vaughn and                 Richard P. Carter
Club 404                                   Kathy and Jeffrey Friedland Foundation    Stephen Prime and Eric Roberts              William C. Uding                    Gregory Caruthers and Allen Metzgar
Component Distributors, Inc.               Kevin L. Keller                          Prime Steakhouse                           Deborah L. Viles and Kay Johnson     Central Bancorp
James Coyle                                Lea Kemezis                              Peter Quintero, M.D.                       Vine Street Pub                      Jodi Chambers
Crepes ʻn Crepes                           Reggie Kerr                              Jonathan Rajewich                          Wahoo's Fish Taco ‑ Boulder          Steve Chapman and Clive Wart
Cuba Cuba Café & Bar                       E. Glenn Kindle                          Red Square Euro Bistro                     William and Margery Wall             Charlieʼs Silver Fox Restaurant & Bar
John P. Culshaw and Michael Marcus         Jack and Gail Klapper                    Dr. Tania and John Reese                   The Warwick Hotel                    Chautauqua Dining Hall
D Bar Desserts                             Dean Krull and Bill Desmond              Renal Ventures Management, LLC             N Douglas Webb                       The Cherry Tomato
Shelly and Christopher Dana                La Dolce Vita                            Jonathan Richard and Mike Filkoski         Western Union Foundation             Citron Bistro
Scott G. DeMattio                          La Fogata Mexican Restaurant II          Brandi and Dave Richards                   Garnys Westlake                      William and Brenda Clagett
Timothy J. Donahue                         La Fogata Restaurant                     Richard C. Riedel                          Frances Westrick                     James and Martha Clark
Jackie Donaldson                           William T. Lang                          Rocky Mountain Cancer Center               Nancy White and Arthur Voss          Lindsey Clark
Duo Restaurant                             Las Margaritas Restaurant & Cantina ‑    Claire Rogers and Christopher Shoales      Jean Willey                          Morleen Cohen
Stephen Eason                                Belmar                                 Romanoʼs Italian Restaurant ‑              Carol Wolf                           Thomas Connell and Pedro Bernal
The Egg & I ‑ Leetsdale                    Las Margaritas Restaurant & Cantina ‑      Littleton                                World Innovations Corporation        Samuel Contreras
Jon Emanuel and Penny Province               Uptown                                   Highlands Ranch                          Mary Jean Woytek                     Jeremy Conyers
Ernieʼs Bar & Pizza                        Mark and Becky Lauriha                   Richard Rosenblatt and Marti Houser        Catherine and Roy Wren               The Coral Room
William Espey                              Christopher K. M. Leach                  Thomas L. Roth and Frank Cox               Rhonda and Alexander Wyche           Katharine T. Cornelius
Robert Faure                               LexisNexis                               Leland Rudofsky                            Z Cuisine                            Janet J. Cotter
Foolish Craigʼs Café                       Lilʼ Ricciʼs NY Pizza ‑ Piney Creek      Bradley and Sarah Russell                  Zaidyʼs Deli ‑ Cherry Creek          Barton Cox
Foothills Office Building, LLC               Little India Restaurant ‑ Downtown       Catherine Saks                             Marty Zemcik                         John Coxhead
Fourleaf Chopped Salads                    Little India Restaurant ‑ DU             Samʼs No. 3 US Mexi Grill‑n‑Bar ‑ Aurora   David Zupancic                       David Craft

                                                                                                                   (303) 830‑0202 | (800) 381‑5612 | 15
                                                                    Bolded names represent members of the Bread & Butter Club.

Matthew Crider and Brent Colliver      Mark Hinson                            John C. Miller and Robert Bixler         Constance Rule                          Wahooʼs Fish Taco ‑
Barbara Cummings                       Bradley Hoffner and David Rudsell       Paul Miller                              Sharon S. Russell, D.D.S.                Broomfield
Kenneth Dahle and Jean Thomas          Richard Hogen                          Ryan Miller                              Catherine Ryan                           Centennial
Amy and Eric Daly                      Deborah Hooks                          Patricia and Peter Milstein              Jeff Saccomano and Naomi Hull             Lakewood
Gwen Davidson                          Jeffrey Hopper                          Frend John Miner                         Jane Sagalovich                          Northfield
Stephanie Day and Valerie Hastings     House Restaurant & Bar                 Miral Foundation, Inc.                   Saigon Landing Restaurant ‑              S Colorado
Kathleen De Lio                        Lynn Howley                            Paul E. Mittlestadt                        Evergreen, Greenwood Village          Christopher Walker
The Dean Family                        William C. Hubbard                     Mark Mollinet                            Salon Seven                             David Walley and Mark Filman
Martin G. Decker                       Charles E. Hull                        Monaʼs Restaurant ‑ 15th St              Lynn Sander                             Lane C. Ware
Deluxe Burger                          Nicole Isenberg                        Kimberly and James Moore                 Nancy Sanders                           Ruth E. Warren
Joan Devine and Jan Kristiansson       Sandra Jepsen                          Peggy Moore                              Sansoneʼs Bistro                        Amy Watson
Peter Di Leo and Lee Vogt              Jewel of India Restaurant              Diane Moravec and Kerry Moravec          Nancy Schulein                          Kathleen A. Weber
Lily P. Diamond
Larry Dirks
Linda Dixon
DJʼs Berkeley Cafe
Kerin Dodd
Ned Doty
                                        “The volunteers don’t just drop off the food, but bring kind interaction
Dougherty's Restaurant & Pub
Mary Pond Duell
Roger D. Dunn
                                        from the outside world as well as a smiling face. They encourage you
Carol J. Duran
Steve Dworetsky
Janet Dwyer
                                         to further appreciate the simple things in life. This is just one more
Lynette Elliott
Eric Emanuel
Rebecca and Gary Englebright
                                       aspect of Project Angel Heart that motivates me to keep going in life.”
Lisa and Phil Ensign
Enzoʼs End Pizzeria                                                            – Dwayne, age 47, former client living with HIV/AIDS
Jerry Fabyanic
David C. Faragher and Robert Parsons
Fat Sullyʼs Pizza                      Douglas and Kathy Jewell               Nora Morgenstern                         Pamela L. Schuler                       Wellpoint Foundation
The Feinstein Family Foundation        Kathryn Johnson                        Mountain States Employer's Council       Ruth Ann Schumann                       Dan and Sandy Wherley
John Felber                            Therese L. Jordan                      Greg and Cindee Moyer                    Dr. Saul and Julie Schwarz              Jack B. Whitt
Laura and Tom Fincken                  Barbara Kadin                          Suzette and John Mullins                 David J. Scott and Will Padilla‑Pagan   Ruth Williams
Mira Fine                              Diane Kaminsky                         Sue A. Murahata                          Rachella and Michael Seeley             Wine Experience Cafe and World Cellar
Firenze a Tavola                       Peter Kandell and George Harding       Amy Murin                                Senor Pepes Mexican Restaurant &        Frances Winston
Linda B. Fisher                        Tom Kazmark                            Daniel C. Murphy                           Lounge                                Ann Winters
Julie M. Fishman                       Gregory and Sherlyn Keiling            Neighborhood Restaurants Inc.            Robert and Barbara Sharp                Mona and Michael Wirth
Amy and Tom Fortner                    Bill Kelly and Randy Billman           Lisa Neuburg                             Jeremy Shepherd                         Carla Wirtz and Chris Lamson
Mrs. John C. Foster                    Brian Kendall                          Pamela and Warren Neufeld                Mary Shepherd                           Debbie Witt
James Freelend                         Karen Kennedy                          Tracy Nguyen                             Robert and Julia Sherry                 Ann Wolff
Lawrence French and                    Kennedy Childs and Fogg, P.C.          Chuck and Michelle Nichols               Richard A. Silverberg                   Joe Woodward
  Gregory Sargowicki                   Brian Kimball and Richard Harris       Mark Niswander and Michael Phillips      Jane Simonsen and Neil Meston           Matt Wright and Kristine Ocasek
Brian Friel and Monica Heimdal         Erwin F. Kramme                        Carol Ann Oakes                          Carmen Skeehan                          Yelp
Holly Fuchs                            George and Dennis Kruger               Jody OʼCallaghan                         Shaun Skeldum                           Your Cause Sports
Gregory Fugate                         La Cueva                               Phyllis Odell                            Sean Slater                             Marsha, Ariana and Rafael Zambrano
Rex Fuller                             La Fogata Mexican Restaurant III ‑     Larry E. O'Donnell and Kermit Cain       Carrie Smart                            Edith Zemanick
Gabriels Italian Restaurant              Thornton                             John Ohmart                              Dana L. Smith                           Kathryn and Robert Zielinski
Christopher Galla                      La Fondue/Le Chateau                   Diane and William Ojile                  Lori Smith                              David and Tamara Zorn
Kathleen Gallagher                     Donald E. Lamb, Jr.                    Old Neighborhood Restaurant              Wanda and Bryan Smith                   Darryn Zuehlke
Javier and Kim Garcia                  Land of Sushi                          Shayley Olson                            Charles and Violet Snell                Shirley Zunich
Mel G. Garcia                          Christopher and Susan Lane             OppenheimerFunds Legacy Program          Snooze Eatery
Jeremy Gardner                         Jim Langenheim                         Frank Osborne                            Donna Solomon and
Lisa Gardner                           Kathleen J. Larkin and Richard Houk    Christopher Ott                           Larry Zwartverwer                      $100‑$249
Eric Garner‑Schwers                    LʼAsie Fusion Bistro                   Mary Alyce Owens and Anna Van Pelt       Spicy Pickle ‑ N. Federal Heights       Joseph and Bonnie Abell
Annette and Kristin Garrison           Judy LaSpada and Kirsten Palmquist     Linda K. Panter                          Spicy Pickle ‑ S University             Kevin Abels
Rosario Garza and                      Richard W. Leach                       PARISI pizzeria*Deli*trattoria           Stacy R. Springston                     Nancy K. Acks
  David C. Montgomery                  Danni Lederman                         Larry Park                               Kate Spurrier                           Kay and Greg Adams
Jan L. Gascoigne and Melanie Johnson   William H. Lee and David Lorenzen      Dena Pastorini                           James B. Steed                          Monique Adams
Gateaux Bakery                         Gary and Cori Leete                    Lee Patton                               James A. Stegman                        Matthew Adrian
Barb Gay                               Robert and Helen Leete                 Doug Peterson                            Dorothy Stenman                         Rita Alexander
Barbara Gentry                         Paula R. Levin                         Pilates Reformation Studio               Stern Elkind Curray & Alterman LLP      Deanna Allen
George and Cornelia Gibson             Andy Levy                              Plaza South Asset, LLC                   Linda Sullivan and Tonya Kaye           Allstate Giving Campaign
Dale B. Giulieri                       Hal Lewis and Jeanne Dise‑Lewis        W. Kirk Pokrandt                         Mark and AnneMarie Sunderhuse           John and Clare Alsko
Jeff and Brenda Goates                  Alan Leyba and Peter Padilla           Richard Branch and Vito Ponzio, Jr.      David A. Suppes                         Philip Alterman
Laurie and Gregory Goldey              Carol A. Lieber                        Paula and Brad Potter                    Sushi Wave                              Cynthia and Paul Alvarez
Peter and Carlene Goldthwaite          Lime XS                                Linda and Allen Powell                   Tracy L. Sutton                         Allan Alvstad and Brian Morrow
Roberto Gonzales                       David B. Lingle                        John and Debera Powers                   Dennis and Mary Swann                   John Andersen and Carol Landeis
Goosetown Tavern                       David Link                             Mark Prather                             Suzanne and Jim Swanson                 Jim and Susan Anderson
Mary Jean Gradisar and                 Robin List and Tony Fiore              The Q Worldly Barbeque                   Otavio and Mary Tabacchi                Cathy Anderson Hyams and
  Andrew Medvec                        John Litz                              Roberta N. Quiat                         Eugenia Talman                            Mark L. Hyams
Great Northern Tavern                  Leanne and George Loewenthal           Sheldon Real                             Dr. Mark Tamer                          Mary Andread‑Foster
Great‑West                             Lollicup Tea Zone Denver               Red Coral Restaurant                     Jon Phillip Terry and Daniel Beckerle   Irene Andress
James Green, Jr.                       Jacqueline and Christopher Lombardi    Red Hill Construction                    Cheryl Teuton and John Brooke           Gary Angerhofer and Tina Richards
Stanley Griffith                         Jane L. Long                           Heather M. Reeder                        James Thacker and Troy Wilson           Anthonyʼs Pizza & Pasta ‑
Pat and Stuart Gunckel                 Katherine Lutz                         Regis Jesuit High School                 Third Sector Group                        Westminster Promenade
Elizabeth and Stuart Habermehl         Peter MacDowell                        Dr. Mark Reid                            Mark Thrun, M.D. and                    ARC Thrift Stores
Suzanne and Charles Haines             Sue Maclaren and D. Jo Lowell          Don A. Reixach                            Geoffrey Bateman                        Frederick Arndt
Halliburton Global Impact              Deborah MacNair and Sharon Wilkins     Katherine Rice                           Jana and Ken Tompkins                   Janet Aschermann
James Halpenny                         Macyʼs West G.I.F.T. Campaign          James Ricketts                           Marilynn K. Tooley                      Madeline N. Aswad and
Dennis Hamann and Tom Hawkey           R.J. Madison                           Richard Robb                             Trattoria on Pearl                        Georgena L. Jacoby
DJ and EA Hammer                       Carl and Tanya Mahnke                  Charles Robbins and Damon Romine         Trattoria Stella                        Scott Autrey
Debbie and Randall Hanson              Theodore V. Marsters                   The Robert E. & Anne T. Sneed Family     Tuk Tuk Thai Bistro ‑ Westminster       Ramon Azuteta
Mary Lee Harder                        Helene Martin                            Foundation                             Sebastian Turco                         Cyril Bacani
Suzanne Harding                        Fay M. Matsukage and                   Henry R. Robinson                        Gwendolyn Turner                        Patricia Baker
Diane Harkless and Penny Cody            Gordon E. Beckstead                  Jennifer Robinson                        Rick Turrell                            Steve Baker
David and Florence Harlor              James McGee                            Rocky Mountain Court System d.b.a.       Carol Tuttle and Lynn Bartelt           Theresa Baker
Ernestine Harris                       Mitchell McKee                           Imperial Court                         Uniscali ‑ Modern Italian               Nanjappa and Meera Bakthavachalam
Robin and Steven Harris                Elizabeth McKelvey                     Rocky Mountain Wine and Spirit           Valley Inn Restaurant                   Kathryn Ballinger
William Harris                         Marianne and John McKiernan            John Ronnberg and Christopher Heard      Kent C. Veio                            Gene Bamesberger
Edward and Stephanie Harvey            Danielle McLachlan                     Ira and Susan Ross                       Verizon Foundation                      Lisa Banner
Maria and Andy Harwood                 Patrick McLaughlin                     Robert and Nancy Ross                    Cheryl and Lawrence Volmert             Faith Barker
Michael Hegarty                        Mary McNelis                           Paula L. Rosson and Brian Huculak                                                Anita Barnes
Judith Henry                           Scott Medina                           Marc Roth and James Pfister                                                       Lois Barnes
Donna and Norman Herz                  Verna Meyer                            Rubioʼs Fresh Mexican Grill ‑                                                    Tommie J. Barney
Don Hicks                              Bruce Miller and Andrew MacAuthur        Denver, Highlands Ranch                                                        Peggy Barnholt

16 Project Angel Heart 2010 Annual Report
Gillian Barrett                         Michael A. Cohen and Suzanne Beryson   Vera Dudnikowa                                           Joe and Carolyn Giadone               Jewish Community Federation of
Julie Bartik                            Roger and Becky Cohen                  Earlʼs Sandwich Parlor                                   Andrew and Kate Gibbs                   Baltimore
Jim and Pamela Basey                    Valerie and David Cohn                 Jean F. East                                             Dr. Anna H. Gibson                    Donald Johnson and David Sorey
James B. Bauer and Michael O. Waller    Sherril L. Colgan                      ECHO of Northrop Grumman                                 Kay E. Gilchrist                      Emily J. Johnson
K. Forest Beanum                        Barry Collen                           Doris Edelman                                            David Ginosar                         Melissa Johnson and Tim Waltz
Meagan Beard                            Colorado Alternative Medicine          Diane Edes                                               Mary Elizabeth Ginway                 Robert P. Johnson and
Kathleen Beattie                        Columbine Unitarian Universalist       Jerome and June Ehrhardt                                 Girl Scout Troup 182                    Michael J. Richardson
John Beaubien                             Church                               Gretchen K. Eisenhauer                                   Robert Glanville                      Sandra Johnson
Erin and Joe Beauprez                   John and Joann Congdon                 El Camino Tavern                                         Lenny Glatt and Ken Morgan            Johnson & Wales University
Debbie Becker                           Susan Connors                          Bruce and Claudette Erek                                 Sandra L. Glick                       Elizabeth Johnston and
Paul R. Beer                            Kenneth F. Coombs                      Darcy A. Erickson                                        Steven Glick                            Lawrence Abrams
Stephanie Beguin                        Gary Copp                              Kim Erickson and Barbara Vossler                         Maynor Gomez

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo – Rock Solid Design
Michael and Erin Behrenhausen           Kyle Copp                              Bruce and Erik Erikson                                   Dr. Scott and Roberta Goodall
Randy Beineke and Bill Matlock          David B. Corman                        Kristine M. Erlandson                                    Sherry Goodall
Ellen Beller                            Corridor 44                            Kimberly Estes                                           Marie K. Gordon
Lawrence Benedict                       Paul and Kathi Cosgrove                Lela Evans                                               Kerry Graf
Christine Benero                        Marshall and Sharon Costantino         Elaine and Jonna Failing                                 Patricia Grams
Carla Bennett and Frank Bennett         Ann and Ken Cotton                     Rick Faw and Thomas C. Brown                             Debra J. Gray and Marie Valenzuela
Rebecca J. Bennett                      James M. Cox                           Susan J. Ferber                                          Jordan Greenberg
Carolyn Benoit                          Stephanie H. Craft                     Barbara Ferris                                           JoAnn Greenwood and Jeff Peterson
Gayle and Russ Bereskin                 James and Rita Craig                   Sam Ferszt                                               Timothy and Virginia Grieder
Amy and Mark Bershenyi                  Katie and William Crawford             Shari B. Fessler and Suzanne Clark                       The Grill at Legacy Ridge
Daniel and Barbara Berv                 The Crazy Merchant, Inc.               Karen B. Filkins                                         Janet and Lyle Grimmett
Jean Beth                               Dalyla Creaghe                         Terri Fisher                                             Judith A. Griswold
Lindsay A. Bethel and Eva Loney         Barbara and George Crenshaw            Rev. Daniel Flaherty                                     David and Michelle Gronewold
Jeff Betsch                              Alicia Cronquist and Gregory Keefe     Linda Fogel                                              Karen and Thomas Gross
Adam and Sarah Bialek                   Karen Crotchfelt                       Kate Fotopoulos and Jeffrey Leep                          Gabriel Guerra
Margie Biblin and Cindy Dadiras         Nada Culver                            Jay and Georgia Fox                                      Don Guthrie
Michael Bieszad and Maggie Denning      William Curtis                         Frame of Mind, Inc                                       Peggy Guy
Joanne M. Bircher                       Betty Custance                         Barbara Frank and Ronni McCaffrey                         Scott Habermehl and Russ Tolley
Bob and Caprice Birnberg                Jenifer L. Davies                      William Franz                                            Carol Hack
Matthew Bixler and MʼLou Bahlinger      Jacqueline Davis                       Lauren Fraser and Rebecca Coughlin                       Bruce Haefner and Basil Carpenter
Roberta Blanc                           Mary Dawson                            Alix Freshman                                            Hair Images
Joseph Bloxham                          Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge             Kenneth Furness                                          Half Fast Subs
Stephen and Jean Boch                   Elizabeth A. Decker                    Theodore and Deborah Gaensbauer                          Catherine A. Hance
Carol Boersma                           Christine Delaney                      Fairy and Bill Gage                                      Ron and Darlene Handler
Robert and Vicki Bogenberger            Robert and Beverly Deming              Kimberly R. Garcia                                       Macayla Hansen
Bomar Painting, Inc.                    Robert DeMoss                          Rodolfo Garcia                                           Robert M. Hart
Ladd Bosworth                           Denver East Lions Club                 Edward M. Gardner                                        Pamela Hartman                        Audrey Jonas
Paul and Myrna Bottone                  Mark Derham                            Lester and Joan Garrison                                 Samantha Hartman                      Jeri Jones and Susan Binnicker
Barry Boughman and Linda Kato           Laura Derrington                       Debi Garrity                                             Deborah and Larry Hauserman           Neil E. Jones
Stephen E. Bowley                       Jonathan Deveaux                       Cory Garten                                              Marc and Cynthia Haverland            Cindy Joos
Mary S. Bradford                        Diane's New York Bagel Cafe            Janice Gartshore                                         Karen Z. Haynes                       Richard A. Kadinger
William E. Bradford                     Mary Ellen Dick                        Jeff and C. Irene Gartz                                   Carlyn Haze                           Linda M. Kanamine and Greg Boynton
Ronald L. Brady                         Yonnie Dikeou                          Caleb and Sidney Gates                                   Joseph Headrick                       Marla Kappus
Fred Bramhall and Mary Clark            Richard Disanto and Archie Stone       Timothy P. Gaudette                                      Kathryn Heet                          Mena Kates
Shirley Bramhall                        Joanne Ditmer                          Lois Anne Gaul                                           Bruce Hefley                           Kateʼs at 35th Avenue
Kathleen and Howard Brand               Michael Doherty                        Gelato DʼItalia Cafe                                     Bob Hein                              Janet Kaufman
James M. Bratton                        Erin and Richard Dones                 Adele and Erwin Gelfand                                  Marsha Heitzman and Linda Law         Marcy Ann Kaufman
Kim and Grant Bray                      Larry Donoghue                         Richard and Judy Geller                                  Frederick Hellbusch and Kevin Fluke   Edward R. Kay
Cheryl K. Breiner and Doretta Philpot   James L. Dorrough                      Suzanne Gelwick‑Knight                                   Helen Helle                           Barbara and Tim Kaye
Shelli and Colin Brockman               Sue Dorsey                             Gendensacco LLC                                          Scott Henderson                       Janet and Brendan Keeley
Kristina Brodsky                        Karen Dowis                            Betsy and Willian Georgitis                              Amanda Henry                          Kevin Keenan and Mary Palmer
Lois Brooks                             Edward Dowling                         Andrew Gerber                                            John Herbert and Katherine Tamblyn    Erik Johnson and Katrina Keil
Robyn Brooks                            Charles E. Drake                       Phillip and Debra Gerkin                                 Sandra Hergenreder                    Karen Kellen and Dina Powell
Donald and Sarah Brown                  Douglas Dreher                         Dave Gestner                                             The Heritage Grill                    Thomas B. Kelley
Sarah and Donald Brown                                                                                                                  Dick Hess                             Barbara L. Kellogg
Gertrude E. Brucker                                                                                                                     Paul Hess                             Nora V. Kelly
Gretchen Bruno                                                                                                                          Hewlett Packard Company               Cathleen Kendall and David Kendall
                                                                                                            Photo – Rock Solid Design

P. Thomas Buche                                                                                                                         Richard and Beverly Hickman           Becky Kennedy and James E. Kennedy
Scott Budny                                                                                                                             Highlandʼs Garden Café                The Kenney Group
Robert Bullock                                                                                                                          HighTide Partners, LLC                Mary Elizabeth Kent
Alice and David Bullwinkle                                                                                                              James R. Hill                         David Kern and Jerry Wilmer
Marvin and Dorene Burke                                                                                                                 Jenny and Max Hill                    Steve Kiely and Milo Gonser
The Burnsley Dining Room                                                                                                                Arthur Hingerty                       Ethel Killan
Martha Burroughs                                                                                                                        Joni Hjelle                           Linda King
Charlene S. Byers                                                                                                                       Benjamin Hodges                       Jeffrey and Meryl Kingery
Matthew Cable                                                                                                                           Mark Hoffman and Brad Grippin          Edward Kinney
Tami B. Calder                                                                                                                          Jessica and Ryan Holcombe             Rick and Ann Kirwin
Patrica Calderon and Sherin Sakr                                                                                                        Gale Holmes                           Melvyn and Roberta Klein
Jennifer Caldwell and Adele Work                                                                                                        Charles Holt                          Craig Kleinman
Sarah and Robert Campoy                                                                                                                 Lynn Holtzman                         James E. Klett, Ph.D.
Lori A. Cardenas and Jeff Kohler                                                                                                         Patrick D. Homelvig                   Mary and Paul Kobey
Barbara and Lee Carlson                                                                                                                 Lisa Hopkins                          Mike Kornelsen
Sheryl Carlson                                                                                                                          Carol Horle                           Donna C. Kornfeld
Richard Cavallero and Thom Graham                                                                                                       Theodore and Dorothy Horrell          Patti Kramish
Caveau Wine Bar                                                                                                                         Horseshoe Lounge                      Sylvia Kreider
Roger and Nancy Celius                                                                                                                  Lynn Hough                            Kathy Kress and Michael Andrus
Tracy Ceravolo                                                                                                                          Richard Rosenblatt and Marti Houser   Judith A. La Sprada
David E. Chadwick                                                                                                                       Barbara and John Howard               Kirk D. Lacey
Carrie Chainey                                                                                                                          Julie Howard and Erik W. Jefferts      Vicki Lamb
Matt and Shellie Chambers                                                                                                               Rogene Howe                           Christina Lammermann
Rebecca Chapman                                                                                                                         John and Kelly Hranac                 Lynn Lancaster
Charlie Brownʼs Bar & Grill                                                                                                             Christopher Hudnall                   Mike Landa
Consuelo M. Chavez                                                                                                                      Adam and Laura Huff                    Marilyn Lang
Roseann Chavez                                                                                                                          Michael Hughes                        Becky Langford
John J Chetney, Jr.                                                                                                                     Betty Huntsman                        Ricky L. Larson and Mark McKown
CityGrille                                                                                                                              John L. Imbergamo                     Hassan Latif
CityPub                                                                                                                                 Walter and Christina Isenberg         Karl and Monika Leaf
Sarah Clark                                                                                                                             Ann and William Iwata                 David Leger
Suzanne Clark                                                                                                                           Julie Jacobson                        Galina S. Leiphart
Thomas and Bonnie Clarke                                                                                                                Julie Jagger                          Levi Strauss Foundation
Jim and Joan Clemens                                                                                                                    Neena Jain                            Alan and Leslie Levine
Patricia Coan                                                                                                                           David and Deb Janik                   Carol Levine
The Cody Inn Restaurant                                                                                                                 William Jansen and Christine Jansen   Luann D. Levine
Theresa Coffman‑Davis and                                                                                                                Susan and Richard Jaworowski          Michael and Margaret LeVon
  Richard L. Davis                                                                                                                                                            Alex and Jill Levy

                                                                                                          (303) 830‑0202 | (800) 381‑5612 | 17
Chef’s Corner                                                                                                  David Novick
                                                                                                               Frank E. Nowell and Julie Anne Parsons
                                                                                                               Tamara OʼBrien‑Ralston
                                                                                                                                                        Tim Scheitlin
                                                                                                                                                        Melissa Schenk
                                                                                                                                                        Sharon L. Schillereff
Salted Butterscotch and Oatmeal Cookies                                                                        Devra and Michael Ochs
                                                                                                               Molly Oelschlager
                                                                                                                                                        Ron Schimmel
                                                                                                                                                        Andrew Schneider
(makes 3 dozen)                                                                                                Thomas A. Ohl
                                                                                                               Ellen and F.X. OʼKeefe
                                                                                                                                                        John Schoenwalter
                                                                                                                                                        Susanne and Mark Schor
                                                                                                               Christopher M. Ortivez                   Thomas Schranz
                                                                                                               Gary D. Outlaw                           Ronald and Barbara Schroeder
Everyone needs a little treat now and then, right? Salted Butterscotch and                                     Laurene and Thomas Owen                  Joseph and Leah Schweid
Oatmeal cookies should come with a WARNING: You may not be able to eat                                         Dorothy J. Ownes                         Daniel Seeds and Jess Peterson
                                                                                                               Lucy Padilla                             Nancy Seibolt
just one. That is to say these are the perfect combination of salty and sweet.                                 Frank Pando                              Jason Sell
Project Angel Heart has quite a few cookie recipes, and this one is the new                                    Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center      John and Jonann Shackford
                                                                                                               Foster and Sara Papi                     Lenore Shapiro
favorite. In fact, we are sure it will be a favorite in your home, too.                                        Michael Paradis and Jon Kvale            Steven and Lynne Shaver
                                                                                                               Eva Paredes                              Cathy Shiramizu
2 cups all purpose flour                     1 cup white sugar                                                  Alyn Park and Jay Wissot                 Margie Shoemaker
                                                                                                               Patricia Parker                          Sally Shuler
½ tsp baking powder                         2 eggs                                                             Randy and Kathleen Parker                Lori and Louis Sigman
1 tsp baking soda                           1 tablespoon vanilla                                               Victoria Parks                           Edward and Jean Simon
                                                                                                               Pasta Pasta Pasta                        Sharon Simon and Kim Simon
½ tsp salt                                  2 cups quick cooking oats                                          Fred and Karen Pasternack                Joanne Singer
1 cup butter (room temperature)             1 bag butterscotch chips                                           Steve Pastor and Scott Jackson           Wayne Sirmons
                                                                                                               Althea Patt                              Sketch
1 cup brown sugar                                                                                              Pearlman Family Foundation               Lloyd and Patricia Slevc
                                                                                                               William Pearson                          Elizabeth Sloan
*** ¼ cup salt for sprinkling (Kosher salt works best) ***                                                     Debbie Peebles and John Ross             John and Laura Slomczewski
                                                                                                               Periodontics of Cherry Creek             Brick Smith
                                                                                                               Rebecca Perkins                          Glenn Smith
l    Preheat oven to 350°   F.                                                                                 Alicia and Ryan Perry                    Janice S. Smith
l    Sift together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and ½ teaspoon of salt.                               James Perry                              Lee T. Smith and Mary Santa Cruz
                                                                                                               Craig and Terry Peterson                 Michael A. Smith
l    Add quick cooking oats and butterscotch chips to the dry ingredients and                                  Gus Pina                                 Stanley and Barbara Smith
     mix to incorporate. After doing this, set mixture aside for later use.                                    Diane C. Pinkard                         April Snook and Tom Scott
                                                                                                               Mary Pitz                                Patrick Soran and Marc Coulter
l    In a separate bowl, mix the brown and white sugar into the butter until                                   Lisa and Vlasi Poggas                    Shane Speciale
     they become a light and fluffy mixture.                                                                     Jason and Thea Pollock                   Brooke Spencer
                                                                                                               Leonard and Mechthild Ponte              Spicy Pickle ‑ Greenwood Village
l    Separately mix the eggs and the vanilla. Slowly add the eggs and vanilla                                  Russell Poole                            Spicy Pickle ‑ S Broadway
     into the butter mixture and incorporate thoroughly. Be sure to scrape the                                 Gail Porch                               Sports Column
                                                                                                               Candie and Bryce Powell                  Sputnik
     bottom of the bowl to make sure there are no butter pockets stuck down in                                 Susan Powers                             Cheryl and Chuck St John
     the bottom or sides of the bowl.                                                                          Precision Elevator Service               Troy Stabenow
                                                                                                               Christopher Price and Emily Gloecknes    James and Lisa Stanek
l    Bring back the dry ingredients and slowly and carefully incorporate it into                               Michael Price and                        Shannon Stanfill
     the butter and egg mixture. Once again, be sure to scrape the bottom                                        Willam Vander Hooven                   Dana Starbuck
                                                                                                               Henry Provost                            Mary Steefel
     and the sides of the bowl with a spatula to ensure proper mixing.                                         Dianna Pruden                            Gordon Stenger
l    Using a teaspoon, drop the cookie dough onto an ungreased cookie sheet.                                   Alison Rabinoff                           Rex and Kathleen Stephenson
                                                                                                               Diane R. Radman                          Barbara Sternberg
l    Chill the cookies for about 10 minutes. **Chilling is an important step in                                Frederick and Anna Ramey                 Carolyn Steuer and Mark Einhorn
     making cookies because it allows the butter to harden, which in turn will                                 The Ranch Grill                          Terry W. Stewart and John Foery
                                                                                                               Jared Rankin                             Judith Stewart Rodes
     create a deliciously plump and chewy cookie. **                                                           Alice Rasmussen and William McAdams      Jack H. Stout and Jonathan Cardish
l    Once they have chilled, press the top of the cookies slightly, flattening                                  Denise Rast                              Heidi Strang
                                                                                                               Thomas M. Rauch                          Albert and Elaine Strauch
     them into a more cookie like shape. Sprinkle the tops of the cookies with salt.                           Raven Hill Mining Company Restaurant     Jeffery Strauss
l    Bake in the oven for 10‑12 minutes or until golden and brown!                                             Peggy Redle                              Celinde Y. Strohl and
                                                                                                               Jennifer Reffalt                            Timothy W. Kromer
l    Allow them to cool slightly (if you can).                                                                 Molly O. Rehrig                          David M. Stubbs
                                                                                                               Sara Reichow                             Sharon Stump and Kathleen Powers
                                                                                                               Reiver's Bar and Grill                   James Sullivan
Liberty Gives Foundation             Major Matt Mayfield, M.D. and       Susan A. Mitchell                      Susan Richardson                         Nettie Sulzman
Joan Lienemann                         Lona Mayfield                     Athena Molina                          Cindy Riddle                             Timothy Summers
Liks Ice Cream Parlor, Inc.          Michael and Jill Mazer             Monaco Inn                             Curtis Riggs                             Sunset Grille
Limón                                Douglas C. Mazique, Jr.            Monaʼs Restaurant ‑ S Broadway         Mitchell E. Right                        Sherry Suppi
Nathania Lipton                      Connie McArthur and Patti Klinge   Joshua Monroe                          Joan and Steven Ringel, M.D.             Jean Svedman
The Lobby American Grille            John and Catherine McCabe          Chris A. Moore                         Wilbren and Effie Rinke                    Dennis and Alice Sweeney
Rosalie A. Lockard                   Mary E. McClanahan                 Elisa Moran and Gary Kleiman           Sally Roach                              Frank Tagader
Patricia and Wills Long              James and R. Jean McClements       Grace C. Morris                        James A. Roberts                         Sherri Tams
Celia Lopez                          Casey McClurkin                    Jerald Morriss and Chuck Phillips      Priscilla H. Roberts                     Carolyn S. Tank, M.D.
Urs Luescher                         Jane McComb                        Brian Morrow                           Marilyn Robie                            Carol J. Taylor
Teresa Luiz                          Jill McCormick                     Mosiac Youth Chorus                    Bobette Robinson                         Telecom Pioneers ‑ Foothills Life
Dale Lukenbach                       Jerry N. McCowan                   Marla Mueller                          W Peter and Peggy Romfh                    Member Club
LUXE Group Real Estate               Donna and Bob McCraith             Norman R. Mueller and Christy Murphy   Rosa Lindaʼs Mexican Café                Elizabeth Temkin and Family
Brian Luzader                        Brian McDowell                     June and Victor Mullins                Carol and Paul Rose                      Vernon Temple
Ruby Lynett                          Carla and Robert McFadden          J. Aaron Najera                        Debra and David Rose                     Dixie Termin and Ronald Miller
Ella Lyons                           Lonnie and Tiffany McGowen          Brian Narber                           Mark Rosenbaum and Leslie Schaeffer       Carol Tervo
Roderick and Margaret MacAskill      Katie McKay                        Charles Neff                            Barry Rosenberg                          Thai Flavor Restaurant, Inc.
Janice D. MacDonald                  Margaret M. McMahon                Bonnie Neiheisel                       Cordelia and Steven Rosenberg            Thai Wraps at Tuk Tuk
Jeff and Judith Mague                 Dr. Nancy McMahon and              Laurel Nelson                          Paul Routolo                             Terri L. Thaler
Debby Magures                          Timothy J. Parsons               Margaret Nelson                        David and Mandarin Rubenstein            Jeff Thares
Paul Majors                          Nancy and Robert Meier             Mary Jean and Fred Nelson              Rubioʼs Fresh Mexican Grill ‑            Sarah Theis
Marioʼs Double Daughterʼs Salotto    Michael A. Meisinger               Joe and Sharon Neri                      Broomfield                              Elizabeth and Eugene Thilo
Kelli Marko                          Deanna Meno                        Linda Neuenschwander                   Denys and Tanya Rudyk                    Deb Thomas
Gary M. Markovich                    Joseph A. Merchant, MSG USA Ret    Neusteter Colorado Company             Lois and Michael Ruether                 George D. Thomas and
Paul S. Marotta                      Dawn and Michael Meredith          Jennifer Nevins                        Rebecca L. Russell and Steven Teselle      Trudy Walsh‑Thomas
David Marshall and Catherine Hance   Frank Merrem                       Harvey and Benita Newman               Kenneth and Susan Ryerson                Richard and Karen Thomas
Greg Martin                          John Meyer                         Jane A. Nichols                        Curt Sallinger                           Charles and Jennifer Thornton‑Kolbe
Harold Martin                        Joseph and Jane Meyer              Jerry Nielson and Laviano Munoz        SAME Café                                A B Thoroughgood III
Nancy Martin and Autumn Tysko        Melanie and Thomas Michaels        Linda Niven                            Leonard W. Samson                        Kerri Tiernan
Carlos Martinez                      Douglas Michels                    Tyler Noble                            Suzanne and Raymond Satter               Sarah Tilly
Carolyn Martyn                       Greg and Jenny Miller              Noftz Inc.                             Suzanne Saunders                         Sara Tisdale
Skye Mason                           Jan and Gale Miller                Kristen Nordenholz and Andy Martin     Dave Savage                              Robert C. Tobias and Linda Knight
Maxx Auto Recovery                   Jay Miller and Lois Miller         Stephen and Jacquelyn Norris           Robin Schaffer                            Thomas F. Toomey
Diane J. Mayer                       Joanne Miller                      Kelly L. Norton                        Trish Schart                             Michele S. Trapani

18 Project Angel Heart 2010 Annual Report
                                                                       Bolded names represent members of the Bread & Butter Club.

Robert C. Tripp                          Anne‑Marie Zuccarelli                   Denver Urban Garden                      Lime Room Salon                           Gary Schneekloth
Karen Truesdell                                                                  Denver Zoo                               The Lobby American Grille                 Scholars to Leaders Academy
Gary J. Trujillo and Daymn G. Montoya                                            Denverʼs Table                           Longview Stables                          Seattle Fish Co.
David Tucker                             In‑Kind Donors                          Sean Doherty                             Judy Lucero                               Second Home Kitchen & Bar
Dorsee Tucker                            1515 Restaurant                         Carolyn Douglas                          Lula Designs                              Dea Shea and Edward L. Erickson
Michael and Mary Tully                   5280 Carpet Cleaning & Restoration      Lisa Doyle                               Kasey Malley‑Orr                          Shells and Sauce
John and Denise Turner                   5280 Magazine                           DTC Wine & Spirits                       Rena Marson and Deborah Stone             Terry Sherman
Lisa Turner                              9News                                   Dumbbells ‑ A Fitness Club               Christopher Martin                        Jean Shom
T‑Wa Inn                                 A La Carte Gitfs and Basktes, Inc.      Marjie Eakin‑Petty                       Martin Design Works                       Silver Oak Cellars
Dorothy D. Tweedell                      A New Spirit Lightness Center & Spa     Jeanne Echternach                        Carolyn Martyn                            Corey Silverman and Horace Marlowe
Two‑fisted Marioʼs Pizza                  A to Z Household Services               Educogym                                 Skye Mason                                SkyVenture Colorado
Joan Tyler                               AEG Live Rocky Mountains                The Egg & I ‑ Leetsdale                  Bill Matlock and Randy Beineke            Jean Smith
Amber Valdez                             Ageless Aesthetics Medical Spa          Willi Eggerman                           Laurie Maves                              Melinda Smith
Kenneth Valentine and Eric Butlers       Alaskan Brewery                         Einstein Bros. Bagles                    Greg McBoat                               Snooze Eatery
Valley View Community Church             Albertʼs Organics                       Elwayʼs ‑ Cherry Creek                   Dean and Helen McConnell                  Jill Soukup
Sandra L. Van Portfliet                   Edward Aldrich                          Kim English                              Peggy McGivern                            Southwest Art
Lisa and James Van Someren               David D. Alexander and Brandt Wilkins   Enpointe Skin Solutions                  Joseph McGregor, Jr.                      Sprint
Donald Van Splinter                      Leslie Allen                            Enstrom Candies                          Danielle McLachlan                        Starbucks
Rozanne Vancil                           Alvarado Holdings LLC                   Entenmannʼs                              Jason Medrano                             Sherry and Wesley Stark
Scott Vaneyk                             Doug Ambrose                            Espresso Affair                           Laura Mehmert                             Bill Starke
Cathy VanTassel                          Jeremy P. Anderson                      Exdo Event Center                        MetroMix                                  Jesse D. Starr
Shena M. Varkey                          Kenyon Anderson                         Express Glass                            Rebecca Micucci                           Steele Community Garden
Venue Restaurant                         Après Dessert Bar                       Sheri Farabaugh                          Kelli Lee Miller                          Don Steward
Cecil and Brenda Verghese                Artisan Center                          Fast Frame of Lodo                       Judith A. Mills                           Brent Stone
Dixie L. Vice                            Ashgrove / Cook Park Community          Fast Signs                               Mikeʼs Camera                             Mary Joy Stone
Sam Vickery                                Garden                                Fetchers Dog Care                        Mary Ann Miro                             Studio Vitality
The Village Cork                         Ann Atkinson and Daniel Isaman          Kent Flora and Kevin Garrett             Monaʼs Restaurant ‑ 15th St               The Summit Steakhouse
Melone Vincze                            Avenue Grill                            Food Bank of the Rockies                 Jude Morales                              Sunflower Farmers Market
Roberta and Harvey Volin                 Auerbachʼs Meat Company                 Four Peaks Ins                           Jo Mosby                                  Margie Swift
Thomas and Sheryl Vondracek              Judith Babcock and Lewis Babcock        Frederic Printing                        Anita Mosher                              Tattered Cover Book Store
Wahooʼs Fish Taco ‑ Downtown             Balfour Senior Living                   Fruition Restaurant                      Mr. Bʼs Wine and Spirits                  Team Packaging, Inc
Wahooʼs Fish Taco ‑ Hampden              Steve Baroch and Ana Ximenes            Rex Fuller                               Deborah Mueller‑Hruza and Dan Hruza       Tender Touch Animal Hospital
Wahooʼs Fish Taco ‑ Longmont             Philip Barry                            Mary Alice Fullerton                     Nobel Sysco                               TGI Fridayʼs
Wahooʼs Fish Taco ‑ Uptown               Barefoot Wines                          The Gabby Gourmet                        Deidre OʼCallaghan                        Anthony Thomas
Grayson Walden                           Bartenders & More                       Valerie Gaddis‑Arellano                  Occasions By Sandy                        Arnold and Elaine Tinter
Justin Walk                              Beatrice and Woodsley                   Gelato DʼItalia Cafe                     Michael F. O'Donnell                      The Tomato Stand
T. Michael and Eleanor Walsh             Beau Joʼs                               Gendensacco LLC                          Omega Marketing                           Michelle M. Torrez
Marilyn and Will Walter                  Ellen Beller                            Georgetown Loop Railroad                                    Total Plumbing
Robert Wandel and Margie Wandel          Kelly Berger                            Charles E. Gerretson and Denis Gerdes    David Orlovsky                            Linda Trachbrodt
Phyllis Washko                           Daniel and Barbara Berv                 Gidgets Grooming                         Tammi Otis                                TruAccess
Betty Watchous                           Penney Bidwell                          Girl Scout Troop 976                     Out Front Colorado                        Two Dog Tuesday
Kevin Waterbury                          Black Pearl                             Rosalie Goldman                          The Oxford Hotel                          United Natural Foods
Adelaide Waters                          Blake Street Glass Studio               Golf TEC                                 The Palm Restaurant                       Victoriana Antique and Fine Jewelry
Phillip Weathers                         Bluepoint Bakery                        Grandview High School                    Panera Bread Company DTC                  VinAspen
John Weaver and Nancy Weaver             Bonnie Brae Tavern                      Paul Grass                               Park Avenue Oculoplastic Surgeons         K Vrba
Richard, Julia Wedgle and Susan Mason    BookCliff Vineyards                      Great Scottʼs Eatery ‑ Denver            Joyce and Gary Pashel                     Corie Walker
John and Linda Wehrle                    Bouquets                                John and Lynn Grigsby                    Pearl Street Grill                        Tracy Wall
Frank Weidknecht                         Melissa B. Bradley                      The Grill at Legacy Ridge                Pepsi Bottling Company                    Waste Farmers
Susan Weindling                          Breckenridge BBQ & Brew Pub             Guildner Pipeline Maintenance, Inc       Piatti                                    Julie Weldon
Rhoda Weinstein                          Brio Tuscan Grille ‑ Cherry Creek       Chris Hack                               Piedmont Farms, Inc.                      David Westman and Anthony Aragon
Lillian M. Weiss                         Kevin Briscoe                           Happy Cakes: A Cupcake Bakeshop          The Polite Jazz Quartet                   Westword
L.M. Weltzer                             Shelli and Colin Brockman               Barbara Hardison and Joyce Comin         Brian Popp                                Whole Foods ‑ Tamarac
Michael and Heike Weppner                Brandy Brogan                           Harkins Theater                          Private Pure Pilates                      Teresamaria Widawski
Michael and Etta West                    Chef Dan Brown                          Harmony Chorale‑Harmonix                 Pumpkin Seed Frame Design                 WILKS Broadcasting
David Westman and Anthony Aragon         Tim Brown                               John K. Harrell                          Michael and Deborah Pushchak              William Matthews Gallery
Michael and Carol Whitaker               Brownstone Investors LLC                Haute Touch Catering                     Ashley Quividous                          Nyla Witmore
Madeline White                           B's Ballpark Museum                     The Heritage Grill                       Lorii K. Rabinowitz and Andy Holland      The Wizardʼs Chest, Inc.
Robert White and Samuel White            Elizabeth Buhr                          Quang Ho                                 Randy Rader                               The Write Design
Deborah Wicks                            Judith Cabrera                          Hoodz                                    Peggy Randall                             Yelp
William Widdison                         Cake Crumbs Bakery                      HOUSE Restaurant & Bar                   Ray Domenico Farms                        Patricia Zilinski
Ila Wiese                                Canvas and Cocktails                    Hyatt Regency Denver                     Red Bird Farms                            Zuri Spa & Salon
Mary Kay Wilder                          Care and Share of Southern Colorado     Fried Ilona                              Regis University
Catherine Wiley                          Caribou Coffee                           Chef Cruz Imaz                           Katie Rehrig and Jared Seyl
Kelly J. Wiley                           Mary Carnegie                           India House                              Sam Reiser
John T. Williamnee and Andrea J. Price   Cherokee ‑ Dining on 12th Ave           Il Mondo Vecchio                         Charlene Roake
H. Dean Williams                         Cherry Creek Dance                      Irish Bread Company                      Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Ranch
Richard and Jean Williams                Cherry Creek Massage                    Jack and Jill Children's Salon           Root Down
Anastasia Williamson                     Cherry Creek Shopping Center            Japoix Restaurant & Lounge               Rosedale Community Garden
Sarah Williamson                         Childʼs Pastry Shop                     Jayʼs Grille & Bar                       Jack Rowley
Ralph and Ellen Wilmoth                  Chipotle Mexican Grill                  Paul R. Jeselnick                        Gerard and Sheila Rudofsky
Kenneth and Judith Wilson                Jane Christie                           Terri Johanson                           Leland Rudofsky
Patrick and Stefanie Winfield             Nancy Cohen                             Johnson & Wales University               Don Sahli
David Wolf                               Colorado Department of Agriculture      Paula Jones                              Saigon Landing Restaurant
Wolfeʼs Barbeque                         Colorado Pride Guide                    Kaiser Permanente                        Saks Fifth Avenue
Anita Wong                               Comedy Works                            Jonathan Kaplan                          Saks Galleries
Sarah D. Woolverton‑Mohler               Dave Conant and Millicent Tallard       Eugene Kay                               Salon & Spa on the Boulevard
Kenneth M. Worley                        Cook Street School of Culinary Arts     Andrea Kemp                              Jonathan A. Sanchez
Carole Dean Wright                       The Coral Room                          Laurie Kimbrough                         Sanuk Salon
Tom G. Wright and John W. Dunkle         The Corner Office Restaurant              Kindred Hospital Denver                  Dr. Andrew Sarka
Jacklyn Writz                            Kristin Coyne                           Alyson Kinkade                           Savant Resources LLC
Vivien Wu                                Culinary Connectors                     Lisa and Roger Koenigsberg
Xcel Energy                              The Curtis Hotel                        Heather and Ken Kopas                                                                 Top Ranking
Xcel Energy Foundation                   Dwight Davidson                         Edward Kosinski
Gordon and Jennifer Yale                 Gwen Davidson                           Catherine Krambeer
Jacob Yarnell                            Mindy Davidson                          Kroenke Sports Enterprises
Nicole and Jason Yingst                  Anthony Deagan                          KTʼs BBQ Corp.
Christopher Yonker and Thomas Gold       Jon DeBoer                              Grant Kuhn
Young Americans Center for Financial     Mary Ruth and Vernon Dedisse            KUVO
                                                                                                                                                                      5 Years Running
  Education                              Deluxe                                  Logan Lafferty
Charles Younger                          Denver Botanic Gardens Membership       Latitude Sports Marketing
A.J. Zabbia, Jr.                         Denver Bread Co.                        Le Bakery Sensual                        While space limitations allow us only to publish those donors who have
Eileen Zack                              The Denver Center for the Performing    Le Soutein: The Bra Boutique             contributed at the $100 level and above, we greatly appreciate ALL of our
Pam Zeldin                                 Arts                                  Leading Edge Mechanical Inc              supporters. Please notify us and accept our apology for any omissions.
Jan Zieser                               The Denver Chop House and Brewery       Paul Lhevine and
Claire Zilber                            Denver Newspaper Agency                    Laura Gillespie‑Lhevine               Bolded names represent members of our Bread & Butter Club, individuals
Stuart Zimmerman                         Denver Police Department District 3     Lifestyles Catering                      and businesses who have committed to making ongoing contributions of
Vincent Zimmerman and Dan Murphy         Denver Roller Dolls                     Cynthia Ligeros                          $30 or more each month to support our mission.

                                                                                                               (303) 830‑0202 | (800) 381‑5612 | 19
                                                                                                                                                                                           Photo – Rock Solid Design
     Project Angel Heart Events

     Community Events                                                 events calendar
                                             Please join us at the following Project Angel Heart signature events
                                                     and look for us at the following community events.

                                      April 2011                                                                                      May 2011

                                                                            1               2              1            2             3          4           5            6           7

           3            4             5          6            7             8               9              8            9         10            11          12        13             14

        10          11            12      Public 13          14         15              16              15           16           17            18          19        20             21
                                           at PAHʼs
                                          new home
        17          18            19            20           21         22              23              22           23           24            25          26        27             28

        24          25            26            27           28         29              30              29           30           31

                                                      Dining Out
                                                       For Life

                                      June 2011                                                                                       July 2011

                                                 1            2             3               4                                                                             1           2

         5              6             7          8            9         10              11                 3            4             5          6           7            8           9

        12          13            14            15           16         17 Denver 18                    10           11           12            13          14        15             16
                                                                                CO Springs
                                                                                                                                                                              Pikes Peak
                                                                                  Spree                                                                                       PrideFest

Denver 19           20            21            22           23         24               25             17           18           19            20          21        22             23
PrideFest                                                                       AVON Walk        Pikes Peak
CO Springs                                                                       for Breast      PrideFest
  Spree                                                                            Cancer
         26         27            28            29           30                                         24           25           26            27          28        29             30
 for Breast                                                                                              31
  Cancer                                                                                         see below
                                                                                                July 31 – Steveʼs Snappin Dogs Hot Dog Eating Content
     20 Project Angel Heart 2010 Annual Report
                                August 2011                                                                               September 2011

                       1             2          3           4            5             6                                                                       1             2          3
                                                                                               Festival Italiano
                                                                                               September 2011

          7            8             9         10          11        12             13                4             5             6             7              8             9         10
Step Up                                                                      Colorado                                                                              Art for
  for                                                                          AIDS                                                                                 Life
Cancer                                                                         Walk

       14          15            16            17          18        19              20            11              12        13                14            15          16            17
                                                                                            Race for
                                                                                            the Cure
                                                                                           Colo. Springs

       21          22            23            24          25        26              27             18             19        20                21            22          23            24

       28          29            30            31                                                   25             26        27                28            29          30
                                         Hearts of

                                October 2011                                                                               November 2011

                                                                                       1                                          1             2              3             4          5
                                                                                                                                                    A Taste
                                                                                                                                                    for Life

         2             3             4          5           6            7             8              6             7             8             9            10          11            12
Race for
the Cure
          9        10            11            12          13        14              15             13             14        15                16            17          18            19
                                                                             Pie in the

       16          17            18            19          20        21              22             20             21        22                23            24          25            26
                                                                                                                                      Pie in the

       23          24            25            26          27        28              29             27             28        29                30

                              December 2011

                                                            1            2             3

                                                                                                              Recurring New Volunteer
          4            5             6          7           8            9           10
                                                                                                              Orientation Sessions
                                                                                                              Saturday Orientations: 10 AM to 12 PM
       11          12            13            14          15        16              17                       Wednesday Orientations: 6 PM to 8 PM

                                                                                                              Colorado Springs:
                                                                                                              Third Saturday of each Month: 11 AM to 1 PM
       18          19            20            21          22        23              24

                                                                                                              **May Orientation has been moved to
                                                                                                                Saturday, May 8th.
       25          26            27            28          29        30              31

                                                                                                (303) 830‑0202 | (800) 381‑5612 | 21
          4190 Garfield Street, Unit 5 Y Denver, CO 80216
(303) 830‑0202/(800) 381‑5612 Y fax: (303) 830‑1840/(800) 731‑5622


                     Top Ranking

                    5 Years Running

        The 2010 annual report was made possible by:

                                                                 Front cover photo – McBoat Photography

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