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 July/August 2010
                                       Recipient of the Old Cars Weekly 2009 Golden Quill Award
 Volume 45 Number 4             and The Packard Club Snodgrass Award for Continuing Excellence

                                          Orphan                              Mid-Atlantic
                                         Car Tour                             Final call for
                                                by Jon Battle                 all to give a
        Thirty-six cars hit the highway in Mt. Airy, Maryland, on Saturday,
June 5, as the 21st annual Orphan Car Tour got under way.                     half day (or
        The Tour -- this year subtitled “The Main Street Meander” -- start-
ed at 1:00 PM at the Twin Arch Shopping Center. It followed a 50-mile         more) time
circuitous route over lightly used, picturesque country roads through
Maryland’s Carroll County, and terminated just over the Pennsylvania
border in the town of Hanover. As in past years, each driver was handed
                                                                              to help at
printed directions and the cars were spaced one minute apart, to allow
everyone a leisurely drive at his or her own speed.
                                                                              the National
        A few minutes into the tour, cars pulled into the residence of Tom
Teegarden, a local auto enthusiast, where a photograph was taken of
                                                                              Meet. Call
each car using Teegarden’s red barn as a backdrop. The photos, mounted
in keepsake folders, were handed out at the end of the day.
                                                                              Bill Johnson
        Four more stops were scheduled along the route. First off was
the railroad museum in Union Bridge, MD, run by the Western Maryland
                                                                              at (301) 384-
Railway Historical Society. Besides containing two buildings full of his-
toric artifacts, the museum                                                   4433.
features an extensive N-scale
railroad model. Historical
Society members fielded
their own car show, with                                                      Inside Pages:
three antique cars parked                                                     2..     Director’s Directive
on the station platform. A
                                                                              3 & 4.. Dreaming & Drooling
few miles down the road lay
Uniontown, a charming and                                                     5..     Orphan Tour Cont.
remarkably preserved 19th                                                     6..     Prostate Cancer Run
century village that functions
as a modern town. Here,                                                       7..     Wildwood
tour participants were shown                                                  8..     Tech Tip
through two historic build-
                                                                              9..     Announcements
ings by members of Historic
Uniontown, Inc. Third on the                                                  10..    Calendar of Events
docket was Pipe Creek Trad-                                                   11..    Directory
ing Company, an antique and
   Continued on Page 5
                                          Director’s Directive

             ntic folks,                                                                        pups. As
Dear Mid-Atla                                                                  o new,to us,
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like early se                           fleet and ma                             good side, al
                       h the entire                              ere. On the
pound went th
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                              ery vet twix                                                               Stella
We managed    to enrich ev                                                              r way. Miss
                 .                                     Orphan Car      Tour was unde             re coming
 covering well                         g while the                             , new dogs we
         All this wa   s transpirin                         e  she was here                            and all
                                           e tour. Whil                            were going on
                 visit    and attend th                        al   Meet, tours                           Tour
 came down to                                  r the Nation                             e Orphan Car
                was being     purchased fo                          wh o attended th           Soto Clubs pu
 home, stuff                                       l the folks              H.E.T. and De
                                   ng place. Al            y, from The
                yhem was taki             d Tom Kenned                                the question
                                                                                                      s for the
  manner of ma           Jon Battle an                             le to do with                            in,
  had a great
                time.                          d I had a li
                                                                tt                        t of light ra
                  tour toge    ther. Sue an                          We  had a tiny bi                       s at
  a whale of a                                   e good folks.                             The nice folk
                 e bulk was      done by thos              rd time wi     th the heat.                 n Mary-
  quiz, but th                             one had a ha                              s; the Wester
                   ol en  ough that no                           d  Bank for tour                        ndees.
   but it was co                                y and the ol                           the tour atte
                     opened   up the Academ           s were open      ed just for              d all, it
   Uniontown, MD                      nover Museum                              fine. All an
                  se um and the Ha                      ver,   PA was just                           from Keith
   land R.R. Mu                         rant in Hano                                find photos
                        ctory Restau                            to me, you will                           o, once
   Dinner at Th
                  e Vi                        ere, in this                              msport, MD wh
                  tour an   d day. Elsewh                            lks from Willia                        ort
    was a super                                   k the good fo            r longest di
                                                                                           stance. Supp
                    moving on    , I must than               ” given fo
    Vail. Before                           Yonder Award,
                    d th  e fine “Over                         to find.                                ts are
    again, donate                            is real hard                             at some even
                   ople li   ke Jewells,                              to report th               s are be-
    from nice pe                                    ing. We have                most new folk
                                    is fast near              e hotel, but
           The Na  tional Meet                            th                                      not yet reg-
                                         FEW rooms at                            If you have
                   ere   are still a                             the street.                            ere is
     sold out. Th                             ty, just down                            full, but th
                    our ov  erflow facili                          ay ’s tours are                          ing up.
     ing sent to                                 ay’s and Mond                            are fast fill
                      must do    it now. Sund                            Other events                             be
     istered, you                                    Monday night.                            ard events to
                       the Welcom    e Reception               one of the     largest Pack
     still room at                           , don’t miss                                             it. If you
                           tell you this                                           y you missed
                        to                                       u  will be sorr                          Nothing
      Folks, I need             s. If you do
                                                n’t come, yo                            at the meet.
                      in year                             of hours      to help out                antee it.
      in this area                        us a couple                             club. I guar
                     lu nteer to give                         lp ing out your                         have sur-
      are able, vo                          will enjoy he                          Hill. If you
                     be ha  rd, and you                          l  folks, Rose                            Rose Hill
      you do will                              have for loca             . It’s on th
                                                                                         e grounds of
                              August will                             ow                                        e
             The month of                            be a nice sh                             et held by th
                      tional Me   et, this will                15th. It’s     a judging me              ed, and
       vived the Na                        Sunday August                              no pun intend
                      eder ick City on                           er ick. Low key,                           Meet.
       Manor, in Fr                             Club in Fred                              the National
                        France s Scott Key                    the past   . More after
       folks of the                        enjoyable in
                         has been real                         summer.
       laid back. It                         Have a great
              See you in     Gettysburg.
                 Dreaming and Drooling at Amelia
by Bill Hensyl

        Once again my son, Curt, offered to pay my way
to the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance (admission,
not airfare) at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club outside of
Fernandina Beach, Fl., where he lives. As for the past
three years that I’ve attended, weather for the concours
was near perfect (sunny, not too hot, and with a slight
breeze). Attendance for the Sunday show and judging
was estimated at about 16,000, compared with about
2,000 for the first concours 15 years ago.
        Waiting around the show field while Curt parked
his truck, I spotted the Rolls-Royce display and finally
cornered a representative to whom I made clear that I
was just curious about the Ghost models on display. My
interest focused on the coupe’s “suicide doors” and the
sedan’s “barn doors” that I’d also seen at last year’s
concours. The rep explained that the coupe’s suicide
door made it easier and more comfortable to enter and
exit gracefully. If the reach to close the door was too
great, there was an easy-to-reach button that would
close the door automatically. Also built into the body
frame at the door’s opening was an umbrella holder that
dispensed a furled umbrella so you could open it before
getting out into a downpour.
        Moving on to the show field proper, what caught
my eye almost immediately was a 1938 Rolls-Royce
Wraith dual-cowl roadster with bodywork entirely of
Honduran mahogany. It was from the North Collection in
St Michael’s, MD, which last year displayed a tulipwood-
bodied Hispano-Suiza. An interesting feature was the
clamshell boot, the bottom of which gave access to the
spare tire and tools while the top opened to reveal a
fully equipped picnic set for four, matching the car’s
maximum number of occupants. When Curt remarked
that it would be perfect for martinis to be shaken, not
stirred, Mr. North commented that such a vehicle was
strictly a “champagne car.”
        In addition to the beautiful green LeBaron-bodied
two-seater Packard 12 speedster parked outside the
Ritz–Carlton entrance, there were 12 Packards being
shown for judging. They ranged from a 1929 640 Custom
runabout to a 1956 Packard Four Hundred hardtop, the
bulk being first-half thirties’ vintage. My favorite was
the grayish-cream 1933 Packard 1005 convertible coupe
V12, while Curt preferred the similar vintage white
Duesenburg roadster (note the red Packard-like hexagon
on the hubcaps!). Packard did win a Best in Class award
in the American Classic Open 1931-1932 category with
the exquisite 1932 Packard Twin Six convertible coupe
pictured here. The winning Best of Show street class
award went to a 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K not unlike
the purple creation shown here.
        There were a record 275 vehicles on display
this year, ranging from motorcycles to racing cars, in-
cluding some strange ones like that shown flanked by
Chryslers on the parade track near the judges’ plat-
form. I never learned anything about it, other than it
probably was of prewar European manufacture. It’s
powered by a shroud-enclosed two-bladed prop elec-
trically started by the driver who, with his passenger,
wore leather flying helmets with goggles. Entrance to
the tandem-seat cockpit was through the oval door on
the side. Surprisingly, it was not as loud as one might
        A real surprise for me turned up in the Forgot-
ten Fiberglass section of the show. This category
covered early ‘50s one-off or specialty cars that
incorporated fiberglass bodies before Detroit got into
the act. One such car there was the pewter colored
Multiplex 186 Sport Coupe, a two-seater built by the
Multiplex Manufacturing Co. of Berwick, PA (my home
town), whose then-owner and President, Ben Crispin,
was a neighbor and family friend. It featured a tubu-
lar truss-type chassis with independent front suspen-
sion of transverse spring and wishbones, weighed 1705
lb., and had a 6-cylinder 124-hp engine that claimed
25 mpg and could reach 60 mph in 10.9 sec. with
max speed of 132 mph. The restored interior is light
tan glove leather upholstery including the spare tire
cover on a shelf behind the seats. I had an opportu-
nity to drive the Multiplex during the summer in 1979
(it was a metallic bronze then) when my family and
I visited “Mr. C.” and his wife in Berwick. The car is
now owned by his grandson, Darren, who also runs the
company and has stored there the unrestored open
racing version (once took third place at Sebring) and
a parts car. The Multiplex never went into production
because U. S. manufacturing costs were too high for
the quality intended and Mr. C wanted to produce an
American Sport car. For another time is the story of
the original Multiplex Motor Car (touring car, roadster,
and runabout) built by Mr. C.’s father around 1912.
                       Orphan Car Tour                    Continued from Page 1

classic car dealership just outside Taneytown, MD,               Thankfully, dire weather predictions for the
housed in a historic skating rink dating back to the     day proved wrong. Despite forecasts of a 50 - 80%
1930s. Finally, near the end of the tour, Orphan         chance of rain during the day, only a slight mist de-
tourists stopped to visit the Hanover Museum, at         scended during the Tour’s first hour. Not until dinner
the M & J Auction House, which contains a fascinat-      in Hanover did the skies finally open up.
ing collection of photos and historic artifacts of the           American Motors Corporation (AMC) was the
town of Hanover, Pa. -- along with a locally-built       best-represented “orphan” manufacturer, with nine
1921 “Hanover” car -- one of a handful in existence!     cars on the tour. Packard (with six cars), Studebaker
        At 5:30 in the afternoon, drivers and their      (five) and Kaiser (three) were also well-represent-
passengers gathered at the Victory Restaurant in         ed. “Recent orphans” are becoming increasingly
Hanover for a buffet dinner. Afterwards, various         prevalent on the tour; this year they included three
awards were given out. Oldest Car Award was won by       Plymouths, a Pontiac and two Oldsmobiles. This
Bob and Mary Grincewich of Westminster, MD, driv-        year the Tour welcomed its first Hupmobile -- a 1931
ing their 1931 Hupmobile. The “Over Yonder” trophy,      model. Other one-only marques included Austin-
donated by Jewells, a Tour supporter from William-       Healey, Bricklin and Thunderbird. There were even
sport, MD, goes to the person driving the longest        some “late models” thrown in: a Buick, Saturn and
distance to the event. This year it was presented to     Mustang, all from the 2000s. (“Staff cars” not driven
Larry Blatt, who drove his ‘67 Rambler Rogue 114         on the actual tour included a ‘64 Avanti, a ‘55 De
miles from Coatesville, PA. The Hard Luck Award was      Soto and a ‘37 Terraplane.)
bestowed on Kirby and Katie England of Westminster.              By decade, 1950s cars were the most preva-
(Mercifully, their “calamity” -- the worst incident      lent with twelve cars, followed by the 1960s (elev-
on the Tour -- consisted of having to back down the      en), 1970s (five), 1930s (three), and 1940s (two).
road some distance, due to an oversized farm tractor     Three cars were built in 1980 or later. The Orphan
they encountered!)                                       Car Tour’s mission is to promote the driving enjoy-
        The central task of the evening was determin-    ment of antique “orphan cars” - vehicles at least 25
ing the winners of the “observational quiz.” This        years old which were produced either by defunct
consisted of 65 questions sprinkled amongst the writ-    manufacturers or by the discontinued divisions of
ten driving directions, about sights glimpsed along      still-existing companies. Each year it moves to a
the route.                                               different part of the greater Baltimore-Washington
        Participants tested their powers of observa-     area. The Tour was sponsored this year by Mid-At-
tion and wrote answers on yellow answer sheets. The      lantic Packards, the Potomac Chapter of the Stude-
sheets were passed out to fellow participants and        baker Driver’s Club, the Chesapeake Bay Chapter
the answers graded one by one, while photographs         of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club, the Potomac
were simultaneously projected on the wall, picturing     Ramblers Chapter of the AMC / Rambler Club, and
the actual roadside object that would have supplied      the DeSoto Owners Club of Maryland. Organizers of
the correct answer to each question.                     this year’s tour were: Susan and Bill Johnson, Tom
        First place this year was a tie, with both       and Anne Kenney, Harley Smith and Jon Battle. The
front-runners getting a 95% score. Tie-breaker ques-     Orphan Car Tour maintains a website at www.or-
tions -- so obscure and bizarre as to amount to a        phancartour.org
coin toss -- finally yielded the evening’s winners:              Photographs can be viewed at http://or-
First Place: Bob and Phyllis Godwin (‘65 Studebaker);    phancartour2010.shutterfly.com/pictures/8 Re-
Second Place: John and Judy Boksz (‘65 AMC); Third       production-grade copies can be requested by their
Place, Michael Goldman and John Bayne (‘55 Kaiser);      Shutterfly number from Tom Kenney at ez2c@qis.
Honorable Mention: Kevin Shenberger and Kevin Wolf       net For answers to any questions about the Tour,
(‘70 AMX), and Ken Prentice and Peg Dern (‘65 Ram-       contact Jon Battle at detailed@verizon.net or (703)
bler Marlin).                                            392-6870.
for registration form or further information,
  contact: Gil Seibel - seibelg@hotmail.com

                                                                 


                                                         
                                                                              
       We’ll start the activities on Thursday, September 9 in Wildwood Crest, NJ with an 11 am Packard
caravan to Stone Harbor, NJ, just a short distance north via Ocean Drive, the inter-coastal highway. Here we’ll
have lunch at The Wetlands Institute and then embark on a “Salt Marsh Safari!” Later, we’ll do some shopping
in Stone Harbor where you can purchase some famous Stone Harbor fudge. Later we’ll caravan north to
Strathmere for dinner at the Deauville Inn, at the water’s edge. Easy return to the host hotel via the Garden
State Parkway. Evening hospitality on the hotel’s 2nd level Sun Deck, overlooking the ocean.

Make your reservations NOW with the Regal Plaza in Wildwood Crest, NJ by calling (888) 522-5670 or
regalplaza.com. They have several room types available including oceanfront and ocean-view efficiencies.
Partially covered parking is available. Reservations deadline is August 18! Mention The Packard Club to get
special pricing. Car washing available in covered parking area.

       At Cape May Point State Park we’ll visit the Cape May Lighthouse and a WWII bunker on Friday
morning, after a leisurely start from the hotel at 9:30. Then we’ll caravan to the Cape May (NJ) – Lewes (DE)
Ferry Terminal for a boxed lunch and 3 ½-hour round-trip cruise on Delaware Bay. Starting at about 4:30, you’ll
be on-your-own for a late afternoon swim and then scouting for an interesting restaurant (we’ll provide a list)
and to enjoy, perhaps, the boardwalk in nearby Wildwood after dinner, with its shops, cotton candy and various
amusements. Evening hospitality.

         On Saturday morning, the first 60 people to register will be permitted the rare opportunity to visit the
Cape May Coast Guard Training Center, the only one of its kind, for a tour of the facility. The rest of us can
sign up for…Whales! Ever seen one? Here’s your opportunity. At 1:00 pm, you’ll board a large vessel for a
three-hour Atlantic Ocean Whale Watch. Lunch and the morning or afternoon (depending upon your selection)
is free for exploring the area, Cape May or swimming in the ocean at the host hotel, which has one of the finest
beaches anywhere, and a very nice beachside pool. Ocean temperatures this time of year are at their
warmest. A closing dinner is offered at Alosi’s Restaurant in Wildwood Crest Saturday evening.

       Enjoy evening hospitality, beginning on Wednesday, on the 2nd level Sun Deck at the hotel, which
overlooks the beach and the ocean. Kindly bring something to share (could you manage homemade?). We’ll
provide cold drinks.

         Please contact your host Dwight Heinmuller for a registration form, at 16529 Dubbs Rd.; Sparks, MD
     21152, (410) 329-3022 or packardcars@comcast.net. It must be received no later than September 3rd.
                                              See you there!!
      regalplaza.com     deauvilleinn.com      state.nj.us/dep/parksandforests/parks/capemay.html
    uscg.mil/hq/capemay          wildwoodcrest.org/index1.htm            capemaywhalewatcher.com
                stoneharborbeach.com      alosisbistro.com       capemaylewesferry.com/
How Positively Electric                                                               by George Hamlin

                             Electricity behaves in     the starter will crank with the key turned to the
                            a predictable fashion       left, though it can’t start up that way. That’s
                            (though we still like the   for turning the engine over here and there to set
                            old theory that all elec-   things, find marks, test reactions, put the points
                            trical equipment is pow-    on high lobe - everything short of actually start-
                            ered by smoke; when         ing the car. Very handy; avoids the possibility
                            smoke leaks out, the        that the engine will start while you are fiddling
                            device generally stops      with it. Second, you can adjust that switch by
working). Anyway, on Packards, there are some           adding or subtracting little shims if you think it’s
specific electrical things we’ve learned to watch       cranking with the pedal too far down or not down
for.                                                    far enough. Note, though, that if you put in one
       THE IGNITION SWITCH LIGHT. We keep               too many shims, the starter will crank the instant
running into folks that do not realize that, start-     you turn the key on.
ing with the 23rd Series, Packard lit the ignition              TURN-SIGNAL FLASHERS. The six-volt
switch to help you find it in the dark. Turn on         jobs ain’t what they used to be. You can still
your parkers, and if the ignition switch doesn’t        get them from various suppliers, including NAPA,
welcome you in the gloom, replace that bulb                                     but you’ll find that most
that burned out 40 years ago, before you                                        of them are now made in
got the car, leaving you blissfully unaware                                     China. Sigh, okay, at least
that it existed.                                                                they’re still available, but
       CONVERTIBLE DOME LIGHTS. Late                                            watch out for this one:
convertibles with dome lights are wired up                                      some of them are, shall
with a little trick. They are powered only                                      we say, deficient in one
when the lights are on; when you think                                          regard, in that they flash
about it, how brilliant is THAT? Keeps you from         the lights but not the telltale on the speedom-
leaving the dome light on inside a folded top, a        eter face. So you’re never quite sure whether
dome light you didn’t even know was switched            anything is really happening out there; a couple
on. So before concluding that the thing doesn’t         of years ago, we did the whole Baltimore-Des
work at all, turn on the lights and try it again.       Moines-Baltimore run that way, never knowing
Aha.                                                    whether we were actually signaling anything.
       THE CAR-STARTER SWITCH. This device,             There’s no cure but to keep trying new ones,
which cranks the car when the accelerator is            one after another, until one of them works right.
partway down, is clever indeed, but two things          They say you can’t fix stupid; neither can you fix
you might not know about it. First, if your car         a defective flasher.
has the three-position switch (23rd-26th Series),

                                                              New Member Car Correction

                                                                   Jim & Maryellen Barnes
                                                                      40-02 221st Street
                                                                      Bayside, NY 11361
                                                                1939 Sedan Convertible Series
                                                                       1703 Model 1277
Name _______________________________________ Spouse______________________

Address __________________________________________________________________

Phone _____________________________ E-mail ________________________________

Packards owned:
       Year                     Model                             Body Style

1. __________________ ________________________ ___________________________

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3. __________________ ________________________ ___________________________

PAC Membership number: __________________

Please send Mid-Atlantic Packards dues ($15.00; $25 patron) to:
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         Along for the Ride
                     2010 CALENDAR

                                                          Should have brought the Packard -
                                                          they get respect!

Auto events of interest to Mid-Atlantic people:

Jul         17-23        Sat-Fri      2010 Packard National Meet, Gettysburg, PA - HOST REGION
                                        IS MAP, Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center -
                                        (800) 776-8349

Aug         14           Sat          Mid-Atlantic Summer License Plate Meet, Sykesville, MD
                                         Fire Department
            15           Sun          Rose Hill Manor Show, Frederick, MD
            26-29        Thurs-Sun    Charlotte AutoFair Fall Meet -- Hornets Nest Region AACA, NC

Sep         9-11         Thurs-Sat    Keystone Packards at the Beach Weekender, Wildwood Crest, NJ
            11           Sat          Packards Virginia Annual Picnic, Location TBD
            25           Sat          Maryland Gold Cup, Shawan Downs – Chesapeake Bay
                                        Region, CCCA

Sep 29-Oct 3             Wed-Sun      Fall Carlisle, PA

Oct         6-9          Wed-Sat      55th Eastern Division AACA Fall Meet, Hershey, PA
            10           Sun          Packard Truck Meet, York Springs, PA – Dave Lockard
            16           Sat          Rockville Antique and Classic Car Show, Rockville, MD
            22-23        Fri-Sat      53rd Old Dominion Packard Club Fall Tour, Hershey, PA

Nov         13           Sat          MAP Year-End Banquet, Friendly Farm Restaurant, Upperco, MD

Dec         5            Sun          Keystone Packards Christmas, Bethlehem, PA
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Director     William N. Johnson (Term ends in 2010)         Order from Dale & Shirley - see their contact
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Assistant    Murray Cole (Term ends in 2012)                For ‘41 - ‘54
Director     (410) 570-3764
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Membership Jane English (Term ends in 2010)
Director   (717) 334-4032                                   Key Fobs - $9 postpaid
           dmenglis@comcast.net                             Leather with cloisonné PAC emblem, various
                                                            colors available
Educational/ David Czarnecki (Term ends in 2011)
Technical    (301) 598-3471                                 Radial Tires - Call for details and pricing
             david@czarnecki.com                            Wide whitewall, US made, all sizes available in
                                                            15” and 16”
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  July/August 2010 Volume 45 Number 4

Ask the Man Who Owns One

                                        From the Miles White Collection

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