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									Spring 2008

                                                                                                Oak Hill
                                                                         Branches Out
                                                                                                                                                                             Spring 2008
Newsletter Contents                                               Over the Rainbow
Events – pgs. 2-3
                                                                  Denise, who moved to the Lebanon group home a year ago,
How Your Gifts                                                    says she “couldn’t be happier.” For someone who knows her
 Make a Difference – pgs. 4-5
                                                                  own mind, and is not shy about telling you what’s on it, that
Volunteers and Volunteer                                          is high praise indeed.
 Recognition – pgs. 5-8                                                                                      Oak Hill Logo
                                                                                                          Logo studies Rev 02/07/07

                                                                  Fiercely independent, Denise worked full time and lived on her
                              (Add branches in the Oak tree; make base bigger/more like a hill to resonate the Hill part of the name;
A Call to Action:                              use green & black only; combine date & description. Note: two color and hill options)

 Legislative Update – pgs. 8                                      own until health issues made it too difficult. When she came to
Accolades – pgs. 9                                                visit the Lebanon group home, Denise says, “I fell in love with
                                                                  it. The other group homes I lived in weren’t the same as here.”
Program Happenings – pgs. 9

Educators and Health Care                                         Residents and staff have endeared themselves to Denise, who comments, “The staff are
 Professionals – pgs. 10
                                                                  nice, kind, wonderful, marvelous! And Patty (another resident) – well, she’s the light
Community Survey – pgs. 11-12                                     of my life!”

                                                                  Denise’s days are filled with music, cooking, running errands, shopping and spending
                                                                  time with her housemates.

                                                                  “I’m over the rainbow here,” Denise sings, “over the rainbow.”

Since 1893, services & solutions for
      people with disabilities.
                                                                         120 Holcomb Street • Hartford, CT 06112-1589
                                                                         T 860.242.2274              F 860.242.3103                     E
      Oak Hill
 Branches Out
is published 3 times a year by:
Oak Hill                                                    First Annual Lindsey Jo Haile Walk/Run/Roll
120 Holcomb Street,                                         On a beautiful fall day, Oak Hill held its first successful walk/run/roll
Hartford, CT 06112-1589
T 860.242.2274
                                                            in memory of Lindsey Jo Haile, former resident of Oak Hill’s Walling-
F 860.242.3103                                              ford/Hall Acres group home, who passed away on October 24, 2006.
E                                       Lindsey’s disabilities did not stop her from enjoying life to the fullest
                                                            and in doing so touching the lives of the people who cared for her.
Editor: Suzanne Heise, VP of Development                    Lindsey loved her home, her roommates, and the many employees who
                                                            cared for her.
Board of Directors – 2007-2008
Alan Desmarais, Chairman
Margaret Jacobson, Esp., Vice Chairman                      To commemorate Lindsey Jo’s life and to thank Oak Hill staff, Claudia
Robert Ellis, Secretary                                     Hill, Lindsey Jo’s mother, initiated the Lindsey Jo Haile Walk/Run/
Kathy Fournier, Assistant Secretary, Oak Hill
                                                            Roll last October. More than 160
Directors                                                   walkers, runners and rollers and
Charles Bunnell                   Janice Harris, Ph.D.      40 sponsors raised $6,000. The
Mary Louise Casey                 Jerald D. Hassett
                                                            proceeds will provide equipment
Christopher Cloud                 Armand Legault
Melissa Farley, Esq.              Steve Norris              for Hall Acres residents Dot,
Brendan Fox, Esq.                 Kenya Rutland             Adam, Logan, Tim and Bobby
Elliott Ginsberg                  Frank J. Szilagyi, Esq.
                                                            and give them opportunities to
Christopher Hanlon                Ned E. Wentworth
                                  Henry Zachs               travel, a special love of Lindsey’s.

Eileen Akers                      Erich Ohldendorf
Brad Barrows                      Josephine Pace                                                   Oak Hill staff Debbie Ruggiano and
Lawrence H. Barrows               John Passalacqua                                                 Tom Gould celebrated their first and second
Joan Blumenthal                   Eddie Perez                                                      prize status for completing the walk at 49.29
Jere A. Carangelo                 Brewster Perkins                                                 and 49:30 respectively.
Rosemary C. Clarke                Edward B. Potter, Esq.
Robert Cloonan                    Kathy Roche
Mario D’Angelo, O.D.              F. James Seaman
Emilie de Brigard                 Hasmukh J. Shah
John F. Dee                       James F. Shea
Ronald Eddy                       Elizabeth B. Shelley
Mrs. T. Mitchell Ford             Patricia H. Stedman
Carol Gillispie                   Rene H. Tompkinson
Donald G. Goranson                Lyn G. Walker, Esq.
Allen S. Gouse, Ph.D.             The Honorable
Samuel C. Hamilton                 Douglass B. Wright
Laurence E. Hangland              Judith Zachs
Jean R. Hanor
Robert Harriau
Marye Gail Harrison
Laurie Kablik
Ben Guiney
David Lentini
James Link
Susan A. Ludwig
Norman J. Martinelli                                        Claudia Hill (center) is joined by her daughter
Angelina McGillivray                                        Chelsey Brenneman and granddaughter
Andrew Norton, Esq.                                         Maddison Lindsey.
Bonnie F. Ohlendorf

                                                                                              Oak Hill Branches Out • Spring 2008

Upcoming Events
 May 9, 2008                      Spring Dance for Oak Hill Program Participants at the NEAT Center at Oak Hill

 May 15, 2008                     Oak Hill Foundation event
 June 22, 2008                    4th Annual Jordan’s Journey Charity Motorcycle Ride to benefit Oak Hill
 September 17, 2008               14th Annual Oak Hill Fundraising Golf Tournament

 October 11, 2008                 2nd Annual Lindsay Jo Haile Run/Walk/Roll to benefit Oak Hill

 November 15, 2008                12th Annual Hartford Artisan’s Center at
 (10am-4pm)                       Oak Hill Public Sale

To serve on a planning committee, volunteer or participate in an event, please contact: Trish Hesslein,
director of community relations, 860-769-3876, or via email at:

More than 160 golfers, 35 volunteers and 90 generous sponsors,
including major sponsors Mohegan Sun, Bank of America, and
Avon Wholesales, raised $65,000 for Oak Hill’s 13th golf
tournament held at Lyman Orchards. Proceeds will provide
cultural/recreational opportunities and equipment for Oak Hill
program participants.

        Master of Ceremonies Joe D’Ambrosio and Chairman of the Board
           Peg Jacobson (on right) congratulate Mixed Division 1st Prize
           winners, from left volunteer Denise Vashalifski, Patrick Kelly ,
                    Esther Levegnale, Molly Zawisza and Mike Deschenes.

  Jim Calhoun Speaks to Autism
  On September 26, Oak Hill and Leadership Greater Hartford jointly presented “Ringing in on Autism: A
  Symposium for Connecticut Educators and Administrators,” a unique event which provided practical information
  about efforts to increase autism awareness in school systems on the behavioral, education, political and medical
  fronts. The symposium, the first of its kind in Connecticut, featured keynote speaker Jim Calhoun, legendary head
  coach of the UCONN Men’s Huskies Basketball Team, in addition to a panel of experts who shared information
  and best practices with over 260 attendees. Keynote speaker Jim Calhoun is deeply involved with “Autism Speaks,”
  an organization that helps raise public awareness and research funding for autism, an issue close to Calhoun’s heart.
  Facilitating the session was Stan Simpson, Hartford Courant columnist. Panelists included Atty. Howard
  Klebanoff (Special Education Rights attorney), Dr. Inge-Marie Eigsti (University of Connecticut), Suzanne Letso
  (CT Center for Child Development), along with Nancy Hines and Kathy Piquette (Hartford Public School
  teachers, specializing in autism).

 How Your Gifts Make a Difference
The Andre P. D’Auteuil Family Foundation
Oak Hill President Pat Johnson
recognized Marcel D’Auteuil (center),
whose son Andre lives at the Hebron
group home. Marcel’s generous support
has provided major renovations to the
group home and gifts from outdoor                                                          A Thoughtful Birthday Gift
furniture to a wheelchair swing that are                                                   Jessie Handel, whose granddaughter
enjoyed by all the residents. Oak Hill has                                                 Erin attends Oak Hill’s East Hartford
also benefited from grants for equipment                                                   day program, threw herself a birthday
through the Andre P. D’Auteuil Family                                                      party so she could enjoy all her family
Foundation, established by the family in                                                   and friends, but she didn’t want gifts.
honor of Andre.                                                                            Instead this thoughtful and humble
                                                                                           woman asked that donations be made
“Thank you for sending me on my trip to Disney World. It made me very happy. I             to Oak Hill to benefit Erin’s day
like the shuttle bus because it took me to all the parks. My favorite place to go was      program. The generous support from
Epcot Center. I liked the Japanese restaurant the best. I liked the rides, and I drove a   Jessie, her family and friends will
race car.” Sincerely, Angel, who submitted his note in Braille                             enhance the lives of all the program
                                                                                           participants in East Hartford.
Did You Know?
• Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds save twice. By
 donating appreciated securities to Oak Hill you may avoid capital gains                   Gifts That Keep on Giving
 tax on the difference between the price you paid for the securities and                   We thank our donors who have
 their current market value the date the gift is made. You may also be                     established these endowed funds that
 able to deduct the current market value of your securities gift as                        will enhance the lives of people with
  allowed by law.                                                                          disabilities for years come, bringing
• A gift of real estate that has grown in value qualifies for capital gains                bring joy to our program participants
 savings and you may be credited with a contribution valued at the fair                    and tuition assistance to students who
 market value of the property.                                                             are legally blind.

Annual Gifts                                                                               Arthur Pereira Endowed Fund –
Unrestricted gifts to the annual fund, no matter the amount, enable
                                                                                           provides musical instruments and
Oak Hill to meet the most urgent needs of our program participants.
Restricted gifts are equally important as they meet specific needs. The
following restricted funds, to which you can earmark your gift, have
been established to honor loved ones:                                                      John A. Coccomo, Sr. Endowed
• Hilda Feingold Fund – provides equipment for elderly people with                         Fund – benefits visually impaired
  macular degeneration                                                                     students to further their education or
• Laurie Link Education award – provides nursing scholarships to                           training
  Oak Hill staff
• Andrew LeShay Fund – provides musical entertainment for Oak Hill                         Susan Passlacqua Endowed Fund –
  program participants and alumni                                                          provides gifts and recreational activities

For more information on establishing an endowed or annual fund,                            Robert A. and Susan A. Ludwig
or on how to contributie stocks, bonds, mutual funds or real estate,                       Endowed Fund – provides
please contact Suzanne L. Heise, vice president for development and                        camperships
communications, at 860-769-3834 or via email at

                                                                                    Oak Hill Branches Out • Spring 2008

We are grateful to corporations and foundations for their generous support of these Oak Hill programs:

The Hartford Artisans’ Center at Oak Hill                    Eleanor A. Books Blindness Related Center
• Lincoln Financial Group Foundation                         at Oak Hill
• City of Hartford, Community Development                    • Bank of America, Local Heroes Award
  Block Grant                                                • Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation
                                                             • Daphne G. Fuller Fund at the Hartford Foundation
The NEAT Center at Oak Hill                                    for Public Giving
• Ronald McDonald House Charities                            • Gibney Family Foundation
• Travelers Foundation                                       • James H. Napier Foundation
• Harold and Rebecca H. Gross Foundation,
  Bank of America Trustee                                    Oak Hill Camp
                                                             • Mabel P. Brady Trust
Oak Hill Residential & Day Services Programs
• Andre D’Auteuil Family Foundation                          Oak Hill Center for Relationship and
                                                             Sexuality Education
                                                             • Susan G. Komen for the Cure
                                                             • Aetna Foundation

Oak Hill Welcomes Two New Board Members
Kenya Rutland
Owner of KJR Consulting in Manchester, Kenya has nearly 10 years of training
and development experience with a focus on creating healthy, high-performing
individuals, groups, and organizations. Kenya’s work has included change
management, customer service, diversity and inclusion, leadership, and team
development. He has worked with various types of organizations including
affinity groups, corporations, educational institutions, and government entities.

                                 Elliot A. Ginsberg
                                 Former Chief of Staff to First District Congressman John B. Larson, Elliot was
                                 recently named Chief Executive Officer of the Connecticut Center for Advanced
                                 Technology in East Hartford. Elliot, an accomplished executive with experience in
                                 leadership and oversight of non-profit organizations, was a former Superior Court
                                 magistrate before joining Congressman Larson as his chief of staff. He has also
                                 served as Commissioner of the State Department of Human Resources, and as an
                                 adjunct professor at the University of Connecticut’s School of Social Work.

Volunteer Recognition
This year’s Annual Meeting And Awards Presentation           Community Service Provider Awards were given to
unveiled Oak Hill’s new image and recognized the             these friends of Oak Hill for their care,
outgoing and incoming Chair of the Oak Hill board as         compassion and commitment to the people
well as individuals and businesses for their extraordinary   with disabilities we serve:
accomplishments.                                             • Trish Stapleton and Tamra Holda, Connecticut
                                                               Children’s Medical Center
                                                             • Joe Barber, Trinity College
                                                             • Ginny and Tom Wutka, Lost Acre’s Orchard
                                                             • Dr. Linda Roberts and Dr. Marie Allan,
                                                               Glastonbury Public Schools
                                                             • Ms. Donna Schilke, Smith Middle School
                                                             • Ms. Liz Miller, Ms. Gina Ganali, and Mr. Ermir
                                                               Xhihani, Stay Well Dental Clinic

From left, Rozz Mitchell, Jim McGarr, Sue Davis,
and Marva Douglas-Brito are recognized for
their 25th year anniversary with Oak Hill and
Sandy Zeligman for her 45th year.

                                                               Alan Desmarais, director of finance
                                                               for the town of Manchester, is
                                                               nominated as 2007-2008 chair of
                                                               the Oak Hill Board, following Peg
                                                               Jacobson who has become vice chair.

From left, Employees of the Month Keith
Kaczmarcyk and Trish Nolan, are congratulated
by immediate past chair of Oak Hill’s Board,
Peg Jacobson, for their exemplary performance
in 2007.

                                                                                    We extend our gratitude to Team
                                                                                    AMEX members, Katie Melfi,
                                                                                    Burlington, CT; Lily Simons,
                                                                                    W. Suffield, CT; Tom Dames,
                                                                                    Hartsdale, NY; Cindy Randall,
                                                                                    Rochester, NY; and Carole Hawes,
                                                                                    Windsor, CT.
                                         Steve Famiglietti, (center) manager of
Suzanne Heise (left), vice president,    the Vocational Center for People who are
development and communications,          Blind or Visually Impaired, presents the
recognizes John A. Coccomo, Sr.
                                                                                    A Holiday Tradition at
                                         Corporation of the Year award to Dean
Foundation Board member                  Andrews and Bonnie Ohlendorf for           American Express
Kathy Roche for 15 years of              Bank of America’s excellence in giving     A holiday tradition for American
generous support from the                back to the community.                     Express employees is to volunteer at
foundation.                                                                         a local charity. They view it as a great
                                                                                    way to serve their community while
                                                                                    building team spirit and morale. In
                                                                                    November, five members of Team
                                                                                    AMEX came to help the Hartford
                                                                                    Artisans’ Center at Oak Hill organize
                                                                                    fabric, yarn and inventory product.
                                                                                    They also had the opportunity to meet
                                                                                    the artisans and learn about
                                                                                    Oak Hill’s therapeutic weaving and
                                                                                    quilting program. AMEX Team
                                                                                    Captain Katie Melfi said, “I wanted a
                                                                                    ‘hands on’ project where my team and
                                               Ned Wentworth, vice chair of         I could really make a difference. When
                                               the 2006-2007 Oak Hill Board,        researching local charities online, I
Anna Eddy, vice president of education,                                             learned about Oak Hill and I thought
                                               is recognized by Peg Jacobson,
presents Oak Hill’s 2007 Student of the
                                               immediate past chair, for his deep   this would be a great place to
Year Award to Miguel Carattini for his
                                               commitment and generosity to         volunteer because you have so many
tremendous progress in reaching his goals.
                                               Oak Hill.                            unique programs serving people with
                                                                                    disabilities. We all work in different
                                                                                    towns and this is a way for us to get
                                                                                    together, spend quality time and to
                                                                                    give back to the community. We had
                                                                                    a great time meeting the artisans and
                                                                                    I wanted to say thank you for the

                                                            continued on page 8
 Volunteers – continued from page 7

                                                                Frank and Julie Mairano receive Oak Hill’s 2007
                                                                Parents of the Year Award for their courage and
Peg Jacobson, immediate past chair of                           strength.
Oak Hill’s Board, presents the Program
Participant of the Year Award to Sean
Hobson for his determination and
enormous achievements. He is joined by
his mother, Doris.

                              For the second year, students
                              volunteered at Oak Hill for
                         Trinity College’s 8th Annual“Do
                        It” day. They helped clean medical
                          equipment at the NEAT Center.

 A Call to Action: Legislative Update
Oak Hill is working with community provider agencies to ask Governor Jodi M. Rell and the State legislature
to support the Community Providers Rescue Fund designed to: stabilize our funding base with a $135 million
immediate infusion; form a commission to consider a long term indexing solution to address chronic
underfunding; and create an annual $65 million capital improvement fund to maintain facilities. While this
newsletter is being prepared, there will be a public hearing on legislation supporting the Community Provider
Rescue Fund. This is being raised in the Human Services Committee and we are very grateful to Senator Jonathan
Harris for his leadership on this. Depending on the outcome of that hearing, we may need your help in contacting
your local legislators for their support of this bill that will ensure adequate funding for Oak Hill and other
non-profits. Please contact Gwen Williams at or at 860-242-2274 to find out how
you can help.

                                                                                     Oak Hill Branches Out • Spring 2008

At the November 2007 Bank of America’s Hartford Neighborhood Excellence InitiativeTM Awards,
Steve Famiglietti, manager of Oak Hill’s Vocational Center for People who are Blind or Visually Impaired,
was recognized as a Local Hero – people who have special and significant impact on individuals, families, or
communities. As a local hero, Steve received a $5,000 grant which he donated to Oak Hill.

Congratulations to the John A. Coccomo, Sr. Foundation for being chosen to receive the 2007 Raymond
E. Baldwin Award from the Board of Education and Services for the Blind. Nominated by Oak Hill, the
Coccomo Foundation has enhanced the lives of hundreds of people who are blind and is most deserving
of this award that recognizes an individual, agency, civic organization, or volunteer group who has made
outstanding contributions to the betterment and enrichment of the lives of persons who are blind in

                                                                            Program Happenings
                                           Eric, Mansfield group home resident, and his
                                           mother were proud to show off Eric’s medals
                                           from the Special Olympics – a silver for his team
                                           and a gold for his softball skills.

                              Francis and his classmates from the Terryville
                        education classroom had the unique opportunity to
                          visit the U.S. Army Aviation Support Facility in
                          Windsor Locks where aircraft is maintained and
                                     pilots and flight engineers are trained.

                                            Calvin Haynes and Valentine Bucknor, residential program workers,
                                           join Granby Group Home residents Alan and Paul, both deaf and legally
                                           blind on their first trip out of state in 20 years. During their visit to Lake
                                           Georgek, they enjoyed boat trips, laughing and waving to passerby on horse
                                           and buggy rides, dined on seafood, shopped and played in the game arcades.

 Educators and Health Care Professionals
Helping Children and Their Parents                          A Gift of Life
The new Oak Hill Birth to Three program is now              Oak Hill has just published a teaching manual on
accepting referrals and completing evaluating children      breast health for women with intellectual disabilities,
with delays in developmental milestones and disabilities    thanks to generous funding from the CT Affiliate of
in Connecticut.                                             Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Aetna
                                                            Foundation. This manual, with accompanying
Aggie Pont, director, is an occupational therapist who      CD-ROM and laminated cards, will empower women
oversaw the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center           across the country to learn about breast health
Birth to Three program for five years. Joining Aggie
are Tracy Popolizio, special education teacher; Karen       Over the last four years, the CRSE has provided
Rowntree, physical therapist; Joyce Worhunsky, speech       outreach breast health education to 265 women with
language pathologist; and Aida Diaz, bilingual program      intellectual disabilities, provided education to 142
assistant. All bring a wealth of experience.                care providers, and offered 52 screening mammo-
                                                            grams. But we didn’t do it alone. Thanks to the
Birth to Three services are provided in children’s          Hartford Hospital Partnership for Breast Care,
homes, daycare centers, community settings, or where        women who had never received breast exams were
the child spends the most time during the day. Parents      put at ease by compassionate technicians.
and caregivers identify concerns and develop outcomes
with staff in an effort to help their child and family.     The teaching manual is dedicated to Tara, a remark-
Strategies and suggestions are shared with the families     ably vibrant woman who loved visits from her family,
who are connected with community resources to help          going to work, playing with Legos, eating chocolate
meet their needs.                                           chip cookies and having a pedicure. What Tara didn’t
                                                            like was going to the doctor as she was unable to
One mother of a child in the Oak Hill Birth to Three        tolerate the simplest medical procedure.
program recently shared her appreciation of how the
providers helped her and her family learn to better         On her 51st
structure her daily routines and to provide short phrases   birthday, Tara died of complications from breast can-
for her child to model and imitate.                         cer. Her legacy will live on in the new Oak Hill teach-
                                                            ing manual. We thank Tara, her family, our partners,
For more information, educators and health care             and our funders for this gift of life.
professionals are encouraged to contact Oak Hill’s
Birth to Three Director Aggie Pont at 860-286-3181          To order the teaching manual, please visit our
or email at                           website at

                                                                                  Our friend and inspiriation, Tara

                                                                                 Oak Hill Branches Out • Spring 2008

                                            Oak Hill Communications Survey
We’re interested in hearing from you so that we may improve the way you receive information about Oak Hill.
Please take a few moments to participate in this survey. Please fill out below and mail back, in the enclosed
prepaid envelope, by April 25, 2008.

1. Oak Hill keeps me informed about:                   Agree          Disagree        Don’t Know
       a. News and Events                              ______         _______          _______

       b. Programs and Services                        ______          _______          _______

       c. Fundraising Activities & Campaigns           ______          _______          _______

       d. Finances and Spending                        ______          _______          _______

       e. Staff Roles and Activities                   ______          _______          _______

       f. The people they help and serve               ______          _______          _______

       g. The need for volunteers                      ______          _______          _______

2. Which of the following would you like to know more about Oak Hill? (Check all that apply.)
      ____ Program and event offerings
      ____ Strategic Plans and Goals
      –––– Effectiveness (of what?)
      –––– Finances
      –––– Relationship between Oak Hill and other agencies (State, other non-profit, etc.)
      –––– Staff roles and responsibilities
      –––– Cost comparison to similar organizations
      –––– Parent and/or guardian information
      ____ Other: ________________________________________________________________________

3. How did you get information about Oak Hill during the past year? (Check all that apply.)
      ____ Oak Hill literature and/or mailings (correspondence, brochures, etc.)
      ____ Oak Hill website
      ____ Email
      ____ Referral sources in the community (parents, agencies, disability vendors, etc.)
      ____ Word of Mouth (family members, friends, neighbors, Oak Hill staff or volunteers)
      ____ Newspaper – name: __________________________________________
      ____ Television – name: ___________________________________________
      ____ Radio – name: _______________________________________________
      ____ Other advertising; please list____________________________________
      ____ Trade shows, or other events
      ____ Public Meetings in the community
      ____ Other: ___________________________________

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Since 1893, services & solutions for
      people with disabilities.

120 Holcomb Street
Hartford, CT 06112-1589
     Oak Hill
Branches Out

  Survey – continued
4. How would you prefer to receive future information about Oak Hill?
   (Rank all 1-10; 1=Most Important, 10=Least Important)
       a. ____ Oak Hill literature and/or mailings (correspondence, brochures, etc.)
       b. ____ Oak Hill website
       c. ____ Email
       d. ____ Referral sources in the community (parents, agencies, disability vendors, etc.)
       e. ____ Word of Mouth (family members, friends, neighbors, Oak Hill staff or volunteers)
       f. ____ Newspaper – name: __________________________________________
       g. ____ Television – name: ___________________________________________
       h. ____ Radio – name: _______________________________________________
       i. ____ Other advertising; please list____________________________________
       j. ____ Trade shows, or other events
       k. ____ Public Meetings in the community
       l. ____ Other: ___________________________________

5. How would you prefer to receive Oak Hill’s quarterly newsletter Oak Hill Branches Out?
      ____ Print
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      If Email, please provide your email address: __________________________________

Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions with us!

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