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News and Resources For Bowlers                                                                               August 2008 Vol. 3, Issue 8
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Unveiling, Inductions, and Much, Much More. . .
By: Evelyn Peoples
  The 2008 International Bowl Expo proved to be an
exciting event. From the announcement of the induc-
tion of Dick Ritger, the first coach in the newly cre-
ated Coaches Hall of Fame, to the unveiling of the Or-
ange County Bowling Bike, Bowl Expo had some-
thing for everyone.
  Aisles and aisles of new products were displayed to
entice proprietors to spruce up their centers with neon
colored carpet, laser lights, rope lights, house shoes,
house balls, decorating items, bowling art, and bowl-
ing music.
  There was a “strolling lunch” to allow everyone an
opportunity to sample every kind of snack or food
available for serving at centers from hot dogs, ham-
burgers to pita bread with red pepper humus. There
was every imaginable drink represented: soft drinks,
juices, slushes, and beer. That was all housed under
one roof... the convention center.
  Bowl Expo presented many different educational
seminars for coaches, pro shop owners, and proprie-
tors alike at the Shingle Creek Hotel. The Coaches
Summit provided coaches with up-to-date information                                Photo Courtesy Hero Noda, Official Bowl Expo Photographer
on new trends and tips. Proprietors attended seminars                    The Teutuls, Mikey and Paul, Jr., with the Strike Bike on display at 2008 Bowl Expo
on how to listen to their customers, and how to host a
                                                                           tournament, and a large array of other seminars.
                                                                             Pro shop owners visited with ball manufacturers, bowling shoe compa-
                                                                           nies, insert manufacturers, drilling equipment, and other items to help them
                                                                           provide their customers with state-of-the-art items and services. It is diffi-
                                                                           cult to see everything and visit each booth at Bowl Expo in the allotted
                                                                             But the breathtaking moment was the introduction of the Orange County
                                                                           Bowling Bike. The bike rolled in with a cloud of white smoke. This bike is
                                                                           “smokin’” and someone is going to win one of the Strike Bikes. Check
                                                                           with your local Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA)
                                                                           member center for more details.
                                                                             The Learning Channel (TLC) will feature the Orange County Chopper
                                                                           crew building the bike on August 7—be sure to check with your local ca-
                                                                           ble/satellite provider for the exact time—don’t miss it!
                                                                             Bowl Expo 2009 will be held in Las Vegas—it will be fun—make plans

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             Photo Courtesy Hero Noda, Official Bowl Expo Photographer
                        Strike Bike on display at Bowl Expo.                       TO THE BVL? Email: for info..

Inside the Bowler Buzz: Pg 2 Ask Bea/Recipe Pg 3: Dick Evans/Bob Rea/Pepsi Youth Championship Results                                        Pg 4: Calendar
       Pg 5: Luci Results/Youth World Tenpin/Junior Gold Pg 6: Walt’s Cartoon/PBA 2008-9 Schedule
       Pg 7: John Jowdy/North Pointe Scholarships/Desiree Swensen, Earl Anthony Scholarship/John Chovanec
                                                                                       The “I Don’t Want To Fry Chicken” Recipe
                                                                                       Gather the following ingredients:

Dear Bea: I am fastidious about cleaning my hands while bowl-                          4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
ing. A gentleman on my team brings his son on league night.                            Olive oil
His son eats and drinks behind our lanes. However, when the                            Dry ranch dressing
boy gets his hands dirty or makes a mess, his dad always grabs                         Non-stick pan
my towel and cleans up the spills, crumbs, blows his nose, and
you name it with my towel. I am disgusted. He is a good boy and                        Put enough olive oil in a non-stick pan to coat it. Turn the stove
his dad is a great bowler and I like them both very much. I want                       on medium. Put the dry ranch dressing on a plate and lightly coat
to keep bowling with him because he helps me with my game                              both sides of the breasts with it. Immediately put the breasts one
What do you suggest I do in order to get dad to stop using my                          at a time in the pan until all four are in the pan. Do not turn the
towels? Crumbly                                                                        breasts until you are sure the first side is done. Turn with tongs—
                                                                                       do not use a fork as it will cause juices to drain out and chicken
Dear Crumbly: If he is that great of a bowler—stop whining.                            will be dry. Chicken will be golden brown when done. Gravy can
Bring two towels and a plastic bag to put their dirty towel into.                      be made from the pan “stickins.”
Remember—wash, rinse, dry, fold, repeat and take it back the
following week.                                                                        For a change, squeeze lemon or lime juice on breasts and let sit
                                                                                       in the refrigerator for about ten minutes in a covered bowl or plas-
Dear Bea: I am getting married to a wonderful girl in December.                        tic bag. Sprinkle breasts lightly with curry powder and follow in-
She is really working hard to be a better bowler. We both use                          structions above.
the same bowling ball. The problem I am experiencing is that
she likes to put hand lotion on her hands during bowling. I can-
                                                                                       Serve with a salad and a starch (buttered rice, baked potato, rice
not bowl with my ball because of the hand lotion. My average is
dropping and we are losing games. My team is getting frustrated
                                                                                       or your favorite.) Serves four.
with me. What can I do? Slick
                                                                                       Xango—containes Xanthones and have been shown to maintain intestinal
                                                                                       health, neutralize existing free radicals, and strengthen the immune system.
Dear Slick: Start a new trend? Move your bridal registry to your
                                                                                       Have you tried it yet? Call 281.821.1588 to
local pro shop! Congratulations and good luck!
                                                                                       order now!
                                                                                         This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and
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won’t solve them—but it could help you (and all of us) to laugh at them. Life is too   nose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Read more
short to take it all seriously—let us laugh with you.                                  about it at

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              Who, What, Where, & When

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   Editor:                 Renee Peoples
   Distribution:           Charles Peoples
   Writers:                Mike Austin
                           Dick Evans
                           John Jowdy                          Bowlers Buzz is
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                                                                                                                                 On A Roll
Bowling Rumors Were Flying in Vegas                          "The event will take place July 31-Aug. 6 in the                                                           A BNN Exclusive
                                                         Chicago suburb of Romeoville, Ill., at Brunswick
By Dick Evans
                                                         Zone XL. All five telecasts will be taped Aug. 5-6
   The bowling rumors were flying during the NABI                                                                                 By: Bob Rea
                                                         and will air for five consecutive weeks beginning                        Bob Rea has taught bowling across the USA and in
Tournament at The Orleans and if true good things
                                                         on Sunday Sept. 7 at 1 p.m. Eastern."                                    thirteen foreign countries. In 2004, he was instru-
await bowlers and bowling groups headed for Las
                                                                  All the above information is accurate                           mental in upgrading the In-School Bowling program
Vegas. The local Las Vegas writers and TV an-                                                                   for BPAA. More than 9000 PE teachers have requested the program
                                                         but the note fails to point out that the five
nouncers were talking about how business was                                                                    which will introduce more than three million school aged kids to the
                                                         taped telecasts also will determine the bowlers        joy of bowling as a lifetime activity. Comments? bob_rea@hotmail.
down in Las Vegas, just like it in most parts of the
                                                         who will bowl in seven PBA tournaments -- Oct.         com or call 1-800-SOS-BOWL (767-2695).
country. A slow economy could result in better
                                                         29-Nov. 2 in Omaha, Nov. 9-16 in Taylor, Mich.;
room deals for bowlers headed to Las Vegas in
                                                         Vernon Hills, Ill., Nov. 26-30; Dec. 3-7 in Cheekto-           TIME TO UPGRADE YOUR
the next 12 months. But that was not the most
fascinating rumor making the rounds.
                                                         waga, N.Y.; Dec. 10-14 in Baltimore, Jan. 4-11 in                 YOUTH PROGRAM
                                                         Reno and Jan. 14-18 in Medford, Ore..                      I think it is time we took a page from many of the
      The big one, which has not been confirmed,
                                                             I flew out to Reno for the U.S. Women's Open       other sports that are vying for increased youth par-
would center on the USBC Open Championship
                                                         competition and TV taping so I know first hand that    ticipation. Does soccer ring a bell? It is only one of
at the Cashman Center. Everyone knows that
                                                         most of the contestants in the U.S. Women's Open       several youth sports that have had a huge impact
team entries are flowing in for the 2009 USBC
                                                         will come up with the extra money to try to qualify    on our declining numbers of youth league bowlers.
Open Championship at a rapid rate despite the
                                                         for the PBA berths and a chance to bowl for a na-         A key influence determining what sport a child
increase in airfares and gasoline.
                                                         tional PBA title on a live ESPN telecast. I wouldn't   takes up can be found in his or her parent(s). Par-
      So the rumor circulating at The Orleans was
                                                         be surprised if Commissioner/CEO Fred Schreyer         ents look for many things in a youth program, some
that in some fashion the 2009 USBC Open tourna-
                                                         won't be able to figure out a way to get the top gal   of which are:
ment will be able to handle more teams than ex-
                                                         in the PBA series a berth in the Tournament of         • What is the cost (participation fee, travel to
pected. I don't know how they are going to do it,
                                                         Champions Jan. 19-25 in Las Vegas. The girls                  and from venue, uniform, equipment)?
but if the rumor is true then the USBC would have
                                                         proved a big hit in four PBA tournaments last sea-     • How convenient is it to the families existing
to do one of four things:
                                                         son so that is why the PBA added three additional             scheduled activities?
    1. Begin the USBC Open before the announced
                                                         events during the 2008-09 season. Bowling can          • Will their child get an opportunity to play?
Feb. 8-15 starting dates set aside for the Masters
                                                         do big things when all organizations participate.
on national TV.                                                                                                 • Will it be fun?
        2. Extend the tournament after the World                                                                • Competition level…introductory, recreation
                                                         $3 Million Amateur
Women's tournament, which was scheduled to be                                                                          based, varsity club or team, select or elite?
                                                           Imagine my surprise when I read a profile sheet
the closing event.
                                                         put out by Storm about Jason Belmonte, the vet-        • Social and self-esteem growth opportunities.
     3. Start squads earlier and end later each day
                                                         eran amateur bowler with the unorthodox two-           • Skill development.
to accommodate more teams.
                                                         hand delivery. First I was surprised to learn that     • Coaching support
    4. Add a few lanes to the 56 that already have                                                              • Scholarship opportunities.
                                                         his favorite athlete is tennis whiz Roger Federer
been announced.
                                                         until I noted that Belmont also likes golf, squash  Skill development in bowling is a key component
      Knowing what I know about most convention
                                                         and tennis. I knew that Belmonte was one of the  and is easy to monitor with each weekly standing
center schedules that are set in stone, I think there
                                                         world's great amateur bowlers but imagine my sur-sheet. Improvement in skill is also tied in closely
is little chance to start at earlier date or end later
                                                         prise when I learned that he has earned          with other factors that may influence the parent and
than previously announced.
                                                         $3,040,948. Not sure what currency that          are included on the list above.
    Ditto for changing squad schedules.
                                                         3,040,948 represents but it is awesome in any cur-  I am from the Pacific Northwest, and yes, we do
    So, if the rumors are true -- and I hope they are
                                                         rency in my opinion.                             get a fair amount of rain. We also have many bod-
since that would be a big boost for the USBC
Open and the bowling industry itself -- then I would                                                      ies of water surrounding our cities and towns.
guess they will add a few more lanes.                                                                     Therefore, nearly every Northwest area parent en-
    And here is a tip for any bowlers headed for Las                                                      rolls their children in swim classes. When my
Vegas in the next 12 months -- go on the Internet                                                         daughter was about three we took her to the local
                                                          PEPSI USBC YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS                  pool for swimming lessons.
and look for deals on rooms Sunday through
                                                          At Sunnybrook Lanes, Sterling Heights, Michigan    On the final day of the six week session I went to
                                                          Scholarship Winners                             pick her up and she came over to me dripping wet
         The rumor is that bowlers who are slot
club members at certain hotels are getting a lower                                                        and smiling. She held out something in her hand
rate than in previous years.                              BOYS                                            that she wanted me to see. I took it from her and
     I know that as a slot-card member at The Or-         Division 1 (Averages 164-210)                   there it was, her ‘report card’ for the past six weeks
leans, I received some room rate offers through           1, Adam Keith, Bloomingdale, Ill., $3,000.      of swim lessons. And, to my great delight (and hers
the mail as low as $30 during certain Sunday-             2, Greg Gose, Hudson, Mich., $2,000.            as well) according to this report, she was now a full
through-Thursday periods. It won't hold true if a         3, Giovannie Rodriguez, Puerto Rico, $1,500.    fledged ‘polliwog’. Wow! How cool was that?
giant convention is in Las Vegas, but it is definitely    4, William Duen, Orlando, Fla., $1,000.            On the paper there were several ‘skills’ that my
a possibility since Las Vegas is catering to bowlers                                                      daughter had mastered during her time in the pool.
these lean days.                                          Division 2 (Averages 99-163)                    Things like BLOWING BUBBLES (she got two
      It was encouraging to note that the NABI paid       1, Tyler Van Niman, Cincinnati, Ohio, $3,000.   checks for that skill), HOLDING HER BREATH
its National champion $40,000 instead of the ad-          2, Derek Warman, Redwood Shores, Calif, 2,000. FOR FIVE SECONDS, JUMPING IN ON HER
vertised $25,000 so you know participation had to         3, Sean McCarthy, Mattydale, N.Y., $1,500.      OWN, etc. She was very proud and so were her
be high.                                                  4, Edgar Gee, San Francisco, $1,000.            mother and I.
      One final note -- don't forget I may have been
listening to bad rumors.                                  GIRLS
                                                          Division 1 (Averages 148-206)
PBA Part of the Deal                                      1, Katie Jones, Downers Grove, Ill., $3,000.
    Somebody sent me a series of notes released           2, Carisa Feist, Bismarck, N.D., $2,000.
by the Bowling Proprietors Association of America         3, Crystal Eckel, Lapeer, Mich., $1,500.
and the following one caught my attention:                4, Melissa Eipper, Exeter, Pa., $1,000.
    "The U.S. Women's Open, a BPAA event li-
censed to the USBC, will return this fall with five       Division 2 (Averages 88-147)
consecutive weeks of telecasts on ESPN, show-             1, Desirea Holmes, Wichita, Kan., $3,000.
casing the world's best known women bowlers on            2, Berti Jungnick, Liberty, S.C., $2,000.
national television for the second consecutive sea-       3, Laura Clair, Albany, Ore., $1,500.
son.                                                      4, Katy Ayers, Kearney, Neb., $1,000.
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Luci Doubles Results
1     Shannon Pluhowsky & Tommy Jones                                                                                  Photo Courtesy
2     Carolyn D-Ballard & Parker Bohn III                                                                              USBC—Malaysia's
3     Lynda Barnes & Chris Barnes                                                                                      Aaron Kong, left,
4     Genie Franklin & Brett Wolfe                                                                                     and Korea's Jun
5     Wendy Macpherson & Del Ballard Jr.                                                                               Gwi Ae won the
6     Heather Jones & Mike Scroggins                                                                                   Masters Gold med-
7     Liz Johnson & Sean Rash                                                                                          als Thursday at the
8     Anita Manns & Fero Williams                                                                                      2008 World Tenpin
9     Karen Boyd & DJ Archer                                                                                           Bowling Association
10   Brinda Burks & Clint Johnson                                                                                      World Youth
11   Joy Esterson & Chris Johnson                                                                                      Championships in
12   Tina Stickney & Xeno Garcia                                                                                       Orlando, Fla.
13   Nikki Battastoni & Shawn Maldonado
14   Missy Bellinder & George Lambert
15   Carol Norman & Danny Inocencio                                F
16   Lindsay Baker & John Nolan                                     A
17   Sandi Charles & Lonnie Waliczek                                 L
18   Traci Davis & Donnie Yow                                          L
Everyone Wins                                                       E
By Evelyn Peoples                                                    A
  Congratulations to everyone. The Luci Doubles and Pro-Am is          G
a very large undertaking by Donna Conners and Houston Area               U
bowlers. This year was a smooth running machine with the help             E
of David Jay, manager of Palace Lanes, and staff.                    N     S
  In the Pro-Am there were 159 adult entries, 78 seniors, and 81
youth. This year each Pro-Am squad had a waiting list of bowlers
                                                                   F W
eagerly hoping to participate.
  Plan ahead! Next year you could be a champion!
Pro-Am Results                                                          I
                                                                               Photo Courtesy USBC—Geoffrey Young of Denton, Texas and
                                                                               Kristie Petravich of West Palm Beach, Florida won the USBC
Junior Division: Jonathan Loving                                         N     Junior Gold Championships at Sunnybrook Lanes in Sterling
Senior Division: Bob Blaicher                                             G    Heights,Michigan.
Adult Division: Penny Shannon
PBA TV Dates and Cities for 2008-09 Tour
Submitted by Dick Evans
 Mark your calendars so you won’t miss any of the action! More next month
on the PBA’s plans!

Oct. 26, Wichita, Kan.,                Nov 2, Omaha, Neb.
Nov. 9, Hammond, Ind.                  Nov. 16, Taylor, Mich. (2 events)
Nov. 30, Vernon Hills, Ill.            Dec. 7, Cheektowaga, N.Y.
Dec. 14, Baltimore.                    Jan. 11, Reno (two events).
Jan. 18, Medford, Ore.                 Jan. 25, Las Vegas.
Feb. 8, Fountain Valley, Calif.        Feb. 15, Las Vegas
Feb. 22, Wheat Ridge, Colo.            March 1, Indianapolis.
March 8, Columbus, Ohio                March 22, Norwich, Conn.
March 29, West Babylon, N.Y.           April 5, N. Brunswick, N.J
  The female players will be seen on ESPN Nov. 2, Nov. 16, Nov. 30, Dec. 7,
Jan. 11, and Jan. 18.
                  New Coaches Hall of                           Lou Bellissimo, the first renown college bowling        tion, I do not consider myself ahead of Kouros, Tay-
                                                             coach.                                                     lor, and Borden. I have learned a great deal about the
                  Fame Committee Gets It
                                                                Buddy Bomar, one of bowlling’s earliest prominent       game from Tom Kouros and Bill Taylor.
                  Right                                      instructors, conducting bowling clinics nationwide.          The Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame Committee is
                  By John Jowdy
                                                                Bill Bunetta, known for teaching coaches how to         comprised of chairman Jim Sturm, BPAA President,
                      The greatest honor that can be be-     coah.                                                      Dave Garber, USBC co-director of coaching, Susie
                    stowed on any athlete is induction          Frank Clause, the bowling professor, who authored       Minshew, past-president of IBPSIA, Bob Rea, bowl-
                    into a Hall of Fame. Virtually every     books and instructional films for AMF                      ing coach/instructor (Bob Rea & Associates) Kelly
                    sport honors its elite athletes base-       Ned Day, one of the first to make extensive exhibi-     Bednar, ddirector of STE Skills Center, and bowling
                    ball, football, basketball, golf, ten-   tion tours                                                 writers Dick Evans and Jim Goodwin.
nis, and other sports, including bowling.                       Chief Halftown, known as the “father of in-school
  Bowling’s greatest honor is induction into the             bowling”
USBC Hall of Fame. Bowling not only bestows this                “Doc” Hattstrum, first to analyze some of the
honor in the performance category but also reserves a        sport’s core principals.
place in the Meritorious Service category for those             Floretta Mc Cutcheon, thd first known woman
who have contributed in special ways to make the             bowling coach
game better.                                                    Andy Varipapa, the first to make bowling movies
  And now, by virtue of the incredible leadership of         and used them for instruction.
John Bergland, the Bowling Proprietors Association              The Hall of Fame Committee must be commended
of America, through the work of Strike Ten Enter-            for their recognition of all these great pioneers of the
tainment and new Skill’s Center, a newly formed              game. Their rewards have been LONG OVERDUE.
Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame Committee has cre-                 I feel cetain that many of today’s top coaches will     Desiree Swenson Earns $5,000 Scholarship
                                                                                                                        By Joyce Jocham, USBC
ated a hall of fame for coaches who have made a sig-         eventually be inducted to the Bowling Coaches Hall
                                                             of Fame, particularly considering all the new meas-          Desiree Swenson of Bertram, Texas earns a $5,000
nificant impact on the game.
                                                             ures being utilized. These new innovations include         Earl Anthony Memorial Scholarship. Five students
  During the past eight or 10 years, bowling has
                                                             the CATS machine, Bowlers Map, and cameras that            earned the scholarships which is based on community
stressed the importance of coaching and instruction to
                                                             record every facet of bowling execution. Unfortu-          service and academic achievements.
elevate the game to higher standards. From tots to
                                                             nately for today’s new crop of coaches and instruc-          "As a league team captain, I encouraged my team-
teens, from grade school to high schools and well into
                                                             tors, longevity and results are of the utmost impor-       mates to improve their game through practice and
colleges, coaching programs and seminars have in-
                                                             tance. It will take time. Nevertheless, three or four      perseverance along with good attitudes," said
creased steadily. Gold, Silver, and Bronze level
                                                             names are a DEFINITE MUST for consideration to             Swenson, 18, a home schooled student whose ACT
coaches have sprung up all over the country. Addi-
                                                             the coaches sanctuary. No Coaches Hall of Fame can         composite score ranks equal or better than 95 percent
tionally, training centers, led by the Kegel Company
                                                             ever be completely fulfilled without the addition of       of U.S. college-bound students taking the test. She
hire the BEST instructors in the world and stay busy
                                                             such coaches as Tom Kouros, Bill Taylor, and Fred          will attend Texas A & M University this fall and
year around. Many other bowling seminars are being
                                                             Borden.                                                    plans to become a veterinarian.
conducted such as Bowling This Month’s Super
                                                                Tom Kouros penned the greatest selling instruc-           Congratulations Desiree, from the Bowlers Buzz.
School and Dick Ritger Bowling Camps. Susie
Minchew, Fred Borden, Mark Baker, and other top              tional book ever, Par Bowling. He also aided many
                                                                                                                        North Pointe Insurance Champs Named
rated coaches hold periodical seminars for bowlers           professional bowlers as well as countless amateurs.
                                                                                                                          Erin McCarthy, Omaha, Nebraska, and Kevin
who are eager to improve.                                    He coached throughout the world and was honored
                                                             by the World Bowling Writers when they instituted          Tatrow, Bel Aire, Kansas survived a hectic two
  The first-ever 2008 inductee to the Bowling
                                                             the Tom Kouros Outstanding International Coach             days to triumph over all other bowlers in their re-
Coaches Hall of Fame is Dick Ritger who, in my esti-
mation, was, and is, the most worthy selection among         Award. Kouros is a current instructional writer for the    spective male/female divisions to become the
the greatest instructors the game has ever seen. Prior       International Bowlers Journal.                             champions of the third-annual North Pointe Insur-
to his creation of the Dick Ritger Bowling Academy,             Bill Taylor was an extraordinary coach, an innova-      ance $100,000 High School Open Singles
Ritger was selected as one of the Top Twenty Bowl-           tor in measuring bowling devises, and wrote some of        (Bowling) Champion. Both students win a $15,000
ers of the 20th Century. He won 20 PBA titles and            the greatest manuals in the game, including drilling       in scholarship awards. There were 174 boys and
retired from the PBA tour while still capableof adding       procedures and Target Lines, a book depicting vari-        89 girl graduating seniors in the field that com-
to his titles credit He embarked on a coaching career        ous methods for attacking lanes. His “parallel lines”      peted for the scholarships.
that covered 24 countries on five continents.                concepts are still the prime methods of execution in
  Dick Ritger is truly bowling’s World Ambassador.           professional ranks.                                              Grand Event No Tap Doubles
He is, unquestionably, the most influential person to           Fred Borden is partially responsible for the current                        13700 Beechnut
have spread the bowling gospel throughout the world.         growth of bowling coaches. Prior to his being named         Strike             Houston, Texas          Brackets
He pioneered and paved the way for numerous                  Team USA coach, Borden wrote several bowling                Pots                281.530.7777
coaches who now practice their craft all over the            books and worked with a number of professional                              August 30, 2008
bowling universe.                                            bowlers. He was very instrumental in the career of
                                                             Don Johnson and several other top professional play-
                                                                                                                                         Sign up: 6:30 p.m.
  Ritger shares his induction with a group of nine
Traiblazers, also selected by the Hall of Fame Com-          ers. He penned the first manuals for Gold, Silver,                         Start time: 7:30 p.m.
mittee., trailblazers who were recognized as bowling         and Bronze Level coaches and has been a stalwart in
visionaries who laid the foundation for all who fol-         recruiting new blood for the USBC coaching pro-              Mini-Eliminator Summer Classic Results
lowed. This list includes:                                   gram.                                                        Rob Gotchall of Lincoln, NE rolled a clean 234 game
                                                             I feel certain Kouros, Taylor, and Borden will be rec-     to take home the $20,000 top prize. Rob, who was the
                                                             ognized by the Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame Com-           35 and under division champion, started with 3 strikes in
                                                             mittee.                                                    a row and never relinquished his lead. Mike Rose, Roch-
                                                                Some people thinjk I belong to this elite group. My     ester, NY, (36 to 49 champion) finished 2nd with a very
                                                             bosom buddy, Dick Evans, spoke to me about his             strong 206 game. A stubborn 10-pin in the 8th frame
                                                             original story this year that inspired John Berglund,      would have tied Mike with Rob for the lead but it was
                                                                                                                        just not meant to be.
                                                             Executive-Secretary of thre BPAA to form a Coaches
                                                                                                                          Rounding out the shootout finals was John Chovanec,
                                                             Committee. Evans felt I would be one of the favor-
                                                                                                                        Sugerland, TX finishing third with a 196. John, who
                                                             ites. But, after all, he and my other adopted brother,     represented the 205 and under division, earned $7,500
                                                             Chuck Pezzano, have spent a lifetime promoting me          but would have finished higher if he didn’t miss two one
                                                             and, although I sincerely appreciate Evan’s sugges-        pin spares. Congratulations, John!
                                     (Formerly FUN PLEX)

    Completely Renovated 40 Lanes Bowling Alley
                       New Scoring System
                       New Sound & Lighting
                         Resurfaced Lanes
                     Projector with Large Screen
              Rock N Bowl: Fri & Sat 11 PM – 2 AM (Glow in the Dark)

Lowest Daily Specials In Town, Come by and Check Our Rates!
        We are the Largest Indoor Entertainment Mall Under One Roof
                                                 We offer:
          •   40 Lanes Bowling Alley                •    Paintless Paintball
          •   Largest Skating Rink                  •    Redemption Arcade Game Room
          •   Go-Karts                              •    Birthdays
          •   Movie Theater – First Run Movies      •    Carnival Rides (Carousel, Ferris Wheel,
                                                        Ladybugs, Airplanes, Bumper Cars, Train)

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