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									Sizing Up the


INSERT-2                                                  S P E C I A L A D V E RTI S I N G S U P P L E M E NT • A P R I L 2007

Sizing up the Top                                            industries increased to $60.6 billion in 2006, up                    shows and four gift and home shows each year.
                                                             from $54 billion in 2005, representing a 12.2 per-                       In a broad sense, the apparel sector appears
Five Sectors for                                             cent year-over-year increase.                                        poised for continuing growth due to the nature of
Trade Show Growth                                                 Privately owned companies active in any of the                  fashion itself. “There will always be tremendous
                                                             five sectors highlighted in this special report                      growth because of style changes. Every six months,
                                                             include Advanstar Communications, Apprise                            new fashions come into vogue,” said Robert
By Sandi Cain, News Editor                                   Media, Ascend Media, Cygnus Business Media,                          Kolinek, president of Helen Brett Enterprises Inc.,

           or the exhibition industry, a healthy             Diversified Business Communications, Hanley-                         which puts on eight jewelry shows each year.
           economy is like a rising tide that lifts all      Wood, Nielsen Business Media (the former                                 Consumer trends-like the move away from tall,
           boats. In particular, strong corporate            VNU), Pennwell Corp., Prism Business Media                           thin models as the face of fashion-drive some of
           profits help to increase marketing budgets        (including the recent acquisition of Penton Media)                   those changes. “That's contributing a whole new
           for trade show participation. But, fiscal         and Questex Media Group. Public companies with                       design concept and fashion look and the way in
2006 unfolded somewhat differently, as exhibition            shows in these sectors include dmg world media                       which fashion is presented to the public,” Kolinek
growth was uneven. Some companies reported                   and Reed Exhibitions.                                                said.
soaring revenue and profits, while others grappled                The most active acquirers between 2003 and
with mediocre, or even declining, sales. This report         2005 were dmg world media, with 10 transactions,                     Who are the Key Players?
looks at five of the largest sectors in the exhibition       CMP Media, with four transactions and Advanstar                          There are few associations that stage their own
industry: apparel and fashion; building and con-             Communications, Cygnus Exhibitions and                               shows in this competitive sector, but roughly 75
struction; food and beverage; medical/healthcare;            Diversified Business Communications with three                       companies put on between one and nine shows
and sports/recreation, and examines their growth             each.                                                                each year, creating some segmentation in the mar-
and future potential.                                             The newly released CEIR Exhibition Index                        ket. At one end of the spectrum is the biggest and
                                                             indicates that the exhibition industry in general has                best-known apparel show, Advanstar's MAGIC
Growth Metrics in Key Sectors                                rebounded to the levels seen in 2000, with an                        Marketplace, with 4,250 exhibitors in 1.1 million
    In 2006, trade shows serving the professional            overall CAGR of 2.3 percent from 2000 to 2006.                       net square feet of exhibit space. But others have tar-
business services sector posted an overall growth of              With exhibitions and conference M&A activity                    geted hot niche markets such as footwear,
11.1 percent—the highest one-year growth among               up by 53 percent in 2006 and increasing show                         swimwear, accessories or plus sizes, and have been
the 11 sectors measured by the CEIR Exhibition               growth in many sectors, M&A activity is expected                     rewarded accordingly. The WSA Show, the world's
Industry Index, just released. That was followed by          to remain brisk throughout 2007.                                     largest show for footwear, handbags and acces-
one-year growth of 10 percent in the raw materials                Richard Mead, Managing Director at JEGI,                        sories, is now as large as MAGIC in net square
and science sector; 9.4 percent growth in the trans-         commented, “The event industry is thriving and                       feet. The February 2007 shoe show spanned 1.1
portation sector; and 9.2 percent growth in the              has a bright future. Event operators are being very                  million net square feet of exhibit space, and drew
building, construction and home repair sector.               creative in helping their customers reach their tar-                 more than 1,500 exhibitors (up 15%) and more
Medical/healthcare and industrial/machinery                  get markets on the show floor and increasingly                       than 37,279 participants (up 8%). It is produced by
shows each grew by 3 percent.                                through customized in-person events and online                       WSA Global Holdings, LLC.
    On the other end of the scale, trade shows serv-         events. They are moving the event business from                          Formerly known as the Men's Apparel Guild in
ing the consumer goods and retail trade markets              an annual happening to a ‘marketing intelligence                     California, MAGIC was founded in 1933 as an
reached a plateau between 2005 and 2006.                     and transaction oriented business, when, how and                     association of menswear manufacturers. Today,
However, some sub-sectors within those fields are            where customers want it.’ We see the event indus-                    Advanstar's MAGIC Marketplace encompasses
outperforming the others and continue to have high           try, in all its many ramifications, growing in impor-                MAGIC, WWDMAGIC, MAGIC kids, Sourcing
potential.                                                   tance to its customers base, and therefore, in finan-                at MAGIC, Project and Pool and showcases more
    From a long-term perspective, three sectors              cial strength and valuation.”                                        than 20,000 product lines. Its February show drew
emerged as the top performers. Between 2000 and
2006, building/construction had a compound                   Apparel and Fashion
annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4 percent; the                    The fashion and apparel industry has more
sports, travel and entertainment sector posted a 5.3         than 300 shows scheduled in 2007, ranking among
percent increase; and medical/healthcare shows               the largest trade show segments in the nation. But
had a CAGR of 4 percent.                                     growth in the overall consumer goods and retail
    The only sectors that have not grown on a                trade has been largely absent since 2000, accord-
CAGR basis since 2000 are communications and                 ing to the most recent data from the CEIR
information technology and consumer goods/retail             Exhibition Industry Index. Overall, consumer
trade. The communications and IT sector ranked at            goods and retail trade have posted a negative 0.7
or near the bottom in almost every measure from              percent compound annual growth rate since 2000,
2000 to 2006, with a negative CAGR of 3 percent.             compared to a 2.3 percent CAGR for the 11 sec-
                                                             tors measured by the Index.
M&A Activity                                                     In 2006, revenue for consumer goods and
    The exhibition and conference industries gen-            retail trade climbed almost back to the levels of
erated strong mergers and acquisitions activity in           benchmark year 2000; however, the number of
2006, bolstered in part by a strong economy, low             exhibitors plunged, while net square feet and atten-
unemployment, low interest rates, and abundant               dance remained flat.
senior debt and private equity capital. According to             Apparel may have an edge over other portions
The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. (JEGI) transac-             of retail trade going forward.
tion database, 52 transactions involving exhibitions             “Macro trends point to more consumer spend-
and conferences closed in 2006 worth $875 mil-               ing on apparel,” said Cole Daugherty, vice presi-
lion. This represents a 53 percent increase over             dent of marketing and communications for Dallas
2005 levels in the number of deals completed.                Market Center (DMC). “That's creating synergy
The overall value of mergers and acquisitions                between demand and production,” he said. DMC
across all 11 sectors in the media and information           puts on seven major apparel shows, monthly mini                      Advanstar’s MAGIC Marketplace.
                                                    S P E C I A L A D V E RTI S I N G S U P P L E M E NT • A P R I L 2007                                              INSERT-3

                                                                                                                            ment posted a compound annual growth rate of 5.4
                                                                                                                            percent, compared to 2.3 percent for all 11 sectors
                                                                                                                            measured by CEIR.

                                                                                                                            From Single Show Producers to
                                                                                                                            Large Scale Operators
                                                                                                                                Today, nearly 150 different companies and
                                                                                                                            associations organize U.S. and Canadian shows.
                                                                                                                            Among those with the biggest presence: Hanley-
                                                                                                                            Wood, dmg world media and Cygnus Exhibitions.
                                                                                                                                “This sector is close to every American,” said
                                                                                                                            Galen Poss, president of Hanley-Wood
                                                                                                                            Exhibitions. “The demand is incredible.” Poss said
                                                                                                                            growth is driven by Baby Boomers who are seeking
                                                                                                                            second homes or bigger homes, as well as remodel-
                                                                                                                            ing of older homes. He also pointed to a segmented
                                                                                                                            residential building market--where even the biggest
Advanstar’s MAGIC Marketplace.
                                                                                                                            players have less than five percent of the total mar-
                                                                                                                            ket-and the number of products that go into a
120,000 attendees.                                       between the consumers and exhibitors. “The days                    home as strong reasons for growth.
    MAGIC general manager Chris McCabe said              of selling space and walking away are gone,”                           “They're all strong dynamics for building for
the show continues to grow and evolve to meet the        Campbell said.                                                     the trade show side,” he said.
changing fashion needs. For instance, this August,            Dallas Market Center has seen more cross mer-                     But there are dozens of other companies with
MAGIC will partner with Printsource, the textile         chandising at its events. “It generates new energy                 one to five shows in this sector as well as dozens of
and surface design marketer that will operate with-      and opportunities to maximize the product mix                      building trade associations that operate their own
in Sourcing at MAGIC. In addition, the footwear          and enhance profit margins,” Daugherty said. The                   national and/or regional shows. The National
category has expanded to more than 500 brands in         company has added new sectors to the show floor,                   Home Builders Association and Building Industry
the past few years.                                      including F!NDS-a temporary component of the                       Association chapters stage about a dozen such
    “What's driving our growth is our commitment         gift and home show that features collegiate and pet                shows each year. That could open the door to
to providing the most comprehensive trade event in       products. In June, they will feature a French                      acquisitions in the future.
the fashion industry,” he said.                          Pavilion with products from France.                                    dmg world media has a large portfolio of con-
    MAGIC employs a full-time retail relations                Kolinek said Helen Brett Enterprises is seeking               sumer shows in this market, with more than 40
department that works to connect retailers to the        products that are likely to be a hit in the Southeast              home and garden shows and home/interior design
show and its exhibitors. Show organizers invite          region, like fleur de lis or chili pepper patterns. “If            shows. Those include the Minneapolis Home &
VIP retailers to join the President's Club to add        we find a regional item we know will sell that may                 Garden Show, the Spring Jacksonville Home &
value to the show; currently, 6,000 top retailers are    not do well elsewhere, we go after it,” he said. The               Patio Show and the New England Home Show.
registered. In addition, the show offers an onsite       company also is staging seminars about the impact                      “When some sectors of the economy struggle,
Buyer's Suite where other retailers can get tips from    of counterfeits and fakes on the market.                           home and garden shows perform very well,” said
the retail relations department or learn more about           Neither Helen Brett nor Southern Shows is on                  Tom Baugh, vice president of home interest North
the show floor. Advanstar also sends its pre-show        the acquisition trail, turning instead to show                     America for dmg world media. “We're seeing nice
publication to roughly 100,000 industry decision-        launches. Southern Shows went north last year,                     jumps in attendance this year,” he said, though it
makers, McCabe said.                                     launching a show in Detroit and is looking at two                  varies by region.
    Other companies that produce 10 or more fash-        more markets.                                                          “The best formula is to be as local as possible
ion and apparel shows each year are: Dallas                   Helen Brett has moved into public shows in a                  to represent the buying habits and interest level of
Market Center, AmericasMart Atlanta, Southern            different sector with an outdoor recreation show                   (each) community,” he said.
Shows in Charlotte, screen printing specialist           this summer in Louisiana that will combine niche                       The number of attendees who own homes also
NBM in Broomfield, CO, Specialty Trade Shows             market sporting competition with the show. It will                 continued on page 4
and Nielsen Business Media (formerly VNU).               be held at the same time as the company's
    The intense competition in this sector might         August gift show, but is not co-located,
make niche market shows and smaller players              Kolinek said.
attractive acquisition targets in the future.
                                                         Building & Construction
Keeping Shows Fresh                                          The building and construction sector
     Though fashion itself is fluid, show organizers     accounts for almost 300 trade shows in
still tweak their products to keep the shows fresh.      2007, ranking among the top 10 segments
     Southern Shows, which puts on about a dozen         in the U.S. The sector was a leading driv-
consumer women's shows each year, has seen more          er of growth for the overall exhibition
interest from major retail chains aiming to reach        industry from 2003 to 2006. In 2004
consumers directly through a presence at the             and 2005, the sector has posted increases
shows, according to Laura Campbell, president of         in all key exhibition industry measures-
Southern Shows.                                          net square feet, exhibitors, revenue and
     “We're seeing growth in consumer product            attendance, according to the CEIR
launches and more interest in on-site sampling,”         Exhibition Industry Index. In 2006,
she said.                                                exhibitor numbers remained flat, while
     Because Southern Shows carries a mix of prod-       other key sectors continued to grow.
ucts, Campbell said the company has stepped up           Revenue grew by almost 30 points last
its marketing assistance to facilitate the right fit     year. Between 2000 and 2006, this seg-                 Minneapolis Home & Garden Show.
            INSERT-4                                               S P E C I A L A D V E RTI S I N G S U P P L E M E NT • A P R I L 2007

        has trended upward, reaching 90 percent, com-
        pared to a national homeownership rate of around
        70 percent.
             “It's becoming clear that attendees are people
        who have a project in mind,” Baugh said. “The
        people who walk through the doors are highly
        qualified buyers.” Exhibitors also are starting to
        contract larger booths-a reflection of the qualified
             Knowing what consumers want is no longer
        guesswork. Today, dmg world media and other
        consumer show operators can ascertain what the
        customers want by building online communities,
        Baugh said. Two years ago, dmg world media had
        about 20,000 people in its online database who                Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo.
        signed up to receive information. That number has
        grown to 200,000.
             “The growth in online (communities) allows us            of Concrete where teams compete to see how many                          Nevertheless, the company also has several
        to get feedback we never had before from a large              bricks they can lay in an hour to win cash prizes.                   launches on the drawing board. “Being nimble is a
        pool of attendees,” he said. From his view, that              This year, there were grandstands for spectators                     strategic advantage and a benefit of being owned by
        means consumer shows are gaining importance                   and CBS covered the event. “Bringing those events                    private equity,” Poss said. “Often you win when
        again in the industry.                                        into the show creates excitement,” Poss said.                        you're quick.”
             Another major player in this market is Cygnus                Hanley Wood also works to extend its shows to
        Exhibitions, whose portfolio runs the gamut from              new markets and customers. The company took                          Food & Beverage
        National Pavement Expo and several Conex (con-                World of Concrete to Mexico and is extending                             The food and beverage retail sector accounts
        struction expo) shows to Kitchen and Bath Design              StonExpo to Atlanta. The company actively seeks                      for just under 200 shows in the U.S. this year, with
        & Remodeling Expos and Surface Fabrication &                  acquisitions. Poss said all but three of the 16 shows                shows in the processing and distribution sector
        Design. It also includes construction equipment               they have in this sector came from acquisitions.                     adding about another 50. The overall food sector
        and engineering shows.
             Jeff Price, President of Cygnus, said the strong
        economy is the overriding factor in show growth.
             “We're also getting smarter about marketing,”
        he said. At this year's construction shows, Cygnus
        is staging heavy equipment auctions that will emu-
        late auto auctions seen on TV. Professional auc-
        tioneers handle the bidding and Internet users have
        access to the auctions online. “It's one of several
        things we're doing to drive interest,” Price said.
             A few years ago, Cygnus was on the acquisition
        trail, but Price said that's less likely today. Instead,
        the company is launching two new shows this year.
             Hanley Wood--whose shows run the gamut
        from residential construction, roofing and stone
        expos to the World of Concrete, remodeling, and
        pool and spa shows--uses focused marketing and
        its customer database to drive attendance to educa-
        tional sessions. “We identify specific attendee
        groups and develop specialized marketing cam-
        paigns to build attendance at our seminar pro-
        grams,” Poss said.
             In addition, the company created training ses-
        sions 3/12/07 1:56 PM Page 1
aseline Ad at its shows like the Bricklayer 500 at World
                                                                      International Restuarant and Foodservice Show in New York.
                                                     S P E C I A L A D V E RTI S I N G S U P P L E M E NT • A P R I L 2007                                              INSERT-5

posted substantial growth in net square feet and          puts on the FMI Show and the Supermarket                           launching a food service forum at all events that
number of exhibitors in 2006, but had negative            Industry Convention & Educational Expositions.                     features industry leaders talking about food trends.
growth in attendance and revenue, according to the        But its Marketechnics show is being rolled into the                FMI last summer partnered with Efficient
most recent CEIR index. In all, from 2000 to              FMI Show, according to FMI senior vice president                   Collaborative Retail Marketing to help facilitate
2006, the food industry's compound annual                 Brian Tully.                                                       private, one-on-one meetings between sellers and
growth rate remained relatively flat, compared to              “We're not bullish about growth,” Tully said.                 buyers. “We're told that clients want this,” Tully
an overall industry average of 2.3 percent.               “The level of competition in retail these days is                  said.
    Overall, the food industry is fragmented among        impeding the growth of trade shows and (the use                        Looking ahead, Reed Exposition's Topalian
show operators, with about one-quarter staged by          of) trade shows as a marketing tool.” Competition                  said the company is always interested in new
associations, half by companies with one to four          is so intense that Tully said retailers and suppliers              launch or acquisition opportunities-but only ones
shows and the remaining quarter held by seven             often don't want to schedule one-on-one meetings                   that would enhance the markets it already serves in
companies. Major organizers with the most shows           at the FMI Show for fear of tipping their hands to                 this sector.
include Diversified Business Communications,              the competition.                                                       Despite a lack of growth for the FMI shows,
Western Exhibitions, E2C, Reed Exhibitions,                    Some supplier sectors, like natural and organic               Tully said it would be very unlikely that the group
Naylor LLC (formerly Convention Management                foods, are trending upward. U.S. retail sales of natu-             would sell. “It would have to be a truly unique
Group), McFadden-Protech and Lifestyle Events.            ral and organic foods and drink reached $18.4 bil-                 offer” for that to happen, he said.
The combination of Naylor-a B2B publisher for             lion in 2004, up 13 percent from the previous year,
associations-and CMG-an event organizer serving           according to the Nutrition Business Journal. And                   Medical/Healthcare
the association market-is expected to help                sales of organic products alone rose 17 percent to                      Medical and healthcare conventions and trade
strengthen its association-driven shows under man-        $12 billion in the same period.                                    shows have moved to the forefront of the exhibi-
agement contract. Those shows include the                      “We're experiencing significant growth,” said                 tion industry, generating more than 500 events for
American Beverage Association's InterBev as well          Liz Plizga, show director for Diversified Business                 2007. Yet it is an exceedingly fragmented sector,
as National Association of State Departments of           Communications' All Things Organic. The show                       with 70 percent of those shows staged by associa-
Agriculture events.                                       partners with the Organic Trade Association for the                tions and 75 different companies managing the bal-
    In this industry, trends in niche markets deter-      show, which is co-located with the Food Marketing                  ance of the professional and conference events.
mine growth. For instance, natural and organic            Institute, the Fancy Food Show, the U.S. Food                      Companies with the biggest presence in this sector
food shows are growing at a healthy clip, while           Export Showcase and United FreshMarketplace.                       include M/C Communications, SmithBucklin,
supermarkets are struggling in a highly competitive       “It's the fastest-growing segment of the food indus-               Reed Exhibitions, Corcoran Expositions, Canon
market.                                                   try,” she said. A 2005 study, Shopping for Health,                 Communications and Transmarx.
    Some sectors of the industry are fragmented,          found that 51 percent of U.S. consumers buy organ-                      The medical and healthcare sector has diverse
while others-like supermarkets-are more consoli-          ic foods.                                                          components that include professional and educa-
dated. “Restaurants are a very fragmented (sector)             Plizga said that the organic sector has averaged              tional conferences and trade shows, pharmaceutical
of the industry,” said Greg Topalian, Reed                15 percent to 25 percent growth since 1990. In the                 companies, medical device manufacturers and life
Exhibitions group vice president. It's also a sector      past three years, All Things Organic has doubled                   sciences companies in biomedical fields.
in which attendees have a “high degree of need for        its exhibit space. Attendance increased 19 percent                      According to the most recent CEIR Index,
a show,” he said. That translates to good attendance      last year over 2005.                                               medical and healthcare trade shows have grown in
at Reed's shows like the International Restaurant              Another trend affecting all segments of the food              all key exhibition industry measures (net square
and Foodservice Show in New York or the Florida           and beverage industry is an increasing consumer                    feet, exhibitors, revenue and attendance) across the
Restaurant and Lodging Show.                              demand for takeout, ready-to-eat and prepared                      period 2000 to 2006. In 2001, the sector grew in
    “It's not one of the faster-growing (sectors) with    foods. The top growth category in North America                    every measure except attendance-and even that was
a rapid growth curve, but there are some elements         for 2005-06 was frozen meal starters, according to                 close to the baseline set in 2000, despite the travel
to the food business that's attractive,” he said. He      an AC Nielsen Global Services study; another                       downturn after the terrorist attacks of September
noted that restaurants take in almost half of the         high-growth category was fresh soup starters.                      11. In 2006, revenue growth was most robust, fol-
food dollars spent in the U.S.-a number that con-              Reed's Ron Mathews, event director for the                    lowed by attendance and net square feet. Growth
tinues to grow. Yet the growth at trade shows has         company's New York, Florida and California                         in number of exhibitors, however, was flat. The
come mostly from specialty categories. “We're             Restaurant and Foodservice shows, has seen a bud-                  sector has posted a 4 percent compound annual
looking at hot sectors of the business,” he said.         ding trend for restaurants to create new retail pack-              growth rate between 2000 and 2006-making it a
That includes Reed's Florida and New York pizza           aging to address the demand for ready-to-eat items.                top performer among the 11 sectors studied by
shows, as well as wine-focused shows and coffee           That has increased pressure on supermarkets to                     CEIR.
shows.                                                    offer fresh and prepared foods as well, Tully said.                     Professional attendance at healthcare meetings
    On the grocery retail side, the Food Marketing             Both Reed and FMI have added educational                      and shows has increased by 14 percent since 2001,
Institute is having the opposite experience. FMI          components to their food-related shows. Reed is                    continued on page 6

                                      Contact us to discuss your company’s M&A strategy.
              150 East 52nd Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10022                                               (212) 754-0710      
            INSERT-6                                                S P E C I A L A D V E RTI S I N G S U P P L E M E NT • A P R I L 2007

           according to a report from the Healthcare                                                                                        are looking carefully at how and where to spend
           Convention and Exhibitors Association. The net                                                                                   their dollars.”
           square footage of exhibit space at the average med-                                                                                  As a result, the company encourages clients to
           ical trade show increased by about 12 percent since                                                                              be specific about their goals, look at growing sec-
           2002, the report said, while the number of                                                                                       tors and stay in tune with emerging trends.
           exhibitors increased by 15 percent. Today, health-                                                                               Puckorius said some clients are looking at co-
           care conventions represent about 25 percent of the                                                                               location as one way to share resources. Others
           entire convention market.                                                                                                        have built virtual shows to provide a year-round
                Biomedical and biotechnology also comprise a                                                                                presence.
           growing segment in the medical/healthcare fields.                                                                                    Medical education isn't always conducted
           In January, Nielsen Business Media (the former                                                                                   through associations, however. Boston-based
           VNU Business Media) moved into this sector via a                                                                                 M|C Communications started producing con-
           joint venture with San Francisco-based Burrill &                                                                                 tinuing medical education conferences in 1995
           Co. Through the agreement, Nielsen will provide                                                                                  with the first Pri-Med conference, which drew
           show management resources to the new group,                                                                                      3,500 primary care practitioners. Today, the com-
           Burrill Life Sciences Media Group LLC.                                                                                           pany counts 140 medical programs in the U.S.,
                Nielsen president and CEO Robert Krakoff                                                                                    Mexico, the U.K. and Ireland. Together, those
           said the development of pharmaceutical and bio-                                                                                  programs draw more than 150,000 healthcare
           medical businesses are still growing at “multiples of                                                                            professionals each year. Pri-Med surveys indicate
           the GDP,” making it an attractive growth industry.                                                                               that many physicians exceed the minimum
                “It's a hotbed of venture capital and start-up                                                                              requirements for continuing education, which
           companies,” Krakoff said, which bears promise for                                                                                bodes well for this market.
           trade shows.                                               Medical Design & Manufacturing Show.                                      Reed Exhibitions has adopted a different
                At the time of the acquisition, he called the                                                                               approach. Three years ago, Reed looked at ways
           joint venture the first step in developing a portfolio                                                                           the company could enter high-growth industries.
           of events and publications in the biotech sector.               Another factor driving growth is simple                          With parent company Elsevier--a leading pub-
           The goal, he said, is to build the venture into the        human need, according to Tom Corcoran, presi-                         lisher of medical journals-and a growing appetite
           voice of the life sciences industry. Now, Nielsen is       dent of Corcoran Exhibitions Inc., which counts a                     for continuing education in the medical fields-the
           on the verge of launching a high-profile conference        dozen medical and healthcare shows in its portfo-                     Reed Medical Education Group was born. The
           in partnership with a nonprofit organization and           lio. “It's recession-proof,” he said. “No other                       group stages medical conferences for specialized
           leading university.                                        industry (we work in) is as steady as healthcare.”                    areas with a nursing and doctor presence.
                Los Angeles-based Canon Communications,                    With the sector heavily dependent on associa-                        Its first such conference was the Oncology
           an Apprise Media company, manages Medical                  tions, it's feasible that more of them might turn to                  Congress in 2005, which now has grown to four
           Design & Manufacturing shows on both coasts and            show management companies like Corcoran and                           annual meetings. Last year, the company acquired
           in Minnesota as well as four international shows in        SmithBucklin for assistance in staging their events                   Dublin, CA-based Contemporary Forums, which
           the sector. Medical Design & Manufacturing East            in the future.                                                        added 40 medical meetings to the portfolio for
           and West are the largest trade events for this com-             Such companies provide trade show expertise                      2007.
           ponent of the medical and healthcare fields.               to the associations, leaving them to concentrate on                       “Reed Medical Education is not the tradition-
           Medical Design & Manufacturing West alone saw              the conference content. Corcoran said his compa-                      al exposition model,” said Megan Forrester, sen-
           its attendance grow 17% in 2006.                           ny focuses on new floor plans each year to fresh-                     ior vice president of the healthcare and life sci-
                                                                      en the look of the shows. The company also                            ences group for Reed. “It's a new direction that
        Factors Driving Growth                                        works with the planner in charge of education                         provides the education component and grows the
            “A lot of healthcare shows are growing because            programs to balance those sessions with unop-                         online business.”
        trying to reach the (target) market is more difficult         posed exhibit floor hours. “Sometimes it takes a                          New regulations instituted in 2006 forced
        (for exhibitors) than in other sectors,” said Lise            statesman to work it out,” he said. “The exhibit                      pharmaceutical companies to more closely scruti-
        Puckorius senior vice president of conventions and            manager is the only one who can speak for the                         nize the way they issued grants for medical educa-
        trade show services for Chicago-based                         exhibitors, so it's important to sit down with the                    tion, inhibiting their ability to directly reach med-
        SmithBucklin. The company manages about a                     meetings managers to get that point across,” he                       ical practitioners through education. Some of
        dozen healthcare shows, mostly for association                said.                                                                 them separated their marketing and medical edu-
        clients. Potential attendees work in a sector that                 SmithBucklin takes a long view, encouraging                      cation divisions as a result. “We try to establish
        relies heavily on personal communication, making              clients to examine every piece of the show every                      relationships with both departments so they know
               and Web-based marketing less 1
        email3/12/07 1:56 PM Page effective,
aseline Ad                                                            year. “Healthcare has the same challenges as any-                     us when we go to the grantors (who fund the proj-
        she said.                                                     one in B-to-B markets,” Puckorius said. “People                       ects),” Forrester said.
                                                      S P E C I A L A D V E RTI S I N G S U P P L E M E NT • A P R I L 2007                                             INSERT-7

    Reed also is working on grant funding for             Association reported 5.8% growth in 2006 with                       growth is concentrated in certain areas of the
more e-learning initiatives-a fast-growing segment        similar growth expected in 2007. According to the                   industry.
of medical education, according to the                    NSGA, the sports with the biggest increases in                          “We're seeing single-digit growth; not huge,
Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical              participation in 2005 were weightlifting, air gun                   but good,” said Joe Flynn, vice president of the
Education. Forrester said clinicians who need             target shooting, archery, water skiing and boating.                 sports group for Nielsen Business Media. Flynn
credits but can't attend an event may go online to            Associations will organize almost a third of                    said the terrorist attacks of 2001 drove some
earn the certification. “There's a need and we're         the trade shows this year in the U.S. and Canada.                   growth in the sector, with people getting out more
equipped to serve that need,” she said.                   Of the remainder put on by trade show compa-                        and concentrating on recreational activities.
                                                          nies and publications, Advanstar has the biggest                        Flynn said outdoor retailer shows are growing
Sports/Recreation                                         presence with 14 shows. Other companies with a                      at a faster pace, partly because there are more
    Sports and recreation consumer and trade              significant presence include AGI, Nielsen and                       companies creating products, many of which are
shows now number more than 300 in the U.S. and            All-American. More than 50 other companies                          related to new fabrics and apparel design. In
Canada. The sector is considered to be among the          own or manage multiple shows in this sector,                        addition, the ongoing crossover between the
largest in the overall trade show industry.               while 60 companies have just one show.                              urban fashion industry and skateboarding has left
According to the most recent CEIR Index, shows                A rapidly changing media marketplace that                       more apparel companies wanting to get into the
in the sports, travel, entertainment, art and con-        has seen publications scramble to find the right                    action sports arena, he said. As evidence of out-
sumer services sector has seen mixed results in           mix of new and traditional media may lead to                        door retailer growth, Flynn said Nielsen is negoti-
key exhibition industry measures (net square feet,        more change in the ownership or management of                       ating for additional exhibition facilities in Salt
exhibitors, revenue and attendance) every year            sports and recreation shows in the coming years.                    Lake for the summer market show.
since 2000. For 2006, attendance remained rela-           Shows without corresponding publications may                            Even though sports shows are healthy for now,
tively flat, as it has since 2004, while net square       increasingly move to online marketing. Advanstar,                   Flynn said it's important to stay ahead of budding
feet used rose by a small amount and the number           for instance, has expanded its Cycle World                          trends. “I come from the philosophy of only the
of exhibitors declined. Revenue, however, soared.         International Motorcycle Shows to a year-round                      paranoid survive,” he said.
Overall, the sector posted a compound annual              interactive online presence with direct-to-con-                         To that end, the company has instituted onsite
growth rate of 5.3 percent over the period.               sumer marketing that, in turn, helps drive atten-                   events that include wave machines, sports demon-
    National Sporting Goods Association                   dance to the shows.                                                 strations and-at the Salt Lake winter show-a back-
research indicates that consumer spending on                  Some of the driving factors in the growth                       country base camp that has exhibitors setting up
sports equipment, footwear and clothing grew              include an increasing number of companies creat-                    in the mountains to demonstrate snowshoes,
three percent between 2004 and 2005 (the most             ing sports-related hard goods, apparel or fabrics                   snowboarding and other snow-related merchan-
recent year for which figures were available).            as well as demand for adventure-related products                    dise. “In sports, you have to be sports-event ori-
Similar growth was expected for 2006.                     for mountain climbing or paddle sports. But as is                   ented,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Sporting Goods Manufacturers'              true with other growing sectors of the industry,
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