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Recording from Denver, Colorado Seminar

RESPA Regulatory Compliance Seminar
Seminar Attendee $45.00 | $195 for RESPRO® Members | $245 for Non-Members
CD Set Includes All Recorded Sessions and the Speaker Handouts!!

Overview of RESPA: A summary of RESPA’s basic disclosure requirements, referral fee prohibition, affiliated business
arrangement requirements, penalties, and remedies.

It’s Almost Here! How to Comply With HUD’s New RESPA Rule: The most far reaching RESPA regulation since 1992 is about
ready to take effect! Hear the latest about what the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) expects from
mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, title agents, closing/escrow agents and other settlement service
providers when it rolls out its new Good Faith Estimate (FRE) and HUD-1 Settlement Statement on January 1, 2010 – and what
you should be doing now to assure compliance

The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliated Business Arrangements: Our RESPA experts will provide their
answers to the most frequently-asked legal questions they get from their clients about how to structure and operate an
affiliated business in compliance with RESPA and HUD’s Sham Joint Venture Guidelines.

RESPA and Marketing Agreements/Work Share Arrangements: Marketing agreements among real estate brokers, mortgage
lenders, title companies, home warranty companies and even past inspection companies are under more scrutiny about the
latest RESPA enforcement activity in this area and get advice on what you need to think about when you enter into a marketing
agreement or work share arrangement.

How to Price Your Services Under RESPA: A recent court case over a real estate broker’s administrative brokerage fee has
triggered even more confusion amount real estate brokers, mortgage lenders, and other settlement service providers over how
to price their services under RESPA> It’s a confusing area of the law because HUD, the plaintiff’s bar and the courts have
different points of view over whether you have to justify mark-ups of third party services, price increases or new fees. Find out
here about how to minimize your legal risks when pricing your services.

How the New Consumer Financial Protection Agency Will Affect Your RESPA Regulatory Environment: The Obama
Administration has proposed the creation of a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency that not only would take over RESPA
rulemaking and enforcement from HUD, but would have new authority to set brand new obligations and duties for mortgage
originators, title/closing agents, real estate brokers/agents, and anyone else involved in a home purchase or mortgage finance.
Learn about the latest developments on the Obama proposal and how it could affect the way you do business.

Ask the RESPA Experts! Open Question and Answer Period: If your RESPA questions haven’t yet been answered now Is your
time to ask it, whether it’s about how to comply with HUD’s new RESPA rule, how to make sure your affiliated business or
marketing agreement is legally-compliant, how to price your services or anything else about RESPA rules and enforcement

       Phillip Schulman, Esq., K&L Gates
       Jay Varon, Esq., Foley & Lardner LLP

Recording from Denver, Colorado Seminar

RESPA Regulatory Compliance Seminar
Seminar Attendee $45.00 | $195 for RESPRO® Members | $245 for Non-Members

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