60 Tips for Improving Your Website _ Web presence in 60 minutes

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					             60 Tips for Improving Your Website &
                 Web presence in 60 minutes
Some will be easy and some will take time

   1. Keyword research
          a. (don‟t put in www)
          b. Also a version for $
   2. Fix all title bars (across the top of the screen)
          a. #1 place that spiders look
          b. don‟t say “Home Page”
   3. Minimize navigation
          a. Confused & overwhelmed people leave
          b. Add search function to your website
          c. Too many buttons are confusing
   4. Improve your privacy policy
          a. Concerning your data base of people
          b. Make sure it‟s updated
          c. “We won‟t sell your information” isn‟t correct.
          d. “We won‟t sell your information unless we sell that portion of our
              business, in which case, we will give you two weeks to remove your
              personal information before we release that information to a 3 rd
          e. Not a lawyer – just trying to make sure all bases are covered.
   5. Write entire sales pages for give-aways.
          a. In order to get people‟s info, they need something in return
   6. Put database sign up area on every major page of website
          a. EXCEPT sales page
          b. People can enter site on any page, not just the home page so they
              may never see the home page
   7. Put keywords in links
          a. Put anchor text instead of „click here‟
          b. Don‟t use same words each time
   8. Use heading tags around important titles and headings
          a. Html code
   9. Learn keyword prominence
          a. Where it goes on page is important
          b. Search engines start at the top of a page and work their way down
          c. Don‟t force it & sound stupid
   10. Put captions on pictures
   11. Eliminate stock photos
          a. No ethereal pictures
          b. No pictures of obligatory Asian, Hispanic and Black people, etc
   12. Submit your site
          a. Granddaddy of all directories!
       b. Carefully read their submission policies
       c. Feather in your cap to be in here
13. Add audio
       a. Very easy
       b. Add welcome message
       c. Audio testimonials
       d. can help inexpensively
       e. Send audio postcards
14. Add video
       a. Current standard is flash – flv
       b. Works on virtually every service
15. Use video to drive traffic
       a. Distribute to Youtube, etc
       b. Google gives video a lot of weight to video traffic
16. Eliminate drop down lists
       a. Makes navigation confusing
       b. Takes a lot of code & makes it difficult for search engines
       c. If you have that much info, divide it into more websites
17. Eliminate flash openings
       a. Different from #15
       b. Worthless & frustrating for visitors
       c. Difficult for search engines
18. Use dhtml pop ups
       a. Dynamic html
       b. Currently unblockable
       c. Work on entry onto a page – not exits
       d. Make them cookie-based
       e. Use them judiciously
19. Encrypt your email address
       a. Allows you to put your email address on your website without letting
           it get to spammers & spiders
       b. has free resource section that allows people to use
           your email but not automated robots
       c. Not useful on an old email address because the robots already
           have that info – only on a new address
20. Add discussion
       a. Build community
       b. Phpbb – a discussion board to install. Someone leaves a
           comment, others can respond or add to it
21. Add live chat
       a. People can type back & forth
22. Add “Ask the Expert”
       a. Have a specific time that you‟ll be available to be in the chat room
           that people can ask you questions
       b. It doesn‟t have to be live, but you must respond in a timely manner
23. Add a flash game
       a. A „Sticky Element‟ – gets people to hang around your site for awhile
24. Add quotations
       a. Can be your own
       b. Can be famous quotes (might bring other people onto sight)
25. Add humor
       a. About your industry
       b. A collection of humor
       c. People search for „humor & their industry” (leadership humor)
26. Add RSS feed
       a. Blogs include this automatically
       b. Moves info from 1 place to another automatically
       c. Can have rss feed on website that pulls info onto site automatically
27. Add side door pages
       a. Create relatively short content pages (350-500 wds) and make
           them search engine friendly
       b. Keywords placed properly, no useless fancy stuff
       c. or
28. Get more incoming links
       a. From article directories where you write articles
       b. Complimentary sites to yours
       c. The more important a site is, the more valuable the link is
       d. Look at page ranks
       e. Make simple software, like tool bars, and free software sites will link
           to you (Michelle McPherson video course talks about this)
29. Write better sales cops
       a. Anything you can learn about copy writing will make more money
           come into your site
       b. Be able to write the words that will make people sign up
30. Do video infomercials
       a. Example at – 50 minute infomercial
       b. – 2 minute
       c. Mike Stewart doesn‟t write copy (dyslexic) only does video – good
           to have both written copy & video
31. Support your site with a blog
       a. Google gives blogs faster ratings
       b. Use blogs to submit new pages on the website to search engines
       c. Search engines prefer to „find‟ your pages
       d. Put main keywords in title of blog posting
       e. Put blog on different hosting service than your website so you can
           link one to the other to help out incoming links
32. Use advertorial
       a. Sales letter that doesn‟t look like a sales letter
       b. Use stories, articles, anything that isn‟t a plain ad so that people get
           excited about your topic BEFORE you let them know there is
           anything for sale.
       c. Show the benefit before the price
        d. – has made more than $1 million.
           When landing on the page, you think it‟s just a big article about
           public speaking, but after reading, they‟re ready to sign up
33. Check alignment
        a. Be careful with how each page lines up – look professional
        b. Use templates or professional web designers to set up the site
        c. “The Non-Designers Web Book” by Robin Williams (not the
           comedian) Hundreds of little tips
34. Constrain the width of your site
        a. Width of text – point size of font times 2 divided by 6 = the number
           of inches wide your text should be
        b. 12 pt x 2 = 24 / 6 = 4 inches wide for maximum readability
35. Use benefit calls to action
        a. “Click here to (benefit)”
36. Site maps
        a. Can have a site map for specific sections of websites
        b. Helps search engines find links
37. No follow tags
        a. When you link out of your site, attach a „no follow tag‟ so that the
           search engines don‟t penalize you
38. No link trading
        a. Used to be a good idea – no more
        b. 2nd class links
39. Multiple sign up places on a particular page
40. Add e-courses
        a. Write emails about your topic
        b. Need sequential auto starter for it
        c. Can be free or paid
        d. Have whole course on pdfs in folder so people can get the whole
           course in 1 download if they want
41. Add calculators
        a. Get them from free web-sites
        b. Money conversion, etc
42. Add excitement during checkout
        a. Add testimonials, bonuses, safety, etc, at top of page
        b. Customize checkout page so they‟ll complete the form
43. Add credibility builders
        a. Testimonials, written/audio/video
        b. Better Business Bureau, professional organizations
44. Add people/actions/photos
        a. Real people interacting with other people is important
        b. As a speaker, having you in front of a crowd, and action photos
45. Add quizzes
        a. People love quizzes
46. Improve your internal linking
       a. Link articles to each other
47. Teach others how to link to you
       a. Matching keywords (anchor text)
       b. Have a „here‟s how to link‟ page with the code they need to link with
          all the proper anchor text. Have a few different versions available.
48. Have a members only area
       a. Can be paid or free
       b. If free, can use that database for later product selling
49. Eliminate italics & underlining
       a. Underlining usually means a link & can cause confusion
       b. Italics tend to look fuzzy on a web page
       c. Italics in graphics can be OK, but they‟re not read by the search
          engine unless in alt text
50. Provide live customer service
       a. – provides link to you so that people can send a
          message right away. Can be turned on or off. If it‟s on, you need
          to be immediately responsive
51. Add affiliate links where appropriate
52. Study heat maps & adjust your site
       a. Type „heat map‟ into Google & it will show you where people are
          likely to click (or a look at) on a page
       b. Put your most important elements on the „hot‟ part of the page
53. Read a use-ability book
       a. “Don‟t Make me Think”
       b. author Jakob Nielson - #1 expert on topic
54. Add feeder sites
       a. Need to have more than 1 website – not fancy
       b. Just to catch search engines & people and direct them to your main
55. Get better domain names
       a. Get keyword with
       b. Preferably - No dashes in
       c. Can add up to 6 characters before or after key word
56. Name pages properly
       a. Don‟t use keywords in both the domain name & the page name.
          Do one or the other.
57. Make a “handheld friendly version” of your website for pda‟s.
58. Eliminate moving elements
       a. Considered amateur – blinking banners & so on
       b. Flash game would be OK
       c. Plain stuff sells
       d. – most respected place for search
          engine info
59. Reduce centering
       a. “Web pages that suck”
       b. “Son of Web pages that suck”
60. Always offer an upsell
       a. 30 to 50% of people will upgrade if the cost of the deal is less than
          the cost of the original purchase.
61. Make the internet a part of your everyday business life
       a. It won‟t happen if you just visit your website once a month

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