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									                                Scope Statement
Project Title:        Mohawk Valley Monuments Website

Date:                 February 25, 2007

Prepared by: Jorge Perez, Project Manager (646- 731-8939), ,
Ashley Mancini, VP Human Resources (315) 768-7525,

Project Justification: Joe Mancini is the owner of Mohawk Valley Monuments,
requested this project to expand business into the internet to match his competitors. The
web site will demonstrate how a small local family business can be found on the web
through a popular search engine. This website would be a dynamic web site with changes
occurring every week. Pictures of his work will be updated and available online for the
customer to view. Changes to the website would be new stones such as different size,
shape and color, also any new designs for the stones. Specials will be available to the
customers on the website as well history of Mohawk Valley Monuments.

Project Characteristics and Requirement:
   1. This project will consist of the development of a dynamic webpage that will
       require basic knowledge of hard coding and designing a web page.
   2. The team must be able to work on different phases of the development and
       implementation of the website.
   3. The purchase of a domain and web hosting will be required to make the website
       available to the public.
   4. The team will need a web server where all our work will be hosted.

Summary of Project Deliverables
Project Management-related deliverables: Team contract, team charter, business case,
scope statement, WBS, schedule, status reports, final project presentation, final project
report, lessons-learned report.

Project-related deliverables:
   1. Project Charter
   2. Team Contract
   3. Scope Statements
   4. Business Case
   5. Project Plan
   6. WBS
   7. Develop Logo
   8. Develop Website

Project Success Criteria:
The success of this project will be based on the implementation and the success of the
site. Our sponsor would like to have enough information for the customer, but make the
website simple enough so that his customers can navigate the site with ease at a minimum
amount of clicks to get to their destination on the site. We will accomplish this by making
the website as basic as possible and at the same time have a professional look and feel.

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