Naval Helicopters - Elevating the RSN

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					                                A PublicAtion of the RePublic of SingAPoRe nAvy                                ISSUE 06 2009

Naval Helicopters -
Elevating the RSN

Deep Sabre II - mission accomplished!

The “eyes” and “ears” of the President
                                                         A Word from CNV
                                                            On 21 Nov, the Navy family unfortunately lost one of its own. We are indeed saddened
                                                            by the death of LCP Mar Teng Fong, who was serving his national service and a
                                                            valued member of RSS PeRSiSTeNCe. Shipmates fondly remember Teng Fong as a
                                                            positive and hardworking young man who was well liked by his peers and superiors.
                                                            Teng Fong was always ready to lend a helping hand to his buddies and never failed
                                                            to bring a smile to everybody’s faces. On behalf of the Navy family, i would like to
                                                            extend our deepest condolences to the family of the late LCP Mar Teng Fong. While
Republic of Singapore Navy                                  saddened by his unfortunate death, i am heartened by how the Navy family came
                                                            together in this difficult time. The ship’s crew and many personnel from other parts of
                                                            the Navy stepped forward to provide support for Teng Fong’s family and also helped
                                                            one another to ensure that the ship continued to fulfil her operational tasks. The Mar
                                                            family expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Navy over this difficult time, and in their
                                                            words, truly appreciated the care and camaraderie shown by the sons and daughters
                                                            of the sea. Reflecting upon it, we are a close-knit Navy family, and we should continue
                                                            to be so well into the future.

                                                            in the same vein, we should all take pride in the valiant efforts of our fellow servicemen
                                                            that were part of the SAF Task Force in their recent deployment to the Gulf of
                                                            Aden. At the recent international Maritime Organisation (iMO) conference held in
                                                            London, Commander 3rd Flotilla, COL Bernard Miranda received the “Certificate of
                                                            Commendation for exceptional Service Rendered to Shipping and Mankind” for the
                                                            RSN’s role in counter-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden.

                                                            The RSN’s steadfast efforts to combat piracy and to help keep SLOCs safe will
                                                            continue when COL Bernard Miranda leads a RSN delegation to take command of
                                                            the international Combined Task Force (CTF) 151 at the beginning of next year.

                                                            Singapore has long recognised that the only effective approach towards maritime
                                                            security is through a whole-of-government co-operation system among all national
                                                            agencies. At the international level, more than one nation is needed. To this end, the
                                                            RSN has helped to promote international co-operation in maritime security during the
                                                            recent exercise Deep Sabre ii, under the ambit of the Proliferation Security initiative.
                                                            The successful conduct of the exercise and the high level of participation shows the
                                                            commitment of international navies and maritime agencies to come together under
                                                            a whole-of-nations approach in working to ensure maritime security.
    RADM Chew Men Leong
                chief of navy                               Thus while we continue to do our part to keep our seas safe, it leaves me to wish one
                                                            and all in the Navy family, Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year.

                                                                     AdM tedjo Edhy Purdijatno                                         vAdM tsg samarasinghe
                                                                            Senior Officer                                              Commander of the Navy
                                                                 HQ indonesian National Armed Forces                                       Sri Lanka Navy

                                                                        rAdM Wang Zhiguo                                                Mr Hakan Jevrell
                                                                 Commander of the Third escort Group                            Swedish State Secretary for Defence
                                                                 Deputy Commander of east Sea Fleet
                                                                    People’s Liberation Army Navy

covEr PAGE                                       Advisor                      LTC Alan Goh
Photo by RSS STALWART                            Editor                       LTC Terence Ho
                                                 MEMbErs                      LTC eugene Chng | LTC Lim Hock Chye | LTC Spencer Ngui | MAJ Chionh Boon Soo |
bAck PAGE                                                                     MAJ Jan Puah | MAJ Stanley Lim | Ms Jessica Teo | SWO Leong Chee Wah
Photo by CPL Lai Jun Wei                         ExEcutivE stAff              Ms Serena Lim | 1WO Neo Quee Chye | MSG James Chan | CPL Lai Jun Wei |
Text by LTC (NS) Neo eng Chuan                                                LCP Jesse Leow | ReC Ben Chester Cheong | ReC Gabriel Ong

NAVY NeWS ia a bi-monthly publication of the Republic of Singapore Navy. The views expressed by its writers do not necessarily reflect the official views of the Navy or the Ministry of
Defence. NAVY NeWS is not to be reproduced in whole or in parts without the written consent of the RSN. Articles of interest are invited from readers, who may send them to NAVY
NeWS, Naval Operations Department, HQ RSN, 303 Gombak Drive, #03-22, Singapore 669645. For enquiries, call 6768 3367 or email
RSN Commended by the
International Maritime Organisation

RSS PeRSiSTeNCe received a commendation                       The iMO Council, at its recent 102nd session, unanimously
in recognition of its efforts in the Gulf of Aden from        agreed to recognise the crew of naval ships that have
the international Maritime Organisation on 23 Nov.            participated in efforts to repress piracy in the region with
Commander 3rd Flotilla COL Bernard Miranda received           this award.
the “Certificate of Commendation for exceptional
Services to Shipping and Mankind” of behalf of                COL Miranda commented: “This award shows that the
RSS PeRSiSTeNCe from iMO Secretary-General Mr                 international community recognises the efforts of the
efthimios e. Mitropoulos at the award ceremony held in        RSN, and that our contribution to anti-piracy efforts is
London. Minister for Transport and Second Minister for        valuable and of significance. Personally, i am honoured
Foreign Affairs Mr Raymond Lim and Singapore High             to be able to receive this award on behalf of the RSN, and
Commissioner Mr Michael Teo were also in attendance.          i’m sure that we will continue our efforts in combating
                                                              piracy and keeping the shipping community safe.”
earlier in the year, the SAF deployed RSS PeRSiSTeNCe
and two RSAF Super Puma helicopters to the Gulf of            At the request of the Combined Maritime Forces HQ, the
Aden to assist in counter-piracy efforts. There, navies       RSN will be taking command of Combined Task Force
from other countries converged to join forces in an           151 from Jan to Mar 10, working closely with the other
unparalleled demonstration of solidarity against piracy.      navies operating in the Gulf of Aden. ~JW

Strengthening Our Capability through

Enhanced SURPIC

                                                                    Agreement signing between RADM Tan Wee Beng (right) and
                                                                                  RADM Bambang Supeno (left)

The RSN and the indonesian Navy (TNi-AL) have taken yet       the Open and Analysed Shipping information System
another step together to promote the safety of the waters     (OASiS) and the Sense-Making Analysis and Research
between the two countries. Head Naval Operations RADM         Tool (SMART) for maritime sense-making and building
Tan Wee Beng and his TNi-AL counterpart, Assistant Chief      situational awareness in the region
of Staff (Operations) RADM Bambang Supeno, signed
an agreement to enhance Project SURPiC at the Changi          “SURPiC ii will greatly enhance information-sharing,
Command and Control Centre on 3 Dec. The surveillance         sense-making and operations co-ordination. Recognising
system allows both navies to share maritime information       that no single agency or nation can ensure maritime
within the Singapore Strait.                                  security, SURPiC ii will facilitate greater bilateral
                                                              collaboration in dealing with maritime security threats. As
The launch of Project SURPiC ii serves to bring both navies   the straits of Singapore and Malacca carry more than 50%
to better interoperability as the collaboration platforms     of the world’s oil and 30% of all worldwide trade, SURPiC
will allow viewing in both english and Bahasa indonesia.      ii will therefore directly contribute to a more secure and
The new system will also be internet-based for easy           safe world,” said Commander Comprehensive Maritime
accessibility from any location. Other key enhancements       Awareness (CMA) group Maritime Security Task Force
include the deployment of advance technology such as          (MSTF) LTC Chow Ngee Ken. ~BC
    Ex MERCURY 11/09

    “it is clear that the unmanned system is the way ahead.        range of mission capabilities. These systems include the
    The concepts of operations are in their infancy, as is the     Mine environmental Decision Aids Library system, and
    technology. We have to think about how to exploit and          the expendable Mine Neutralization System.
    maximise the unmanned systems, so as to meet our vision
    of the 3G SAF, and integrate these technologies into our       The RSN delegation was led by CO 194 SQN LTC
    current manned operations,” commented MAJ Tan Kian             Serene Chua. Sharing experiences and knowledge
    Teck, Head Unmanned Systems, 194 SQN.                          concerning MCM operations and technology enhanced
                                                                   the interoperability between USN and RSN MCM forces.
    194 SQN’s personnel were updated on United States              Besides these exchanges, the RSN personnel also
    Navy’s (USN) latest developments on unmanned mine              visited the explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit
    countermeasures (MCM) technology at the recent ex              and were also given an exclusive insight to the recently
    MeRCURY 11/09, conducted from 2-5 Nov in San Diego,            upgraded systems on board an Avenger-class MCMV,
    California. Currently, the USN is building families of         USS SeNTRY.
    unmanned systems that will take on the lion’s share of
    its MCM operations, opening the aperture to a broader          Article contributed by CPT Desmond Tan

    Ex MIATA 2/09

                                                                                            explosive Ordnance Disposal divers
                                                                                            responding to simulated sea mines
      A car being blown up during a simulated land mine response

    ex MiATA 2/09 was conducted recently in Guam, from 28          Terrorist Threat, enabling the return to normality in a safe
    Sep to 9 Oct. This biennial bilateral exercise saw Naval       and expedient manner.
    explosive Ordnance Disposal (eOD) forces from the
    United States Navy’s (USN) eOD Mobile Unit Five and the        CO CDG LTC Yip Wai Choong summed up the
    RSN’s NDU Clearance Diving Group (CDG) conducting              experience and exercise with these words: “The fact that
    combined naval eOD responses to threats in a simulated         our respective naval eOD forces were able to deploy
    combat environment.                                            together into a tactical full-mission phase with minimal
                                                                   structured work-up training reflects the maturity and
    With a strong professional relationship developed over         quality of our relationship. ex MiATA will thus continue to
    many years, both forces were able to function seamlessly       be a valuable avenue of interaction, professional training
    together in tackling the threats posed by improvised           and benchmarking for the RSN’s naval eOD assets.”
    explosive Devices (ieDs) placed by a faceless Transnational
                                                                   Article contributed by 2WO Chia Khim Kiat

1st Special Forces

Commanders Conference
                                                              Nov 08 Mumbai attacks.

                                                              SOTF also put up an exhibition of their training doctrines
                                                              and equipment, which highlighted the SAF’s capability
                                                              to integrate her assets and leverage on cross-domain
                                                              capabilities. These included the special boats and
                                                              specialised equipment used by NDU.

                                                              “This conference not only brought like-minded
                                                              friends from the different Special Forces closer, it also
                                                              strengthened the friendship and working relationship
                                                              between our commandos, divers and pilots. The biggest
                                                              takeaway as part of the organising committee would be
With the inauguration of the Special Operations Task
                                                              knowing how professional and well-prepared Singapore
Force (SOTF), the SAF hosted its first Special Forces
                                                              is,” CO Underwater Demolition Group LTC Foong Kok
Commanders Conference to bring together Special
                                                              Pun and Deputy Chairman of the organising committee
Forces commanders from around the world to exchange
methodologies and experiences. Deputy Prime Minister
and Minister for Defence Mr Teo Chee Hean mentioned
                                                              Article contributed by CPT Jason Tan
in his opening speech: “equipped with specialised skills
and sophisticated equipment, Special Forces have a
critical part to play in dealing with the challenges posed
by complex and multifaceted threats like terrorism and

Held from 19-21 Oct, the conference saw 350 participants
from various armed forces and counter-terrorism
agencies from 16 participating countries. These included
experienced security subject-matter experts such as the
former Director-General of india’s National Security Guard
(NSG), Mr Jyoti Krishnan Dutt, who directed Operation
Black Tornado against the terrorists responsible for the

RSN showcased during

                LIMA 09
“By sharing critical information in a timely manner, one
can help other countries enhance their own security,
which in turn will yield benefits that can eventually
enhance one’s own,” said CNV RADM Chew Men Leong
sharing his views and perspective on the issue of regional
                                                                    CNV RADM Chew Men Leong (right) with conference partners
collaboration and information who shared during the
Langkawi international Maritime and Aerospace (LiMA)
Conference on 30 Nov.                                         Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Mr
                                                              Teo Chee Hean attended the opening ceremony at
As an extension of the regular bilateral tie-building         the Mahsuri international exhibition Centre on 1 Dec,
initiatives with Malaysia, the SAF was represented by         with Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Second
RSS FORMiDABLe along with two RSAF F-16 aircraft and          Minister for Finance and Transport Mrs Lim Hwee Hua,
Apache attack helicopters at the LiMA exhibition held         CDF LG Desmond Kuek and CNV RADM Chew Men
from 26 Nov to 5 Dec. RSS FORMiDABLe also participated        Leong in attendance. ~JW
in a fleet review officiated by the Malaysian Defence
Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid bin Hamidi on 1 Dec.
Apart from ship visits and other professional interactions,
the crew also participated in the international Maritime
Cultural Night held at the Awana Porto Malai, where they
prepared a spread of Singaporean dishes, supported
by the SAF Music and Drama Company performing a
musical medley.

    Congratulations to the
    Graduands of the 40th CSC!

                                                                                 This year, a total of 150 officers graduated from the 40th
                                                                                 CSC and the 10th National Service Command and Staff
                                                                                 Course (NSCSC). At the graduation ceremony held at the
                                                                                 istana on 30 Oct, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for
                                                                                 Defence Mr Teo Chee Hean introduced the term “strategic
                                                                                 corporal”. “This requires a leadership paradigm that values
                                                                                 initiative, and transfers authority for action further down the
                                                                                 chain of command. it requires confidence in the part of the
                                                                                 commanders and confidence in your subordinates,” Mr Teo
       MAJ Lim Yu Chuan (right) receiving his award from Deputy Prime Minister
                                                                                 echoing this view is MAJ Lim. He said: “The course had
                 and Minister for Defence Mr Teo Chee Hean (left).
                                                                                 taught me how to understand tactical issues at the ground
    Photo Courtesy of PiONeeR                                                    level and at the same time, to be able to understand higher
                                                                                 level thinking at the strategic level. in short, it has honed my
    Leadership runs deep in the veins of MAJ Lim Yu Chuan,                       skills to see the bigger picture.”
    this year’s top RSN graduate at the Command and Staff
    Course (CSC). His early tours of duty as the Navigating                      MAJ Bambang Dharmawan from the indonesian Navy also
    Officer and a Weapons Officer on board the MGB have given                    graduated from the course. He stressed the importance of
    him the opportunity to lead and manage groups of people.                     having an international community to deal with issues such
    These experiences have certainly helped him understand                       as piracy and the threat of tsunamis in the region. The course
    the myriad of challenges faced by leaders. “i believe that                   also provided him with the opportunity to network and
    to command people, it is essential to first gain their trust                 make friends. “i am very happy with my stay in Singapore
    and rapport. This is achieved by being genuine and sincere                   and i would like to thank all my Navy coursemates for the
    during our daily interactions, as well as taking an interest in              friendships forged,” he remarked. ~BC
    their well-being. i also believe in empowering the people i
    lead,” he shared.

    Singapore’s 1st Hyperbaric and
         Underwater Medicine Course!
                                                                                                          course. Taught by Singapore’s
                                                                                                          leading practitioners in the highly
                                                                                                          specialised field, participants
                                                                                                          picked up knowledge about
                                                                                                          diving and hyperbaric medicine
                                                                                                          and acquired skills to assess the
                                                                                                          health and fitness of workers
                                                                                                          who work in compressed air
                                                                                                          environments. At the end of the
                                                                                                          course, they were also eligibile to
                                                                                                          apply to be a Designated Factory
    Doctors in Singapore now no longer need to sign up with the                                          Doctor (Compressed Air Works)
    military to learn about hyperbaric and underwater medicine.                  from the Ministry of Manpower.
    The inaugural Singapore Hyperbaric and Underwater
    Medicine Course 2009 was conducted at the Singapore                          “i attended this course to upgrade my skills. With the
    General Hospital (SGH) from 4-8 Nov. This was one of the                     increasing hype of sea sports, i believe that equipping myself
    initiatives that was introduced under the Memorandum                         with these skills will come in handy,” Dr Chua Thiam eng, a
    of Understanding (MOU) signed between the Republic of                        General Practitioner at CAMBRiDGe CLiNiC and SiGLAP
    Singapore Navy (RSN) and SGH in Oct 08. explained Chief                      FAMiLY CLiNiC, reflected.
    Naval Medical Officer COL (Dr) Kang Wee Lee at the opening
    ceremony: “We hope that this [course] will be a significant                  The course was co-directed by COL (Dr) Kang and Director
    step forward towards raising the standards of underwater                     of Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine Centre at SGH, Dr Soh
    and hyperbaric medicine in Singapore.”                                       Chai Rick. “Judging by the response, i think we would
                                                                                 conduct another course next year. it would be a shame if
    30 doctors, including some from the RSN as well as local                     this was the first and last time,” Dr Soh remarked. ~GO
    and foreign General Practitioners, attended the four-day
FLEET Commander COC
FLeeT witnessed a change of
command as RADM Joseph
Leong took over from RADM Ng
Chee Peng as Fleet Commander
on 4 Dec. The ceremony at
Changi Naval Base was witnessed
by CNV RADM Chew Men Leong,
members of Naval Staff as well as
the FLeeT family.
                                                              Naval flags spelling out “Bon Voyage and Best Wishes to RADM Ng Sir”
in his farewell speech, RADM
Ng urged the FLeeT family
to continue their support
to RADM Leong, expressing confidence that under              Flotilla, CO 188 SQN and CO RSS VALOUR and RSS
the new leadership, FLeeT will raise to even greater         ViGiLANCe previously.
heights. RADM Leong is certainly no stranger to FLeeT,
having held the appointments of Commander 1st                in his incoming speech, RADM Leong shared that he
                                                             will be continuing with the directions that RADM Ng
                                                             had started. He applauded RADM Ng for his dynamic
                                                             leadership which had a transformational effect on
                                                             the Fleet. “[RADM Ng] set out to enhance readiness,
                                                             transform in anticipation of future capabilities, create
                                                             capacity for change, develop people and reinforce safety.
                                                             it was a full agenda, but wherever i have turned, he has
                                                             left his mark in all these areas and more.”

                                                             RADM Ng, who took over as FC on 21 Dec 07, will now
        RADM Ng Chee Peng (right) handing over symbol of
            command to RADM Joseph Leong (left)
                                                             relinquish this appointment and fully take on the role
                                                             of Chief of Staff-Naval Staff, an appointment he has
                                                             concurrently held since 1 Jun. ~JW

RSN WITS Convention 2009
                                                                                                 PUNGGOL WiTs team leader
                                                                                                 MSG Ang Kar Choon shared
                                                                                                 that although it was a simple
                                                                                                 project (saving electricity,
                                                                                                 providing better lighting
                                                                                                 with less maintenance by
                                                                                                 replacing fluorescent bulbs
                                                                                                 with LeDs), the award was
                                                                                                 a significant recognition
                                                                                                 of the team’s effort and

                                                                                         Guest       of     Honour
On 30 Oct, 23 teams from the five formations and HQ          COL Low Yong Joo, Chairman RSN PRiDe
RSN attended the RSN WiTs Convention 2009 at RSS             Committee expressed his satisfaction with the large
PANGLiMA. Organised by TRACOM, the convention                number of teams participating in the RSN WiTs
served as a platform for WiTs activists to interact, learn   Convention 2009. He remarked: “in our daily working
and exchange ideas. Of the 28 projects submitted, only       environment, we are always thinking and changing things
one team, PUNGGOL WiTs from MSTF, clinched the Star          for the better, hence we should adopt the TDS concept.
Award for their project “Replace Lightings for energy        Which is Think, Document, and Share the idea with
Savings Type”. The other projects garnered a total of        others, so as to have a common understanding of the
eight Gold Awards, 14 Silver Awards and five Bronze          changes among all.”
                                                             Article contributed by P. Maran

    MINDEF National Day Investiture 2009
    Deputy Prime Minister and Minster
    for Defence Mr Teo Chee Hean
    and Minister for education and
    Second Minister for Defence Dr
    Ng eng Hen presented National
    Day Awards to more than 620
    personnel from MiNDeF and
    the SAF on 11 Nov. A total of
    53 Commendation Medals, 118
    efficiency Medals and 453 Long
    Service Awards were given out in
    two separate ceremonies. in total,
                                           2WO Gan Lai Cheng receiving the efficiency Medal   LTC Chou Yan Wee receiving the Commendation
    there were 56 recipients from the                        (Military)                                     Medal (Military)

    LTC Chou Yan Wee from MSTF, who received the                          2WO Gan Lai Cheng, Technical Specialist (electronic
    Commendation Medal (Military) for his contributions to the            Systems) in the Planning & Control Branch of Tuas
    security and defence of Singapore and the strengthening               Maintenance Base, received The efficiency Medal
    of bilateral ties with indonesia, commented: “i am really             (Military) for her meticulous assessment of problems
    proud and honoured to be recognised for my efforts                    and the ability to resolve challenges encountered in the
    and contributions. in my 23 years of service in the RSN, i            course of her work. She reflected: “it is an honour to
    have always felt privileged to be part of this organisation.          receive this medal. i would like to thank my branch head
    Above all, working in a large community of dedicated and              LTC Liew Yeow Chiang for guiding me and inspiring me
    highly-capable individuals within and from other services             to constantly work hard to improve work process so that i
    has also been a great experience.”                                    can achieve maximum efficiency.” ~GO

    RSN Hosts Mindef Internship Programme
    For Junior College Students

    As part of the MiNDeF internship Programme organised
    by the MiNDeF Scholarship Centre, 150 Junior College
    students visited Changi Naval Base on 25 Nov and
    2 Dec. Hosted by COS-NS RADM Ng Chee Peng and
    CNV RADM Chew Men Leong respectively, the visits
    provided the students with an unique insight of the roles,
    responsibilities and capabilities of the RSN and also, a
    rare opportunity to sail onboard RSN’s ships — RSS

    After both visits, several students commented that the
    visits had definitely enhanced their knowledge of the RSN.
    Joseph Ang from Hwa Chong Junior College shared:
    “The visit to Changi Naval Base was an eye-opening
    experience for me as i gained a greater perspective of
    the important role the RSN plays in Singapore’s defence.
    What really impacted me was the sharing by the Navy
    crew on the culture they had; the sense of camaraderie
    they fostered, and the fact that everyone has a part to
    play as when you are out at sea, you are literally ‘in the
    same boat’.”

    Yeo Jia Han, also from Hwa Chong Junior College, added:
    “indeed, the RSN is an attractive option. i like to travel
    and the RSN promises to bring you around the world.
    Also, there is a wider social circle in the RSN, hence i
    would definitely get to meet many other seafarerers.”

                                  Recognising the RSN’s
                                           NE and C2D efforts

The SAF National education (Ne) event was held at               attitudes and mentality in our servicemen and women.”
MiNDeF on 20 Oct where SAF commanders exchanged
views, ideas, and best practices on building a vibrant          114 SAF officers, of which 29 were from the Navy, were
Ne culture, as well as fostering a strong Commitment to         also formally appointed as either Basic or Advanced
Defence (C2D) among servicemen and Singaporeans.                Ne Facilitators (NeFs). COL Li Lit Siew was one of the
                                                                advanced NeFs re-appointed. Throughout his time as a
The inaugural CDF excellence Award was introduced to            NeF, COL Li has helped facilitate Ne events and given
recognise SAF units that best represented the vigorous          talks to schools and different organisations about the
spirit and culture of Ne. RSS STeADFAST was among               importance of Total Defence. He said: “The only way to
four SAF units nominated for their efforts in encouraging       transmit the importance of a strong defence is if we first
self-discovery of Ne issues among servicemen. Some              believe it is important. it is only then that we are able
activities included organising visits to heritage sites         to speak our hearts and convince the audience that
such as the Old Ford Factory, mosques and temples to            Singapore is worth protecting.” ~JW
foster a better understanding of the different religions,
as well as participating in the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run
as a unit. Their Ne efforts were not just confined locally to
Singapore, as they connected with overseas Singaporeans
when they made a port call at Shanghai, and visited the
USS Arizona Memorial when they were in Hawaii.

“There were some initial challenges in organising suitable
Ne programmes which could engage our people at all
levels. However, command emphasis on conveying the
importance of this subject allowed us to meet our Ne goals
and at the same time, emphasise the crucial role each
and every one of us play in the defence of Singapore,”
Buffer and Ne Coordinator of RSS STeADFAST 2WO
Ang Choon Beng shared. “Whether we win the award
is not important. What matters most is that we continue
to spread the correct messages and cultivate the right

     Inauguration of
     Peace Triton Detachment

                                                                                                   First Naval Helicopter landing on a RSN frigate

                                 Chief of Air Force MG Ng Chee Khern (right) at the inauguration
                                                    of Peace Triton Detachment

     Chief of Air Force MG Ng Chee Khern officiated the                      vibrations, the smell of fumes, air sickness, confined space
     inauguration ceremony of the Republic of Singapore                      and yet the need to be on your toes to be an extension
     Air Force’s (RSAF) Peace Triton Sikorsky Seahawk Naval                  of the ship’s fighting system. The demands can be quite
     Helicopter detachment in the United States Navy (USN)                   high. NH is really the RSN’s aviation in its own class to say
     Maritime Strike Weapons School in San Diego on 16 Nov.                  the least.”
     The SAF had earlier acquired six S-70B Sikorsky Seahawk
     Naval Helicopters, and as part of the operationalisation                The experience working with the USN instructors was also
     process, the RSAF and the RSN had subscribed to the                     certainly different. “The way of life, even work vocabulary,”
     USN’s SH-60F Aircraft Qualification Course. Currently,                  shared CPT Andrew Sim, one of the TACCOs undergoing
     the detachment has four helicopters and the frigate RSS                 training. “But it has been unique and good thus far. if
     STALWART, operating with a total of 152 personnel.                      one approaches it with an open heart and be a humble
                                                                             learner, you will get many lessons in life and on work
     The training syllabus is conducted in two phases, the first             ethics. if you look further, it will be useful to condense
     being the aviation module where the individual vocations                them and rehatch them to make applications to better
     hone their skills and work as a composite crew. The second              your work environment.”
     sees the integration between the frigate and the NH, and
     learning to fight as a composite unit. The training is held             Looking forward, there will be more trials to validate
     in San Diego, and includes USN instructors, RSAF pilots,                individual performance. RSS STALWART and the NH
     RSN Tactical Co-ordination Officers (TACCO), RSN Sensor                 will then begin intensive training as separate entities.
     Operators (SeNSO) and RSAF ground maintenance crew.                     integration will follow and eventually culminate in a
     They undergo a stringent selection criteria such as medical             capstone exercise, where both will be worked up with
     checks, screening and air crew qualification courses.                   other USN units.

     MSG Mok Chuan Peng, one of the SeNSOs under training                    MAJ Leon Chua, who is also a TACCO, commented: “it is
     shared: “i think most would agree that the qualification is             a very important milestone, but it is not as easy as many
     a tough one. RSN personnel need to qualify themselves                   think it can be. it takes a lot of hammering down to details
     aeromedically. They also have to go through the                         and it is not something you can just discuss and draw on
     “Dunker”, affectionally known as such by the aircrew, or                paper. it is about knowing the unknowns and finding an
     simply put – helicopter escape training. They need to                   answer. The NH will complete the frigate, which is already
     be quick-minded and fast-handed. in the ship’s Combat                   a formidable node of the SAF. Coming together will be a
     information Centre, you have the various operators.                     beginning and more work is expected.”
     in our helicopter, you are the Radar Plotter, electronic
     Warfare operator, Command and Control operator and                      “i personally look forward to it. it will be the toughest
     the Principal Warfare Officer all at the same time. Many                but a necessary challenge for us. if it is done right from
     will be frightened by the workload, but it would be a test              the start, we will lay the correct and safe foundation for
     of your pedigree.”                                                      the way we fight with naval helicopters. We have done
                                                                             much preparing ourselves for this chapter. Now, it is time
     2WO Heng Siak Guan, one of the other SeNSOs added:                      to work the correct and winning formula.” ~JW
     “it is really tough being in a helicopter. The constant

GPC witness the 31st CDC Graduate

Government Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Foreign Affairs visit NDU         Divers from NDU executing a free-fall dive for GPC members

Minister of State for Defence Associate Professor Koo                         been a very enlightening visit. i would say a strong
Tsai Kee hosted a visit for the Government Parliamentary                      highlight was seeing the proud parents of the 31st batch
Committee – Defence and Foreign Affairs (GPC-DFA)                             of Combat Divers graduating today. We also learnt about
to NDU on 11 Nov. incidentally, the day also saw the                          the capabilities of the RSN, how much technology is
graduation of the 31st Combat Diver Course. Through                           being employed by the RSN to survey our waters to keep
a demonstration of the well-known Boat PT, a display of                       Singapore safe, and also the importance of teamwork.”
the trainees’ underwater skills and a ride on a RHiB, the
members of the GPC-DFA were provided with a better                            Chairman of the GPC-DFA, Mr Michael Palmer,
understanding of the roles, operations and capabilities                       commented: “i think the most meaningful part for me
of NDU.                                                                       was when the men came down carrying the boats above
                                                                              their heads. Looking into their eyes, you could see the
After the visit, MP for Marine Parade GRC Dr Fatimah                          determination and pride in their eyes for completing their
Lateef shared: “This is my first time to NDU and it has                       rigorous course and finally becoming a Combat Diver .”

Clean and Green
NDU again employed their diving capabilities to                                                  “After our success
play their part in protecting Singapore’s marine                                                 over the years at Pulau         Hantu,
environment. This year, more than 100 personnel                                                it was great to be able to refocus our
from NDU and 191 SQN came together to do their                                               efforts on the preservation of Pulau
bit to clean up Pulau Semakau’s seabed and beachfront                                     Semakau’s natural environment. Project eCO-
under Project eCO-FROG on 30 Oct. incidentally, that                          FROG allows NDU to give back to society and play a vital
day also coincided with the launch of Singapore’s three-                      role in environmental conservation. Ultimately, protecting
day Clean and Green Campaign at the Hort Park.                                Singapore’s marine ecosystem is a collective effort, and
                                                                              we hope that Project eCO-FROG will help to raise public
Split into two teams, the divers combed across the                            awareness of the importance of environmental protection
island’s seabed for rubbish and waste, whilst the shore                       and conservation, as well as encourage more people to
team swept across the beachfront. Within one morning,                         do their part,” SSG Heng Seow Yong, organizing secretary
close to 100 bags of rubbish, amounting to nearly half a                      for Project eCO-FROG, reflected.
ton, were collected.
                                                                              Article contributed by CPT Dominic Teo

     Ex Deep Sabre II

     Located at the junction of a highly strategic sea line
     of communication (SLOC), Singapore is inherently
     committed to a whole-of-the-nations approach in the
     effort against the proliferation of Weapons of Mass
     Destruction (WMDs).

     An endorsee of the Proliferation Security initiative (PSi)
     since 2004, Singapore hosted exercise DeeP SABRe ii
     from 27-30 Oct.

     Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Mr
     Teo Chee Hean officiated at the opening ceremony
     and emphasised Singapore’s firm support for the PSi          “Working together in the CCC has allowed us to learn
     “Singapore actively contributes to counter-proliferation     how each nation operates at both the tactical and the
     efforts by hosting PSi exercises such as DeeP SABRe          command centre level, including each nation’s differing
     ii... in this era of increasing interconnectivity and        response to a similar scenario.”
     interdependence, it is vital that we work together to
     safeguard our countries and people,” he said.                Based on intelligence that a vessel, suspected of carrying
                                                                  WMD-related materials, will be transiting through east
     The exercise comprised diverse components. Besides           Asia, participants at the CCC then began tracking and
     a table-top discussion on policy, intelligence, legal        planning for a combined interdiction of the vessel. The
     and media management issues, participating countries         vessel was then localised by the participating naval
     also better understood one another’s operational             assets and were boarded and searched by combined
     procedures through a series of exercises, including          teams from the SAF, Australia, Canada, Japan and the
     a maritime interdiction operation and port search            United States. The vessel was then directed back to
     demonstrations.                                              a port in Singapore in order for the combined local
                                                                  maritime agencies of the RSN, PCG, MPA and iCA to
     MAJ Thomas Goh, a watchkeeper at the Combined Co-            verify and contain the WMD threat, demonstrating our
     ordination Centre (CCC) located in the Multinational         whole-of-government approach in dealing with such
     Operations and exercises Centre (MOeC), shared:              incidents.
“Singapore’s security and enforcement agencies are
vigilant and we are always prepared to face the threat
of WMD proliferation. Should such threats be realised
in our waters, with the establishment of MSTF as a
SAF-level Task Force, the SAF now has a lead agency
to address the challenges of WMD proliferation in the
maritime domain,” Commander MSTF COL Jackson
Chia commented.

Director of the Non-Proliferation, Science & Nuclear
energy Division of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign
Affairs Mr Tsutomu Koizumi mentioned that they too
shared similar concerns and felt that there was an
increasing need for such PSi exercises. He said that
working together with like-minded countries allowed
Japan to strengthen their capability as well as enhance
interoperability with other countries.

Participants were also impressed with the organisation
of ex DeeP SABRe ii. LCDR Angus Mitchell of the Royal
Australian Navy said: “The set up of this exercise has
been quite phenomenal..., a lot of detail has gone into
the planning and this has been an exercise which has
provided many takeaways for all parties.”

Since the launch of the PSi in 2003, it has grown from
strength to strength. To date, more than 90 countries
have become endorsees of the PSi. ex DeeP SABRe ii
saw an increase from 13 to 19 countries participating
with 18 vessels, eight aircraft and more than 2,000
personnel involved from all around the world. ~GO

     30th Naval Specialisation
     Officers’ Course – all about 16
     Officers, 1 Killer Tomato, and
     going Down Under
     A budding Weapon Officer steps forward and takes charge
     of gunnery direction on board RSS FeARLeSS. And with a           was busy being ‘irradiated’ by Radar theory and the finer
     bold order of “Engage Hostile 1234”, rounds erupted from         points of the operational application of eW techniques.
     the ship’s 76mm gun and seconds later, a direct hit terminated
     the “Killer Tomato” target. Nine other officers from the         After having successfully proven their worth in salt both
     Weapons Officers’ Course (WOC) stepped up to the plate           ashore and at sea, the officers congregated again as a batch
     in a similar fashion to put their newly-gained knowledge and     to be schooled in Maritime Air Operations. The syllabus
     understanding of gunnery to the test.                            included both theory and practical components such as
                                                                                        naval warfare, communications and in
     Meanwhile, south of the equator,                                                    their individual fields of specialisation.
     five Navigating Officers from                                                       Finally on 17 Nov, all their hard work came
     the Navigating Officer’s Course                                                     to fruition as these 16 officers graduated
     (NavOC) were on board RSS                                                           as Specialisation Officers at the Naval
     eNDURANCe as she sailed to                                                          Officers’ Advanced School, SAFTi Mi.
     Townsville, Queensland, Australia,                                                  Top honours went to CPT Kelvin Koh and
     to support ex WALLABY 09.                                                           CPT Lee Jan who topped their courses,
     Precision in both planning and                                                      WOC and NavOC respectively.
     execution were required as the ship
     needed to get to her destination                                                  “There were many challenges though all
     both safely and on time, at times                                                 were welcomed. Being introduced to and
     passing channels as narrow as two                                                 integrated as part of the CiC team is a
     cables (370m) wide.                                                               substantial leap for many of us. Countless
                                                                                      nights were spent bridging the knowledge
     And while the rest of his course-mates were at sea, the lone     gaps, testing one another on the various doctrines and
     student for the electronic Warfare Officers Course (eWOC)        tapping on each individual’s experiences and strengths,”
                                                                      remarked CPT Koh. ~BC

     Swordsman Crew Graduate
                                                                         commented: “Being inducted into the RSwN’s submarine
                                                                         fraternity and receiving the insignia is an honour and
                                                                         a testament of the crew’s level of proficiency and
                                                                         knowledge.” it was especially rewarding for the younger
                                                                         submariners like 2SG Han Barry Witcharut, who joined
                                                                         171 SQN in 2007 after his Junior Rating Course. Though
                                                                         he had limited shipboard experience, he put in extra
                                                                         effort to ensure that he could keep up with the training.
                        The recipients of the ‘Shark’ insignia.
                                                                           Commander 1st Submarine Flotilla RSwN CAPT(N)
                                                                           Jonas Haggren was pleased with the achievements of
     Back in 2008, the crew for the second Archer-class submarine,         the crew thus far. He said to the recipients: “This is a very
     RSS SWORDSMAN, arrived in Sweden to start their arduous          special insignia. it is worn by Submariners all over the world.
     training, to operate the RSN’s latest submarine. The crew        it is a sign of the qualities and experience showing that this
     have since successfully qualified for their appointments         individual is a qualified Submariner. You have completed
     and are currently undergoing their last phase of sea duties      an extensive qualification process. it makes you part of this
     training. Over the past one and a half years, their training     exclusive club for
     comprised a multitude of classroom lessons, simulator            the rest of your
     sessions, shipboard practical sessions, workshop visits and      life.”
     extensive sailing sorties in the challenging environment of
     the Baltic Sea.                                                  Article contributed
                                                                      by 2WO Tay Chay
     On 3 Dec, the crew was awarded the RSwN ‘Shark’ insignia         Yong
     upon passing the ‘Shark’ test, which consisted of theoretical
     examinations and practical assessments of the various
     systems on board. Submariner trainee LTC Loh Mun Heng
                                                                                                          Submarine escape training.

Stars for a Day

“Lights, Camera, Action!” A number of navy personnel
became stars for a day as crew from DiTV and Saatchi
& Saatchi went around the naval bases filming footage
for Defence Watch and the brand new navy recruitment
television commercial (TVC).

Moving beyond the usual 30-minute monthly Defence
Watch clip that is distributed to MiNDeF/SAF units,
Defence information Television (DiTV) has revamped
itself and now boasts broadcasts on Youtube (www.            “This is one of the most extensive efforts by far to each Thursday a two to          showcase the navy’s capabilities and experiences of our
three minute clip is uploaded. Some stories that can be      sailors, blended with mixed action, familiarisation and
found include “Size Matters” about the RSN’s Landing         excitement in a short 60-second recruitment commercial,”
Ship Tanks. Three stories are subsequently selected for      shared Head Recruitment Centre MAJ eric Tan.
distribution as part of the monthly defence watch.
                                                             “The experience was tiring but rewarding. But, i got to
“With the revamp [since 26 Nov], our stories have become     see other portions of the Navy, like life on board the
less formal, with a personal and interactive element         Frigates and Patrol Vessels, which i will not have a chance
added to them,” shared producer Mano Mahendran.              as a diver,” commented lead actor CPT Marcus Teo, a
                                                             Staff Officer from NDU. “i hope that it (the TVC) will help
Change is also in the air for the new navy’s recruitment     to humanise what the Navy does and to realistically bring
TVC. One of the more unforgettable TVC for many of           across some of the experiences to the viewing public.”
us will always be “The Sun, Sand and Sea”. in the latest     ~GO
update, “The Journal” brings to life the whole spectrum
of naval operations. From divers operating
underwater, to Aster firings and the state-flag
presentation for overseas missions, the new
TVC will give a glimpse into the exciting and
dynamic life of a member of the navy family.

The RSN started running television commercials (TVCs) to promote its
corporate image in 1984. Most viewers can fondly remember “The Sun, Sand
and Sea”, but other notable TVCs have included “Checkmate”, “Good bye,
rubber duckie”, “Missile, anyone?”, “Transmariner” and the 2007 “Corporate
Battles”. While the content may vary, they all aim to showcase what a career
in the RSN can be like. ~JW

     Mr Alex Yeo gives free tuition to the children   Mdm Jenny Tan (in black shirt) doing her bid
                 at Sunbeam Place                                                                             Mdm Siew Li Lang giving a hair cut on one of
                                                       for charity at the Red Cross Home for the
                                                                                                                           her mission trips

      A Spirit of Volunteerism
      in the RSN                                                                                     1SG Jasmine Yap (right) giving mora
                                                                                                                                        l support to the elderly

        Much as we will rejoice and celebrate at this time of                       mission trips include providing administrative support
        the year, we should not forget the less fortunate. Four                     to the medical doctors, dispensing medicine, and also
        individuals from the RSN have been giving their time                        performing a Chinese Christian Song Dance as a form of
        and effort throughout the year, and their stories of                        moral support to the villagers.
        magnanimity, earnestness, sincerity and kindness have
        touched the hearts of many.                                                 Mdm Jenny Tan from iPersHub (Tuas) only started
                                                                                    volunteering this year, but has managed to inspire
        “i first visited the leprosy home when i was 17. The place                  two co-workers to join her at the Red Cross Home for
        is avoided by all people, including my parents, as the                      the Disabled. “There are both young and old disabled
        disease is perceived to be contagious. But what inspired                    individuals who can only move around with great difficulty.
        me was how the residents lead their life in spite of their                  They have to rely on others to feed them. There was also
        disease. The happiness in their faces and the laughter,                     one who was chained to the bed because he couldn’t
        made me want to do more for them and others,” shared                        walk and was very restless. i never felt so much anguish
        1SG Jasmine Yap, a Comms Specialist in NOD. An alumni                       before,” she remarked. “in order to cheer them up, we
        of North View Secondary School, she has been active                         converse with them and tell them stories. Once in a while,
        in volunteer work since her days with the school’s Leo                      we will sing songs such as ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Ke Ren
        Club. Now the district chairperson of the Leo Clubs of                      Lai’.” Her ten-member strong group consists of her family
        Singapore, she helps three groups of individuals - the                      and friends and two RSN co-workers, Ms D.S Kumari from
        needy children, the physically disabled and the elderly.                    HQ NALCOM and Ms Doris Chin from iMW.
        During her free time, she gives free tuition to the children
        at the Family Service Centre, takes the physically disabled                 Mr Alex Yeo from HQ NALCOM makes the effort to
        at Cheshire Home for outings and organises interaction                      volunteer on every alternate Saturday morning. He
        games for the elderly at the Lions Home for the elderly.                    shared: “i make time for things that are important and
        All these in a bid to bring some colour to their lives.                     meaningful by watching less television.” Since Apr this
                                                                                    year, he has been a volunteer with the Sunbeam Place
        Another individual, Mdm Siew Li Lang, a logistics                           which is part of the Singapore Children’s Society and he
        supervisor in HQ NALCOM have managed to inspire her                         provides coaching and academic-related help for the
        family members to take up volunteer work through her                        children.
        own self-sacrificing actions. Her two children now follow
        her on annual overseas mission trips. every year, she goes                  The first step to help someone less fortunate than us is
        on a medical mission trip organised by her church to                        never easy. it takes a lot of determination, courage and
        the mountain villages in Cheng Rai, Northern Thailand.                      passion to help others, especially if it is at the expense of
        “Although i have to take leave and pay for the mission                      our personal time. However, no act of kindness, however
        trip, which can come up to about $1000 per person, i                        small, is ever wasted. if you want to get started, take the
        still believe strongly in doing this. i feel very touched in                first step and contact our own RSN men and women who
        my heart when they show their happiness through their                       have shown us that their act of kindness does heal the
        faces or they hold my hand after receiving our help,”                       world. in doing so, you may just find yourself enriched in
        she shared. Some of the activities she does during                          other ways. ~BC

RSN’s Formation Culture & Practices
Celebrating the Spirit of Christmas - Submariner Style!

Celebrating Christmas took on a whole new style for the          The highlight of the night happens when one submariner,
RSN submariners ever since the pioneer batch started             dressed as Santa Claus, will hand out gifts to crew
training in Sweden way back in 1996. This event is known         members who have committed some follies during the
as “Lillejul” in Swedish or “Little Christmas”.                  year by reading either a riddle or a poem. The individual
                                                                 will take center stage, “kiss” Santa, have a toast with Santa
in Sweden, the Christmas season begins on 13 Dec,                and explain to the audience what actually happened. The
which is known as Santa Lucia Day. This day is dedicated         intention is not to ridicule but rather for all to learn about
to Saint Lucy whom consecrated herself to God and                the mistakes and not to repeat it. it seems that there may
service of the poor. For submariners, this is a day to reflect   be some truth behind Santa knowing who’s been naughty
upon the victorious moments as well as wrong-doings of           and nice after all!
the past one year. it is also a time where bitterness and
misunderstandings between submariners are allayed and            “in Sweden, there are a lot of different bases, with some
forgotten after a glass of drink and a warm handshake so         quite far apart. So the Lillejul is a time for submariners
that no grudges will be brought across to the new year.          to get together to see one another. Both present and
                                                                 retired submariners are invited for the gathering. it is
“We use this occasion to reflect on the year that has            good news if you’re there for the celebration as everyone
passed, recognising the mistakes that we have made, and          will know that you’re still alive!” explained COXN RSS
more importantly, learn from one another’s mistakes,” said       CONQUeROR 2WO Melvin Tng.
COL(Ret) Cyril Lee, former Project Director, Submarine
Project Office. “it is a good and ‘safe’ way to reveal our       echoing his view is MSG Jason Ng, a Leading Sonar
mistakes, laugh it off and take ownership of the issue. it       Specialist on board RSS CHieFTAiN. “it is a good thing
takes a big person to own up to your mistakes.”                  that CNV actually graces all our annual Little Christmas
                                                                 celebration without fail. The submarine squadron is the
Some of the key highlights of the submariners’ celebration       only one to have CNV gracing such an occasion. i think
include the presentation of the submariners qualification        it is a good event where submariners can take a day off
badge. This is presented to submariners who have                 work to have a couple of drinks, thrash out our differences
displayed the submariner’s mentality and made significant        and interact with the new submariners,” he said. ~BC
contributions to the submarine squadron.

Another tradition is the toasting of the victory horn – a
victory toast of the Nordic Vikings. in the past, poisonous
mushrooms were added to the drinks to induce a sense
of euphoria. However, the submariners came up with
their own recipe based on the Chinese saying “酸甜苦
辣”; sour for failure, sweet for victory, bitter for hardship
and highly-spiced for adventure. The ingredients are not
known to all but a handful which will be passed down
for generations to come. The victory horn is never filled
to the brim as that is reserved for the moment when the
submarine concludes her victorious and glorious journey
during her decommissioning.                                                COL Aw eng Lim (left) presenting the submariners’
                                                                           qualification badge to SWO Aloysius Cheong (right)

 Senior Chefs in the Spotlight
                                                                                 need to send our naval chefs to the army side
                                                                                 for training anymore. COL Namasivan, then
                                                                                 CO School of Naval Training (SNT) called me
                                                                                 in 1987 to discuss about our chef vocation.
                                                                                 He wanted us to come up with a professional
                                                                                 course for our naval chefs. it took about six
                                                                                 to seven years before we sent our first batch
                                                                                 to SHATeC. Those days we were also called
                                                                                 cooks. By changing it to the term chef, it
                                                                                 gave the profession greater recognition. By
                                                                                 then, chefs could also go for NiTeC courses
                                                                                 to obtain their Diploma in Culinary Skills.

                                                                                 What do you think are the prospects for
     To end this compelling series that has run for the last                    the young Naval chefs?
     two years, we talked to some of our pioneer chefs who
     have been with us for about the last three decades. They       • 1WO Lim: A lot of chefs are leaving for the commercial
     now serve as mentors and trainers to newly-enlisted            world. They feel that the Navy has little career prospects
     chefs. Meet 1WO Lim Tee Hoo, officer-in-charge (OiC),          for them. But, the new career scheme, MDeS, will change
     Quality Control, Tuas Naval Base, 1WO Balbeer Singh,           everything. As the naval chef becomes a career, more will
     his counterpart in Changi Naval Base and 1WO Anthony           be tempted to stay on to carve a career for themselves.
     Panner Selvam, OiC, Catering, Sembawang Naval Base.
                                                                    • 1WO Balbeer: Currently, naval chefs can serve for up to
     What are the changes that you have seen during your            ten years. After which, they either become chief chefs on
     career as a Naval chef?                                        board ships or progress on to serve as a quality control
                                                                    officer in the naval base cookhouses. With the MDeS,
     • 1WO Balbeer: Naval chefs are well taken care of now.         naval chefs can continue to serve on board ships for a
     in the past, even though we were chefs, we had to paint        longer period of time without needing to switch roles.
     the galley ourselves. We were considered a seaman then
     and had to do a lot of “hard” labour. Today, chefs just        What are your future plans after leaving the Navy?
     cook and they can even get to attend courses to upgrade
     themselves. The equipments they use are more modern.                                                • 1WO Balbeer: i
     For example, there is the rice cooker now to cook rice. in                                          don’t foresee myself
     the past, we had to steam the rice ourselves in a pot!                                              retiring in the near
                                                                                                         future as i like my job.
     • 1WO Anthony: Over the years, the landscape for                                                    in fact, sailing is my
     chefs in the Navy has changed significantly. When i first                                           passion. i also like to
     joined, the structure is a bit different because we have                                            mentor young chefs
     to do our own cooking. We had to serve the crew and in                                              and i take a hands-on
     those days, the food is a bit different from today in terms                                         approach when i do
     of quality and service. i knew we needed to improve.                                                mentor them. During
                                                                    my years as OiC, Naval inspectorate, when i do audits on
                                     • 1WO Lim: For the             board the ships, i readily imparted my knowledge to the
                                     Navy, i think we want          chefs by demonstrating on board the ships. i tell them
                                     quality food. i think all of   that the key thing is to make the crew happy by preparing
                                     us worked very hard and        good food.
                                     demonstrated our skills
                                     very well. We helped           • 1WO Anthony: i may be a consultant to those setting
                                     to make the naval chef         up a restaurant, or probably a wedding consultant. i am
                                     job more attractive by         also thinking of opening up a canteen in schools after i
                                     creating a curriculum. i       retire.
                                     think that helped us to
                                     gain our officers’ trust.      • 1WO Lim: if there are opportunities to open a stall, i
                                                                    will look into it. Now that MDeS will be implemented, i
     • 1WO Anthony: All of us pioneer chefs sat together to         will see what further opportunities there will be for me in
     discuss and put a proposal forward. Over the years, the        the Navy. After all, the bosses have taken care of me very
     quality of food has improved. i came up with our own           well. ~BC
     naval chef course in 1983. The first batch consisted of 40
     people. This was a major milestone because we did not

                                                                  “eyes” and “ears”
                  LTC Danny Teo (right) doing the RSN proud             of the President
                                                                   start time had been delayed by 15 mins, as there was a
                                                                   massive traffic jam and some other important guests were
                                                                   late. i had to ask MM to return to his seat when he wanted
                                                                   to enter the hall at the stated start time,” shared one of the
                                                                   longest-serving honorary ADCs from the RSN, Commander
                                                                   NALCOM COL Low Yong Joo: “As ADCs, we need to be
                                                                   fully aware of the situation and react accordingly to ensure
                                                                   the proper and smooth conduct of all events. After the event,
          COL Low Yong Joo (left) performing his ADC duties        my fellow ADCs joked that for stopping MM in his tracks, my
                                                                   next appointment would be CO of a sampan squadron.”
Aides-de-Camp (ADCs) are easily identified by the distinctive
plaited cords worn across their right shoulder, called             COL Low’s tour of service from Jun 00 to May 09 as an ADC
aiguillettes, as well as the wearing of the President’s Crest      has enriched his life in many ways and provided him with
above their name tags on their No.3 uniforms. A common             many memorable experiences. “it was an honour to host the
sight at any event the President graces, these officers from       numerous dignitaries on behalf of the President − the Kings
the SAF, Police or the SCDF not only escort the President          of Norway, Cambodia, Bhutan, and Malaysia, the Crown
at official functions, but also often act as the President’s       Princes of Thailand and Bahrain, the Presidents of Chile,
personal aide. At any one time, there are about 100 Honorary       Poland, Vietnam, indonesia and Timor Leste, just to name a
and three full-time ADCs serving the President. Of which,          few,” he proudly recalled. “This is an opportunity not many
only a handful comes from the RSN.                                 SAF officers can share about.”

To date, only two RSN officers have served as full-time ADCs.      As a form of appreciation to the ADCs who have sacrificed
“The first was then CPT Tan Peng Yang in 1987,” reminisced         their time to serve the nation’s highest office, the President
LTC Danny Teo. “We share the same dialect name ‘Peng               hosts a special Open House for both past and present ADCs
Yang’. So the joke was that they were waiting for another          and their families at the istana annually.
‘Peng Yong’ from the RSN to be the next full-time ADC,
hence the long wait of 17 years ...”                               MAJ Sylvan C. Sumanthiran who was present at this year’s
                                                                   istana Open House for ADCs commented: “i’ve been an
LTC Teo was appointed as the full-time military ADC                honorary ADC since 2006 and this is my 3rd year. One of my
from 2004 to 2006. His family members were initially               most memorable experiences was organising the Presidential
apprehensive when he took up the appointment, worried              investiture Awards. it is organised and run entirely by ADCs
about the sacrifices that he would have to bear, particularly      and one of the biggest affairs in Singapore. Working with
time away from family during weekends and public holidays.         officers from different ministries was definitely a good and
Comments from friends and colleagues didn’t help either            enriching experience for me. His wife, MAJ Too Yen Yee, an
as they remarked that such an appointment would wipe               RSAF officer added: “Although his duties take up a fair bit of
out his social life. LTC Teo agreed with the comments but          his time, i was very prepared as i am certain it is a good thing
was quick to add that he thoroughly loved the work he was          for him to serve as an ADC and to experience all he can in
doing. “i would use the analogy of scaling Mount everest           his tour of duty.” ~BC
when comparing the experience of being an ADC, except
that the former can be done now as long as you have the
money but the latter is not something that money can buy,”
he stressed.

Some of his duties as a full-time ADC included planning and
managing all the events that the President and Mrs Nathan
attend. He also advised the organisers of such functions on
the sometimes tricky protocol and ceremonial issues.

Being an ADC also requires the officers to think on their feet.
“i remember during one National Day investiture ceremony,
Minister Mentor was waiting at the holding area together
                                                                      Navy ADCs, past and present, at the istana at an Open House on 3 Oct
with Mrs Nathan, Prime Minister and Senior Minister. The

                                                                                        The AvC WiTs Team from NLD and 191 SQN

     Availability – based Contracting for
                                    RSN small craft
                                                                            availability status of the operational crafts. AvC
                                                                            also transfers the full spectrum of maintenance
                                                                            planning,       scheduling     and      inventory
                                                                            management functions to the contractor, giving
                                                                            them the operational flexibility to manage and
                                                                            optimise their resources. The end result is a
                                                                            “win-win” situation as the RSN benefits from
                                                                            increased craft availability and manpower
                                                                            savings while the contractor, STM, benefits
                                                                            from the enlarged contract work scope.

                                                                              Under the new system, whenever faults
                                                                              are detected on board the small crafts, the
                                                                              operators will directly inform the maintenance
                                                                              contractor, STM. STM will also be responsible
                                                                              for supplying the materials needed for the
     The small crafts of the RSN, comprising the Fast Craft for              repair, which eliminates the administrative
     equipment and Personnel (FCeP), Fast Craft Utility (FCU)     time lapse. On the other hand, the RSN engineers will
     and Pontoon are used frequently to transport troops,         determine the resultant operational status of the small
     vehicles and equipments, not only for the RSN but also       crafts. As STM is paid based on the Readiness Condition
     for the various government agencies in Singapore. As         of the RSN small crafts for that day, any defect means that
     such, it is important that they are available when called    the maintenance contractor will not be paid the full sum
     upon. To improve the availability of these crafts, Naval     of the availability payment. CPT Xu explains: “The main
     Logistics Department (NLD), together with 191 SQN and        priority is to have all the small crafts operational 24/7.
     NALCOM tackled this issue from an unusual direction          Under the new contract, STM has to provide the parts and
     – by looking at the contract mechanism.                      labour for every defect on board the ships. They stand to
                                                                  lose if our crafts are not operational because they will be
     As explained by Assistant Squadron engineering               paid a lower premium.”
     Officer, 191 SQN, CPT Xu Weijie: “Previously, when
     we experienced defects on the small crafts, we had to        The success of AvC shows that through innovation, the
     first raise the problem to NALCOM. NALCOM would              RSN can change the conventional model of conducting
     then raise it to our maintenance contractor, Singapore       our businesses so as to achieve further improvements. Mr
     Technologies Marine (STM) and they would then come           Lim Lian Nang, a Staff Officer in NLD who was responsible
     down to assess and rectify the problem. After which,         for the implementation of AvC explains: “AvC is a novel
     spare parts needed for the repair would be obtained          and innovative concept. Although its implementation was
     from the RSN warehouse which is managed by another           challenging especially during the initial project phase, it
     contractor.” All this administrative work meant that         enhanced our strategic partnership with STM, optimises
     whenever problems occur on board the small craft, it         our resources and improves performance. Through
     would take up to a week to make it operational again,        discussions and negotiations with our industrial partner,
     posing a problem to the RSN especially when there are        the project team overcame many difficulties faced during
     overseas deployment, exercises or even contingency           implementation. Mutual trust was an important element
     operations.                                                  that contributed to the success of this project.”

     After examining various contracting approaches, NLD          Since the AvC implementation, NLD and 191 SQN have
     introduced the Availability-based Contracting (AvC)          seen a 4% overall improvement in craft operational
     framework for the small crafts’ maintenance. The new         availability, manpower savings and cost savings. Annual
     performance-based contract pegs the revenue of               cost savings of about $1million have mainly been derived
     the contractor to the desired outcome of the users –         from the reduction in corrective maintenance. ~BC

it is commonly said that the effectiveness of a force lies    making machine, which monitors the status of the ships’
not only in the equipment, but also in the operators of       machinery. Today, NALCOM works closely with NLD,
the equipment. However, it is rarely remembered that the      DSTA and other industrial partners to enhance the RSN’s
sustainability of that effective force can only be ensured    warfighting capabilities to undertake an expanded
with similarly highly competent maintainers of that           spectrum of operations.
                                                              Last year, NALCOM supported about 300 successful
This critical role has been shouldered by the men and         deployments, completed 10,000 maintenance orders, 27
women of the Naval Logistics Command (NALCOM).                refits and intermediate dockings, supplied close to 25
Since 1 Jan 86, NALCOM has seen much growth as                million litres of fuel, issued approximately 3,000 rounds,
the rest of the RSN. Besides providing shore-based            provided 1.6 million meals and fulfilled 53,000 material
maintenance and engineering support, supply support,          reservations with less than 600 active personnel.
transportation and operational logistics from the simplest
Rigid Hull inflatable Boats (RHiBs) to the highly advanced    “From our humble beginning in Brani Naval Base to the
and sophisticated frigates, NALCOM has been steadfastly       current set up in Tuas Naval Base and Changi Naval Base,
supporting the operational readiness of the frontline units   over the past 20 years, our transformation journey has
of the Navy. Today, NALCOM personnel are deployed             brought about many enhancements to our organisation
not just for local exercises but for overseas deployments     structure and improvements in our business processes.
as far as the Mediterranean to turn around critical defects   This has enabled NALCOM units to deliver more cost
or perform essential system calibrations.                     effective and quality logistics support to our combatants
                                                              in the two naval bases as well as all the other RSN units
NALCOM has also transformed by adopting new                   that are stationed in our main island and sites. ensuring
technology and exploring innovative initiatives to            the highest state of logistics preparedness will remain the
meet the greater demands of the 3rd Gen Navy. These           focus for us as we continue this transformation journey
include the usage of the enterprise System and the Ship       with the RSN,” Deputy Commander NALCOM LTC Tay
Control Monitoring and Management System sense-               Peng Soon remarked.

                                                              Article contributed by MAJ Alex Heng

     RSN Sports Awards
     The amazing sporting results that allowed the RSN
     to win the SAFSA inter-Formation Competition for
     four consecutive years would not have been possible
     without the sheer hard work of Team Navy’s sportsmen
     and sportswomen. Their sacrifices and contributions to
     sports was recognised when CNV RADM Chew Men
     Leong handed out certificates to these athletes at the
     RSN Sports Award Ceremony held at the CNB Central
     Specialist Mess on 6 Nov.

     CNV handed out a total of 50 Certificates of Colours and
     75 Certificates of Merit to the athletes. A Certificate of    mind of our athletes. We endeavour to win competitions
     Colours celebrates an athlete’s excellent achievement in      but we also aim to build strong characters and establish
     sports while a Certificate of Merit recognises an athlete’s   comradeship in the process.” ~JL
     outstanding contribution to sports.
     During the event, certificate of
     appointments were also presented to
     members of the RSN sports working

     RSN Sports Officer MAJ Wong
     Foo Chan commented on their
     achievements: “Sports in the RSN is
     not all just about winning the race,
                                                                                        CNV RADM Chew Men Leong handing out a
     but also developing the states of                                                   certificate to 1WO Anthony Panner Selvam

                                                             Don’t Drink and Drive

                      RSN Paddlers
                                                 Make Us Proud

                                         Runners-up in the SAFSA iFC Table-Tennis Competition

After two intense weeks of qualifying matches in Oct,                definitely believe that given the quality of players that
the finals of the SAFSA inter-Formation Table Tennis                 we have, we can do better next year now that we will be
Competition saw the RSN come face to face with paddlers              more ‘hungry’.”
from the RSAF. it was a nail-biting finish. The RSN team
managed to come back from a 2-0 deficit and it was left              Despite finishing as runner-up in the team event, the
to the final set to determine who was to be the SAFSA                RSN did well in the individual events by coming in 1st in
champion. True to form, the final set was a truly long and           several categories - MWO Kho Yong Wah from TMB won
exciting series of rallies. But even with a strong cheering          the Veteran’s Singles and Doubles events; LTC Loke Yong
contingent, the RSN finally lost 2-3 to the RSAF team.               from TMB and MSG Sim Su Woon from NiD won the
                                                                     Master’s Doubles; MSG Sim Su Woon and 2WO Chow
Team Captain MWO Kho Yong Wah commented: “i                          Took Guan from TMB won the Mixed Doubles; and MSG
think our players started off a bit nervous as we were               Sim Su Won won the Master’s Singles.
the Defending Champions. The RSAF team had nothing
to lose as this was the first time in a very long time that          Article contributed by LTA Luong Kok Wa
they have even managed to qualify for the Finals. But i

                            TRACOM victorious during
                       38th RSN Track and Field!
                                                                     The fervent cheers from the enthusiastic supporters also
                                                                     garnered the top prize for TRACOM in the Cheerleading

                                                                     The Best Male and Female Athlete titles went to PTe
                                                                     Kunasheelan from TRACOM and 1SG Shaune Lin from
                                                                     FLeeT respectively. PTe Kunasheelan excitedly declared:
                                                                     “To be honest, i was thrilled but mostly surprised as i
                                                                     never expected to receive it. Nevertheless, i am proud
                                                                     and honored to be the first in TRACOM’s history to clinch
                                                                     this award!” ~GO

On 29 Oct, TRACOM claimed the championship of
the 38th RSN Track & Field competition. Held at CNB,
TRACOM scored 753 points, a comfortable victory over
the 1st runner-up HQ RSN/ NDU, which trailed by more
than 200 points. They however did manage to stand
their ground and defend their Tug-of-War title against                                          Participants from NALCOM

                 If I hadn’t joined the Navy,
   I wouldn’t have crossed the Tasman Sea.
                 To Auckland, from Sydney.
               Vast ocean, on a dainty MCV.
                If I hadn’t joined the Navy,
          I wouldn’t be a CAPTAIN at sea,
                        Commanding a PV,
         Once I took her to visit Langkawi.
                     I am a son of the sea,
                  the Navy is a part of me,
even though after today I no longer will be.


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