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									Grant Mongardi
531a Country Way
Scituate, MA 02066
Home Phone: (781) 544-3387


To obtain a software development or administrative position at a technology driven company that
will utilize my technical, administrative, and project management skills, as well as offer the
opportunity to advance my skill set (Java/Servlets/JSP, additional C++, Commercial DBI
development, and Network security)

You can download the most recent version of this document from
http://www.BostonHot.com/Dev.doc or view it online at

TECHNICAL SKILL SUMMARY – in declining order of exposure

   Web Development: HTML; CGI; Perl; Perl Modules; Perl Optimization; Tcl;
    JavaScript/ECMA; CSS; C/C++; Sendmail; DBI/ODBC/SQL; SSL/SSLWrap; SSH; LDAP
   Software Development: C for Win32, Win16, DOS, and 8051; C++ for Win32 and Win16;
    Tcl; Borland C++ and Borland C++Builder; Visual C++; Kdeveloper; Berkeley Sockets;
    i18n/l10n; SQL; Vim
   System Administration: Apache, JSERV, Tomcat, Red Hat, Solaris, DEC Unix, BSD,
    Windows NT/2k, Sendmail, Unix shell(bash, csh, tcsh), Sybase, Tango, Network Appliance,
    Toplink, POP/SMTP, TCP/IP, SNMP, http, FTP, ICMP


1999 - Present
Synchronicity, Inc., Marlboro, MA
Web Developer

 Maintain corporate intranet and extranet sites
 Automate maintenance tasks
 Create Tcl data conversion systems and tools for Synchronicity’s DM/CM Products
 Create and Modify Tcl Interfaces and functionality of Synchronicity’s DM/CM Products

Synchronicity, Inc. produces Web-based CM/DM/Collaboration tools for ASIC developers. The
tools run under Apache on SunOS, HP-UX, and Linux, and IIS under NT/2000. The client will run
under SunOS, HP-UX, Linux, NT/2000, and Win98.

My primary role at Synchronicity was to migrate their existing Customer support application to a
dramatically different underlying (proprietary) architecture, without interrupting any services. This
involved automating the data conversion, customizing the interfaces and configurations, and
automating the migration itself. Additionally, I was charged with analyzing the underlying
architecture and making recommendations for features and changes. I was also expected to
document, prototype and test these features/changes.

In respect to my other Intranet-related duties, I was in charge of a project to implement an LDAP
employee directory (iPlanet), create a multi-user/multi-object "free-time" scheduling wizard for a
custom calendaring/scheduling system, and to automate numerous (SunOS) administrative tasks.

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Dec 1998 – Oct. 1999
Genome Therapeutics Corporation, Waltham, MA

 Maintain corporate intranet and extranet sites
 Automate maintenance tasks
 Develop and maintain software tools for the Bioinformatics Group
 Work with internal departments to define requirements and implement solutions
 Ensure integrity, reliability, and security of all web-based services
 Identify and implement new technologies to meet business objectives

 Assisted in the re-design of internal and external web sites.
 Implemented many new scientific applications as they relate to web development and system
 Created web-based interfaces for many database systems.
 Automated LDAP management through a web interface (LDAPapi.pm)
 Assisted in the implementation of SSH/SSL/VPN services
 Automated employee management system
 Simplified web production and development environments
 Provided regular statistical analysis on web site usage

Genome Therapeutics Corp. (GTC) is a genomics and bioinformatics company that was the
seventh most productive contributor to the Human Genome Project (http://www.ornl.gov/hgmis/).

My primary responsibility at GTC was to support numerous web-based projects and applications
for both the scientific groups and the administrative groups. This involved installing and
configuring Apache servers (both DSO and static) under numerous operating systems, as well as
creating and modifying applications for both scientific and administrative systems.

During my tenure at GTC, I was responsible for making extensive modifications to a web-based
sequence BLASTing application (Seqweb) to utilize an entirely different sequence file format
(fasta v. GCG), as well as adapting it to utilize a computing cluster (LSF), and to run an alternate
blasting application (WUBLAST v. GCGBlast). Additionally, the system needed to remain in a
non-blocking wait state, monitor the progress and status of the remotely-running process, and
when finally complete parse the results into a format that was understood by the original
application, or alternately, respond with an error report.

I was involved with many other major projects including the specification and creation of a
subscription database email newsletter, specification and creation of an employee directory and
then later conversion to utilize OpenLDAP, specification and creation of a web-based document
archival/retrieval system, and specification and creation of a web-based equipment database

Additionally, I installed, configured and supported Apache servers, JSERV, Tomcat, and MySQL
servers on Compaq True64, RedHat Linux, SunOS, WinNT, and FreeBSD. The external website
alone required maintaining over 2000 separate pages and documents.

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BioMérieux, Inc., Rockland, MA
Senior Equipment Technician III

 Develop and Maintain a complete cGMP Calibration Program
 Responsible for all in-house application development (Lead developer)
 Develop man-machine interfaces to various production equipment
 Develop and implement a complete Intranet for the Rockland site

 Redesigned an application in C to operate a component production device that improved the
   device’s throughput 220%.
 Completed and implemented a complete Intranet site, that included HTTPd, SMTPd/POP,
   Security protocols, Perl Scripts, Server Extensions, and a search index/engine.
 Developed a Database recall system for ensuring that all instrumentation within the Rockland
   site (over 500 items) were kept in calibration. This system passed all 6 ISO/9001 audits and
   two FDA audits without a finding or observation.
 Was key in developing various PLC machine control programs that helped bring the
   manufacturing system from <2000 partially complete units per day, to >40,000 complete units
   per day.
 Developed a Real-Time statistical data-acquisition/analysis system based on the 8051
   embedded processor. This required analysis and storage of fluorescence data points read at
   120 total reads per second from four separate sources, spaced at intervals to reduce noise.

My role at bioMérieux was to support the production department by repairing and maintaining the
production equipment, as well as support the engineering group by designing and creating
fixtures, controls, and software for the production and engineering equipment. For the last several
years of my employment at bioMérieux, I was the only in-house software developer, and was
responsible for creation and maintenance of all in-house custom applications.

While at bioMérieux, I created numerous software applications from scratch, as well as designed
and fabricated numerous mechanical fixtures and tooling. I also designed and installed controls
and control wiring, as well as designed and fabricated complete systems and automated

USAToday / Boston Offset, Norwood, MA
Technical Services Manager

 Manage a team of 4 technicians to maintain all production and pre-press equipment
 Develop and maintain preventative maintenance procedures and documentation
 Perform Documented testing on prototype and evaluation equipment
 Oversee major upgrades and expansion of the Norwood production environment

 Was critical in the planning and implementation of expansion of the pressroom capabilities of
   the Norwood Site, including the installation of 16 unit GOSS pressline that produced greater
   than 50,000 impressions per hour.
 Was solely responsible for planning the satisfactory division of labor between union and non-
   union electricians.
 During my tenure, The Norwood site was the only USAToday Technical Services Department
   in the world that did not require a follow-up audit to our annual documentation audit.

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The Middlesex News, Framingham, MA
Maintenance Mechanic

 Repair and maintenance of all production, pre-press, and distribution equipment
 Installation of all production and distribution equipment

 Developed a complete repair request and tracking system
 Developed a complete parts tracking and ordering system


   Modicon application programming course for their PLCs.
   Attended an Allen-Bradley PLC programming Seminar.
   Training by factory certified technicians on the S Series OMRON PLC.
   Training by factory certified technicians on the Klochner-Moeller PLC.
   Attended a seminar by A.E. Schwartz & Assoc. on Effective Communicating.
   Attended Seminars by DDI on "Managing Interpersonal Relationships", Team Startup
    Training, "Making the Difference", and " Working in Teams".
   Attended a seminar by Stephen Covey called "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People".
   Attended a seminar by Interpharm called "Good Calibration and Measurement Practices".
   Attended a course on Biological Safety Cabinet Technology from the Eagleson Institute.
   Completed a Boston University Corporate Education course called "Organizing and
    Implementing a Complete Preventative Maintenance Program".


   Own a complete electronics laboratory include instrumentation such as a Tektronics dual-bay
    mainframe, a TDR plug-in, a spectrum analyzer plug-in, a differential amplifier, a signal tracer
    and injector, frequency counter, RF signal generator, DMMs and binocular inspection scope.
   Self taught in many programming languages, operating systems, and protocols such as ,
    Perl, C/C++, Tcl, Unix, Apache, and many others.
   Created BostonHot.com - a popular website directory.
   Made significant contributions to over 20 high traffic web sites including BostonHot.com,
    Coonhounds.com, and GenomeCorp.com
   Provided collaborative services to several commercial web sites


http://www.bostonhot.com/Ref.doc - Word Document
Additional references are available upon request.

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