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How to Treat Diabetes Naturally


									How to Treat Diabetes Naturally

Getting rid of excess sugar from the body system is one of the easiest way to having
longer life.

The rate at which diabetes is growing all around the world is shocking indeed. Take
America for example - the USA currently has about 18 million of its citizens as
diabetics. This is more than three times the original rate in the 1980's. If this goes on
without a solution, we would have about forty million Americans alone suffering from
diabetes by 2015.

However, there is very good news o lighten the somber news: type two diabetes can
be effectively eliminated! What is even more good news is the fact that type 2
diabetes is the more common form of diabetes people tend to suffer from. The only
tools you need to get back into good health are a few minor adjustments to your
lifestyle and some help from natural supplements.

Here's a little background information on diabetes. There are two forms of the
disease, and they are both caused by problems with the hormone called insulin. The
first form of diabetes, tagged Type one diabetes, usually attacks and affects people
in their mid0twenties. This covers a very small area of people, about five percent of
the sufferers.

Type two diabetes is more likely to strike at the ages of forty and above, and sis a
result of the pancreas not being able to synthesize insulin, or the cells of the body no
longer responding to insulin.

In lay terms, here is what diabetes does for the body: sugar begins to seep into the
blood stream, and results in sticky blood over time. This sticky bold begins to clog up
major blood vessels, and it is easy to see why there are usually resultant
complications that follow diabetes.

Once signs of diabetes have been diagnosed in a person, some lifestyle changes
would have to be undertaken. Sugar-based foods should be avoided, of course.

Exercise is a fundamental and most important part of the recovery process from type
two diabetes. Most people do not understand the significance. Here is a brief

The human body is fueled by sugar which is stored as glycogen in the body.
Glycogen is the storage form of sugar in the body, but for glycogen to be used by the
body, it must first be converted to glucose. Free sugar circulating in the body is
readily converted to blood glucose, which can be rapidly broken down to form

Exercise causes an increased demand for energy from the body, and the body will
have no choice but to break down the free sugar in the blood stream, thereby freeing
up excess body sugars. This would obviously reduce the risk of diabetes-related
disease if a consistent exercise routine is maintained.
Exercising is all well and good, but it is still advisable that a diabetic should consult
his or her local physician before embarking on an exercise regime so as not to cause
further harm than good to the body. Apart from this, regular exercise is sure to
correct type 2 diabetes naturally.

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