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					                                            Digital Storytelling : America Is...

    Teacher Name: Mr. Rubin

    Student Name:         ________________________________________

         CATEGORY                           10                   8                    6                   0-5               Earned
Soundtrack - Emotion (x1)                   Music stirs a rich   Music stirs a rich   Music is ok, and    Music is
                                            emotional            emotional            not distracting,    distracting,
                                            response that        response that        but it does not     inappropriate, OR
                                            matches the          somewhat             add much to the     was not used.
                                            story line well.     matches the          story.              No music
                                            Flash drive          story line.                              file/flash drive.
                                            present with
                                            music on file.
Images (x2)                                 Images create a      Images create an     An attempt was      Little or no
                                            distinct             atmosphere or        made to use         attempt to use
                                            atmosphere or        tone that            images to create    images to create
                                            tone that            matches some         an atmosphere       an appropriate
                                            matches              parts of the         but it needed       atmosphere/tone
                                            different parts of   story. The images    more work.          . Illogical images
                                            the story. The       may                  Image choice is     used.
                                            images may           communicate          logical. Images
                                            communicate          symbolism            are less than
                                            symbolism            and/or               clear.
                                            and/or               metaphors.
                                            Images are clear
                                            and easily visible

Economy (x1)                                The story is toldThe story                The story seems     The story needs
                                            with exactly the composition is           to need more        extensive editing.
                                            right amount of  typically good,          editing. It is      It is too long or
                                            detail           though it seems          noticeably too      too short to be
                                            throughout. It   to drag                  long or too short   interesting.
                                            does not seem    somewhat OR              in more than one
                                            too short nor    need slightly            section.
                                            does it seem too more detail in
                                            long.            one or two
Duration of Presentation (x1)               Length of        Length of                Length of         Presentation was
                                            presentation was presentation was         presentation was less than 2
                                            3-5 minutes.     3 minutes.               2 minutes.        minutes long OR
                                                                                                        more than 5
Grammar (x1)                                Grammar and          Grammar and          Grammar and       Repeated errors
                                            usage were           usage were           usage were        in grammar and
                                            correct (for the     typically correct    typically correct usage distracted
                                            dialect chosen)      (for the dialect     but errors        greatly from the
                                            and contributed      chosen) and          detracted from story.
                                            to clarity, style    errors did not       story.
                                            and character        detract from the
                                            development.         story.

Point of View - Purpose (x2)                Establishes a        Establishes a        There are a few     It is difficult to
                                            purpose early on     purpose early on     lapses in focus,    figure out the
                                            and maintains a      and maintains        but the purpose     purpose of the
                                            clear focus          focus for most of    is fairly clear.    presentation.
                                            throughout.          the presentation.

Pacing (x2)                                 The pace (rhythm     Occasionally         Tries to use        No attempt to
                                            and voice            speaks too fast or   pacing (rhythm      match the pace
                                            punctuation) fits    too slowly for the   and voice           of the storytelling
                                            the story line and   story line. The      punctuation), but   to the story line
                                            helps the            pacing (rhythm       it is often         or the audience.
                                            audience really      and voice            noticeable that
                                            "get into" the       punctuation) is      the pacing does
                                            story.               relatively           not fit the story
                                                                 engaging for the     line. Audience is
                                                                 audience.            not consistently

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