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Year   Title                                             Authors
       Princepal and practice of highway engineeringSharma, R.C.; Sharma, S.K.
                                                         Topping, B.H.V.
       The application of artificial intelligenence techniques to civil and structural engineering
       Surveying                                         Rampal, K.K.
       Engineering design guides: An introduction to wind effects on structures C Scrotum
       Soil Engineering                                  lambe, T. William
       The harz water main
       List of standard, economical timber designs
       Floors and slabs: Compilation 35
       Design of concrete members with ribbed-torsteel   Chandra, R.; Prasad, R.S.
       Bethlehem structural shapes : Information and tables for architects ,engineers ,and designers of buildings and other
       Effective area for masonry                        Hatzinikolas, M.; Morstead, H.
       Welded steel pipe 96-inch industrial water transmission main :Sparrows .Point ,Maryland
       Vibration of solids and structures under moving loadsLadislav
                                                          industrial structures through modern timber engineering
       Design and economy of timber roof frames for Masani, N.J.
       Final report of the task committee on :Pipelines in the ocean
                                                         respect to Krister
       Calculation of nailed timber constructions with Cederwall, the deformation properties of the constructions
                                                         Ahmad, S.
       Curved thick shell and membrane elements with particular reference to axis-symmetric problems
       Performance of bentonite p piles with respect to development of skin fraction
       Shell of double curvature for Roors and floors Ramaswamy, G.S.; Chetty, S.M.K.
       Design of cylindrical concrete shell roofs        Bleich, Hans H.; Alfred L., Parme
       Experimental studies of forces on piles           Morison, J.R.; Johnson, J.W.
       Ceramic Tile: Study no. 09310
                                                         Hatzikolas, M.
       Failure modes for eccentrically loaded concrete block masonry walls
       General geology                                   Lange, O.; Ivanova, M.; Lebedeva, N.
       The rivers in america's future No.4
                                                          by the moment Longworth, J.; Warwaruk, J.
       Analysis of eccentrically loaded masonry walls Hatzinikolas, M.;magnifier method
       Numerical treatment for undamaged modes C., Taylor; B.S., Patil
       Measurement of ground water flow; Neyrpic: Laboratories dauphinois d'Hydraulique
       Fire hazard in timber structures
                                                         Masani, N.J.; Dhamani, B.C.
       Research on timber concrete bamboo composite construction for standardization and use of new and improved bui
       Final reprt of trhe task committee on :Pipelines in the ocean
       Mineral admixtures
       Laboratory testing in soil engineering            Akroyd, T.N.W.
                                                         Kohli, D.D.
       Detailed specifications of buildings & roads and analysis of rates
       Research needs in soil mechanics and foundation engineering
       Interaction diagrams for reinforced masonry
       laws of liquid flow                               Mohammad, K.B.
       Temporary wind bracing of masonry structuresHatzinikolas, M.
       A timber lamella roof                             Masani, N.J.; Venkaiya, N.
                                                         Karandeyev, K.
       Bridge and potentiometer methods of electrical measurements
       Durable concrete
       Hints on control tests for Quality concrete
       Snowcrete British white Portland cement
       Asbestos -Cement sheet roof coverings
       Lecture outline CE170 Water supply
       EMP and electric power systems
       Repairs to reinforced concrete by cement gun Egerton, W.W.
       Lining of channels                                Maubub, K.B.S.I.
       Waterloggineg in Punjab its causes and cures Uppal, H.L.
       IL5 & 10: Information of the institute for lightweight structures
       Allis -Chalmers water control gates

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Theory of elasticity                             Filonenko-borodich, M.
New technology :Survey photography and flight
MAN Transporter cranes
Specifications for concrete No. 410527
                                                 Valanis, K.C.; Sun, C.T.
Axisymmetric wave propagation in a solid viscoelastic sphere
Control of quality of ready-mixed concrete
Gangapur dam scheme
                                                 Tamberg, K.G.; bridge beams
Experimental study as to the use of glued laminated timber for Huggins, M.W.
Thinking machines                                Gutenmacher, L.
Seismic design for reinforced masonry            Hatzinikolas, M.A.
Water reclamation by reriary treatment methods
Industries in India: Proceedings of the seminar on shell structures: vol. 5
Structural mechanics                             Darkov, A.; Kuznetsov, V.
Ten rivers in america's future No.1 the columbia
Bethlehem H-Piles
Bethlehem steel sheet piling
The effects of calcium chloride on Portland cement
Report on the utilization of silt in italy       Hutton, C.H.
The upper ganga canal and its creator            Garg, S.P
Recommendations for and international code of practice for reinforced concrete
Kalinadi -Hydro electric project
Precast reinforced concrete                      Mirotvorsky, S.; Dyachenko, P.
                                                 W. Hollon, Geroge
A correlation of published data on lime-pozzloan-aggregate mixtures for highway base course construction
National ready mixed NRMCA concrete association
Mahi right bank canal project
Meshwa canal project
Report of soil exploration for proposed five storeyed building on national academy of administration at Mussoorie
Typical installations of Bethlehem steel sheet piling
                                                 Garde, R.J.; Albertson,
Characteristics of bed forms and regimes of flow in alluvial channels M.L.
Proceedings of the second congress of the international society for rock mechanics Beggared, Vol. 4: Events and d
                                                 Hatzinikolas, M.
The effect of joint reinforcement on vertical load carrying capacity of hollow concrete block masonry
Prospecting for minerals                         Kitaisky, Y.D.
Irrigation guide
Rock mechanics in engineering practice           Stagg, K.G.; Zienkiewicz, O.C.
Urban traffic noise : Strategy for an improved environment
Asphalt land its uses
Elements of photogrammetry                       Wolf, Paul R.
Mississippi river navigation
Transport and distribution made simple           Benson, Don
Critical flow meter                              Naito, Toshisada
Principles And practice highway engineering Kadinali, L.K.
Surface irrigation for bastern farms             F.N., Stanley
                                                 Kamala, A.; Kanth Rao, D.L.
Environmental engineering :Water supply sanitary engineering and pollution
Road passenger transport in India                Patankar, P.G.
Column design curves
Finite element analysis in geotechnology
Roadways and airport pavements
Techniques of finite elements                    Irons, Bruce; Ahmad, Sohrab
                                                 Sharma, K.R.
Irrigation engineering : diagrams used in designs of irrigation works
Non linear flow through porous media: Land reclamation
Economic considerations in road developmentShell, Burman

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The border method of irrigation                   Marr, James C.
                                                  McEligot, Donald M.
Recent studies on energy, mass and momentum transfer
ICID Bulletin
Fatigue life of prestressed concrete beams
St. Anthony falls hydraulic laboratory            Anderson, Alvin G.
Most outstanding concrete structures in India
Compressive strength of large brick masonry Hatzinikolas, M.
Technical terms
Guide for structural lightweight aggregate concrete
Soil investigation for the proposed Bergman store addition
                                                  Mokhashi, S.L.; testing rocks
Review on correlation between static and dynamic methods of Chakraborty, S.
Earthquake -resistant design of concrete structures S.K.
Duty of water investigations                      Bark, Don H.
Report to the government of Nepal on irrigation   Theuvenet, S.
Structural analysis coates                        ., .
Influcnce characteristics for slub bridges        Nayak, G.C.
Soil -Cement construction hand book roads
Grina storage project
                                                  Haugel, A.; Lepetit, J.P.
Inventory of hydrodynamic elements for cylinders under wave conditions
Moments in simply supported skew i-Beam bridges T.Y.
Grouting in geotechnical engineering              ASCE
Bridge repair and Rehabilitation
Analysis and design of reinforced concrete bridge structures
Plates with free edges on an elastic foundation   Willems, N.
Irrigation pumps : Their selection and use        Johnston, C.N.
Operating cost guide
                                                  Hatzinkolas, M.
The effect of joint reinforcement on vertical load carrying capacity of hollow concrete block masonry
                                                  Macedo, N.
Lime industry in india: A limited survey of the lime industry and of organisations concered with research in the use o
Swimming pools
Runway testing in india                           Tawadey, V.B.
Rural sanitation                                  Dangoria, Chandulal C.
                                                  Israelsen, O .Rson
The engineer and soil water conservation in foreign countries
Hydraulic of bridge waterways                     Bardley, Joseph N.
Ghatprabha valley development project
Three decades of building research in india Narain, Jagdish; Prakash, Smamsher; Prakash, Aditya
Unit-operations of chemical engineerig            Kirkpatrick, Sidney D.
Proper sizing of excators an hauling equipment
Buildings in composite construction
The indian iron & Steel co. Ltd.
Air pollution survey of surat                     Shelat, R.N.; Ramprasad, F.G.; Mansuri, M.G.
Photolab design for black and white and color photography
Introduction to unix system v                     Byers, Robert A.
Consult notams for latest information
Air quality monitoring :A course manual
Lecture notes on forest engineering               Achar, M.V.
Handbook of construction techniques
Intermededeate structurtal analysis               Wang, C.K.
Proceedings symposium :Changing concepts of human habitations
Processing chemiclals and formulas fo rblack and white photography
Floors in residential buildings
Analysis of grid floors                           Mathur, G.C.
Footings for small buildings

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                                                          Chandran, S.K..M.; Patwardhan, S.V.
       Few concepts of management and their applications in army enginer tasks including water supply
       Rural house designs
       Painting on new woodwork                           Varshneya, J.K.
       Handbook for bulding engineers in metric system
       Radiant panel heating with steel pipe
       Proceedings :14th congress of the internatinal association for hydraulic research
       Building construction                              M.Kay, W.B.
                                                          McDowell, and
       The vertical distribution of water velocities in tidal streamsD.M. in models of tidal regions
       Building detailing and fixtures
       Thermal movements and espansion joints in buildings
       Analysis of small conolithic concrete buildings for earthquke forces
                                                          Masani, N.J.
       Preventionof termite attack in by constructional methods
       Consumptive use of water for agrioulture           Lowry, Robert L.
1768   rock mechanics in engineering practice             Stagg, K.G.; Zienkiewicz, O.C.
1817   Design of rainforced concrete                      McCormac, Jack C.
1880                                                      Edgar,
       Note book on practical solid or descriptive geometry J.H.; Pritchard, G.S.
1892   Irrigation canals and other irrigation works       Flynn, P.J.
1900   The quantify of water used in irrigation and the seepage loss from canals
1901                                                      Fortier, Samuel
       Conveyance of water in irrigation canals flumes and pipes
1903   Electric traction                                  Rider, Johan Hall
1905   Destructive floods in the united states in 1904 Murphy, Edward Charles
1911   Hydraulic tables                                   Hazen, Allen
1913   The improvement of rivers                          Thomas, B.F.
1915   The drainage of irrigated land                     Hart, R.A.
1915                                                      Firebrace, R.E.F.
       Thomason civil engineering college manuals; surveying; part2
1916   Bridge engineering                                 Waddell, J.A.L.
1916   Tile drainage                                      Gee, E.C.
1916   Irrigation practice and engineering                Etcheverry, B.A.
1917   Spray irrigation                                   Williams, Milo B.
1917   The miami valley and the 1913 flood                Morgan, Arthur E.
1918   Dams and weirs                                     Bligh, W.G.
1919                                                      Williams, Addams C.
       History of the rivers in the gangetic delta 1750-1918
1919   The design of walls BINS and grain elevators Ketchum, Milo S.
1919                                                      reproduction
       Survey of India handbook of topography; map Survey of India
1920   Modern road construction                           Wood, Francis
1920   The flow of water in dredged drainage ditches Ramser, C.E.
1920                                                      Ketchum, Milo
       The design of highway bridges of stel timber and Concrete S.
1921                                                      Firebrace, R.E.F.
       Thomason civil engineering college manuals; noxiv surveying; part 1
1922                                                      Cullen, Richard J.
       Industrial code rules relating to work in compressed air (tunnels & caissons) tunnel construction
1922   The conveyance of water in open channels
1923   Structural members and connections                 Hool, George A.; Kinne, W.S.
1923   High -Pressure reservoir outlets                   Gaylord, J.M.
1923   Elements of graphic statics                        Hudson, Clarence W.
1927   Register of large dams india
1927   Message fom the president of the united states
1928   The economic limit of pumping for irrigation
1928   First progress report on hudson river bridge
1928                                                      Lumisden, treatise
       Indian storage reservoirs with earthen dams : a pracaticalWilliam on their design and construction
1929   Hydraulic laboratory practices                     Freeman, John R.
1929   Dams and control works
1929   Matual irrigation companies                        Hutchins, Wells A.
1929   Engineering for masonry dams                       Creager, William pritcher

                                                Page 4

1929                                                    Steinman, D.B.
       Practical treatise on suspension bridges : Their design construction and erection
1929                                                    Anthony, William; Smith, Percey F.
       Elements of the differential and integral calculus
1930                                                    Willcocks, its application to modern problems
       Lectures on the ancient system of irrigation in Bengal andWilliam
1930   Commercial irrigation companies                  Hutchins, Wells A.
1930   Alberata current meter model 1930                Nettleton, G.H..
1931   Railroad curves and earthwork                    Allen, C. Frank
1931                                                     and financing
       Irrigation destructs their organization operationHutchins, Wells A.
1931                                                    Stampe, W.L.
       A systems of rural electrification from low head canal falls
1931   Standard four-figure mathematical tables         Milne Thomson, L.M.; Comrie, L.J.
1932                                                    King, Franklin
       Principles ad conditions of the movements of ground water Hiram
1932   Hydraulics of open channels                      Bakhmeteff, Boris A.
1932   The design of steel mill buildings               Kitchum, Milo S.
1933   Proceedings of the western interstate snow survey conference at nevada agricultural experiment station
1933                                                    Dunagan, W.M.
       Proposed system for the analysis and field control of fresh concrete
1933   The design and construction of the sarda canal   Darley, Bernard
1934   Fundamentals of hydro-and aeromechanics Tietjens, O.G.
1934   Hydraulics                                       Schoder, Ernest W.
1934   Records of the survey of India; Rivera surveys in the Punjab 1901 to 1929
1934   Engineering geology and mineral resources Eckel, Edwin C.
1934   The assiut barrage remodelling problem           Leliavsky, Serge
1934   Preliminary report on residuary or form resistance of ships: United states experimental model Basin
1935   Letter symbols and glossary for hydraulics with special reference to irrigation
1935   Siphon spillways                                 Naylor, A.H.
1935                                                    Isralessen, O.W.
       Drainage of land overlying an artesian groumdwater reservoir
1935   Protland cement and portland cement clinker for grand coulee dam
1935   elementary differential equations                Kells, Lyman M.
1935   Sennacheribs's aqueduct at jerwan                Jacobsen, Thorkild
1935   The analytical geometry of the conic sections Askwith, E.H.
1936                                                    Thomas, W. Preston
       Drainage and irrigation ,Soil, Economic and social conditions delta area utah
1936   Arctic and western hudson bay drainage           Acland, F.A.
1936                                                    Spangler, M.G.
       Distribution of shearing stresses in concrete floor slabs under concentrated loads
1936   Dams a bibligraphy                               Clark, Alvan W.
1936   Silting of reservoirs                            Eakin, Henry M.
1936   Theory of modern steel structures                Grinter, Linton E.
1936   Thermal expansion of typical American Rocks Griffith, John H.
1936   Theoretical mechanics: Dynamics of rigid bodies  Macmillan, W.D.
1936   Highway testing apparatus for soils cement asphalt concrete aggregates
1936   Measurement of precipitation
1936   Analysis and design of steel structures          Fuller, Anmon H.; Kerekes, Frank
1936   Engineering aerodynamics                         Diehl, Walter Stuart
1937   Ground water                                     Tolman, C.F.
1937   Foundation treatment at norris dam               Lewis, James S.
1937   Fluid mechanics                                  Dodge, Russell A.; Thompson, Milton J.
1937                                                    Cassinis, G.;
       Fundamental tables for reducing gravity observed values Dore, P.
1937   Physical properties of typical American rocks Griffith, John H.
1938   Practical seismology and seismic prospecting Leet, L. D.
1938   Low dams :A manual of design for small water storage projects
1938   Shearing stresses in gravity dams                Leliavsky, Serge
1938   The design of dams                               Hanna, Frank W.
1938                                                    Hurst, jebel
       Nile basin: hydrology of the lake plateau and bahr ei H.E.; Phillips, P.
1938                                                    Rouse, Hunter
       Experiments on the mechanics of sediment suspension
1938                                                    concentrated surface loads
       Horizontal pressures on retaining walls due to Spangler, M.G.

                                               Page 5

1938   South canadlan river conchas dam specifications for construction of south deke
1938   Fluid mechanics for hydraulic engineers           Rouse, Hunter
1938   Dams and control works
1938   Concrete shore protection                         Horton, F.H.
1939   Transportation in the united states               Metre, Van .W.T.
1939                                                     H.A., John
       Determiningtion of stress by use of indirect and mathematical methods
1939                                                     Barnes, F.F.
       Effect of accelerated erosion on silting in morena reservoir san diego county
1939   Land drainage and reclamation                     Ayres, Quincy Claude
1939   Geology and engineering                           Legget, Robert F.
1939   Theory of structures                              Soofford, Charles M.
1939   Timber piles and construction timbers
1939                                                     Schlick, W.J.
       Rainfall and discharge records for northern Iowa Drainage districts
1939                                                     Rouse, Hunter
       An analysis of sediment transportation in the light of fluid turbulence
1939   Water treatment plant design
1939   Farmer's irrigation guide
1939                                                     Hayden@FEd.
       National irrigation policy -its development and significance
1939   Mathematics of statistics                         Kenney, J.F.; Keeping, E.S.
1939   Calculus                                          Miller, Frederic H.
1940   Souris river investigation
1940   Bond between concrete and steel                   Gilkey, Herbert J.
1940                                                     Marr, J.C.
       Snow surveying; united states department of agriculture, miscellaneous pub. no. 380
1940   Recommended practice and standard specifications for concrete and reinforced concrete: Report
1940   The norris project : A comprehensive report on the planning design eonstruction and initial operations of the tenesse
1940   Design of drainage wells                          Gradner, Willard
1940   Design of drainage wells                          Gardner, Willard
1940   Flood control
1940   Construction planning and plant                   Ackerman, Adolph J.; Locher, Charles H.
1940   The mississipii river : A short historic description of the development of flood control and vavigation on the mississip
1940   Invertebrates: protozoa through ctenophore Hyman, Libbie Henrietta
1940   Filling aswan reservoir in the future             Simaika, Y.M.
1940   An investigation of flshways                      Mcleod, A.M.; Nemenyi, Paul
1940   Mathematical methods in engineering               Karman, Theodore V.; Biot, Maurice A.
1941   Practical tunnel driving                          Richardson, Harold W.; Mayo, Robert S.
1941   Fluid mechanics                                   Cox, Glen N.
1941                                                     Coulson, C.A.
       Waves: a mathematical account of the common types of wave motion
1941   Drainage and flod -control engineering            Pickels, George W.
1941   Meteorological studies                            Church, J.E.
1941   Proportioning: concrete mixtures                  Walker, Stanton
1941   Analytical mechanics for engineers                Seely, Fred B.; Ensign, Newton E.; Jones, Paul G.
1941   The guntersville projects :A comprehensive report on the planning design construction and initial operations of the g
1941   Analytical study of methods of sampling suspended sediment
1941   Engineering descriptive geometry and drawingBarlett, Frank W.; Johnson, Theodore W.
1941   The tata iron and steel company limited :Reference book
1941   Higher mathematics for engineers and physicsSokolnikoff, I.S.; Sokolnikoff, Elizabeth S.
1942   Concrete manual: manual for the control of concrete construction
1942   Hydraulic models                                  Bardsley, C.E.; Lane, E.W.
1942                                                     Sehwalen, Harolod C.
       Rainfall and runoff in the upper santa cruz river drainage basin
1942   Steel and timber structures                       Hool, George A.
1942   Irrigation by sprinkling                          Christiansen, J.E.
1942   Physics of the earth - ix, hydrology              Meinzer, Oscar E.
1942                                                      carried out with
       materials destruction through cavitation - tests Nowotny, Hans high frequency osciliator
1942   Analysis of rigid frames                          Amirikian, A.

                                                  Page 6

1943   Mastering masonry                               Nolan, Kenneth J.
1943   Water power engineering                         Barrows, H.K.
1943   Movable and long-span steel bridges             Hool, George A.; Kinne, W.S.
1943                                                    uses
       Stream flow : measurements records and theirGrover, Natban Clifford
1943   Modern developments in fluid dynamics           Goldstein, S.
1943                                                   Prasad, B.N.
       : text book for the use of b.a. and students of indian universities
1943                                                   Schubauer, G.B.
       National advisory committee for aeronautics : Advance confidential report
1943                                                   Theroux, Frank and
       Laboratory manual for chemical and bacterial analysis of waterR. sewage
1943                                                   Israelsen, Orson W.
       Irrigation science : The foundation of permanent agriculture in arid regions
1943   Differential and integral calculus              Love, Clyde E.
1943   Spherical trigonometry                          Todhunter, I; Leathem, J.G.
1944   Impact on railway dredges                       Looney, Charles T.G.
1944   The failure of the Tacoma narrows bridge
1944   Provisional working instructions for baley suspension bridge No .2
1944   Text book on statics                            Varma, R.S.
1945   United states earthquakes                       Bodle, Ralph R.
1945                                                   Fitzerald, A.E.
       Basic electrical engineering :circuits, machines, electronics
1945   Hand book on tube-wells                         Sanwal, K.D.
1945   Engineering for dams                            Creager, William P.
1945                                                   Jacob, C.E.
       Correlation of ground water levels and precipitation on long Island, New York
1945   Piping handbook                                 Crocker, Sabin
1945   Tables of functions with formulae and curves Jahnke, Eugene; Emde, Fritz
1945   Minimum design loads in buildings and other structures
1945   Better homes and gardens bood of home plans
1946                                                   Auden, J.B.
       Suggestions for future studies on ground water in India
1946   Irrigation engineering                          Davis, Arthur Powell
1946   Protective gear handbook                        Kaufmann, M.
1946   Statically indeterminate structures             Maug, L.C.
1946   6th congress on irrigation and drainage sisiece congres des irrigaions dt du drainage
1946   Advanced mechanics of materials                 Murphy, Glenn
1946   Laboratory control of water purification        Cox, Chariles R.
1946   Design and construction of concrete roads       Smith, R.A.B.; Grigson, T.R.
1946                                                   Stevens, Barbara J.
       Handbook of municipal waste management systems planning and practice
1946   Buildings construction                          Mitchell, George A.; Mitchell, A.M.
1946   Geodesy                                         Hosmer, George L.
1946   Economic principles problems and policies       Kiekhofer, William H.
1947   Transportation and the disadvantaged            Falcocchio, John C.
1947   An introduction to engineering plastics         Harris, Wilbur T.; Brown, D.Warburton
1947   Design of an outline for box inlet dhop spillwayDonnelly, C.A.
1947   Introduction to highway engineering             Bateman, John H.
1947   Uses of traffic accident records                Manul, A
1947   Textbook of te materials of engineering         Moore, Herbert F.
1947   How to make good concrete                       Walsh, H.N.
1947   Text book of physics                            Willows, R.S.
1947                                                   Jenkins, R.S.
       Theory and design of cylindrical shell structures
1947                                                   Bennison,
       Ground water : 1st development uses and conservation E.W.
1947   River tamers : Dams and their builders          Nations, Paul D.
1947   Engineering applications of fluid mechanics Hunsaker, J.C.; Rightmire, B.G.
1947   Investigations of free turbulent mixing         Liepmann, Hans Wolfgang; Laufer, John
1947                                                   Langford-Smith, T.
       Water supply in the agricultural areas of western australia :A study in the technique of techniques of regional investi
1947   Thermal and structural behaviour barrett chute dam
1947   Materials and structures                        Salmon, E.H.

                                                 Page 7

1947   Studies of highway skew slab-Bridges with curbs  Jensen, Vernon P.
1947   Manual on groundwater and well-sinking           Rao, D.V.
1947   Engineering geology                              Ries, H.; Watson, Thomas L.
1947   The water runnel as tool in hydraulic research Daily, James W.
1947   Space ,Time and architecture                     Giedion, Sigfried
1948   Traffic speed enforcement policies               Smith, Wilbur S.
1948                                                    Crum, Roy W.
       Proceedings of the 27th annual meeting :Highway research board
1948                                                    Puri, B.D.
       Deflection of beams: A compilation by his students from the lectures of
1948   Raft foundations the soil-line method of designBaker, A.L.L.
1948   Concrete materials and practice                  Murdock, L.J.
1948   Floods :their hydrology and control              Barrows, H.K.
1948   Sprinkling for irrigation                        Veihmeyer, F.J.
1948   Reinforced concrete bridge design                Chettoe, C.S.; Adams, Haddon C.
1948   Seepage losses form irrigation channels          Rohwer, Carl
1948   Public health engineering                        Phelps, Earle B.
1948   3rd congress on large kams troisieme congres des grands barrages
1948   Practical design of simple steel structures      Stewart, David S.
1948   Fluid dynamics                                   Streeter, Victor L.
1948   Justification for appropriations for the columbia basin project 1949 fiscal year
1948   Photoelasticity                                  Frocht, Max Mark
1948   Mechanics                                        Den Harton, J.P.
1948   Proceedings of the :Ederal inter -agency sedimentgation conference
1948                                                    Smith, co-ordinate geometry
       An elementary treatise on sections by the methods ofCharles
1948   Sewerage and sewage treatment                    Babbitt, Harold E.
1949   Journal of the Indian roads congress
1949   American highway practice                        Hewes, Laurence ilsley
1949   Water supply engineering                         Babbitt, Harold E.
1949                                                    Rouse, Hunter
       Proceedings of the 4th hyddraulics conference: engineering hydraulics
1949                                                     of lowa
       3rd decade of hydraulics at the state universityBoyer, M.C.
1949                                                    Ree, W.O.
       Flow of water in channels protected by vegetatve linings
1949                                                    Johnson,
       The theory and practice of modern framed structures J.B.
1949   Elements of strength of materials                Timoshenko, S.
1949   Engineering structures
1949   Leveling in India past and future                Gulatee, B.L.
1949   Essentials of fluid dynamics                     Prandtl, Ludwig
1949   Applied structural design of buildings           McKaig, Thomas H.
1949   Practical hydraulics and its application         Madnani, T.B.
1949   Hydraulic measurements : a manual for engineers  Addison, Herbert
1949                                                     needs
       Drainage destricts in utah : Their activities andMaughan, J. Howard
1949   Elements of applied hydrology                    Johnstone, Don; Cross, William P.
1949   Applied hydrology                                Linsley, Ray K.; Kohler, Max A.
1949   Continuous frames of reinforced concrete         Cross, Hardy
1949                                                    Vogt, Fredrik
       The effect of shrinkage on the deformation of concrete under sustained loads
1949   Applied mechanics                                Poorman, Alfred P.
1949                                                    Ramsey, schools and for first year students at the Universities
       Statics: a text book for the use of the higher divisions in A.S.
1949   Sprinkler irrigation
1949   Water conditioning handbook
1949   Proceedings of the western snow conference: reno, nevada, meeting april 15-16, 17 1948
1949                                                     geometry and physics
       Elementary vector analysis with applications toWeatherburn, C.E.
1949   Coordinate solid geometry                        Bell, Robert J.T.
1949                                                    Koerner, Robert M.
       Final covers for solid waste landfills and abandoned dumps
1950   Mount Everest its name & height                  Gulatee, B.L.

                                                 Page 8

1950                                                   Benham, A.D.
       The estmation of extreme flood dischargs by statistical methods
1950                                                   air station
       Hydraulic model studies for whiting field naval Bowrs, Charles E.
1950   Water supply and treatment                      Riehl, Merrill L.
1950   Legal asiects of the hydro-Electric develipment of rivers and lakes of common intertest
1950                                                    to supersonic flow Part III
       Studies on the validity of the hydraulic analogyIppen, T.; Harleman, R.F.
1950   Similitude in engineering                       Murphy, Glenn
1950   A volume warrant for urban stop signs           Raff, Morton S.
1950   Flood control in japan
1950   Sedimentation of prinvipal reservoirs in japan
1950                                                   Lamb, Owen P.
       An electrical method for measuring air concentration in flowing air water mixtures
1950   Flood dacage and flood control activities in ASIA and the FAR east
1950   Flood damage and flood control activities in ASIA and the FAR east
1950   Conservation irrigation                         McCulloch, Allan W.
1950   Roads :their layout and construction            Batson, R.G.
1950                                                     harbour making and in the protection of coasts
       Wind waves and miritime structures :studies inMinikin, R.R.
1950   Flood estimation and control                    Richards, B.D.
1950   The rigid -frame bridge                         Hayden, Arthur G.
1950   Expert committee on environmental sanitation
1950   Extension work of tama river system
1950                                                   Freudenthal,
       Inelastic behavior of engineering materials and structures Alfred M.
1950   Handbook of experimental stress analysis        Hetenyi, M.
1950   Introduction to experimental                    Lee, George Hamor
1950   Journal of the Indian roads congress
1950                                                   Einstein, Hans
       The ded-load function for sediment transportation in poen channel flows
1950                                                   Rouse, Hunter
       Proceedings of the 4th hydraulics conference lowa institute of hydraulic research : engineering hydraulics
1950   The fresh-water alage of the united states      Smith, Gilbrt M.
1950   Theory of modern steel structures               Grinter, Linton E.
1950   Quinquennial report april 1945 to march 1950
1950   The technical aspect of the design of reads Champion, Stewart
1950   Effective teaching                              Morris, Fred C.
1950   Concrete shell and barrel roofs
1950   Engineering economy                             Woods, B.M.; Garmo, E.P.D.
1950   Vector and rensor analysis                      Lass, Harry
1950   Water in industry
1950   Municipal and Rural sanitation                  Ehlers, Victor M.; Steel, Ernest W.
1950   Soil conservation in new zealand                Grant, A.P.; Schnackenberg, E.G.
1950   Unit operations                                 Brown, George Granger; Foust, Alan Shivers; Martin Brown, George
1951                                                    turbulent boundary layer
       Report 1030: Investigation of separation of theSchubauer, G.B.; Klebanoff, P.S.
1951   Strength of materials                           Frocht, Max M.
1951   Soil testing for engineers                      Lambe, T.William
1951                                                   Hyman, L.H.
       Invertebrates: acanthocephala, aschelminthes, and entopracta, the pseudocoelomate bilateral: vol. II
1951   Present economic and technical status of water reclamation from sewage and industrial wastes
1951                                                   klebanoff, P.S.; Diehl, Z.W.
       National advisory committee for aeronautics: Technical note 2475.Some Features of artificially thickened fully dev. t
1951   Cylindrical shells                              Lundgren, H.
1951   Symposium on soil conservation
1951   A note on mechanical construction equipment generally used on irrigation projects
1951   Journal of the Indian roads congress
1951   1st congress on irrigation and drainage 1951
1951   Technical report 1950
1951   Strength of materials                           Singer, Ferdinand L.
1951   Septic tanks their use in sewage disposal
1951   Lining irrgation canals

                                                 Page 9

1951   Rigid frame formulas                              Kleinlogel, A.
1951   The conservation of ground water                  Thomas, Harold E.
1951   Dimensional analysis and theory of models Langhaar, Henry L.
1951   Irrigation wells and derlling                     Johnston, C.N.
1951   Civil engineering reference book                  Probst, E.H.
1951   Irrigation outlets                                Mahbub, S.I.
1951   Simplified mechanics and strength of materials    Parker, Harry
1951   The design and placing of high quality concrete   Stewart, D.A.
1951   Turn controls in urban traffic                    Munger, Charlotte K.
1951   Reservoir regulation
1951                                                     Casagrande, A.
       Effect of rate of loading on the strength of clays and sables at constant water content
1951                                                     Straub, Straub G.
       Hydraulic data comparison of concrete and corrgated metal culvert pipes
1951   Hydrodynamics in modern technology                xxx, xxx
1951                                                     Howard, J.
       Management of irrigation and drainage enterprises in Utah: With special reference to the northern cache valley area
1951                                                      and submerged flow
       Capacity of box inlet drop spillways under free Bilaisdell, Fred W. conditions
1951   Hydraulics of closed condrit spollways            Blaisdell, Fred W.
1951                                                     ., .
       4th congress on large dams quatrieme congres des grands barrages new delhi hanvier 1951
1951   Theory of perfectly plastic solids                Prager, William; Hodge, Philip g.
1951   Plane and geodetic surveying for engineers Clark, David
1951   Theory of vibrations                              McLachlan, N.W.
1951   Design studies for a closed jet water tunnel Ripken, John F.
1951   Concrete sewers
1951   Highway research board                            Crum, Roy W.; Burggraf, Fred; Carey, W. N.
1951   Steel construction :a manual for architcts engineers and fabricators of building and other steel structures
1951                                                     Ippen, A.T.; Yoseph, R.P.; Posthill, B.N.
       The continuous measurement of oxygen concentraion in water during aeration processes
1952   Bridges                                           Khadilkar, C.H.
1952   Mechanics of vibration                            Hasen, H.M.; Chenea, Paul F.
1952   Reclamation in the united states                  Golze, Alfred R.
1952   Microbiology of water and sewage                  Gainey, P.L.; Lord, Thomas H.
1952   Hydraulics of wells                               Peterson, Dean F.
1952   Engineering in public health                      Babbitt, Harold E.
1952                                                     Marin, Joseph
       Engineering materials: their mechanical properties and applications
1952   Mechanics of materials                            Popov, E.P.
1952   Handbook of cast iron pipe for water gas sewerage and industrial service
1952   Progress report on results of studies on design of stable cannels
1952   Strain gauges: theory and application             Koch, J.J.; Boiten, R.G.
1952   Advanced mechanics of materials                   Seely, Fred B.; Smith, James O.
1952   Handbook of applied hydraulics                    Davis, Calvin victor
1952   Disign of tv a projcets : Civil and structural design
1952   Prestressed concrete structures                   Komendant, August E.
1952   Irrigation with concrete pipe
1952   Studies in elastic structures                     Pippard, A.J.S.
1952   Stresses in rock about cavities                   Terzaghi, KArl; Richart, F.E.
1952   Zoning and traffic                                Robert, C.F.
1952   Buckling strength of metal structures             Bleich, Hans H.
1952   Concrete roads                                    Sparkes, F.N.
1952   Weather forecasting
1952   Journal of the Indian roads congress
1952   Fluid flow in pipes                               Mcclain, Clifford H.
1952   Theory and problems of engineering mechanics      Mclean, W.G.; Nelson, E.W.
1952   The Aravalli range and its extensions             Gulatee, B.L.; F.R.I.C.S.
1952                                                     Pankhurst, R.C.; low and high-speed wind tunnels
       Wind-tunnel technique : an account of experimental methods in Holder, D.W.

                                               Page 10

1952   Bridges
1952   Farm drainage
1952                                                    Gainey, L.;
       Laboratory manual for microbiology of water and sewage H. Lord, Thomas H.
1952   Design and control of concrete mixtures
1952   Elasticity in engineering                        Sechler, Ernest E.
1952   A capacitate wave profile recorder               Killen, John M.
1952   Advanced strength of materials                   Hartog, J.P. Den
1952   Handbook of earth-moving machinery
1952   Plain and reinforced concrete                    Jai, Ashok K.; Jain, O.P.
1952   Scale models in hydraulic engineering            Allen, J.
1952   Velocity measurement of Air-water Mixtures Straub, Lorenz G.; Killen, John M.
1952   Expert committee on environmental sanitation
1952   Photographic giants of palomar                   Fassero, James S.; Porter, R.W.
1952   Advanced calculus                                Kaplan, Wilfred
1952                                                    Ippen, Arthur T.;
       The determination of oxygen absorption in areation proceses Campbell, Lawrence G.
1952   Report on the investigation of leaching of ash dumps
1953   Statically indeterminate structures              Wang, Chu-Kia
1953   Proceeding of the 3rd international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1953                                                    Dean, Massachusetts institute of technology
       Aerodynamic measurements: Gas turbine laboratory,Robert C.
1953   Collected papers                                 Timoshenko, Stephen P.
1953   General virology                                 Luria, Salvador E.; Darnell, James E.
1953   Handbook of engineering fundamentals             Eshnach, Ovid W.
1953   Applied elasticity                               Wang, Chi-teh
1953   Report on flood protection in kansas river basin for kansas industrial development commission
1953   Surveying: theory and practice                   Davis, Raymond E.; Foote, Francis S.
1953                                                    W
       Prestressed concrete: Design and construction alley, f.
1953   Difco manual of dehydrated culture media and reagents
1953                                                    Eeiksen, B.
       Theory and practice of structural design applied to reinforced concrete
1953   History of strength of materials                 Timoshenko, Stephen P.
1953                                                    Hargett, Emil r.
       Determination of the maximum grain size removed by the elutriation test and classed as Clay
1953   Wood preservation in India                       Purushotham, A.
1953   Earth pressure calculation                       Hasen, Jorgen Brinch
1953   Road research: Design of concrete mixes
1953   River training and bank protection :flood control series No.4
1953   Clay mineralogy                                  Grim, Ralph E.
1953   Report on the 4th meeting rapport sur la quatricme reunion
1953   Introduction to hydraulics and fluid mechanics Jones, Jacob O.
1953   Final report on :Sea water intrusion
1953   Basic mechanics of fluids                        Rouse, Hunter; Howe, J.W.
1953   Importance of inlet design on culvert capacity Straub, Lorenz G.
1953   Specitications                                   Edwards, Griffith H.
1953                                                    UNESCO
       Bibliography of scientific publications of south asia
1953   An introduction to relaxation methods            Shaw, F.S.
1953                                                    Ahlfors, Lars V.
       Complex analysis: an introduction to the theory of analytic functions of one complex variable
1954   Straight drop spillways stilling basin           Donnelly, Charles A.
1954   Model analysis of structures                     Charlton, T.M.
1954   Ground water levels and precipitation records
1954   Hydro-Electric development in Hungary            Mosonyi, Emil
1954   Concrete farm structures pennington              Pennington, A.M.
1954   The height of mount Everest a new determination  Gulatee, B.L.; F.R.I.C.S.
1954   Hydro power engineering                          Doland, James J.
1954   Elementary fluid mechanics                       Vennard, John K.

                                               Page 11

1954   Roseres dam project report
1954   A treatise on applied hydraulics                  Addison, Herbert
1954   Theoretical soil mechanics                        Terzaghi, karl
1954                                                     Caughey, R.A.
       Constants for design of continuous girders with abrupt changes in moments of inertia
1954   Engineering properties of Chicago subsoils Peck, Raiph B.; Reed, William C.
1954   Reinforced concrete reservoirs and tanks          Gray, W.S.
1954                                                     Chien, Ning
       MeyerPeter formula for ded -load transport and eisnstein ded load function
1954   The design of cylindrical shell roofs             Gibson, J.E.
1954                                                      ponds
       Algal -Bacterial symbiosis in sewage oxidation Gotaas, Harold B.
1954                                                     Knight, Goodwin
       Rport on the investigation of laching of a sanitary landfill
1954   Design manual for high strength steels            Gilligan, John A.
1954   Arch design simplified                            Fairhurst, W.A.
1954   Water conditioning for industry                   Powell, Sheppard T.
1954   Irrigated soils :their fertility and management Thorne, D.W.
1954   Comparative bridge designs                        Lincoln, James F.
1954   Annotated bibliography on hydrology 1951-54 & sedimentation 1950-54
1954                                                     Cermak, J.E.; final report - pt.
       Lake hefner model studies of wind structure and evaporationKoloseus, H.J. 2
1954   Dams and control works control works
1954   Fluid mechanics with engineering applications Daugherty, R.L.; Ingersoll, A.C.
1954   Bibliography of engineering seismology            Hollis, Edward P.
1954   Hundred years of ganga canal
1954   Prestressed concrete                              Magnel, Gustave
1954   Hydraulics forum centrifugal pump problems: Proceedings
1954   Concrete on the railways
1954   2nd congress on irrigation and drainage 1954
1954                                                     Eggleston, John and
       Application of several methods for determing transfer functions M. frequency response of aircraft from flight data
1954                                                     Dunkelberg,
       The preservation of fence posts with water-Soiuble salts G.H.
1954   Relxation methods in engineering and scienceAllen, D.N. de G.
1954   Four place tables of transcendental functions Flugge, W.
1955                                                      vehicles Gerlough
       The probability theory applied to distribution of Deniel L.,on two-lane high ways
1955   Soil mechanics for road engineers
1955                                                     Harleman, D.R.F.
       Experimental and analytical studies of wave forces on offshore structures: Pt. 1, Results for vertical cylinders: Techn
1955                                                     Caudle, R.D.; Clark,
       Stresses around mine openings in some simple geologic structuresG.B.
1955   Strength of materials                             Timoshenko, S.
1955                                                     Ippen, T.
       Study of sediment sorting by waves shoaling on a plane beach
1955   Fundamentals of soil mechanics                    Taylor, Donald W.
1955                                                     Harleman, of peligre dam
       Hydraulic model performance of spillway and outlet worksD.R.F.
1955   Strain gage primer                                Perry, C.C.; Lissner, H.R.
1955                                                     Ippen, Arthur T.; Kulin, Gershon
       Shoaling and breaking characteristics of the solitary wave: Technical Report
1955   1955 Book of Astm standards including tentative
1955   Fluid mechanics                                   Binder, Raymond C.
1955   Corneal of the Indian roads congress
1955   Repot on the recent river villey projcts in chinaSain, Kanwar
1955                                                     Peck, Chicago
       Observed and computed settlements of structures inRalph B.
1955   Urban motorways
1955   International commission on irrigation and drainage
1955   Analysis of structures                            Smolira, M.
1955   Traffic engineering                               Matson, Theodore M.
1955   Animals without backbones                         Buchsbaum, Ralph
1955                                                     Blanks, Robert F.
       Technology of cement and concrete: Vol. I, Concrete Materials
1955                                                     Terzaghi, Karl
       Influence of geological factors on the engineering properties of sediments
1955   Use of poisson distribution in highway traffic Gerlough, Daniel L.

                                                Page 12

1955   Wood handbook: Basic information on wood as a material of construction with data for its use in design and specific
1955                                                   Reynolds, Trefor J.
       Structural steelwork for building and architectural students
1955   Foundation engineering                          Hammond, Rolt
1955                                                   Kaufkman, water
       Methods of detecting and tracing the movement of groundWarren J.
1955   Proceedings of the symposium on prestressed concrete and composite beams
1955   Irrigation and hydraulic design                 Leliavldy, Serge
1955   Subsurface sewage disposal                      Kiker, John E.
1955   Waterhammer analysis                            Parmakian, John
1955   Elements of mechanical vibration                Freberg, C.R.; Kemler, E.N.
1955   Report on : Laboratory and model studies of sea water intrusion
1955   Boundary layer theory                           Sehlichting, Hermann
1955   Concrete pavement manual : Suggested practices for office and field
1955   Bridge rules : Rules specifying the loads for designing the super and sub-structures of bridges and for assessing the
1955                                                   Rudiger, Dieter
       Kreiszylinderschalen : ein tabllenwerk zur berechnug drieiszylindrischer schalenkonstruktionen beliebiger admessun
1955                                                   Daily, James W.; Johnson, Virgil E.
       Turbulence and boundary layer effects on the inception of cavitation from gas nuclei: Technical Report
1955   Welded details for single-storey portal frames
1955   Analysis of symmetric cylindrical shells        McNamee, John
1955   Vibration problems in engineering               Timoshenko, S.; Young, D.H.
1955   Principles of reinforced concrete construction Truneaure, F.E.; Maurer, E.R.
1955   Proceedings of the 1955 northwest conference on road building
1955                                                   Ippen, A.T.; Tankin, R.S.
       Turbulence measurements in free surface flow with an impact tube-pressure transducer combination
1955                                                   Ippen, Arthur T.;
       Damping characteristics of the solitary wave: Technical Report Kulin, Gershon
1955   Applied entomology                              Fernald, H.T.; Shepard, Harold
1955   Practical prestressing                          Middendorf, K.H.
1955   A survery of Direct utilization of waste waters Knight, Goodwin J.
1955   Report of the committee on environmental engineering
1955   Handbook of drainagae and construction products Sicular, Geo M.
1955   Underground movement of radioactive wastes
1955   Principles of industrial waste treatment        Gurnham, C.Fred
1955                                                   Brooks, Norman H.
       A Study of trubulence and diffusion using tracers in a water tunnel
1955   New in farm science                             Powers, Richard D.
1955   Soil and water conservation engineering         Frevert, Richard K.; Schwab, Glenn O.; Edminster, Talcott W.
1955   Irrigation principles and practices             Davidson, Brownlee J.
1956   Water for industry                              Graham, Jack B.
1956   Foundations design and practice                 Seelye, Elwyn E.
1956   Introduction to the mechanics of solids         Archer, Robert R.; Cook, Nathan H.; Crandall, Stephen H.
1956   Mechanical vibrations                           Den Hartog, J.P.
1956   Dimensional analysis                            Bridgman, P.W.
1956   PCA soil primer
1956   Experimental physical chemistry                 Daniels, Farrington; Mathews, Joseph Howard
1956   The storage of oil in and earth reservoir       Lamb, William T.
1956                                                   Kitchum, Milo S.
       Handbook of standard structural details for buildings
1956   Applied mechanics for engineers                 Duncan, J.
1956                                                   Spengos, A.C.; Cermak, J.E.
       Turbulent diffusion of momentum and heat from a smooth, plane boundary with zero pressure gradient
1956   The steel skeleton                              Banker, J.F.; Horne, M.R.
1956   Principles of road engineering                  Collons, H. John
1956   The training of sanitary engineers              Petrik, Milivoj
1956                                                   Durant, William S.; Wingard, Robert E.
       Low-power radioactive tracers in agitation studies
1956   Varieties of submarine slope failures           Terzaghi, Karl
1956   Theory of modern steel structures               Grinter, Linton E.
1956   Engineering mechanics                           Timoskenko, S.; Young, D.H.
1956   Proceedings of the 1955 highway engineering conference

                                                Page 13

1956   Introduction to plasticity                         Phillips, Aris
1956                                                      Giles, Ranald V.
       Schaum's outline of theory and problems of hydraulics and fluid mechanics
1956   Composition and properties of concrete             Troxell, George Earl
1956                                                        systems in a basementless residence
       Warm air perimeter - loop and perimeter radialGilkey, Herbert T.; Roose, Robert W.; Childs, Morris F.
1956   Mathematical theory of elasticity                  Sokolnikoff, I.S.
1956                                                      Scott, W.L.; Glanvilie, W. H.
       Explanatory handbook on the b. s. code of practice for reinforced concrete
1956                                                      Pai, Shih - I
       Viscous flow theory vol. I, laminar flow, vol. II, turbulent flow
1956   Water concervancy in new china
1956   Introduction to reinforced concrete design         Sutherland, Hale
1956                                                      Swan, C.H.
       The recorded behaviour of the river gash in the sudan
1956                                                      Doyle, Lawrence E.; Better, Bernard R.
       Design for non-sticking plug and ring gages and locators
1956   Highway traffic estimation                         Schmidt, Robert E.
1956   Engineering problems                               Waston Rutland, Leon
1956   Press binnenwasserstriaben und dinnenhafen Tell, I.
1956                                                      Israelsen, O.W.
       A report of the irrigation and drainage engineering activities at the university of Roorkee
1956                                                      Legault, Adrian R.; Mcmaster, Howard M.; Marlette, Ralph R.
       Surveying an introduction to engineering measurements
1956   Fluid flow in practice                             Caddell, J.R.; ., .
1956   Timber design and construction handbook
1956                                                      Houk, Ivan
       Irrigation engineering : projects conduits and structures E.
1956   Lucite: Acrylic Resin; Design and Engineering Data
1956   Elementary mechanics of fluids                     Rouse, Hunter
1956   Structure of turbulent shear flow                  Townsend, A.A.
1956   Digest of Oregon land surveying laws               O'Connell, Kenneth J.
1956   role of nuclear courses in engineering curricula   Parsegian, V.L.
1956                                                      .,
       Manual planning ,Financing ,Constructing water. & sewage works
1956   Structures                                         Nerui, Pier Luggi
1956   Soviet waterways                                   Frederdksen, Oliver J.
1956   Resistance of materials                            Seely, Fred B.; Smith, James O.
1956   Engineering fluid mechanics                        Jaeger, Charles
1956   Parking guide for cities
1956   Strength of materials                              Case, John
1956   Canal linigs
1956   Hydrodynamics                                      Dryden, Hugh L.
1956   Proceedings of the symposium on safety of structures
1956   Model houses constructed in the international exhihition on low -cost hosusing
1956   Sediment transport through pipes                   Garde, R. J.
1956   Sewage treatment                                   Imhoff, Karl; Maskew fair, Gordon
1956                                                      Wood, Leonard Eugene
       The stress-deformation characteristics of asphaltic mixtures under various conditions of loading
1956   Vortex flow from horizontal thin-plate orifices Kolf, R.
1956   Materials of construction                          Deshpande, R.S.
1956                                                      Gotaas, Harold B.
       Composting :sanitary disposal and reclamation of organic wastes
1956   Rubber water stop
1956   Turbulent diffusion of momentum and heat from a smooth plane boundary with zero pressure gradient
1956   Report of an international colloquium on zeta-functions
1956                                                      Grant, Hiram E.
       Practical descriptive geometry alternate edition with problems
1956                                                       the beneficial uses
       Report on oily substances and their effects on Knight, Goodwin J. of water
1956   Facts from figures                                 Moroney, M.J.
1956                                                      Snedecor, and biology
       Statistical methods: applied to experiments in agriculture George W.
1956   Descriptive geometry                               Miller, H.W.
1957   Irrigation ( practice and design )                 Khushalni, K.B.
1957                                                      Edwin H., Gaylord
       Design of steel structures : including applications in aluminum
1957   Engineering hydrology                              Butler, Stanley S.

                                                 Page 14

1957   Nagarjunsagar projcet :Report on 1st year working 1956-57
1957   Biblography on earth dams and embankements
1957   4th Irrigation & power seminar held at hirakud form 14th to 16th January 1957
1957   Nolmograms for the analysis of frames            Rygol, J.
1957                                                    ., .
       Proceedings of the 1957 northwest conference on road building
1957                                                    Smith,
       Scour and energy dissipation delow culvert outlets George L.
1957   Applied strength of materials                    Jensen, Alfred
1957                                                      alloys
       Strength of Brazed joints in copper and copperMunse, W.H.; Crawford, D.C.; Alagia, J.s.
1957   Unconfined compression testing of cohesive soils
1957   Tool design                                      Gavryushin, A.; Lisitsyn, N.; Donaldson, Cyril; LeCain, George H.
1957                                                    Stoker,
       Water waves : Mathematical theory with applications J.J.
1957   High calcium limestones of India                 Bijawat, H.C.; Sastry, S.L.
1957   The california water plan
1957   Some experiments with emergency siphon spillways McBirney, Warren B.
1957   Fluid Mechanics for Engineers                    Barna, P.S.
1957   International commission on irrigation and drainage
1957                                                    Houk, Ivan E.
       Irrigation engineering : Agricultural and hydrological phases
1957   Development of water resources in the lower mekong basin
1957   Elementary theory of structures                  Wang, Chu-kia; Eckel, Claernce Lewis
1957   Irrigation and hydraulic design                  Leliavsky, Serge
1957   Survey adjustments and least squares             Rainsford, Hume F.
1957   Strength of materials                            Shanley, F.R.
1957                                                    Ippen, Arthur T.; Mitchell, Melvin M.
       Damping of the solitary wave from boundary shear measurements: Technical Report
1957   History of hydraulics                            Rouse, Hunter
1957   Treatise on photo-elasticity                     Coker, E.G.; Filon, L.N.G.
1957   Indeterminate structural analysis                Kinney, J. Sterling
1957                                                    Chamberlain, A.R.
       Preliminary model tests of a flume for measuring discharge of steep ephemeral streams
1957   Strength of materials                            Warnock, F.V.
1957   Pile foundations and file structures
1957                                                    Eagloeson, P.S.
       Hydraulic model study of protective works for fleet bhrthing facilies in coddington cove narragansett bay R.I.
1957                                                    Eagleson, P.S.; particles due
       Mechanics of the motion of discrete spherical bottom sedimentDean, R.G. to shoaling waves: Technical Report
1957   Model tests with a tanker in oblique seas        Sehulz, E.F.
1957   Proceedings of the 4th international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1957   Design of steel structures                       Gaylord, Edwin H.; Gaylord, Charles N.
1957   Roseires dam
1957   Regime behaviour of canals and rivers            Blench, T.
1957   Proceedings of the symposium on the stress measurements for bridge and structures
1957   Engineering and technical handbook               McNeese, Donald C.; Hoag, Albert L.
1957   Mechanical vibrations                            Church, Austin H.
1957                                                    Langhaar, Henry L.
       Snap-Through and post -Buckling behavior of cylindrical shell under the action of external pressure
1957   Hydraulics and its applications                  Gibson, A.H.
1957                                                    Corbett, Don M.
       Stream -gaging procedure : A manual describing methods and practices of the geological survey
1957   3rd congress on irrigation and drainage 1957
1957   Principles of the properties of materials        Frankel, Jacob Porter
1957   Fundamentals of the working of metals            Sachs, G.
1957                                                    McLaughlin, John Francis
       The load-carrying characteristics of a Bituminous concrete resurfacing mixture
1957   Report of the experts committe on :Economy in the use of cement in buliding construction
1957                                                    Arya,
       Water tower project :Exact analysis of intze tanks A.S.; Mathur, R.P.
1957                                                    McCabe, Joseph; Ecknfelder, W.W.
       Biological treatment of sewage and industrial wastes
1957   Engineering economy                              Thuesen, H.G.
1957                                                    Feller, William
       An introduction to probability theory and its applications
1957   Design and construction of sanitary and storm sewers

                                                Page 15

1957   Flow of water in dends of open channels          Rozovskii, I.L.
1957   Technical descriptive geometry                   Wellman, Leighton B.
1957   How to build modern furniture                    Fabbro, Mario Dal
1957   Plumbing installation and repair                 Manly, H.P.
1958   Swamy's t.a. rules made easy                     Muthuswamy@FAu.
1958   Presressed concrete: theory and practice         Morice, P.B.; E.H., Cooley
1958                                                    project
       Preliminary investigations of liddar hydel canalWakhlu, O.N.; Khan, G.H.
1958   Hydraulics and fluid mechanics                   Lewitt, E.H.
1958                                                    Sherrard, practice
       An introduction to highway engineering : Australian road H.M.
1958                                                    Daily, J.W.; Bugliarello, suspensions
       Fibers on velocity distribution turbulence and flow resistance of deludeG.
1958   New roads for old
1958                                                    Wingard, R.E.;
       Vapor-liquid equilibrium for the system ethyl acetate-furfural Piazza, Michael
1958                                                    Francis,
       Text book of fluid mechanics for engineering students J.R.D.; Jackson, G.
1958   Report of the seminar on low -cost reads and soil stabilization
1958   Traffic signal settings                          Webster, F.V.
1958   Elements of applied mechanics                    Junnarkar, S.B.
1958   Traffic analysis new technology and new solutionsTaylor, M.A.P.
1958                                                    Daily, James and frictional resistance of enclosed rotating disks
       Roughness and chamber dimension effects on induced flowW.; Nece, Ronald E.
1958                                                    Ursell, F.
       Forced small-amplitude water waves: A comparison of theory and experiment
1958   Cable -Stayed bridges : Theory and design Troitsky, M.S.
1958   Hydraulics                                       King, Horace W.
1958   Division of flow in open channel junctions       Grace, John L.
1958                                                    Odishaw,
       Geophysics and the IGY: proceedings of the symposiumHugh; Ruttenberg, Stanley
1958   Expert committee on poliomyelitis
1958   Sediment-Sealing with bentonite in adune sand    Shen, R.T.
1958   Estimating construction costs                    Peurifoy, R.L.
1958   Microbiology                                     Pelczar, Michael J.; Reid, Roger D.
1958   Vibration and impact                             Burton, Ralph
1958   Proceedings of the symposium on ground water 1955
1958                                                    Leliavsky, Serge
       Uplift in gravity dams : calculation methods experiments and design theories
1958   Engineering vibrations                           Jacobsen, Lydik S.; Ayre, Robert S.
1958   Proceeding of the 4th international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1958   Symposium on the meteorological and hydrological spects of floods and drolughts in india
1958   Engineering structural failures                  Hammond, Rolt
1958   Design of prismatic structures                   Ashdown, A.J.
1958   Introduction to the bacteria                     Clifton, C.E.
1958   Program of studies and investigations for comprehensive develpment lower mekong river basin
1958   Solving drainage problems
1958   The structure of deuardo torroja                 Torroja, Eduardo
1958   Philosophy of structures                         Torroja, Eduardo
1958   Homogeneous pipes
1958   Pre-stressed concrete: Theory and design         Evans, R.H.; Bennett, E.W.
1958   1958 Book of astm standards including tentative
1958   Hydro-electric engineering practice Brown        Brown, Guthric J.
1958   Hydroelectric handbook                           Creager, William P.
1958   Concrete practice                                Elvery, R.H.
1958   Engineering materials handbook                   Mantell, Charles L.
1958   Composite construction in steel and concrete Viest, Ivan M.; Fountain, R.S.
1958   Astm specifications steel for construction
1958   Design and performance of the sausmua damTerzaghi, Karl
1958   Plastic design of steel frames                   Beedle, Lynn S.
1958   Hydrology for engineers                          Linsley, Ray K.; Kohler, Max A.; Paulhus, Joseph L. H.

                                                 Page 16

1958                                                      Blaisdell, on several
       Hydraulics of closed condrit spollways : Results of tests Fred W. forms of the spillway
1958   Enviornmental sanitation                           Salvato, Joseph A.
1958   Concrete construction made easy                    Turner, Leslie; Lakeman, Albert
1958                                                      Hetenyi, M.
       Beams on elastic foundation : theory with applications in the fields of civil and mechanical engineering
1958                                                      Twinski, T.
       Theory of beams : the application of the laplace transformation method to engineering problems
1958   Elements of water supply and waste water disposal  Maskew, Gordon
1958                                                      Durelli, A.J.; Phillips, E.A.
       Introduction to the theoretical and experimental analysis of stress and strain
1958   Statically indeterminate structures                Gartner, R.
1958   Report of the selected buildings projicts team on multistoreyed buildings
1958   Mathematics for physics and modern engineering     Sokolnikoff, I.S.; Redheffer, R.M.
1958   the generation of the error in the computerization of continued fractions
1958                                                      Wagner,
       Excreta disposal for rural areas and small communities Edmund G.; Lanoix, J.N.
1958   5th report of the expert committee on environmental sanitation : Air pollution
1958   Land the year of agriculture (1958)
1958   Water for industial use
1958   Report on comparative tests on water -Proff renderings for mud walls
1958   Dispersion in porous media                         Ogata, A.
1958   Wind pressure on buildings                         Masani, N.J.; Bajaj, A.N.
1958   linear programming and economic analysis Dorfman, Robert; Samuelson, Paul A.; Solow, Robert M.
1958   Field inspection of building construction          McKing, Thomas H..
1958                                                      G
       Linear programming: methods and applications ass, Saul I.
1958   Metals engineering processes                       Bolz, Roger W.
1958                                                      Anderson, T.W.
       An introduction to multivatiate statistical analysis
1959                                                      Ganguli, Ranendra chandra; Jain, O.P.
       A study of concrets with brick ballast as coarse aggreate
1959   Plastic theory as applied to steel structures Sandhu, Raghbir singh; Jain, O.P.
1959   Open-channel hydraulics                            Chow, Ven Te
1959                                                      Rao, M.V,; x, x
       A cvritcal appraisal of the present state of knowledge of gradually varied steady flow in unifrom channels on mild slo
1959                                                      Venkatcharyulu, T.;
       Ultimate strength of single bay prestressed concrete portal frames Ramaswany, G.S.
1959                                                      Ganguli, Randra chadra; Jain, O.P.
       A study of concrete with brick ballast as coarse aggregate
1959   Plastic theory as applied to steel structures Sasndhu, Raghbir singh; Jain, O.P.
1959                                                      at the charles river
       Model study of a flood-Contol pumping station Harleman, D.R.F. dam
1959                                                      Powers, William E.
       Aerial photo-Interpretation of landforms and rural cultural features in glaciated and coastal regions
1959   Subsoil of Mexico city                             Marsal, Raul J.; Mazari, Marcos Y.
1959                                                      wood pulp Bugliarello, G.
       Measurement and analysis of turbulent flow of Daily, J.W.;fiber suspensions
1959   International commission on irrigation and drainage : Serving the earthmoving & construction industry
1959   Feasibility studies of extensions to irrigation facilities for browns valley irrigation district
1959                                                      Harleman, D.R.F.; Jordanna,
       Diffusion of two fluids of different density in a homogeneous turbulent field J.M.
1959   Strength of highly plastic clays                   Casagrande, A.; Rivard, P.J.
1959                                                      Hansen, J. Brinch
       Danish Geotechnical institute: Bulletin No.4.Danish Geotechnical Institute
1959                                                      Perkins, F.E.; Eagleson, P.S.
       Development of a total head tube for high frequency pressure fluctuations in water
1959   Engineering mechanics statics                      Shames, Irving H.
1959   Ground water hydrology                             Todd, David Keith
1959   Award - winning ASCE papers in Geotechnical engineering
1959   Hydrology                                          Wisler, C.O; Brater, E.F.
1959   Fresh water biology                                Edmondson, W.T.
1959   Water supply for rural areas and small communities Wagner, E.G.
1959                                                      Sayre, William W.
       The effect of roughness spacing in rigid open channels
1959   Plastic analysis of structures                     Dodge, Philip g.
1959   A training course in water utility management
1959   Handbook of heavy construction                     Stubbs, Frank W.
1959   Fluid mechanics                                    Lifshitz, E.M.; Landau, L.D.
1959   Proceedings of the International conference on water resources engineering

                                                Page 17

1959                                                    Walley, F.; Bate, S.C.C.
       Guide to the B.S. Code of practice for prestressed concrete
1959   Introduction to stress analysis                  Harris, Charles O.
1959   Civil engineering handbook                       Urquhart, Leonard Church
1959   Safety in watewater works                        Mann, Uhl T.
1959   Fluid meters: their theory and application
1959   Advanced mechanics of fluids                     Rouse, Hunter
1959   Irrigation engineering                           Sharma, K.R.
1959   Statically indeterminate structures              Benjamin, Jack R.
1959                                                    Matheson, J.A.L.; Murray, N.W.
       Hyperstatic structures: an introduction to the theory of statically indeterminate structures
1959   Applied hydrodynamics                            Vallentine, H.R.
1959   Design of prismatic and cylindrical shell roofs Yitzhaki, David
1959   Experimental investigation of protective filters Bertram, G.E.
1959   The design of land drainage works                Thorn, Roland Berkeley
1959   Hydraulic energy dissipaters                     Elevatorske, Edward A.
1959                                                    Hinze, J.O.
       Turbulence: An introduction to Its mechanism and theory
1959   Principles of organic chemistry                  Geissman, T.A.
1959   Advanced structural design                       Benson, Cyril S.
1959                                                    Daily, J.W.
       Distribution of the mean static pressure in turbulent boundary layers in relation to inception of cavitation: Technical R
1959   Principles of biochemistry                       White, Abraham; Handler, Philip; Smith, Emil L.
1959   Dynamics of framed structures                    Rogers, Grover L.
1959   Proceedings of the symposium on low energy nuclear physics
1959   The theory of thin shells                        Radok, J.R.M.
1959   Project report on sand deposits in canals
1959   Concrete pipe handbook                           Peckworth, Howard F.
1959                                                    Karaki, Susimu S.
       Hydraulic models study of spur dikes for highway bridge poenings
1959   Proceedings of the northwest conference on road building
1959                                                    Eagleson, Peter s.
       Damping of oscillatory waves by laminar boundary layers: Technical Report
1959   Frames and arches                                Leontovich, Valerian
1959   Engineering mechanics                            Langhaar, H.L.; Boresi, A.P.
1959                                                    Makinnon, John C.
       The effect of heat treatment on some of the mechanical properties of arc-welded butt-joints of low carbon steel
1959   Mathematical methods of operations research Saaty, Thomas L.
1959   Operations research; methods and problems Sasieni, Maurice; Yaspan, Arthur; Friedman, Lawrence
1959   elements of solid geometry                       Gunda, M.H.; Arvikar, J.S.
1959   Soil mechanics and foundation engineering Murti, Bala krishna; Krishna, Jai
1959   Psychiatric services and architecture            Baker, A.
1959   Mitchell's elementary building construction      Moxley, Raymond; Nield, Denzil
1959   Analog methods: computation and simulation Karplus, Walter J.; Soroka, Walter W.
1959   Total sediment transport in alluvial channels Gard, Ramachandra J.
1959   Dictionary                                       Geddie, William
1959   Proceedings :Technical session c maritime hydraulics
1959   Proceedings :Lce problems in hydraulic structures
1959   Theory of plates and shells                      Temoshenko, S.; Woinowsky-Krieger, S.
1959   Contemporary geodesy: proceedings of a conference held at the harvard college observatory- smithsonian astrophy
1959   Plasering in buildings
1959                                                    Mansum, C.J. Van
       Dictionary of building construction in four languages
1959   Air pollution control                            Faith, W.L.
1959   Town planning in india status and education Wood, Jack
1959   A treatise on :building construction             Deshpande, R.S.; Vartak, G.V.
1959                                                      .
       Design techniques for controlling moisture and.,condensation in building structures
1960   Highway research board                           Orland, Herbert P.
1960                                                    Aneja, Amarjit singh; Jain, O.P.
       Torsional strength of plain and renforced concrete beams
1960                                                    Subba, Venkata; carts
       Study of wheel load streees in concrete cretways due to bullock Vaswani, N.K.

                                                 Page 18

1960                                                   Prasad, R.K.;
       Trosional strength of plain adn reinforced concrete sections Jain, O.P.
1960   The mechanics of cavitation                     Nagaraja, S.H.; Grade, R.J.
1960                                                   Shukla,
       Effect of mortar on the stability of bituminous mixes S.K.; Jain, O.P.
1960                                                   Rao, Kishan; Krishna, Jai
       Stting up a moment analogy computor for multi storeyed frames
1960   Stream gauging                                  Hiranandani, M.G.
1960   Standard methods for the examaination of dairy products microbiological and chemical
1960   Chemistry for sanitary engineers                Sawyer, Clair N.
1960   Design of steel structures                      Lin, T.Y; Bresler, Boris
1960   Transport Phenomena                             Bird, R. Byron; Stewart, Warren E.; Lightfoot, Edwin N.
1960   Design of steel structures                      Lin, T.Y.
1960   Design of prestressed concrete beams            Connolly, William H.
1960   Practical prestressed concrete                  Preston, H. Kent
1960   Highways engineering handbook                   Woods, Kenneth B.
1960   Welded steel water pipe manual
1960   Dames in japan
1960   Glass for modern needs
1960   Structural mechanics                            Carpeneter, Samuel T.
1960   Water rates manual
1960                                                   Anitia, and
       Railway track : design construction and maintenance K.F. renewal of permanent way
1960   Proceedings of first Asian regional conference in New Delhi
1960   Theory of thin elastic shells                   Koiter, W.T.
1960   Advanced design in structural steel             Lothers, John E.
1960                                                   Casagrande, A.; strength characteristics of compacted clays
       First progress report on investigation of stress-deformation and Hirschfeld, R.C.
1960   Design of modern steel structures               Grinter, Linton E.
1960   Climatological tables of observatories in India (1931-1960)
1960                                                   Hansen, J. Brinch
       Danish Geotechnical institute: Bulletin No.8.Bearing capacity tests on circular plates on sand
1960   Stream sanitation                               Phelps, Earle B.
1960   Problems in hydraulics                          Paradise, R.S.
1960   Principles of fluid mechanics                   Kenyon, Richard A.
1960   Fluid mechanics for engineers                   Albertson, M.L.; Barton, James R.; Simons, Daryl B.
1960   Large-scale ground-water development
1960   Fundamentals of engineering graphics            Mochel, Myron G.
1960   Embankment manual
1960   Research conference on shear strength of cohesive soils
1960   Water supply and sewarage                       Steel, Ernest W.
1960   Strength of materials                           Morley, Arthur
1960   Forms of bed roughniss in alluvial channels Simons, D.B.
1960   Primer congress Pan-American DE mecanica de suelos Y cimentaciones
1960                                                    ussr from 1951
       Review of water resources development in theShimelmits, I. to1960
1960   Proceedings of the 1960 northwest highway engineering conference
1960   Highway and airport engineering                 Legault, Adrian R.
1960   4th congress on irrigation and drainage madrid-1960
1960                                                   Rawat, B.S.; Rawat, N.S.
       Physical and mechanical properties of woods tested at the forest research institute
1960   Engineering analysis                            Li, Wen-hsiung
1960                                                    symposium on naval structural mechanics
       Structural mechanics : Proceedings of the firstGoodier, J Norman; Hoff, Nicholas J.
1960   Structural mechanics                            Carpenter, Samuel T.
1960                                                   Smith, adjacent areas
       Study of peak rates of runoff in eastern colorado and George L.
1960                                                    project
       Some economic aspects of the bhakra nangal Raj, K.N.
1960   Water resource development in korea
1960   Disseration on septic-tanks                     Mohanka, S.S.; Kaushik, C.P.
1960   Construction estimates and costs                Pulver, H.E.
1960                                                   Bharucha-Ried, A.T.
       Elements of the theory of marjov process and their applications

                                               Page 19

1960   Manufacture and application of gypsum boards and tiles on cottage insustry basis
1960   Finite markov chains                               Kemeny, John G.; Snell, J.Laurie
1960   On oysters and sulfite waste liguor                Gunter, Gordon
1960   Design of small dams                               Dominy, Floyd E.
1960   Building materials                                 Chowdhuri, N.
1960   Building construction                              Wass, Alonzo; Sanders, Gordon A.
1960   Modeern probability theory and its applicationsParzen, Emanuel
1960   Sewerage and sewage treatment                      Baumann, E.Rabert; Babbitt, Horold E.
1960   Master plan: Indian Institute of Technology
1960                                                      Justo, C.E.G.; Harkauli, A.N.
       Stability of earth slopes for road in embankments and cuttings
1960   Maintenance of saws
1960   Air pollution manual
1960   Distortions in aerial photographs                  Nagaraja, Y.R.; Chaturvedi, R.S.
1960   Felling of tress
1960   Report on high secondary school buildings
1961   Wheel load stresses in concrete -pvements Bhati, R.S.; Vaswani, N.K.
1961   Coner load stresses in concrete pavements Khanna, S.K.; Vaswani, N.K.
1961                                                      Basha, M.A.; Garde, R.J.
       Resistance characteristics of artificially roughened open channels in relation to those of alluvial channels
1961                                                      Agrawal, S.M.; bitumenous mixtures
       Effect of the variationin aggregate gradation on the stability of Vaswani, N.K.
1961   Impact in bridges                                  Krishna, Prem; Jain, O.P.
1961                                                      Jnamdar,
       Study of composite construction in prestressed concrete Mohan mahadeo; Jain, O.P.
1961                                                      Katare, Purshottam dass; Jain, O.P.
       A study of concrete with brick ballast as coarse aggregate
1961                                                      Hart,
       Administrative aspects of river valley development Henry C.
1961   an introduction to transportation engineering Hay, William W.
1961                                                      Nambudrpad, Divakiaran; Garde, R.G.
       Effect of sediment characteristics on scour around spuir-kides in alluvial channels
1961   Technique of river models                          Saharsrabudhe, S.R.; Chatruvedi, R.S.
1961                                                      Jindel, Ramesh chandra; Vaswani,
       Investigation of suitability of various types of joint fillers for concrete pavements N.K.
1961   Plastic hinges in reinporced concrete structresVachhani, Hari asamdas; Jain, O.P.
1961                                                      Mallick, Dharam
       Damping characteristics of brick masonry in different mortars vir; Krishna, Jai
1961   Study of iterconnected bridge girders              Surana, Chandra singh; Jain, O.P.
1961                                                      Madan, Ardaman frame Krishna,
       Elasto -plastic approach to analysis and design of multistoreyed singh; of steel Jai
1961   Plastic hinges in reinforced concrete structures   Vachhani, Hari assandas; Jain, O.P.
1961   Matrix analysis statically indetermints structures Goel, Subhash chadnra; Jain, O.P.
1961   Elasticity and inelasticity of concrete            Khan, Rasheeduzzafar; Jain, O.P.
1961   Bearing capacity of brick masonary pillars         Chandra, Sushil; Jain, O.P.
1961                                                      Goel,
       Matrix analysis of statically indeterminate structures Subhase chandra; Jain, O.P.
1961   An introduction to transportation engineering W.Hay, William
1961   Ecology of inland waters and estuaries             Reid, George K.
1961                                                      Sidebottom, O.M.; Costello, G.A.;
       Theoretical and experimental analysis of members made of materials that creep Dharmarajan, S.
1961   Physical components of the shear strength of saturated clays
1961   Pore pressure and suction in soils
1961   Hydraulic machines                                 Lal, Dr.Jagdish
1961   A study of the damping properties of mortar Baker, Lester S.
1961                                                      Masani, timber truss
       Theory and practice of a three-hinged arch nail-jointed N.J.; Bajaj, A.N.
1961   Proceedings of the symposium on steel structures
1961   Proceedings of the fourth symposium on rock mechanics 1961
1961                                                      Christensen, N.H.
       Danish Geotechnical institute: Bulletin No. 10.Model tests on plane active earth pressures in sand
1961   Modern aspects of inorganic chemistry              Emeleus, H.J.; Anderson, J.S.
1961                                                      Hansen, J. Brinch
       Danish geotechnical institute: bulletin No. 11.General formula for bearing capacity
1961   Theory of elastic stability                        Timoshenko, Stephen P.
1961   Thin-walled elastic beams                          Vlasov, V.Z.
1961   Engineering fluid mechanics                        Jaeger, Charles

                                                 Page 20

1961   Application design: Design and engineering Data
1961   Proceeding of the 5th international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1961   Measurements for engineering and other surveys   Smirnoff, Michael V.
1961   Proceedings of conferences on land surveying (1960 and 1961)
1961   Study of precast concrete bridge units           Breen, John E.; Pauw, Adrian
1961   Plane and geodetic surveying for engineers Clark, David
1961   Elements of queuing theory                       Saaty, Thomas L.
1961   Laboratory instruction in the mechanics of fluidsRouse, Hunter
1961   Seasoning of timber using solar energy           Rehman, M.A.
1961                                                     on shell research delft, August 30-Sep. 2, 1961
       Shell research: Proceedings of the symposiumHaas, A.M.; Bouma, A.L.
1961   Fluid mechanics                                  Pao, Richard H.F.
1961   Engineering drawing and geometry                 Hoelscher, Randolph P.
1961   Research conference on hear strength of cohesive soils
1961   Introduction to mechanics of deformable bodies   Stippes, Marvin; Wempner, Gerald; Stern, Morris
1961   Handbook of fluid dynamics                       Streeter, Victor L.
1961                                                    Losbrg, Anders
       Design methods for structurally reinforced concrete pavements
1961   The steel skeleton                               Baker, J.F.; Horne, M.R.
1961                                                    Alberda, J.E.
       Vertical angles deviations of the vertical and adjustment
1961   Elementary fluid mechanics                       Vennard, John K.
1961   Pile foundations                                 Chellis, Robert D.
1961   Deep foundations and sheet-piling                Lee, Donovan H.
1961   Flow of fluids : through porous materials        Collins, Royal eugene
1961   The steel skeleton                               Baker, J.F.
1961   Concrete products and cast stone                 Childe, H.L.
1961   Witton's microbiology                            Young, Genevieve Gray
1961   Multiple -Purpose river basin development
1961   Water supply and waste-water disposal            Morris, John Carrell
1961   Earthmoving by manual labour and machines
1961   Water supply and waste-water disposal            Maskew Fair, Gordon
1961   Expert committee on the public health aspects of house
1961   Stream gaging control structure in the rio grandeKaraki, S.S.
1961   Water supply and waste disposal                  Hardenbergh, W.A.
1961                                                    Schwalen, river
       Suspended sediment and chemical analysis os san pedroH.C. at charleston
1961   Unit operations of sanitary engineering          Rich, Linvil G.
1961   The story of hoover dam
1961                                                    Nagaratnam, A.
       Proceedings of the hydraulics conference on: research in India university laboratories
1961   Harbour dock and tunnel engineering              Srinivasan, R.
1961   Uniform system of accounts for wastewater utilities
1961   Proceedings of the rudolfs research conference :Public health hazards fof microbial pollution of water
1961   Design report of sarda power house               Mathur, Brahma swarup
1961   Introduction to matrices and vectors             Schwartz, Jacob T.
1961   Numerical methods for science and engineering    Stanton, Ralph G.
1961   Descriptive geometry                             Lal, Jagdish
1961   Practical geometry and engineering graphics Abbott, W.
1961                                                    Misra, H.C.; Singh, Bharat
       Applications of the theory of characteristions to unsteady flow in open chaniels
1961   Problems in applied descriptive geometry         McNeary, Matthew
1961   Annex 14 : Aerodromes
1961   Problems of ruver runoff control
1961   Mitchell's elementary building construction      Moxley, Raymond; Nield, Denzil
1961   Design considerations of pile foundations        Seetaramaiah, P.; Harkauli, A.N.
1961   Study on building costs in asia and the far east
1961   Stabilization ponds for treatment of industrial wastes

                                                Page 21

1961                                                      Mueller, Thomas James
       On separation, reattachment and redevelopment of turbulent boundary layera
1961   Stabilisation of typical bundelkhand soils         Bhargava, D.N.; Saran, R.
1961   Bearing capacity and the design of footings Rao, Babu; Harksuil, A.N.
1961   European standards for drinking -Water
1961                                                      Bedi, Sat parkash singh; Patwasrdhan, S.V.
       Principal factors affecting self-purification of stream wasters
1961                                                      Jain, P.K.; Chandra, Mahesh
       Hydraulic analysis of distribution systems for water supplies
1961   Coagulation in water treatment                     Datar, Mashav T.; Srivastava, S.S.
1961   Taste and odor control in domestic water supplies  Bhatla, Manmohan nath; Jain, O.C.
1961   Flow over alluvial beds at low shear values        Pande, P.k.; Garde, R.J.
1961   Radioactive conditioning of domestic water suppliesKumbhare, A.R.; Jain, A.K.
1961                                                      Singh, Ran bir; Chaturvedi, to three-dimensional problems
       Electrical analogy as applied to subsoil flow studies with special reference R.S.
1961                                                      of concrete
       Time-temperature study of accelerated curing Book, Norman L.
1961   Technical report writing                           Rhodes, Fred H.
1961   Air pollution                                      ., .
1961   Flow over alluvial deds at low shear values        Pande, P.K.; Garde, R.J.
1961                                                      Aggarwal, Raj kumar; Vaswani, N.K.
       Effect of soft aggregate on the stability of bituminous mixtures
1961   Great ideas and theories of modern cosmology       Singh, Jagjeet
1961   Sludge digestion at sewage treatment plants Kshirasgar, S.R.; Kaushik, G.C.
1961   Some aspects of spillway capacity design           Pal, Narinder; Chaturvedi, R.S.
1961   Pore prressure in earth dams                       Sharma, H.B.; Harkauli, A.N.
1961   Technique of river models                          Sahasrabudhe, S.R.; Chaturvedi, R.S.
1961                                                      Singh, Ranbir; Arora, S.D.
       Electrical analogy as applied to subsoil flow studies special reference to three-dimensional problems
1961                                                      Gupta, Permanand; Chaturvedi, R.S.
       Design of well -screens and gravel-packs for tube wells
1961                                                      Sharada, S.C.; Harkauli, A.N.
       Shearing strength of partially consolidated cohesive soils
1961   Report on residential buildings
1961   Building lime                                      Mathur, G.C.
1961   Hydraulic design of open chanel transitions Addison, Kofi mensah; Singh, Bharat
1961   Bonds in brickwork
1961   Building foundations                               Mohan, Dinesh
1961   Commentary on the specification for the design fabrication and erction of structural steel for buildings
1961   Planning primary health centre buildings in rural areas
1961                                                      Inamdar,
       Study of composite construction in prestressed concreteMohan mahadeo; Krishna, Jai
1961                                                      Singhal, R.P.; Singh, Bharat
       A study of discharge coefficient for narrow -crested weirs and distribution of prressure on the downstream glacis
1961   Report on low cost housing
1962                                                      Saraf, C.L.; Vaswani, N.K.
       Investigation of rigid pavement behaviour under static loads by model tests
1962   Stability of multistorey frames                    Kumar, T.N.; Ajmani, J.L.
1962   Photoelastic investigation of deep beams           Seem, Surendra kumar; Chandcrasekaran, A.R.
1962   Supplement to concrete bridge design               Rowe, R.E.
1962                                                      test for ungraded sand bituymen
       Correlation between C.B.R. and hubbard-field Srivastava, S.N.; Vaswani, N.K. stabilized mixes
1962   All weather low cost roads for india               Sharma, Hariom prakash; Vaswani, N.K.
1962   Strength of webs of plate giredrs                  Khosla, A.C.; Arya, A.S.
1962   Study of skew R.C. areches                         Goel, Surendra kumar; Jain, O.P.
1962   Theory of ground water movement                    Polubarinova, P.Ya.
1962   Design of concrete pavements interior loadingNath, Amarendra; Vaswani, N.K.
1962                                                      Agnihotri, V.K.; Krishna, Jai
       Strength of single storey brick shear valls against earthquke forces
1962   Some aspects of air -entrainment in flowing water  Agrawal, Laxman prasad; Garde, R.J.
1962   Seepage through canals                             Agarwal, Brij kishore; Chaturvedi, R.S.
1962   Some aspects of air entrainment in flowing water   Agarwal, Laxman prasad; Garde, R.J.
1962                                                      Thatte, P.M.; Khanna, S.K.
       Investigation of the use of soft aggraeges for soil stabulization in highways
1962                                                      S
       Discharge characgedrstics of veritical drop falls ahatri, A.V.S.; Gairola, S.S.
1962   Analysis of doubly curved shells                   Kanchi, Madhu bhima rao; Krishna, Jai
1962   Concrete bridge design                             Rowe, R.E.

                                                Page 22

1962   Mechanical behavior of engineering materials Marin, Joseph
1962   Proceedings of the fifth international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering: Vol. III
1962   Industrial instrumentation fundamentals          Fribance, Austin E.
1962   Indeterminate structural analysis                Kinney, J. Sterling
1962                                                    Wolfskill, Lyle
       Dynamic stress-strain characteristics of granular materials A.; Buchanan, Spencer J.
1962   Salt-water purification                          Spiegler, K.S.
1962   Milk hygiene
1962   Corrosion of concrete and its prevention
1962   Foundations of structures                        Dunham, Clarence W.
1962   Structural steel design                          Beedle, L.S.
1962   Microbilogy for sanitary engineers               Mckinney, Ross E.
1962   Yield -line theory                               Johansen, K.W.
1962   Continuous beam structures                       Shepley, Eric
1962                                                    concrete members subjected to bending; shear, and Axial load
       Moment - rotation characteristics of reinforced Yamashiro, R.; Siess, C.P.
1962   Earth and rockfill dam engineering               Sally, H.L.
1962                                                    Abraham, Herbert
       Asphalt's and allied substances their occurrence modes of production uses in the arts and methods of testing
1962   Fluid mechanics                                  Streeter, Victor L.
1962   Surveys for the decade of development
1962   Design of thin concrete shells: Vol. 1           Haas, A.M.
1962                                                     of dams and
       Modern trends in the design and constructionsSain, Kanwar power houses
1962                                                     of concrete dams
       European practices in design and constructionCopen, Merlin D.
1962   Prestressed concrete designers handbook          Abeles, P.W.; Turner, F.H.
1962   Practical quality control for concrete           Waddell, Joseph J.
1962                                                    Priyani,
       The fundamental principles of irrigation engineering V.B.
1962   Dock and harbour engineering                     Cornick, Henry F.
1962                                                    Dalmatov, B.I.; Soukhov, V.D.
       Major principles governing design and construction of foundations according to the practice in the soviet union
1962                                                    Callahan, J.P.
       Autogenous helping in lime-pozzolan-aggregate mixtures
1962   Seewasserstrafen und seehafen
1962   Engineering graphics                             William Ezra, Street
1962   Proceedings :International conference on the structural design of asphalt pavements
1962   Introductory soil testing                        Bauer, Edward E.
1962                                                    Ovesen, N. Krebs
       Danish Geotechnical institute: Bulletin No. 14.Cellular cofferdams, calculation methods and model tests
1962   Papers: Third annual meeting: Dec. 27, 28, 29, 1962; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1962   Text book of engineering materials               Kulkarni, G.J.
1962   Food plant sanitation                            Parker, Milton E.
1962   Groundwater and seepage                          Harr, M.E.
1962   Handbook of engineering mechanics                Flugge, W.; Ing., Dr.
1962                                                    of soil cement mixtures
       The effect of soil organic matter on the setting Sherwood, P.T.
1962   Physical chemistry                               Daniels, Rarrington
1962                                                    Chow, Ven of
       Hydrologic determination of waterway areas for the designTe drainage structures in small drainage basins
1962   Mechanics of fluids                              Shames, Irving H.
1962                                                    Anitia,
       Railway track connections or points and crossings K.F.
1962                                                    Paduart, A.
       Simplified calculation methods of shell structures
1962                                                    Beer, Ferdinand P.; Johnston, E. Russell
       Vector mechanics for engineers statics and dynamics
1962   Proceedings of the 1962 Northwest roads and street conference
1962   Essentials of engineering fluid mechanics        Olson, Reuben M.
1962   Modern pH and chlorine control                   Taylor, W.A.
1962   Progress report : Roadside development project   Day, F.A.
1962                                                    Ferri, Antonio; Kuchemann, D.; Sterne, L.H.G.
       Progress in aeronautical sciences vol. 2, boundary layer problems
1962   Theory and analysis of flat slab                 Ramalingam, N.V.; Jain, O.P.
1962                                                    Mackey, Sean
       Proceedings of a meeting held :the design of high buildings
1962   Velocity distribution in alluvial streams        Paintal, A.S.; Garde, R.J.

                                                Page 23

1962   An experimental study on king's vanes             Agrawal, B.l.; Singh, Bharat
1962                                                     Reddy, Venkata rani; Rao, Jaganmohana
       Flood control and reclamation of kollair lake basin
1962   Basic biology of waste stabilization ponds        Kulshreshtha, S. N.
1962   Apects of water pollution control                 ., .
1962                                                     Agarwala, Anand Prakash; Jain, O.P
       Structural engineering ncluding concrete technology
1962   Principles of modern building
1962                                                     Porey,
       Manual on industrial water and industrial waste water P.D.; Ingle, R.N.
1962                                                     Rao,
       An evaluation procedure for the errors of stereotopeJagannath; Oswal, H.L.
1962   Study of dohely curved shell dams                 Srivasatava, J.G.; Srivasatava, S.S.
1962                                                     Goyal, M.M.; Jain, O.P
       Distribution of stresses in axi syummetrically loaded continuous shells of revolution
1962   Matric conversion tables for everyday use
1962   Air pollution                                     Stern, Arthur C.
1962   Thermal environmental engineering                 Threlkeld, J.L.
1962   Epidemiology of air pollution                     Lawther, P.J.
1962                                                     Agarwala, design chand; Chaturvedi, R.S.
       Comparative study of the recent trends in the theory and Suresh of stable channels in alluvium
1962                                                     Rao, Y,Rama; Singh, Bharat
       A study of the effect of angle of off-take and height of cill at the entrance to the off -take on ded load entry
1962   Stability of weir on non-cohensive soils          Porwal, Purushottam dass; Srivastava, S.S.
1962                                                      canal Ramswaroop; Mirajgaoker, A.G.
       The effect of angle on sediment distrubution inGupta,off-takes
1962   Stochastic processes                              Parzen, Emanuel
1962   Manual of building construction                   Tulashar, Kula Ratna; Sharma, Ram Krishna
1962                                                     McKaig, Thomas H.
       Building failures case studies in construction and design
1962   Epidemiology of air pollution                     Lawther, P.J.; Martin, A.E.; Wilkins, E.T.
1962                                                       of interconnected bridge girders
       Critiacal review of the load distribution theoriesGupta, Brajendra kumar; Krishna, Jai
1962   Design of water-resource systems                  Mass, Arthur; Hufschmidt, Maynard M.; Dorfman, Robert; Thomas, H
1962   Waste treatment protozoa flagellata               Calaway, Wilson T.
1962   Numerical mathematical analysis                   Scarborough, James B.
1962   Hydraulic effective size of sand                  Quraishi, M.R.; Chandra, Mahesh
1962                                                     Burns, Ned Hamilton
       Load-deformation characteristics of beam-column connections in reinforced concrete
1962   Design of folded plates                           Khanna, J.k.; Jain, O.P.
1962                                                     Agrawal,
       Utilization of drag for velocity measurments in channels S.R.; Singh, Bharat
1962                                                     of sediment in off-take channels
       Preventive and curative mithods against entry Jain, Shiv prasad; Garde, R.J.
1962   Clay-Pipe engineering manual
1962   Fluorides in drinking waters                      Venugopal rao, P.; Chandra, Mahesh
1962   Cement concrete floor finishes
1962                                                     Gupta, to vibrations
       Deformation characteristics of cohesionless soils due Rajendra; Prakash, Shamsher
1962   Block triangulation with sparse ground control Chopra, K.C.; Oswal, H.l.
1962                                                     Sastry,
       Effect of spur-dike inclination on scour characteristics C. lakshminarayana; Garg, R.G.
1962   Study of skew R.C. arches                         Goel, Surendra kumar; Jain, O.P.
1962                                                     Pandy, Som nath; Chandrasekaran, A.R.
       Design of measuring device for measurment of vibration character rstic of soils
1962                                                     under torsion
       Plain and reinforced concrete square sections Surappa, Keshavamurthy; Jain, O.P.
1962   Dampness in buildings
1962   Theory and problems of matrices                   Ayres, Frank
1962                                                      supply
       Conversion of saline water for municipal waterJain, R.K.; Chandra, Mahesh
1962   Afflux strdies on bridge piers                    Gupta, S.k.; Saran, Swami
1962   High rate crickling filters                       Bhole, A.G.; Chandra, Mahesh
1962   Foundation engineering                            Leonards, G.A.
1962   The planning and design of airports               Horonjeff, Robert
1962   River pollution II. causes and effects            Klein, Louis; Jones, Erichsen J.R.
1962                                                     Muijumdar, V.S.; Narain, Jagdish
       Correlation of C.B.R. with shear strength of cement stabilised soils
1962   Interanal corrosion and its control in water pipesChoursia, H.S.; Chandra, Mahesh
1962                                                     Central board, Irrigation
       Annual review research on fundamental and basic problems relating to river valley projects and flood control works
1962                                                     Charlu, K.L. Narasimha; Mirajgaokar, A.G.
       The effect of natural roughness spacing in rigid open channels

                                               Page 24

1962   Report study of methods used for water -Proofing of roofs in india
1962   Improved methods of determining atterberg limits Agarwal, K.B.; Narain, Jagdish
1962   Stresses in helicoidal stair cases               Agrawal, Krishna murari; Arya, A.S.
1962   Discharge characteristics of vertical drop falls Shastri, A.V.S.; Gairola, S.S.
1962   Fluorides in drinking waters                     Venugopalarao, P.; Chandra, Mahesh
1963   Laboratory study of concrete overlays            Sharma, B.G.; Khanna, S.K.
1963                                                    Ramanathan, K.N.; Mathur, R.P.
       Comparative study of bacteriolgical indicators of pollution in waters
1963                                                    Bedi, effect fo soaking of
       Delopment of CBR method of pavement design and R>B.; Vaswani, N.K.soils on CBR values
1963                                                    Ghokhavatia, R.K.; Jain, O.P.
       Behaviour of concrete aqueduct under water pressure
1963                                                    Ghokhavatia, R.K.; Jain, O.P.
       Behaviour of concrtete aqueduct under water pressure
1963                                                    Uprit, M.K.; Vaswani, N.K.
       Effect of bitumen and filler on the california bearing ratio value for ungraded sand bitumen stanilized mixed
1963                                                     due to sattic loads
       Investigation of stresses in concrete pavementChari, S. Sraghava; Vaswani, N.K.
1963   Hydrodynamic pressure due to earthquake          Agarwal, Pramod kumar; Krishna, Jai
1963                                                    Dwivedi, N,K.; analogy in solving
       Problems of seedage flow towards wells and use of electricalChatruverdi, R.S. a few of them
1963                                                    Alberda, J.E.
       Report on the adjustment of the united European leveling net and related computations
1963                                                    Fairhurst, C.
       Rock mechanics: Proceeding of the fifth symposium on rock mechanics
1963   Anais do segundo congresso panamericano de mecatnica dos solos engenharia de fundacoes
1963   Theory of prestressed concrete                   Chi, Michael; Biberstein, Frank A.
1963   Radioisotopes in hydrology
1963   Laboratory shear testing of soils                Sowers, G.F.
1963   Mathematics of statistics: pt. 2                 Kenney, J.F.; Keeping, E.S.
1963   Concepts of structure                            Zuk, William
1963   Concrete practice: Vol. II                       Elvery, R.H.
1963   Structure in architecture
1963   Complex angular momenta and particle physics     Squires, Euan J.
1963   The analysis braced domes                        Banjamin, B.S.
1963   Kanalbau: Ergebnisse arbeitstechnischer untersuchungen von arbitvertfahren
1963   Hanging roofs                                    Esquillan, N.; Saillard, Y.
1963   Nuclear power technology                         Pearson, F.J.
1963   Highway research record: Driver characteristics night visibility and driving simulation
1963                                                    Russo, G.A.
       Hydroelectric power stations of the volga and kama cascade systems
1963   Fluid mechanics                                  Kaufmann, Walther
1963   Principles of soil mechanics                     Scoot, Ronald F.
1963   Proceedings of the second Pan-American conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
1963   Concrete technology                              Orchard, D.F.
1963                                                    Cowan, s.a.a. code for concrete in buildings
       The design of reinforced concrete : In accordance withHenry J.
1963                                                     buildings
       Modern design of steel frames for multi-storey Bates, W.
1963   1963 Supplement to and changes in book of astm standards including tentative
1963   Design manual for :Orthotropic steel plate deck bridgs
1963   Strength and elasticity of materials             Brooks, W.H.
1963   Design of prestressed concrete structures        Lin, T.Y.
1963                                                    Ermolov, V.V.
       Formwork for massive concrete structures in hydro developments
1963   Internatinal standards for drinking-water
1963                                                    Frocht, M.M.
       Photoelasticity: proceedings of the international symposium held at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
1963                                                    B
       Matrix-tensor methods in continuum mechanics org, S.F.
1963   Engineering materials science                    Richard, Cedric W.
1963   5th congress irrigation and drainage tokyo -1963
1963   Portland cement and asphalt concrete's           Larson, Thomas D.
1963   Notes on fluid mechanics                         rouve, Gerhard
1963   Moment distribution                              Gere, James M.
1963   Air photography applied to surveying             Hart, C.A.; Gibb, Sir Alexander
1963   Principles of soil science                       Hausenbuiller, R.L.

                                                Page 25

1963   Concrete: plain reinforced prestressed shell Evans, R.H.; Wilby, C.B.
1963                                                    Hodge, Philip G.
       Limit analysis of rotationally symmetric plates and shells
1963                                                    Blythe,
       Equations of motion hydrofoil craft in smooth water Wm.
1963   The california state water project in 1963
1963   Photogrammetric and cartographic results of the axle heiberg expedition
1963   International standards for drinking- water
1963   Climatiological and solar data for India         Seshadri, T.N.; Rao, K.R.; Sharma, M.R.
1963   Applied hydraulics in engineering                Morris, Henry M.
1963                                                    Fielder, cast
       Estimating and costing precast concrete products and F.H. stone
1963   Foundation engineering                           peck, Ralph B.
1963   Proceedings of conferences on land surveying (1962 and 1963)
1963                                                    Dietrich, Bernd H.
       Urban water supply conditions and needs in seventy-five developing countries
1963   Lightweight concrete                             Short, Andrew; Kiniburgh, William
1963   Concrete technology: Vol. 2                      Orchard, D.F.
1963   Elementary photogrammetry                        Crone, D.R.
1963   Study of displacement pickups                    Mehrotra, Bharat lal; Chandrasekaran, A.R.
1963   Plastic hinges in concrete sturctures            Kishan, Hari; Jain, O.P.
1963   Numerical methods in engineering                 Salvadori, Mario G.
1963                                                    Sheth, a special reference to hydraulic
       Hydraulics of flow of water through porous media withIawahar lal; Chandra, Mahesh effective size of sand
1963                                                    Siddiqi, Rashid hayat; Engelibrecht,
       Concetration changes in mixed liquor suspended solids in activated sludge systemR.S.
1963   Bucket type energy dissipators                   Vasudva, S.C.; Singh, Bharat
1963                                                    Rudraswamy, H.; Chandra, Mahesh
       Role of chalorine and copper sulphate as algicides in the coagulation of water
1963                                                    tests for ungraded Vaswani, N.K
       Correlation between triaxial and hubbard -field Rao, M.V. Prakasa;sand bitumen stabilzed mixes
1963                                                    Rajoria, K.B.;
       Correlation of O.M.C. with plasticity characteristics of soils Agarwal, K.B.
1963                                                    Sherard, James L.; Woodward,
       Earth and earth-rock dams : engineering problems of desigh and construction Richard J.; Gizienski, Stanley F.; Clev
1963   Theory of gas transfer in areation of water      Toshniwal, C.L.; Willis, M.J.
1963                                                    bacteriology
       Membrane filter technique as applied to water Gandhi, R.L.; Chandra, Mahesh
1963                                                     light of burmisters two N.K.
       Field testing of soil stabilized pavements in theDiwakar, V.k.; Vaswani,layer theory
1963   Disposal of sewage by irrigation                 Behal, Sushil kumar; Kshirsagar, S.R.
1963                                                    than topographic mapping
       Applications of photogrammetry in fields other Sadasivam, M.; Sikka, R.P.
1963                                                    Kumar, Raj; Chandra,
       Zeta potential and its applications to coagulation of natural waters Mahesh
1963   Report on urban health centre buildings
1963   Ultimate strength of reinforced concrete slabs Vaish, Vijendra Kumar
1963   Rollar and rocker bearings for bridges           Trikha, Daya Nand
1963                                                    Gaonkar,
       Iron and Manganese in water supplies and their removalS. A.
1963   Disseration on secondary streeses                Murthy, Krishna; Jain, O.P.
1963   Airports to serve aircraft operating under visual flight rules
1963                                                    Bhatia, Umesh
       A rwview of the behaviour and design of machine foundations kumar; Prakash, Shamsher
1963   Manual of plant diseases                         Heald, Frederick Deforest
1963                                                    with compressive indices
       Correlaton of dye adsorption of cohesive soils Reddy, C.R.; Rajoria, K.B.
1963   Uplift in gravity dams                           Prasad, Amda; Singh, Bharat
1963                                                    Goel, M.K.; Oswal, H.L.
       Investigations of the dimensional stability of some selected map bases
1963   Pressure distribution on triangular elements Raju, K.G.; Garde, R.J.
1963   Application of photogrammetry to cadastral surveyBaliga, Anantha; Oswal, H.S.
1963   Rooler and rocker bearings for bridges           Trikha, Daya nand; Jain, O.P.
1963   Torsional strength of R.C.C. members             Kulathumani, N.; Jain, O.P.
1963                                                    Chandra, Brijesh; Krishna, Jai
       Strength of single storey unreinforced brick buildings against earthquake forces
1963                                                    Natarajan, T.; Oswal, H.C.
       A review of methods of tilt determination including experimental investigations on a few chosen grtaphical methods
1963                                                     field of medical sciences
       Stereoradiography and allied techniques in theSingh, R.S.; Singh, S.R.
1963                                                    Lohtia, Rajinder paul; Arya, A.S.
       Distribution of concentrated loads on multibeam bridges
1963                                                    Malhotra, R.C.; Singh, S.R.
       Block triangulation in photogrammetry and its role in modern mapping
1963   Matrix methods for engineering                   Pipes, Louis A.

                                               Page 26

1963                                                   Rao,
       Review of small scale mapping by photogrammetry Jagannath; Shahani, P.B.
1963                                                   Banerjee, Amitava; Jain, O.P.
       Plastic design satically ideterminate R.C. structures
1963   The study of hadraulic jump in flume expansions Shagal, P.P.; Mirajgaoker, A.G.
1963                                                   Banerjee,
       Plastic design of statically indeterminate R.C. structures Amitava; Jain, O.P.
1963   Accelerated curing of cement concrete           Shah, Vipin; Jain, O.P.
1963                                                   Chithambaran, V.K.; Mirajgaoker, A.G.
       Effect of large natural roughnesses in open channel flow
1963   Elementary hand book of concrete house construction
1963   Manual of instructions for construction of prefabricated timber hut
1964                                                   Dugar, S.M.;
       Field investigation of warping of concrete pavement slabs Vaswani, N.K.
1964                                                   Lail,
       Field study of rigid voerlay on concrete pavement Bhagirath; Vaswani, N.K.
1964   Mathematical programming                        Reinfeld, Nyles V.
1964                                                   processes
       Graphics for engineers : with chapter on shop Luzadder, Warren J.
1964   Dynamics of structures                          Hurty, Walter C.; Rubinstein, Moshe F.
1964   Matrix methods of structural analysis           Livesley, R.K.
1964   Flexural mechanics of reinforced concrete
1964   Audels pumps hydraulics air compressors         Graham, Frank D.
1964   Mathematics of physics and chemistry vol. 2 Margenau, Henry; Murphy, George Moseley
1964   Symposium on : fully separated flows            Hansen, Arthur G.
1964   Dynamics of channel flow                        Goncharov, V.N.
1964   Complete records on the symposium on aerial triangulation
1964   Fourier methods in optical image evaluation Linfoot, E.H.
1964   Modern surveying                                Shahani, P.B.
1964   Some thoughts on photo-interpretation           Vink, A.P.A.
1964   Theoretical hydromechanics                      Kochin, N.E.; Kibel, I.A.
1964                                                   Schut, G.H.
       Operating instructions for programs for strip and block adjustment by polynomial transformation
1964   Advanced reinforced concrete                    Dunham, Clarenee W.
1964   Structural precast concrete                     Glover, C.W.
1964   Fluid mechanics                                 Binder, Raymond C.
1964   Isotope techniques for hydrology
1964   Advanced fluid mechanics: vol. I and II         Binder, R.C.
1964                                                   Hansen, Arthur
       Similarity analyses of Boundary value problems in EngineeringG.
1964                                                     fluid mechanics and heat transfer
       Laboratory experiments and demonstrations inLandis, Fred
1964   Proceedings of the 1964 highway engineering conference
1964   Theory of arch dams                             Rydzewski, J.R.
1964   Introduction to structural dynamics             Biggs, John M.
1964   Structures for nuclear power                    Gill, S.
1964   Proceedings of the symposium on bearing capacity of piles
1964   Symposium on precast concrete wall panels
1964   Handbook of applied hydrology                   Chow, Ven Te
1964   Water supply and waste disposal at high altitudes
1964   Advances in water pollution research            Baars, J.K.
1964   Aij structural standards
1964                                                    development
       Economics and public policy in water resourceSmith, Stephen C.
1964   Elements of experimental stress analysis        Hendry, A.W.
1964   Water resources engineering                     Linsley, Ray K.
1964                                                   Southgate, B.A.
       Proceedings of the international conference held in: advanced in water pollution research
1964   Introduction to prestressed concrete: Vol. ii Abeles, Paul W.
1964                                                   Wright, P.J.F.
       Flexural strength of plain concrete: Its measurement and use in designing concrete mixes
1964   Military engineering Vol. XIV: concrete Pt. II Reinforced concrete design
1964   Concrete finishes and decoration                Childe, H.L.
1964   Symposium on creep of concrete
1964                                                    effects
       Design of structures to resist nuclear weaponsHansen, R.J.

                                               Page 27

1964                                                     Ecdenfelder, W.W.
       Proceedings of the internationlal conference held in :advances in water pollution research
1964   Civil engineering in Japan 1964
1964                                                     Spokes, held at university of Missouri at Rolla
       Proceeding of the sixth symposium on rock mechanics Ernest M.
1964                                                     Schmidt, B.
       Danish Geotechnical institute: Bulletin No.18.Pulling resistance of inclined anchor piles in sand
1964                                                     Ovesen, Niels Krebs
       Danish Geotechnical institute: Bulletin No.16.Anchor slabs, calculation methods and model tests
1964                                                     Hansen, evaluation
       Danish Geotechnical institute: Bulletin No. 17.Empirical J. Brinch of consolidation tests with little belt clay
1964   Cavitation in real liquids                        Davies, Robert
1964   Chemistry of the soil                             Bear, Firman E.
1964   Principles and applications of rheology           Fredrickson, Arnold G.
1964   Who expert committe on smallpox
1964   Enteric infections
1964   Models for structural concrete                    Preece, B.W.; Davies, J.D.
1964   Elementary theory of elastic plates               Jaeger, L.G.
1964   Paint flow and pigment dispersion                 Patton, Temple C.
1964                                                     Cox, Charles R.
       Operation and control of water trreatmenat processes
1964   Design of concrete structures                     Urquhart, L.C.
1964   Study of short cylindrical shells                 Gupta, Jivan lal; Arya, A.S.
1964                                                     Mulchandni, A.k.;
       Critical review of graphical methods of photogrammetric plotting Shahani, P.B.
1964                                                     Sagar, Vidya; Singh, Bharat
       A study of seepage pressure on simple depressed floor of finite width
1964   Ultimate strengh of R.C slabs                     Jain, Satish chand; Jain, S.C.
1964                                                     Singh, Vijendra; Singh, Bharat
       Relief wells with particular resference to seepage control in earth dams and levees
1964                                                     Sachan, R.N.; Agarwal, K.B.
       Correlation of shear strengtth parameters at O.M.C. with the plasticity characteristics of soils
1964                                                     Nayak, Gyan
       Analysis of grid beam bridges by anisotropic plate theory chandra; Jain, O.P.
1964   Thermal design of buildings                       Rogers, Tyler Stewart
1964   Sand filtration of algae laden waters             Krishna, S.; Mathur, R.P.
1964   Use of prestressing for concrete pavements Khosla, Vijay kumar; Vaswani, N.K.
1964                                                     Nagaraja, from Oswal, H.L.
       Analytical evaluation of the stereotope orientation setting H.N.; tilt and control data
1964                                                     Aurora, R.P.; of soils
       Correlation of C.B.R. with unconfined compressive strength Agarwal, K.B.
1964                                                     Ghanekar, soils
       Correlation of C.B.R. value with plasticity characterstics ofK.D.; Agarwal, K.B.
1964                                                     Ghuymman, Manjit singh; Prakash, Suamsher
       Effect of shape on bearing dapacity of model footings in sand
1964   Numerical methods and fortran programming McCracken, Daniel D.; Dorn, William S.
1964                                                     Srivastava, M.S.; Chandra, Satish
       Effect of splay on the performance of sub-critical expansive transition in open channels
1964                                                     Tamhankar, Mohan
       Analysis and design of prestressed prismatic and cylindrical stells gopal; Arya, A.S.
1964   Control of sunlight peneration in buildings
1964                                                     Bhide, A.D.; Mathur, R.P.
       The optimnum incubatin temperature for the primary lsolation of coloform and escherichia coli organisms
1964   Study of batter piles subjected to lateral loads Subrahmanyam, Goli; Prakash, S.
1964                                                      the soil specimen in undrained triaxial test under different rate of stra
       A study of the variation of pore pressure insideSingh, Bhawani; Narain, Jagdish
1964   Business administration                           Hurley, Moris E.
1964                                                     Qadeer, stability
       Strenth of steel columns under combined plasticity and Aslam; Jain, O.P.
1964                                                     Mohan, Aditya; Narain, Jagdish
       A review of methods of analysing stresses in large tunnels
1964   Report of the panel on health buildings on destrict T.B. centres
1964                                                     dams with A.T; Rao, K.L.
       Application of soil secience in building of earthRaghupati, special reference to nagarjunasagar project
1964                                                     Purswani, Ramchand; Gupta, S.K.
       Disseration on critical analysis of design features of the medical college building jabalpur
1964   A study of short cylindrical shells               Gupta, Jivan lal; Arya, A.S
1964                                                     Baxi, M.K.; Agarwal, K.B.
       A study of vane shear method of determine liquid limit
1964   A study of the characteristics of rookee soils Singh, Surinder; Prakash, S.
1964                                                     Sangal, S.P.; Chaturvedi, R.S.
       Efficacy and location of intermediate filters in weir and barrage floors
1964   Engineering economy                               Thuesen, H.G.; Fabrycky, W.J.
1964   Santiation aspect of university swimming pool Jaiswal, Rupesh kumar; Mathur, R.P.
1964   Atmospheric pollutants
1964   Some aspects of spillway capacity design          Pal, Narinder; Chaturvedi, R.S.
1964   Behaviour of reinforced concrete grid floors Sanghi, Om prakash; Arya, A.S.

                                                  Page 28

1964                                                        Vaswani, N. K.
       Design of concrete pavements overlying foundations of different elasticities
1964   Artificial recharge of ground water                  Arya, S.P.S.; Chandra, Satish
1964                                                        IBM, Reference Library
       Ibm 1620 fortran ii programming syste, reference manual
1964                                                        Chaw, Van te
       Handbook of applied hydrology : a compendium of water-resources technology
1964   A trext book of descriptive geometry                 Garg, D.P.
1964   Ultimate strength of R.C. slabs                      Jain, Satish chand; Jain, O.P.
1964   A text book of descriptive geometry                  Garg, D.P.
1964                                                         expansive transitions J.P.
       Effect of variation of depth of flow in subcriticalKumar, Virendra; Jain, in open -channels
1964   Mathematical statistics                              Freund, John E.
1964                                                        Stubberud, Allen R.
       Analysis and synthasis of linear time variable systems
1964   Practical applications of the modified normal distribution
1964   Control of algae in water supplies                   Seth, A.K.; Patwardhan, S.V.
1964   Stochastic processes                                 Parzen, Emanuel
1964   Effect of sediment size on scour                     Ramu, K.L.V.; Ranga, R.J.
1964   Photogrammetry in space science                      Modak, R.N.; Shahani, P.B.
1964   Liquefaction of fine sand under dyanmic loads Mathur, Jagdiesh Narain; Prakash, Shamsher
1964   Investigations and analysis of seepage from canals   Mathur, A.K.; Chatruvedi, R.S.
1964                                                        Velu, Kulandai; charateristics
       Investigation of the effect of dissoled oxygen on the functional Saraswat, I.P. of calciumearnonate deposition on C.I
1964   Planning anf designing buildings                     Sane, Y.S.
1964   Frictional resistance in vibratory pile driving Hill, H.
1964                                                        fluid
       Fall velocity of a sphere in a field of oscillating Ho, Hau-Wong
1964                                                        Gaither,
       Dynamic analysis of pile-supported offshore structures William S.
1964   Theory and alalysis of structures                    Jain, O.P.
1964                                                        Hicks,
       Fundamental concepts in the design of experiments Charles R.
1964                                                        Seth, Amar kant; Mukherjee,
       Effect of temperature on biochemical oxygen demand of sewage in india S.K.
1964                                                        Vaswani, N. overlying foundations of different elasticities
       Instrumentation annexure to design of concrete pavementsK.
1964   Numerical mathematical analysis                      Scarborough, James B.
1964                                                        subjected Sohan lal; Prakash, S.
       Static and dynamic behaviour of a vertical pile Aggarwal, to lateral loads
1964   Effect of sediment size on scour                     Ramu, K.L.V; Garde, R.J.
1964                                                        Prakash,
       Effect of earthquake forecs on cost of R.C. water towresAnand; Krishna, Jai
1965                                                        Varma, ground controls
       A re-examination of methods economic and density of R.S.; Singh, S.R.for various kinds of photogrammetric mappin
1965                                                        Singh, Rajendra; Chaturvedi, R.S.
       Comparative behaviour of different transition curves at high froude number in subcritical expansive flow
1965                                                        Gupta, Som dutt; Vaswani, M.K.
       Effect of lime filler on stability adhesion and stripping of bituminous mixtures under different conditions of temperatu
1965   Bituminous stabilization of local soil               Hariharan, P.; Justo, C.E.G.
1965                                                        Gupta, Sharat chandra; Arya, A.S.
       The study of problem of cateral burking in steell beams
1965   Siol stabilization                                   Kathpalia, G.N.; Agarwal, B.R.
1965                                                        Arora, M.D.; Vaswani, N.K.
       Laboratory investigation of suitability of joint fillers and sealers for concrete pavements
1965                                                        N
       Stabilization of black cotton soil of indore region ag, C.P.; Justo, C.E.G.
1965                                                        List, John; Saffman, P.G.
       The stability and mixing of a density-stratified horizontal flow in a saturated porous medium
1965                                                        Arora, M.G.; Vaswani, N.K.
       Field study of the structural behaviour of partially bounded rigid overlays overlying rigid pavements
1965                                                        Sinha, H.K.; Vaswani, filler
       Laboratory investigations of the effect of filler on viscosity of bitumen N.K. system at various temperatures
1965   Fluid mechanics for civil engineers                  Webber, N.B.
1965                                                        and standard teste of tar and bitumen at different temperatures
       Laboratory investigations of absolute viscosity Marathe, Pratap datttajirao; Vaswani, N.K.
1965   Substance of library science                         Sharma, Jagdish Saran
1965                                                        sharp edged orifice plates
       Effect of shape on the discharge coefficient of Mal, Sobhagya; Garde, R.J.
1965                                                        Verma, V.k.; profiles
       Effect of boundary layer on horizontal open channel surfaceChandra, Satish
1965   Modern welded structures
1965   Fluid flow in bends of conduits                      Ananyan, A.K.
1965   Multi -Story frames calculation and moment -tables   Takabeya, F.
1965   Various specialisations of the general formulae      Weele, A.J.V.D.
1965   Studies in composite construction
1965   Cement chemists and works managers handbook          Craddock, Q.L.; Watson, W.

                                                 Page 29

1965                                                     Bolt, F.D.
       Towers and Masts for VHF and UHF transmitting aerials
1965   Thin shell concrete structures                    Billington, David P.
1965   Flexural mechanics of reinforced concrete
1965                                                     xxxx, xxx
       Commentary on building code requirements for reinforced concrete
1965   Water power development                           Mosonyi, Emil
1965                                                     Juul Hvorslev, M.
       Subsurface exploration and sampling of soils for civil engineering purposes
1965   Soil mechanics                                    Jumikis, Alfreds R.
1965   Proceedings of the 6th international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1965   Theology of concrete: A review of research Ali, I.; Kesler, C.E.
1965   Irrigation engineering : canals and barrages Leliavsky, Serge
1965   Highway structures design handbook
1965                                                     Mann, Lawrence
       Procedure to predict maintenance costs for highway systems
1965   Analysis of the use of reseal photographs         Sitek, Zbigniew
1965   First get-together of research and industry
1965   Elementary structural mechanics
1965   Stress: a reference manual                        Fenves, Steven J.; Logcher, Robert D.; Mauch, Samuel P.
1965   Earth manual
1965                                                     Cox, Allen L.
       Optimum utilization and selection of mowers for highway right of ways
1965                                                      in terms of tabulated functions
       Formulation of the modified normal distributionMcLane, Peter J.
1965   Formulas for stress and strain                    Roark, Raymond J.
1965   Bituminous materials : asphalt's ,tars and pitchesHoiberg, Arnold J.
1965   Proceedings of the 1965,63,62,56 highway engineering conference
1965   Stability of frames                               Horne, M.R.; Merchant, W.
1965   Capacities and limitations of urban transportation modes
1965   Bulletin
1965   Design of roadside drainage channels              Searcy, James K.
1965   Report on pipeline location
1965                                                     Seed,
       Analysis of soil liquefaction in the Niigata earthquake H. Bolton; Idriss, I.M.
1965   Composite construction in steel and concrete Yan, H.t.
1965   Analysis of statically indeterminate structures Williams, Clifford D.
1965   Irrigation engineering : syjphons weirs and locks Leliavsky, Serge
1965   Plastic design of multi storey frames             Parikh, B.P.
1965                                                     Adams, Paul H.; Dove, Richard C.
       Experimental stress analysis and motion measurement
1965   Engineering effects of moisture changes in soils: Proceedings International research and engineering conference o
1965   Plastic methods of structural analysis            Neal, B.G.
1965                                                     concrete: Pt I: production application
       Ultrasound in the production and inspection of Kornilovich, Yu. E.; Belokhvostikova, V.I.
1965   Design of structures to resist atomic weapons: Structural elements subjected to dynamics loads
1965   Mechanics of materials                            Popov, E.P.
1965   Analysis of framed structures                     Gere, James M.; Weaver, William
1965   Mechanics of materials                            Levinson, Irving J.
1965                                                     Guna Ji, N.N.
       Uses of monomolecular film to reduce evaporation on the clephant butte reservoir
1965   Rational earthquake design criteria for earth damsEsmiol, Elbert E.
1965   Vibration theory and applications                 Thomson, William T.
1965   Inelastic behavior of load-carrying members Smith, James O.; Sidebottom, Omar M.
1965   Seepage flow through an earth dam                 Carstens, M.R.
1965   Braced frameworks                                 Parkes, E.W.
1965   Theory of elastic complexes                       Roussopoulos, A.I.
1965   Introduction to photomechanics                    Durelli, A.J.; Riley, W.F.
1965                                                     Leliavsky, Serge
       Design textbooks in civil engineering : river and canal hydraulics
1965   Design of modern steel structures                 Grinter, Linton E.
1965   Instrumental methods of analysis                  Willard, Hobart H.; Merritt, Lynne L.; Dean, John A.
1965   Capacity charts for the hydraulic design of highway culverts

                                               Page 30

1965                                                      concrete: Pt. II: Filonidov, A.M.
       Ultrasound in the production and inspection of Tret'yakov, A.K.;Inspection in hydraulic construction
1965                                                     Symonds, Paul S.
       Prentice-hall international series in : theoretical and applied mechanics
1965   High strength friction grip bolts                 Godfrey, g. Bernard
1965                                                     Hoopes,
       Waste water recharge and despersion in porous media John A.
1965   High- speed wind tunnel testing                   Pope, Alan; Goin, Kinnith L.
1965   Lining of earthen irrigation channels             Sally, H.L.
1965                                                     Sedov, L.I.
       Two-dimensional problems in hydrodynamics and aerodynamics
1965   Research frontiers in fluid dynamics              Seeger, Raymond J.
1965   Fluid mechanics                                   Garde, R.J.; Mirajgaoker, A.G.
1965                                                      pumping of solids in suspension and fluid mixtures
       Pumps and blowers: two-phase flow, flow and Stepanoff, A.J.
1965   Plastic design of multistory frames               Driscoll, Geroge C.; Fisher, John W.
1965   Text book of tropograhhical surveying
1965   Geohydrology                                      De Wiest, Roger J.M.
1965   Geomorphologie                                    Panzer, Wolfgang
1965   Design of dams for percolation and erosion Leliavsky, Serge
1965                                                     Aitchison, G.D.
       Moisture equilibrium and moisture changes in soils: Beneath covered areas: Symposium
1965   Modern hydrology                                  Kazman, Raphael G.
1965   Proceedings of the Sixth international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering: vol. 1: Montreal 19
1965   Instrumentation for mechanical analysis
1965                                                     Seed, H. conditions
       Studies of the liquefaction of sands under cyclic loading Bolton; Lee, Kenneth L.
1965                                                     Scott, W.Basil
       Composite construction for steel framed buildings: Properties of composite sections Part I
1965                                                     Wynn, A.E.
       Design and construction of formwork for concrete structures
1965                                                     Sharma, R.S.; foundations
       Effect of inclined impervious boundaries on uplift pressure onNarain, J. of hydraulic sturctures by electrical analo
1965                                                     D
       Investigations on no-fines brick ballast concrete ani, B.A.; Jain, O.P.
1965                                                     Solomon, Dan;
       Analysis and design of slab bridges by anisotropic plate theoryJain, O.P.
1965   Behaviour of prestressed concrete composite beams Chakarabarti, Subrata; Jain, O.P.
1965                                                       and I.P; Narain, Jagdish
       Stabilisation of roorkee soils for low cost roadsGarg,houses
1965   Yield line theory of R.C. slabs                   Jain, Mannalal; Jain, O.P.
1965                                                     Saran, Swami; Prakash, Shamsher
       Bearing capacity of footings under eccentric vertical loads
1965                                                     Agrawal,
       Torsional strength of plain concrete rectangular beams Shrihari; Jain, O.P.
1965                                                     Ranjan, Gopal; Prakash, Shamsher
       Design and performance of a large shear box for dyanmic loads
1965                                                     Dikshit, Satish chandra; Prakash, S.
       the problems in sub-surface exploration for large industrial projects
1965                                                     Gupta, subjected to horizontal imbalance forces
       A Study of rresonat frequency of machine foundationsDinesh chandra; Prakash, S.
1965   Investigations on no fines concrete               Kawadkar, K.G.; Jain, O.P.
1965                                                     Tiwary, P.C.; Narain, Jagdish
       Effect of friction -less ends on triaxial shear tests
1965                                                     Sulkar, Vasantrao; Jain, O.P.
       Study of bow -string girder analysising as an inclined chord vierendeel girder
1965   Study of diagonally braced frames                 Gosain, N.K.; Chandrase karan, A.R.
1965                                                     Gupta, Yash pal;
       Vibration absorbers as applied to civil engineering structures Chandrasekaran, A.R.
1965                                                     Solomon, Dan
       Analysis and design of alab bridges by anisotropic plate theory
1965   Buckling strength of hyperbolic pataboloids Sanwal, Chandra shekhar; Arya, A.S.
1965   Dynamic bearing capacity of footings              Churnmar, A. Verghese; Prakash, Shamsher
1965   Behaviour of prestressed concrete composite beams Chakrabarti, Subrata; Jain, O.P.
1965   A Study of secondary consolidation in clays Chakraborty, Santosh kumar; Narain, Jagdish
1965                                                     Shahani, P.
       Precision of astro-fix as contro for topographical mappingB.
1965                                                     Wallace, Alfred Thomas
       Hydraulic and removal efficiencies in sedimentation basins
1965                                                     Rukavina,
       Particle orientation in turbidites; theory and experiment Norman Andrew
1965   The effect of wind drag on open-channel flow Goodwin, Carl R.
1965                                                     Asthana, J.B.; Chaturvedi, R.S.
       A study of the control of bed load and suspended load in calnals and distrabutaries
1965                                                     Shahani, P. B.
       Annexure to precision of astro-fix as control for topographical mapping
1965   Hydraulic jump in open prismatic channels         Mathur, A.K.; Mirajgaoker, A.G.
1965   Expermental study of degrading channel            Hasan, S.M.; Garde, R.J.
1965   Green function methods in probability theory Keilson, Julian

                                                Page 31

1965                                                     Singh, Rajendra; Charurvedi, R.S.
       Comparative behaviour of different transition curves at high froude number in subcritical expansive folw
1965                                                     Narasimhachary, K.;
       An investigation into the single-base method of pressure altimetry Tiwari, R.S.
1965                                                     Singh, Rameshwar
       Usteady and unsaturated flow in soils in two dimentions
1965                                                     building B.D.
       Commpendium of words and pherase used in Virmani, constracts
1965                                                     Subramanyam, Bala; Singh, S.R.
       Advancements and achievements in geodesy in the space age which includes the recent techniques of photogramm
1965                                                     Modi, P.N.; Garde, R.J.
       Study of two -dimensional flow past a plagte set at an inclination in contact with a boundary
1965   Fatigue of asphalt concrete                       Deacon, J.
1965                                                     Mal, Sobhagya; Garde, R.J.
       On the discharge coefficient of sharp edged orifice plastes
1965                                                     Saxena,
       Research publications and thesis of roorkee university R.S.; Gupta, Shipra
1965   Proceedings of the seminar on technical education and its development (1966-81)
1965                                                     Jain, A.K.; Singh, Bharat
       Hydrodynamic pressures gendrated during earthquakes on structures surrounded by water
1965                                                     Shubin, John
       Plant layout :Dvelping and improving manufacturing plants A.; Madeheim, Huxley
1965   Cpm in construction management                    O'Brien, James J.
1965   Experimental study of degrading channel           Hasan, S.M.; Garde, R.J.
1965   Critical path methods in construction practice Antill, James M.; Woodhead, Ronald W.
1965   Rougness parameters for open channels             Agarwal, S.P.; Garde, R.J.
1965                                                      in highway Venkata; Shahani, P.B.
       Evaluation of aerial photography and mapping Ramu, A.S.planning and development
1965                                                     Alagarsamy, S.R; Toshniwal, C.L.
       Performance of oxidation pond under varuing conditions of depth and ph value
1965                                                     Chopane, B.B.; Agarwal, Sohan soils
       Evaluation of soil modulus in horzontal and vertical directioins for cohesionless lal
1965   Mechanical composting                             Ghate, S.S.
1965                                                     Varshney, rererence to R.P.
       Cycle of gaseous pollutants in the ecosphere with specialV.P.; Mathur, carbon monoxide
1965                                                     Nautiyal, R.D.;
       Design of inter connected bridge girders for I.R.C. loadings Arya, A.S.
1965   Radioactive waste disposal                        Aggarwal, Ramesh; Patwardhan, S.V.
1965   Studies on horizontal flow filter                 Gupta, P.C.; Patwardhan, S.V.
1965                                                     Locher, in the
       A preliminary investigation of the pressure flucturationsF.A. vicinity of normal walls
1965   Selected papers from symposium on housing finance
1965   Building construction estimating                  Wass, Alonzo
1965                                                        surveying to Singh, warfare techniques
       Applications of photogrammetry and electronicSharma, K.P.; modernR.P.
1965                                                     Sood, S.K.; waters
       Longevity of coliform and enterococci organism in polluted Mathur, R.P.
1965   Proceedings of symposium :Water pollution control
1965                                                     Saxena, S.K.; Gaonkar, S.A.
       Some factors affecting composting with special reference to natural degradatin of raw vegetable matter under aerob
1965                                                     Raghu, V.; Saraswat, I.P.
       Effect of sewage chlorination on biochemical oxygen demand
1965   Analysis and design of skew slab brides           Jain, V.K.; Nayak, G.C.
1965                                                     Escritt, L.B.
       Sewerage and sewage disposal:calcutations ,design ,specification
1965                                                     Swaroop, Adarsh; Sethi, B.R.
       Effect of baffle pier shapes in stilling basin design
1965   Proceedings of asylmposium : Water pollution control
1965                                                     Mahabir, Singh; Kausik, S.K.
       Steel fibre reinforced comcrete under cyclic loading
1966                                                     J
       Self formed channels in non cohesive material ain, Abhai kumar; Mirajgaokar, A.G.
1966   Some aspects of radial free surface flow          Swamee, P.K.; Misra, H.C.
1966   Static and dynamic compaction of sand             Gupta, Mani kant; Prakash, S.
1966                                                     Vazirani, V.N.;
       Concrete structures:analysis,design and details of structures Ratwani, M.M
1966   Plain and rainforced concrete                     Krishna, Jai; Jain, O.P.
1966   Trifurcation of penstock for the ramganga project Juyal, Rajendra vikram; Misra, H.C.
1966                                                     Beard,
       Optimization techniques for hydrologic engineering Leo R.
1966                                                     Israni, Hakumat; Charurvedi, R.S.
       Analysis of fairlure of some earth dams and their remedieal measures
1966                                                       anchorage, alaska
       Effects of the earthquake of march 27, 1964 atHansen, Wallace R.
1966   Analysis of northlight shells                     Garg, Radhey mohan; Arya, A.S.
1966   A study of intemediate cylindrical shells         Singh, Mahenra pal; Arya, A.S.
1966                                                     Shrivastava, V.S.; bituminous mixes
       Effect of viscous properties of the binder on the stability values ofKhanna, S.K.
1966   Techniqre of hydraulic models                     Gupta, R.S.; Singh, Bharat
1966   A study of intermediate cylindrical sheels        Singh, Mahendra pal; Arya, A.S.
1966                                                     Husain, Syed
       A review of the applications of aerial photography to geologymanzoor; Shahani, P.B.

                                               Page 32

1966                                                    Bhandari, Raj kumar; Rao, M.V.
       Effect of plunger area thickness and area of specimen on compressive strength of bityminous mixes
1966                                                    Mathur, O.P.; Khanna, varying wheel loads
       Investigation of pressure distribution property of different base courseS.K.
1966                                                    Gupta, S.L.
       Waterlogging in the canal irrigated areas with sepcial analysis of the upper bari doab canal tract
1966                                                    Sharma, stability of bituminous
       Effect of shape texture and grading of aggregate on theRaj pal; Rao, M.V.P. mixes
1966                                                    Gupta, S.L.; Chaturvedi, R.S.
       Waterlogging in the canal irrigated areas with special analysis of the upper bahi doab canal tract
1966   Third symposium on earthquake engineering
1966                                                     on flexural strength of bituminous concrete
       Effects of temperature susceptibility of bindersPilliwar, C.S.; Khanna, S.K.
1966   The stress distribution in gravity dams          Jain, S.C.; Chaturvedi, R.S.
1966                                                      to channel shape and position of underlayer of infinite permeability b
       A study of seepage form canals with referenceTandon, J.N.; Misra, H.C.
1966                                                    B
       Matrix-tensor methods in continuum mechanics org, S.F.; Dr., Eng.
1966                                                    Dhupar, Jaswant mixes
       Laboratory study on centrifuge method for designing bituminoussingh; Khanna, S.K.
1966                                                    Sazawal, M.L.; Justo, C.E.G.
       Stanilization of srinagar soil wisth specal reference to forst action
1966                                                    Misra, profile
       A study of boundary layer development on a spillway Laxmikanta; Chandra, Satish
1966   Plain and rainforced concrete                    Krishna, Jai; Jain, O.P.
1966   Epoxies with concrete
1966   Bolted joints for timber structures pt. I        Masani, N.J.; Pruthi, K.S.
1966   Rigidity and strength of steel parts             Nemec, Jaroslav
1966                                                     structural timber joints S.K.
       Research results on lateral strength of nails in Masani, N.J.; Agarwal, Pt. II
1966                                                    Whitehurst, E.A.
       Evaluation of concrete properties from sonic tests
1966   River management                                 Isaac, Peeter C.G.
1966   An introduction to fluvial hydraulics            Leliavsky, Serge
1966   Roads in urban areas
1966   Fluid dynamics                                   Daily, James W.
1966   River engineering and water conservation works   Thorn, Roland Berkeley
1966                                                    Bass, J.
       Engineering bulletin of Purdue University.Mathematical methods of Turbulence
1966   Principles of ideal-fluid aerodynamics           Karamcheti, Krishnamurty
1966   Experiments in transport phenomena               Crosby, E.J.
1966   Proceedings of the 1966 northwest roads and street conference
1966   Proceedings of the 52nd annual road school Shurig, D.G.
1966   Hydrogeology                                     Davis, Stanley N.; DeWiest, Roger J.M.
1966   Groundwater seepage rates                        Ogil'vi, N.A.; Fedorovich, D.I.
1966                                                    Plantema, Frederik
       Sandwich construction : the denting and buckling of sandwich beams plates and shells
1966   A review of existing methods of road construction over peat
1966   Ultimate strength design for structural concrete Arthur, P.D.; Ramakrishnan, V.
1966   Indian roads congress geometric of roads
1966                                                      from climatic data
       Estimating evaporation and evapotranspirationChristiansen, J.E.
1966   Textbook of biochemistry                         Harrow, Benjamin; Mazur, Abraham
1966   Aerial ropeways and funicular railways           Frenkiel, Zygmunt
1966   Civil engineering tables and charts              Jain, S.C.
1966   Engineering mechanics                            Thadani, B.N.
1966   River restoration                                Petts, Geoffrey
1966   Symposium papers                                 Bishop, R.E.D.
1966   Structural lightweight aggregate concrete        Nesbit, J.K.
1966   Introduction to hydrometeorology                 Bruce, J.P.; Clark, R.H.
1966   Proceedings of conferences on land surveying (1964 to 1966)
1966   6th congress on irrigation and drainage sixieme congres des irrigations et du drainage
1966   Engineering glossary - I
1966   Structural analysis of beams and slabs           Hahn, Dipl. Ing. J.
1966   Engineering drawing and design (civil )          Singh, Inderjit; Singh, Jaswant
1966   Disposal of radioactive wastes into seas oceans and surface waters
1966   Guide to the safe handling of radioisotopes in hydrology
1966   Theory of shells and plates                      Dugar'yan, S.M.

                                                 Page 33

1966   Advance in hydroscience                         Chow, Ven Te.
1966   Seepage through earth dams                      Uginchus, A.A.
1966                                                   Sun, a hollow circular cylinder of finite length under the action of axia
       Report 48: On the axially-symmetric deformation of C.T.; Valanis, K.C.
1966   Structural matrix analysis for the engineer     Robinson, John
1966   Modern surveying                                Shahani, P.B.
1966   Blockdiagrams information number III            Goosen, D.
1966                                                   Husti, azimuth by horizontal directions at the sun
       Simultaneous determination of latitude longitude andG.J.
1966   Triangulation and its computation
1966                                                   Sneddon, Ian N.
       Mixed boundary value problems in potential theory
1966   Drainage engineering                            Luthin, James N.
1966   Forest surveys and maps                         Panital, J.S.
1966                                                   Jeppson, Roland W.
       Techniques for solving free-streamling cavity, Jet and seepage problems by finite differences
1966                                                    Azimuth and
       Selection of stars for the determination of timeRoelofs, R. laplace quantity by meridian transits
1966                                                   Chandra, R.; Sarkar, S.
       Handbook for ultimate strength design of reinforced concrete members
1966                                                   Hansen, stress determination in soils
       Danish Geotechnical institute: Bulletin No.20.Simplified J. Brinch
1966   Cours d'eau et torrents                         Quesnel, Bernard
1966                                                   Pannell, F.N.
       Design charts for members subjected to biaxial bending and thrust
1966   Water and wastewater engineering                Fair, Grodon Maskew
1966   Foundations of theoretical soil mechanics       Harr, M.E.
1966   Proceedings of the sixth international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1966   Low-speed wind tunnel testing                   Pope, Alan; Harper, John J.
1966                                                   Ladanyi, Branko
       Short term behavior of clay around a circular tunnel
1966   Soil mechanics                                  Wu, Tien Hsing
1966   Space structures                                Davies, R.M.
1966   Soils tests computer programs                   Knodel, Paul C.
1966   ACI committee report: 1967 & 1965 compilation, research in progress plain and reinforced concrete
1966   Rheology and soil mechanics                     Kravtchenko, J.; Sirieys, P.M.
1966   1963 Book astm standards with related material
1966   Plain and rainforced concrete                   Krishna, Jai; Jain, O.P.
1966   Plain and reinforced concrete                   Krishna, Jai; Jain, O.P.
1966   Heinrich hertel structure -from movement
1966   Creep in engineering structures                 Hult, Jan A.H.
1966   Fibre reinforced materials                      Holister, G.S.; Thomas, C.
1966   Symposium on : Reinforced concrete columns
1966   Fundamentals of reinforced concrete             Cernica, John n.
1966   A text book of soil mechanics                   Singh, Bharat
1966                                                   Fischer, Hugo B.
       Longitudinal dispersion in laboratory and natural streams
1966   Proceeding of the eighteenth annual traffic conference and movite section meeting
1966                                                   Vaswani, N.K.
       Literature review : Aasho road test findings applied to the flexible pavements in Virginia
1966   Open channel flow                               Henderson, F.M.
1966   Hydraulics of stable channels                   Chitale, S.V.
1966   The design of building structures               Schueller, Wolfgang
1966                                                   French, John culvert inlets
       5th progress reprot on hydraulics of culverts nonelarted box L.
1966   Pavement design and performance study           Vaswani, N.K.
1966                                                   French, John L.
       6th progress report on hydraulics of culverts tapered box culvert inlets
1966   Bituminous materials in road construction
1966   Analysis of shear walls with openings           Pal, Shubhendu; Arya, A.S.
1966   Dictionary of building materials                Kinniburgh, William
1966   Mobile-Bed fluviology                           Blench, T.
1966   Handbook for building engineers in metric system
1966                                                    frames under repeated
       Study of behavior of reinforced concrete portalKetkar, R.N.; Arya, A.S. loading
1966   Study of single storeyed framed shear wall      Sethi, G.L.; Mathur, B.C.

                                                  Page 34

1966   Buckling of upper chord of pony truss             Raj, Hans; Ajmani, J.L.
1966   Study of load bearing brick shear walls           Kanugo, Sharad kumar; Krishna, Jai
1966   Hydraulics of flocculation                        Patwardhan, S.V.; Mirajgaonkar, A.G.
1966                                                     Virmani, Bhagwan Dass
       Building and engineering contracts :formation management and discharge
1966                                                     Lakshminarayanan, V.; Vaishwaner, R.S.
       A text book on practical geometry or geometrical drawing
1966                                                     Cusens, A.R.
       Design charts for :Helical stairs with fixed supports
1966   Yield line theory                                 Jain, Adishwar prasad; Jain, O.P.
1966   80 designs of buildings for every purpose
1966   Sidesway analysis of rigid water towers           Rai, I.S.; Krishna, Jai
1966                                                       pressures
       Analysis of circular slabs under linearly varyingPathak, Anand Swarup; Arya, A.S.
1966                                                     Godbole, P.N.; Jain, O.P.
       Matrix analysis of framed stagings for water towers
1966   Yield line theory (Applied to slab staircases) Jain, A.P.; Jain, O.P.
1966                                                     Jhamb,
       Effect of live load on dynamic behaviour of structures Ishwar chand; Chandrasekaran, A.R.
1966   Materials of construction                         Smith, R.C.
1966   Behaviour of R.C. arches under dynamic loads      Thakkar, S.K.; Arya, A.S.
1966   Civil engineering :Supervision and management     Towort, A.C.
1966   Review of geodetic and mapping possibilities
1966   Poles subjected to lateral loads                  Mathew, Thomas; Prakash, S.
1966                                                     Ghate, S.S.; Patwardhan, S.V.
       Composting of dry refuse under laboratory and field conditions
1966   A study of quicksand phenomenon                   Handa, S.C.; Narain, Jagdish
1966   Dynamic response of nonlinear structures          Saini, S.S.; Chandra, A.R.
1966   Use of radiosotopes in assessment of water qualityKhanna, Purushottam; Saraswat, I.P
1966   Shear strength of compacted cohesive soils Sharma, H.D.; Singh, Bhawani
1966                                                      clays
       A study of quasi-preconsolidation behaviour ofOhri, Man mohan kumar; Singh, Bhawani
1966   Analysis of shear wall structures                 Macleod, Iain Alasdair
1966                                                     Haroon, Mohammad
       Study on the behaviour of pavement component materials under repeated wheel loads
1966   Laterally loaded elastic and rigid piles          Jain, Kesri saran; Harkuli, A.N.
1966   Strength characteristics of kuttanad clays        Ayyar, T. S. Ramanatha
1966                                                     Bruch, John Clarence
       Studies of free surface flow and two-dimensional dispersion in porous media
1966   Numerical methods and fortran programming McCracken, Daniel D.; Dorn, William S.
1966   Industrial water pollution control                Eckenfelder, W. Wesley
1966                                                     Edgar, Carroll
       Fundamentals of manufacturing peocesses and materials
1966   Applied regression analysis                       Draper, N.R.; Smith, H.
1966                                                     Feller, William
       An introduction to probability theory and its applications
1966   Air pollution instrumentation                     Adams, Donald F.
1966   Optimum design using linear programming           Anderheggen, Edoardo; Thurlimann, Bruno
1966   Analysis of numerical methods                     Isaacson, Eugene; Keller, H.B.
1966                                                     Lakshminarayanan, V.; Vaishwaner, R.S.
       A text book on preactical geometry or geometrical drawing
1966                                                      rocks from irregular lumps
       Evaluation of uniaxial compressive strength of Behari, Shyam; Srivastava, S.L.; ., .
1966   A guide to fortran iv programming                 McCracken, Daniel D.
1966                                                     Agarwal, Sushil kumar; Arya, A.S.
       Analysis of cylindrical shells subjected to line loads
1966   Principles of fortran programming                 Rajaraman, V.
1966   Numerical mathematics and fortran programming     McCracken@FAu.; Dorn@FAu.
1966   Ultimate strength of timber trusses               Tilak, Raghukul; Jain, O.P.
1966   Study of folded plates                            Munshi, Ravindra nath; Jain, O.P.
1966   Prismatic shells                                  Jain, V.C.; Jain, O.P
1966   Dynamic analysis of masonay piers for bridgesMoondra, Harishanker; Prakash, Anand
1966                                                     Rai, Prakash;
       Boundary layer separation in two dimensional expansions Rao, P.V.
1966                                                     Badjatia, R.C.; Oswal, H.L.; ., .
       A review of radial strip triangulation methods with limited investigations on a recently introduced analytical procedure
1966                                                      of an overfall spillway
       The influence of gate operation on functioning Mishra, Shantanu kumar; Singh, Bharat
1966                                                     Goel, Surinder nath; Misra, M.C.
       A study of periodic pore-pressures in rigid porous media
1966                                                     Khan, ground ali; Verma, R.S.
       Electronic distance-measuring techniques to provide Roshan control for topographic mapping by aerial photogramm

                                                 Page 35

1966                                                      exprnsions
       Boundary layter separation in two dimensional Rai, Prakash; Rao, P.V.
1966   Co-ordination of iransport systems in india        Sazawal, M.L.; Prakash, M.V.
1967   Design of a pretensionging bed                     Prakash, Jitendra; Trikha, D.N.
1967                                                       weirs and apillways
       Effect of scale on coefficient of discharge overVarshney, D.V.; Garde, R.J.
1967                                                      of base and sub-base combinations
       Investigation on pressure distribution property Prakash, Shri; Khanna, S.K.
1967   Earth-rock dams                                    Sherard, James L.
1967   Ultimate strength of R.C. continuous beams Valliappan, M.; Trikha, D.N.
1967   Circular foundation for water towers               Samhney, B.M.; Jain, O.P.
1967                                                      Gupta, channels
       Total sediment as a parameter in the design of stable Rameshwar dayal; Garde, R.J.
1967                                                       loads and its significance
       Lateral confinement in subgrade under verticalJoseph, A.V.; Saraf, G.L. in design
1967                                                      Gupta, channels
       Total sediment as a parameter in the design of stable Rameshwar dayal; Grade, R.J.
1967                                                      Mohan, Surendra; Khanna, S.K.
       Effect of test temperature on strength characteristics of bituminous paveing mixtures
1967   Hydraulic performance of short pipe outlets Hamidi, Z.; Mishra, H.C.
1967   Study of some methods of flood routing in channels Prakash, Viney; Mathur, R.P.
1967                                                      Kumar,
       Efficacy of splitter walls in open channels expansions Santosh kumar; Pande, P.k.
1967                                                      Purushothamaraj, P.; Singh, Bhawani
       Stability analysis of slopes with general slip surface
1967   A comparative study of penstock trifurcation modelsSharma, Satya narayan prasad; Misra, H.C.
1967   Disseration on secondary stresses                  Murthy, Krishna; Mathur, R.P.
1967                                                      Saksena, stabilization
       Effect of surface area of soils on cement requrirment for V,N.; Justo, C.E.G.
1967   Structural steel design                            McCormac, Jack C.
1967   Dynamic characteristics of structural frames Datta, Vijay kumar; Krishna, Jai
1967   Design of transmissions line tower                 Palaniswamy, S.P.; Bedi, D.S.
1967   Design of shell roof for a godown                  Jain, P.K.; Arya, A.S.
1967                                                      Bansal, M.K.; Misra, H.C.
       Effect of sub soil stratification on uplift pressures below hydraulic structures
1967                                                      Raut, A.R.; Rao, mixes
       Study of various laboratory compaction methods for bituminous M.V.P.
1967   Mechanical improvements on state tubewells Gupt, Brijmohan
1967                                                      Batra, poaaolanic Arora, N.G.
       Investigation on stress deformation characteristics of Vidya sagar;pavements due to varying whell loads
1967   Circular foundation for water towers               Sawhney, B.M.; Jain, O.P.
1967   Hydrogeologie                                      Thurner, A.
1967   Summer school of engineering College teachers 1966, 1967: Experimental stress analysis
1967   Engineering glossary- III
1967   Dictionary of science and technology
1967   Metallurgy : Iron and steel Non -ferrous metals
1967   Structural analysis Brown                          Brown, E.H.
1967   Fluid mechanics                                    Garde, R.J.; Mirajgaoker, A.G.
1967   Competes rends le colloque international hydrologic 6-8 Sep. 1967
1967   Hydraulic transients                               Streeter, Victor L.
1967   Isotopes in hydrology
1967   Tritium and other environmental isotopes in the hydrological cycle
1967   Probabilistic theory of structural dynamics        Lin, Y.K.
1967   Theory on failure of concrete by distortion energy Dayaratnam, P.
1967   Asphalt pavement engineering                       Wallace, Hugh A.
1967                                                      Obert,
       Rock mechanics and the design of structures in rock Leonard; Duvall, Wilbur I.
1967                                                      French, John L.
       7th progress rport on hydraulics of culverts tapered box culvert inlets with fall concentration in the inlet strucutre
1967   Modern foundation methods                          Hammond, Rolt
1967   Principles of hydrology                            Ward, R.C.
1967   Stability of parallel flows                        Betchov, Robert
1967   International research seminar wind effects on buildings and structures; Ottawa, Canada, 11-15, Sept. 1967: vol. I &
1967   Theory and problems of fluid dynamics              Hughes, W.F.; Brighton, J.A.
1967   Deposit of suspended sediment in reservoirs
1967   Inelastic space frame                              Baker, A.L.L.
1967   Disposal of radioactive wastes into the ground

                                                Page 36

1967   Controlling seepage losses from irrigation canals
1967   Practical design of cylindrical shell roofs      Chavan, V.K.
1967   Theory and analysis of structures                Jain, O.P.; Jain, B.K.
1967   Reservoir delta sedimentation
1967   Soil engineering in theory and practice          Singh, Alam
1967   Proceedings of Fifth Australia - New Zealand conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering 1967
1967   Proceedings of the geotechnical conference OSLO 1967 on shear strength properties of natural soils and rocks: Vo
1967                                                    Weaver, Robert
       Determination of embankment density by the seismic method J.; Rebull, Peter M.
1967   Proceedings of the third Asian regional conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering: Vol. I & II
1967   Introduction to soil mechanics                   Jumikis, Alfreds R.
1967                                                    Aguilar, Rodolfo and
       The mathematical formulation and optimization of architectural J. planing functions
1967                                                    Aguilar, J.
       An application of dynamic programming to structural optimization
1967                                                    Elzy, E.; Sison, R.M.
       Tables of similar solutions to the equations of momentum, heat and mass transfer in laminar boundary layer flow
1967   Treasure of r.c.c. designs                       Kumar, Sushil
1967                                                    Sandhu, Ranbir and creep
       Two-dimensional stress analysis with incremental construction S.; Wilson, Edward L.
1967                                                    Evdokimov, P.D.; Sapegin, D.D.
       Stability, shear and sliding resistance, and deformation of rock foundations
1967                                                    Christensen, N.H.
       Danish geotechnical institute: Bulletin No. 24.Rigid pipes in symmetrical and unsymmetrical trenches
1967   Wassekraftwerke                                  Auflage, Zweite
1967   Soil testing for engineers                       William lambe, T.
1967   Soil mechanics in engineering practice           Terzaghi, Karl
1967   Water quality studies for arkansas streams Juffus, H.M.
1967   Electronic instrumentation fundamentals          Malvino, Albert Paul
1967                                                    Lascoe, O.D.
       Ninth annual seminar on Plastics for Tooling: Engineering Bulletin of Purdue University
1967   Modern prestressed concrete                      Preston, H. Kent; Sollenberger, Norman J.
1967   Structure systems                                Engel, Heinrich
1967                                                    Schmidt, B.
       Danish Geotechnical institute: Bulletin No.23.Lateral stresses in uniaxial strain
1967                                                    Zienkiewicz, O.C.;
       Finite element method in structural and continuum mechanics Cheung, Y.K.
1967                                                    Arman, Ara
       A revaluation of triaxial testing of remolded soils and pavement design methods
1967   Engineering mechanics                            Hagerty, W.W.; Plass, Harold J.
1967   Theodolite traversing
1967   Concrete construction                            Reynolds, Chas. E.
1967   Proceedings of the 19th annual traffic conference and movie section meeting
1967   Concrete reservoirs and tanks                    Manning, G.P.
1967   Design of thin concrete shells: vol. 2           Haas, A.M.
1967   Advanced dynamics                                Marris, Andrew W.
1967   Proceedings of the 18th annual highway geology symposium April 20 and 21 1967
1967   Strength of materials                            Ilyushin, A.A.; Lensky, V.S.
1967   Proceedings of asphalt paving seminar : Aspects of highways compactors
1967   Statistical concepts in geodesy                  Baarda, W.
1967                                                    Bonney, roads
       Vehicle operation costs on bituminous gravel and earthR.S.P. in east and central Africa
1967   Proceedings of the 6th symposium of the civil and hydraulic engineering department : High velocity flows
1967   Fluid flow analysis                              Sharpe, G.J.
1967   The new idea of irrigation                       Akalankan, N.A.
1967                                                    Kraus, analysis
       An introduction to the theoretical foundations and the Harry of their static and dynamic behavior : Thin elastic she
1967   Fundamentals of irrigation engineering           Singh, Bharat
1967   Loose boundary hydraulics                        Raudkivi, A.J.
1967                                                    Soare, Mircea
       Application of finite difference equations to shell analysis
1967   Shell roof analysis                              Paduart, A.
1967   Proceedings of the 1st international colloquium on pneumatic structures
1967   Survey of India handbook of topography; general duties, organization and instructions
1967   Road drainage practices around the world
1967   Wooden structures                                Karlsen, G.G.

                                                Page 37

1967   Introduction to fluid dynamics                    Batchelor, G.K.
1967   Dimensional analysis and hydraulic model testing  Raguhunath, H.M.
1967   Structural concrete                               Johnson, R.P
1967   Yield -line analysis of slabs                     Jones, L.L.; Wood, R.H.
1967   Stress and strain in metal rolling                Tselikov, A.
1967   Mechanics of elastic structures                   Oden, J.T.
1967   Proceedings of the tenth Japan congress on testing materials
1967   Computer programs for structural analysis         Weaver, William
1967   Structural design in architecture                 Salvadori, Mario; Farrell, John.J.
1967                                                      a jeji Vlakimir
       Teorie zdreojovych fundci plosnych donstrudciKolar,aplidace na desky
1967   Fluid-solid interaction                           Greenspon, Joshua E.
1967                                                     Wohl,
       Traffic system analysis for engineers and planners Martin
1967   Proceedings 12th congressof the interanational association for hydraulic research :River hydaulics hydraulique fluv
1967                                                     Goyal,
       Elastic analysis of folded plates by transfer materices B.K.; Jain, O.P.
1967   Soil mechanics in engineering practice            Terzaghi, Karl; Peck, Ralph B.
1967                                                     Bhavkatti, S.S.;
       Study of circrlar cylindrical shells with various and conditions Arya, A.S.
1967                                                     Sinha,
       Shear strength of anisotrapically consolicated clays K.P.; Singh, Bhawani
1967   Behaviour of helicoidal stair case with landing Jain, Jogendra kumar; Prakash, Anand
1967   Behaviour of framed shear walls                   Bhalla, S.N.
1967   Building tchniques structure                      Nield, D.
1967   Dynamic behaviour of chimneys                     Kumar, Darshan; Chandersekarnan, A.R.
1967                                                     Saheb, Mandina; Arya, A.S.
       Buckling of arches resting on continuous elastic support
1967                                                     Ghahraman, A.
       Vibratory pile driving ultimate penetration and bearing capacity
1967   Group effect on vertically loaded piles in sand Nagarajan, K.; Ranjan, Gopal
1967   A critical study of superwide angle thotogrammetryShamsuddin, K.; Shahani, P.B.
1967   Proceedigs 12th congress of the internaitonal association for hydraulic research
1967   Modern trends in hydrographic surveying           Nayar, K. Ramachandran; Sharma, K.P.
1967   Solar water heater                                Gupta, C.L.
1967   Analysis of horizontally curved girder bridges Saxena, H. N.
1967                                                     Subramanian, R.; Jain, plate
       Analysis and design of prestressed concrete bridges using orthotropic O.P. theory
1967                                                     Ramaswamy, K.T.;
       Analysis of deep beams with particular reference to R.C.C. beamsJain, O.P.
1967   Principles and practices of heavy construction Smith, Ronald C.
1967                                                     Geeson, Alfred G.
       Building science structures for students of architecture and building
1967                                                     Bhatia, H.S.; Mathur, R.P.
       Fabrication of warburg constant volume respirometer and measurement
1967   Behaviour of steel concrete composite beams Palaniswamy, S.P.; Jain, O.P.
1967   Strength of reinforced brick -Masonry footings Bedi, Satya pal singh; Bhandari, N.
1967   Bending analysis of hyperbolic paraboloids        Goel, Anand prakash; Arya, A.S.
1967   Principles of modern building
1967   Cost reduction in primary school building
1967   Some aspects of density currentsin reservoirs Shah, C. R.
1967                                                     Raju, K. G. Ranga
       Mechanasism of resistance to flow over artificial roughness elements
1967   Biological removal in flocculation of water       Khanna, Pramod kumar; Toshniwal, C.L.
1967   Analysis of deck slabs by yield line theory       Jain, Prafulla kumar; Jain, O.P.
1967   Design of a pretensioning                         Prakash, Jintendra; Trikha, D.N.
1967                                                     Jain, O.P.; of skew
       Moment influence surfaces and their application to designJain, V.k.slab bridges
1967   Analysis of isolated column footing               Nataraju, M.; Jain, O.P.
1967                                                       using Pramod Kumar
       Study of liquid turbulence spectra behind gridsPande, electromagnetic induction
1967                                                     Pande, Pramod Kumar
       Tudy of liquid turbulence spectra behind grids using electromagnetic induction
1967   Estimating applied to building                    Atton, W.
1967   Report on police station buildings
1967   Building techniques                               King, Harold
1967                                                     Singh,
       Matrix analysis of framed stagings for water towers Charan; Jain, O.P.

                                               Page 38

1967   Seepage ,Drainage and flow nets                     Chdergren, Harry R.
1967   Independent model triangulation and its errorsBalasubramanian, S.; Oswal, H.L.
1967   Integrated models in geography                      Chorley, Richard J.; Haggett, Peter
1967                                                       Singhal, R. special reference to perimeter adjustment
       Study of a self-formed channel on a model sand-bed withP.
1967   Termite control in buidings                         Ratra, R.S.
1967   Bearing capacity of footings under inclined loads   Murty, A.V.S.R.; Saran, Swami
1967                                                       Geethanath, in applications
       Study of geodimeter and tellurometer with related problemsH.Y.; Varma, R.S.
1967   Bending of a Cracked pavement                       Niu, Hsien-p
1967                                                       of weighting observations
       A comparative statistical study of the methods Rao, Raj bhushan; Tiwari, R.S.
1967                                                       Raju, K. G. Ranga
       Mechanism of resistance to flow over artificial roughness elements
1967                                                       Bedi, D.S.;
       Ultimate strength of R.C. columns under biaxial bending Jain, O.P.
1967                                                       Singh, Ran swelling
       A study of compacted clay structures and changes due to Bir
1967   Hydraulics of upflow filters                        Varma, B.P.; Patwardhan, S.V.
1967                                                       Giberson, Melbourne fernald
       The response of nonlinear multi-story structures subjected to earthquake excitation
1967   Behaviour of steel concrete composite beams Palansiswamy, S.P.; Jain, O.P.
1967                                                       Nene, Ashok Sadashiv; tests in roorkee
       A comparative study of performance of field and laboratory vane shearNarain, Jagdish soils
1967   Analysis of skew plates by finite element method    Subramanyam, A.V.; Nayak, G.C.
1967   Treatment and disposal of wastes
1967                                                       Deoskar, Sharad
       Influelnce of load increment ratio on preconsolidation pressure ramchandra; Narain, Jagdish
1967                                                       Kashyap, Ravindra pal;
       Seepage from canals with sxpecial reference to intercepting galleries Chandara, Satish
1967   A Guide for engineers to the design of storm sewer systems
1967                                                       Jain, medium
       Group effect on vertically loaded model piles in clay Nirmal; Ranjan, Gopal
1967   Reclamation of sewage effluent                      Pasrija, H.D.; Chandra, Satish
1967   Design of pretensioning bed of concrete             Jain, J.K.; Trikha, D.N.
1967                                                       Bharadwaj,
       Laboratory studies on the travel of groundwater pollutants K.A.; thur, R.P.
1967   Introduction to fortran programming                 Rao, M.N. Keshava
1967   Advanced engineering mathematics                    Kreyszig, Erwin
1967                                                       Chandrasekharan, V.;
       A study of behaviour of battered pile groups under lateral cyclic loadsPrakash, S.
1967                                                       Subramanian, R.; Jain, O.P.
       Analysis of design of prestressed concrete bridges using orthotropic plate theory
1967   Behaviour of storage structures under dynamic loads Jain, Punam chand; Chandrasekaran, A.R.
1967                                                       Nandakumaran, P.;
       A study of rupture surface in retaining walls in cohesionless soils Narain, Jagdish
1967                                                       Bolia, in clays
       Measurement of coefficient of earth pressure at rest Ratan lal; Singh, Bhawani
1967   Effect of specific gravity of sediment on seour Tyagi, Avdhesh kumar; Garde, R.J.
1967                                                       Deodhar, with Patwardhan, S.V.
       Relative uptake of different elements by microorganismsM.G.;special reference to cobalt -57
1967                                                       Agrawal, Harihar prasad; Prakash, S.
       Effect of vibration on skin frication of soils pulling resistance of pile in sand
1967   Proceedings of the 4th annual sanitary engineering conference :A systematic approach to industrial waste problems
1967                                                       Sen, R.N.; Bhide, A.D.
       Turbidity and bacterial removal in horizonital flow filter
1967   Proceedisngs of the29th annual short course water ,Sewerage and industiral waste disposal
1967   Theory and working of oxldation ditch               Jain, P.C.; Toshniwal, C.l.
1968   Wave generators                                     Singhal, P.P.
1968                                                       R
       Hydraulic performance of penstock trifurcations ao, P.V.; Misra, H.C.
1968   Rigid plate load test on subgrade soil              Sudhindra, R.; Khanna, S.K.
1968   Effect of delayed compaction on spil cement mixes   Nichkawade, S.P.; Justo, C.E.G.
1968                                                       Lipschutz,
       Schaum's outline of theory and problems of probability Seymour
1968   Air demand in sharp crested weir                    Gupta, V.P.; Chandra, Gopal
1968                                                       Patel, N.K.; Jain,
       Study on exact analysis of simple supported box girder bridges O.P.
1968                                                       Jain,
       A study of expansion transition in open channels Rishase kumar; Pande, P.k.
1968   Filled tar                                          Sinha, R.S.; Aro, M.V.P.
1968                                                       Baderia, Jagdish chandra; Toshniwal, C.L.
       Coagulant dose in relation to bactedrial and turbidity removal in water flocculation
1968                                                       Vadivel, tests
       Correlation of triaxial hveem stabilometer and marshall M.; Rao, M.V.P.
1968   Tokachi-oki earthquake Japan                        Nielsen, N. Norby
1968                                                       forn varying poisson's ratios
       Analysis of burmister,s layered system throuryBhargava, A.K.; Saxena, S.C.

                                               Page 39

1968                                                    Khosla, N.P.; Arora, M.G.
       Deflction measurements for flexible overlay design using benkelman beam
1968   Air dedand of an outlet duting spillway operationPathak, S.K.; Mishra, H.C.
1968                                                    Sachan, problems
       Application of hele-shaw's analogy to axisymmetric flowJanardan singh; Rao, P.V.
1968   Advances water quality improvement               Gloyna, Earnest F.
1968   Discharge coefficients of sharp crested weirs Ali, Jamshed; Rangaraju, K.G.
1968                                                    Bindra, Satya pal;
       Behaviour of prestressed concrete pvement under static loads Khanna, S.K.
1968                                                    Kumar, Surendra; Chandra, Satish
       Study of two dimensional seepage from finite regions below depressed floor woth down stream end cut off
1968   Introduction to ground water hydrology           Heath, Ralph C.; Trainer, Frank W.
1968   Proceedings of the symposium on tower -shaped steel and reinforced concrete structures
1968   Water and wastewater engineering                 Fair, Gordon Maskew
1968                                                    Chase, Becker
       Selected techniques in water resources investigatins 1966-67
1968                                                    .,
       Folyoszabalyozas es hord alekmezgas idoszeru .kerdesei
1968                                                    26-37
       Sampling bacteria in a mountain stream: Nos. Kunkle, Samuel H.; Meiman, james R.
1968   Fundamental foundations                          Cassie, W.Fiosher
1968   Negligence and other torts in engineering        Virmani, B.D.
1968                                                    Sinha, B.P.
       Investigation of the behavior of a five storey cross wall structure in brickwork
1968   Proceedings of the 54th annual road school Shurig, D.G.
1968   Stability of slender prestressed concrete pilingTurner, Humphreys T.; Dantin, Elvin J.
1968   Proceedings of the IASS congress on the problems of interdependence between design and erection of shells for la
1968   On the thermodynamic foundation of plasticity Valanis, K.C.
1968   The structure of canopy flow field               Kawatani, Takeshi
1968                                                    Schriever,
       Air transportation 1975 and beyond: a systems approachBernard A.
1968   Report of 1968 engineering foundation research conference
1968   Placement and improvement of soil to support structures
1968   Steel structures                                 McGuire, William
1968   Engineering properties of shotcrete              Lorman, William R.
1968   Structural members and frames                    Theodore V., Galambos
1968   Advances in water quality improvement            Gloyna, Earnest F.
1968                                                    Valanis, semi-infinite elastic rod
       Propagation of a large amplitude longitudinal wave in a K.C.; Sun, C.T.
1968   Systems engineering - probabilistic models Au, Tung; Shane, Richard M.
1968   Engineering systems design and planning          Au, Tung
1968                                                    Lindholm, Ulric S.
       Mechanical behavior of materials under dynamic loads: symposium
1968   Bedload formulas ( Part-A)                       Shulits, Sam
1968                                                    Allen, G.K.
       Multiple arch dams analyzed by a linear finite element shell solution program
1968   Thermal engineering                              Shvets, I.; Kondak, M.
1968                                                    Sun, C.T.
       Thermodynamic foundation of finite elastic locking medium
1968   National seminar on: Design and construction of roads and bridges
1968                                                    Au,
       Systems engineering - deterministic models: pt. 2 Tung; Stelson, Thomas E.
1968   Pile supported structures in Lake deposits: Report
1968                                                    Schwartz, R.T.;
       Fundamental aspects of fiber reinforced plastic composites Schwartz, H.S.
1968                                                    Jones, concrete structures
       Unlimited load analysis of reinforced and prestressed L.L.
1968   Design of foundations for buildings              Johnson, Sidney M.; Kavanagh, Thomas C.
1968                                                    on lightweight concrete: London, May 1968
       Proceedings of the first international congress Broods, Anthony E.
1968                                                    Yu, L.K.; Valanis, K.C.
       Inflation of axially symmetric membranes by linearly varying hydrostatic pressure: Report 63
1968                                                    Lascoe, O.D.
       Tenth annual seminar on Plastics for Tooling: Engineering Bulletin of Purdue University
1968                                                    Brooks, Anthony E.
       Proceedings of an international conference : The structure of concrete and its behavior under load
1968   Foundation analysis and design                   Bowles, Joseph E.
1968   Essays in the history of mechanics               Truesdell, C.
1968                                                    Wilson, Edward
       Determination of temperatures within mass concrete structuresL.
1968   Irrigation planning for intensive cultivation    Sally, H.L.
1968   Critical state soil mechanics                    Schofield, Andrew; Wroth, Peter
1968   Structural engineering handbook                  Gaylord, Edwin H.; Gaylord, Charles N.

                                              Page 40

1968   Norwegian geotecnical institute: Publications
1968   Concrete manual : A manual for the control of concrete construction
1968   Bibliography of irrigation ,draomage river training and flood control -1968
1968   Introduction to continuum mechanics              Calcote, Lee R.
1968   Ecommendations for surface dressing with cut back bitumen
1968   The Canadian surveyor                            Gale, L.A.
1968   Pavement design in the tropics                   Reilly, M.P.O.
1968                                                    Dabrowski, Raszard
       C&CA library Translation: Curved thin-walled girders
1968                                                    Phillips, Evan R.
       Some plutonic rocks from a northern part of the New England Batholith
1968   Isotope techniques in hydrology
1968   Concrete construction: Compilation No.2
1968                                                    Z
       General method of visco-elastic stress analysis ienkiewicz, O.c.; Watson, M.
1968                                                    Hansen, J. Brinch
       Danish Geotechnical institute: Bulletin No.26.some empirical formulas for the shear strength of molsand
1968   Programme II
1968   Paper presented at the international symposium on Shell structures in engineering practice: Vol. 1-4
1968                                                    Nariboli,
       Report 68: Asymptotic theory of wave-motion in rods G.A.
1968   Uniform vehicle code and model traffic ordinance
1968                                                    Bares, Richard; Massonnet, Charles
       Analysis of beam grids and orthotropic plates by the guyon-massonnet-bares methods
1968   Numerical method of visco-elastic stress analysisZienkiewicz, O.C.; Watson, M.
1968   Manual of color aerial photogtraphy              Smith, John T.
1968                                                    Rygol, 1
       Structural analysis by direct moment distribution: vol. J.
1968                                                    Par, of photogrammetry
       Proceedings of the eleventh international congress Redige; Von, Zusammengestellt
1968   testing procedure for use in geodetic networksBaarda, W.
1968   Mechanics of structures                          Junnarkar, S.B.
1968                                                     and installation
       Buried pipelines: a manual of structural designClarke, N.W.B.; Lea, Frederick
1968   Determination of control points                  Visser, J.
1968   Concrete and concreting                          Tretyakov, A.
1968                                                    Capelle,
       An introduction to highway transportation engineering Donald G.
1968   Monograph on soil stabilization                  De, P.L.
1968   Matrix methods in structural mechanics: Proceedings of the conference held at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, O
1968                                                    Cardenas, reinforced concrete
       Strength and behavior of isotropically and nonisotropicallyAlex; Sozen, Mete A.slabs subjected to combinations of fle
1968   Theory of inelastic structures                   Lin, T.H.
1968   technical university of Denmark                  K., Copenhagen
1968   Road research 1967: Annual report of the road research laboratory
1968                                                    Muthian, members
       Unified new theory flexure and its application to flexural T.
1968   Construction failure                             Morris, M.D.
1968   Theory and practice of shell structures          Fischer, Ladislav
1968   Finite element models for shells of revolution Birchler, Wilbur D.; Callabresi, Melvin L.
1968   Preliminary report on damage to structures Nalagawa, Kyoji
1968   Engineering properties of rocks                  Farmer, I.W.
1968   Soil mechanics: Advanced summer school in soil mechanics 1968
1968                                                     and electric company madison wisconsin
       Prepared woth the support of the madison gasHoopes, John A.
1968   Survey of India handbook of topography; chapter 2; constitution and duties of a survey party
1968   Status of practical rock mechanics               Grosvenor, Niles E.; Paulding, Bartlett W.
1968   Prestressed concrete                             Graduck, I.I.
1968   Proceedings of the southeast Asian regional conference on soil engineering
1968   Norsk tidsskrift for jordskifte of landmaling    Tidsskrift, Norsk
1968   The properties of fresh concrete                 Powers, Treval C.
1968   Vibration effects of earthquakes on soils and foundations: Symposium
1968                                                    Toffaleti, F.B.
       A procedure for computation of the toal river sand decharge and detailed distribution bed to surface
1968   Boundary layer at a curved corner                Verma, Dharam veer singh; Rao, P.V.
1968                                                    Hoelscher, Randolph P.; Springer, Cilfford H.
       Graphics for engineers visualization ,communication and Desin

                                                Page 41

1968   Mechanism of ripple formation on granular bed     Sahgal, P. P.
1968                                                     Kumar,
       Analysis of inelastic columns subjected to lateral loadsVijay; Chandrasekaran, A.R.
1968   Bearing capacity of clays                         Babladi, G.G.; Singh, Bhawani
1968   Consolidation of slightly overconsolidated clay Venkatesh, Narayanswami; Narain, Jagdish
1968                                                     Agarwal, T.P.; Jain, O.P.
       An experimental study of the behaviour of a hyperlolic parabolic cable roof
1968                                                     Rath, Ashoke kumar; Kanchi, M.B.
       Invesation of stresses in a deep beam in compression
1968   Prediction of heave in bladk cotton soils         Agarwal, K.S.; Mathur, R.P.
1968   Shear strength of compacted soils                 Katiyar, R.P.; Singh, Bhawani
1968                                                      concrete pavements
       Fatigue considerations in the design of asphaltKasianchuk, K.
1968                                                     Singh, Bhawani
       Plastic analysis of stresses and strains in earth dam by finite element method
1968                                                     Nayar, cell
       Fabrication of a trubidimeter based on photo -electric D.B.; Mathur, R.P.
1968                                                     Natarajan, P.R.; Krishna, Prem
       Comparative study of methods of analysis for suspensded cable roof system
1968                                                     Gupta, matrix prograession M.B.
       Analysis of orthotropic plates and grids by generalisedAjaya kumar; Kanchi, method
1968   Role of temperature in truaxial testing           Narain, Jagdish; Singh, Bhawani
1968                                                     Gupta, B.N.;
       Evaluation of lateral earth pressures over a retaining wall Satyanarayana, B.
1968                                                     Newman, Morton
       Standard structural details for buildings construction
1968                                                     Chakrabarti, Subrata
       Analysis of plate bending by finite element (displacement) method
1968   Study of effect of sewage solids on bod           Kachru, A.K.; Toshniwal, C.L.
1968                                                     Jagdish, Narain; Mathew, Thomas
       Soil investigations for foundations of viaducts of overhead bridge at roorkee
1968   Hydraulic study of R.C.C. stratner for tubewell Gill, Shvinder; Gupta, S.K.
1968                                                     Jain, soil
       Effect of pile driving on vibrations transmitted on thePurusthotam kumar; Prakash, Shamsher
1968   Tensile strength of compacted soils               Rawat, Prakash chandra; Narain, Jagdish
1968                                                      of clastic conoidal shells
       An analytical investigation in to bending theoryKrishna, Dinesh; Jain, O.P.
1968                                                     Dayal, R.;
       Effect of mixing and aeration on soil cutback mix design Justo, C.S.
1968                                                     Gupta, Yash Pal
       Vibration absorbers for systems subjected to earthquake type excitations
1968   Anaerobic sludge digestion                        Bolton, O.E.
1968   Hydraulic study of R.C.C. strainer for tube wellGill, Shivinder; Toshniwal, C.L.
1968                                                     Malhotra, water
       Determination of the virtual mass of bodies oseillating iu Brij pal; Saini, S.S.
1968   Industrial waste disposal                         Roos, R.D.
1968   A study of secondary consolidation -1             Narain, Jagdish; Chakraborty, S.K.
1968                                                     Gupta, Arvind kumar; Gosain, N.k.
       Experimental study of braced frames subjected to sateral loads
1968                                                     Thiruchitrambalam, N.; Mathur, R.P.
       Studies on the characteristics of oxidation ditch sludge
1968   Report on the 2nd training course on:Productivity in building industry
1968                                                     Wass,
       Manual of structural details for building construction Alonzo
1968                                                     elastic Krishna Gopal; Gaur,
       Some aspacts of surface wave propagation in Bhatia, and anelasite media V.K.
1968                                                      intermediate landing
       Behaviour of cireular helicoidal stair -case withAgarwal, Ghanshyam dass; Prakash, Anand
1968                                                     Goyal, Atul chandra;
       Vibration of clyindrical shells partially of completely filled with water Arya, A.S.
1968   Turbidity and bacteria removal in upflow filters Nayar, D.B.; Mathur, R.P.
1968                                                     Bhatia,
       Kinetics of B.O.D. exertion in the carbonaceous phaseH.S.; Mathur, R.P.
1968   Proceedings of the 5th annual sanitary engineerig conference :Management of animal feedlot wastes
1968                                                     Mokha, Kanhajay lal; Arya, A.S.
       Behaviour of hollow bridge piers filled with various materials under dynamic loads
1968                                                      expansive soil
       Compaction and strength characteristics of an Sadana, Madan lal; Satyanarayana, B.
1968                                                     load
       Behaviour of steel water tower under dynamic Singal, Vijay kumar; Chandrasekaran, A.R.
1968   Routine survellance for radionuclides in air and water
1968                                                     Gupta, Prakash;
       Pressure drop for two phase two component flow through ductsMisra, H.C.
1968   Proceedisngs of the 13th annual short course for water ,Sewerage and industrial waste disposal
1968   Cost control and cpm in construction
1968   Analysis of brick shear walls with openings       Lal, Murari; Mathur, B.C.
1968                                                     Kohli, A.K.; a multipurpose
       Design of hyperbolic -paraboloid suspended cable roof for Krishna, Prem stadium
1968   Wind tunnel testing of architectural designs James, W.D.
1968                                                      and contractors
       Systems management techniques for builders Gill, Paul G.
1968   Sequent depths in prismatic open channels Swamee, P.K.; Garde, R.J.

                                              Page 42

1968   Report of the committee of inquiry on :Foot-and -Mouth disease 1968
1968   Water pollution control in developing countries
1968   The design of urban sewer systems                 Watkins, L.H.
1968                                                     Deo, Purushottam; Saran, retataining walls
       Study of rupture surface due to surcharge on the cohesionless backfill of Swami
1968                                                     Kumar,
       Three dimnsional study of pollution in ground water Ashok; Mathur, R.P.
1968                                                     Rao, S.B.K.; Arya, A.S.
       Strength and dynamic characteristics of reinforced brickwork
1968   Research in to environemental pollution
1968                                                     Saini,
       Design of suspension bridge by approximate theory Ilam chand; Gupta, S.K.
1968                                                     Vasan, for road construction
       Strength charactgeristies of lime -flyash -soil mixtures Rudra mani; Khanna, S.K.
1968   Industrial housing for the tropics                Dhar, D.N.
1968   Fabrication of field model for an oxidation ditch Jain, P.C.; Sethi, B.R.
1968                                                     of elastic conoidal sheels
       Analytical invrstigation into the bending theory Krishna, Dinesh; Jain, O.P.
1968                                                     Agarwal, Ghanshyam
       Behaviour of cirecular helicoidal stair case with intermediate landing dass; Prakesh, Anand
1968                                                     Sharma, Brij nandan; Mathur, R.P.
       Investigation on a few selected methods of exterior orientation
1968                                                     Patel, N.K.; Jain, O.P.
       Exact analysis of simple supported box girder bridges
1968   Hard boards
1968   A symposium of the american automatic control council: Stochastic problems in control
1968   Theory of matrix structural analysis              Przemienicki, J.K.
1968                                                     Khanna, S. K.
       Behaviour of bituminous paving mixtures with varying binder viscosity
1968   Ultimate strength of prestressed conerete frames  Kastwar, Magan gopal; Jain, O.P.
1968                                                     Agrawal, T.P.; Jain, O.P.
       An experimental study of the behaviour of a hyperbolic parabolic cable roof
1968   Analysis of thick circular plates on foundationsKohli, Ashwani kumar; Kanchi, M.B.
1968   Cost control in building design: A programmed text
1968   Computer program report: centre for numerical methods in engineering
1968                                                       and management
       Engineering economics: industrial organizationChand, Tara
1968   Four figure mathematical tables                   Chowdhuri, N.
1968                                                     Gupta,
       Impact damper for single degree of freedom system L.R.; Gupta, Y.P.
1968   Computer simulation models                        Smith, John
1968   Design of suspension bridge by deflection theory  Agrawal, T.P.; Krishna, Prem
1968                                                     Sitaram, P.; Tiwari, R.S.
       Investigations for the development of an eficientg method of height control extension by stereometer measurements
1968                                                     Ansari, map compilation
       Critical review of orthophoto technology and automaticMohammad abdul hai; Sharma, K.P.
1968                                                     Kulbhushan, Razdan; Goel, A.P.
       Design of a framed roof for a large industrial building
1968   Design of a framed foralarge industrial building  Sawnney, B.M.; Goel, A.P.
1968                                                     Mittal, Mahendra kumar; Garde, R.J.
       Analysis of resistance to flow in alluvial channels
1968                                                     Deshpanday, V.B.; Kanchi, M.B.
       Investigation of stresses in a deep beam in bending
1968   The advanced theory of statistics                 Kendall, Maurice G.; Stuart, Alan
1968                                                     Chandra, Satish
       Three dimensional seepage below hydraulic structures laid on pervious foundations
1968   Plastics in the building industry                 Reboul, P.; Mitchell, R.G. Bruce
1969   Structural behaviour of soil cement               Deka, Deheswar; Khanna, S.K.
1969   Stability considerations in earth dam design Gupta, K.M.; Narain, Jagdish
1969                                                     Sethuraman, S.; Garde, R.J.
       Fliid dynamic forces on a spherical particle moving along the bed
1969   Study of diffusers for submberged pipe outletsPullaiah, Vabilisetty; Rao, P.V.
1969                                                       with a dispersion cone -valve
       Model study of an outlet arrangement providedJain, Sunder lal; Rao, P.V.
1969   Study of domical shell foundation                 Sharma, A.K.; Jain, O.P.
1969                                                      to geodesy
       Spherical and practical astronomy : as appliedMueller, Ivan I.
1969                                                     along boundry
       Varitaion of drag coefficient of a sphere rolling Garde,aR.J.; Sethuraman, S.
1969                                                     cement Baldev; slabs
       Testing of bituminous concrete layer overlying Marwah,concrete Khanna, S.K.
1969                                                     Rao, P.V.; Jain, S.L.
       Model study of outlet reducer pipes of tunnel no.2 ramganga river project
1969   Study of diffusers for submerged pipe outlets Pullajah, Vabilisetty; Rao, P.V.
1969   Hydraulic performance of conical diffusers        Khan, Razaullah; Rao, P.V.
1969                                                     problem
       Flow of water through rockfill dams " a special Chadhri, V.K.; Ahmad, S.
1969                                                     Arora, Gyan mitra; Justo, of soils
       Effects of repeated stresses on strength and deformation characteristicsC.E.G.

                                              Page 43

1969                                                   Borges, J. Ferry; Ravara,
       Earthquake engineering seismic design of reinforced concrete buildings A.
1969                                                   Mathur, Shiv lal; Arora, M.G.
       Study of overurnt brick ballast for use as coarse aggregate in cemnt concrte pavement
1969                                                   Chand, Ilam
       Analysis of bridge deck slabs by yield line theory
1969   Economcs of highway bridges                     Singh, Brijendra; Jain, O.P.
1969   Airport planning and design                     Khanna, S.K.
1969   Surveying and levelling                         Kanetkar, T.P.; Kulkarni, S.V.
1969                                                   Singhal, Prem prakash; Garde, R.J.
       Velocity distribution over extreme rough surfaces
1969   A study on rheological behaviour of soil asphaltNair, K.S.; Justo, C.E.G.
1969   A seminar paper                                 Singhal, P.P.
1969                                                   Prakash, Anand; Chandra, Satish
       Study of 3-dimensional seepage pressures beoow hydraulic structures with cutoffs
1969                                                    mixed radio active isotopes
       Determination of bituman content of bitminousNarayanan, R.; Saxena, S.C.
1969                                                   Jamil, Mohd.; Garde, R.J.
       Effect of sediment non-uniformity on permeability
1969   Load distribution theories a critical review    Nayak, G.C.; Mathur, R.P.
1969   Economics of highway bridges                    Singh, Brjendra; Jain, O,P.
1969                                                   Kline, S.J.; Morkowin, M.V.
       Proceedings : computation of turbulent boundary layers -1968 afosr-ifp-stanford conference
1969   The Aravalli range and its extensions           Gulatee, B.L.; F.R.I.C.S.
1969   Modern permanent way                            Srivivasan, M.
1969   Radiation in the atmosphere                     Kondratyev, K. Ya.
1969   Geodetic tables
1969   Theory of thin shells: second symposium         Niordson, F.I.
1969   Flow through porous media                       De Wiest, Roger J.M.
1969                                                   Clark, David
       Plane and geodetic surveying for engineers; plane surveying
1969   Comprehensive structural design guide           Kurtz, Max
1969   Landslides and their control                    Zaruba, Quido; Mencl, Vojtech
1969   Engineering materials                           Kumar, Sushil
1969   Behavior of enzyme systems                      Reiner, John M.
1969                                                   Johnson, Franklin
       Designing engineering and constructing with masonry products B.
1969   Torsion of structural concrete
1969                                                   Pendola, Humberto J.
       Evaluation of factors affecting the tensile properties of cement-Treated materials
1969   Direccion general de obras hidraulicas
1969   Remote sensing in ecology                       Johnson, Philip L.
1969   Discharge of selected rivers of the world
1969   Plastic design of frames                        Baker, John; Heyman, Jacques
1969   Concrete bridge design
1969   Effects of watershed changes on streamflow Moore, Walter L.
1969                                                   Mithal, R.S.; Singhal, B.B.S.
       Proceedings of the symposium on groundwater studies in arid and semi-arid regions
1969   The structure and properties of water           Eisenberg, D.; Kauzmann, W.
1969                                                   Rockey, K.C.
       Thin walled steel structures : their design and use in building
1969   Fundamentals of rock mechanics                  Jaeger, J.C.; Cook, N.G.W.
1969   Gravity measurements in India                   Woollard, G.P.
1969                                                   Verstappen, H. Th.
       Lands forms and resources in central Rajasthan (India)
1969   Angewandte hydrogeologie                        Keller, Gerhard
1969   Community water supply
1969   Water surface profiles
1969   Strength of materials                           Divakaran, S.; Garg, V.K.
1969                                                    underground support systems
       Some design considerations in the selection ofPeck, R.B.
1969                                                   Hempenius, Sikke A.
       Wall chart of image formation techniques for remote sensing from a moving platform
1969   Clogging of a granular porous medium by sediment
1969   KWIC index of rock mechanics literature
1969   Means of escape in case of fire in offices, shops and railway premises
1969   Engineering graphics                            Anandakrishnan, M.; Siddiqi, R.H.
1969   Building on springs                             Waller, R.A.

                                               Page 44

1969   Contributions and discussions on mechanical properties of Rockwell and gravel materials: Seventh International con
1969   Experiences en projects hidroeledtricos
1969   Theory and design of irrigation structures        Varsney, R.S.
1969   Rheological aspects of soil mechanics             Suklje, L.
1969   Specialty session Negative skin friction and settlements of piled foundations
1969                                                     Fredrich, Augstine J.
       Hydrologic engineering techniques for reginonal water resorces planning
1969   Computing methods in optimization problems Beckmann, M.
1969                                                     Ramakrishnan,
       Behavior and ultimate strength of reinforced concrete in ShearV.
1969                                                     Thoms, Robert L.; Arman,
       Analysis of stress distribution under embankments on soft foundations Ara
1969   Introduction to structural optimization           Khachaturian, N.
1969   Nabor Carroll
1969   State of the art volume seventh international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1969                                                     Bahadur, Jagdish
       Review on utilization of isotopes for subsoil investigations and soil compaction control
1969   Determination of the in situ modulus of deformation of rock: Symposium
1969   Suspended sediment discharges in streams Abraham, Charles E.
1969   Proceeding of the 7th international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1969   Characteristics of and construction techniques in black cotton soil
1969   VII international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1969   Introductory soil testing                         Shamsher prakash
1969   Proceedings of the 5th Canadian rock mechanics symposium
1969   Analysis of laminated composite structures Calcote, Lee R.
1969                                                     Zienkiewicz, O.C.; constitutive laws
       Analysis of real structures for creep, plasticity and other complex Valliappan, S.
1969   Tensile structures                                Otto, Frei
1969                                                     Hendry,
       The analysis of grid frameworks and related structures Arnold W.
1969                                                     Jerie, H.G.
       From photogrammetry to photogrammetric system engineering
1969                                                     Tienstra, M.
       A method for the calculation of orthogonal transformation matrices and its application to photogranmmeatry and oth
1969   Creep problems in structural members              Rabotnov, Y. N.
1969   Chapter IV part B testing of instruments          Makarovic, B.
1969   Performance of deep foundations
1969                                                     Kure, at Tait,
       Proceedings of the ITC post-congress seminar held J.; delft D.A.
1969                                                     Conrad, hans
       Work hardening model for the effect of grain size on the flow stress of metals
1969   Proceedings of a seminar on reservoir systems analysis
1969   True ultimate strength of concrete: Research Bulletin
1969   Structures to resist the effects of accidental explosions: vol. I
1969   Vybrane stati z teorie stavebnich konstrukci Kolar, Vladimir
1969   Field testing of an experimental sign structure : A report on research project 561
1969   Water supply engineering                          Kshirsagar, S.R.
1969                                                     Childs, E.C.
       An introduction to the physical basis of : soil water phenomena
1969   Flow in channels                                  H.J., Robert
1969   Proceedings of the first international seminar for hydrology professors
1969   Modern structural analysis                        Borg, Sidney F.; Gennaro, Joseph J.
1969   Proceedings of the second international research and engineering conference on Expansive Clay Soils
1969   Problems of geomechanics                          Ter-stepanian, G.
1969   Unit hydrograph and loss rate functions
1969   An introduction to extremism principles           Gregory, M.S.
1969   Design of tunnel liners and support systems Deere, D.U.
1969   Prestressed concrete                              Khachaturian, Narbey; Gurfinkel, German
1969   Proceedings Kentucky highway conferences
1969   Engineering geology and rock mechanics            Duncan, Neil
1969                                                     Seetharamiah, K.S.
       Ten -day lecture series on cavitation from Ist to 10th may 1969
1969   Analysis of viscous behavior in untrained soils Watt, Brian J.
1969   Fundamentals of transportation engineering Hennes, Robert G.

                                               Page 45

1969   Fundamentals of surveying                          Rayner, William Horace; Schmidt, Milton O.
1969                                                      Cole, methods
       Street and highway drainage : Design principles andI.R.
1969   Street and highway drainage
1969   Economic analysis for highways                     Winfrey, Robley
1969   Mathematical statistics                            Kapur, J.N.; Saxena, H.C.
1969   Specification for road and bridge works
1969   Foundations of fluid mechanics                     Yuan, S.W.
1969   Lonising radiation's: Precautions for industrial users
1969   Theory and design of Irrigation structures         Varshney, R.S.
1969                                                      Thompson, E.H.
       Introduction to the algebra of matrices with some applications
1969   Proceedings of the 55th annual road school Shurig, D.G.
1969                                                      lreson
       Handbook of industrial engineering and managementGrant, William; Grant, Eugene L.
1969   Construction contracting                           Clough, Richard H.
1969                                                      Singh, and square normal
       Wind tunnel studies of form drag on two dimensional Vijaya; Raju, K.G. plates
1969   Erosion resistance of compacted clays              Kumar, Vijay; Narain, Jagdish
1969                                                       shear Satya
       Dynamic behaviour of one storey framed brick Singh, walls pal; Arya, A.S.
1969   Building research station degest
1969   Folded plate of unsymmetrical sections             Agarwal, V.k.; Jain, O.P.
1969                                                      Johri, Vikram; Krishna, Jai
       Damping in timber as a function of the strain -amplitude
1969                                                      Sharma, S.S.; Kanchi, M.B.
       Analysis of hyperbolic paraboloid shell using finite shell elements
1969   Proceedisngs of the 31st annual short course water ,Sewerage and industiral waste disposal
1969   Study of domial shell foundation                   Sharma, A.k.; Jain, O.P.
1969   Evaluation of bearing capacity factors             Bhandari, R.C.; Satyanarayana, B.
1969   Yield line analysis of bridge deck slabs           Bhandari, Navaratan mal; Jain, P.C.
1969   Pressure loss in a series of sinusoidal bends Gupta, N.K.; Rangaraju, K.G.
1969   Square sloped column footings                      Razdan, K.B.; Jain, O.P
1969                                                      Sharma, S.N.; Mathur, R.P.
       Effects of industrial pollution on fish mortality and determination of values
1969   Biaxial dending of restrained I-Columns            Kumar, Arun; Ajmani, J.L.
1969                                                       stable N.K.; Garde, R.J.
       a critical study of recent literature on design of Gupta, channels in alluvium
1969                                                      Roy, B.N.;
       Stiffness matrix analysis of prestressed cable systems Kanchi, M.B.
1969                                                      for skin friction measurement
       Construction and calibration of a preston tube Sethuraman, Subramaniam; Grade, R.J.
1969   Nonlinear programming                              Mangasarian, Olvi L.
1969                                                      Garde, R.J.;
       Energy loss characteristics of bend-diffuser combination Rangaraju, K.G.
1969                                                       resource project
       An evaluation of the decision process in water Linsley, Ray K. design
1969                                                      Dash, Joyakrishna
       Analysis of orthotropic plates using two-dimensional matrix progression with special reference to bridge decks
1969   Applied numerical methods                          Carnahan, Brice; Luther, H.A.; Wilkes, James O.
1969                                                      De, networks
       Study of procedures of adjustments of trilateration Bamapada; Balasubramanian, S.
1969                                                      Katakwar, Chandrakishore; Arya, A.S.
       Analysis and behaviour of shell roofs under earthquake loads
1969                                                       slabs
       Ultimate load analysis of prestressed concreteAgarawal, Vishwa nath; Jain, O.P.
1969                                                      Vaish, S.K.; Saran,
       Model study of lateral pressure on flexible walls with sand backfillsSwami
1969   A method for finding minimum void ratio of sand    Das, Tara prasanna; Gupta, Mani kant
1969                                                      Ahmad, Salahuddin; Shagal, P.P.
       Effect of specific gravity of sediment on ripple formation
1969   Gravity effects on dynamic response of structures  Deshpande, D.S.; Chandresekaran, A.R.
1969                                                      water facility
       Report on the national conference on drinking Gandhi Centenary, National Committee
1969                                                      Sen, Sujeet infill
       Experimental study of two storeyed framed sturctures with kumar; Gosain, N.k.
1969   Problems in community wastes management Ellis, H.M.; Gilbertson, W.E.; Jaag, O
1969   A Guide to site and environmenatal planning Rubenstein, Harvey M.
1969                                                      Agarwal,
       Study of various parameters for north light folded plate V.K.; Jain, V.C.
1969   Biodegradation of surfactants                      Bhargava, Renu; Mathur, R.P.
1969                                                      Goel, S.L.; Mathur, R.P.
       Application of radiosotopes in public health engineering term paper
1969   Sand anthractie filters                            Sharma, J.K.; Patwardhan, V.K.
1969   Dampness in buildings                              Gratwick, R.T.

                                                Page 46

1969   Moment rotation characteristics of steel columns Deka, D.N.; Ajmani, J.L.
1969                                                    Rao, Jagannatha; Arya, A.S.
       Study of circularplates of non -unifrom thickness with central -hole
1969   Proceedisngs of the 32nd annual short course water ,Sewerage and industiral waste disposal
1969                                                    Handa, B.K.; Mathur, R.P.
       Effect of immersion depth on the aeration capacity of rotor and working efficiency of oxidation ditch
1969                                                    Sandborn, Virgil digital computer
       Report 71: stability analysis of nonlinear control systems on theA.
1969   Fundamentals of rock machanics                   Jaeger, J. C.; Cook, N. G. W.
1969                                                    Mahajan, S.K.; Oswal, in respect of precision and efficiency
       A comparative study of some analytical relative orientation procedure H.L.
1969                                                    Swaminathan, V.;
       Multistoreyed brick shear walls under lateral earthquake forces Arya, A.S.
1969                                                    Sarkar, Kalyan
       Determination of effective live load under dynamic conditions kumar; Saini, S.S.
1969   Effect of PH on flow of water through sand bed   Gupta, R.N.L.; Toshniwal, C.l.
1969                                                    Chand, Ilam; Jain, O.P.
       Analysis of bridge deck slabs by yiels line theory
1969                                                    Sethurman, S.; Garde, R.J.
       Fluid dynamic forces on a spherical particle moving along the bed
1969   Management training for engineers                Turner, Barry T.
1969                                                    Chandra, Gopal; Garde, R.J.
       Hydrodynamic jforces on a smooth cylinder dept in turhulent boundary layer
1969                                                    Misra, A.B.;
       Effects of ionizing radiations and protection against them Khanna, P.
1969                                                    Upadhyay, B.P.; Chandra, Satish
       Boiling troubles of earth dam and their remedial measures
1969                                                    Gupta, D.C.; Mathur, R.P.
       Characteristics of wastes from cane sugar industry and possible methods of treatment
1969                                                     water facility
       Report on the national conference on drinking Gandhi Cent., National Comm.
1969                                                    Rayner, Russell engineering interest
       Probability distributions for texas gulf coast hurricane effects ofLarry
1969   Dynamic study of stack like structures           Mital, Sudhir kumar; Mathur, B.C.
1969   Vibration analysis of dams                       Saini, Sarjit Singh
1969                                                    Niyogi, B.P.
       Bearing capacity of footings under ecentric -inclined loads Guha; Saran, Swami
1969                                                    Lal, Chaman; Chandra, layered
       A study of two dimensional uplift pressure below hydraulic structure onSatish formation
1969                                                    Chatterjee,
       A study of torsion in plain and reinforced concrete beams B.N.; Jain, O.P.
1969   Degradation of cyanides by comosting             Nayak, C.K.; Patwardhan, S.V.
1969   End depth in open channels                       Singh, R.P.; Grade, R.J.
1969                                                    Singh, Vijay; procedure
       A comparative study of some analystical relative orientationOswal, respect of precision and efficiency
1969   The treatment of industrial wastes               Besselievre, Edmund B.
1969   On analysis of skew bridge plate by moire method Kumar, Shyam; Aggarwal, S.k.
1969                                                    Katz, M.
       Measurement of air pollutanits :guide to the selection of methods
1969                                                    Qudeer, Aslam; Jain, O.P.
       Strength of steel columns under combined plasticity and stability
1969   Analysis of helicoidal staricases                Patodi, Raj kumar; Prakash, Anand
1969   Bearing capacity of footings subjected to momentsPrakash, Shamsher; Saran, Swami
1969   Eminent educationists of india
1969                                                    Aggarwal, S.K.; ., .
       Water desalinatiion or fresh water from sea brackish water
1969                                                    Basavanna, B.M.; shape foundation
       Variation of elastic constants in a layered soil mass with size andGupta, A.K.
1969   Effect of vibrations on skin friction in piles   Sinha, A.P.; Prakash, S.
1969   Panits and protective coatings for wastewater treatment facilities
1969   Studies in public health engineering             Chuhan, V.S.; Kennedy, John F.
1969   Analysis and design a rigid frame -bridge        Raina, Mohan krisha; Nayak, G.C.
1969                                                     including generation of analytical photogrammetric blocks
       Developments in analytical exterior orientation Oswal, Hira Lal
1969   Dynamic response of horizontally curved girders  Qamaruddin, Mohammed; Thakkar, S.K.
1969   Mathematics for engineers                        Prasad, Chandrika
1969                                                    Khera, A.K.;
       Enterococcus and nitrogen dispersion in a porous medium Mathur, R.P.
1969                                                    Mavi, procedures
       A comparative study of analytical radial triangulation S.S.; Tiwari, R.S.
1969   Design of steel lamella roof                     Saxena, H.N.; Goel, A.P.
1969   Printing color negatives
1969                                                    Puri, Vijay kumar; Prakash,
       Natural frequency of block foundations under free and forced vibrations Shamsher
1969                                                    Grewal, Narinder singh; Mathur, R.P.
       Studies on the exertion of B.O.D. in the carhonacous phase
1969   Sludge dewatering                                Stanley, W.E.
1969                                                     the M. V. of bituminous mixes
       Influence of bituminous pavement thickness inRao,design Prakasa
1969   Introduction to optimization practice            Pun, Lucas

                                                Page 47

1969                                                     Goel, cartridge
       Studies on disinfection of well waters using diffusion L.C.; Toshmiwal, C.l.
1969   Advanced mathematics for engineers                Prasad, Chandrika
1969                                                     Jha, S.K.; Sharma, conventional
       Techniques for representing reliet by adding the third dimension toK.P.
1969                                                     Goel, M.L.; Handa, S.C.
       Soil exploration and foundation design of a multistoreyed building in new delhi
1969                                                     Saran,
       Bearing capacity of footings subjected to moments Swami
1969   Man,Climate and architecture                      Givoni, B.
1969                                                     Khanna, P.; Mathur, R.P.
       Enumeration of bacterial numbers in water : Radioactive coprecipitation test
1969                                                      slabs
       Ultimate load analysis of prestressed concreteAgrawal, Vishwa nath; Jain, O.P.
1969                                                     Nelson,
       Exact upper confidence bounds for probabilities of... M.F.
1969   The urban pattern city planning and design        Gallion, Authur B.; Eisner, Simon
1969   The advance theory of statistics                  Kendall, Maurice G.; Stuart, Alan
1969   Recent developments in filtration                 Harsha, Shri; Gupta, S.K.
1969                                                     Gupta, M.G.; Sethi, B.R.
       Permeability as a function of sediment size distribution
1969   Technical report 1949-50 part iii geodetic workGulatee, B.L.
1969   On optimum design of building -frames             Nirjar, Ram singh; Kanchi, M.B.
1969   Disposal of badio-active wastes                   Garg, R.C.; Saraswat, I.P.
1969   Study of bearing capacity of clays by model tests Yadava, Paras nath; Agarwal, K.B.
1969   Principles of computer programming                Rajaraman, V.
1969   Aseismic design of uniform cantilever beams Chandrasekaran, A.R.; Gupta, S.K.
1969   Study of domical sheel foundation                 Sharma, A.K.; Jain, O.P.
1969                                                     Arizona, University
       Digital computer interface systems hybrid computer design and some applications
1969   Advances in environmental sciences                Pitts, James N.; Metcalf, Robert L.
1970                                                     Agrawal, B.D.; and M.V. Prakash
       Effect of overseating of bitumen and aggregates on adhesion Rao, stripping
1970                                                     Dass, H.S.; Rao, P.V.
       Mean flow characteristics of 16 conical and square diffusers
1970   Annual summary of information on natural disasters
1970                                                     Sharma, O.P.;
       Studies on density currents and their djection form reservoirs Chandra, Satish
1970                                                     Sharma, Satya narayan prasad; Misra, H.C.
       A comparative study of penstock trifurcation models
1970   Design essentials in earthquake resistant buildings
1970   Concrete in highway engineering                   Sharp, D. Raymond
1970                                                     dowelled joints
       Behaviour of cement concrtete pavement with Gupta, P.K.; Khanna, S.K.
1970                                                     Kumar, Vinod; Rao, M.V.P.
       Effect of bitumen content and dimensions of test specimen on the compressive strength of bituminous mixes
1970   Fourth sysmposium on earthquake engineering
1970   Factors in flexible pavement design               Rstogi, D.V.; Khanna, S.K.
1970                                                     Rao, P.V.; Misra, H.C.
       Ramganga project model studies of penstock trifurcations and wyes
1970   Design of smoke gendrator                         Lal, Chaman; Garde, R.J.
1970                                                     Aggarwal, Suresh kumar; Khanna,
       Development of a portable composite water purfication plant for a bridgade group P.
1970                                                      on flow over spillways
       Boundry layer development and energy lossesKumar, Anil; Grade, R.J.
1970                                                     Chandra, Sushil; Rangaraju, K.G.; .., .
       Flume studies on resistance of two -dimensional strip roughnesses
1970                                                     Ahmad, crested weir
       Analysis of flow over suppressed and contracted broadIhsan; Rangaraju, K.G.
1970   Drag on a sphere rolling on a coarse sand bedGupta, N.k.; Garde, R.J.
1970                                                     storage
       Probability approach to the design of reservoir Pattegar, B.G.; Garde, R.J.
1970                                                     Goel, Vipin kumar; Khanna, S.K.
       Effect of dowel spacing on load transference in cement concrete pavements
1970   Characteristics of soil -aggregate mixtures       Kumar, Surinder; Justo, C.E.G.
1970                                                     Lohani, Nawal kishore; Arora,
       Laboratory study of bituminous concrete overlay by beam action hypothesis M.G.
1970                                                     Gupta, M.G.; Garde, R.J.
       Permeability as a function of sediment size-distrubution
1970                                                     Benjamin, Jack R.
       Probability, statistics and decision civil engineers
1970                                                     Pal, Satya; Arora, S.P.
       Moisture and densiity determination through radio-active isotopes
1970   Mud pumpimg in soil subgrade                      Pal, Deo; Khanna, S.k.
1970                                                     Wright, C.V.
       Proceedings of the 22nd annual traffic conference : Legal and administrative aspects of traffic engineering
1970   Structural reliability and codified design        Ariaratnam, S.T.
1970                                                     Louis, C.; Maini, Y.
       Determination of in situ hydraulic parameters in jointed rock
1970                                                     Hansen, J. extended formula for bearing capacity
       Danish Geotechnical institute: Bulletin No.28.Revised andBrinch

                                               Page 48

1970                                                     Stimpson, B.
       Influence of confining pressure on young's modulus of broken rock and soil
1970   A guide to the structural design of pavements for new roads
1970   Triaxial strength of rock materials               Franklin, J.
1970                                                     Ghanekar, V.K.; Chandra,
       Handbook for ultimate strength design of reinforced concrete members R.
1970   Theory of elasticity                              Timoshenko, S.P.
1970                                                     Bakker, G.
       The adjustment of primary direction measurements with special reference to circle testing methods
1970   Design of steel structures                        Breslet, Boris
1970   Structural surveying                              Desch, H.E.
1970                                                     Meyers, B.L.; Branson, D.E.; Schumann, C.G.
       Prediction of creep and shrinkage henavior from 28-day data
1970   European standards for drinking water
1970   Hydraulic transport of solids by pipeline         Bain, A.G.; Bonnington, S.t.
1970                                                     Hadley, William values for asphalt-Treated materials
       Correlation of tensile properties with stability and cohesiometerO.
1970   Gas explosions in load bearing brick structures   Astbury, N.F.
1970                                                     Sinha, B.P.
       The stability of a five storey brickwork cross wall structure following the removal of a section of a main load bearing
1970                                                     Sinha, B.P.
       Tests on a full-scale five storey brick cross-wall structure under lateral loading
1970                                                     Branch, Melville C.
       Outdoor noise and the metropolitan environment : case study of low angeles with special reference to aircraft
1970                                                     West, H.W.H.; Speed, K.H.
       Sibmac proceedings of the 2nd international brick masonry conference held in stoke-on -trent England on April 12-1
1970   Strain distribution around underground openings: Technical Report No.3
1970                                                     Rotta, J.C.
       Fortran IV-Rechenprogramm fur grenzschichten bei kompressiblen ebenen und achsensymmetrischen stromungen
1970   Proceedings: International association for shell structures: Working committee for tower shaped structures
1970   Prestressed concrete structures                   Dayaratanm, Pasala
1970                                                     Jacobsen, Moust
       Danish Geotechnical institute: Bulletin No.27.New oedometer and new triaxial apparatus for firm soils
1970   Manual of built-up roof systems                   Griffin, C.W.
1970   International co-operation in the development of water resources for agriculture
1970   Proceedings of the second congress of the international society for rock mechanics
1970   Design of steel structures                        Chandra, Ram
1970                                                     Endersbee, L.A.
       Applications of rock mechanics in hydro-electric development in Tasmania
1970   Inelastic behavior of solids                      Kaninen, Melvin F.; Adler, William F.; Rosenfield, Alan R.
1970                                                     Mann, Lawrence
       Data analysis and correlation with digital computers nondestructive testing
1970   Report of the committee on highway maintenance
1970                                                     Kalita, U.C.; Hendry, A.W.
       An investigation of the stresses and deflections in a model cross -wall structure subjected to lateral load and torsion
1970   Proceedings of the 2nd congress of the international society for rock mechanics : rapports du deucieme congres
1970   Finite elements method for infinite domains I Babuska, Ivo
1970   Impact of computers on the practice of structural engineering in concrete
1970   A study of concrete panel construction            Beresfork, F.D.
1970   Estimation of surgace water resources             Kienitz, G.
1970   Hydrology of land drainage                        Kienitz, G.
1970                                                     Venkataman, B.; Patel, Sharad A.
       Structural mechanics with introductions to elasticity and plasticity
1970   Ultrasonic pulse velocity technique in the estimation of strength of concrete under sustained load
1970   On and with the earth                             Singh, Jagman
1970                                                     Clark, Nicholas
       Proceedings of the tewksbury symposium : Analysis of urban development
1970   Flood control and the use of river water resourcesShelat, R.N.
1970                                                     B
       Estimating monthly stream flows within a region eard, Leo R.; Fredrich, Augustine J.
1970   Science of fluids                                 Michelson, Irving
1970   Stabilization of organic soils with lime          Arman, Ara
1970                                                     Homburger, Wolfgang S.
       Traffic estimation computer programs for educational purposes
1970   Static parameters of beams on elastic foundation  Tuma, J.J.; Alberti, G.
1970   Improved presentation of Preston tube calibration Vasanta Ram, V.; Head, M.R.
1970   Special procedures for testing soil and rock for engineering purposes
1970   Water resources systems engineering               Hall, Warren A.
1970                                                     Arceivala, S.J.
       Waste stabilisation ponds : design construction and operation in india
1970   Foundations on interbedded Sands: Proceedings of a symposium held in Perth 1970

                                                 Page 49

1970   Linear elastic analysis                         Elms, David G.
1970                                                   Afzal, Noor; Yajnik, Kirit. S.
       Asymptotic theory of heat transfer in two dimensional turbulent boundary layers
1970   Construction planning, equipment, and methods   Peurifoy, R.L.
1970   Proceedings of the 56th annual road school Singh, D.G.
1970   Kitchen's road transport law                    Wenlock, E.K.
1970   Photogrammetry                                  Moffitt, Francis H.
1970   Elementary air survey                           Kilford, W.K.
1970                                                   Rajaratnam, open channels
       An experimental study of turbulent flow in rough rectangularN.
1970   Hochwasserschutz und raumordnung
1970                                                   Moore, elevation angle paths
       Troposphere propagation effects on earth - space low Richard K.
1970   Sampling of soil and rock: Symposium presented at the seventy-third annual meeting Canada
1970   Numerical methods that work                     Acton, Forman S.
1970   Proceedings of the symposium on the quality control of road works
1970                                                   Rau,
       Optimization and probability in systems engineering John G.
1970                                                   Meyers, B.L.; Branson, D.E.
       Prediction of creep and shrinkage properties of concrete
1970                                                   Branson, D.E.; Meyers, B.L.
       Loss of prestress, camber, and deflection on noncomposite and composite structures using different weight concret
1970                                                   of cement -Treated
       Evaluation and prediction of tensile properties Anagnos, James N. materials
1970   Symposium on Non-destructive testing of concrete and timber
1970   Three dimensional turbulent wall jets           Rajaratnam, N.
1970   Chemistry of cement and concrete                Lea, F.M.
1970   Seminar on "Problems of prestressing": Madras, January 30 - Feb. 2, 1970
1970   Elementary mechanics of fluids                  Rouse, Hunter
1970                                                   Gill, S.S
       The stress analysis of pressure vessels and pressure vessel components
1970                                                   Davenport, A.G.; strain taken
       Analysis of records of wind induced building motion and column Hogan, M. at the john Hancock Centerior (Chicag
1970                                                   Helple, L.R.; Jeffus, H.M.
       Water resources planning study for arkansas and oklahoma
1970   Coastal hydraulics (Solved Problems )           Ergin, A.
1970   New and novel transportation systems
1970   Drag on windbreak in two dimensional flow       Seginer, Ido; Sagi, Ram
1970   Lateral stresses in the ground earth-Retaining structures
1970                                                   Somerton, Wilbur H.
       Rock mechanics - theory and practice: Proceedings
1970                                                   Gloyna, Earnest F.
       Water quality improvement by physical and chemical processes
1970   Surveying: vol. 2                               Punmia, B.C.
1970   Hydrology of water storage                      Kremples, T.; Csermak, B.
1970                                                   Swami, S.A.
       Time and load independent properties of bituminous mixtures
1970   Hydrological aspects of water management Kavacs, G.Y.
1970   Escritts' tables of metric hydraulic flow       Escritt, V.P.
1970   Theory of groundwater flow                      Verruijt, A.
1970   Dynamic hydrology                               Eagleson, Peter S.
1970   History of hydrology                            Biswas, Asit K.
1970                                                   Ubell, K.
       International post-graduate course on hydrological methods for developing water resources management: hydrolog
1970                                                   Canadian surveying surveying
       Proceedings of the first Canadian symposium on mining institute ofand rock deformation Measurements
1970   Groundwater resource evaluation                 Walton, William C.
1970   Hydrological forecasting                        Apollov, B.A.; Kalinin, G.P.; Komarov, V.D.
1970                                                   Vazirani, V.N.
       Analysis of structures :analysis ,design and details of structures
1970   Applied stress analysis                         Durelli, A.J.
1970                                                   Bogardi, J.L.
       Mathematical statistics as a method for hydrological investigations
1970   Proceedings of a seminar on Urban hydrology 1-3, Sep. 1970.Hydrologic engineering center: Research, training, ap
1970   Dynamic analysis of ocean structures            Muga, Bruce J.; Wilson, James F.
1970   Proceedings of the 3rd Australian conference on hydraulics and fluid mechanics
1970                                                   Chadwick, Duane evaluate meteorological problems important to hyd
       Instrumentation and development of techniques to measure and G.
1970                                                   Narayana, V.V Deruva; Sial,
       Statistical relationships between storm and urban watershed characteristicsM. Akbar; Riley, J . Paul; Israelsen, Euge
1970   Numerical experiments with finite element methodBabuska, I.; Segethova, J.; Segeth, K.

                                                Page 50

1970   Moire analysis of strain                          Durelli, A.J.; Parks, V.J.
1970   Introduction to modern structural analysis        Elms, David G.
1970                                                     Garg, Rakesh; Khanna, P.
       Effect of certain inhibitors on the growth of escher ichia coll and streptococcus faecalis
1970   The environmental radiation survellance laboratoryKamath, P.R.
1970   Projcet management with cpm and pert              Moder, Joseph J.; Phillips, Cecil R.
1970                                                     Chandra, Sushil; Rangaraju, notch
       Effects of velocity of approach and viscosity on discharge coefficient of 90v K.G.
1970   Proceedings of AIR pollution control seminar
1970                                                     Goel, with discharge in unconfined
       Laboratory studies on variation of radius of influenceLal chand; Toshniwal, C.L. tubewell
1970                                                     Goel, Shashi prakash; Sharma, K.P.
       Photo inter-pretation of rural cultural patterns of indian villages
1970                                                     Gupta, channels in R.J.
       A critical study of recent lliterature on design of stable N.K.; Garde,alluuvium
1970   Optimal design of beam column rcc sections Mefrahtu, Abeba; Prakash, Anand
1970                                                     Goel, Prakash; Mathur, B.C.
       Ultimate strength of earthoquake resistant brick structures
1970   Water pollution as a world problem the legal , Legal ,Scientific and political aspects
1970                                                     Thind, J.S.; Shanhani, P.B.
       A critical review of godetic and gravimetric methods of geodesy
1970   Three dimensional current                         Lal, Roshan; Pande, P.K.
1970   Turbidity removal efficiency of anthracite        Sharma, Jai krishna; Patwardhan, S.V.
1970   Families of bivariate distributions               Mardia, K.V.
1970   National building code of india 1970
1970   Shear deformations of corrugated sheets           Yadava, Ramesh Singh
1970                                                     Vasishtha, G.K.;
       Study of effects of repeated loading on soil cement specimens Justo, C.E.G.
1970                                                     J
       Surcharge pressure on back of bridge abutents ain, S.M.; Narain, Jagdish
1970                                                     Singh,
       Earthquake and wind excited vibrations of chimneys Darshan; Chandrasekaran, A.R.
1970   Soil mechanics and foundations                    Singh, Dr. Alam; Punmia, B. C.
1970   Almost periodic differential equations
1970   Modern cost -engineering techniques               Popper, Herbert
1970                                                      differential equations
       Text book on integral calculus and elementaryPrasad, Gorakh; Prasad, Chandrika
1970                                                     Agarwal,
       Measurement of aeration capacity of a aeration device B.M.; Toshniwal, C.L.
1970   A rational design of gravity type retaining wallsBhargava, Dwarka nath; Agrawal, K.B.
1970   Chlornation of water supplies                     Bhargava, Devenedra swaroop; Mukherjee, S.K.
1970                                                     Goel, Shyam Lal; Goel, S.L.
       Effect of the common chemical constituents on uptake of P-32 in coperecipitation techniques for ascertaining bacte
1970                                                     Singhal, Om Prakash
       An inveatigation in to the use of flyash as a part replacement of gement in reinforced concrete beams
1970   Engineering economy
1970   Airport management :Selcted papers on planning and administration
1970   Analysis of deflection data of rihand dam         Khalid, Syed; Rao, P.V.
1970                                                     Jain,
       Earthquake resistant design of bulding elements Vineet prakash; Mathur, B.C.
1970                                                     Ahmad, Ihsan; Sethi, B.R.
       Effect of viscosity on discharge coefficient for sharp crested weir
1970   11th annual meeting :tackling the problems of the 1970's
1970                                                     Gupta, S.K.; Mathur, R.P.
       Term paper on virus and their under ground movement
1970   Hydraulics of surface irrigation kinematics       Gupta, M.G.; Jain, A.K.
1970                                                     Mayer, H.; Rusch, H.
       Building damage caused by defecton of reinforced concrete building components
1970   Cost and optimization engineering                 Jelen, F.C.
1970                                                     Joshi, Vedavyasa H.
       Design, Fabrication and performance of oscillatory shear box
1970   Seteling tank efficiency - factors and assessment Bhargava, Ravi; Toshnial, C.L.
1970   Air pollution effects on human health             Agarwal, V.k.; Mathur, R.P.
1970   Health aspects of chemical and biological wapons
1970                                                      with uniform surcharge in sand
       Model study of earth pressure on flecible wallsBansal, Kirti bhushan; Agarwal, K.B.
1970                                                     Malhotra, Man
       Hydrodynamic pressure on structures surrounded by water mohan lal; Jain, O.P.
1970                                                     Lal, Roshan; Rangraju, K.G.
       Effect of velocity of approach viscosity on discharge coefficient
1970                                                     Hagerty,
       Some heave phenomena associated with pile driving D. J.
1970                                                     Singh, M.P.; Jain, O.P.
       Plastic hingh length in reinforced concarete ree beams
1970                                                     Abramowitz, Milton; Stegun, Irene A.
       Handbook of mathematical functions with formulas graphs and mathematical tables
1970                                                      (fly ash)
       Study of properties of concrete with pozzolandMohan, Jagdish; Jain, O.P

                                               Page 51

1970                                                     Gupta, on the working efficiency of oxidation ditch
       Effcet of aeration and mixed loqour suspended solids D.C.; Mathur, R.P.
1970                                                     Giare, Rajesh; Arya, A.S.
       Energy analysis of reinforced concrete multistorey frames
1970                                                     Agarwal, Rajendra kumar; Arya,
       Optimum design of concrete gravity dam section considering earthquke forces A.S.
1970                                                     Scheid, Francis
       Theory and problems of introduction to computer science
1970   Steel buildings :analysis and design              Crawley, W.; Dillon, M.
1970                                                     Cheradame, R.; Cassel, John
       The education and training of engineers for environmental health
1970   Experimental study of behaviour of gravity dams   Gupta, Suresh kumar; Saini, S.S.
1970                                                     Rao, H.N. Sarvothama; Oswal, H.L.
       Analysis of image errors from photogrammetric view point
1970   Technical writing                                 Mills, Gordon H.; Walter, John A.
1970                                                     P
       Standard illustrated dictionary of hindi language athak, R.C.
1970   National environmenatal health programmes: Their planning ,Organization and Administration
1970                                                      cylinders : an emperiments study
       Effects of turbulence on the drag coefficient of C, Ko Stephen
1970                                                     Goel, Surendra
       Computer-aided processing of structural design specifications Kumar
1970                                                     Scheid, Francis
       Theory and problem of introduction to computer science
1970   Vibration of certain sheel structures             Ahmad, S.; Arya, A.S.
1970   The U-Tube for water aeration                     Lev, A.D.; Mictchell, R.C.
1970                                                     Chand, Krishna; Badjatia,
       Comparative study of selected methods of analytical strip triangulation R.C.
1970                                                     Singh,
       Model tests in retaining wall with line load surcharge JaI; Saran, Swami
1970   Proceedings of the national specialty conference on :Disinfection
1970   Study of cylindrical sheels under wind loads Kumar, Gyanendra; Arya, A.S.
1970                                                     Sidhu,
       Photo interpretation as a tool for the green revolution Sadhu singh; Shahani, P.B.
1970   Electro-osmotic stbilization of expansive soils Joshi, D.K.; Satyanarayana, B.
1970                                                     Kumar, Arvind;
       Loboratory studies on prepacked gravel strainers for tubewellsToshniwal, C.L.
1970                                                     Singh, Jitendra; Mathur, R.P.
       Modren thends in the use of radioitopes for water quaity
1970                                                     Mitra,
       A model study on cohesionlessslope during vibrationP.K.; Prakash, S.
1970                                                     Jain,
       Bearing capacity of under-ream piles in weak soils K.G.S.; Agarwal, K.B.
1970   Interference of surface footings in sand          Agrawal, Vinod chardra; Saran, Swami
1970                                                      earthquake motions
       Inelastic response of prestressed members to Doogar, Rajendra Kumar
1970   Design and construction of sanitary and storm sewers
1970   Studies on stage filter                           Harsha, Shri; Patwardhan, S.V.
1970   Dairy wastes and their disposal                   Singh, Hamir; Patwardhan, S.V.
1970                                                     Agrawal, Awadh behari; Kanchi, M.B.
       Basic functions of orthotropic plates and their applications
1970                                                     Majeed, Abdul; Ajmani, J.L.
       Inelastic lateral -torsional buckling of resrtained columns
1970   The practical bibliographer                       Hackman, Marata L.
1970                                                     Singh, Narinder; Sharma, K.P.
       Use of remote sensor systems for military reconnaissance
1970   Effect of temperature on strength of concrete Chauhan, Rohtash singh; Lohtia, R.P.
1970   Fluorides and human health                        Adler, P.; Bhussry, B.R.
1970   Investigations on the quality of ganges water Misra, A.B.; Mathur, R.P.
1970   Cataloguing:theory and practice                   Viswanathan, C.G.
1970   Tensile strength of rocks                         Sharma, Har nandan; Agarwal, K.B.
1970                                                     Shangari, N. K.
       Bearing capacity of square footings under different pre-quicksand conditions
1970                                                     Roy, Alak; Sharma, K.P.
       Applications of photogrammetry to hydrology and hydraulics
1971   Sampling theory                                   Raj, Des
1971   Design of complex irrigation fram                 Patel, G.G.; Jain, A.K.
1971                                                     Kumar, Shrawan; Jain, J.P.
       Effect of specific gravity of sediment on ripple formation
1971   Design procedures for flyash concrete mixes Gahlot, Prithvi singh; Lohtia, B.P.
1971                                                     Kumar, Anil;
       A critical study of pepmeability and permeability formulae Mathur, R.P.
1971   Some aspects of time series analysis              Ram, Babu; Garde, R.J.
1971                                                      studies
       The uses of electrical analoue in ground waterKumar, Ashok; Gupta, S.K.
1971                                                     Isaac,
       Segregation of cycle traffic at signlised intersection P.K.; Khanna, S.K.
1971                                                     Kumar, Ashok; Grade, R.C.
       The uses of flectrical analough in ground water studies
1971                                                     Swamee, P.K.; Garde, R.J.
       Analytical investigation of aggradation upstream of a dam

                                                  Page 52

1971   Clatitation performance in water tunnel          Chandra, Rajesh; Mathur, R.P.
1971   Vibration observations                           Sekaran, A.R.C.; Chandra, Brijesh
1971   Effect of wind loads on cylindrical shells       Ahuja, Bhimsen N.; Arya, A.S.
1971                                                    Gupta, Jitendra kumar; Justo, C.E.G.
       Effect of sulphates on strength and durability of soil cement specimens
1971   Structural masonry                               Sahlin, Sven
1971                                                    with varying poisson's ratio
       Stress analysis of two layer pavement system Singh, Baldev; Arora, M.G.
1971                                                    Singhal, s.C.; Khanna, S.K.
       Behaviour of soil cement beam specimens under repeated loads
1971                                                    Goel, K.S.;
       Study on stability tests for designing soil bitumen mixes Justo, C.E.G.
1971   Response of flexible pavements to step loads Sharma, G.T.; Khanna, S.K.
1971                                                    Unnithan, K.
       Effects of magenesium sulphate on soil -cement mixtures sukumaran; Justo, C.E.G.
1971                                                    Siddiqi,
       Comprative study of soil cement mix design mithods Razi ahamad; Justo, C.E.G.
1971                                                    Mehndiratta, H.C.;
       Effect of plunger-mould diameters on cbr values of stbgrade soilsKhanna, S.K.
1971                                                    Nawy, Edward G.
       Cracking deflection and ultimate load of concrete slab systems
1971   Innovations in tunnel support systems            Parker, H.W.
1971   Proceedings of a seminar on computer applications in hydrology 23-25, Feb. 1971
1971   Environmental management : planning for traffic  Antoniou, Jim
1971   Proceedings of the 51st annual road school Shuring, D.G.
1971   Designing for effects of creep shrinkavbe temperature in concrete structures
1971   Sequential summer school in civil engineering
1971   Computer oriented analysis of shell structures: Proceedings of a Conference held at Palo Alto California
1971   Analysis of concretes                            Figg, J.W.
1971   Flow around oriented porous obstructions         Seginer, I.; Rosenzweig, D.
1971   Design of bridge superstructures                 O'Connor, Colin
1971                                                    Libby, construction methods
       Modern prestressed concrete : Design principles andJames R.
1971   Plastic design of frames                         Heyman, Jacques
1971   Seminar on engineering and geological problems in tunneling: Pt. 1 & 2
1971   Handbooks dam engineering                        Golze, Alfred R.
1971                                                    De Veubeke,
       High speed computing of elastic structures: tome I and II B. Fraeijs
1971   Highway materials                                Krebs, Robert D.
1971   Symposium on underground rock chambers
1971   Fluid dynamics                                   Mises, R. Von; Friedrichs, K.O.
1971   Electronic aids for freeway operation
1971   Advanced strength of materials                   Volterra, Enrico; Gaines, J.H.
1971                                                    Acaroglu, Ertan R.
       Similarity criteria for the distorted harbor models with movable deds
1971   River mechanics                                  Wen Shen, Hsien
1971                                                    Mann, Lawrence; Young, Myron H.
       Data analysis and correlation with digital computers nondestructive testing
1971   Planning and estimating dam cousturction         Parker, Albert D.
1971   Water resources
1971   Creep under complex varying stress systems Iyengar, N.G.R.; Murthy, P.N.
1971   Proceedings of 4th Australian conference on: Hydraulics and fluid mechanics
1971   Highways and our environment                     Robinson, John
1971                                                    Chadwick,
       The detection of magnetic fields caused by groundwater Deane G.
1971   Monthly streamflow simulation
1971                                                    speed and flow direction
       Pressure-probe methods for determining wind Bryer, D.W.; pankhurst, R.C.
1971   Regional hydrology fundamentals                  Deju, Raul A.
1971                                                    Chiu, Chao -Lin
       Proceedings of the first international symposium on stochastic hydraulics held on : stochastic hydraulics
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                                                Page 53

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                                                Page 54

1971                                                     Bendat,
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1971   Combustion -Generated air pollution               Starkman, Ernest S.
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       Criteria for selection of sloping or vertical impervious earth corePrakash, S. dam
1971                                                     Grover,
       Study of filler bitumen systems in bituminous mixes Pawan kumar; Khanna, S.K.
1971                                                      of soils under pre -quicksand conditions
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1971                                                     on smooth Garde, R.J.
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1971                                                     Misra,
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1971   Cement standards of the world                     ., .
1971   School house designed woth falout protection office of civil defense
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1971                                                     McConnachie, Ian
       Election Microscopy of the consolidation of a kaolin
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1971                                                      measurements in a hydrodynamically rough open channel flow
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1971   Aeration in wastewater treatment
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1971   Shear deformation of corrugated sheets            Swarup, Jag mohan; Ajmani, J.L.
1971   Proceedings of the seminar on: Speed and economy in building construction in the defence services through better

                                              Page 55

1971                                                    Kumar, Vijay;
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1972   Establshment of flow in open channels            Singh, R.P.; Pande, P.K.
1972                                                     crested weirs
       Discharge characteristics of sumberged broadSahasrabudhe, S.J.; Rangaraju, K.G.
1972   Mathematical models for trip interchanges        Kumar, Jitendra; Khanna, S.K.
1972                                                    Agarwal, Subhase chandra; Chandra, Satish
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1972                                                    Prasad, R.S.;
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1972                                                    Patel,
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1972                                                    Verma, walls in rectancular open chanel
       Special problem the analysis of friction of smooth side M.S.; Rangaraju, K.G.
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1972                                                    Jain, P.K.; Grade, R.J.
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1972                                                    Singhal,
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1972   Subgrtade models in rigid pavement analysis Chari, C.T.; Arora, M.G.
1972                                                    Singh, Jaswant; Rangaraju, wind
       A study of the modification of velocity profile caused by screens placed in aK.G. -tunnel
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1972   Strong-motion earthquake records in New Zealand
1972   Time series analysis of hydrologic data          Ram, Babu; Chandra, Satish
1972                                                    Singh, Mahendra; Khanna, S.K.
       Strength and durability considerations in design of pozzolanic mixed
1972   Abstract journal in earthquake engineering       Wagy, Wm. E.
1972   Mathematical modelling of unit-graphs            Jaiswal, O.K.; Mathur, A.K.
1972                                                    Ram, Babu
       A special problem on calibation of hot wire amemoeter
1972                                                     net
       Measurement of the base and base extension Bakker, G.
1972                                                    Eckenfelder, W.W.; Cecill,
       Applications of new concepts of physical chemical wastewater treatment L.K.
1972   Groundwater hydraulics of extensive aquifers Edelman, J.H.

                                                Page 56

1972                                                   Yokoo,
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1972   Upper reservior inlet-outlet structure
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1972                                                   Wilun,
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1972   Two -Lane rural roads : Design and traffic flow
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1972                                                    on rock Edward J.
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1972   Probabilistic design of reinforced concrete buildings
1972   Flow and fracture of rocks                      Heard, H.C.; Borg, I.Y.
1972                                                    ship structures
       Some development in the analysis of complex Kamel, Hussein A.
1972   Proceedings of the 10th annual: Engineering geology and soils engineering symposium
1972                                                   Stark, Robert M.;
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1972                                                   Kovari, K.; Grob, on
       Berichte compte-rendus proceedings : international symposium H. under ground openings
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1972   Drilled pier foundations                        Woodward, Richard J.; Gardner, William s.; Greer, David M.
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1972                                                   Little,
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1972   Principles of ground water hydrology
1972                                                    the roscoe memorial symposium, Cambridge University march 1971
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1972                                                   Desai, C.S.
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1972   Seminar on surveying and land economy in Asia
1972   3rd southeast Asian conference on soil engineering
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1972   Winter damage to road pavements
1972                                                   Cauley, Robert F.
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1972   Geologic reference sources                      Ward, Dederick C.; Wheeler, Marjorie W.
1972                                                   Nefedov, K.E.; Popova, T.A.
       Deciphering of groundwater from aerial photographs

                                               Page 57

1972                                                     Lampert, Paul; torsion and Bruno
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1972   Traffic census on Non- Urban roads
1972   Finite elements methods via tensors               Kardestuncer, Hayrettin
1972   Collapsible soils in Louisiana                    Thornton, Samuel I.
1972   Stability                                         Leipholz, H.H.E.
1972   EMP protection for am radio broadcast stations
1972                                                     Zeevaert,
       Foundation engineering for difficult subsoil conditions Leonardo
1972   Concrete mix design                               Lydon, F.D.
1972   Deflection analysis of flexible pavements         Peterson, Gordon
1972                                                     Khoo,
       Failure criterion for brickwork in axial compression C.L.
1972                                                     Quinn, Alonzo Def.
       Design and condtruction of ports and marine structures
1972   Proceedings : 3rd international conference on the structural design of asphalt pavements
1972   A guide to parking systems analysis
1972   Design and construction of foundations            Manning, G.P.
1972   Drainage principles and applications : Introductory subjects
1972   Revision notes on the theory of structures        Swannell, P.
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1972   Chapter IV.7 part A Testing of instruments        Makarovic, B.
1972   1972 World survey of current research and development on roads and road transport
1972                                                     : advances in
       Proceedings of the 6th internatinal cinferemce Jenkins, S.H. water pollution research
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1972                                                     Thornton, Wendy A.
       Hydraulic transport of solids in pipes - a bibliography
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1972   Instt. for the light weight strs.: IL-7
1972                                                     xxxx, xxxx
       Illustrated experiments in fluid mechanics : based on material in films produced under directions of the national com
1972   Techniques for the collection and reporting of data on commumity water supply
1972                                                     Zelensky, conduits
       Computation of uniform and nonuniform flow in prismaticPaul N.
1972                                                     Wood, the F.; Hariey, Brrendan M.
       Operati0nal characteristics of a numerical solution for Erecsimulation of open channel flow
1972   Hydrauliques et granulats                         Larras, Jean
1972   Proceedings forty-second annual research session
1972   Design of functional pavements                    Yang, Nai C.
1972                                                     Majid, K.I.
       Lon-Linear structures : Matrix methods of analysis and design by computers
1972                                                     Gerrard, JPD
       A computer simulation model for bus operations planning
1972   Precision of photogrammetric models               Ligterink, G.H.

                                                Page 58

1972   Environmental factors in transportation planning  Weiner, Paul; Deak, Edward J.
1972   Stochastic processes in hydrology                 Yevjevich, Vejica
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1972                                                       problems of river valley projects :commemorative volume
       Symposium on the geological and engineeringKrishnaswamy, V.S.
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1972                                                     Pindera, proceedings
       Experimental mechanics in research and development: J.T.
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       Practical method of conducting the indirect tensile test James N.
1972   Report of the irrigation commission
1972   Soil stabilization: Principles and practice       Ingles, O.G.; Methcalf, J.B.
1972   Introduction to hydrology                         Viessman, Warren; Knapp, John W.; Lewis, Gary L.; Harbaugh, Tere
1972   Composite materials in engineering design         Noton, Bryan R.
1972   Basic and applied rock mechanics: Proceedings     Gray, kenneth E.
1972                                                      in design studies
       A method for analyzing effects of dam failures Thomas, William A.
1972   Safety in wells and boreholes
1972   Tyne wear plan :transport plan for the 1980's
1972   theory of stereophotogrammetry                    Ghosh, Sanjib K.
1972   Dynamic strength characteristics of soils         Bansal, Vinod kumar; Prakash, S.
1972                                                       loading
       Settlement of footing under static and dynamicSimgh, Amar; Gupta, S.K.
1972   Current research on tall buildings
1972                                                     Thomas, error studies
       Independent model aerial triangulation--refinements andPhilip Aldwyn
1972   Study of statistical approach to water filtration Sharma, Shashi Bhushan; Patwardhan, S.V.
1972   Waste treatment with revolving biological surface Srivastava, V.S.; Teshniwal, C.l.
1972   Auxiliary data and its use in photogrammetry Subramanyam, S.; Oswal, H.L.
1972   Floors and their maineance                        Edwards, J.K.P.
1972                                                     Kumar,
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1972   Behaviour of cylindrical shells under wind loadDatta, Deo; Agarwal, Sushil
1972                                                     Vitta, N.
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1972   Development of environmental health critertia for urban planning
1972                                                     Kavanagh, Thomas tall buildings
       Proceecdings of internatrional conference :Planning and design of C.; Khan, Fazlur
1972   Ultimate strength of R.C. Slabs                   Jain, Satish chand; Jain, O.P.
1972   Design of box girder bridges                      Pradhan, D.N.; Trikhar, D.N.
1972   Guidelines for project evaluation
1972   Pipe grid filter for an infantry brigade group    Malhotra, N.M.; Patwardhan, S.V.
1972   Erosion resistance of compacted soils             Kanodia, N.K.; Sehgal, P.P
1972   Response of arches under earthquake excitation    Thakkar, Shashi Kant
1972   Classified library of congress subject headingsWillaims, James G.; Manheimer, Martha L.; Daily, Jay E.
1972                                                     herbert, Mudarri
       Mode choice for work trips: key urban transportation problem David
1972   Classified library of congress subject headingsWilliams, James G.; Manheimer, Martha L.; Daily, Jay E.
1972   Some aspects of cavitation                        Singh, R.P.; Rangaraju, K.G.
1972                                                     Dar, G.Q.; Kanchi, M.B.
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1972   The control of suphides in sewerage systems Thistlethwayte, K.B.
1972                                                     Singh, Prahlad;
       Behaviour of pile groups under eccentric vertical loads in clay Ranjan, Gopal
1972   The application of energy concept to pavements    Highter, William H.
1972   Scientific methods of urban analysis              Catanese, Anthony J.
1972   School design study
1972                                                     Prakash, Shamsher;
       Soil investigations for the colovy of nathpa - Jhakri project at jeory Ranjan, Gopal
1972                                                      edta as bacterial inhibitiors
       Investigation on the effectivenes of teepol and Avtar, Ram; Khanna, P.
1972                                                     Khanna, Purushottam
       Studies on enumeration and differentiation of water bacteria using radioisotope phosphorus-32
1972   Influence lines for cable stayed bridges          Sawhney, P.S.; Krishna, Prem
1972                                                     Justo, C. E. G.
       Structural design of soil-cement base course for highway pavements
1972                                                     Saran,
       Bearing capacity of footings subjected to moments Swami; Jain, O.P.
1972   Study of strip method for design of R.c. slabs Kumar, Girish; Jain, O.P.

                                               Page 59

1972                                                      Weber,
       Physicochemical processes for water quality control Walter J.
1972   Design of multi storeyed frame building            Pradhan, D.N.; Jain, V.C.
1972   Seminar on defluoridation                          Mohapatra, B.K.; Stewart, W.H.
1972   Structural engineering section technical report Datta, Deo; Krishna, Prem
1972   The study of flow conditions in the silt excluderJaiswal, O.K.; Sahagal, P.P.
1972   Shelters in new apartments
1972   Transporation engineering :planning and design     Paquette, Randor J.; Ashford, Norman; Wright, Paul H.
1972                                                      Nigam, Prem Saran
       Stress distribution in concrete around spiral case and draft tube of a hydel power station
1972                                                      Singh, Jaswant;
       New seeds and their effect on irrigation practices in north india Sahgal, P.P.
1972   Ultimate strength of timber trusses                Tilak, Raughkul; Jain, O.P.
1972                                                      Mukerjee,
       Effect of anisotropy on swelling and swelling pressure Shyamal
1972   Culcutta tube railway                              Rao, B.G.; Jain, P.K.
1972   Recent studies in two dimengional seepage Verma, H.S.; Chandra, Satish
1972                                                      Singh, Akhilendra pratap; Kumar, data
       Environmental impact assessment of eastern ganga canal using remote sensing Arivnd
1972   Tracer studies in rectangular settling tanks       Bhargava, Ravi; Rangeraju, K.G.
1972                                                      Abel, John F.
       Introduction to the finite element method :a numerical method for engineering analysis
1972                                                      Aziz, A.K.
       The mathematical foundations of the finite element method with applications to partial differential equations
1972   Catalogue entries and procedure                    Agrawal, S.S.; Kaula, P.N.
1972   Dispersion in hydrologic and coastal environments  Brooks, NormalH.; Keck, W.M.
1972                                                      Anand, K.P.; Saran, Swame
       Correlation of displacement of footings with stress-strain characteristic of soil
1972   Analogous techniques in fluid flow problems Jain, K.K.; Pandey, P.K.
1972   Liquefaction of cohesive soils                     Kaushal, Y.P.; Srivastava, L.S.
1972   Ulimate strength of R.C. flat slabs                Agrawal, Ravindra Prashad; Jain, O.P.
1972   Symposium on standardisation in constructionof buildings
1973                                                      Prakash, Shamsher;
       Final report on soil investigations for cement factory at rajban (H.P.)Ranjan, Gopal
1973   Limit state design of structural concrete          Regan, P.E.
1973                                                      Gaur, K.P.S.; Chardra, Satish
       Application of computers in unteady flow towards wells in laky aquifers
1973                                                      Singh, Rajdeo; Rao, M.V.P.
       Computation of binder temperatures in the sprayed asphat in surface dressing
1973                                                      Agrawal, K.K.; Sehgal, P.P.
       Effect of turbulence on the fall velocity of particles
1973                                                      Jaiswal, O.K.; Mathur, A.K.
       A study of mathematical models for deriving unit graphs
1973   Transport of wash load in rigid bed channels Jain, K.k.; Garde, R.J.
1973                                                      Verma, N.K.; Khanna, P.
       Design of water supply and drainage systems for 56-storey office building special problems
1973   Flow overround crested weirs                       Dahigaonkar, J.G.; Garde, R.J.
1973                                                      Singh, Pravendra; Saran, Swami
       Behaviour of footings subjected to two way eccentric loads
1973   Structural properties of flyash concrete           Gupta, Pratima rani; Kaushik, S.k.
1973   Non dimensional approach to surface profiles Kumar, Sushil; Swamee, P.K.
1973   Stilling basin for tunnel outlets                  Dahigaonkar, J.G.; Garde, R.J.
1973   Fatigue characteristics of lime fly ash concreteAgrawal, Pradeep; Arora, M.G.
1973   Study of hydraulic jump in trapezoidal channels    Saraf, P.D.; Mathur, R.P.
1973   Essentials of bridge engineering                   Victor, D. Johnson
1973                                                      problems
       Symposium on rock mechanics and tunnelling Srivastava, L.S.
1973                                                      Jenkins, S.H.
       Water quality: management and pollution control problems
1973   Shear modulus of grovels                           Hardin, Bobby O.
1973   Mechanics of solids and structures                 Benham, P.P
1973   Dynamics in engineering structures                 Kolousek, Vladimir
1973                                                      Manfakh, George A.; Arman,
       The effect of densification on the engineering characteristics of organic soilsAra
1973                                                      Strahler, systems and Man
       Environmental geoscience: interaction between natural Arthur N.; Strahler, Alan H.
1973   10th Annual report
1973   Fluvial processes and sedimentation
1973   Environmental impact on rivers                     Wen Shen, Hsieh
1973   Seminar on foundation problems of power houses and related ancillary structures
1973   Hydrology year book 1972-1973

                                                Page 60

1973   Proceedings of the international symposium on soil structure, Gothenburg 1973
1973   Properties of concrete                          Neville, A.M.
1973   Proceedings of the 59th annual road school Shurig, D.G.
1973   Proceedings of the eighth international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1973   Computer systems in highway design              Turner, A.K.
1973   Shotcrete for underground structural support
1973   Support determination methods                   Skinner, Eugene H.
1973   Fundamental mathematics for water and wastewater treatment plant operators
1973   S- Transformations and criterions matrices      Baarda, W.
1973   Symposium on integrated development of surface and sub-surface water resources: vol. II
1973   Proceedings of the 8th international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1973   Better concrete pavement serviceability         Finney, Edwin A.
1973                                                     I&2
       5th conference on optimization techniques: Pt.Conti, R.; Ruberti, A.
1973   Survey practice on construction sites           Hayward, L.M.
1973   Iiiustrated glossary of packaging for transport of dangerous goods
1973   Foundation instrumentation                      Hanna, Thomas Hl.
1973   Conference on machine processing of remotely sensed data, Oct. 16-18, 1973
1973   Decisions with inadequate hydrologic data       Woolhiser, David A.
1973   Stochastic problems in mechanics: proceedings   Ariaratnam, S.T.; Leiphoiz, H.H.E.
1973                                                   West, R.
       The use of a grillage analogy for the analysis of slab and pseudo slab bridge decks
1973   Advanced scanners ad imaging systems for earth observations
1973                                                   Cohn, M.Z.
       Symposium on inelasticity and non-linearity in structural concrete
1973   International course on structural concrete     Short, A.
1973                                                   Litton, E.
       Automatic computational techniques in civil and structural engineering
1973   Who expert comittee on bilolgical stand ardization
1973   General theory of elastic stability             Thompson, J.M.T.; Hunt, G.W.
1973   Trip distribution and desegregation             Hathaway, P.J.
1973                                                   Sehulz, E.F.
       Proceedings of the 2nd international synmposium in hydrology : floods and droughts
1973   Environmental and health monitoring in occupational health
1973   Field testing and instrumentation of Rock
1973                                                   Aguilar, Rodolfo J.
       Systems analysis and design in engineering, architecture, construction, and planning
1973                                                   Sawczuk, A.
       International symposium on foundations of plasticity
1973   7th symposium on the future of conurbation transport
1973                                                   Hasell,
       A summary of the results of traffic generation studies B.B.
1973   Water resources research catalog                ., .
1973                                                   Shook, C.A.; varying W.
       Experimental studies on the transport of sands in liquids of Schriek,properties in 2 and 4 inch pipelines
1973   Trace elements in human nuttition
1973   Art of tunneling                                Szechy, Karoly
1973   Stereoscopic instruments for affine restitution Makarovic, B.
1973   Fundamentals of finite element techniques       Brebbia, C.A.; Connor, J.J.
1973                                                   Pradash, (H.P.)
       Report on soil investigations for cement factory Rajistan Shamsher
1973   Drainage principles and applications : Theories of field drainge and watershed runoff
1973                                                   Hartung, R.F.
       Numerical solution of nonlinear structural problems
1973   Computer methods in structural analysis         Harrison, H.B.
1973   Proceedings of hydraulic research for water management
1973   Electronic measurement of rock stress           Cook, John C.
1973   Rock classification and rock property listing Krech, Warren W.
1973   Utilization of high magnesia limestone in the manufacture of cement
1973                                                    irrigation structures
       Hydro-power structures : theory and design of Varshney, R.S.
1973                                                   Rao, P.V.
       Wind loading on the antenna tower of Roorkee University
1973   Hydrograph analysis
1973   Stresses in shells                              Flugge, Wilhelm

                                                Page 61

1973                                                     Gupta, R.M.
       Comparative study of various direct and inverse formulae for lines upto 800 km in ellipsoidal geodesy
1973   Technique's for assessing hydrological potentials in developing countries
1973   Flood hydrogaph package :Programmers manual
1973   Handbook for design of slabs                      Shukla, S.N.
1973   Proceedings of the seminar held at the college of military engineering :Pavement design and construction of roads a
1973   Proceedings conference : Fuel and the environment
1973                                                      slope stability V.
       Rock strength from failure cases: powerhouse Hamel, James study, fort peck Dam, Montana
1973   Statically and geomechanical models               Fumagalli, E.
1973   Memories abhandlungen publications
1973   Incremental design in rock mechanics              Coates, D.P.; Gyenge, M.
1973   Tunneling in rock                                 Wahlstrom, Ernest E.
1973   Vebration of shells                               Leisssa, Arthur W.
1973                                                      concrete
       Effect of drying on the freeze-thaw durability ofWong, A.Y.C.; Anderson, C.L.; Hilsdorf, H.K.
1973   Seepage from partially lined canals               Subramanya, K.
1973                                                     Schriek, W.; in water in
       Experimental studies on the transport of two different sandsSmith, L.G. 2,4,6,8,10, and 12 inch pipelines
1973                                                      analysis: proceedings
       Theory and practice in finite element structuralYamada, Yoshiaki; Gallagher, Richard H.
1973                                                     Shuval, Hillel :
       Proceedings of the international conference on water quality I. developments in water quality research
1973   Irrigation drainage and salinity
1973   Ferrocement: Applications in developing countries
1973                                                      fourteenth symposium on rock mechanics
       New horizons in rock mechanics: ProceedingsHardy, H. Reginald; Stefanko, Robert
1973   Optimization and design                           Avriel, M.
1973   Report on : Reevaluating spillway adequancy of existing dams
1973   Cluster analysis for applications                 Anderberg, Michael R.
1973   Rock mechanics symposium: AMD Vol.3               Sikarskie, D.L.
1973   Costruzioni in cemento armato                     Politechico di Milano
1973   Change of mode parking : A state of the art
1973   Fatigue of Concrete: Abeles Symposium
1973   Arid zone irrigation                              Yaron, B.
1973                                                     Chatterjee, Jaidav
       On the utilization of the satellite geodesy coordinates of manor peak (nanital) determined by S.A,O.
1973                                                     Dreyer, W.
       Science of rock mechanics Pt. 1: the strength properties of rocks
1973   Integrated theory of finite element methods Robinson, John
1973   Flood hydrograph package
1973   A Report covering an international survey of current research and development on roads and road transport
1973   Hydraulic models and dimensional analysis Singh, Bharat
1973   Traffic engineering : Theory and practice         Pignataro, Louis J.
1973   Behaviour of retainning walls under dynamic loads Nandakumaran, P.
1973                                                       and base courses
       Strength characteristics of pozzolanic mixturesArora, M. G.
1973   Lecture notes in computer science                 Gesellschaft, Fur Informatik; Jahrestagung@FEd.
1973   Optimization techniques with fortran              Kuester, James L.; Mize, Joe H.
1973                                                     Agarwal, Siya
       Dispersion of tractive and braking forces in railway bridges Ram
1973   Forced nonlinear vibrations of sagged cables Ali, Syed Amjad
1973   Axial dispersion of polluant in porous media Grewal, Narinder Singh
1973   Design of man computer dialogues                  Martin, James
1973   World directory of schools for auxiliary sanitarians repertoire mondial des ecoles D 'Agemts D'Assainissement
1973   Plastic relief maps                               Srivastava, V.K.; Oswal, H.L.
1973                                                     Malhotra, N.M.; waste
       Aerobic stabilization pond treatment for small slaughter house Khana, P.
1973                                                     Suthar, S.N.;
       Some investigations into independent model triangulation Oswal, H.L.
1973   Framing sheathing and insulation                  Jones, Raymond P.; Ball, John E.
1973                                                     Malhotra,
       Farrication and field trials on a horizontal prototype filter N.M.; Patwardhan, S.V.
1973   The advanced theory of statistics                 Kendall, Maurice G.; Stuart, Alan
1973                                                     Whitehouse, Gary E.
       Systems analysis and design using network techniques
1973   Industrial source sampling                        Brenchley, David L.; Turley, David C..

                                               Page 62

1973   Lineare programming                                Zielinski, Zimmermann und J.
1973   Urban economics analysis                           Hirsch, Werner Z.
1973   Proceedins -Comptes-Rendus
1973   Desalination of salt and brackish waters           Rohini, Kumar; Jain, A.K.
1973   Membrane stresses in R.C. slabs                    Jain, Pramod kumar; Jain, S.C.
1973                                                      Jenkins,
       Phosphorus in fresh water and the marine environment S.H.; Ives, K.J.
1973                                                      Kumar, Surendra; Arora,
       Influence of some design parameters on stresses in rigid pavements M.G.
1973                                                      Kumar, Rohit; Garde, R.J.
       Experimental facility for studying liquid oscillations
1973   Time series                                        Kendall, M.G.
1973                                                      Srivastava, suction
       Studies on recirculated system of aeration with induced airV.B.; Toshniwal, C.L.
1973   Control of air pollution in the ussr               Izmerov, N.F.
1973   Refrigeration estimation from grouped observations Haitovsky, Yoel
1973   Optimization of radial water distribution systems  Kumar, Virendra; Swamme, P.K.
1973                                                      Bhargava, Renu; Khanna, P.
       Studies on the rempval of detergent form waste water
1973   Study of diffusion of a dye in a turbulence jar Gupta, P.K.; Pande, P.K.
1973   Computer aided heat transfer analysis              Adams, J. Alan; Rogers, David F.
1973   Flow characteristics of horizontal filters         Patwardhan, S. V.
1973                                                      Thorsteinn, Helgason
       Time-dependent deformations in plain concrete and in reinforced concrete beams
1973   A study of failure mechanism of rock               Sik, Chang Hyung
1973   Studies in india's urbanization                    Bose, Ashish
1973                                                      Sataathy,
       Precison of selected methods of azimuth determination S.k.; Shrama, K.P.
1973   Precast concrete houses
1973   Fracture mechanics applied to rock                 Peter, Hardy Michael
1973                                                      Seiler, Earl L.; Altman, James
       Guide to the preparation of operational plans for sewage treatment facilities W.
1973   Dilatancy model for the failure of rocks           Lal, Logani Kulbhushan
1973   Proceedings of the 28th industrial waste conferenceBell, John M.
1973   Finite element: analysis and design of lintels Pandey, Ashok kumar; Nayak, G.C.
1973   Proceedings :Research and practice in the water practice in the water envionment
1973   An introduction to structural design               Beckett, Berrick
1973                                                      Hussain, Mushtaq
       Measurement of spatial motion using analytical photogrammetric system
1973   Ph and pion control in process and waste streams   Shinskey, F.G.
1973   Cost-effective sewage treatment -the creation of an optimising model
1973                                                      Kaushal, Y.P.; Ranjan,
       The load edformation characteristics of anchors in cohesionless soil Gopal
1973                                                      Bhanu, Udaya;
       Preliminary studies on uptake of sulfur-35 by escherichia coli Khanna, P.
1973   Water reseources research catalog
1973   Flow through contraction in open channel           Dahigaondar, J.G.; Rangaraju, K.G.
1973                                                      Niroomand, Rad Farrokh
       Behaviour of single-story two-column reinforced concrete frames under combined loading
1973   Accident analysis of road vehicales                Agarwal, G.K.; Khanna, S.K.
1973   Toxicity of heavy metals in the environment Oehme, Frederick W.
1973   Natural frequency of piles in cohesionless soil Bhargava, Shohba; Prakash, Shamsher
1973                                                       lunar conditions
       Study of strength characteristics of soils underJha, Gajendra mohan; Agarwal, K.B.
1973                                                      Sastry, T.N.; Garde,
       Special problem on mathematical models in hydrulic engineering R.J.
1973   Role of micrometeorology in air -pollution         Kohli, A.K.; Mathur, R.P.
1973                                                      pollution
       Proceedings of symposium on :environmental Saraf, R.K.
1973                                                      Verma, Ratan singh; Trikha, D.N.
       Design of multi-story R.C. frames including effects of instability
1973   Environmental phosphorus handbook                  Griffith, Edward J.; Beeton, Alfred; Spencer, Jean M.
1973   Ultimate strength of R.C. flat slabs               Goswami, Mahendra mohan; Jain, S.C.
1973                                                      Singh, M.P.; Jain, O.P.
       Ultimate strength of reinforced conrete continuous tee beams under concentrated loads
1973   U-Tube system of aeration                          Sharma, B.N.; Toshnisal, C.L.
1973   U-Tube aeration                                    Mitchell, Rex. C.
1973   Comparison of some methods of slab design Gon, Sudhangshu bhushan; Jain, S.C.
1973   The new water industry: Management and strucutre

                                                  Page 63

1973                                                      sustained and pulsating stresses
       Dynamic strength of c-o soils under combined Srivastava, Satish chandra; Nandakumaran, P.
1973   Study of active earth pressure in expansive soils  Sharma, Hari mohan; AGarwal, K.B.
1973   Reuse of effulents : Methods of wastewater treatment and health safeguards
1973                                                      Kumar, under torsion and flexure
       Vibration characteristics of the rectangular shear core Ashok; Kanchi, M.B.
1974   Lecture notes in computer science :l systems Goos, G.; Rozenberg, Grzegorz
1974                                                      Mehrotra, A.K.; Pande, P.K.
       Effict of proximity of free surface on diffusion of submerged jets
1974                                                      Goos, G.; Engelfriet, Joost
       Lecture notes in computer science:simple program schemes and formal languages
1974   Coastal engineering,ii                             Silverster, Richard
1974                                                      systems
       Lecture notes in computer science : operating Goos, G.; Gelenbe, E.
1974                                                      Goos, G.; Ershov, Andrei
       Lecture notes in computer science :international symposium on theoretical programming
1974                                                      Bowles, Joseph
       Analytical and computer methods in foundation engineering E.
1974                                                      Rao, P.P.; Chandra, Satish
       Effect of soil moisture characteristics on infiltration capacity
1974                                                      modi rubber limited
       Report of autoclave and mixin g basements of Prakash, Shamsher; Saran, Swami
1974   Fifth symposium on earthquake engineering
1974   Earthquake Engineering                             Arya, Anand S.
1974                                                      Goos, G.; Glowinski, R.
       Lecture notes in computer science;computing methods in applied science and engineering
1974   Design of an automatic bed profile recorder Kumar, D.V. Rohini; Garde, R.J.
1974                                                      Borole, R.U.; Khanna,
       Analysis of home -based trip productions by regression techniques S.K.
1974   Evolution of an energy dissipator for pipe outlets Saraf, Prabhakar; Garde, R.J.
1974   Cement substitution for building construction Agrawal, A.K.; Tilak, R.K.
1974                                                      Kaka, N.M.; roughness
       Analysis of resitance to flow in open channels with artificial Garde, R.J.elements
1974                                                      Verma, M.S.; Pande, P.K.
       Form drag of square normal plates placed in mid stream and in turbulent boundary layer
1974   Craig's soil mechanics                             Craig, R.F.
1974                                                      hydrulic strutures
       Develoopment of ground water mound behind Mohan, Narendra; Chandra, Satish
1974   End depth in open channels -A critical analysisMohan, Narendra
1974                                                      Verma, N.K.; Khanna, P.
       Studies on the performance of modified one pipe system of drainge in tall buildings
1974                                                      Narain, Laxmi; Garde, R.J.
       Analysis of bed variation of ganga canal due to change in sediment load
1974   Analysis and design in geotechnical engineering: Vol. II
1974   Proceedings of the seminar on recant advances in geotechnical engineering
1974   Geohydraulik fur stludium and praxis
1974   Bibliography on cement burning and din systems     Kilns, Shaft
1974   Winter school : Modern apprach to earth dam projects cooperative programme between teaching staffof educationa
1974                                                      exploration
       Classification, engineering properties and fieldHall, W.J. of soils, intact rock and in situ rock masses
1974   ICID technical memoirs No.2
1974   Principles of urban transport systems planningHutchinson, B.G.
1974   Wastewater engineering
1974   Fiber reinforced concrete
1974   Flow-induced structural vibrations                 Naudascher, Eduard
1974   Comprehensive glossary of technical terms humanities
1974   Optimization methods                               Cottle, Richard; Krarup, Jacob
1974   Proceedings of the 60th annual road school Shurig, D.G.
1974   Assessment of resources and needs in highway technology education
1974   Drange principles and applications : Surveys and investgations
1974                                                      Davies, G.N.
       Cost and benefit of fluoride in the prevention of dental caries
1974                                                       and tunneling C.
       Proceedings: vol. 1 & 2; 1974 rapid excavationPattison, Harry conference
1974   Full-scale fluid dynamic measurements              Cockrell, David J.
1974   Hydraulics of closed condrit spollways : The two -Way drop inlet with a flat bottom
1974   Floodway determinaiton using computer program HEC-2
1974                                                      Coles, N.G.; Stephens, H.S.
       Proceedings of pneumotransport 2, Second international conference on the pneumatic transport of solids in pipes
1974                                                      Pyke, Robert; Chan, Clarence K.
       Settlement and liquefaction of sands under multi-directional shaking
1974   Analysis ad design in geotechnical engineering: vol. 1
1974                                                      characteristics
       Influence of seismic history on the liquefaction Seed, H. Boltonof sands

                                              Page 64

1974   Sediment transport in alluvial streams            Bogardi, Janos
1974                                                     Seed, H. Bolton
       Generation and dissipation of pore water pressures during soil liquefaction
1974                                                     Seed, H. Bolton
       Representation of irregular stress time histories by equivalent uniform stress series in liquefaction analysis
1974                                                     Gulhati, N.D.
       Irrigation in shimmed regions effect on river supplies : A case study from the Hindus basin
1974                                                     Seed, H. Bolton
       Site-dependent spectra for earthquake - resistant design
1974                                                     Rortneberg, J.G.
       Proceedings of conference held by the international economic association : transport and the urban environment
1974   Numerical methods in Fluid dynamics               Brebbia, C.A.
1974   Optimum design of structures                      Majid, K.I.
1974   Proceedings: Second seminar on role of computers in structural analysis, design and optimization
1974   Proceedings of the European symposium on penetration testing in Stockholm: June 5-7, 1974: Vol. 1
1974   The 2nd conference on asphalt pavements for southern Africa
1974   Building code requirements for reinforced concrete (ACI 318-77)
1974   Urban bus transit a planning guide                Shortreed, J.H.
1974   Soil mechanics new horizons                       Lee, I.K.
1974   Water well technology                             Campbell, Michael D.
1974   Performance monitoring for geotechnical construction
1974   Handbook on mechanical properties of rocks: Vutukuri, V.S.; Lama, R.D.; Saluja, S.S.
1974                                                     Brandon, J.R.
       Rock mechanics properties of typical foundation rock types
1974   Model analysis of structures                      Hossdorf, Heinz
1974                                                     Wong, Robert
       liquefaction of gravelly soils under cyclic loading conditions T.; Seed, H. Bolton
1974   Analysis of turbulent boundary layers             Cebeci, Tuncer; Smith, A.M.O.
1974   Ocean wave measurement and analysis
1974   Guide to hydrological practices
1974   Problems in hydraulics                            Nekrasov, B.; Fabrikant, N.
1974                                                     AFCET@FEd.
       Proceedings of the 2nd: traffic control and transportation systems
1974   Incidence of corrosion of steel reinforcement in flyash concrete
1974   International conference on tension roof structures
1974   FIP Seventh congress
1974   Design and construction of nuclear power plants   Paul, V.; Maxwell, Cook
1974   Concrete construction handbook                    Waddell, Joseph J.
1974   Coastal engineering conference
1974   Water supply                                      Twort, A.C.
1974                                                     anchors
       Prestressed concrete foundations and ground Maxwell-cook, Paul V.
1974   More water for arid lands, promising technologies and research opportunities
1974                                                     Silvester, Richard
       Coastal engineering, 1: Generation, propagation and influence of waves
1974   Principles of structural stability theory         Newmark, N.M.
1974   foundation systems in hilly regions: Proceedings  Phukan, S.D.
1974   Dams dam foundations and reservoir sites          Walhlstrom, Ernest E.
1974   Foundation engineerig                             Peck, Ralph B.
1974   Costruzioni in cemento armato                     Politechico di Milano
1974   Advances in rock mechanics : Reports of current research
1974   Theoretische stromungslehre eine einfuhrung xxx, xxx
1974   Surveying and land economy in the commonwealth    Commonwealth association of surveying and land economy
1974   Transient ground water hydraulics                 Glover, Robert E.
1974                                                     design
       Thin -shell structures : Theory experiment andFung, Y.C.
1974   European model code of safe practice for the prevention of ground and surfacewater pollution by oil from storage ta
1974                                                     Pattison, Harry C.;
       Proceedings : 1974 rapid excavation and tunneling conference Appolonia, Elio D.
1974   Load distribution in concrete bridge decks        Cusens, A.R.
1974                                                     Khanna, S.K.
       Three week specialist quip course in traffic engineering planning and control
1974                                                     applications D.
       Board of advesours engineering concepts and Cook, Rebortof finite element analysis
1974                                                     Bologna, G.
       Lightweight aggregate concrete: technology and world applications
1974                                                     Cook,
       Concepts and applications of finite element analyses Robert D.

                                               Page 65

1974   Report of hydrological research in the area of lake Aiwa,
1974   Proceedings of the symposium of commission v international society for photogrammetry biosterometrics 74
1974                                                    Tatsch, J.H.
       Petroleum deposits: origin, evolution, and present characteristics
1974   Virus survival in water and wastwater systems Malina, Joseph F.
1974   Experimental methods in fluid mechanics          Ranga Raju, K.G.
1974                                                     Extension
       Matrix eigensystem routines - EISPACK GuideGarbow, B.S.; Boyle, J.M.
1974   Remote sensing: A better view                    Rudd, Robert D.
1974   Hand book of soil mechanics                      Kezdi, Arpad
1974                                                    Maisel, B.I.; Roll, F.
       Technical report : Methods of analysis and design of concrete boxbeams with side cantilevers
1974   Optimization of transport networks               Steenbrink, Peter A.
1974   Symposium in surveying and land economy in India
1974   Bricks their properties and use
1974   Analysis of slender reinforced concrete framesAas-Jakobsen, Knut; Grenacher, Mathis
1974                                                    Vinson, Jack R.
       Structural mechanics : The behavior of plates and shells
1974   Computational methods in nonlinear mechanics     Oden, J.T.; Becker, E.G.; Craig, R.R.
1974   Optimal expansion of a water rsources systemLaoghaire, D.T.
1974                                                    Agarwal, M.M
       Indian railway track : design construction maintenance and modernization
1974   Mathematical models in hydrology: proceedings of the warsaw symposium july 1971: vol. 2
1974   Efficiency of suspended sediment load samplers
1974   Environmental mercury contamonation              Hartung, Rolf
1974                                                    hydrologic engineering
       Assessment of remote sensing applications in Burgy, Robert H.; Ralph Algazi, V.
1974                                                    Wiss,
       Study of damage to a residential structure from blast John f.; Nicholls, Harry R.
1974                                                    Dolov, service
       Temperature field and heat flow in snow cover: forestM.A.
1974   Highways and traffic                             Flaherty, C.A.O.
1974   Design of small dams
1974   Proceedings of a seminar on : Analytical methods in planning
1974   Drainage of highway and airfield pavements Cedergren, Harry R.
1974   Determination of rugosity coefficient for lined and unlined channels
1974                                                    P
       Conventional design and classification of lintels andey, Ashok; Nayak, G.C.
1974                                                    Schaefer, Morris
       Administration of environmental health programmes:a systems view
1974                                                    Prakash, Shamsher; @B@F
       Report on foundation investigations and stapility of slopes of the proposed five storeyed hostel buildings of lal bahad
1974                                                    Wolf, Paul and
       Elements of photogrammetry: with air photo interpretationR. remote sensing
1974                                                    Barnett, circular cylinder
       Turbulence induced changes in vortex shedding from aK.
1974                                                    Nils, Smith Glen
       Mean Gravity anomaly prediction from terrestrial mean gravity data and satellite altimetry data
1974                                                    concrete
       The Effect of indigenous admixtures on flyash Khanna, Rajendra Kumar
1974                                                    Guirguis, H.
       Application of mechanistic approach to pavement systems permanent deformation evaluation
1974                                                    Foster, structures
       Experimental and finite element analysis of cable roof Edwin P. including precast panels
1974   Membrane forces in R.C. Slabs                    Jain, P.K.; Jain, S.C.
1974                                                    Loehr, Raymond C.
       Agricultural waste management :problems ,processes and approaches
1974                                                    Khanna,
       The effect of indigenous admixtures on flyash concrete Ranjendra kumar; Kaushik, S.k.
1974   Aqueous -environmental chemistry of meatls Rubin, Alan J.
1974   Scientific stream pollution analysis
1974                                                    Balakrishnan, S.; Nayak, G.C.
       Analysis of axisymmetric sheels by finite element method
1974   Finite third zone flow profile length            Sastry, Tangella nagalinga; Swamee, P.K.
1974   Time dependent properties of fly ash concreteNautiyal, B. D.
1974                                                    behaviour of a drying
       Hysteresis affected shrinkage and rheological Haroon, Mohammad soil-cement slab
1974                                                     and A.K.; Nayak, G.C.
       Analysis and strength of cold joints in concreteJain, brick mortar joints
1974                                                    Hasan, Mahboob; Toshniwal, C.l.
       Rainfall intensity duration frequency formulation for storm water drainage of some north indian towns
1974                                                    Verma, Ratan singh; and wind loads considering instability effects
       Design of multistroey reinforced concrete prame for uniform verticalTrikha, D.N.
1974                                                    Chandra, Rajesh; Pande, P.K.
       Optimization of two interconnected water supply lines with two demand patterns
1974   Studies on multiobttom settling tanks            Kohli, A.K.; Patwardhan, S.V.
1974   Environmeantal engineers'handbook                Liptak, Bela G.

                                                 Page 66

1974   Trace elements in the atmosphere                 Israel, H.; Israel, G.W.
1974   Effect of topography on distribution system      Shekhawat, Narendra singh; Swamme, P.K.
1974   Molasses distiloery waste treatment              Dwivedi, O.N.; Khanna, P.
1974                                                     air
       Fabrication of sampler for particulate matter inKohli, A.K.; Mathur, R.P.
1974   Development of a pressure chemical doser Sharma, B.N.; Patwardhan, S.V.
1974   Air pollution in two parts                       Ledbetter, Joe O.
1974                                                    Stevens, Robert K.; Herget, Wiliam F.
       Analytical methods applied to air pollution measurements
1974   Proceedings on Symposium on: Economy in construction
1974                                                     form wastewater treatment W.Wesley
       International conference on :Effluent variabilityEnglande, A.J.; Eckenfelder,processes and its control
1974                                                    Tyagi, G.R.S.; Ranjan, Gopal
       The load-settlement characteristics of pile group under vertical and horizontal cyclic loads
1974   Environmental science and technology             Lioyed, Alan C.; James N., Pitts
1974   Hydraulic jump in expanding channel              Saraf, P.D.; Swamee, P.K.
1974   Fundamentals of water desalination               Howe, Everett D.
1974                                                    Luck, Werner A.P.
       Proceedings of the international symposium on: structure of water and aqueous solutions
1974   A seminar paper                                  Rao, Prabhakar; Garde, R.J.
1974   Behaviour of steel fibre reinforced concrete Singh, Major Kulwant
1974   Manual of tropical housing and building          Koenigsberger, O.H.; Ingersoll, T.G.
1974   A study of reservoir characteristics             Gupta, Pratap kumar; Chandra, Satish
1974   Time dependent properties of fly ash concreteNautial, B. D.
1974                                                    Mehrotra, A.K.; Jain,
       Optimum top shape and inclination of parallel bars of bottom rack A.K.
1974                                                    Ansari, Abdul
       A critical review of geometrical methods of satellite geodesy rahman; Shahani, P.B.
1974   ProceedingsSymposium on economy in construction
1974   The water and air prevention and control of pollution (act1974)
1974   Design of conoidal shell roofs                   Eswaramoorthy, P.; Agarwal, S.K.
1974   Users guide to computer crime                    Leibholz, Stephen W.; Wilson, Louis D.
1974   Slow sand filtration                             Huisman, L.; Wood, W.E.
1974   Strip method of design                           Hillerborg, Arne
1974   Novell Netware                                   Narang, Rakesh
1974   Drainage principles and applications
1974   Environmental engineers                          Liptak, Bela G.
1974   Book selection                                   Sengupta, Benoyendra
1974   Urban planning problems                          Cherry, Gordon E.; Birch, J.G.; Cockburn, Cynthia
1974                                                    Singh,
       The variation bed material size in degrading channel Jaswant; Garde, R.J.
1974                                                     models
       Simulation of trip generations by mathematicalVirk, H.B.S.; Arora, M.G.
1974   Design and construction of prefacricated residential and instituonal buildings
1974   Closed convariance expressions for gravity anomalies geoid undulations and deglections of the vertical implied by a
1974                                                    Kirkpatrick, Elwood G.
       Introductory statistics and probability for engineering science and technology
1974                                                     buildings
       Proceedings of the regional conference on tall Lee, S.L.; Karasudhi, P.
1974   Bheaviour of footings in moist sand              Singhal, O.K.; Jain, P.K.
1974                                                    Godbole, Pramod Narayan
       Plastic and visco-plastic flow-as a special behaviour of non-newtonian fluids
1974   Physics of interstellar space                    Pikelner, S.
1974   Major results in hydraulic research
1974                                                    Rubin,
       Chemistry of water supply treatment and distrbution Alan J.
1974   Statistics for management and economics          Mendenhall, William; Reinmuth, James E.
1974   Cost control with critical path method           Mehra, S.; Puri, N.
1974   Analytical and methods in foundation engineering Bowles, Joseph E.
1974   Ultimate analysis of multistoried building framesJain, S.C.; Jain, S.C.
1974   World environmental directory                    Gough, Beverly E.
1974                                                    Datta,
       Literature survey and design of castellated beams Deo; Krishna, Prem
1974   Design of reinforced concrete slab               Agarwal, R.P.; Jain, S.C.
1974                                                    Tyagi, Rajendra Prasad; Ranjan, Gopal
       Study of single batter piles under horizontal loads in clay
1974                                                    Goos, G.; and programming
       Lecture notes in computer science: automata languages Hartmanis, J.

                                               Page 67

1974   Disposal of community wastewater
1974   Cost estimation for laying of sewer pipes         Gupta, G.M.; Patwardhan, S.V.
1975   Optimization of water transmission systems Varshney, V.P.; Swamee, P.K.
1975   Bus transportation problems in urban area         Agarwal, S.k.; Sikdar, P.K.
1975                                                     RAo, Raja; layers
       Evaluation of subgrade and its overlying flexible pavementKhanna, S.K.
1975                                                     Mahendru, Ashok kumar; Khanna, S.K.
       Fatigue life prediction of base eouse material by fracture mechanics
1975                                                     Khan, Masood ahmed;
       Classification techniques for vehicle ownership in urban transportationGupta, A.K.
1975                                                      iv
       Essentials of computer programming in fortranBiswas, Nripendra N.
1975                                                     Srivastva,
       Proportoning of pavement material for maximum density Harish chadra; Justo, C.E.G.
1975                                                      based Virendra;
       A trauel demand model for estimation of homeKumar, work trips Khanna, S.K.
1975                                                     Sharma, broad crested weir
       Effects of induced rotation on discharge coefficient of a Suresh; Rangaraju, K.G.
1975   Urban systems models                              Helly, Walter
1975   Analtsis of unit hydrographs from uttar pradesh   Agrawal, Vidhan Chandra; Garde, R.J.
1975                                                     Porey, P.D.;
       A review of model studies in alluvial streams prtor to 1960 Ranga raju, K.G.
1975                                                     drum G.; disk storage units
       Lecture notes in computer science:analysis of Goos,and Fuller, Samuel
1975                                                     Goos, G.; Manes, E.G.
       Lecture notes in computer science:category theory applied to computation and control
1975                                                     Goos, G; Brakhage, H.
       Lecture notes in computer science: automata theory and formal languages 2nd gl conference
1975                                                     Goos, G.; Bohm, C.
       Lecture notes in computer science:calculus and computer science theory
1975                                                     Goos, structures:schemes, semantics, verification
       Lecture notes in computer science:theory of programG.; Greibach, Sheila A.
1975   Swamy's handbook 2003                             Muthusamy@FAu.
1975                                                     Goos, G.; Everling, analysis
       Lecture notes in computer science:exercises in computer systemsW.
1975   Probability model for estimating travel demandPatel, L.M.; Khanna, S.K.
1975                                                     Goos, G.; Becvar, J.
       Lecture notes in computer science:mathematical foundations of computer science 1975
1975   Urban transport
1975   Structural analysis                               McCormac, Jack C.
1975   Proceedings of the 2nd world congress on waer resources :Water for Human needs
1975   Initiaton of sediment motion                      Gangadharaiah, T.
1975                                                     Librescu, Liviu
       Elastostatics and kinetics of anisotropy and heterogeneous shell-type structures
1975   Phototriangulation                                Ghohs, Sanjib K.
1975   Symposium proceedings: Machine processing of remotely sensed data, June 3-5, 1975
1975   Engineering foundation conference : pumped storageArmstrong, Ellis L.
1975   Formulas for stress and strain                    Roark, Raymond J.; Young, Warren C.
1975   Hydrologic frequency analysis
1975   Costruzioni in cemento armato                     Politechico di Milano
1975   fluid mechanics                                   Roberson, John A.; Crowe, Clayton T.
1975   Manual of remote sensing                          Reeves, Robert G.; Anson, Abraham; Landen, David
1975   Report: Guide for certification of nuclear concrete inspection and testing personnel
1975   Remote sensing energy - related studies           Veziroglu, T. Nejat
1975                                                     Haan, ad
       Proceedings national symposium on urban hydrologyC.T.sediment control July 28-31, 1975
1975   Wind resistant design regulations a world list of supplement 1982: Pt. 2 Wind forces
1975                                                     Flack, Ernest
       Proceedings of the conference on: interdisciplinary analysis of water resource systems
1975   Thin plate design for transverse loading          Aalami, B.; Williams, D.G.
1975   Fibre reinforced cement and concrete              Neville, Adam
1975                                                      interests on dams
       Responsibility and liability of public and privateEllam, Joseph J.
1975   Transportation productivity                       Scheppach, Raymond C.
1975   Structural design of nuclear plant facilities
1975   Wind environment around buildings                 Penwarden, A.D.; Wise, A.F.E.
1975                                                     Eaton, wind J.
       Proceedings of the fourth international conference on Deith effects on buildings and structures; Heathrow 1975
1975   Road traffic noise                                Lamure, C.
1975   Soil mechanics: Recent developments               Valliappan, S.; Hain, S.; Lee, I.K.
1975   Surveying                                         Moffitt, Francis H.; Bouchard, Harry
1975   Orthophoto workshop III

                                               Page 68

1975   Second Australia - New Zealand conference on Geomechanics: Brisbane 1975
1975                                                    Hoskings, rock mechanics
       Applications of rock mechanics: Fifteenth symposium on Earl R.
1975   Proceeedisngss of the conference : Off-Shore structures
1975                                                     traffic R.E.
       Computer program SIGCAP for assessing the Allsop,capacity of signal controlled road junctions description and ma
1975                                                    P
       Proceedings :River behaviour and flood control hukan, S.D.
1975   Surveying for field scientists                   Pugh, J.C.
1975   Sedimentation engineering                        Vanoni, Vito A.
1975   Reinforced concrete chimneys and towers          Pinfold, G.M.
1975   Calculation of road traffic noise
1975   A desegregate travel demand model                Richards, Martin G.
1975   Proceedings: Winter school on tunnel engineering: including underground construction
1975   The finite element method for engineers          Huebner, Kenneth T.
1975                                                    Mayes, Ronald L.
       State of the art in seismic shear strength of masonry an evaluation and review
1975                                                     mid 1970's
       Conference on : fluid flow measurement in theGorter, J.
1975   Finite element analysis fundamentals             Gallagher, Richard H.
1975   Handbook of highway engineering                  Baker, Robert F.
1975   Design of precast concrete                       Hartland, Robert A.
1975   Pipeline design for water and wastewater
1975   Biology of cells                                 Stern, Herbert; Nanney, David L.
1975   Seminar on present practice and future trends in the design and construction of dams
1975   Hydraulic models                                 Lvicsics, Lajos
1975   2nd Canadian hydrotechnical conference : Canada centre for inland waters
1975   Model specification for load bearing clay brickwork
1975                                                    Gupta, S.P. Das
       National atlas organisation monograph I, upper gangetic flood - plain: A regional survey
1975   Reinforced concrete structures                   Park, R.; Pailay, T.
1975                                                    Lyapichev, P.A.
       River runoff regulation and water -management calculations
1975                                                    Beard,
       Stochastic projections for water resources planning Leo R.
1975   Constitutive equations in plasticity             Argon, Ali S
1975                                                    Lane,
       Rowland moonstone developments in structural formAllen
1975   Highways in the river environment hydraulic and environmental design considerations
1975                                                    Perry, Edward B.
       Protection of slopes against rainfall erosion.Army eng. waterways experiment station Vicksburg, Mississippi Sep. 19
1975   National seminar on development and co-Ordination of transportation
1975   Design of normal concrete mixes                  Teychenne, D.C.
1975   Composite structures of steel and concrete Johnson, R.P.
1975   Symposium on close- range photogrammetric systems
1975   Gas adsorption method for true surface area of cement and related materials
1975   Finite elements in fluids:                       Gallagher, R.H.; Oden, J.t.
1975   Finite element method: a basic introduction Rockey, K.C.; Evans, H.R.
1975                                                    Pande, B.B.L.
       Similarity analyses of heated surface discharges into quiescent ambient
1975                                                    Naylor, D.J.
       Criteria and assumptions for : Numerical analysis of dams
1975   High alumina cement concrete                     Neville, Adam
1975   Proceedings 44th annual research session : Design construction and performance of irrigation and power structures
1975                                                    Wolverton, B.C.
       Water hyacinths for upganding sewage lagoons to meet advanced wastewaer treatment standards
1975   Ecology                                          Odum, Eugene P.
1975   Bridge deck analysis                             Cusens, A.R.
1975                                                    healey, John
       Design of steel structures to resist the effects of the explosions
1975   Transportation planning for a better environment Stringer, Peter; Wenzel, H.
1975   Tunnel cost model: Users' manual                 Reynoso, Saturnino suarez
1975   Lecture notes in physics                         Ehlers, J.; Hepp, Munchen K.
1975   Water supply and treatment based on: central public health and environmental engineering oragnisaton
1975   Optimization techniques IFIP technical conferenceMarchuk, G.I.
1975                                                    Valliappan, S.; Hain, S.; Lee, I.K.
       Analysis of soil behavior and its application to geotechnical structures: Proceedings

                                               Page 69

1975   Hydrology for engineers and planners             Hjelmfelt, A.T.; Cassidy, J.J.
1975                                                      74 code
       Controlled blasting calculations with the tensorHeusinkveld, M.; Bryan, J.
1975   Water supply and sewarage                        Steel, Steel
1975   Special report II: A Non -Linear programming model for evalrationg water supply policies in the texas coastal zone
1975                                                     soils
       Numerical analysis of embankments over soft Thoms, Robert L.
1975   Symposium on modeling techinques
1975   Limit analysis and soil plasticity               Chen, Wai-fah
1975   A report covering an international survey of current research and development on roads and road transport
1975                                                    Druet, nearshore zone
       The interaction of the sea and the atmosphere in theCz.; Hupter, P.; Kuznetsov, O.
1975   Hypothetical floods                              Beard, Leo R.
1975   Handbook of environmental civil engineering Zilly, Rebert G.
1975   Foundations on expansive soils                   Chen, Fu Hua
1975                                                    Peck, Ralph for
       2nd Nabor carrillo lecture : The selection of soil parametersB. the design of foundations
1975                                                    Alba, Pedro De.; Chan, Clarence
       Determination of soil liquefaction characteristics by large-scale laboratory tests K.
1975   Advanced urban transport                         Black, Lan
1975   Water surface profiles                           Thomas, W.A.
1975                                                    Grundy, P.
       Fifth Australian conference on the mechanics of structures and materials
1975                                                    Seed, H. Bolton; Mulilis, J. Paul
       Effects of method of sample preparation on the cyclic stress-strain behavior of sands
1975   Reservoir yield
1975   Photogrammetric surveys of monuments and sites   Badekas, John
1975   Irrigation and Drainatge in on age of competition for resources
1975                                                    Ayers, Chesley
       Specifications: for architecture ,engineering and construction
1975   Aerodynamics                                     Clancy, L.J.
1975   Deslizamictos en la autopista Tijuana -Ensenada : Failures at the Tijuana -ensenada highway
1975                                                    Cea, in the
       Optimization techniques: Modeling and optimization Jean service of man Pt. 1 & 2
1975   Heat and moisture conduction in unsaturated soilsHavens, J.A.; Babcock, R.E.
1975   A survey of propulsion systems for high capacity personal rapid transit
1975                                                    Charlesworth, road
       Relations between travel -time and traffic flow for the links of J.A. networks controlled by fixed time signals
1975                                                    Seed, H. Bolton; Arango, Ignacio
       Evaluation of soil liquefaction potential during earthquakes
1975   Canadian manual on foundation engineering
1975   Proceedings of the 4th southeast Asian conference on soil engineering
1975                                                      2
       Urban storm runoff inlet hydrograph study: vol.Chen, Cheng-lung
1975   Proceeding of the 5th international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1975   Proceedings of the conference on in situ measurement of soil properties
1975   Proceedings: Applications of statistics and probability in soil and structural engineering
1975   Seminar on developments in traffic and transportation engineering
1975   Mass transit system : Planning & design          Khanna, Dr. S.K.
1975   Proceedings of the European symposium on penetration testing ESOPT Stockholm, June 5-7, 1974: Vol. 2.2 Paper
1975                                                    Nagarkar, P.K.
       Compilation of information on marine clays in India
1975   Foundation engineering handbook                  Winterkorn, Hans F.; Fang, Hsai-Yang
1975   Buckling of bars, plates, and shells             Brush, Don O.; Almroth, Bo O.
1975   Symposium on repeated loading of soils with particular reference to road pavements
1975   Multispectral photography for earth resources Wenderoth, Sondra; Yost, Edward
1975   Rail engineering -The way ahead
1975   The climate near the ground                      Geiger, Rudolf
1975   Highways engineering                             Oglesby, Clarkson H.
1975   Pavements and surfacing for highways and airportsSargious, Michel
1975   ICID Silver jubilee commemorative volume
1975   Seminar proceedings : Lateral soil pressures generated by pipes piles tunnels caissons
1975   Finite element method for engineers              Huebner, Kenneth H.
1975                                                    Bakshi, I.J.S.; Puri, N.
       Project management through operational research with specific reference to housing construction
1975                                                    Mathur,
       Short term course on environmental pollution control R.P.; Khanna, P.

                                               Page 70

1975                                                    Goose, G.; Hartmanis, J.
       Lecture notes in computer science: mathematical foundations of computer science
1975                                                    Mehra,
       The probabilistic acyclic directed nte work systems Shama; Puri, N.
1975                                                    Malhotra, Suresh in batchreactor
       Kietics and adsorption mechanism for phenol removal on flyash kumar; Khanna, P.
1975   Lecture notes in computer science                Goose, G.
1975   Optimal selection of flooring system             Singh, Pratibha; Singh, K.k.
1975                                                    in cohesionless soil
       A study of rupture surface under impact loads Singh, Omvir; Nandakumaran, P.
1975   Planning and design of airports                  Horonjeff, Robert
1975   Research and development statistics
1975                                                    Taylor,
       Revision notes for construction technology students H.
1975   Centralization decentralization of computer facilities
1975   Fortran programming                              Krietzberg, Charles B.; Shneiderman, Ben
1975   Analysis of water requirement to control fire Khandual, H.; Toshniwal, C.l.
1975                                                      water and wastes
       2nd international congress on :Industrial wasteJenkins, S.H.
1975   Water quality parameters
1975                                                    Gogia,
       Modified one pipe system of srainage in tall buildings Sharwan kumar; Khanna, P.
1975                                                    Sharma, M.L.; Mathur, R.P.
       Nutrients removal in oxidation ditch and its effluent
1975   Chromatographic analysis of the environment Grob, Robert L.
1975   Analysis of queueing systems                     White, J.A.; Schmidt, J.W.; Bennett, G.K.
1975                                                    Jolley, Robert
       Water chlorination :enivronmental impact and health effects L.
1975                                                     aerial photographs
       Hydrological investigations of tons basin using Jain, Suresh chand; Sharma, K.P.
1975                                                    Richardson, the social sciences
       Problem solving using pl/: an introduction for business and Gary L.; Birkin, Stanley J.
1975                                                     design vol. 1
       Probibilty concept in engineering planning and Ang, Alfredo H.S.; Tang, Wilson H.
1975                                                    Khandual, H.; head K.K.
       Methods of analysis and design of axisymmetric R.C.C. over Singh,tanks
1975                                                    Goos, G.;
       Lecture notes in computer science: interval mathematicsHartmanis, J.
1975                                                    Singh, Thakur Prasad; Kaushik, S.k.
       Structural properties of fibre reinforced concrete
1975   Experimental study of stable channel shapes Dhandapani, K.R.; Rangaraju, K.G.
1975   Proceedings of the workshop on :Design -Operation at large wastewater treatmenat plants
1975                                                    Miri, Utpal;
       Photo -analysis for water resources development projects Sharma, S.k.
1975                                                    Dwivedi, O.N.; Patwardhan, S.V.
       Study of hydraulics and ferfomance of multinlet and multi outlet filter
1975                                                    multi inlet and outlet filter
       Performance study of multi bottom settler and Kelkar, M.N.; Patwardhan, S.V.
1975                                                    Kerr, in reinforced concrete: a mathematical model
       Creep, cracking, shrinkage and temperature effects Peter Alexander
1975   Draft status report on :Housing and construction technology
1975                                                    Kalkani, E.
       The rock slope stability problem and the application of two-dimensional finite element....
1975   Draft status report on urbanisation and human habitat
1975   Unsteady flow in open channels                   Mahmood, K.; Yevjevich, V.
1975                                                    Singh, Prem kumar; Trikha, D.N.
       Approximate analysis for distrotion in R.C. curved box girder bridges
1975   Corrosion of building materials                  Konofel, Dietbert; Diamant, R.M.E.
1975                                                    Lagasse, dredging operations
       interaction river hydraulics and morphology with riverine P. F.
1975                                                    Pavoni, Joseph L.
       Handbook of soild waste: disposal materials and energy recovery
1975   The acyclic directed non stochastic network Vishwanath, G.; Puri, N.
1975                                                    Wang,
       An experimental Study of unsteady torbulent flows Phone-Nan
1975   Optimal irrigation decisions with lymited water Gregory, Blank Herbert
1975                                                    Soni, load
       Aggradation of streams due to increase in sediment Jagdish Prasad
1975                                                    Nan-Chuan, Chen Spencer
       Field laboratory investigations of subgrade moisture variations below flexible pavements
1975   Environmental design for public projects         Hendricks, David W.; Vlachos, Evan C.
1975                                                    Srimechai,
       A review of modern surveying and mapping techniques Prayut; Sharma, K.P.
1975                                                    Black, :A Gineral model
       Optimizing the design of urban mass transit systems Alan
1975                                                    rectangular prisms placed in a trubuylent boundary layer
       Pressure distrubution around two dimensional Agarwal, Ram avtar; Ranga raju, K.G.
1975                                                    Agrawal, S.
       Analysis of cement concrete overlays for pavement slabs M.
1975   Velocity distribution over rough surfaces        Porey, Prakash; Ranga raju, K.G.
1975                                                     using sector model
       Study of flow through strainer and gravel pack Jain, P.K.; Chandra, Satish
1975   Polluton engineering practice handbook           Cheremisionoff, Paul N.

                                                Page 71

1975                                                    Sahu, S.; Agarwal, K.N.
       Investigation on building envelope for thermal comfort indoors
1975   Flow over side weir                              Gupta, S.K.; Rangaraju, K.G.
1975   The statistical analysis of spatial pattern      Bartlett, M.S.
1975                                                    Bishop, M.M.; Feinberg, Stephen E.; Holland, Paul W.
       Discretemultivariate analysis: theory and practice
1975   Design and construction of steel chimney liners
1975   Rivision notes on building services              Davison, N.; Taylor, H.
1975   Revision notes on building economics             Saunt, T.J.
1975                                                    Smolira, M.
       Analysis of tall buildings by the force-displacement method
1975   Soil investigations for 2800mm R.C.C. conduitPrakash, Shamsher; Rao, A.S.R.
1975                                                    Efrossini C., Kalkani
       The rock slope stability problem and the application of two-dimensional finite element analysis to rock slope stability
1975                                                    Goel,
       Estimation of elastic modulus for jointed rock mass Pushpendra kumar; Singh, Bhawani
1975   Minium cost design of grid floors                Goel, P.L.; Agarwal, S.k,
1975   Settlement of structures
1975                                                    Mantell, C.
       Solid wastes :origin, collection , processing, and disposal L.
1975                                                    Hutchinson, B.D.; Barton, J.; Ellis, N.
       Maintenance and repair of buildings and their internal environment
1975   Fundamental tools to be used in environmental problems
1975   Proceedings comptes-rendus:fundamental tool to be used in environmental problems
1975                                                    Bhargava, Rakesh; Khanna, S.K.
       Experimental verification of finite element solution for pavement slabs
1975   System approach to pavement design               Jog, S.P.; Khanna, S.K.
1975                                                    Han, Humphrey various
       Deformation characteristics of layered pavement systems with Chishao stabilized base courses
1975                                                    Gopalacharya, K.
       Separation and reattachment of a two-dimensional incomoressible turbulent
1975   Apparant places of fundamental stars 1977: containing the 1535 stars in the fourth fundamental catalogue
1975   Regulation of sewer use
1975   Waste disposal problems from a canning industry  Malhotra, Suresh kumar; Patwardhan, S.V.
1975                                                    Sharma, M.L.; Mathur, R.P.
       Nutruents removal in oxidation ditch and its effluent
1975                                                    industry
       Reclamation of waste water for rerse in testile Patankar, S.N.; Khanna, P.
1975   Treatment and disposal of wastewater sludgesVesilind, Aarne P.
1975   Gectechnical investisation of twin city of bombayNigam, D.P.; Ranjan, Gopal
1975                                                     clay
       Behaviour of single piles under inclined load inDubey, V.B.; Ranjan, Gopal
1975                                                    Prakash, Shamsher; Ranjan, Gopal
       Proposals for geotechnical investigations of pagli cement project pagli bhutan
1975                                                    Prakash, Chaitanya; Saran, Swami
       Behaviour of eccentrically loaded foottings in clay
1975   Solid waste management technology assessment
1975   Community wastewater collection and desposal     Ponghis, George; Okun, Daniel A.
1975   Deep excavation in calcutta region               Soneja, M.R.; Ramaswamy, G.
1976                                                    Goos, G.;
       Lecture notes in computer science:ecl conference 1976 Samelson, K.
1976                                                    Mohan, D.M.; Jain, A.K.
       Modified hazen-williams formula for flow of water in commercial pipes
1976                                                    Sharma, Suresh; Rangaraju, K.G.
       Effcet of induced rotation on discharge characteristics of broad-crested weirs
1976   Handbook of waer resources and pollution control Gehm, Harry W.
1976   Optimization of wastewater collection system Joneja, G.S.; Khanna, P.
1976                                                    Ram, Chahey;
       Evaluation and strengthening of existing flexible pavements Gupta, S.K.
1976                                                    Quadri, E.A.; Khanna, S.K.
       Study of application of transfer function to beams of bituminous mixtures
1976                                                    Khan, mix
       Splitting theory of failure mechanism in sheet asphaltSalahuddin; Mehandiratta, H.C.
1976                                                    Goos, G.; Donahue, E.
       Lecture notes in computer science:complementary definitions of programming language semantics
1976                                                    Perkins,
       Concrete structures:repair,waterproofing and protectionPhilip H.
1976   Effect of self siphonate in wash hand basins Dikshit, S.R.; Khanna, P.
1976   Do -it yourself water closet flushing cistern    Chandra, Suresh; Toshniwal, C.L.
1976   Seminar on nagigation development                Kumar, Saket; Srivastava, D.K.
1976                                                    Taneja, R.S.; Gupta,
       A probablisistic model for determination of transportation demand A.K.
1976                                                    Kumar, Pardeep; Khanna, P.
       Limiting capacity of drainage stack under varying conditions of vent -connection
1976                                                    Khan, mix
       Splitting theory of failure mechanism in sheet asphaltSalahusddin; Mehndiratta, H.C.
1976                                                    Chakrabarti, Syamal chadra; Nayak,
       Effect of sequence of construction in the analysis of multistoreyed framed building G.C.
1976                                                    Goos, G.; Smith, B.T.
       Lecture notes in computer science:matrix eigensystem routines-eispack guide

                                                 Page 72

1976                                                     Bandrjee, B.N.; Khenna, S,K.
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                                               Page 73

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                                                Page 74

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1976                                                     Its increasing P.; in Asia
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                                                 Page 75

1976   Rapid estimation of dolomite mineral in limestone's by infrared spectroscopy
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1976                                                     hall of U.P. state spinning mill at partpur meerut
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1976                                                    Theodore,
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1976   Point load strength index of rocks               Choudhari, P.D.; Singh, Bhawani
1976                                                    Verma, Narendra;
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1976   Selected methods of measuring air pollutants
1976   Traffic generation by the multistoreyed building Kamaruzzaman, M.D.; Gupta, S.k.
1976                                                    Powell, Graham H.
       Analysis and design of tube type tall buildings structures
1976   Symposium on inland waterways for navigaion flood control and watern diversions
1976   A study of cod reduction profile in uasb reactorPatidar, Shailendra kumar; Mehrotra, Indu
1976                                                    Dogra,
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1976   Study of hydraulics of oxidation channel         Ananda, Rao; Patwardhan, S.V.
1976   Systems approach to water management             Biswas, Asit K.
1976   Numerical methods of contour interpolation Punhabi, N.L.; Badjatta, R.C.

                                              Page 76

1976   Soil structure interaction around buried conduits Gupta, Rajendra
1976                                                     Wason, dynamic lateral
       Analysis of frame -shearwall buildings under static and J.C.; Arya, A.S. loads
1976   Air pollution and human environment               Verma, Manju; Mathur, R.P.
1976                                                      poles
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1976   Evaluation of departmental design criteria        Saxena, Satya Prakash; Gupta, S.K.
1976   Limit state design of R.C slabs                   Singhal, N.C.; Jain, S.C.
1976   Water transmission systems design :an evaluation  Agarwal, Vinod; Khanna, P.
1976                                                     Bhatia, Bhushan; Ranga raju, K.G,
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1976                                                     Coupe, B.E.M.G.; Paelinck, J.
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1976   Design of buildings for natural ventilation       Mittal, B.D.; Chandra, Rakesh
1976   Prediction of footing settlement in silt          Soneja, M.R.; Jain, O.P
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1976   Air pollution control theory                      Crawford, Martin
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       Lecture notes in computer science: compiler construction
1976                                                      of raw sewage
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1976                                                     Patankar, Suresh narayan; Khanna, P.
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1976   Sanitary landfill
1976                                                      -structure interaction problems
       Curved bar element and its applications to soilKachroo, Ashoke; Nayak, G.C.
1976   World resources engineering solutions             Harris, W.
1976   Air pollution : its origin and control            Wark, Kenneth; Warner, Cecil
1976                                                      cap
       Analysis and design of a double cantilever pierGupta, Virendra kumar; Krishna, Prem
1976                                                     Alan, in underground
       A field investigation of the performance of shotcreteJones Ronald
1976   Guideline for the preparation of a waste disposal plan
1976                                                     Courtney, Roger G.
       Proceedings of the symposium of the international council for building research studees :Energy conservation in the
1976   Fixed biological surfaces-wastewater treatment    Antonie, R.L.
1976   Surveillance of drinking -Water quality

                                               Page 77

1976   Urban modelling                                  Batty, Mecheal
1976   Standards in building                            Nagarajan, R.
1976   Waste disposal surveys
1976   Nonlinear vibration of cable trusses             Mote, Sharad Hari
1976                                                    Smith,
       Estimating for building and civil engineering works Chrystal G.
1976   Construction materials                           Patton, W.J.
1976   Chlorianation of wastewater manual of Priactice No.4
1976   Studies on solid media floccurator               Rao, S. Ananda; Patwardhan, S.V.
1976   Stochastic modelling of first oreder bod exertionKumar, Pradeep; Puri, Narinder
1976                                                    John, Ukkan Lazar
       Development and evaluation of flocculating algal-bacterial system for wastewater treatment
1976                                                    Watters, Gary Zanford
       A theory for two-diminsional flow in open channels with varying bottom configurations
1976                                                    Patankar, for reuse in industries
       Adsorption in tertiary treatment of municipal waste water Suresh narayan; Khanna, P.
1976   Reclamation ,Treatment and disposal of wastes
1976                                                     linear programming
       Optimum elastic design of steel frames by nonShrivastava, Upendra kumar; Agarwal, S.K.
1976   Locatinal behavior in manufacturing industries Latham, W.R.
1976                                                    Weston, Parker Harvey
       Field-oriented investigation of conventional and experimental shotcrete for tunnels
1976   Common defects in buildings                      Eldridge, H.J.
1976                                                    Brisou, J.
       An environmental sanitation plan for the mediterranean seaboard
1976                                                    planning
       On the use of input output models for regional Schaffer, W.A.; Laurent, E.A.; Floyd, C.F.
1976                                                    Rao, lateral loads in saturated
       A study on time dependent defluction of piles under Govind; Ranjan, Gopal clays
1976   Units of experssion for wastewater treatment
1976   Sewage treatment in hot climates                 Mara, Duncan
1977                                                    Kumar, Ashok kumar; Puri, N.
       The seatter in strength of concrete and mild steel its probasbilistic modelling
1977   Earthquake resistant design for civil engineering structures, earth structures and foundations in Japan
1977                                                    Jain,
       Time dependent responses of soil -cement mixes Sunil kumar; Khanna, S.K.
1977                                                    Trivedi, Rajesh kumar; Agarwal, G.K.
       Assemssment of traffic safety on roorkee-bhadrabad road
1977                                                    Grade, R.J.
       Mechanics of sediment transportation and alluvial stream problems
1977                                                    Goyal, T.K.;
       Optimal cost function of an intercity bus transport system Khanna, S.K.
1977                                                     algorithmic language
       Lecture notes in computer science:methods ofGoos, G.; Ershov, A. implementation
1977                                                    Sharma, Sukesh kumar; Khanna, P.
       Formulation of analytical models for vented and unvented drainage systems
1977   Urban transportation planning models             Banerjee, Anjan; Khanna, S.K.
1977   Proceedings of the sixth world conference on earthquake engineering
1977   Computer programming and numerical methods       Saran, Swami
1977                                                    Goos, G.; Gruska, J.
       Lecture notes in computer science :mathematical foundations of computer science 1977
1977                                                    Kher, Lov kumar; Khanna, P.
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1977                                                    Goos, G.; and programming
       Lecture notes in computer science:automata, languages Salomaa, Arto
1977                                                    Kumar, coefficient in open
       Effect of induced circulation on longitudinal dispersion Sushil; Pande,
1977                                                    Scheele, Siv
       Mathematical programming alogrithmic for optimal bus frequency
1977                                                    Ansari, Javed ahmad; Kumar, Virendra
       Analysis of lateral confinement effects in multilayered pavement system
1977                                                    Goel,
       The strength characteristics of epoxy resin mortars Asha; Kaushil, S.K.
1977                                                    Singh, M.P.; in mixed traffic floew
       Relationship of speed distribution to the flow characteristicsGupta, A.K.
1977   A modified hazen-willams formula                 Mohan, D.M.; Khanna, P.
1977   Influence surfaces for cable stayed bridges Kumar, Ram; Nayak, G.C.
1977   Beam- column effect in cable stayed bridges Sondh, B.S.; Krishna, Prem
1977   Influence lines for cable stayed bridges         Sawhney, P.S.; Krishna, Prem
1977   Cavitation in outlet valves                      Prasad, V.S.; Rangaraju, K.G.
1977   Design guide for strapping and tying of load-bearingbrickwouk in low- rise construction
1977   Asphalt's and road materials :modern technology  Parson, John E.
1977   The design and performance of road pavements     Croney, David
1977                                                    Tong, Pin; Rossettos, John N.
       Finite element method: basic technique and implementation
1977                                                    Hjorth, Peder
       Proceedings 2nd internatinal ihar symposium on stochastic hydraulics lund institute of technology of lund sweden : h
1977   Cable -stayed bridges : Theory and design        Troitsky, M.S.

                                               Page 78

1977                                                     Chalupnik, James D.
       A symposium on acceptability criteria : transportation noises
1977                                                     Murchison, D.E.
       Surveying and photogrammetry; computation for civil engineers
1977   6th Australian hydraulics and fluid mechanics conference
1977                                                     Khana, R.L.
       Research scheme on power Manual on transmission line towers
1977   Drilling technology handbook                      Chugh, C.P.
1977   4th annual symposium of the waterway port coastal and wcean dividion of ASCE : Ports 77
1977   Ground -water hydrology and hydraulics            McWhorter, David B.; Sunada, Daniel K.
1977                                                     Sih,
       Mechanics of fracture plates and shells with creaksG.C.
1977                                                     Jain, Ashok K.
       Static and dynamic hysteresis behavior of steel tubular members with welded gusset plates
1977   Transient ground water hydraulics                 Glover, Robert E.
1977   River channel changes                             Gregory, K.J
1977   The fluvial system                                Schumm, Stanley A.
1977                                                     Crichlow,
       Morden reservoir engineering : a simulation approach Henry B.
1977   Steel design for structural engineers             Willems, Nicholas
1977   Elementary surveying                              Brinker, Russell C.; Wolf, Paul R.
1977   Mathematical modeling of hydrologic series Svanidze, G.G.
1977   Mathematical models for surface water hydrology   Ciriani, Tito A.
1977                                                     Biswas, Asit K.
       Proceedings of the united nations water conference : Water development and management
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1977   Burnanablity of cement raw mixes : A bibliography 1953-1977
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1977   Applied geomorphology                             Hails, John R.
1977   Basic construction materials                      Herubin, Charles A.; Marotta, Theodore W.
1977                                                     Black, John
       Public inconvenience access and travel in seven sydney suburbs
1977                                                     Salencon,
       Applications of the theory of plasticity in soil mechanics J.
1977   Asphalt cold mix manual
1977   Earthquake resistant design                       Dowrick, David J.
1977   Turbulent flow: QIP                               Garde, R.J.
1977   Steel plated structures an international symposiumDowling, P.J.; Harding, J.E.; .
1977                                                     Williams,
       Effcets of dam removal : An approach to sedimentation David T.
1977                                                     Stea, William
       Nonlinear analysis of frame structures subjected to blast overpressures
1977   Design of arch dams
1977   Slab design in accordance with ACI 318-77: Supplement to : Design handbook in accordance with the strength desi
1977   Essentials of soil mechanics and foundations McCarthy, David F.
1977   International symposium on soil structure interaction: Vol. II
1977                                                     Sawragi, Y.; Akashi, H.
       Proceedings of the : environmental systems plannning design and control
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1977   Pile design and construction practice             Tomlinson, M.J.
1977                                                     Garde, R.J.
       Mechanics of sediment transportation and alluvial stream problems
1977   Hydrologic engineering methods or water resources development
1977   Costruzioni in cemento armato                     Politechico di Milano
1977   The economics of urban transport                  Button, K.J.
1977   Compendium of technical papers

                                              Page 79

1977   Design of steel structures                      Ajumani, J.L., Au.
1977                                                   fracture mechanics and
       Proceedings of an international conference on Sih, G.C.; Chow, C.L. technology
1977   4th National systems conference
1977                                                   Picken, R.N.
       Investigation of a proposed test for the bending moment resistance of clay pipes
1977   Symposium proceedings: Machine processing of remotely sensed data June 21-23, 1977
1977   Proceedings : Air transportation division specialty conference
1977   Finite elements in geomechanics                 Gudehus, G.
1977   Scour and deposition in rivers and reservoirs
1977   Flow- induced vibration                         Blivins, Robert D.
1977   Dam safety code of practice
1977   Behavior and design of steel structures         Trahair, N.S.
1977   Structure of turbulence and drag reduction      Frenkiel, Francois N.
1977   Ninth International Conference: Tokyo 1977; Revue francaise de geotechnique
1977   2nd IISc - National seminar on geotechnical engineering
1977   Study of fissured clay                          Nagarkar, P.K.
1977                                                   Corey,
       Mechanics of heterogeneous fluids in porous media Arthur T.
1977   Short course in foundation engineering          Simons, N.E.; Menzies, B.K.
1977   Heavy construction: Equipment and methods Wood, Stuart
1977   Proceedings of the eleventh international symposium on remote sensing of environment
1977   Proceedings of the ninth international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering, Tokyo: Vol. 1 & 2
1977   Hierachical analyses of water resources systems Chow, Ven Te
1977   Influence of calcium chloride admixture on reinforcement corrosion in concertos
1977                                                   Gangadharaiah, T.
       Short term course on sediment problems in water resources engineering
1977   Engineering fluid mechanics                     Garde, R.J.; Mirajgaoker, A.G.
1977                                                   Vermeer, E.B.
       Water conservancy and irrigation in china : social ,economic and agro technical aspects
1977   The elements of structure                       Buckle, Lan G.
1977                                                    on stochastic hydraulics lund institute of technology : stochastic proc
       Preceedings 2nd international iahr symposiumGottschalk, Lars
1977   Relationship between design and construction in soil engineering
1977   Fleuves et rivietes non amenages                Larras, Par J.
1977   Numerical methods in fluid dynamics             Holt, Maurice
1977   Drilling of oil and gas wells                   Serda, N.C.; Solovgov, E.M.
1977   Gradually varied unsteady flow profiles
1977   Structural and geotechnical mechanics           Hall, W.J.
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1977   Piles in weak rock
1977   5th symposium of the waterway : Coastal sedements 77
1977   International conference on the use of fabrics in geotechnics: Vol. 2
1977   Proceedings ofa the conference on: Design and construction of offshore structures
1977   Transport and the environment                   Hothersall, David C.
1977   Surveying                                       Bannister, A.; Raymond, S.
1977                                                   Mittal, Ram K.
       Proceedings of the 4th national conference: Effects of energy constraints on transportation systems
1977                                                   mining
       Monograph on rock mechanics applications in Brown, W.S.; Green, S.J.; Hustrulid, W.A.
1977   Deformation of concrete structures              Branson, Dan E.
1977   Design guide for reinforced and prestressed clay brickwork
1977   Method of measurement for road and bridge works
1977   Principles of water quality control             Tebbutt, T.H.Y.
1977   Advances in civil engineering through engineering mechanics
1977   Composite construction methods                  Cook, John P.
1977   Framwork construction and practice              Richardson, John G.
1977   The finite element method                       Zienkiewicz, O.C.
1977   Basic concepts of structural analysis           Hall, A.; Kabaila, A.P.
1977                                                    pollution control
       Construction of linings for reservoirs tanks andKays, William B. facilities

                                                 Page 80

1977   Resource sensing from space: prospects for developing countries
1977   Driving horizontal workings and tunnels           Pokrovsky, N.M.
1977                                                     Idorn,
       Concrete progress from antiquity to third millennium Gunnar M.
1977   Handbook of solid waste management                Gordwon wilson, David
1977   Ethics professionalism and maintaining competence
1977   Reliability in engineering design                 Kapur, K.C.; Lamberson, L.R.
1977                                                     Morresi, Angelo
       Environmental assessment and impact statement handbook C.
1977   Introduction to the mechanics of viscous fluidsLu, Pau-Chang
1977                                                     Nanda, Ved P.
       Water needs for the future : political ,economic ,legal and technological issued in a national and international framew
1977                                                     Dunn,
       Basic statistics: A primer for the biomedical sciences Olive Jean
1977                                                     Haseltine, B.A.
       Simplified guide to the design of laterally loaded walls
1977   National seminar on resources engineering and technology
1977                                                     Visser, Evert J.
       proceedings of the 3rd world conference on transport research : Transport decisions in an age of uncertainty
1977   World motor vehicle data
1977   Sediment transport technology                     Simons, Daryl B.
1977   Foundations and soil technology: Practical studies from the building research establishment: Vol. 3
1977   Photoelastic coatings                             Zandman, Felix; Redner, Salomon
1977   Optimum use of water resources                    De ridder, N.A.
1977   Underground stress engineering:                   Colgate, Stirling A.
1977   Highways bridges in west bangal
1977                                                     Chang, E.
       Review of literature in the formation and modeling of vortices in rectangular pump sumps
1977   Mechanics of sediment transport                   Yalin, M.S.
1977   Proceedings of the American society of photogrammetry charting a better tomorrow"
1977                                                     Worthington, E.Barton
       Arid land irrigation in developing countries : environmental problems and effects
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1977                                                     Burnside, C.D.
       Electromagnetic distance measurement; Aspects of modern land surveying
1977   Solid- Liquid flow slurry pipeline transportation Wasp, Edward J.
1977   Multi objective water resource planning           Major, David C.
1977   The hydraulic design of pump sumps and intakes    Prosser, M.J.
1977   Climate and building in britain                   Lacy, R.E.
1977                                                     Changyoo, Werawat; Patwardhan, S.V.
       Performance of solid media floccurator with bituminous coal
1977   Rock slope engineering                            Hoek, Evert; Bray, John
1977                                                     Berger, Seymour;
       Estimating and project management for small construction firms Godel, Jules B.
1977                                                     ., .
       Tire rolling losses and fuel ceonomy-an R&D planning workshop
1977   Pridiction analysis of cross classifications      Hildebrand, David K.; Laing, James D.; rosenthal, Howard
1977   Water pollution technology                        Black, John A.
1977                                                     Kumar,
       An optimization model for domestic air traffic network Anil; Khanna, S.K.
1977   The analysis of survey data: model fitting        O'Muircheartaigh, Colm A.
1977                                                     Suffet,
       Fate of pollutants in the air and water environmets I.H.
1977   Production system and hierarchies of centres Gunnarsson, Jan
1977                                                     Bhardwaj, Niranjan lal; under concentrated loads
       Ultimate strength investgations on flyash concrete continuous beams Kaushik, S.k.
1977                                                     Vaishya, Uma shanker; Saran, slabs
       Bearing capacity and settlement characteristics of footings on reinforced earthSwami
1977                                                     Jha, Janardan; Sinha, S.K.
       Building construction for degree,diploma and a.m.i.e.
1977                                                     Kotak, Tulsidas lokumal; Patwardhan, S.V.
       Water treatment plant wastes management with special reference to bhandup water treatment plant
1977                                                     Verschueren, Karel
       Handbook of environmeantal data on organic chemicals
1977   Economics of very large span roofs                Das, Banbir; Krishna, Prem
1977   Complete guide to demolition                      Pledger, David M.
1977                                                     Jain, S.C.; Trikha, D.N.
       Feasibility study of grouted brick masonry in multi storey buildings
1977   Modern trends in housing
1977   Animal wastes                                     Taiganides, E.Paul
1977                                                     Frank, M.D. Itri
       Proceedings of the intetrnational conference on:waste water renovation and reuse
1977   CIB seminar on :Building research and its application in developing countries

                                                Page 81

1977   Vortex formation at vertical pipe intakes          Jain, A. K.
1977                                                      Jain,
       Structural saferty of prestressed concrete beams D.K.; Puri, Narinder
1977   Minimal konstruktionen                             Bubner, Ewald; Baier, Bernd
1977                                                      Tchobanoglous,
       Soild wastes :Engineering principles and management issues George
1977   Foundation design                                  Teng, Wayne C.
1977   Proceedings comptes-Rendus :Dix septieme congres de L' association internaticnale de recherches hydraulicques
1977                                                      Kumar, Ashok; Sharma, K.P.
       Photo -hydrological investigations of ramganga river basin
1977   Practical studies from the building research establishment :Building failure
1977   Seminar on buliding research and its application in developing countries
1977   Study of conical shell foundations                 Jain, V. K.
1977   Technical papers on :Water pollution control methods & design
1977   Structural effects of creep in beams and frames    Kumar, Vinay; Kanchi, M.B.
1977                                                      Satyanarayana, frames
       An iterative procedure for elasto-plastic analysis of beams and K.S.; Kaushik, S.K.
1977                                                      Srivastava, Padmakar;
       Design fabrication and performance of a resonant -column apparatus Prakash, Shamsher
1977   Probability and statisties for engineers           Miller, Irwin; Freund, John E.
1977                                                      Tyagi, Dinesh
       Special problem on vared flow in horizobtal circular channel mohan; Swamee, P.K.
1977                                                       footings from constitutive laws
       Pressure settlement characteristics of surface Sharan, Uma Nath
1977   Transport of wooden chips through pipe             Kumar, Ashok; Rangaraju, K,G.
1977                                                      Prakash, Shamsher; Nair, N.G.K.
       Final report on geotchnical investigations for cement factory at yerroguntla
1977   Buildings defcets and maintenance
1977                                                      Bhardwaj, Niranjan lal; Kasushik, S.K.
       Ultimate strength investingations on fluyash concrete contrinuous beams under concentrated loads
1977                                                       computer science 3rd GI
       Lecture notes in computer science: theoreticalGoos, G.; Hartmanis, J. conference
1977                                                      Goos, G.; Hartmanis, J.
       Calculas and computer science theory: a concurrent compiler for minicomputers
1977   Seepage, drainage, and flow nets                   Cedergren, Harry R.
1977   Construction research international                Alsop, Keith
1977   Farm wastes management                             Weller, John B.; Willetts, Stephen L.
1977   Application of computer in architecture            Bhatnagar, Nirmal kumar; Agarwal, S.k.
1977                                                      Goos, G.; Harrtmanis, J.
       Lecture notes in computer science: fundamentals of computation theory
1977   Seismic analysis of hyperbolic cooling towers Kumar, Harismita; Arya, A.S.
1977                                                      Gokhale, pool water quality
       Role of filtration and disinfection in controlling swimmingMadhukar keshav; Patwardhan, S.V.
1977                                                      Kapla, girder bridges
       Distortional effects in long span double cantilever boxMitter sain; Trikha, D.N.
1977   Cartographic suitability of satellite imagery      Bagchi, A.K.; Badjatia, R.C.
1977   Metropolitan development and change                Joyce, Frank
1977                                                      Thukral, Jagdish chandra; Ramasamy, G.R.
       Effect of partially choked pressure release system on exit gradient and uplift pressures
1977   Effect of direction of flow on filtration          Parmar, B.S.; Patwardhan, S.V.
1977   Liquefaction of sands during earthquakes           Gupta, Mani Kant
1977   Recycling resoruces refuse                         Porteous, A.
1977                                                      Kotdawala, R.R.; Kaushik, S.K.
       Limit analysis of two span reinforced flyash concrete beams
1977   Proceedings of the international conference on computer application in developing countries
1977   Arching in soils                                   Vir, Dharam; Saran, Swami
1977   Symposium papers clean fules from biomass and wastes
1977   The sampling and initial preparation of sewage and water sorks sludges soils sediments and plant matericals prior t
1977                                                      Mukherjee, under static
       Investigation of the behaviour of curved box girder bridgesDinabandhu and dynamic loading
1977                                                      Przetak,
       Standard details for fire-resistive building construction Louis
1977   Environmental impact assessment                    Canter, Larry W.
1977                                                      Pitts,
       Advances in enveronmental science and technologyJames N.; Metcalef, Robert L.; LLoyd, Alan C.
1977   The times of india directory and yearbook          Lal, Sham
1977   Cost planning of buildings                         Ferry, Douglas J.
1977   Methods of air sampling and analysis               Katz, Morris
1977   Waste treatment in agriculture                     Hobson, P.N.; Robertson, A.M.
1977                                                        sedimentation basins
       Optimum hydraulic design of dredged materialGallagher, Brian Joseph
1977   Air monitoring survey design                       Noll, Kenneth E.; Miller, Terry L.

                                               Page 82

1977                                                     Tchobanogous,
       Solid wastes: engineering principles and management issues George; Theisen, Hilary; Eliassen, Rolf
1977   Building construction :Essential information from the building research establishment
1977   Optimal design of high rate filters               Narayan, Sanjay; Swamme, P.K.
1977   Proceedings of the first international conference on mathematical modelling
1977   Colon classification                              Ranganathan, S.R.
1977                                                     Mitchell,
       Finite element method in partial differential equations A.R.; Wait, R.
1977                                                     Nigam, Devi Prasad; Nandkumaran, P.
       Sinking of circular shafts in liquefied soil masses
1977   Models of cities and regions                      Wilson, A.G.; Rees, P.H.; Leigh, C.M.
1977                                                     Alsop, Keith
       Proceedings of the 7th congress:construction research international
1977                                                     Murthy, Hari; Tyrikha, D.E.
       System optimization of reinforced concrete bulding frames at ultimate load
1977   Proceedings of the conference on :The civil engineers role in productivity in the construction industry
1977   Some aspects of flow in stable alluvial channels  Kondap, D. M.
1977                                                     Haberman, Richard
       Mathematical models: mechanical vibrations populations dynamics and traffic flow
1977                                                     Gupta, of M.B. settler
       Effect of different design parameters on performance Amrit Sain; Patwardhan, S.V.
1977                                                     Singh, Jitendra Pal;
       Studies of limiting factors in animal waste fed stabilisation ponds Mathur, R.P.
1977   Ultimate strength design of reinforced brick slabsDeodhar, Sharad V.
1977   Varied flow in horizontal circular channel        Tyagi, Dinesh mohan; Swamee, P.K.
1977   Water supply and pollution conrtol                Clark, John W.
1977   Bearing capacity of cone and hypar footings Gupta, Rabindra nath; Agarwal, K.B.
1977                                                     Vyas, J.N.;
       Analysis of a hollow gravity dam by finite element method Nayak, G.C.
1977                                                     Shukla, S. K.
       Behaviour of cement bound soil aggregate mixtures for base courses
1977                                                     Nakamura, Shoichiro
       Computational methods in engineering and science with application to fluid dyanamics and nuclear systems
1977   Handbook of water quality management planning     Pavoni, Joseph L.
1977   High -rise building structures                    Schueller, Woflgang
1977   Modern construction management                    Harris, Frank; Caffer, McCaffer
1977                                                     with flixible boundaries
       Satability of viscoelastic plane poisseuille flow Kumar, Ashok; Pathak, S.K.
1977   Joint conference on applications of pollution meteorology
1977                                                     Mukhopadhyay, P.R.; Kanchi, M.B.
       Analysis of pierced shear wall by stiffness matrix approach
1977   Effect of embedment on dynamic constants Kumar, Sushil; Ranjan, Gopal
1977                                                     Singh, development technology an interrated approach
       Proceedings of the international conference on:Rural Gajendra
1977                                                     Bhatia,
       Design and operation of multi-level parking garage Rakesh; Gupta, A.K.
1977   Basic concepts of structural analysis             Beaufait, Fred W.
1977                                                     Lee, Kaiman
       Encyclopedia of energy -efficient building design: 391 practical case studies
1977   Buildings materials
1977                                                     BRE information from the building research establishment
       Services and environmental engineering ; essential Digests
1977   Building design for radiation shielding and thermal efficiency
1977   Principles and practice of valuations             Parks, J.A.
1977   Air pollution control and design hanbook          Cheremisinoff, Paul N.; Young, Richard A.
1977                                                     Sahu, Raja Kishor;
       Studies on cloth filtration system as an alternative to settling unit Toshniwal, C.L.
1977   Edited proceedings first internaional cadmium conference san francisco
1977                                                     Jeffrey, C.
       Air pollution :phytotoxicity of acidic gases and its significance in air pollution control
1977                                                     Goel, Bhupendra kumar; of bod loading
       Studies of animal waste fed stabilization ponds subject to variable input Mathur, R.P. and other nutrients
1977   Damp proof course detailing                       Duell, John
1977                                                     Delft,
       Muilti -criteria analysis and regional decision making Ad Van.; Nijkamp, Peter
1978   Spped characteristics of vehicles in delhi        Agarwal, Deepak; Khanna, S.K.
1978   Idealized mathematical modelling of an aquiferGarg, Rakesh kumar; Grade, R.J.,
1978   Earthquake-resistant reinforced concrete building construction
1978                                                     Prasad, Vijay shankar;
       Study of progressive desposition in dredged cut in alluvial channels Garde, R.J.
1978   Computer architecture and organization            Hayes, John P.
1978   Suspended roofs                                   Krishna, Prem
1978                                                     Kumar, Virendra; Gupta, S.K.
       Optimization dead end water destribution cystems special problem
1978   Optimal design of sewer line involving pumping    Gupta, Rameshwar; Swamee, P.K.

                                               Page 83

1978                                                     Singh, Krishan pal; Arora, M.G.
       Design of singnals of some intersections at meerut city
1978                                                     Kharia, Sunil kumar; Nayak, G.C.
       Analysis of conical shell foundation for water tower
1978   Slope analysis                                    Chowdhury R.N.@FAu.
1978                                                     Gupta, Pawan kumar; of bitminous
       A laboratory investigtion on role of filler materials on the performanceVasan, R.M. mixes
1978                                                     Hingorani, K.G.; Khanna, S.K.
       Evaluation of urban bus transportation by bus priority strdy of delhi
1978   Groundwater hydrology                             Bouwer, Herman
1978   Studies in strain measurment at high temperature  Gokhale, A.M.; Kumar, Krishen
1978   Engineering surveying; problems and solutions     Shepherd, F.A.
1978   Approximation methods in geodesy                  Moritz, Helmut
1978   Fluid power symposium                             Stephens, H.S.
1978   Digital image processing for remote sensing Bennstein, Raiph
1978   Modernization of irrigation systems
1978   Design and construction of flexible pavements
1978   Traffic data collection                           ., .
1978   Flow measurement of fluids                        Dijstelbergen, H.H.
1978   Design of prestressed concrete                    Nilson, Arthur H.
1978   Numerical methods in laminar and turbulent flow   Taylor, C.; Morgan, K.
1978   Remote sensing: the quantitative approach Swain, Philip H.; Davis, Shirley M.
1978   Structural analysis for engineers                 Willems, Nicholas; Lucas, William M.
1978   Fundamentlas of resrvoir engineering              Dake, L.P.
1978   Pavement management systems                       Haas, Ralph
1978   New technology for mapping
1978                                                      engineering
       Six lectures on variation principles in structuralLeipholz, H.H.E.
1978                                                     Hildebrandt, G.; Boehnel, H.J.
       Proceedings of the international symposium on remote sensing for observation and inventory of earth resources an
1978   Concrete dams                                     Varsheney, R.S.
1978                                                     Brecdenridge,
       Remote sensing of earth from space: role of smart sensors Roger A.
1978                                                      options
       Transportation technology and society :Future Karaska, Gerald J.
1978   Fluid transients                                  Wylie, E. Benjamin; Streeter, Victor L.
1978   The tides of the planet earth                     Melchior, Paul
1978   Finite element analysis in fluid dynamics         Chung, T.J.
1978   Marine gravity
1978   Compendium of technical papers                    Charlwood, R.G.; Weaver, D.S.
1978                                                     Brown, E.T.
       Analytical and computational methods in engineering rock mechanics
1978   Fibre reinforced materials
1978   Geotechnical engineering for cold regions         Anderland, Orlando B.
1978   Water resources and the national welfare          Garstka, Walter U.
1978                                                     W
       Ferrocement water tanks and their construction att, S.B.
1978   Ferrocement and its applications : A Bibliography
1978   Certain aspects of bearing capacity of expansive soil media with and without cohesive Non-Selling soil layer and pe
1978                                                      of a critical resource
       Water in a developing world :the managementUtton, Albert E.
1978   Papers for paper meeting                          Parkash, Sehamsher
1978   Optimum pipe size selection                       Nolte, Claude B.
1978   Experimental rock deformation - the brittle field Paterson, Mervyn S.
1978   Accelerated strength testing
1978                                                     Szechy, K.; Varga,
       Foundation engineering: soil exploration and spread foundations L.
1978   Optimization theory and applications              Rao, S.S.
1978   All India symposium on the economic and civil engineering aspects of hydro-electric schemes
1978   Numerical methods in offshore engineering Zienkiewiez, O.C.
1978   Cost reduction in product design                  Chow, William W-Chung
1978                                                      on the
       Hydrotransport 5, 5th International conference BHRA hydraulic transport of solids in p[pipes
1978   Acoustic surface waves                            Oliner, A.A.
1978                                                     Mather,
       The climatic water budget in enviornmental analysis John R.

                                               Page 84

1978                                                    design
       Proceedings Vol. I, II & III.Joint symposium on ASCE and operation of fluid machinery
1978   Proceedings 47th research session : Hydrology including geo-hydrology and ground water model studies for hydrolo
1978   Internal flow systems                            Miller, D.S.
1978                                                    Lama, R.D.; Vutukuri, results: Vol. IV
       Handbook on mechanical properties of rocks testing techniques and V.S.
1978   Douglas machinery international symposium on concrete and concrete structures
1978                                                    Prakash, Shamsher
       Proposales for geotechnical investigations for cement factory at tender ( A.P)
1978                                                    Von der borch, Chries C.
       Synthesis of deep-sea drilling results in the indian ocean
1978   Ferrocement                                      Paul, Bishwendu K.; Pama, Richardo P.
1978   Development and application of polymer concrete composites in India
1978                                                    Jain, Ashok K.; Goel, Subhash moments and buckling
       Hysteresis models for steel members subjected to cyclic bulking or cyclic and C.
1978                                                    Sih, G.C.
       Mechanics of fracture: Stress analysis of notch problems
1978                                                    Brebbia, C.A.
       Proceedings of the 2nd international conference on: Finite elekments in water resources
1978   10th congress irrigation and draniage
1978                                                    Bowles,
       Engineering properties of soils and their measurement Joseph E.
1978   Polymers in concrete: International symposium
1978                                                    Feda, Jaroslav
       Stress in subsoil and methods of final settlement calculation
1978                                                    Mazindrani, Z.H.
       Symposium on civil engineering in theory and practice
1978   Foundation engineering in difficult ground       Bell, F.G.
1978                                                    Morlok,
       Introduction to transportation engineering and planningEdward K.
1978   Engineering properties of soils                  Gulhati, Shashi K.
1978   Parking garage planning and operation            Weant, Robert A.
1978   Developments in soil mechanics - 1               Scott, C.R.
1978   Digital image processing                         Pratt, William K., Au.
1978   Low-Cost technology options for sanitaton
1978   Chemistry for environmetal engineerig            Sawyer, Clair N.
1978   Refractory concrete
1978   Concrete structures                              Vazirani, V.N.
1978   Earthquake engineering and soil dynamics
1978   Strength of materials                            Sandor, Bela I.
1978   The pressuremeter and foundation engineering     Baguelin, F.; Jezwquel, J.F.; Shields, D.H.
1978   Turbulence                                       Bradshaw, P.
1978   Short course on finite element analysis in geomechanics
1978   Mechanics of fibre composites                    Tewary, V.K.
1978                                                    university on
       Proceeding of the conference held at realding Burt, Anthony: Thames groundwater scheme
1978   Soil mechanics                                   Craig, R.F.
1978   Soil reinforcing and stabilizing techniques in engineering practice: Proceedings
1978   Remote sensing: principles and interpretation Sabins, Floyd F.
1978   Spatial representation and spatial interaction Masser, Lan
1978                                                    Jirka, Gerhard H.
       Mathematical predictive models for colling ponds and lakes part a: models development and design considerations
1978                                                    Swamy,
       Testing and test methods of fibre cement composites R.N.
1978   Rapid quality control of Portland cement/clinker by infrared spectroscopy
1978   Proceedings of development of techniques to recharge subteranean aquifers to conserve surplus river flows
1978   Rural transport and country planning             Cresswell, Roy; ., .
1978   Irrigation: theory and practice                  Michael, A.M.
1978                                                    Yevjevich, Vujica; Hall, Warren A.; Salas, Jose D.
       Drought research needs: proceedings of the conference on drought research needs,
1978   The modern technique of rock blasting            Langefors, U.
1978   Multi -storey buildings in steel                 Hart, F.; Henn, W.
1978   Precast concrete connection details :Structural design manual
1978   Introduction to transportation engineering       Carter, Everett C.
1978   Structural analysis                              Laursen, Harold I.
1978   Pneumotransport 4, California, U.S.A. 1978
1978   Theory of structures: with matrix notation       Majid, K.I.

                                              Page 85

1978                                                       Rajan, factory
       Proposales for geotechnical investigations for cementGopal at adilabad
1978   Finite elements: Theory and applications
1978   Statistics with applications to highway traffic analyses
1978   Hillslope hydrology                                 Kirkby, M.J.
1978   Ground waters and tube wells                        Garg, Satya Prakash
1978   Oceanic fronts in coastal processes                 Bowman, Malcolm J.
1978                                                       recovery
       New processes of waste water treatment and Mattock, G.
1978                                                       Kinne, on life
       Marine ecology A comprehensive integrated treatise Otto in oceans and coastal waters
1978   Road and bridge construction handbook               Lapinski, Michael
1978   Physics of the environment                          Inhaber, Herbert
1978   Coastal sedimentary environments                    Davis, Richard A.
1978                                                       flat roofs of terraces balconies
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1978   Wind forces in engineering                          Sachs, Peter
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1978   Utilization of low-carbon Ferro-chrome slag for cement/cementitious material manufacture
1978   electron probe microanalysis in biology             Erasmus, David A.
1978                                                       Khan,
       Materials handling in cement industry : A Biography Zaman
1978   Pavement management systems                         Haas, Ralph; Hudson, Ronald W.
1978   Fresh water invertebrates of the United StatesPennak, Robert W.
1978   Design of small canal structutes                    Hayes, R.B.
1978   Indices of heat stress                              Majumdar, N.C.
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       Terrain analysis and classification for engineering purposes of the warragul area, Victoria
1978   Encyclopaedia of science and echnology              Parker, Sybil P.
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       Principles and practices of grading drainage and road alignment : an ecologic approach
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1978   Second india studies transport                      Pavaskar, Madhoo
1978   10th congress on irrigation and drainage : Transactions compte-rendu
1978                                                       Provan, the second international
       Continuum models of discrete systems:proceedings of J.W.; Leipholz, H.H.E. symposium on continuum models o
1978                                                        fresh waters
       Methods for physical and chemical analysis of Golterman, H.L.
1978   Cable suspended roofs                               Krishna, Prem
1978   Proceedigs comte-rendu:Special session session speciale
1978   Indiacative five -year programme for the development of rural water supply
1978   Constitutive equations for dhanori clay             Mukhopadhyay, Tapas kumar; Singh, Bhawani
1978   Rationalized design of preheater towers
1978   Masonry and concrete                                Maguire, Byron W.
1978   High -rise buildings                                Mehta, Jashwant B.
1978   Instrumentation in wastewater treatment plants
1978   Case problems in air transportation                 Ruppenthal, Kari M.
1978                                                       Kulshrestha, Salendra photo graphs
       Estimation of ground water recharge in solani catehment using aerial bhushan; Seth, S.M.
1978   Wastewater engineering                              White, J.B.
1978   Building construction                               McKay, J. K.
1978   Chemistry for environmental engineering             Sawyer, Clair N.; McCarty, Perry L.
1978   Construction materials and processes                Waston, Don A.
1978                                                         :kinetics of wastewater treatment
       Proceedings of a post- conference seminar onJenkins, S.H.

                                            Page 86

1978                                                    Harper, Donald V.
       Transportation in america users , carriers, government
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       Prefabricatecd system building in india appraisal of the present form and recommendations for the future
1978   Wastewater systems engineering                   Parker, Homer W.
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1978                                                    Bhargava,
       Lateral strength characteristics of masonry wall panels Prabhat; Trikha, D.N.
1978                                                    Jain, S.K.;
       Nonlinear optimization of waste water collection systems Khanna, Prem
1978                                                    analysis point of view
       Air plllution control technology :an engineering Bethea, Robert M.
1978                                                    Carlino, Gerald A.
       Economies of scale in manufacturing location :theory and measure
1978   The analysis of cross tabulated data             Upton, Graham J.G.
1978                                                    Saha,
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1978   The information in contingency tables            Gokhale, D.V.; Kullback, Solomon
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1978                                                    Prabha,
       Towns: a structural analysis: a case study in punjab K.
1978                                                    Ram, soil due
       A study of compaction and engineering behaviour of B. Siva to foam propellant
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       Statistics for experiments: an introduction to design George E.P.; Hunter, William G.; Hunter, J.Stuart
1978                                                    Ketaurai, Virote; Bhattocharji, J.C.
       Geoid mapping from astro-geodetic deveations of the vertical by surface fitting tecdhniques
1978   Waste disposal and resources recovery            Thanh, N.C.; Lohani, B.N.; Tharun, Gunther
1978                                                    constitutive laws
       Load settlement characteristics of pipes using Garg, Krishan gopal; Mathur, R.P.
1978   Computer programming for engineers               Hasan, M.M.
1978   Potentiometric water analysis                    Midgley, Derek; Torrance, Kenneth
1978                                                    a shelf
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1978                                                    Money, P.
       Operational analysis of urban bus transportation system S.
1978                                                    Puri, Narinder
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1978   The infrared handbook                            Wolfe, William L.; Zissis, George J.
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       Marine outfall systems :planning,design and construction
1978                                                    Murtaza, G.
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1978   Heat capacity mapping mission data handbook for applications explorer mission- a
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       Research programmes in environmental engineeering and science in india
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       Applicability of B.E.F. analogy cantilevered box girder bridge
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1978   Concrete bridge designer's manual                Pennells, E.

                                                 Page 87

1978                                                     Tarafdar, Nishith kumar; Kaushik, S.K.
       Untimate strength investingations of R.C.C. beams with fibre reinforcement
1978                                                     Shamsher, Prakash;
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1978                                                     Dubey, O.P.; Jain, S.C.
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1978   Akasa darsana atlas                               Paranjpe, G.R.
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       Construction practices for project managers and superintendent
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1978   Applied numerical analysis
1979   Handbook of non-topographic photogrammetry        Karara, H.M.
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1979   Analysis of simply supported folded plate         Kumar, Sarvendra; Prakash, Anand
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1979                                                      project V.P.; Srivastava, D.K.
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1979                                                     xxx, xxx
       Proceedings of IMEKO Symposium on flow measurement and control in industry
1979   Proceedings national conference on urban erodion and dedimeny control: Instititions & technology
1979   Measurement of the performance of bus services    Gault, H.E.
1979                                                     S
       Mechanics of wave induced forces on cylinders haw, T.L.
1979   Elementary finite element method                  Desai, Chandrakant S.
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1979   Basic plane surveying                             Siegle, Arthur
1979                                                     Finkelstein, Ludwik
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1979                                                      routing Johanes J.; MacArthur,
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1979   Determination of land use from landsat imagery: Applications to hydrologic modeling
1979                                                     Ranjan, Gopal;
       Analysis and design of foundations and retaining structures Saran, Swami
1979                                                     Croley, Thomas calculators
       Hydrologic and hydraulic computations on small programmable E.

                                                  Page 88

1979   Copper mill tailings incinerator residue low-quality aggregate characteristics and energy savings in construction
1979                                                       and methods for
       An analysis of bus defects their consequencesJenkins, Lan A. remedying them .
1979   13th internatinal congress on larte dams
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1979                                                      Baussard, Maurice; Fontanel, Andre
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1979                                                      Evans, E.
       Computational hydraulics elements of the theory of free surface flows
1979   Rapid edta methods for estimation of major constituents in limesto
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1979   Modeling hydroelastic vibrations                   Haszpra, Otta
1979                                                      Washington,
       Proceedings of the American society of photogrammetry D.C.
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1979                                                      Wilson, Stanley D.
       Current trends in design and construction of embankment dams
1979   Industrial hydraulics                              Pippenger, John
1979                                                       on the
       Hydrotransport 6, 6th international conference BHRA hydraulic transport of solids in pipes
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1979   Applied water resource systems planning            Major, David C.
1979   Vibrations of concrete structures
1979   Review of the commodity flow studies               Pike, J.
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1979   Systems approach for development                   Ghonaimy, M.A.R.
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1979                                                      Munn, R.E.
       Environmental impact assessment :Principals and Procedures
1979   Odor control for wastewater facilities
1979                                                      xxx, xxx
       Ninth national conference on fluid mechanics and fluid power-79
1979                                                      Bares, Richard
       Tables for the analysis of plates, slabs and diaphragms based on the elastic theory
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1979   Stabilized earth roads                             Kezdi, A.K.
1979                                                      Toebes, G.H.
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1979   New horizons in travel -Behavior research          Stopher, Peter R.
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1979                                                      Mallikrajunan, R.; Somasundran, P.
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1979   Institute of petroleum bitumen safety code
1979   Behavioral travel modeling                         Hensher, David A.
1979   Digital image processing                           Castleman, Kenneth R.
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1979   Portland slag cement from rourkela slag : A feasibility study
1979                                                      Gray, George E.
       Public transportation : planning, operations and management

                                               Page 89

1979   Fluid mechanics : an introductory course         Chang Lu, Pau
1979   Principles of rock mechanics                     Turchaninov, I.A.; Iofis, M.A.; Kasparyan, E.V.
1979   Rockslides and avalanches                        Voight, Barry
1979   Exploratory investigations on portal
1979   Rapid edit methods for estimation of major constituents in cement
1979   Fllod flow frequency analysis
1979   Proceedings : 1979 International air transpiration conference
1979   Flood hydrograph and peqd flow frequency analysisFeldman, Arlen D.
1979                                                    Jones, M.J.
       Proceeding of the 2nd international symposium organized by the institution of mining and metallurgy with the copera
1979   Proceedings of the sixth Asian regional conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering: vol. 1 & 2
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1979                                                    Hoff, G.C.
       Chemical polymer and fiber additives for low maintenance highways
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1979   Prceedings of the 2nd internatinal conference on the behaviour of off-shore structures
1979                                                    Ingles, soil & structural engineering: 3rd international conference
       Proceedings: Applications of statistics & Probability in Owen g.
1979                                                     and urban systems
       New developments in modeling travel demandJansen, G.R.M.
1979                                                     challenges of engineering practice: Vol. 1
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1979   Diamond drilling                                 Chugh, Chandar Parkash
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1979   Environmental impact data book                   Golden, Jack
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1979                                                    Maevis, Alfred C.;
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1979   Proceedings of IMEKO Symposium on flow measurement and control in industry
1979   Seabed reconnaissance and offshore soil mechanics for the installation of petroloum structures
1979   Industrial survey union territory of delhi
1979   Analysis of cable stayed bridges                 Agrawal, Tej Prakash
1979                                                    Lokrou,
       Characteristics of flow in channel abrupt expansions Vincent P.
1979                                                    Chand, Alam; Jain, S.C.
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1979   Readings in cost engieering :Planning and Applications
1979                                                    Patel, Hasmukh R.; Battacharji, J.C.
       Prediction of 1x1 mean free-air gravity anomalies in unsurveyed areas
1979   An introduction to programming                   Conway, Richard; Gries, David
1979   Low cost housing technology                      Goodman, L.J.; Pama, R.P.; Tabujara, E.G.
1979                                                    Rao,
       Design of small capacity ferrocement water tanks F.K.; Nayak, G.C.
1979                                                    Agrawal, Shrihari
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1979                                                    Wen-Sen, Chu
       Parameter identification of two-dimensional estuarine model
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1979   Statistical analysis of concrete strength        Chand, Hem
1979   Scheme for zoning and classification of indian rivers estuaries and coastal waters
1979   India resources and development                  Johnson, B.L.C.
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1979   Stress concentration around holes                Kazinja, Augustin C.; Radhakrishna, K.S. V.
1979                                                    Marathe, P. D.
       Flexible pavement evaluation by deflection criteria
1979   Modeling and control of river quality            Rinaldi, S.; Soncini-sessa, R.; Stehfest, H.
1979                                                    Bansal, Upendra kumar; Agarwal, S.k.
       Reliability design of a steel truss and R.C. beams
1979   Stably stratified building wakes                 Kothari, Kirankumar Mansukhlal
1979                                                    Acharya, invstigation of K.P.
       Application of remote sensing techniques for hydrologic B.N.; Sharma, upper yamuna catchment
1979   Bearing capacity in expansive soils              Rathee, Ram kishan; Ramaswamy, G.
1979                                                    Ahuja, Ashok kumar; Gupta, V.k.
       Performance of cable roof systems with rigid and flexible boundaries

                                                Page 90

1979                                                     Dube, A. K.
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1979   Building materials and components                 Komar, A.
1979                                                     Thaha, Abdul L.; Thaha, Mumtaz
       A manual on integrated rural development for village block and district planning
1979   Dodge construction systems costs 1980             Pereira, Peercival E.
1979                                                     Bedi, Raghbir
       Shrinkage stresses in soil-cement stabilized base courses Bhushan Lal
1979                                                     Singh, power house
       Satbility of intake block and downstream slopes chillaNarendra; Prakesh, Shamaher
1979   Circular storage tanks and silos                  Ghali, A.
1979                                                     Narain, Jagdish; highly plastic clay
       Varation of atterberg limits in relation to strength properties of aRamanatha, T.S.
1979   Design and construction of marine structures Anand, K.P.
1979                                                     Nijkamp, Peter
       Multidimensional spatial data and dicision analysis
1979   Thermal comport in buildings                      Tyagi, B.K.; Mitter, Vishwa
1979   Elementary survey sampling                        Scheaffer, Richard L.; Mendenhall, William; Ott, Lyman
1979   Statistical applications in the spatial science Wrigley, N.
1979   Economics of egineers                             Chand, Mahesh; Ali, Mansoor
1979   Design of small Dams
1979   Recreation planning and development
1979   Introduction to urban planning                    Catanese, A.J.; Snyder, J.C.
1979                                                     G
       Structural efficiency of fiber reinforced concrete upta, A.K.; Kaushik, S.k.
1979                                                     Porteous, Andrew
       Developments in environmental control and public health-1
1979                                                     Joshi, Mahesh dutt;
       Possibilities of using landsat imageries for transfrontier mapping Bagchi, A.K.
1979   Management assessment of energy from biomass and wastes
1979                                                     Iiiston,
       Construction materials : their nature and behaviour J. M.
1979   Plastering of mud brick walls                     Jain, Ramesh chand; Handa, S.C.
1979   A Coures manual :Water & Waste water analysis
1979   Industrial waste water management                 Jorgensen, Sven Erik
1979                                                     Krishna,
       Preliminery report on dynamic analysis of pandoh dam Jai; Chandrasakaran, V.
1979   Health aspects related to indoor air quality
1979                                                     Chand, Prem; Prakash, Anand
       Design and compartive study for small spans orthotropic plate deck bridges and RCC T-Beam bridges
1979   Principles of interactive computer graphics ii ed.Newman, William M.; Sproull, Robert F.
1979                                                     Singh, Hari mohan; Puri, Narinder
       Probabilistic modelling of ultimate strength of high tensile steel
1979   Interactive aids for cartography and photo interpretation
1979                                                     Vaish, Pradeep; Agarwal, S.K.
       Design of R.C.C. intze type tank of capacity 200000 litres
1979   Air pollution control                             Hesketh, Howard E.
1979                                                     Chaturvedi,
       Effect of dilution and seed concentration on bod exertion Rajesh nath; Gupta, S.k.
1979   Airport engineering                               Ashford, Norman
1979                                                      system for open channel model measurements
       Development of close-range photogrammetric Vendateswarlu, Ravi; Tiwari, R.S.
1979   Optimization of water supply zone                 Sharma, Raj kumar; Swamee, P.K.
1979                                                     Nil, Nil
       National conference on recreation planning and development
1979   Proceedings of the international conference on computer assisted cortography auto carto III
1979   Waste water collection treatment and disposal in class cities
1979   Proceedisngs :Comptes -Rendus
1979   Benzene :basic and hazardous properties           Cheremisinoff, Paul N.
1979   Fatigue strength of steel members                 Mbwambo, A.K.O.; Radhakrishna, K.S.V.
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1979   Elastic analysis of soil-foundation interaction Selvadurai, A. P. S.
1979   Mixing in inland and coastal waters               Fischer, Hugo B.; List, E.John; Imberger, Jorg
1979   Missing links in indian planning                  Ali, Mansoor
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       Discharge characteristics os sluice gate located on a raised crest
1979                                                     Jorgensen, Sven Erik; Friis, M.B.
       Handbook of environmental data and ecological parameters
1979   Water treatment handbook                          Degremont
1979                                                     Boe, Owen K.; Finger, Richard E.
       Wastewater sampling for process and quality control
1979   Scholarship guide for commonwealth postgraduate students

                                                Page 91

1979   Health and the environment
1979   COurse work problems for four year degree course in civil engineering
1979                                                   P
       Soil investigations for 2800 mm R.C.C. conduit rakash, Shamsher; Ranjan, Gopal
1979   Preliminary treatment for wastewater facilities Layton, Ronald F.
1979                                                   Kumar, Sanjay; Gupta, sections using the indian i sectins concrete
       Development of geometric properties of composite steel and concreteV.K.
1979   Proceedings comptes rendus :Subject- A hydraulic engineering in water resources development and management
1979                                                   Uhlmann, Dietrich
       Hydrobiology: a test for engineers and scientists
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1979   Proceedings hydraulic engineering in water reseources development and management
1979   ION Exchange for pollution control              Gold, Harris; Calmon, Calvin
1979   Reliability of structural systems               Bansal, Upendra kumar; Puri, Narinder
1979   Radiological examination of drinking -Water
1979   Study on second order B.O.D formulations        Chandra, Suresh; Toshniwal, C.l.
1980                                                   Krishna, broad K.B.; Rangaraju, K.G.
       Flow under a sluice gate located on top of a trapezoidalGopalacrested weir
1980                                                   Bhattacharjee, R.C.; Pande, P.K.
       Pressure distribution around two dimensional bodies in turbulent flow
1980   Cost opotimazation of irrigation channel        Kumar, Saket; Swamee, P.K.
1980                                                   Hinduja, Kamlesh mohan; Khanna, S.K.
       Strength characterizations of bituminous concrete mixes
1980   Estimation of traffic noise parameters          Hansi, J.S.; Gupta, A.K.
1980                                                   Jain, S.P.; Arora, M.G.
       In fluence of gometric parameters on level of service of state highways 45
1980   Dynamics in civil engineering                   Major, Alexander
1980                                                   O'sullivan, Patrick
       TRansport policy:geographic,economic and planning aspects
1980   Rheological behaviour of sheet asphalt premixBaker, Ismail; Arora, M.G.
1980   Symposium on deep foundations                   Fuller, Frank M.
1980   Offshore structures                             Carneiro, F.L.L.B.
1980                                                   Bajwa,
       Optimization methods for structural design problems J.S.; Kasushik, S.K.
1980                                                   structures
       Bracketing of eigen frequencies of continuous Boszney, A.
1980                                                   Pama, R.P.; Phromratanapongse, O.
       Potentials of ferrocement and related materials for rural Indonesia: a feasibility study
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1980   Iutam symposium on physical non-linearities in structural analysis: France 1980
1980   Manual of photogrammetry                        Slama, Chester C.
1980                                                   Gidigasu, M.D.; Hammond, Africa: Vol. J.O.
       Soil mechanics & foundation engineering: seventh regional conference for A.A.; Gogo, 1 & 2
1980   Mathematics for the biological sciences         Newby, J.C.
1980   Structural analysis and design of nuclear plant facilities
1980   Introduction to composite materials             Tsal, Stephen W.; Thomas Hahn, H.
1980                                                   Overcash, Michael R.; Davidson, James M.
       Environmental impact of nonpoint source pollution
1980   Injection and mixing in turbulent flow          Schetz, Joseph A.
1980   First Asian congress of fluid mechanics Proceedings: B, P.
1980   Waste water treatment and resource recoveryMcGarry, Michael G.
1980   Hydraulic modeling                              Kobus, Helmut
1980                                                   Kikkawa, Hideo
       Proceedings of the 3rd international symposium on stochastic hydraulics
1980   Engineering geology and geotechnics             Bell, F.G.
1980                                                   Major, Alexander
       Dynamics in civil engineering: analysis and design: vol. iv
1980   Reinforced concrete slabs                       Park, R.; Gamble, W.L.
1980                                                   Hutzinger, O.
       Environmental chemistry : anthropogenic compounds
1980   Wind engineering: vol. I and II                 Cermak, J.E.
1980   Remote sensing in geology                       Siegal, Barry S.; Gillespie, Alan R.
1980                                                    loading on
       A manual for the prediction of blast 7 fragmentBaker, W.E.structures
1980   Nature of structural design and safety          Blockley, D.I.
1980   ACI detailing manual - 1980
1980   International symposium on landslides

                                               Page 92

1980   Treatment and reuse of wastewater               Biswas, Asit K.
1980   Structural foundation on rock                   Pells, P.J.N.
1980   ACI manual of concrete inspection reported by ACI Committee 311
1980   Remote sensing: optics and optical systems Slater, Philip N.
1980   Biochemical indicators of subsurface pollution Dermer, Otis C.
1980   Symposium: Three-dimensional constitutive relationships and ductile fracture
1980   Code for concrete reactor vessels and containment's: Division 2, Rules for construction of nuclear power plant com
1980                                                   Hlasi-kun, Geroge
       Pollution and wager resources columbia university seminar seriesJ.
1980   Accidents Digest                                Shrivasstava, H.P.
1980   Problems in soil mechanics                      Verma, B.P.
1980   Pile foundation analysis and design             Poulos, H.G.; Davis, E.H.
1980   Damage of concrete sludge digester tanks: A case Study
1980   Geodesy an introduction by wolfgang torge       Torge, Wolfgang
1980   A course manual on unit processes in wastewater treatment
1980                                                   Owen, D.R.J.; Hinton, E.
       Finite elements in plasticity: Theory and practice
1980   Structural control                              Leipholz, H.H.E.
1980   Nitrogen oxides and their effects on health     Lee, S.D.
1980                                                   modernized land
       The planning and engineering interface with a Marks, G.Warrendata system
1980                                                   Rodi, Wolfgang
       Turbulence models and their application in Hydraulics
1980   A course manual instrumentation in environmental engineering
1980   Ecology: A textbook                             Remmert, Hermann
1980                                                   xxx, xxxx
       Proceedings of the third international conference on pressure surges
1980   Proceedings of geotec-80: Conference on geotechnical engineering: Bombay, 1980
1980   Vortex flows                                    Swift, Walter L.
1980   Proceedings of the second conference on computing in civil engineering
1980                                                   Zarec, Zoran P.
       Structure of turbulence in heat and mass transfer
1980   Manual of plant ecology                         Misra, K.C.
1980                                                   Peberdy, John F.
       Developmental microbiology: Tertiary level biology
1980                                                   Pawlowski, Lucjan
       Physicochemical methods for water and wastewater treatment
1980   Soils under cyclic and transient loading        Pande, G.N.; Zienkiewicz, O.C.
1980   Stratified flow: second international symposium Carstens, Torkild
1980                                                   Baker, M.J.
       Operation and maintenance of wastewater collection systems
1980   Cement chemistry and physics for civil engineers
1980   Remote sensing                                  Kiefer, Ralph W.
1980                                                   Bergman, space
       Proceedings of the international symposium : subsurfaceMagunus
1980                                                    ,Low cost Magnus
       Sumsurgace space : Environmental protectionBergaman,storage energy savings
1980                                                   Jones, J.
       Papers presented at the eurotunnel 80 conference organized by the institution of institution of mining and metallurgy
1980   Tamming traffic                                 Plowden, Stephen
1980                                                   Pande, under cyclic and transient
       Proceedings of the international symposium on : soils G.N.; Ziendiewicz, O.C. loading
1980                                                   Scott,
       An introduction to soil mechanics and foundations C.R.
1980                                                   Snethen, Donald
       Proceedings of the fourth international conference on : Expansive soils
1980   Expansive soils                                 Snethen, Donald
1980   Proceedings of the workshop on limit equilibrium plasticity and generalized stress-strain in geotechnical engineering
1980   Hydrology for transportation engineers          Sanders, Thomas G.
1980   Reinforced concrete : Mechanics and Design MacGregor, James G.
1980                                                   Shen, H.W.
       Application of stochastic processes in sediment transport
1980   Handbook of soil mechanics soil testing         Kezdi, Arpad
1980   Cedric Wilson symposium on : expansive cement
1980   Small hydro-power fluid machinery               Webb, D.R.
1980                                                   Carstens, Torkild; McClimans, Thomas
       Second international symposium on stratified flows
1980                                                   Yerrell, J. Stuart
       Proceedings of the world conference on transport research :transport research for social and economic progress
1980   Numerical methods for non-linear problems Taylor, C.; Hinton, E.; Owen, D.R.J.

                                                Page 93

1980                                                    Verwey, A.
       Practical aspects of computatjonal river hydraulics
1980   Urban public transport: evaluation of performance
1980   Design and construction of dry docks             Mazurdiewicz, B.K.
1980   Performance of concrete in marine environment    Malhotra, V.M.
1980                                                    Wagner,
       Energy impacts of urban transportation improvements Frederick A.
1980   Improved packaging for cement
1980   Grinding aids For energy conservation in clinker grinding
1980   Potential sites for establishing mini cement plants in India
1980   Papers presented at the international conference on transportation
1980   Numerical methods in offshore piling
1980   Applied modeling of hydrologic time series       Salas, J.D.; Delleur, J.W.; Yevyevich, V.; Lane, W.L.
1980   Swedish regulations for steel structures
1980   Transport planning for greater London            Tzedakis, Alexander
1980                                                    Metcalf, J.B.
       Proceedings of a workshop : Road research and information for south east Asia
1980   Proceedings international symposium on: Water resources systems
1980   Canadian transit handbook                        Soberman, Richard M.
1980   Systems management optimization committee 6y-17
1980   Introduction to shell theory                     Niordson, Freihiof I.
1980   A Guide for the field testing of bridges         Bakht, B.
1980                                                    concrete structures
       International symposium : Nonlinear design of Cohn, M.Z.
1980   Proceedings 2nd Canadian masonry symposium       Suter, G.T.
1980                                                    Kanafani, Adib
       Nofa : A computer program for frequency planning in short haul air networks
1980   Folundation design and construction              Tomlinson, M.J.
1980                                                    Yong, R.N.
       Ajpplication of plasticity and generalized stress-Strain in geotechnical engineering
1980   Reinforced concrete structures subjected to wind and earth quake forces
1980   Manual of soil laboratory testing                Head, K.H.
1980   Design of earthquake resistant structures        Rosenblueth, Emilio
1980                                                    Neill, Michael
       Dynamic response of pile foundations : Analytical aspects W.
1980   Pile foundation analysis and design              Poulos, H.G.
1980                                                    Hart, Gary
       Proceedings of the 2nd peculate conference on dynamic response of structures : Experimentation ,observation pred
1980   Proceedings of the international symposium on river sedimentation
1980   Human factors in transport research              Oborne, D.J.
1980   Fundamentals of transportation systems analysis  Manheim, Marvin L.
1980                                                    Sullivan, Partick
       Transport policy: Geographic economic and planning aspects
1980   Limit state theory for reinforced concrete designHughes, B.P.
1980   Theme A (Papers)                                 Salih, Abdin M.A.
1980   Rationalization of steel sections
1980                                                    Masubuchi, and their
       Analysis of welded structures : residual stresses distortion Koichi consequences
1980                                                    Gould, Philip L.
       Dynamic response of structures to wind and earthquake loading
1980   Modern welded structures : A series of reports abstracted from design entries submitted in the foundation award pro
1980                                                     their role
       Fundamental aspects of the normality rule andJain, S.K. in deriving constitutive laws of soils
1980   Introduction to transportation engineering       Carter, Everett C.
1980   International archives of photogrammetry         Achermann, F.
1980                                                     basic techniques
       The 35 mm handbook a complete course fromFreeman, Michael to professional applications
1980   Analytical plotter symposium and workshop
1980   International archives of photogrammetry         Konecny, G.
1980   Surveying instruments                            Deumlich, Fritz
1980   International archives of photogrammetry         Ackermann, F.
1980   International archives of photogrammetry         Ackermann, F.
1980   International archives of photogrammetry         Ackermann, F.
1980   Strudy of anchorage cones for cables             Mittal, Sudhir; Krishna, Prem
1980   Chronic respiratory diseases in children in relation to air pollution

                                               Page 94

1980                                                      Bajwa,
       Optimization methods for structural design problems J.S.; Krishna, Prem
1980                                                      Ahmed, Enayat; Singh, Devendra Kumar
       Regional planning with particular reference to india
1980   Status of water supply and waste water collection treatment and disposal in class 2 towns of india
1980   Analysing and interpereting air monitoring data
1980                                                      Andersen, Erling B.
       Descrete statistical models with science applications
1980   Housing and community in old delhi                 Trivedi, Harshad R.
1980   Minimal national standards man-Made fibre industry
1980   Advanced physical geodesy                          Moritz, Helmut
1980                                                      Nijkamp, Peter
       Environmental policy analysis :opertional methods and models
1980                                                      Corp.
       Directory of smal units enlisted for govt purchases Ltd., National Small industries
1980   Industrial air pollution engineering               Cavaseno, Vincent
1980                                                      Robinson, Campbell W.; Moo-Young, Murray; Farquhar, Grahame J.
       Waste treatment and utilization :theory and practice of waste management
1980   Sludge thickening manual of practice               ., .
1980   Environmental sanitation in european tourist areas
1980   Urban air pollution modelling                      Benarie, Michel M.
1980   Dynamic behaviour of embedded block foundation     Vijayvargiya, R. C.
1980                                                      Clark, Brian D.; Bisset, Ronald; Wathern, Peter
       Environmental impact assessment : a bibliography with abstracts
1980   Radial hydraulic jump with an abrupt drop          Nashta, Changiz fouladi; Vittal, Nandana
1980                                                        soil
       Settlement of shallow foundation in collapsibleKumar, Parmod; Agrawal, K.B.
1980   Air pollution control Theory                       Crawford, Martin
1980   Settlement of footings on sand                     Rana, Mahendra kumar; Agarwal, K.B.
1980   Fundamentals of air pollution engineering          Flagan, Richard C.; Seinfeld, John H.
1980   Comparison of ferrocement and R.C. slabs Chalisgaonkar, Rajendra; Kaushik, S.K.
1980   Glossary on solid waste                            Patrick, P.K.
1980   Air quality
1980   The analysis of cross classified categorical data  Fienberg, Stephen E.
1980   Spatial approach for district planning             Sharma, A.N.
1980   Village clusters and rural development             Ramachandran, H.; Rao, V.K.R.V.
1980                                                       multifactor data
       Fitting equations to data: computer analysis of Daniel, Cuthbert; Wood, Fred S.
1980   Study of aggradation in alluvial streams           Mehta, Piyush J.
1980                                                      Sotodehnia,
       Studies on the i traction of sodium chloride and detegent Hamid; Mehrotra, Indu
1980                                                      Ghosh,
       Advances in manufacturing science and technology A.; Lal, G.K.
1980   Alcohol production from biomass in the developing countries
1980                                                        mixes
       Proportioning of steel fibre rienforced concretePatel, Prabhubhai K.; Kaushik, S.K.
1980                                                       filters
       Characteristics performance of vertical upflow Ahmed, Shameem; Mathur, R.P.
1980   Behaviour of pile foundations under liquefied soil Sandhu, Prabhujeet singh; Ranjan, Gopal
1980                                                      Manjunath, D.L.; Kumar, Indu
       Colour removal from pulp and paper mill waste water using alum and clay model studies
1980                                                        India
       Regional planning : with particular reference toAhmad, Enayat; Singh, Devendra Kumar
1980   Rural technology                                   Reddy, Amulya Kumar N.
1980                                                      Spiegel, and statistics
       Schaum,s outline of theory and problems of Probability Murry R.; Meddis, Ray
1980                                                      Majumdar, J.P.; Ranjan, Gopal
       Fixity effect of axial load on laterally loaded piles
1980   Comprehensive industry document man-Made fibre industry
1980   Rural sanitation :Planning and appraisal           Pacey, Arnold
1980                                                      Jong, Marvin
       Programming and interfacing the 6502, with experiments L.
1980   Air quality in selected urban areas 1977-1978
1980                                                      Gupta, Arvind kumar; Thrikha, D.N.
       Optimum design of R.C.C. north light folded plate roofs
1980   Energy conservation at wastewater treatment plants
1980                                                      Shamsi, Iqbal
       Computer aided analysis of biaxially loaded eleastic coluns husain; Godbole, P.N.
1980                                                      Srivastava, Alok
       A cad approach to highway corridor analysis for traffic noise kumar; Gupta, A.k.
1980                                                      Shandilya,
       Optimal synthesis of water supply system of grid iron typeV.K.; Swamee, P.K.
1980   Point load strength of rock lumps                  Singh, Yatindra pal; Jain, P.K.
1980   Underground excavations in rock                    Hoek, E.; Brown, E. T.

                                               Page 95

1980   The environment from surplus to scarcity        Schnaiberg, Allan
1980   Manual on sewerage and sewage treatment
1980                                                   Singh, Bhanu pratap; Srivastava, the continental portion of indian reg
       Prediction of 1x1 mean free -air gravity anomalies using covariance function for A.M.C.
1980                                                   Vale, Jack R.
       Genes,environment and behavior :an intetactionist appproach
1980   Flow past circular cylinders in open channels Rana, O.P.S.; Asawa, G.L.
1980                                                   Sharma, Suresh kumar; Mathur, R.P.
       Kinetics of decay of in nutrient free environment
1980                                                    routing in natural
       Mathematical modeling of water and sedimentChen, Yung Hai channels
1980                                                    roughness of
       The effect of nonuniformity in grain size on theDavid, K. Joy sand beds
1980   Biomonitring air pollutants with plants         Manning, William J.; Feder, William A.
1980   Handbook of wastewater collection and treatmenatAl-layla, M.Anis; Ahmad, Shamim
1980   Geodesy                                         Bomford, G.
1980   River pollution control                         Stiff, M.J.
1980   Land use                                        Rhind, David; Hudson, Ray
1980   Principles of artificial intelligence           Nilsson, Nils J.
1980   Geodetic seminar on the impact of redefinition and new technology on the surveying profession
1980                                                   Laak, Rein
       Wastewater engineering design for unsewered areas
1980                                                     .
       Toxicological appraisal of halogented aromatic.,compounds follwing groundwater pollution
1980                                                   Kiran,
       A computer package on desing of pile foundations Ravi; Ramasamy, G.
1980   Basic technical writing                         Weisman, Herman M.
1980   Bearing capacity of compacted soils             Kumar, Satish; Agarwal, K.B.
1980   Linear programming basic theory and applicationsSwanson, Leonard W.
1980                                                   Pradhan, A.S.; filtration
       Optimal design of waste water treatment system with trickling Kumar, Arvind
1980                                                   Prakash,
       Effect of surcharge on settlement of footings on sand Chandra; Rao, A.S.R.
1980   Glossary on air pollution
1980   Optimum design of reinforced concrete beamsAhuja, Rita; Agarwal, S.K.
1980                                                   Chakrabarti, S. P.
       Studies on the development of economical drainage systems for multi-storeyed buildings
1981   Cable structures                                Irvine, H.Max
1981   Weak rock soft, fractured and weathered rock Akai, Koichi; Hayashi, Masao; Nishimatsu, Yuichi
1981                                                   Ram, Chahey;
       Evaluation and strengthening of existing flexible pavements Khanna, S.K.
1981   Ground water mannual
1981   Stability of a simple homogeneous embankment    Jain, Chandresh kumar; Swamee, P.K.
1981   New horizons in travel-behaviour research       Stopher, Peter R.; Meyburg, Arnim H.
1981   Strength of reinforcecd brick masonry footingsBedi, Satya pal singh; Bhandri, N.
1981   Optimal dsign of water tower staging            Chand, Prem; Agarwal, S.K.
1981                                                   Bhattacharya, Sankar; Arora, M.G.
       Characterization of subgrade soil for flexible pavement design
1981   Comprehensice industry document oil refineries
1981   Water resource systems planning and analysis    Loucks, Daniel P.
1981                                                   Kumar, Ravindra; Gupta, A.K.
       Determination of equivalent homogeneous traffic flow in reatlation to roadway occupancy
1981   Structural systems                              Cowan, Henry J.; Wilson, Forrest
1981                                                   Geddes, 2nd International conference
       Ground movements and structures: Proceedings of the James D.
1981                                                   Bredenbrg, H.
       Proceedings of the international seminar on the application of stress-wave theory on piles : Application of stress-wa
1981   Precast piling practice                         Broms, Bengt B.
1981   Piles and foundations                           Young, F.E.
1981   Analysis and adjustment of survey measurements  Mikhail, Edward M.; Gracie, Gordon
1981   The marine environment and structural designGaythwaite, John
1981   Procedure for designing flyash concrete mixes
1981   First Indian conference in ocean engineering
1981                                                   Tingsanchali, problems
       Proceedings of the south east asian regional symposium on Tawatchaiof soil erosion and sedimentaion
1981   Numerical methods for coupled problems          Hinton, E.; Bettess, P.; Lewis, R.W.
1981   Indian astronomical ephemeris for the year 1981
1981   Application of remote sensing in engineering and allied fields under Quality improvement programme
1981   International society for soil mechanics and foundation engineering

                                                Page 96

1981   Membranes in ground engineering                  Rankilor, P.R.
1981   Concrete dams                                    Sharma, H.D.
1981   Blasting operations                              Hemphill, Gary B.
1981                                                    materials,
       Second Australian conference on engineering Cook, D.J.Sydney 1981
1981                                                    Schwarz, Klaus-peter
       Proceedings of the second international symposium on inertial technology for surveying & geodesy
1981                                                    Greenberg, Arnold
       Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater E.
1981   Structural theory and analysis                   Todd, J.D.
1981   Design of composite steel -Concrete structures   Yam, Lioyd C.P.
1981   Research and development in steel construction
1981   Water research topics                            Lamont, L.M.
1981   The use of satellite data in rainfall monitoring Barrett, Eric C.
1981                                                    Novak, P.
       Models in hydraulic engineering : physical principles and design applications
1981                                                    Lev, Ovadia E.
       Structural optimization: recent developments and applications
1981   Drinking -Water and sanitation 1981-1990
1981                                                    Shepherd,
       Advanced engineering surveying; problems and solutions F.A.
1981                                                     role of central
       Public transport in rural areas : The increasingWarburton, S. and local government
1981   River basin planning: theory and practice        Saha, Suranjit k.
1981   Developments in the use of superplasticizers Malhotra, V.M.
1981                                                    Bullock, Richard conference
       Proceedings: vol. 1 and 2; 1981 rapid excavation and tunneling L.; Jacoby, Henry J.
1981   International manual for the sampling of soft cohesive soils
1981   Microwave remote sensing: active and passive     Ulaby, Fawwaz T.; Moore, Richard K.; Fung, Adrian K.
1981                                                      methods in structural
       Proceedings of the symposium on probabilisticShinozuka, Masanobu engineering
1981                                                    Hurdle, V.F.; Hauer, E.
       Proceedings of the 8th international symposium on transportation and traffic theory
1981   Grouting in engineering practice                 Bowen, Robert
1981   Transpiration conference 1981
1981                                                    Yerrell, J.Stuart
       Proceedings of the world conference on transport research :transport research for social and economic progress
1981                                                    Vechic,
       Urban public transportation systems and technology Vukan R.
1981                                                    Martins, J.B.
       Numerical methods in geomechanics: proceedings of the nato advanced study institute
1981   Slurry thinners for fuel economy in wet process cement manufacture
1981   International conference : Recent advances in geotechnical earthquake engineering and soil dynamics
1981   Weak rock soft, fractured and weathered rock Akai, Koichi; Hayashi, Masao
1981   Seepage hydraulics                               Kovacs, Gyorgy
1981                                                    Resendiz, Daniel; Romo, Miguel P.
       Soft - ground tunneling: Failures and displacements
1981   Byproduct phosphogypsum as set controller for cement
1981   Norms for proving limestone deposits for cement manufacture
1981                                                    Kalra, S.S.
       Norms for proving limestone deposits for cement manufacture
1981   Asphalt hot-Mix recycling
1981   Soil dynamics                                    Prakash, Shamsher
1981   Wells and caissons                               Sing, Vijay
1981                                                    Brand, E.W.; Brenner,
       Soft clay engineering: developments in geotechnical engineering 20 R.P.
1981   Numerical modeling of groundwater basins Boonstra, J.; De Ridder, N.
1981   Mechanics of materials                           Beer, Ferdinand P.; Johnston, E. Russell
1981   Proceedings of the tenth international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering, Stockholm: Vol. 3
1981   Techno-economic viability of readymix concrete transported without agitation
1981   Cone penetration testing and experience          Norris, G.M.
1981   Symposium on engineering behavior of coarse grained soils, boulders and rocks
1981                                                    Porteous, Andrew
       Develpoments in environmental control and public health-2
1981   Soil mechanics and foundation engineering 10th international conference
1981   Structural safety and reliability                Mona, T.; Shinozuka, M.
1981                                                    Graff, W.J.
       Introduction to offshore structures design fabricatin installation
1981   Optimization in locational and transport analysisWilson, A.G.; Coelho, J.D.; Macgill, S.M.; Williams, H.C.W.L.
1981                                                    Brown, E.T.
       Rock characterization testing and monitoring: ISRM suggested methods

                                               Page 97

1981                                                  Smart, P.;
       Electron microscopy of soils and sediments: examples Tovey, N.K.
1981                                                   engineers
       Applied geotechnology: a text for students andRoberts, A.on rock excavation and related topics
1981   Floods due to high winds and tides             Peregrine, D.H.
1981   Clay minerals                                  Nemecz, Erno
1981   4th ISME conference on mechanical engineering
1981   1981 world GEO guide: Consultants contractors equipment manufacturers
1981   Mechanics of wave forces on offshore structuresSarpkaya, Turgut
1981   Design parameters in geotecnical engineering: vol. 1-5
1981   Selected analytical methods approved and cited by the united states enveronmenatal protection agency
1981                                                   wastewater
       Biological fluidised bed treatment of water andCooper, P.F.
1981   Environmental guldeline for development projects
1981   International highway safety conference Belgrade Yugoslavia
1981   Transit station access committee No. 5C-6
1981   Urban planning and design for road public transport
1981   Applications of remote sensing techniques for water pollution monitoring
1981   Proceedings of a conference held at the institution of civil engineers : Bridge aerodynamics
1981                                                  Camougis, George
       Environmental biology for engineers: A guide to environmental assessment
1981   Planning and control in the transport sector Bayliss, Brain
1981   Environmental impact analysis                  Black, Peter E.
1981   Biophysical ecology: With 163 Illustrations    Gates, David M.
1981                                                  Stumm, Werner; Morgan, James J.
       Aquatic chemistry: An introduction emphasizing chemical equilibria in Natural waters
1981   Design of concrete structures                  Nilson, Winter
1981                                                  Craig, Roy R.
       Strauctural dynamics : An introduction to computer methods
1981   The design of steel bridges                    Rockey, K.C.
1981   Salinity in irrigation and water resources     Yaron, Dan
1981   Proceedings :Metrological assurance of measurements for environmental control
1981   Evaluation of sulphate resistance of concrete
1981   Closed- conduit flow                           Hanif, M.; Yevjevich, Vujica
1981   Dynamics of arches and frames                  Henrych, Josef
1981   Transport and public policy planning           Banister, David; Hall, Peter
1981   Proceedings national symposium on : Binder economy and alternate binders in road & building construction
1981   Water resuse :Problems and solutions           Dean, Robert B.
1981                                                  D
       Road project appraisal for developing countries ickey, John W.
1981   Transport and reurbanisation                   Klassen, Leo H.
1981   Methods for evaluating road safety measures
1981   Advances in flow measurement techniques Stephens, H.S.
1981                                                  Taylor, C.; Hughes, T.G.
       Finite element programming of the navier-stokes equations
1981   Maintaining and troubleshooting hplc systems Runser, Dennis J.
1981   Guide to right-of-way survey practices         Wambach, William T.; Berns, Thomas B.
1981   Road safety : research and practice            Foot, H.C.; Chapman, A.J.
1981                                                  Fleischer, Gerald A.
       Contingency table analysis for road safety studies
1981   Proceedings of the conference organized nuthe institution of civil engineers : Sensors in highway and civil engineeri
1981   A guide to urban arterial systems
1981   Environmental assessment and design            Clack, James R.
1981   Nutrition and environmental health             Calabrese, Edward J.
1981   Water surface profiles
1981   Stormwater hydrology and drainage              Stephenson, D.
1981   Textbook of Algae                              Gupta, J.S.
1981   Bed-load transport: theory and practice        Stelczer, K.
1981   Practical piping handbook                      Mendel, Otto
1981                                                  Ghanekar, V.K.; Jain, J.P.
       Handbook for limit state design of reinforced concrete members
1981   Textbook of Fungi                              Gupta, J.S.

                                                Page 98

1981   Energy and ecological modeling                    Mitsch, W.J.; Susserman, R.W.; Klopatek, J.M.
1981   Pipeline design for water engineers               Stephenson, David
1981   Symposium on earthquake disaster mitigation
1981                                                     Gaudy, Anthony; Gaudy, Elizabeth
       Microbiology for environmental scientists and engineers
1981                                                     Bracken,
       Urban planning methods: research and policy analysis Ian
1981   Principles of interactive computer graphics       Newman, William M.; Sproull, Robert F.
1981   Behaviour of plate anchors in clay                Srivastava, Vinay kumar; Saran, Swami
1981                                                     Findlay,
       Pascal and introduction to methodical programming William; Watt, David A.
1981                                                      physical and biological properties E.
       The influence of sewage sludge application onCatroux, G.; Hermite, P.L.; Suess, of soils
1981                                                     Singh, Narendra; Saran,
       Analysis of turbo generator foundation with soil structure inter action Swami
1981   Assembly language programming 68000               Kane, Gerry; Hawkins, Doug; Leventhal, Lance
1981                                                     Krutch, John
       Experiments in artificial intelligence for small computers
1981                                                     Schaefer, Morris
       Intersectoral coordination and health in environmental management
1981   The 8085/sdk-85 (hands-on volume 2)               Boyat, Howard
1981                                                     Hudson, Herbert
       Water clarification processes practical design and evaluation E.
1981   Introduction to computer science                  Bartee, Thomas
1981   The microprocessor and its applications           Aspinall, D.; Clark, W.A.; Colin, A.J.T.
1981   Urban operations research                         Larson, Richard C.; Odoni, Amadeo R.
1981   Operational urban models: an introduction         Foot, Devid
1981   Planned development of rural settlements          Mandal, R.B.
1981                                                     Misri, R. L.
       Partial bed load transport of coarse nonuniform sediment
1981   Robust Statistics                                 Huber, Peter J.
1981   Soil engineering in theory and practice           Singh, Alam
1981                                                     Jain, decision making
       Environmental impact analysis : a new dimension inR. K.; Urban, L. V.; Stacey, G. S.
1981   Environmental impact of roads and traffic         Watkins, L. H.
1981   Proceedings Subject-B comptes-Rendus Sujet-B
1981                                                     Setty, K. R.
       Design analysis and characterisation of flexible pavementsNarayana Swamy
1981   Water resource system planning and analysis Loucks, Daniel P.; Stedinger, Jery R.; Haith, Douglas A.
1981   Subbjects -D Comptes -Rendus
1981                                                     Hobson, P.N.;
       Methane production from agricultural and domestic wastes Bounsfield, S.; Summers, R.
1981   Proceedings :Rusumes des rapports
1981                                                      trips
       Choice of urban transportation modes for workSinha, H. K.
1981                                                     Perrich, Jerry R.
       Activated carbon adsorption for waste water treatmenat
1981                                                     Louis, St.
       International conference on recent advances in geotchnical earthquake eingineering and soil dynamics
1981                                                      by radio active pal singh; field study
       Flow rate measurement of mountainous rivers Bhati, Gajendraisotpes : A Pande, P.K.
1981                                                     Wastewater
       Design of wastewater and stormwater pumping stations : manual of practice no. FD-4
1981                                                     Gundurao,
       Response of steel building frames under fire environment M. N.
1981                                                     Gandotra, K.; Krishna,
       Study of braced and undraced multistorey fraces for the pdelta effect Prem
1981                                                     Schwoyer, William L.K.
       Poloyelectrolytes for water and wastewater treatment
1981   Economic of the environment                       Siebert, Horst
1981   Sludge treatment                                  Eckenfelder, W.Wesley; Santhanam, Chakra J.
1981   Alernative wastewater treatment                   Eikum, Arild Schanke; Seabloom, Robert W.
1981   National directory of expertise of technical teachers in engineering colleges
1981   Sampling methods for censues and surveys Yates, Frank
1981   Directory of members                              Indian Engg Industry, Association
1981                                                     Mahal, Apjeet singh; Srivastava, A.M.C.
       Determination of generalized gravimetric geoid in india
1981   Principles of environmental science and technologyJoregensen, S.E.; Johnsen, I.
1981                                                     Gupta, A.K.; Kaushik,
       Limited analysis of reinforced fibre concrete simply supported beamsS.k.
1981                                                     Srivastava, A.K.; Arya, A.S.
       Blast resistance and shatterprof properties of composite elements
1981   Probability and random processes                  Srinivasan, S.K.; Mehata, K.M.
1981   Mathematical programming in statistics            Arthanari, T.S.; Dodge, Yodolah
1981   The analysis of categorical data                  Plackett, R.L.

                                              Page 99

1981   New webster's dictionary of the english language Webster, N.
1981                                                    Chandra, Ram
       Non-linear elastic-plastic analysis of skeletal steel structures
1981                                                    Bagchi, A.
       Snowmelt runoff in beas basin using satellite imageries K.
1981   Matrix computation and mathematical software     Rice, John R.
1981                                                    Asawa, Girdhari Lal
       An experimental investigation of radial turbulent flow between parallel plates
1981   Study of shell junctions and openings            Shrivastava, Nawal Kishore
1981   Proceedigs :Comptes-Rendus
1981   Symposium papers energy from biomass and wastes
1981                                                    G
       Catastrophe theory for scientists and engineers ilmore, Robert
1981   High resolution radar imaging                    Mensa, Dean L.
1981                                                    Talwar, Dharam Veer
       Behaviour of reinforced earth in retaining structures and shallow foundations
1981   Trace metals in the environment                  Smith, Lvan C.; Carson, Bonnie L.
1981                                                    Gupta, Ashok Kumar
       Vehicular interactions for traffic demand estimation under mixed traffic flow
1981   Handbook of water purification                   Lorch, Walter
1981                                                    Singh, Prem
       Influence of capilary zone settlement of footings on sand shanker; Rao, A.S.R.
1981   Comprehensive industry document sugar industry
1981   Studies in multimedia filters                    Srivastava, Ashok kumar; Bhargava, D.S.
1981                                                    Novotny, Vladimir
       Handbook of nonpoint pollution :sources and management
1981   Guide to engineering consultancy practics in deleloping countries
1981                                                    Sharma, S.N.; Shrivastava, A.K.
       Batch study of ecological parameters in a waste stabilization pond with varying B.O.D. inputs
1981   Natural ventilation in buildings                 Kumar, Sunil; Chand, Ishwar
1981   Air pollution control equipment                  Brauer, H.; Varma, Y.B.G.
1981   Pollution studies on river kali                  Maheshwari, R.; Bhargava, D.S.
1981                                                    Bahuguna, P.P.; Tiwari, R.S.
       Establishment and calibration of the photogrammetric system for monitoring dudhganga dam
1981                                                    Singh,
       Matrix alalysis of framed stagings for water towres Charan; Jain, O.P.
1981                                                    Versino, behaviour
       Proceedings of the 2nd symposium :physico-chemical B.; Ott, H. of atmpspheric pollutants
1981                                                    Dutka, Bernard J.
       Membrane filtraion :applications techniques and problems
1981                                                    Misra,
       Optimum design of R.C sections as per is : 456-1978Ashok; Prakash, A.
1981   Methods of monitoring and evaluation airborne man-made mineral fibres
1981                                                    Chand, Dinesh; Swamme, P.K.
       Mathematical modelling of anaerobic degestion process
1981   International symposium on :Water resoures conservaion pollution and abatement
1981                                                    Hamilton, Francis
       An account of the fishes found in the river ganges and its branches
1981                                                    Chandra, Ramesh
       Effect of shrinkage and creep in reinforced and prestressed concrete members
1981   Understanding aircarft structures                Cutler, John
1981                                                    Milazzo, G.
       Energetics and technology of biological elimination of wastes
1981   Programming and computing ewith fortran iv Grover, P.S.
1981                                                    Chaturvedi, Akhileshwar; Ranjan, Gopal
       Group efficiency of driven piles in cohesinnless soils
1981                                                    Jada, Samith with fibre concrete hinges
       Ultimate strength behaviour of reinforced concrete elementsibrahim ahmed; Kaushik, S.K.
1981                                                    Kumar, Ishanand; Kumar, Pradeep
       Effect of cadmium ion gas production from water hyacinth
1981                                                    Mahida,
       Water pollution and disposal of waste water on land U.N.
1981                                                    Bhagwan, Jai;
       Study of consolidation and rebound characteristics of clays Agarwal, K.B.
1981                                                    Rawat, B.S.; established
       Comparative study of geodetically and photogrammetrically Tiwari, R.S. control for dudhganga project
1981   Study of clay fabric through electron microscope Prasad, Rajendra; Handa, S.C.
1981   Chemistry and ecotoxicology of pollution         Connell, Des W.; Miller, Gregory J.
1981   Minimal national standards sugar industry
1981                                                    Kapur, V.;
       Seismic response of reinforced concrete braced frames Jain, A.K.
1981   Properities of polymer impregnted mortars        Bhowmik, R.; Kaushik, S.k.
1981   Atmospheric chemistry fundamental aspects Meszaros, E.
1981                                                    Ahsan, Mohd.; Tiwari,
       Use of analouge instruments for analytical photogrammetric works R.S.
1981                                                    Jolly, effects
       Water chlorination environmental impact and health Robert L.; Brungs, William A.; Cotruvo, Joseph A.
1981   Basin sub-Basin invetory of water pollution :The ganga basin
1982   Landsliders and their control                    Zaruba, Quido; Mencl, Vojtech

                                              Page 100

1982   Seventh symposium on eathquake engineering
1982   Application of walls to landslide control problemsReeves, R.B.
1982                                                      turbulent flow
       Blockage correction for sharp edged bodies in Rastogi, Naresh kumar; Vittal, V.
1982   Surveying                                         Agor, R.
1982                                                     Kumar, Ravindra; Jain, S.S.
       Determination of equinvalent homogenous traffic flow roadway occupancy
1982   Economic evaluation of highways a case studyPestei, Mortaza; Gupta, A.K.
1982   Widening of single lane road - a case study Dimri, Chandra mauleshwar; Khanna, S.K.
1982                                                     Sharma, in residential building
       Estaplishing design criteria for water distribution systemSudesh; Toshniwal, C.L.
1982                                                     Sharma, sharanpur
       Intercity public transporation system analysis for district Satya prakash; Kumar, Virendra
1982                                                     industry
       Treatment of wastewater from pulp and paper Kumar, Raj; Kumar, Pradeep
1982                                                     Sherif, Mehmet
       Earthquake microzonation conference proceedings (Vol.1-3) A.
1982                                                     Dubey, Karunesh type
       Optimal synthesis of water supply system of rectangular grid ironkumar; Swamee, P.K.
1982                                                       diffusion equation
       Analytical and numerical solution of convectivePandey, Harendra nath; Swamee, P.K.
1982                                                     Chand, Gulesh; Vasan, R.M.
       Skid resistance evaluation of bituminous wearing surfaces
1982   Economics of public transport                     Nash, C.A.
1982   Wave and wind directionality: Applications to the design of structures
1982                                                     Curi,
       Environmental technology for developing countries Kriton
1982   Tunnel engineering handbook                       Bickel, John O.; Kuesel, T.R.
1982   International seminar and exhibition on modernization of concrete construction
1982                                                     Goodman, Richard E.; Heuze, Francois
       Issues in rock mechanics: Proceedings Twenty-third symposium on rock mechanics E.
1982   Swedish code for light -gauge metal structures
1982   Surveys in fluid mechanics                        Narasimha, R.; Deshpande, S.M.
1982   Soil erosion: Developments in soil Science 10 Zachar, D.
1982                                                     II
       Handbook of physical properties of rocks: vol. Carmichael, Robert S.
1982   Deformation and failure of granular materials Vermeer, P.A.; Luger, H.J.
1982   Developments in flow measurement - 1              Scott, R.W.W.
1982   Foundations of multivariate analysis              Takeuhi, Kei
1982   Introdluction to environmental romote sensing Curtis, L.F.
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1982   Seepage and groundwater                           Marino, Miguel A.
1982   Tunnels: Planning, design, construction: Vol. 2Megaw, T.M.; Bartlett, J.V.
1982   Nucleic acid biochemistry and molecular biology   Mainwaring, W.I.P.; Parish, J.H.; Pickering, J.D.
1982                                                     ., .
       A brief introduction to asphalt and some of its uses
1982                                                     Smart, Peter; Tovey, N. Keith
       Electron microscopy of soils and sediments: Techniques
1982   Fatigue design                                    Osgood, Carl C.
1982   Bacteria and the enhancement of oil recovery Moses, V.; Springham, D.G.
1982   Theory of elasticity                              Timoshenko, S.P.; Goodier, J.N.
1982                                                     Hey, R.D.
       Gravel -bed rivers : fluvial proceses engineeering and management
1982   Numerical methods for fluid dynamics              Morton, K.W.; Baines, M.J.
1982   Modern methods of pharmaceutical analysis Schirmer, Roger E.
1982                                                     Botkin,
       Environmental studies : the earth as a living planet Daniel B.
1982   Experimental modelling in engineering             David, F.W.; Nolle, H.
1982   Reinforced and prestressed masonry :Proceedings of a conference organized by the institution of civil engineers
1982   Advances in cement technology                     Ghosh, S.N.
1982                                                       on offshore engineering held at :offshore engineering
       Proceedings of the 3rd internatinal symposiumFerrante, A.J.
1982                                                     Chryssostomidis, Chryssostomos
       Proceedings of the 3rd international conference : Behaviour of off -shore structures
1982   6th international brick masonry conference : Sesto congresso internazionale sulle murature in mattoni
1982                                                     Shirai, Yoshiaki;
       Artificial intelligence : concepts, techniques and applications Tsujii, Jun-Ichi
1982                                                     Holz, K.P.
       Proceedings of the 4th international conference : Finite clements in water resources
1982                                                     Whitney, James M.;
       Experimental mechanics of fiber reinforced composite materials Danil, Isaac M.
1982   Experimental microbial ecology                    Burns, Richard G.; Slater, J. Howard
1982                                                     Borecki, M.;
       Application of analytical methods to mining geomechanics Kwasniewski, M.

                                              Page 101

1982                                                   Wittke, W.
       Rock mechanics: caverns and pressure shafts: vol. I and II
1982   National decade plans: Eight questions they answer
1982   1982 Annual book of astm standards : Water
1982   Asphalt surface treatments construction techniques
1982   Unsoundness of clinkers with mgo content well below permissible is limit
1982   Pipeline transport principles of design         Smoldyrev, A.Ye.
1982   Manual of traffic signal design                 Kell, James H.; Fullerton, Iris J.
1982   Heavy see packaging ( Improved ) for cement
1982   Developments in thin-walled structures -1       Rhodes, J.; Walker, A.C.
1982   Tunnelling 82                                   Jones, Michael J.
1982   Highway engineering                             Khanna, S.K.
1982   Transportation and traffic engineering handbook Keefer, Louis E.
1982                                                   Pawlowski, L.
       Physicochemical methods for water and wastewater treatment
1982   Concrete technology                             Varshney, R.S.
1982                                                   Smith, G.N.
       Elements of soil mechanics for civil and mining engineers
1982                                                   Eisenstein, Z
       Proceedings of the fourth international conference on numerical methods in geomechanics: Edmonton 1982
1982                                                   Reid, Georlge W.
       Appropriate methods of treating :water and wastewater in developing countries
1982   The masonry arch                                Heyman, Jacqes
1982                                                   Feda, Jaroslav
       Mechanics of particulate materials: the principles
1982   Computer methods for civil engineers            Cope, R.J.; Sawko, F.; Tickell, R.G.
1982                                                   Zafar, A.R.
       Biological indicators and indices of environmental pollution
1982   Revive our dying planet                         Devi, Sarala
1982   Engineering meteorology                         Plate, Erich J.
1982                                                   Younger, J.S.
       Proceedings of the international symposium held at asian institute of technology :geotechnical problems and practic
1982                                                   Levitt, and
       Precast concrete: materials, manufacture, properties M. usage
1982   Crash analysis methods for vehicle structures Lanzara, G.
1982   Pedestrian accidents                            Chapman, Antony
1982   Foundations in tension: Ground anchors          Hanna, T.H.
1982   Design mix manual for concrete construction Gordon, Clifford
1982                                                   Cakmak,
       Soil Dynamics & Earthquake engineering: Proceedings A.S.; Brebbia, C.A.
1982                                                   techniques
       Modern foundations: Introduction to advanced Kurian, Nainan P.
1982   Rural water supplies
1982                                                   Cowan,
       Design of reinforced conformed concrete structures Henry J.
1982   Forecasting car ownership and use
1982   Numerical models in geomechanics                Dungar, R.; Pande, G.N.
1982   Flow in open channels                           Subramanya, K.
1982   Rivers form and process in alluvial channels Richards, Keith
1982                                                   Curi,
       Environmental technology for developing countries Kriton; Kocasoy, Gunay
1982                                                   Reinhold, Timothy A.
       Wind tunnel modeling for civil engineering application: Proceedings Pt. I & III
1982   Manual on tailings dams and dumps
1982   Textbook of photogrammetry                      Rampal, K.K.
1982                                                   Gupta, memory of prof. b.
       Large deformations:proceedings of the symposium in N.K.; Sengupta, S. karunes
1982                                                   Schiller,
       Water supply and sanitation in developing countries Eric J.
1982   The testing go concrete in structures           Bungey, J.H.
1982   Seminar on research needs in river hydraulics
1982   Computer controlled urban transportation        Strobel, Horst
1982   Prestressed concrete structures                 Dayaratnam, Pasala
1982   Water treatment and sanitation                  Mann, H.T.; Williamson, D.
1982   Foundations and earth structures
1982   Railroad engineering                            Hay, William W.
1982   Open-channel hydraulics                         Chow, Ven Te.
1982   Design tables for folded plates                 Teneja, K.N.

                                               Page 102

1982                                                   treatment
       Ozonization manual for water and wastewater Masschelin, W.J.
1982   Dynamic modeling of concrete structures         Harris, Harry G.
1982   Oxidation ditches in wastewater treatment       Mandt, Mikkel G.; Bell A., Mandt
1982                                                    in streams by
       Measurement of time of travel and despersion Hubbard, E.F. dye tracing
1982   Drainage and sanitation                         Bassett, Colin
1982   Structural masonry designers manual             Curtin, W.G.
1982   Soil survey for engineering                     Brink, A.B.A.
1982   Tubular steel structures : theory and design Troitsky, M.S.
1982   Exploratory drilling                            Kittell, S.; ., .
1982                                                   Verruijt, A.; Beringen, F.L.
       Penetration testing: Proceedings of the second European symposium
1982   Transport economics                             Button, K.J.
1982   Application of remote sensing to geotechical engineering terrain evaluation urban developments and landuse planni
1982                                                   Frivik, P.E.
       Development on geotechnical engineering :ground freezing 1980
1982   Framework for concrete construction             Ricouard, M.J.
1982                                                   Leliavsky, Serge
       Arches and short span bridges: Design textbooks in civil engineering Vol. VII
1982   Amici ET Alumni                                 De Beer, E.E.
1982   The geochemistry of natural waters              Drever, James I.
1982                                                   Desai, Mahesh
       Construction practices and instrumentation in geotechnical engineering: Vol. 1
1982                                                   Clark, Bennett D.J.
       Proceedings of 1982 international conference on microbial enhancement of oil recovery
1982   Structural design with plastics                 Benjamin, B.S.
1982   Plastics in material and structural engineering Bares, Richard A.
1982   Design of welde structures                      Blodgett, Omer W.
1982   Prestressed concrete analysis and design        Naaman, Antone E.
1982   Advanced surveying                              Som, P.; Ghosh, B.N.
1982   Water for human consumption : Man and his environment
1982   Complete encyclopaedia of photography           Michael, Langford
1982                                                   Hart, Gary C.
       Uncertainty analysis, loads, and safety in structural engineering
1982   Wind in architectural and environmental design  Melaragno, Michele
1982   Seminar on aerial surveying for flood line mapping and water management, held in Toronto, 1, Nov. 1982
1982                                                   Bathe, Klaus-jurgen
       Finite element procedures in engineering analysis
1982                                                   Hinton, E.;
       Recent advances in non-linear computational mechanics Owen, D.R.J.; Taylor, C.
1982   Compilation of abstracts of contributed papers: National space science symposium Feb. 3-6 1982
1982   Compilation of abstracts of contributed papersNational space science symposium
1982   Proceedings commission II symposium on advances in instrumentation for processing and analysis of photogramm
1982   Small hydro power fluid machinery 1982          Webb, D.R.
1982   International conference: Road traffic signaling
1982   An Informational report : The location and design of bus transfer facilities
1982   Numerical analysis of structural elements       Lind, N.C.
1982                                                   Garb,
       Waterflood calculations for hand -Held computers Forrest A.
1982   Geodesy the concepts                            Karkiwsky, Edward J.
1982                                                   Craknell, A.P.
       Computer programs for image processing of remote sensing data
1982                                                   Stephens, H.S.
       Papers presented at the international conference on : flow induced vibuations
1982   Proceedings of the general meeting of the international association of geodesy
1982   A dictionary of statistical terms               Kendall, Maurice G.; Buckland, William R.
1982   Cobol programming                               Roy, M.K.; Dastidar, D. Ghosh
1982   Hazardous waste disposal assessisng the problemsHighland, Joseph H.
1982   Examination of water pollution control          Suess, Michael J.
1982   Pascal                                          Richards, James L.
1982   Cost - economics of cable stayed bridges        Chalisgaobkar, Rajendra; Gupta, Satyendra
1982   Comprehensive industry document chlor-Alkali industry (Abridged)
1982                                                   Kusesia, Satish chandra; Srivastava, A.K.
       Coagulation studies of spent wash from distilleries
1982   Delivery of canals                              Chauhan, R.K.; Swamee, P.K.

                                              Page 103

1982                                                      Sharma, Nand kishore; Nayak, G.C.
       Study of annular raft foundations by finite element method
1982   Environmental Systems analysis and management      Rinaldi, S.
1982   Behaviour of battered piles                        Tyagi, Gajraj singh
1982   Analysis of pier caps and well caps                Jain, Hemant Kumar
1982   Theory and problems of data processing             Lipschutze, Martin M.; Lipschutze, Seymour
1982   Theory of earth shape                              Dragomir, V.C.; Mihailescu, M.S.
1982                                                      Savage, Clarence G.;
       Resource recovery from municipel solid wastes :primary processing Diaz, Luis F.
1982   Stability of simple homogeneous earth dam Basak, B.C.; Swamee, P.K.
1982   Technical Risk                                     Lind, N.C.
1982                                                      Weber,
       Air pollution : assessment methodology and modeling Erich
1982                                                      Shukla, Dineshwar; Nayak, G.C.
       Effect of 3-D sequential construction in multistoreyed building
1982   Theory and problems of programming with fortran    Lipschutze, Seymour; Poe, Arthur
1982   Hydrodynamic loading on vertical lift gates        Husain, Delwar
1982   Highway Engineering                                Khanna, S. K.; Justo, C. E. G.
1982   Natural systems for water pollution control        Dinges, Ray
1982   Price theory and applications                      Hirshleifer, Jack
1982                                                      Kumar, Ram Binay; Nayak, G.C
       Effect of sttlement of foundation including sequen tial construction of multstoreyed framses
1982                                                      Jain, Gireesh kumar; Nayak, G.C.
       Three dimensional analysis and design of microwave tower using high strength low allloy steels
1982   Air and water pollution control                    Freeman, A. myrick
1982                                                      Pathak, M.K.; Kumar, Arvind
       Studies on making a sewage treatment plant self energizing in bombay region
1982   Traffic management plan for asiad-82 at delhi Ray, Paras nath; Gupta, A.K.
1982   Elesticities in mode choice for inter -city travel Gopal, Madan; Khanna, S.K.
1982   Minimal national standards oil refi-Neries
1982                                                      Srivastava, turbulent boundary K.G.
       Influence of free-stream turbulence on characteristics of a Rajesh; Rangaraju, layer
1982   A text book of building construction               Sharma, S.K.; Kaul, B.K.
1982   Fortran programming                                Jan, Ashok K.; Rao, M.N. Keshava
1982   Sediment sorting in an aggrading stream            Kumar, Vinay; Garde, R.J.
1982                                                      Saxena, Pradeep kumar;
       Prediction and performance of lateral load deflection behaviour of piles Rao, A.S.R.
1982                                                       ground and surface waters
       Carbonaceous adsorbents for the treatment ofNeely, James W.; Isacoff, Eric G.
1982   proceedings of a conference on the practical implications of the reuse of solid waste, organized by the institution of
1982                                                      Ahuja, Vijay
       Design and analysis of computer communication networks
1982   Metaboilic maps of pesticides                      Coulston, Frederick; korte, Fredhelm; ., .
1982                                                      Bhargava,
       Vortex formation at pipe offtake from an open channel Pramod kumar; Vittal, N.
1982                                                      M
       Aquifer simulation by finite difference technique isra, Ramesh; Pathak, S.K.
1982                                                      Chowdhury, N.U.M.; Kakushik, S.k.
       A study on design of reinforced concrtete shear walls
1982   Dynamic behaviour of submerged tower structures    Kumar, Umesh; Saini, S.S.
1982                                                      Negroponte, Nicholas
       Reflections on computer aids to design and architecture
1982   Fundamentals of interactive computer graphics      Foley, James D.; Dam, Andries V.
1982   Water resuse                                       Middlebrooks, E. Joe
1982   Analysis of circular rafts on nonlinear subgrade   Sharma, Som Dutt; Viladkar, M.N.
1982   Analysis of guy mast tower under static load Khandekar, C.V.; Shna, Premkri
1982   Essays in thematic cartography                     Gupta, S.P. Das
1982                                                      Rao, Feerozuddin khan; Agarwal, S.K.
       Optimal design of R.C. silos using non-Linear programming
1982                                                      Singh, Chitra; sand
       Behaviour of circular footings with eccentric vertical loads on Saran, Swami
1982                                                      Leventhal, Lance A.
       Introduction to microprocessors: software, hardware programming
1982   The finite element method in engineering           Rao, S. S
1982   Basic excercises for the ibm personal computer     Lamoitier, Jean Pierre
1982                                                      Srivastava, settlement behaviour of
       Relevance of small secale model tests for estimating load Anil kumar; Rao, A.S.R.footings on sand
1982                                                      Bruce, A.M.; Havelaar, ,Economic and Microbiological aspects
       Proceedings of a workshops :disinfection of sewage sludge: technical A.H.; P.L., Hermite
1982                                                      Theodore, Louis; Buonicore, Anthony J.
       Air pollution control equipment:Selection ,Design , Operation and Maintenance
1982   Construction cost estimationg for project control  Neil, James M.
1982                                                      Ulrich, B.; Pankrath, J.
       Proceedings of a workshop :effects of accumulation of air pollutants in forest ecosystems

                                                Page 104

1982   Electron micrographs of consolidated clays Singal, Rakesh; Handa, S.C.
1982   Basic sanitation technologies suitable for smaller Eurpoean communities
1982                                                     Davis, R.D.; Hucker, G.; orgainc and inorganic contaminants in sewa
       Proceedings of a workshop held at stevnage :environmental effects of Hermite, P.L.
1982                                                     Weingart, pascal
       an introduction to programming and problem solving withSteven W.; Perlman, David M.
1982                                                     on sand
       Behaviour of eccentrically loaded ring footings Chaturvedi, Anurag; Saran, Swami
1982                                                     Minear, Roger
       Nuclear power :management of high -livel radioactive waste A.
1982   Rapid assessment of sources of air water and land pollution
1982                                                     Ahmad, Yusuf J.; Muller, Frank G.
       Intergrated physical ,socia-economic and environmental planning
1982                                                     porous Venkata
       A 2-d study of dispersion of pollutants through Rao, V. media
1982   Strength and stability of mud brick walls         Jain, Mahavir prasad; Saran, Swami
1982   Pascal for students                               Kemp, R.
1982   Indoor air pollutants:Exposure and health effects
1982   The intelligent microcomputer                     Goody, Roy W.
1982   Pascal at work and play                           Forsyth, Richard S.
1982                                                     beams Arvind; Agarwal, S.k.
       Minimum cost design of prestressed concrete Kumar, by non linear programming
1982   Proceedings fifth international symposium on computer assisted cartography and international society for photogam
1982                                                      landsat imageries
       Mapping of flood plain and allied features formDubey, Ajit kumar; Sharma, K.P.
1982   Optimal plastic design of steel frames            Siddiqui, A.A.; Kaushik, S.K.
1982   Manual of soil laboratory testing                 Head, K. H.
1982                                                     Lipschutz, Seymour; Poe, Arthur
       Theory and problems of programming with fortran including structured fortran
1982                                                     Muthuswamy,
       National seminar on inland water transport future persectivesS.
1982   Remote sensing for resource management Johannsen, Chris J.; Sanders, James L.
1982                                                     Podolny, Walter; Mullar,
       Construction and design of prestressed concrete segmental bridges Jean M.
1982                                                     M
       Optimization of R.C. silos by search techniques ehdi, Ghazi; Krishna, Prem
1982                                                     Fronza, Glorgio; Melli, Piero
       Mathematical models for alanning and controlling air quality
1982   Numerical methods in industrial forming processes Pittman, J.F.T.; Wood, R.D.; Alexander, J.M.
1982                                                     Brady, Robert
       On-Highway trucks :power trains and suspension systems N.
1982                                                     Garg, Pradeep kumar;
       Evaluation of landuse and vegetal changes from landsat imageries Sharma, K.P.
1982   Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering          Cakmak, A. S.; Brebbia, C. A.
1982   Removal of cadmium from waters                    Sharma, D.N.; Kumar, Pradeep
1982                                                     Jain, concrete
       Structural properties of polyethylene fibre reinforcedAshok kumar; Kaushik, S.k.
1982   Engineering cost analysis                         Collier, Courtland A.; Ledbetter, William B.
1982   Bacterial indicators of pollution                 Pipes, Wesley O.
1982                                                     Middlebrooks, E.Joe;
       Wastewater stabilization lagoon design performance and upgrading Middlebrooks, Charlotte H.; Reynolds, James H
1982   International warehousing conference
1982   Quasi plane strain analysis of gravity dams Agrawal, Brij Mohan
1982                                                     Srivastava, aquatic ecosystem
       Analytical and experimental investigations of kinetics in anAshok Kumar
1982                                                     Kogje, K. S.
       Architectural design analysis for services in multistoreyed office buildings
1982                                                     Goyal, Plyash; Ranjan, Gopal
       Effect of vibrations on lateral resistance of piles in sand
1982                                                     Featherstone, R.E.
       Proceedings of the 1st international seminar on: urban drainage systems
1982   Interactive computer graphics systems             House, William C.
1982                                                     Ghosh, Sanjay kumar; Tiwari, and
       A comparative study of some selected methods of analytical space resectionR.S. intetrsection
1982   Basic: second ed.                                 Marateck, Samuel L.
1982   Journey through kenya                             Willetts, Duncan
1982   Sewarage and sewage treatment                     Kshirsagar, S.R.
1982   Parding for institutions and special events       M., Edward
1982   Optimum design of building frames                 Agarwal, Arun Kumar
1982                                                     Chambers, B.; Tomlinson, E.J.
       Bulding of activated sludge:preventative and remedial methods
1982   Secondary effects in cable roofs                  Jain, Jogendra kumar
1982   Strength of low rise brick masonry construction   Bhandari, Navratan Mal
1982   Development in boundary element methods-2 Banerjee, P.K.; Shaw, R.P.
1982   Guide for industrial noise control                Cheremisionff, Paul N.; Ellerbusch, Fred

                                               Page 105

1982                                                    Gupta,
       Influence of grading of sand on behaviour of footings D.K.; Jain; Jain, P.K.
1982                                                    Stuckey, David;
       Management of industrial wastewater in developing nations Hamza, Ahmed
1982                                                    pascal
       A first course in computer programming using Keller, Arthur M.
1982                                                    and prevention
       Building failures :A guide to diagnosis remedy Addleson, Lyall
1982   Desingn of fire -resisting structures            Malhotral, H.l.
1982                                                    Hira, Bhabendra
       Study and development of building elements for efficient utility nath; Agarwal, S.K.
1982                                                    Boyet, Howard
       The 8085 microprocessor: fundamentals and applications
1982   Atmospheric effects of waste heat discharges Bhumralkar, Chandrakant M.; Williams, Jill
1982                                                    Scheid,
       Theory and problems of computer and programming Francis
1982   Dynamic analysis of a concrete gravity dam Agarwal, Piyush
1982   An introduction to genstat                       Alvey, Norman; Galwey, Nick; Lane, Peter
1982   Estimationg human esposure to air pollutants
1983                                                    Shanker, Rama; Khanna, S.K.
       Characterisation of pavement materials using repeated load tests
1983   Analysis and dehaviour of compsite beams Ekate, Sanjay; Kaushik, S.K.
1983                                                    Bhasin, Ashok flow
       Study and development of basic relationships for mixed traffickumar; Khanna, S.K.
1983   Adaptive finite element analysis                 Mittal, Sanjeev; Godbole, P.N.
1983                                                    presence of baffle blocks
       Drag force on a sill in a hydroaulic jump in the Kansal, Rakesh kumar; Pande, P.K.
1983                                                    Sreehari, M.N.; Khanna, B.K.
       Performance evaluation for urban bus transit in bangalore
1983   Reheological behaviour of sheet asphat premix    Baker, Ismail; Gupta, A.K.
1983   Instrumetation : devices and systems             Rangan, C.S.; Sarma, G.R.; Mani, V.S.V.
1983                                                    Raghav, Ranjendra; Pathak, S.K.
       Aquifer characteristics and ground water buget of yamuna hindon doab
1983                                                    Prakash, Vinay; Rangaraju, K.G.
       Study of some methods of flood routing in channels
1983                                                    T
       Hydraulic jump under the influence of cross jets ople, Shashi kumar; Porey, P.D.
1983   Study of cable stayed bridges with steel deck Goyal, Sunil kumar; Krishna, Prem
1983                                                    Gupta, Vipin case study
       Linkage pattern in rural road planning sharanpur district - a kumar; Khanna, S.K.
1983                                                    R
       Introduction to wastewater treatment processes amalho, R.S.
1983   Computer graphics: theory and applications Kunii, Tosiyasu L.
1983   Programming in basic                             Balagurusamy, E
1983                                                    Sharma, Subhase chandra; Gupta, flow
       Some aspects of gap acceptance dehaviour studies with reference to mixed trafficA.K.
1983                                                    Encarnacao, J.
       Computer aided design: funmdamentals and system architectures
1983   Fundamentals of darta structures                 Horowitz, Ellis
1983   Engineering properties of soils and rocks        Bell, F.G.
1983   Geodatisce astronomy                             Sigi, Ing. Rudolf; Auflage, Uberarbeitete
1983   Oxidation ditches in wastewater treatment        Barnes, D.
1983   Artificial groundwater recharge                  Olsthoorn, T.N.
1983   Structural concrete cost estimating              Clark, John
1983   Principles of construction of Hot-Mix asphalt pavements
1983   Asphalt cold -Mix recycling
1983                                                    N
       Beams ad beam columns: stability and strength arayanan, R.
1983                                                    Oriob, Gerald T.
       Mathematical modeling of water quality: streams ,lakes and reservoirs
1983   Study of the relationship between water quality and sediment ttransport
1983   Principels of wastewater treatment               Ouano, E.A.R.
1983   Advances in ecological research                  Macfadyen, A.; Ford, E.D.
1983                                                    Leppard, Gary implications
       Trace element speciation in surface waters: and its ecologicalG.
1983   Fundamentals of engineering geology              Bell, F.G.
1983                                                    Ervin, M.C.
       In-Situ testing for geotechnical investigations: Proceedings
1983                                                    Barnes,
       Biological control of nitrogen in wastewater treatment D.
1983   Asphalt in pavement maintenance
1983   Engergetics and kinetics in biotechnology        Roels, J.A.
1983                                                    Wittmann,
       Autoclaved aerated concrete, moisture and properties Folker H.
1983   ACI manual of concrete practice: 1983, Pt 1 & 4
1983   Asphalt overlays for highways and street rehabilitation

                                               Page 106

1983   The social dimension in transportation assessment  Wilson, Tay; Neff, Charlotte
1983   Theory and design of steel structures              Ballio, G.; Mazzolani, F.M.
1983                                                      Amadei, Bernard
       Rock anisotropy and the theory of stress measurements
1983   Modern and ancient fluvial systems                 Collinson, J.D.
1983   Proceedings third Canadian masonry symposium       Longworth, J.
1983   Fluid mechanics                                    Jain, A.K.
1983   Computer graphics : a programming approach         Harringyon, Steven
1983   Comprehensive glossary of technical terms
1983                                                      Yudhbir; Balasubramaniam, A.S.
       Geotechnical aspects of coastal and offshore structures
1983   Solid waste management in develping countries      Bhide, A.D.
1983                                                      Puri, G.S.; Meher-Homji, V.M.; Gupta, R.K.
       Forest ecology: vol. 1: phytogeography and forest conservation
1983   Flow measurement engineering handbook              Miller, R.W.
1983   Computational hydraulics                           Brebbia, C.A.; Ferrante, A.J.
1983   Developments in GRP technology - 1                 Harris, B.
1983   Renewable resources management applications of remote sensing
1983                                                      Hecht,
       Design principles in resource recovery engineering Norman L.; ., .
1983   Introduction to bacteria                           Sinha, U.
1983   Handbook of geology in civil engineering           Legget, Robert F.; Karrow, Paul F.
1983   Highway engineering                                Babkov, V.F.
1983   New survey methods in transport                    Ampt, E.S.; Richardson, A.J.
1983                                                      Rusch, Hubert
       Creep and shrinkage : Their effect on the behavior of concrete structures
1983   Plane and geodetic surveying; plane surveyingClark, David
1983   Theory of shell structures                         Calladine, C.R.
1983                                                      Augusti, G.; engineering: 4th International conference
       Application of statistics and probability in soil and structuralBorri, A.
1983   Farmers organization and irrigation management     Verma, R.K.
1983   Methods and investigation of groundwater systems
1983                                                      Rathmayer, H.G.; Saari, K.H.O.
       Improvement of Ground: Proceedings of the eighth European conference
1983                                                      Greenkorn, Robert in
       Flow phenomena in porous media: fundamentals and applicationsA. petroleum, water, and food production
1983   Geotechnical engineering                           Lee, Lan K.; Ingles, Owen G.
1983   Geotechnical engineering handbook                  Carter, M.
1983   Planning of road system for Bombay metropolitan region
1983                                                      Mutlusumer, B.
       Proceedings of euromech : mechanics of sediment transport
1983   Probabilistic engineering design                   Siddall, James N.
1983   Ground engineering equipment and methods Harris, Frank
1983                                                      Moriarty, F.
       Ecotoxicology: the study of pollutants in ecosystems
1983                                                      Lakshmanan, T.R.
       Systems and models for engergy and environmeantal analysis
1983   Numerical ecology                                  Legendre, Louis
1983                                                       modeling
       Systems ecology: An introduction to ecologicalKitching, R.L.
1983   Limnbology                                         Wetzel, Robert G.
1983                                                      Joshi, S.C.; Joshi, D.R.
       Kumaun himalaya :a geographic perspective on resource development
1983   Introduction to soil mechanics                     Das, Braja M.
1983                                                      Bach, W.; Crane, A.J.; Berger,
       Carbon dioxide current views and developments in energy/ climate research A.L.; Longhetto, A.
1983   Dynamics of logic ecosystems                       Fontaine, Thomas D.; Bartell, Steven M.
1983   Submicroscopic studies of soils                    Bisdom, E.B.A.
1983   Pneumatic and hydraulic conveying of soilds Williams, O.A.
1983   Proceedings of the seventeenth international symposium on remote sensing of environment
1983                                                      Banerjee, P.K.
       Developments in soil mechanics and foundation engineering -1
1983   Engineering approaches for lake managementChapra, Steven C.
1983                                                      Rathmayer, H.G.
       Proceedings of the durpoean conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering : Improvement of ground
1983   Ground water in civil engineering                  Rethati, Laszlo D.
1983                                                      1, strain John G.;
       Techniques of modern structural geology: vol. Ramsay,analysis Huber, Martin I.
1983   Earth structures engineering                       Mitchell, R.J.

                                             Page 107

1983   Numerical methods in laminar and turbulent flow   Taylor, C.; Johnson, J.A.
1983                                                     Alter, Harvey
       Materials recovery from municipal waste unit operations in practice
1983   General hydrogeology                              Klimentov, P.P.
1983   Theory and design of irrigation structures        Varshney, R.S.
1983   Groundwater hydraulics of extensive aquifers Edelman, J.H.
1983                                                     Christensen, P.Thoft.
       Reliability theory and its application in structural and soil mechanics
1983   Second Indian conference in ocean engineering
1983   Finite element computational fluid mechanics Baker, A.J.
1983   Mechanics of structures                           Junnarkar, S.B.; Adavi, Dr.H.V.
1983   Hydrology in practice                             Shaw, Elizabeth M.
1983                                                     Whittington, aswan high dam
       Water management models in practice: a case study of theD.
1983   Fluid flow machines                               Rao, N.S. Govinda
1983   Introduction to fluid mechanics                   John, James E.A.; Haberman, William L.
1983   Mathematical analysis of groundwater resources    Hunt, Bruce
1983   Building code requirements for reinforced concrete (ACI 318-83)
1983   Engineering of pile installations                 Fuller, Frank M.
1983   Proceedings of the D.B. simons symposium on erosion and sedimentation
1983                                                     Soml'yakov, A.V.; Tkachenko, and
       Measurement of turbulent fluctuations: introduction to hot-weir , anemometry V.M.related transducers
1983   Electronic surveying in practice                  Laurila, Simo. H.; Harris, David W.
1983   Mining subsidence engineering                     Kratzsch, Helmut
1983   Rheology of fresh concrete                        Tattersall, G.H.; Banfill, P.F.G.
1983   Dictionary of geotechnics                         Somerville, S.H.; Paul, M.A.
1983   Fundamentals of irrigation engineering            Singh, Bharat
1983   Automation and control in transport               Barwell, F.T.
1983   Chemistry of water treatment                      Faust, Samuel D.
1983   Development of tubewell irrigation in India       Dhawan, B.D.
1983   Creep of plain and structural concrete            Neville, A.M.
1983   Traffic engineering and transport planning        Kadiyali, L.R.
1983   Microcomputer application in transportation engineering
1983   Car use : a social and economic study             Goodwin, P.B.
1983                                                     C
       Plane and geodetic surveying; higher surveying lark, David
1983   Vertical transportation : elevators and escalatorsStrakosch, Georage R.
1983   Finite element primer                             Irons, Bruce; Shrive, Nigel
1983   Engineering behavior of rocks                     Farmer, Ian
1983   Rockbursts: Prediction and control
1983   Schaum's outline on dynamics structural analysis  Tuma, Jan J.; Cheng, Franklin Y.
1983                                                     Howe, John
       A practical guide to earth road construction and maintenance : earth roads
1983                                                     Hopkins,
       Extraction of information from remotely sensed images Paul F.
1983                                                     Bazat,
       Mechanics of geomaterials : rokes, concretes ,soils Zdendk P.
1983   International congress on rock mechanics: Proceedings
1983   Rock mechanics                                    Jumikis, Alfreds R.
1983   Anchoring in rock and soil                        Hobst, L.; Zajic, J.
1983   Hand book of structural concrete                  Kong, F.K.
1983                                                     Holmes, concrete and steel
       Analysis and design of structural connection: reinforcedM.; Martin, L.H.
1983   Fundamentals of soil dynamics                     Das, Braja M.
1983   Hydraulic aspects of floods and flood control
1983   Interantional drinking water supply and sanitation : Decade commencement
1983   Highway materials soils and concrete's            Atkins, Harold N.
1983   Transport location and spatial policy             Button, K.J.; Gilingwater, D.
1983   Standard plans for highway bridges
1983   Water supply and saniation projcet preparation handbook
1983   Proceedings of the conference : Highway investment in developing countries

                                              Page 108

1983   Hydraulic hanbook                               Warring, R.H.
1983   GRP in structural engineering                   Holmes, M.; Just, J.
1983   Road and building and materials                 Shestoperov, S.V.
1983   Fractal geometry of nature                      Mandelbrot, Benoit B.
1983                                                   Fordyee, M.W.
       GRC and buildings : A design guide for the architect and engineer for the rse of glassfibre reinforced cement in con
1983                                                   Atkins, A.G.; Mai, Y-W
       Elastic and plastic fracture: metals, polymers, ceramics, composites, biological materials
1983   Control in transportation systems               Klamt, D.; Lauber, R.
1983   Traffic engineering and transport planning      Kadiyal, L.R.
1983                                                   .,
       Proceedings of the 2nd international symposium. on river sedimentation
1983   Proceedings: 8th Australian fluid mechanics conference
1983   Transportation demand analysis                  Kanafani, Adib
1983                                                   Jenkins, James T.; Satake,
       Mechanics of granular materials: new models and constitutive relations Masao
1983   Flow through porous media                       Pinder, Geroge F.
1983   Environmental change                            Goudie, Andrew
1983   Introduction to pascal and structured design Dale, Nell; Orshalick, David
1983                                                   Distefano,
       Theory and problems of feedback and control systems Joseph J.; Stubberud, Allen R.; Williams, Ivan J.
1983                                                   microcomputers
       Digital computer electronics an introduction to Malvino, Albert Paul
1983   The international robtices year books           Aleksander, Igor
1983                                                   Thring, M.W.
       Robots and telechirs :manipulators with memory and remote manipulators machine limbs for the handicapped
1983                                                   Iyer, by magnesium salt
       Removal of colour from alup and paper mills waste M.V shrinivasan; Gupta, S.K.
1983   Pascal                                          Chirlian, Paul M.
1983                                                   Taylor, D.R. Fraser
       Graphic communication and design in contemporary cartography
1983                                                   Smith, D.;
       Fixed -film biological processes for wastwater treatment Yeun C., Wu
1983   Water pollution and management                  Varshney, C.K.
1983                                                    systems
       Study and design of low cost masonry housingMittal, Neeta; Prakesh, Anand
1983                                                   Edwards, B.H.; Paullin, J.N.; Jordan- coghlan, k.
       Emerging tecnologies for the control of hazardous wastes
1983   The computer guide to word processing           Berst, Jesse
1983   Air quality in selceted urban areas 1979-1980
1983   Asm handbook of engineering mathematics Akron, University
1983   Performance study of wastewater treatment plant at mother dairy
1983   Proceedings subject -A Comptes-Rendus Subjet-A
1983   Theory and design of irrigation structures      Varshney, R. S.; Gupta, S. C.; Gupta, R. L.
1983   The mcgraws hill computer handbook              Helms, Harry; Osborne, Adam; Bartee, Thomas C.
1983   Disposal and recovery of municipal solid waste  Henstock, Michael E.
1983   Planning and design of airports                 Horonjeff, Robert; McKelvey X., Francis X.; ., .
1983   Abstracts resumes
1983   Sisxty programs for the dragon 32               Erskine, Robert; Walwyn, Humphrey; Stanley, Paul
1983   Column design formulae                          Aggarwal, Bachan Lal; Godbole, P.N.
1983   Introduction to environmental management Bhatia, Balraj
1983   Proceedings subject b comptes Rendus B
1983   Removal of cadmium from water by water hyacinth Prakash, Om; Mehrotra, Indu
1983                                                   Martin,
       Software maintenance: the problem and its solutions James; Mcclure, Carma
1983                                                   Rapoport, Anatol
       Mathematical models in the social and behavioral sciences
1983   Manual of remote sensing                        Colwell, Robert N.
1983                                                   M
       Programming byte by byte structured fortran 77 ashaw, Bijan
1983   Seminars
1983   Ibm personal computer handbook                  Dravnieks, Dzintar E.
1983   Analysis and behaviour of composite beams Ektate, Sanjay; Gupta, V.k.
1983   Hazardous waste disposal                        Lehaman, John P.
1983   Linear statistical analysis of discrete data    Aickin, Mikel
1983   Proceedisngs of a symposium on: Appropriate building materials for low-income housing
1983                                                   Sinha, D.K.; Misra, A.
       Studies in environmental mathematics :perspectives and approaches

                                               Page 109

1983                                                     Wadden, Richard A.; Scheff, Peter A.
       Indoor air pollution :characterization ,prediction and control
1983   Dynamic analysis of rigid jointed frames          Singh, Rajpal; Mathur, R.P.
1983                                                     Arthur, J.P.
       Notes on the design and operation of waste stabilization ponds in warm climates of develpoing countries
1983   Designing for fire safety                         Butchaer, E.G.; Parnell, A.C.
1983   Map uses scales and accuracies for engineering and associated purposes
1983   Sludge characteristics and behavior               Carberry, Judith B.; Eng;ande, Andrew J.
1983                                                     Ross, S.A.; Jank, B.E.
       Design and selection of small wastewater treatment systems
1983   Proceedings subjcts A,B.C,D suppement
1983   Proceedings :Official ceremonies ,General Lectures General reports Generaux, Discussions
1983                                                     S
       Studies on combined well shell pile foundations ondhi, Jogesh; Nayak, G.C.
1983   Proceedings subject C comptes-Rendus Subject C
1983   Energy performance of buildings                   Donn, Michael R.; Baird, George; Pool, Frank
1983   Inelastic respponse of concrete frames            Deshpande, M.R.; Jain, Ashok
1983   Environmental impact assessment                   Clark, Brian D.
1983                                                     Michalski,
       Machine learning: an introduction intelligence approach Ryszard S.; Carbonell, Jaime G.; Metchell, Tom M.
1983   Prodeedings of the sixth International Symposium on automated cartography: international perspectives on achieve
1983                                                     Semwal, region of india by gravity method
       Determination of mohorovicic discountinity in north east Sachida nand; Bhattacharji, J.C.
1983   Planning and development of towns                 Gupta, R.G.
1983   Av instruction technology media and methods Brown, James W.; Lewis, Richard B.; Harcleroad, Fred F.
1983   Behaviour shallow plate anchors in soils          Nene, Ashok S.
1983                                                     Guariso, the aswan high dam
       Water management models in practice: a case study ofGiorgio; Whittington, Dale
1983                                                     Mahadevan, A.; Trikha, D.N.
       Foundation settlements for low rise framed buildings
1983   Numerical methods software and analysis           Rice, John R.
1983   Bending and buckling analysis of dimpled plates   Ghanear, R.K.; Krishna, Prem
1983   Elements of computer programming                  Chhabra, P.D.
1983                                                     Sharma, S. S.
       Non-linear analysis of reinforced concrete framed structures
1983   Finite element analysis of tunnel lining          Khanooja, Ajeet singh; Nayak, G.C.
1983   Soil-structure interaction in frames              Viladkar, M. N.
1983   Existing sewer evaluation and rehabilitation
1983   Mini spt for rural geotechnical investigations Mohan, Atul; Handa, S.C.
1983   Reducing time of bacterial test                   Pandey, Gyan prakash; Toshniwal, C.L.
1983                                                     S
       Planktonic copepods of freshwater ecosystems ehgal, K.L.
1983   Management of a student research project          Howard, Keith; Sharp, John A.
1983                                                     Arora, open chennels
       Velocity distribution and sediment trasport in rigit-bedAshwani Kumar
1983                                                      systems
       Study and design of low cost masonry housingMittal, Neeta S.; Singh, Jitendra
1983   Removal of chromium from waste waters by sorption Srivastava, H.C.P.; Mathur, R.P.
1983                                                     Sharma,
       Determination of indian geoid by combination method Shyam bihari lal; Bhattacharji, J.C.
1983   Microprocessors and digital systems               Hall, Douglas V.
1983   Air pollution modeling and its application-2      De Wispelare, C.
1983                                                     Jorgensen, S.E.
       Application of ecological modelling in environmental management( part-a)
1983                                                     Mehndiratta, Harish
       Concept of lateral confinement in pavement analysis and design Chandra
1983   strength of material and structures               Case, John; Chilver, Lord; Ross, Carl T.F.
1983   Ecological studies of waste stabilisation pondsSinha, Anil Kumar
1983                                                     Jain, Nirmal
       Flexural behaviour of partially embedded pile foundation Kumar
1983   Word processing on the ibm pc                     Goodman, Danny
1983   Rural water supply handpumps project
1983   Design of modesrn concrete highway bridges Heins, Conrad P.
1983                                                     Patnaik, P. C.
       Fluid dynamic forces on a sphere submerged in turbulent boundary layer
1983   Activated sludge process :theory and practice Ganczyk, Jerzy J.
1983   Syndet pollution and abatement                    Tayal, Amita
1983   A Census user's handbook                          David, Rhind
1983                                                     Suess, Micheal J.; Huismans, Jan W.
       Management of hazardous waste :policy guidelines and code of practice

                                              Page 110

1983                                                    Agarwal,
       Studies on the characteristics of meandering streams V. C.
1983   Proceeedisngs of the symposium on construction planning and management
1983   Optimum design of reinforced concrete slabs Prasad, Suneet
1983                                                    Negi, Shankar singh; Jain, -roorkee region
       Digital classification for landuse evaluation from landsat data in dehradun S.C.
1983                                                    Deka,
       Performance analysis of urban bus transit system Deheswar
1983   Fortran iv programming                           Chopra, M.G.; Kumar, Ram
1983   Static analysis of guyed mast tower              Khandekar, C.V.; Krishna, P.
1983                                                    Magazine, M. in
       Effect of bed and side roughness on dispersion and diffusionK. open channels
1983   Programming for basic                            Subramanian, N.
1983   Treatment of Oil -containing wastewater          Pushkarew, V.V.; Yuzhaninov, A.G.; Men, S.K.
1983   Microcomputers buyers guide                      Webster, Tony
1983                                                    Saini, Dinesh
       A study of aerodynamic behaviour of cable stayed bridge kumar; Pande, P.K.
1983   Practical waste management                       Holmes, John R.
1983   Basic programming                                Holmes, B.J.
1983   Microcomputer data handbook                      Microcomputer@FAu.
1983   Basic soil mechanics                             Whitlow, R.
1983                                                    Kumar, Arvind
       Optimization of municipal wastewater treatment system with activated sludge process
1983   Fortran 77                                       Davis, Gordon B.; Hoffmann, Thomas R.
1983                                                     vi
       Robot technology: logic and programming vol. Parent, Michel; Laugeau, Claude
1983                                                    Philippakis, A.S.; Kazamier, Leonard J.
       Program design concepts with applications in cobol
1983                                                    Casey, T.J.; sewae sludge
       Proceedings of a workshop: methods of characterization ofHermite, P.L.; Newman, P.J.
1983                                                    Singhal, its colour removal using fly ash
       Studies on the characterisation of paper mill waste and D.K.; Kumar, Arvind
1983   Linear programming                               Thomas, John B.
1983                                                    Singh, Kushal pal; near roorkee
       A critical appraisal of mud house construction practice in villages Ramasamy, G.
1983                                                      in air
       Identification and analysis of organic pollutantsKeith, Lawrence H.
1983                                                    Dasika, L.P.; Kumar, Pradeep
       Alum clay treatment of waste water from pulp and paper mills : Feasibility and design of primary clarifiler
1983   Introduction to formal languages                 Revesz, Gyorgy E.
1983   Unit hydrograph analysis of small catchments Singh, Raj deva; Seth, S.M.
1983   Dynamic hehaviour of framed structures           Khanna, Anita; Singh, K.K.
1983                                                     waste conference:toxic and hazardous waste
       Proceedings of the 15th mid -atlantic industrialLaGrega, M.D.; Hendrian, Linda K.
1983   Measurement of sediment-laden flows in pipesKapoor, Baljeet singh
1984                                                    Parmar, K.J.; Pathak, S.K.
       Numercial simulation of laminar and turbulent boundary layers
1984   Probit analysis for inter city travel demand     duggal, Ajay kumar; Kumar, Virendra
1984   Utility of slow-moving vehicles                  Datta, R.N.
1984   hydro_electric engineering practice              Brown, J. Guthrie
1984   fundamentals of interactive computer graphicsFoley, James D.; Dam, Andries Van
1984   Hydropower engineering                           Warnick, C.C.
1984                                                    Bhansali,
       Evaluation and strengtheing of masonry arch bridges P.M.; Jain, S.C.
1984                                                    Volmuller, J.
       Proceedings of the 9th international symposium on : transportation and traffic theory
1984                                                    Prakash, Shamsher
       International conference on case histories in geotechnical engineering
1984   Probabilistic methods in structural engineeringAugusti, G.; Baratta, A.; Casciati, F.
1984   Transportation planning models                   Florian, Michael
1984                                                    Watters, Gary Z.
       Analysis and control of unsteady flow in pipelines
1984   Design and construction of concrete shell roofs  Ramaswamy, G.S.
1984   Proceedings acts elgebnisse                      Par, Redige; Von, Zusammengestellt
1984                                                    Oden, vol. 5
       Finite elements: special problems in solid mechanics J. Tinsley; Carey, Graham f.
1984   Environmental policy in india                    Singh, Shekhar
1984   Hydraulics transport in flumes                   Guy, N.G.
1984                                                    Murray, N.W.
       Introduction to the theory of thin -walled structures
1984   Strength and fracture of engineering solids      Felbeck, David K.; Atkins, Anthony g.
1984   Asbestos -Cement : Building pipes & accessories for rainwater, soil waste & vent
1984   Wind Engineering: Retrospect and prospect: International association for wind engineering: Vol. 1 - 4

                                                Page 111

1984                                                   measures, Raymond M.
       Laser remote sensing: fundamentals and applications
1984                                                   Hardy, H. Reginald; Leighton, Proceedings
       Acoustic emission/microseismic activity in geologic structures and materials: Frederick W. of the third conference
1984   International symposium on creation of awareness about earthquake hazards and mitigation of seemic risks
1984   Environmental control for pulp and paper mills Edde, Howard
1984                                                   Bulgarelli, ulderico; Casulli, Vincenzo
       Pressure methods for the numerical solution of free surface fluid flows
1984   Geology for engineers                           Blyth, F.G.H.; Freitas,
1984   Experiments in engineering geology              Gokhale, Kvgk; Rao, D.M.
1984                                                   Misra, A.; Polasa, H.
       Virus ecology: Based on symposium organized at university of warwick, Coventry
1984   Transport system optimization and pricing       Jansson, Jan Owen
1984   Current pracatiecs in environmental engineering Singh, Alam
1984   Computing in civil engineering: proceedings of the third conference
1984   15th annual public transport symposium information technology in public transport
1984   Physical and geotechnical properties of soils Bowles, Joseph E.
1984                                                   Geltner, David
       Transportation energy and economic development : a dilemma in the developing world
1984                                                   Arya, Suresh
       Design of structures and foundations for vibrating machines C.
1984                                                   H
       Geotechnical engineering investigation manual unt, Roy E.
1984   Urban transport in Asian                        Pendakur, V.Setty
1984   Thermal discharges                              Miller, D.S.; Brighouse, B.A.
1984                                                   Kostem, Celal N.; Shephard, Mark S.
       Computer aided design in civil engineering: proceedings
1984   Monsoons - a perspective                        Das, P.K.
1984                                                   Replogle, John A.
       Proceedings of the specialty conference sponsored by the irrigation and drainate division of the American society of
1984   Proceedings of the seminar on modern trends in structural analyses and design 1984
1984                                                   Koerner, Robert M.
       Construction and geotechnical methods in foundation engineering
1984   Using the ITE trip generation report            Buttke, H.
1984   Environmental quality management                Lohani, Bindu N.; North, Alastair M.
1984   Guidelines for deinking -Water quality
1984                                                   Corona, Giovanni
       Design and specifications : site planning organization for transport infrastructures
1984                                                   Brown,
       Design and performance of underground excavations E.T.; Hudson, J.A.
1984   Environmental engineering                       Singh, Alam
1984                                                   Boyce, J.R.; Mackechnie, W.R.; Schwartz, K.
       Soil mechanics & foundation engineering: Proceedings of the eighth regional conference for Africa: Vol. 1
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1984                                                   Schofield, for
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1984   Risk, structural engineering and human error Grigoriu, M.
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1984   Ecology 2000, the changing face of earth        Hillary, Sir Edmund
1984   New directions in optimum structural design Atrek, E.; Gallagher, R.H.
1984   Building bridges
1984   Transport of dangerous goods                    ., .

                                                Page 112

1984   Low-Cost water supply and saniation tecnology: Pollution and health problems
1984                                                    Envitek,
       Environmental management for developing countries A.S.
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1984   Tunneling in soil and rock                       Lo, K.Y.
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1984                                                    Dede, Michael; Sock, Frederick
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1984   Hydrography for the surveyor and engineer Ingham, Lieutenant-commander
1984   Operation of hydraulic structures of dams
1984   Constitutive relations for soils                 Gudehus, G.; Darve, F.
1984                                                    Stephansson, Ove
       Rock bolting: theory and application in mining and underground construction
1984   Finite element analysis : theory and programming Krishnamoorthy, C.S.
1984   Manual of surgace drainage engineering           Kinori, B.Z.
1984   Rock mechanics design in mining and tunneling    Bieniawski, Z.T.
1984   Finite elements for structural analysis          Weaver, William; Johnston, Paul R.
1984   Guedelines for drinking water quality
1984   River control during dam construction
1984   Reinforced and prestressed masonry
1984                                                    Brebbia, C.A.; Maksimovic, C.; Radojkovic, M.
       Proceedings of the international conference portoroz Yugoslavia : hydrosoft'84 hydraulic engineering software
1984                                                    Mandic, Dejan
       Yugoslav experience in designing and construction of power projects and possible forms of cooperation between de
1984                                                     proceedings twenty singh, Madan M.
       Rock mechanics in productivity and protection:Dowding, Charles H.;fifth symposium on rock mechanics
1984   Torsion of reinforced concrete                   Hsu, Thomas T.C.
1984   Uniform vehicle code and traffic ordinance
1984   Rural roads and poverty alleviation              John, Howe
1984   Frontiers in hydrology                           Maxwell, W.Hall C.; Beard, Leo R.
1984                                                    Evett, Jack B.
       Soil properties: testing, measurement and evaluation
1984   Gas transfer at water surfaces                   Brutsaert, Wilfried
1984   New transportation systems worldwide -part 2
1984   Space structures                                 Avram, Constantin; Anastasescu, Decebal
1984                                                    Stephenson, David
       Pipeflow analysis: Developments in water science: 10,
1984   Symposium machine processing of remotely sensed Data, 1984.Proceedings of this and previous symposia
1984   Optimum design of metal structures               Farkas, Jozsef
1984   Systems analysis for civil engineers             Ossenbruggen, Paul J.
1984   Design life of buildings
1984   Wind effects on civil engineering structures Kolousek, V.; Pirner, M.
1984                                                    Mather,
       Water resources : distribution ,use and maagement John R.
1984   Structural masonry detailing                     Curtin, W.G.; Shaw, G.
1984   Structural design of cable-suspended roofs Szabo, J.; Kollar, L.
1984   Advanced technology for monitoring and processing global environmental data
1984                                                    Michael, P.
       Ecological methods for field and laboratory investigations
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1984                                                    Damjanic, aided analysis
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1984   Model studies of aerators on spillways
1984   Principles and practice of : Highway engineering Kadiyali, L.R.
1984                                                    Carneiro,
       Shell and spatial structures engineering: Proceedings F.L.L.B.; Ferrante, A.J.
1984                                                    Corona, design and specifications
       Site planning organization for transport infrastructures :Giovanni

                                              Page 113

1984                                                    Krishnaiah, P.R.
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       Symposium Canadian de taledetection the Canadian symposium on remote sensing
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       Wheels within cities: new alternatives for passenger Gabriel
1984                                                    delays in linked systems
       The effects of pedestrian crossing facilities on G.I., Taylor
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1984   Principles of water resources planning           Goodman, Alvin S.
1984                                                    Smith, K.V.H.
       Proceedings of the 1st internatiolknal conference southampton : channels and cnannel conetol structures
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1984                                                    Horvath,
       Modelling in the technology of wastewater treatment Imre
1984                                                    control
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       Probability theory and mathematical statistics for engineers
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       A low cost strategy for treatment of electroplating waste waters forms cottage industries in roorkee
1984   Technical papers of the 12th conference of the intenational cartographic association

                                               Page 114

1984   Engineering limnology                               Sellers, B. Henderson
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       Linera statistical methods and related methods withJohn
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1984   Evaluation of exposure to airbore to airborne particles in the work environment
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1984                                                       planning of cities
       Metropolis to metroplex: the social and spatial Meltzer, Jack
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       Removal of charomium by saw dust : Continuous operation
1984   Meteorological aspects of acid rain                 Bhumralkar, Chandrakant M.; Teasley, John I.
1984   Travaux de l'association internationale de geodesie
1984   Lon exchange technoilogy                            Naden, D.; Streat, M.
1984                                                       Agarwal, Pradeep remote sensing techniques
       Measurement of some physical water quality parameters throughkumar; Tiwari, R.S.
1984   Anaerobic treatment of forest industry wastewaters  Rantala, P.; Luonsi, A.
1984   Flow through side sluice                            Tanwar, Mahi pal; Akbari, M.E.
1984   Petroleum and organic chemicals industries Barnes, D.; Forster, C.F.; Hrudey, S.E.
1984   Total load transport of sediment mixtures           Samaga, B. Rajgopal
1984   Fortran programming                                 Jain, Ashok K.; RAo, M.N. Keshava
1984   Fortran programming                                 Jani, Ashok K.; Rao, M.N. Keshava
1984   Noise pollution studies in a sugar factory          Singh, Brij bhan; Nigam, S.P.
1984   Basic programming                                   Jain, V.K.
1984                                                       of a part Satyendra kumar; Sharma, K.P.
       Soil mapping and hydrologic soil classification Chadha, of narmada catehment around narmada sagar using remote
1984   Pollutional survey of major drains for lucknow city Sahni, Devendra kumar; Shrivastava, A.K.
1984   Artificial intelligence in basic                    James, Mike
1984   C language users handbook                           Systems, Weber
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       Shear characteristics of gravel-sand mixtures under high stresses
1984                                                       Tatwawadi, B.D.; Gupta, S.K.
       Feasibility studies on vertical radial filter for use in the army
1984   Operation and maintenace of pollution control equipment
1984   Study of bearing capacity of rocks                  Yadav, Uma Shankar singh; Agarwal, K.B.
1984   Idealized mathematical modelling of an aquiferGarg, Rakesh kumar; Pathak, S.K,
1984                                                       Smith, the 1990's
       Highrise cinstruction techniques and management forJames
1984   Effective cycling                                   Forester, John
1984   Emission regulaitons (Part one)
1984   Effects of nuclear war on health and health services
1984   An introduction to operating systems                Deitel, Harvey M.
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1984   Low-Cost and energy saving construction materials   Ghavami, K.; Fang, H.Y.
1984   Basic exercise for the ibm pcjr                     Lamotier, Jean Pierre
1984                                                        lower himalayan ranges
       Evaluation of forest resources in some area ofJain, Kamal; Tiwari, R.S. using remote sensing techniques
1984   Groundwater pollution microbiology                  Bitton, Gabriel; Gerba, Charles P.
1984   Symosium on building services
1984   Cost planning of building                           Ferry, Dougleas J.; Branson, Peter S.
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       Environmeantal protection :standards compliance and costs

                                             Page 115

1984   Introduction to pascal and computer applicationsJones, Richard M.
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1984   Deposition both wet and dry                     Hicks, Buunce B.
1984                                                   Hendrey,
       Earlay biotic responses to advancing lake acidification George R.
1984                                                   elevated temperature
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1984                                                   Sagane, A.A.; Gupta,
       Remedial measures of secaling in industrial pipe network systems S.K.
1984                                                    and movable beds
       Subcritical open channel expansions with rigid Nashta, Changiz Fouladi
1984   Short term courses on effective teaching
1984                                                   Ramasway, S.D.; Tam, C.T
       Proceedings of the international conference on :tall buildings
1984                                                    jointed panels
       Static and dynamic behaviour of prefabricated Chakrabarti, Syamal Chandra
1984   Dust pollution from stone crushers
1984   Characteristics and treatment of wastwater from an electric bulb manufacturing unit : A Case study
1984   Strengthening of damaged concrete structuresHali, Sunil kumar; Jain, S.C.
1984                                                    :perspectives on environmental impact assessment
       Proceedings of the annual training courses on Bisset, Ronald; Clark, Brian D.; Alexander, Gilad
1984                                                   Cowan, Henry
       Energy conservation in the design of multi-storey buildings J.
1984                                                   Kumar, zonal basis
       An integrated mass transportation system planning on Virendra
1984                                                   Wexler, Joanna
       Cad84 6th international conference and exhibition on computers in design engineering
1984   Proceeding on computer Graphics
1984                                                   Singh, Harcharan; Saran, Swami
       Behaviour of eccentrically loaded footings on reinforced earth salb
1984   Software handbook                               Intel
1984   Estimation of annual runoff from catchments Kothyari, U.C.; Seth, S.M.
1984                                                   Sud,
       Behaviour of shallow foundation adjacent to slopes Vijay Kumar
1984   Applied stream sanitation                       Velz, Clarence J.
1984   Concrete box -Girder bridges                    Scheef, Harmut
1984   Computer organization                           Hamacher, V. Carl; Vranesic, Zvonko G.; Zaky, Safwat G.
1984                                                   Molanezhad, Mahmood
       Mathematical approach to nreservoir sedimentation
1984   Implementations of prolog                       Campbell, J.A.
1984                                                   Shrivastava, vertical
       Study of absolute geoidal undulations and deflections of theA. M. C. using a correlation method
1984   Airport operations                              Ashford, Norman; Stanton, H.P. Martin
1984   On line prediction of batch adsorption system Singh, Nagendra prasad; Ojha, C.S.
1984   Airport engineering                             Wright, Paul H.
1984   Chemistry of particles fogs and rain            Durham, Jack L.
1984   Water analysis :organic species (Part-1)        Keith, Lawrence H.; Minear, Roger A.
1984   How to use ibm pc                               Willis, Jerry; Manning, William
1984   Introduction to microprocessors                 Mathur, Aditya P.
1984   Proceedings of the 4th congress of asian and pacific regional divdision of the intertnaitonal association for hydraulic
1984   A rational approach to stable channel design Khan, Abdul mannan; Raju, K.G.
1984   Structural behaviour of reinforced brick work Agrawal, Vijay; Singh, K.K.
1984                                                     structures
       Tori -conical shell foundation for tower shapedAginhotri, Satish chandra; Nayak, G.C.
1984   Food and allied industries                      Barnes, D.
1984                                                   Okun, Daniel A.; Schulz, Christopher R.
       Surface water treatment for communities in developing countries
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1985   Elements of public health engineering           Duggal, K.N.
1985   Open-channel hydraulics                         Chow, Ven Te
1985                                                   Kumar, Pawan; Gupta, S.S.
       Effect of width contraction on behaviour of awuare-edged round nosed broad crested weirs

                                                Page 116

1985                                                    Raghav, Rajendra doab
       Aquifer characteristics and ground water budget of yamuna indonsingh; Pathak, S.K.
1985   Explosive shocks in air                          Kinney, Gilbert F.; Graham, Kenneth J.
1985                                                    Chandra, Satish; Mahendru, A.K.
       Parametric study on semi-rigid pavement model slabs using calcitec-dolomitic lime
1985   Analysis of flow to multiaquifer wells           Mishra, Prafulla kumar; Mishra, G.C.
1985   Yamuna water disputes a perspective              Babbar, Richa; Kumar, Satish
1985   Svf model application in surface hydraology Hossain, Mubrak; Mathur, B.S.
1985   Dedicated to prime source of engery              Nigam, P.S.
1985   Qualitative methodlogy and sociology             Silverman, David
1985                                                    Rao, Kishan; area roorkee
       Transporation systems management for civil lines shopping Gupta, A.K.
1985   Digital computer fundamentals                    Bartee, Thomas C.
1985   Introduction to building                         Osbourn, Derek
1985                                                    Garg, Girish kumar; Tiwari, K.C.
       Modelling goods transporation on regional basis in rajsathan
1985   Fortran iv :computer programming                 Biswas, Nripendra N.
1985                                                    Pandey, Narendra prasad; Srivastava, Rajesh
       Flow characteristics of non rectangular side weirs
1985                                                    Harmon, Paul
       Expert systems: artificial intelligence in business
1985   Finite elements in computatuional mechanics Kant, Tarun
1985                                                    Phung, Dinh; Vasan, R.M.
       A study of load carrying capacity of rigid pavements for highways and airfields
1985                                                    Kansal, Alok; Trikha, D.N.
       Lateral resistance of frame -shear wall structures
1985                                                    Bawane, Om prakash;
       Flexural behaviour of ferrocment cored slabs using superplasticizers Gupta, V.K.
1985   Blast vibration monitoring and control           Dowding, Charles H.
1985                                                     service of state highway 45
       Influence of geometric paramenters on level ofJain, Swadesh prakash; Arora, M.G.
1985   Reinforced concrete structures                   Punmia, B.C.
1985   Introduction to surveying                        Anderson, James M.; Mikhail, Edward M.
1985                                                    Koerner, Robert M.
       Construction and geotechnical methods in foundation engineering
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1985   Proceedings of the 11th international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1985   Water resources planning                         Grigg, Neil S.
1985   Proceedings of the symposium on failures in earth works organized by the institution of civil engineers and held in L
1985   Applied finite element analysis for engineers Stasa, Frank L.
1985   Frozen ground engineering                        Phukan, Arvind
1985   Cable stayed bridges                             Walther, Rene; Bernard Houriet; Walmar Isler; Pierre Moia
1985                                                    Kant,
       Finite elements in computational mechanics: vol. 1 Tarun
1985   Reinforced concrete design                       Wang, Chu-Kia; Salmon, Charles G.
1985   Finite element methods in mechanics              Kikuchi, Noboru
1985   Proceedings of the eleventh international conference on oil mechanics and foundation engineering
1985   Analysis and design of foundations for vibrationsMoore, P.J.
1985                                                    Sharma, Santosh
       Productivity in road transport : a study in innovative management
1985   Proceedings ASIA pacific symposium on wind engineering
1985   Designing steel structures methods and casesCooper, Sole E.
1985   Advances in remote sensing retrieval methodsDeepak, Adarsh; Fleming, Henry E.
1985   Technical papers 51st annual meeting
1985   Design of reinforced concrete structures         Hassoun, M. Nadim
1985                                                    Kawamoto, T.
       Proceedings of the 5th international conference on numerical methods in geomechanics :Numerical methods in geo
1985   Principles of remote sensing                     Curran, Paul J.
1985   Mapping from aerial photographs                  Burnside, C.D.
1985                                                    Torno, Harry computer asslications in water resources
       Proceedings of the specialty conference sponsored by the : C.
1985   Water and waste water testing                    Mathur, R.P.
1985   Theory of microwave remote sensing               Tsang, Leung; Kong, Jin Au; Shin, Robert T.
1985   Road transport industry's guide to software Rodwell, Peter
1985   Single and compound angle members                Makugula, K.S.
1985   Elevated slabs

                                               Page 117

1985   Improvement of concrete durability: Proceedings of the seminar "How to make today's concrete durable for tomorro
1985                                                    Cook, N.J.
       Designer's guide to wind loading of building structures: pt. I
1985   Water supply                                     Twort, A.C.
1985                                                    Sheffi, Yosef
       Urban transportation networks: eqruilibrium analysis with mathematical programming methods
1985   Advances in water engineering                    Tebbuit, T.H.Y.
1985   Bus and coach management                         Hibbs, John
1985   Corrosion protection of steel structures         Chandlet, K.A.; Bayliss, D.A.
1985                                                    Gore, James A.
       The restoration of rivers and streams : theories and experience
1985   Proceedings of a working group meeting
1985   Analysis of structures: vol. II                  Vazirani, V.N.; Ratwani, M.M.
1985   2nd international workshop on alluvial river problems
1985                                                    Dede, Michael
       Structures to resist the effects of accidental explosions volume VI. Special considerations in explosive facility design
1985   Foundation engineering                           Brahma, S.P.
1985   Proceedings - durability of glass fiber reinforced concrete symposium
1985   Papers presented at the international conference on the hydraulics of pumping stations
1985   Introduction to structures                       Splllers, W.R.
1985   Airline marketing and management                 Shaw, Stephen
1985   Hydrology of the Nile basin                      Shahin, Mamdouh
1985                                                    Redl, William
       Noise and vibration measurement: Prediction and mitigation A.
1985   Facets of hydrology: II                          Rodda, John C.
1985   Traffic simulation modeling study
1985   Ambient air pollutants from industrial soures Suess, Michael J.
1985   Training of sanitary engineers in europe         Dean, Robert B.
1985   Fundamentals of prestressed concrete             Sinha, N.C.; Roy, S.K.
1985   Proceedings of the intetrnational seminar on : Environmenatal impact assessmenat of water resources projects
1985   Water supply and pollution control               Hammer, Mark J.
1985                                                    Manly,
       Statistics of natural selection on animal populations Bryan F. J.
1985                                                     international center for : the practice of transportation planning
       Proceedings relating to the course given at theFlorian, Michael
1985   Second International conference on Computer aided analysis and design in Civil Engg. Proceedings
1985                                                    Marks, George V.
       Organization and management of public transport projects
1985   The integrity of platform superstructures        Bunce, J.W.
1985   Drilled piers and caissons II                    Banker, Ciyde N.
1985                                                    Shah, S.P.
       Application of fracture mechanics to cementitious composites
1985                                                    Robles, Lilia
       Short course on design and construction of ferrocement structures
1985   Striamflow characteristics                       Riggs, H.C.
1985   Proceedings of international seminar on environmenatal impact asessment of water resources projects
1985                                                    Schoenen, of
       Drinking water materials : field observations and methods D. investgation
1985   Jis Handbook 1985: concrete practice
1985                                                    Robles-Austriaco, L.;
       Proceedings of the second international symposium on feffocement Pama, R.P.
1985   Earth reinforcement and soil structures          Jones, J.F.P.
1985   Microcomputers in civil engineering              Bell, Trevor; Plank, Roger
1985                                                    David, Mann C.;
       Proceedings : 1985 rapid excavation and tunneling conference Kelley, Martin N.
1985   Environmental regeneration in himalaya           Singh, J.S.
1985   Practical manual of site development             Colley, B.C.
1985   Environmental chemistry                          Neill, Peter O
1985   Planning of road system for Bombay metropolitan region
1985                                                    Niku-Lari, A.
       Structural analysis systems: software - hardware capability compatibility application
1985   Seminar on roads and road transport in rural areas 1985
1985   Engineering sraphics fundamentals                Eede, Arvid R.
1985   Introduction to environmental studies            Turk, Jonathan
1985                                                    Curi, Kriton
       Appropriate waste management for developing countries
1985   Transport Act 1985 : Arrangement of sections

                                                Page 118

1985   Tall chimneys design and construction              Manohar, S.N.
1985                                                      V
       Water management technology and institutions iessman, Warren
1985   Design & planning of engineering systems           Meredith, Dale D.
1985   Develping world water
1985   Tubular members in offshore structures             Chen, W.F.
1985   Proceedings seminar on recent developments in construction techniques and management
1985   Dynamic soil-structure interaction                 Wolf, John P.
1985   The state of india's environment 1984-85
1985   Experimental stress analysis                       Dally, James W.; Riley, William F.
1985                                                      Kobus, H.
       Symposium on seale effects in codelling hydraulic structures
1985   Rural transport in developing countries            Barwell, I.
1985                                                      and goods
       Low-cost vehicles : options for moving people Hathway, Grodon
1985                                                      Banerjee, P.K.
       Developments in soil mechanics and foundation engineering-2
1985   Hydrological forecasting                           Burt, T.P.
1985   Developments in hydraulic engineering -3           Novak, P.
1985                                                      Bansal,
       Text book of Fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines R.K.
1985   Water quality monitoring the indian experience., .
1985   Geology for civil engineers                        Mclean, A.C.; Gribble, C.D.
1985                                                      Pande, P.K.; Jain, Ashok K.
       International course on design of civil engineering structures for wind loads: Vol. 1 & 2
1985   Presented to parliament by the secretary of state for transport : Buses
1985   Engineering geology                                Beavis, F.C.
1985   Current practices in geotechnical engineering Singh, Alam
1985   Micro computers in civil engineering               Bell, T.; Plank, Roger
1985   Proceedings of the conference on highways design today and tomorrow organized by the institution of civil engineer
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1985                                                      Monte, controversies
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1985   Probabilistic basis for design criteria in reinforced concrete
1985   Bridge analysis simplified                         Bakht, Baidar; Jaeger, Leslie G.
1985   Stability theory of structures                     Kumar, Ashwini
1985   Rock grouting with emphasis on dam sites           Ewert, F-K.
1985   Management of water projicts : Decision making and investment appraisal
1985                                                       history
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1985                                                       masses: Eileen
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1985   National seminar on metropolitan transport in India
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1985   Structural integrity monitoring                    Collacott, R.A.
1985                                                      Volpe, Richard L.
       Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the geotechnical engineering divison in conjunction with the asce nation
1985                                                      Jiafu, Yang
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1985   Proceeding of the eleventh international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering, San Francisco 1
1985   Water treatment specification manual               Rosa, Frank
1985   Design of foundation systems                       Kurian, Nainan P.
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1985                                                      Sod, Gary A.
       Numerical methods in fluid dynamics: initial and initial boundary-value problems
1985   Studies of vortex dominated flows                  Hussaini, M.Y.
1985   High -strength concrete                            Russell, Henry G.

                                              Page 119

1985                                                    Hibbs, John
       Regulation : An international study of bus and coach licensing
1985   Innovations in the water and wastewater fieldsGlysson, E.A.
1985   Traffic safety awareness among road users in Delhi
1985   Remote sensing: In civil engineering             kennie, T.J.M.; Matthews, M.C.
1985                                                    Goodman, Richard E.; Shi, Gen-hua
       Block theory and its application to rock engineering
1985   Numerical methods in geomechanics nagoya 1985    Kawamoto, T.; Ichikawa, Y.
1985   Predestrian safety aspects in Delhi awareness opinions and preferences
1985                                                    Legrand, M.
       Le creusement des tunnels en terrains miubles et aquiferes tunnelling in soft and water -bearing grounds
1985   Proceedings of a symposium organized by the institution of : New technology in water services
1985                                                    Lave, Charles
       Urban transit : the private challenge to public transportation A.; Meyer, John
1985   Experimental stress analysis                     Dally, James W.
1985   Hydrologic applications of space technology Johnson, A.Ivan
1985   Canadian transit handbook
1985   Structural safety studies                        Brown, C.B.
1985   Indian geotechnical conference Dec. 16-18, 1985; Roorkee (India)
1985                                                    Nene,
       Advanced propulsion systems for urban rail vehicles Vilas D.
1985   Probability and statistics for engineers         Miller, Irwin; Freund, John E.
1985   Indian contribution to geotechnical engineering
1985   Proceedings on second symposium on : The interaction of non nuclear monitions with structures
1985   Soil mechanics and foundation engineering Singh, Bharat
1985   Proceeding of the 11th international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1985   Indian geotechnical conference                   Joshi, V.H.
1985   Polymer grid reinforcement: Proceedings of a conference sponsored by the Science and Engineering Research cou
1985   Seminar proceedings
1985                                                    Engelen, G.B;
       Developments in the analysis of groundwater flow systems Jones, G.P.
1985                                                    Lerman, Steven R.
       Discrete choice analysis : theory and application to travel demand
1985                                                    Brown, Joyce
       Hundred years of civil engineering at south kensington
1985   Proceedings : Weighing of vehicles conference
1985                                                    Goodison, B.E.
       Hydrological applications of remote sensing and remote data transmission
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1985                                                    Franciss, F.O.
       Soil and rock hydraulics: Fundamentals, numerical methods and techniques of electrical analogs
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1985   Risk analysis and scientific method              Shrader, K.S.
1985                                                     control
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1985                                                    Mccormick, R.J.; Lips, H.; DeRosier,
       Costs for hazardous waste incineration :capital operation and maintenace retrofit R.J.
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1985   Effect of common salt on B.O.D.                  Gupta, Vijay; Bhargava, Renu
1985                                                     and municipal Haxo, Robert S.; Nancy A., Nelson
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1985   Environmenatal pollution and management Singh, Pramod
1985   Study of plastic fibre concrete manhole coversMohajer, Hamid Reza Soltani
1985                                                    Shaw, S.P.; reinforced earth lasb
       Behaviour of eccentrically and obliquely loaded footings onRao, A.S.R.
1985                                                    Gupta, and kumar; Ranjan, Gopal
       Behaviour of rigid ring footings on sand under vertical Ajay lateral loads
1985                                                    Medhin, building Agarwal,
       Effect of member thicknesses on design forces in RCCAklilu G.; frames S.K.
1985   Reinforced concrete design                       Wang, Chu-Kia; Salmon, Charles G.
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1985   Solid waste management selected topics           Suess, Michael J.
1985   Introduction to artificial intelligence          Charniak, Eugene; McDermott, Drew
1985                                                    Gupta, Skand; Shrivastava, A.K.
       Environmental impact assessment of a sugar mill in western U.P.
1985   Fundamentals of computers                        Rajaraman, V.
1985   Minimal national standards small pulp and paper industry
1985                                                    Stearns, Robert
       Leachate from municipal landfills :production and managementJ.; C.S., James; Eichenberger, Bert
1985                                                    Tiwari, Meena; Pande, P.K.
       Fulid dynamic forces on a sphere int he wake of femnce

                                             Page 120

1985                                                    Kishan, J.Hari; Srivastava, Rajesh
       Studies on the effects of free-stream turbulence on boundary layer characteristics
1985   Effect of agricultural residues on aquatic faunaSingh, Naresh; Mathur, R.P.
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1985   Viscous flow model of an aquifer                 Baqui, Abdul hai; Pathak, Santosh kumar
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1985   Fundamentals of queueing theory                  Gross, Donald; Harris, Carl M.
1985   Ibm pc troubleshooting and repair guide          Brenner, Robert C.
1985                                                     environmental
       Categorical data analysis for geographers andWrigley, Neil scientists
1985                                                    Masand, P.K.; foreaward areas
       Efficacy of standard halazone tablets in disifection of water in Mathur, R.P.
1985                                                    Smith,
       Estimating for building and civil engineering works G.Chrystal
1985   Biotechnology and wastewater treatment           Forster, C.F.
1985                                                      and operation
       Wastewater treatment plants :planning ,designQasim, Syed R.
1985                                                    Jain, Pavan kumar; Nayak, G.C.
       Study of ferrocement gates in micro -hydel schemes
1985   The airport passenger terminal                   Hart, Walter
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1985   understanding c                                  Hunter, Bruce H.
1985                                                    Haigh, Martin
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1985   Proceedigs 21st congress :flood folws in channels and flood p;ains sediment transport in rivers hudraulic structures
1985                                                    Moreno,
       Analysis and design of high -Rise concrete buildings Jaime
1985   Problems of wastelands in india                  Singh, Abha Lakshmi
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1985   Water treatment principles and design            Montgomery, James M.
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1985                                                    Chatruvedi,
       Effect of saturation on point load strength index of rocks Surya prakash; Jain, P.K.
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1985                                                     the world's airspace
       International air traffic control :management ofField, Arnold
1985   Sampling techniques                              Cochran, William G.
1985   Growth centres for rural and urban development   Shah, S.M.
1985                                                    Saltzberg, Edward R.; Cushine, George C.
       Centralized waste treatment of industrial wastewater
1985   Measuring the unmeasurable                       Nijkamp, Peter; Leitner, Helga; Wrigley, Neil
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1985                                                     trip analysis
       Spatial aggregation effects in gravity model forDeshpande, P. D.
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1985                                                     : theory and Pande, G.N.
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1985                                                    Simpson, Barry J.
       Quantitative methods for planning and urban studies
1985   Cad/cam handbook                                 Teicholz, Eric

                                               Page 121

1985   Programming principles using pascal              Lamprey, Roger H.; Macdonald, Robert N.; Roberts, Morris W.
1985   Nonlinear analysis of frame-shear wall structuresGrover, Suresh
1985                                                    Birnes, J.
       Personal computer programming encyclopedia: languages and operating systems
1985   Self instruct basic: solution manual             Clark, Antony
1985   Numerical recipes: example book                  Vetterling, William T.; Teukosky, Saul A.; Press, William H.
1985                                                    India, Computer Society
       Fortran question papers(1979- 1984) of national standard test in programming competence
1985                                                     region Krishna kumar; Garg, P.K.
       Terrain evaluationof doon valley and adjoining Pande, using remote sensing data
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1985   Software development in pascal                   Sahni, Sartaj
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1985   Industrial wastewater treatment technology Patterson, James W.
1985   Current pollution in researches in india         Trivedy, R.K.; Goel, P.K.
1985                                                    Logsdon, Tom
       Computers today and tommorrow: the microcomputer explosion
1985   Environmental impact of water resources projects Canter, Larry
1985   Open-channel hydraulics                          French, Richard H.
1985                                                    rods
       Fluid dynamic forces on imclined circular rigid Mahar, P.S.; Akbari, M.E.
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1985   Buochure on :Effluent treatment plants in karnataka state
1985   A crash course in pascal                         Monro, Donald M.
1985   Effect of overburden pressure on mini spt values Raufi, Abdul sattar; Handa, S.C.
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       Flow characteristics of non rectangular side weirs
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1985   Trace-element contamination of the environment   Purves, David
1985   Emission regelations (Part-3)
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1985                                                    Shukoori,
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1985   Proceedings : degital representations of spatial knowledge
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1985   Emission regulations
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1985   Reinforced concrete :A fundamental approachNawy, G.
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1985                                                    Khan, Mazhar
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1985   Applied qualitative research                     Walker, Robert
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1985                                                    Kundra,
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1985   Control of air pollution from coal -fired reverberatory furnaces
1985   Field studies with radial filter for use in army Singh, K.P.; Gupta, S.K.
1985                                                    Ghumman, M. S.
       Response of a pile driven by longitudinal vibrations

                                               Page 122

1985   The information technology revolution             Forester, Tom
1985   Structured techniques for computing               Martin, James; McClure, Carma
1985   Proceedings :International association for hydraulic research :Flows and sediments in harbours estuaries and inlets
1985   Construction project mangement                    Bennett, John
1985   Delhi schedule of rates
1985                                                     Bawane, Om prakash; Gupta, V.K.
       Fuexrual behaviour of ferrocement cored slabs using superplasticizers
1985   Things to do with your ibm pc                     Sawusch, Mark R.; Summers, Tan A.
1985   Procedural elements for computer graphics Rogers, David F.
1985   Airport planning and design                       Khanna, S.K.; Arora, M.G.
1985   An assessment of mercury pollution problems at kothari industries limited
1985                                                     Bawa, Vasant
       Indian metropolis: urbanization planning and management Kumar
1985   The engineering aesthetics of tall buildings      Burns, Joseph G.
1985   Introduction to wordstar                          Naiman, Arthur
1985   A mothod to determine the minimum stack height
1986                                                     Chauhan, Mahipal singh; Vasan, R.M.
       Laboratory study of S.F.R.C. mixes for highway pavements
1986   Eight symposium on earthquake engineering
1986   Groundwater engineering                           kashef, Abdel-aziz ismail
1986   Optimal design of side channel                    Sharma, Prabhakar; Porey, P.D.
1986                                                     Rajasekaran, S.
       Numerical methods in science and engineering : a practical approach
1986   Noise pollution                                   Saenz, Lara A.
1986   Basic systems analysis                            Daniels, Alan; Yeates, Don
1986   Bridge engineering                                Ponnuswamy, S.
1986                                                     Hinton, Ernest; Owen, Roger
       Computational modelling of reinforced concrete structures
1986   Skew girder bridge analysis                       Dar, Abdul rashid; Prasad, J.
1986   Mitchell's advanced building construction         Nield, Denzil
1986                                                     Kumar, Ashok; Chandra, Satish
       Field determination of modulus of elasticity of pavements by vibration method
1986                                                     Rreddy, Madhusudhan; Gupta, A.K.
       Simulation of bus passanger arrival pattern at urban bus stops
1986   Indian practical civil engineers' handbook        Khanna, P.N.
1986                                                     Chadradhar, C.; Gupta, A.K.
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1986   Fluorometric procedures for dye tracing           Wilson, James F.
1986   Cold region structural engineering                Eranti, E.; Lee, G.C.
1986   Fracture toughness and fracture energy of concreteWittmann, Folker H.
1986                                                     Simiu, Emil; Scanlan, Robert H.
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1986                                                     Panduranga of urban
       Proceedings of the international seminar held on: problems Rao, D. transport in India
1986   Hydraulic conveying & slurry pipeline technology  Whoibier, Reinhard H.
1986   Handbook of road technology                       Lay, M.G.
1986                                                     Burns, A.P.
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1986   Behavioral research for transport policy
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1986                                                     Bhanot, K.L.
       A text book on highway engineering and airports bhanot
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1986   Advanced structural mechanics                     Johnson, D.
1986                                                     Attewell, P.B.; Yeates, J.
       Soil movements induced by tunneling and their effects on pipelines and structures
1986                                                     Damen, J.D.; Sicco Smit, G.
       Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management
1986   Remote sensing sourcebook                         Carter, D.J.

                                               Page 123

1986   Transoprt of suspended solids in open channels    Bechteler, W.
1986   Model studies of clyde dam spillway acrators
1986                                                     Mowli, Pratapa P.
       Proceedings interntional conference: environmental pollution control
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1986   Flood control and drainage engineering            Ghosh, S.N.
1986   Geomechanical modeling in engineering practice    Dungar, R.; Studer, J.A.
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1986                                                     Mukherjee, Ananda
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1986   Road vehicle performance                          Lucas, G.G.
1986   Structural analysis on microcomputers             Wang, Chu-Kia
1986   Proceedings of the conference : Primary route network
1986   Applied structural steel design                   Spiegel, Leonard
1986                                                      fluid power
       14th National conference on fluid mechanics &xxx, xxx
1986                                                     building and
       Quantity surveying estimating and costing for Bhasin, P.L. civil engineering works
1986   Estimating and costing in civil engineering       Dutta, B.N.
1986                                                     comparison C.
       Proceedings of the internatinal symposium on Maksimovic,of urban drainage models with real catehment data :urba
1986   Earthmoving and heavy equipment                   Oberlender, Garold D.
1986   The route towards tomorrows buses
1986   Standard hand book of civil engineering           Singh, Gurcharan
1986   simplified design of building structures          Ambrose, James
1986                                                     Herschy, Reginald management of streamflow data
       New technology in hydrometry developments in the acquistion andW.
1986   Theory of elasticity                              Landau, L.D.; Lifshitz, E.M.
1986   Highways traffic p planning and engineering Flaherty, C.A.O
1986                                                     Thoft-Christensen, Palle; Murotsu, Yoshisada
       Application of structural systems reliability theory
1986   Lecture notes in earth sciences                   Bhattacharji, Somdev
1986                                                     Churchiland, Patricia smith
       Neurophilosophy toward a unified science of the mind- brain
1986   Fluid control and measurement                     Harada, M.
1986   Chemical admixtures for concrete                  Rixom, M.R.; Mailvaganam, N.P.
1986   Computational techniques for fluid flow           Taylor, C.; Johnson, J.A.
1986   Proceedings of the 2nd international conference on the : Martime and offshore structue maintenance
1986   Solutions for pavement rehabilitation problemsLahue, Sanford P.
1986                                                     Visessman, Warren
       Proceedings of an engineering foundatin conference poonsored by the committee on social and environmental obje
1986   Urban transport systems
1986   Urban transport in developing countries: constraints & potential
1986   Proceedings of the tenth congress of the federation international de la precontrainte
1986   Proceedings: workshop on computer applications in continuum mechanics
1986                                                     Van
       Geotextiles and geomembranes in civil engineeringZanten, R. Veldhuijzen
1986   River engineering                                 Petersen, Margaret S.
1986   Future transport policy                           Button, K.J.
1986   Seismic pressure of water on hydraulic structures Shul'man, S.G.
1986   Designing with geosynthetics                      Koerner, Robert M.
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1986                                                     Stacey,
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1986   Designing and programming personal expert systems
1986   Costing your coach for profit : A costing guide for professional coach operators from bus and coach council
1986   Concrete structure, Properties and materials Mehta, Kumar P.
1986   Applied water technology                          Patton, Charles C.
1986   Composite panels/Plates: Analysis and designHussein, Rafaat M.
1986                                                     Methley, B.D.F.
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1986   mine openings: Stability and support              Aldorf, Josef; Exner, Karel
1986   Mannual sediment transport measurements Van Rijn, L.C.
1986   Digital principles and applications               Malvino, Albert Paul; Leac, Donald P.

                                             Page 124

1986   Analysis of thin concrete shells                 Chandrashekhara, K.
1986   Handbook of hydraulic resistance                 Idelchik, I.E.
1986   Environmetal laws and water resources management Bhatt, S.
1986                                                    Bowles,
       Engineering properties of soils and their measurement Joseph E.
1986   Proceedings of the international symposium on engineering in complex rock formations
1986   Simulation study of tunnel excavation            Chauhan, R.L.
1986   Numerical methods in offshore piling
1986                                                    Ku, Yun
       Deflection of beams for all spans and cross sections C.
1986   Non-conventional sources of energy               Jain, H.c.
1986   Erosion and sediment control handbook            Goldman, Steven J.
1986   Proceedings of the first Canadian conference on computer application
1986   Applied hydrology                                Mutreja, K.N.
1986   Remote sensing : methods and applications Hord, R.Michael
1986   Our world in concrete and structures
1986   Proceedings: National seminar on techniques for rapid implementation of hydro electric projects
1986   Remote sensing and forest surveys                Sharma, M.K.
1986   International conference on : Measuring techniques
1986   Environment and natural resources                Agrawal, V.P.
1986   Elementary plane and mine surveying              Borshch-Komponiets, V.; Fedorov, B.; Kolesnikova, M.
1986   Microestimating for civil engineers              Stewart, Rodney D.; Stewart, Ann L.
1986   Geotechnical and geohydrological aspects of waste management
1986   Engineering geology: an environmental approach   Rahn, Perry H.
1986                                                    Wessels, A.C.E.
       Proceedings of the international symposium on measuring techniques in hydraulic research : measuring techniques
1986   Advances in hydroscience                         Chow, Ven Te
1986                                                    Engl, VLSI
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1986   Indian geotechnical conference - 1986;
1986   Elevator technology                              Barney, G.C.
1986                                                    Wang, S.Y.
       Proceedings of the 3rd international symposium on river sedimentation :River secimentation
1986                                                    Chaphekar,
       Human impact on ganga river ecosystem: an assessment S.B.; Mhatre, G.N.
1986   Structural stability of columns and plates       Iyengar, N.G.R.
1986                                                    Attewell, P.B.; Yeates, J.; Selby, A.R.
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1986   Construction of drilled pier foundations         Greer, David M.; Gardner, William S.
1986   Introduction to transportation systems           Haefner, Lonnic E.
1986                                                    Jewell, design
       A systems approach to civil engineering planning and Thomas K.
1986   Wind effects on compliant offshore structures Smith, Charles E.
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1986   Piling in rock                                   Amir, Joram M.
1986   Qualitative methods in nonlinear mechanics Oden, Tinsley J.
1986   Dynamic response of structures                   Hart, Gary C.
1986                                                    Hsu, Teng H.
       Stress and strain data handbook: Graphs, tables, and worked examples for design engineers
1986                                                    Henry,
       Design and construction of engineering foundations F.D.C.
1986   Engineering surveying manual
1986   Design of reinforced concrete                    McCormac, Jack C.
1986   International seminar on photogrammetry and remote sensing for the developing countries
1986                                                    Jensen, John r.
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1986                                                    Ayvazyan, Henry;
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1986                                                    Swamy, R.N.
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1986                                                    Glysson, Eugene A.
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1986   Design aids for public health engineers          Gupta, B.R.N.
1986   Encyclopedia of fluid mechanics vol. 1 - 6       Cheremisinoff, N.P.
1986   Engineering hydrology                            Varshney, R.S.

                                             Page 125

1986                                                      Singh, Rajesh kumar; Ranjan, Gopal
       Penetration of vertical piles under low frequency longitudinal vibrations
1986                                                      Michalski, Ryszard S.; Carbonell, Jaime G.; Metchell, Tom M.
       Machine learning: an artificial intelligence approach
1986                                                      on clay
       Ultimate bearing capacity of rigid ring footings Kumar, Pradeep; Ranjan, Gopal
1986   Focus on symphony databases                        Simpson, Alan; Mosich, Donna M.
1986                                                       applications with the
       Microprocessor architecture programming andGaonkar, Ramesh S. 8085/8080a
1986   Unit operations models for solid waste processing  Savage, G.M.; Glaub, J.C.; Diaz, L.F.
1986   The C programming language                         Kerighan, Brian W.; Ritchie, Dennis M.
1986   Cadmium removal from waste water by water hya cinthKhan, Mamnoon hasan; Kumar, Pradeep
1986   Illustrated dbase ii book                          Stultz, Russell A.
1986   Theory and problems of programming with basic      Gottfried, Byron S.
1986                                                      Smith, Alison
       Proceedings of cad 86: seventh international conference on the computers as a disign tool
1986   Programming in fortran iv                          Sharma, K.D.
1986   Machinrosh graphics in modula-2                    Schnapp, Russell L.
1986   Introduction to computer architecture              Stone, Harold S.
1986                                                      Stark, John
       What every engineer whould know about practical cad/cam applications
1986   Soil structure interaction in frames               Noorzaei, Jamaloddin; Viladkar, M.N.
1986                                                      Boutwell, S.H.
       Modeling remedial actions at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites
1986   Ecological studies on sukhana lake                 Handa, A.K.; Pasrija, H.B.D.
1986                                                       agricultural Toshniwal, C.L.
       Study of effect of coagulant -aid prepared fromSingh, Suvir;residue in water treatment
1986   Software engineering handbook                      Electrical Company, General
1986   Computer database organization                     Martin, James
1986   Inside the ibm pc revised and enlarged             Norton, Peter
1986   Understanding dbase iii plus                       Simpson, Alan
1986   Theory and problems of computer graphics Plastock, Roy A.; Kalley, Gordon
1986                                                      Lawrence, David
       The working spectrum: a library of practical subroutines and programs
1986                                                      Ram, Chela; dependent behaviour of soils
       Soil structure interaction in buried conduits considering timeGodbole, P.N.
1986   the computer based design process                  Medland, A.J.
1986                                                      kronsjo, Lydia
       Computational complexity of sequential and parallel algorithms
1986   probelm solving using turbo pascal                 Jones, Jacqueline A.; Harrow, Keith
1986                                                      Peters, James F.
       Problem solving with pascal: programming methods algorithms and data structures
1986   Principles of database management                  Martin, James
1986                                                      Popyk, approach
       Word processing and information systems: a practicalMarilyn K. and concepts
1986   Cad computerizational comncepts and methods        Mullineux, Glen
1986                                                      Pandey, decks
       Computer aided design of prestressed concrete bridge Jay gopal; Jain, A.K.
1986   Computer aided design: structural and mechanical systems
1986   Dbase iii plus trail guide                         Dickler, Howard
1986                                                      Panwar, Yogesh; Agarwal,
       Study of strength characteristics of rocks in relation to bearing capacity K.B.
1986   Introduction to computer numerical control         Jones, Barry Leatham
1986   Everyman's database primer                         Byers, Robert A.
1986   Microcomputer systems: the 8086/8088 familyLiu, Yu Cheng; Gibson, Glenn A.
1986   Programming languages: design and implementation   Pratt, Terrance W.
1986   Proceedings Computer Graphics
1986   Minimal natonal standards thermal power plant
1986   Interactive programmings environments              Brastow, David R.; Shrobe, Howard E.; Sandewall, Erik
1986                                                      Bhujade, M.R.
       Digital computer design principles with introduction to microprocessors
1986   Understanding artificial intelligence              Mishkoff, Henry C.; Feigenbaum, Edward A.
1986                                                       mechanical systems
       Computer aided optimal design: structural andMota Soares, Carlos A.
1986   Computer aided optimal design: structral and mechanical design
1986                                                      Garg, Anil; Agarwal, K.B.
       Study of precomppression for reducing settlement characteristics of clays
1986                                                      v
       Advanced programmer's guide to unix system Thomas, Rebecca; Rogers, Lawrence R.; Yates, Jean L.
1986   Dictionary of artificial intelligence and robotics Rosenberg, Jerry M.
1986   advanced techniques in dbase iii                   Simpson, Alan

                                                Page 126

1986                                                   Lahoti, Anil kumar; analysis
       Development and applications of quasi-3D methods finite elementNayak, G.C.
1986                                                   Gupta, Surendra P.;
       Treatment strategy for industrial waste from cottage saree printing Mathur, R.P.
1986   Graduate aptitude test in engineering           Bansal, R.K.; Mathur, A.B.; Choudhary, D.R.
1986                                                   AGnihotri, S.K.; Mathur, strategy
       Ganga pollution abatement at hardwar status evaluation and treatment R.P.
1986   Study abroad                                    XXV, 1987
1986   Computer primer                                 Rajaraman, Dharma; Rajaraman, V.
1986                                                   Mittal, Rakesh
       Earth pressure behind retaining wall with reinforced backfill mohan; Saran, Swami
1986   Ibm pc and xt users manual                      Staff, WSI
1986   Operating systems principles                    Hansen, Per Brinch
1986   Direct shear test on rocks                      Kumar, Ashok; Jain, P.K.
1986   IBM pc and xt users handbook                    Staff, WSI
1986                                                   Huelsman, Lawrence P.
       Engineering and scientific computations in pascal
1986   Programming with fortran77                      Kumar, Ram
1986   Ibm pc at programmer's guide                    Smith, James T.
1986   Programming languages                           Tucker, Allen B.
1986   Advance technique in dbase iii plus             Simpson, Alan
1986   IBM pc at users handbook                        IBM, Staff
1986   IBM pc and xt: users handbook                   Staff, Wsi
1986   Cad/cam in practice                             Medland, A.J.; Burnett, Piers
1986   Introduction to expert systems                  Jackson, Peter
1986                                                   Kennedy,
       Basic statistical methods for engineers and scientists John. B.; Neville, Adam M.
1986   Andersen's symphony tips and tricks             Andersen, Dick; Mcbeen, Janet
1986   A comprehensive guide to al and expert system   Levine, Robert I.; Drag, Diane E.; Edelson, Barry
1986   The ms dos handbook                             King, Richard Allen
1986   Mastering dbase iii: a structured approach      Townsend, Carl
1986                                                   Das, Dhananjoy kumar; Gupta, P.K.
       Investigations on prefabricated ferocement wall elements
1986   Seheduling construction projects                Willis, Edward M.
1986                                                   Reddy, Sanjeeva; slopes
       Bearing capacity of eccentrically loaded footings on cohesionlessSaran, Swami
1986   Studies on R.C . manhole covers                 Bhargava, Rajendra; Jain, V.C.
1986   Computer aided manufacturing directory          Flora, Philip C.
1986                                                   Desai, J. the
       Hysteresis behaviour of reinforced concrete braces and P. seismic response of braced frames
1986   National seminar on status & Growth strategies of chemical and strategies of chemical and allied industries
1986                                                   Khanduri,
       Computer aided design and drafting of R.C. buildings Atul C.
1986   Statistical data analysis handbook              Wall, Francis J.
1986                                                   Goyel, Sudhir radial Asawa, flow
       An experimental investigation of mean flow characteristics ofkumar;turbulentG.L. between parallel plates
1986   Report on identification of import component of waste treatment technology and know-how
1986   Minimal national standards festicide manufacturing and formulation industy
1986                                                   Ahmad, Shamshad; Sharma, sensing techniques
       Evaluation of morphological parameters in tehri garhwal region using remoteK.P.
1986                                                   Lal, Manni; Wason, H.R.
       Response of equilisation basins to time variable B.O.D. inputs
1986                                                   Singh, of civil engineering
       Preeedence networks for planning and management Hari; Puri, Narinderproject
1986   Earth pressure and earthretaining structures Clayton, C R I; Milititsky, J.
1986   Principles and practices of heavy construction Smith, Ronald C.; Andres, Cameron K.
1986                                                   Huck,
       Treatment of drinking water for organic contaminantsPeter M.; Toft, Peter
1986                                                   Yadav, Ram -weirs
       Flow characteristics of free and submerged trapezoidal sidelakhan; Srivastava, Rajesh
1986   Oxygen transfer by bubble aeration              Jain, Sudeep kumar; Chitranshi, U.B.
1986   A first course in abstract algebra              Fraleigh, John B.
1986   Design of precast ferrocement lintels           Sharma, Anshuman; Gupta, V.K.
1986                                                   Bhatia, B.; Varsehney, C.K.
       Envirommental pollution of cadmium biologicalphysiological and health effects
1986                                                   Kotdawala, Ramesh R.
       Limit state behaviour of ferrocement flexural elements
1986                                                   Sharma, B.M.;
       Pavement performance evaluation of typical road sections Tiwari, K.C.
1986                                                   Arora, Manoj kumar; Tiwari, R.S.
       Error analysis in survey and photogrammetric projects
1986                                                   Rahman, Khabibur; Gupta, V.k.
       Study of mesh overlaps and joint efficiency in ferrocement elements

                                               Page 127

1986   Theory and analysis of sample survey designsSingh, Dariga; Chaudhary, F.S.
1986   Atmospheric chemistry and physics of air pollutionSeinfeld, John H.
1986                                                     Nazim, Mohammed; Tiwari, R.S.
       Investigations in to the cartographic suitability of imageries form space -borne cameras
1986   Construction materials and processes              Watson, Don A.
1986                                                     McDonald, Anthony C.
       Robot technology :theory and design and applications
1986   Construction and design of cable-stayed bridges   Podolny, Walter; Scalzi, John B.
1986   The solid waste handbook                          Robinson, William D.
1986                                                     Anbalagan, R.
       Geotechnical study and enviormental appraisal of a water resource development project in kumaun himalaya u. p.
1986   The abc's of dbase iii plus                       Cowart, Robert
1986   Pesticides in the indian environment              Bhatia, B.; Varshney, C.K.
1986   Work book in basic                                Aggarwal, V.B.
1986   Planning and dkesogn of air ports                 Mckelvey, Francis X.
1986   Better symphony spreadsheets                      Townsend, Carl
1986   Water and wastewater technology                   Hammer, Mark J.
1986   Rheological fundamentals of soil mechanics Vyalov, Sergei S.
1986                                                      layered Sachchida; Jain,
       Behaviour of eccentrically lo9aded footings on Pandey, cohesionless soil P.K.
1986   Computer network usage: recent experience Csaba, Laszlo; Tarnay, Katie; Szantivanyi, Tibor
1986                                                     physiological and health effects
       Environmental pollution of cadmium biological Nath, R.
1986   Interference effect on the behaviour of footings  Verma, Govind sagar; Saran, Swami
1986   Mastic asphalt as a wearing course                Puri, Sanjiv; Vasan, R.M.
1986   Plumbing design and intrallation reference guide  Hicks, Tyler G.
1986   Design of earthquake -resistant buildings         Wakabayashi, Minoru
1986   Submersible sewage pumping systems handbook
1986                                                     Nigam, Anjani geneation of relatively
       Some experiments in analytical absolute orientation includingkumar; Badjetia, R.C. oriented mathematical models
1986                                                       layer Nawab; porous finces
       Drag and mean flow characteristic in boundarySingh,flow pastGarde, R.J.
1986   Manual of soil laboratory testing                 Head, K. H.
1986                                                     Legge, Allan;
       Air pollutants and their effects on the terrestrial ecosystem krupa, Sagar V.
1986   Construction of and on compected fills            Monahan, Edward J.
1986   Computer aided design and manufacture             Besant, C.B.; Lui, C.W.K.
1986   Settlement of footings on capillary sand beds Reddy, Sai Baba; Ramasamy, G.
1986   Determination of local geopotential coefficients  Ahmad, Shakeel; Srivastva, A.M.C.
1986   Airport administration and management             Wiley, John R.
1986                                                     Singh, Sukh
       Analytical aerial triangulation through exterior orientation pal; Jain, Kamal
1986                                                      and hardwar Sharma, K.P.
       Highway project planning between chutmalpur Kumar, Ravi; using remotely sensed data
1986   Statistical image processing and graphics         Wegman, Edward J.; Depriest, Douglas J.
1986   Programming in pascal                             Gear, C. William
1986   Wordperfect 4.2 update pages
1986                                                     Niranjan, Surjit singh; Sharma, K.P.
       Erosion studies in himalayas using remotely sensed data
1986   A study of non linearity in guyed mast tower Baishya, Mantu chandra; Godbole, P.N.
1986                                                     Gotterfried,
       Theory and problems of programming with basic 3rd ed. Byron S.
1986   Handbook of software engineering                  Vick, C.R.; Ramamoorhty, C.V.
1986   Artificial intelligence and its applications      Cohn, A.G.; Thomas, J.R.
1986   Structural analysis of solani aqueduct            Agarwal, Sanjay
1986   Air pollution modeling and its application-5      De Wispelaere, C.; Schiermeier, Francis A.; Gillani, Noor V.
1986   Guidelines for planning community participation activities in water supply and sanitation projicts
1986   Advances in tall buildings                        Beedile, Lynn S.
1986   The manual: dbase iii                             Williams, Robert E.; Mezejewski, R.H.
1986                                                     Zadran, D.J.; Toshniwal, C.L.
       Study of characteristics of media useful in wastewater treatment
1986                                                     Connor, J.J.
       Betech 86: proceedings of the 2nd boundary element technology conferenece
1986   Noncircular sewer design                          Sharma, Ashok; Swamme, P.K.
1986   the manual: wordstar                              Williams, Robert E.
1986   Writing efficient programs                        Bentley, Jon Louis

                                              Page 128

1986                                                    Rai,
       Advances in building materials and construction Mohan; Jaisingh, M.P.
1986                                                     and biogas production
       Use of water hyacinth in wastewater treatmentKumar, Pradeep
1986   Point load lump tests on rocks                   Gupta, Sunil kumar; Jain, P.K.
1986                                                    choice analysis
       Spational interaction modelling and residential Lierop, Wal Van
1986   Introduction to computer aided drafting          Voisinet, Donald D.
1986                                                    rishikesh and Mathur,
       Water quality indexing of river ganga between Wariyar, T.V.; haridwarR.P.
1986   The oxford school atlas
1986   the manual framework                             Williams, Robert E.; Phillips, Estelle M.
1986   Statistical analysis of wind loads               Tiku, K.k.; Puri, N.
1986                                                    Fraenkel, Peter
       Water -pumping devices :a handbook for users and choosers
1986                                                    the analysis Sharma, K.P.
       Evaluation of land use and soil parameters for Kumar, Anil; of agrucultural crop pattern in saharanpur destrict using
1986   Probability and statistics in civil engineering Smith, G.N.
1986   the manual: lotus 1-2-3                          Williams Robert E.@FEd.
1987   Statistical analysis for basic wind speeds       Agrwal, Dinesh; Puri, N.
1987   Economic design of R.C. members                  Jain, Shashank; Jain, V.C.
1987                                                    Kumar, Shiv; Chandra, Satish
       Efficacy of antistripping agent for road aggregates
1987   Side weir descharge coefficient                  Mohan, Mukesh; Pathak, S.K.
1987   Groundwater systems planning and management      Willis, Robert; William W-G., Yeh
1987                                                    Willson, Willium l.;
       Karst hyderogeology engineering and environmental applications Beck, Barry F.
1987   Some solutions with infinite elements            Goel, Dharmesh chandra; Godbole, P.N.
1987                                                    Agrwal,
       Economic evaluation of various types of pavements Ashok kumar; Mehndiratta, H.C.
1987                                                    Agarawal, Abhaya
       Some finite element solutions of poisson and laplace equations krishna; Pande, P.K.
1987   Determination of seepage pressure in earth dam   Charan, Ram; Saini, S.S.
1987                                                    Murthy,
       Computers in railway installations,track and signalling T.K.S.; Young, F.E.
1987   Computers in railway management                  Murthy, T.K.S.; Lawrence, L.S.
1987                                                    Rao, Kishan; area roorkee
       Transporation systems management for civil lines shopping Tiwari, K.C.
1987   Experimental study of settling basins            Singh, Krishna kumar; Rangaraju, K.G.
1987                                                    Rao, Kishan; Tiwari, K.C.
       Transporttion systems management for civil lines shopping area roorkee
1987                                                    Jain, Avnish kumar; Tiwari, K.C.
       Pavement evaluation technique using serviceability concept for manitenance priority fixation
1987   Earhquake engineering fifthcanadian conference
1987   Theoretical foundation engineering               Das, Braja M.
1987                                                    Kumar, Sardjono; and indian environment
       A comparative study of pavement materials used in indonesxian Gupta, A.K.
1987                                                    Kunii, Tosiyasu
       Computer graphics 1987:proceedings of cg international '87 L.
1987   Earthquake resistant design                      Dowrick, David J.
1987   Skew effects in girder bridge decks              Yahyai, Mahmood; Prasad, J.
1987   Engineering productivity through cad/cam         Chorafas, Dimitris N.
1987                                                    N
       Environmental science:the way the world works ebel, Bernard J.
1987                                                    Agarwal, Rajesh; Mehndiratta, H.C.
       Parametric study on unbound pavement material using cyclic triaxial tests
1987   Handbook of hydraulic engineering                Lencastre, Armando
1987                                                    Nuhan, Husni; Vasan,
       A laboratory study on skind resistance characteristics of pavements R.M.
1987   Proceedings of the conference : Compaction technology
1987   Mapping the land                                 Campbell, James C.
1987   Waste water treatment                            Narayana, M.; Datta, Amal K.
1987   Program for symposium on performance of urban public transport
1987   Microcomputer applications in occupational health and safety
1987                                                     environmet
       Lead,mercury ,cadmium and the arsenic in theHulchinson, T.C.
1987                                                    Chakraborti, M.
       Estimating, costing and specification in civil engineering
1987   Proceedings: Eighth international Ash utilization Symposium: Vol. 1
1987   Swirling flow problems at intakes                Knauss, Jost
1987   Citations from the selected water resources abstracts database: Water quality modeling, Hydrological systems
1987   Soil mechaics and foundation engineering         Arora, K.R.
1987   A text book of stochastic hydrology              Reddy, P. Jayarami

                                                Page 129

1987   Brick and reinforced brick structures            Dayaratnam, P.
1987   Hydrodynamics of offshore structures             Chakrabarti, S.K.
1987   Numerical methods in laminar and turbulent flow  Taylor, C.; Hahashi, W.G.
1987   Microcomputer applications in transportation IIStammer, Robert E.
1987                                                    Chen, Shoei Sheng
       Flow-induced vibration of circular cylindrical structures
1987   Matrix structured image processing               Dougherty, Edward R.
1987   Sediment transport in gravel -bed rivers         Thorne, C.R.
1987   Developments in thin -Walled structures -3       Rhodes, J.; Walker, A.C.
1987   Applied hydraulic transients                     Chaudhry, M.Hanif
1987   Environmental and industrial safety              Hommadi, A.H.
1987                                                    Feldman, Laura; Joyce, Shannon
       Karat hydrogeology: engineering and environmental applications: Proceedings of the second multidisciplinary confe
1987   Seminar on road traffic data collection using weigh -in motion
1987                                                    Whitney, James M.
       Structural analysis of laminated anisotropy planets
1987   Seismic design of concrete structures            Aoyama, H.; Bachmann, H.
1987   Remote sensing: principles and interpretation Sabins, Floyd F.
1987   Pecora symposium
1987   Analysis of box girder and truss bridges         Guohao, Li
1987   Development in hydraulic engineering -4          Novak, P.
1987                                                    Akcelik, R.
       Introduction to sidra-2 for signal design: 13th ARRB conference workshop papers and discussions
1987                                                    Barnard, P.O.
       Modeling shopping destination choices : a theoretical and empirical investigation
1987   Proceedings of a conference organized by the institution of civil engineers and held in : Urban railways and the civil
1987   Methodlological guidelines for the interated environmental evaluation of water resources development
1987                                                      and toxicity
       Organic pollutants in water :sampling ,analysisSuffet, I.H. testing
1987   Culway analysis and reporting software           De Vos, K.B.
1987                                                    Gnedin, K.V.
       Operating conditions and hydraulics of horizontal settling tanks
1987   Transportation noise reference book              Nelson, P.M.
1987   Environmental chemistry                          Kumar, Anil
1987   Subsurface drainage of road structures           gerke, R.J.
1987   Hand book of road safety research                Grime, Geoffrey
1987   Analysis of surface waters                       Hellmann, Hubert
1987                                                    Garas, testing
       Structural assessment: The use of full and large scaleF.K.; Clarke, J.L.; Armer, G.S.T.
1987   High winds and building codes: Proceedings of the WERC/NSF wind engineering symposium Nov. 2-4, 1987; Kans
1987                                                    Tedesco, problems
       Computer aided simulation of fluid - structure interaction Joseph W.
1987   Wind tunnel model studies of buildings and structures
1987                                                    Kelkar, Vasant
       Fundamentals of the analysis and design of shell structures S.
1987   The closure of tidal bensons                     Huis in, J.C.; Stuip, J.
1987   Building structural design handbook              White, Richard N.
1987   Water resources and water management             Jermar, Milan K.
1987   The ARRB video vehicle detector                  Dods, J.S.
1987                                                     in road trains and
       Strength requirements for 5th wheel couplings Sweatman, P.F. general articulated vehicles
1987   High engineering                                 Wright, Paul H.
1987   Water resources systems planning and management  Chaturvdi, M.C.
1987   Laser anemometer advances and applicationsTurner, John
1987   Coastal hydrodynamics                            Dalrymple, Robert A.
1987   Theory & practice of valuation                   Namavati, Roshan H.
1987   Surface irrigation :Theory and practice          Walker, Wann R.
1987                                                    Trivedy, R.K.; Goel, P.K.
       Practical methods in ecology and environmental science
1987   Structural dynamics by finite elements           Weaver, William; Johnston, Paul R.
1987   Proceedings of the eighth Asian Regional conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering: Vol. 1
1987                                                    D
       A welfare assessment of transport deregulation ouglas, Neil J.
1987   Seminar on heavy earthmoving tunneling and construction equipment
1987                                                     seveso to bhopal and beyond
       Insuring and managing hazardous risks : from Kleindorfer, P.R.; Kunreuther, Howard C.

                                                Page 130

1987                                                    Joshi, Ramesh performance in geotechnical engineering : Production
       Proceedings of the international symposium on prediction and C.
1987                                                    Peck, Adrian
       Consequences of spatial variability in aquifer properties and data limitations for groundwater modeling practice
1987   Microcomputer programs for groundwater studies   Clarke, David
1987   Transportation and world development             Owen, Wilfred
1987   Soil mechanics and foundation engineering Arora, K.R.
1987                                                    Joshi, R.C.;
       Prediction and performance in geotechnical engineering Griffeths, F.J.
1987   Finite element handbook                          Kardestuncer, Hayrettin
1987   Proceedings of an international conference : Advances in underwater technology ocean science and offshore engin
1987   Preprint of the eighth Asian regional conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering: vol. 1 & 2
1987                                                    Hanrahan, E.T.; Orr, T.L.L.
       Groundwater effects in geotechnical engineering: Vol. 1&2
1987   Ground engineer's reference book                 Bell, F.G.; ., .
1987   The time factor in transportation processes Tarski, Lgnacy
1987   Proceedings of the tenth southeast Asian geotechnical conference
1987                                                    Oortmerssen, G.Van
       Proceedings of a workshop on floation structures on: Floating structures and offshore operations
1987   Structures and stochastic methods                Cakmak, A.S.
1987   Ground water and wells                           Driscoll, Fletcher G.
1987   Digital image processing                         Gonzalez, Rafael C.; Wintz, Paul
1987   Shakedown of elastic plastic structures          Konig, Jan A.
1987   Fundamentals of transportation engineering Papacostas, C.S.
1987                                                    Kossover, D.
       Structures to resist the effects of accidental explosions: vol. V
1987                                                    Dede, Michael; Dobbs, Norval
       Structures to resist the effects of accidental explosions: vol. IV: Reinforced concrete design
1987   Plastics technology handbook                     Chanda, Manas; Roy, Salil K.
1987   Theme mapping technovation through multi-goal synthesis
1987   Control surveys in civil engineering             Cooper, M.A.R.
1987   Soil stabilization in engineering practice       Mehra, S.R.; Uppal, H.L.
1987   Computer graphics for surveying                  Milne, P.H.
1987   Soil mechanics and foundations                   Punmia, B.C.
1987   Image processing -continuos to discrete          Dougherty, Edward R.
1987   Structural analysis                              Hall, W.J.
1987   Computer applications in structural engineering  Jenkins, David R.
1987   Piledesign and construction prestige             Tomlinson, M.J.
1987   Advances in wind engineering: part 1-3           Kramer, C.; Gerhardt, H.J.
1987   Sprinkler irrigation                             Sivanappan, R.K.
1987   Proceedings 1st IWRS symposium on integrated water resources management for drinking agriculture and industry
1987   Applied transport economics                      Cole, Stuart
1987                                                    Karasudhi, Pisidhi; Nutalaya, Prinya; Chiu, Arthur
       Proceedings of the US-Asia conference on Engineering for mitigating natural hazards damage N.L.
1987   Geotextiles                                      John, N.W.M.
1987   Plain and reinforced concrete                    Krishna, Jai; Jain, O.P.
1987                                                    Ratcliffe, Brian
       Economy and efficiency in transport and distribution
1987   Reinforced concrete after cracking               Fuentes, Albert
1987   Hydraulics of rock tunnels                       Czarnota, Zbigniew
1987   Transportation developments in Australian cities Wadhwa, L.C.
1987                                                    Gartner, Nathan H.
       Proceedings of the 10th international symposium on transportation and traffic theory : transportation and traffic theo
1987   Hydraulic processes on alluvial fans             French, R.H.
1987   Reservoir sedimentation                          Annandale, G.W.
1987                                                    Young, communication and urban from : 1
       Proceedings of international symposium on: transport William
1987                                                    Shoup, Terry E.;
       Optimization methods with applications for personal computers Mistree, Frarrokh
1987                                                    Herget, G.
       International congress on rock mechanics: proceedings
1987                                                    Saari, K.
       Large rock caverns: proceeding of the international symposium helsinki, 1986
1987                                                    Hall, John
       Use of vibration measurements in structural evaluation R.
1987   Wells construction                               Eccli, Eugene; Eccli, Sandy; Tyler, David
1987   Pavement analysis                                Ullidtz, Per

                                                Page 131

1987   Ground water hand book
1987                                                    Balasubramaniak, A.S.
       Proceedings of the international symposium on geotechnical aspects of mass and material transportation : geotech
1987                                                    Jacabs, John M.; Hendricks,
       Proceedings: Vol. 1 & 2; 1987 rapid excavation and tunneling conference Robert S.
1987                                                    Plate, E.J.
       Engineering reliability and risk in water resources
1987                                                    Meigh,
       Cone penetration testing: methods and interpretation A.C.
1987   Proceedings On : Indian geotechnical conference 1987:On soil properties problems and practices
1987   Engineering fluid mechanics                      Bertin, John J.
1987                                                    Ali, Mohammed
       Proceedings of the regional symposium on water resources policy in agro-socio-economic development : water reso
1987                                                     book
       Transportation software in Australia : a source Wadhwa, L.C.
1987   Critical state soil mechanics via finite elementsBritto, A.M.
1987   9th southeast Asian geotechnical conference
1987   Design of large steam turbine -generator foundations
1987   Ground water management
1987   Proceedings of the international symposium on : Fibre reinforced concrete
1987                                                    Anderson, M.G.;
       Slope stability geotechnical engineering and geomorphology Ricjards, K.S.
1987   Recent trends in applied systems research        Arora, R.K.
1987                                                    Walker, Bruce F.
       Soil slope instability and stabilization: Proceedings
1987   Soil mechanics                                   Tsytovich, N.
1987                                                    Karanth, K.R.
       Ground water assessment development and management
1987   Computer aided design in mechanical engineering  Ramamurti, V.
1987   Design guides for offshore structures            Willm, Pierre
1987                                                    Reddy, K.R.;
       Aquatic plants for water treatment and resource recovery Smith, W.H.
1987   Soil slope instability and stabilization         Walker, Bruce F.; Fell, Robin
1987   Structural engineering and microcomputers Rencis, Joseph J.; Mullen, Robert L.
1987                                                    Banerjee,
       Dynamic behavior of foundations and buried structures P.K.; Butterfield, R.
1987                                                      materials
       Behavior of structures composed of compositeVinson, J.R.; Sierakowski, R.L.
1987                                                    Gunther,
       Hydraulics and hydraulic research a historical review Garbrecht
1987   Information technology applications in transport Bonsall, Peter
1987   Silos: theory and practice                       Reimbert, Marcel L.; Reimbert, Andre M.
1987   Proceedings: National seminar on recent trends in structural analysis and design
1987                                                    Cadzow, James A.
       Foundations of digital signal processing and data analysis
1987                                                    Peters,
       Advanced structured analysis and design: pt. I, II & III Lawrence
1987   Bridge analysis simplified                       Bakht, Baidar
1987                                                    Farmet, I.W
       Proceedings of the 28th us symposium :rock mechanics
1987   Behavior of bolted Beam-Column connections under catenary action in damaged steel structures
1987   Bus and coach operation                          Flulks, Rex W.
1987   Predicting intercity freight flows               Harker, Patrick T.
1987                                                     fluid power
       15th national conference on fluid mechanics &xxx, xxx
1987   Chemical processes in waste water treatment Eilbeck, W.J.
1987   Earthquake dehavior of arch dams                 Clough, R.W.
1987                                                      applications
       Computational plasticity: Models, software andOwen, D.R.J.; Hinton, E.; Onate, E.
1987   Elements of steel design                         Morrow, H.W.
1987   Wind loading and wind-induced structural response
1987   Concrete alkali-aggregate reactions              Grattan-Bellew, Patrick E.
1987   Concrete and its chemical behaviour              Eglinton, M.S.
1987   Subcritical expanding trasitions in open channelsGoyal, Rohit; Porey, P.D.
1987   Assembly language techniques for the ibm pc Miller, Alan R.
1987                                                    Koul, material under Ranjan, Gopal
       Settlement of sand deposits reinforced with granularKuldeep kumar;vibrations
1987                                                      and typsetting
       The illustrated handbook of desktop publishingKleper, Michael L.
1987   Microsoft c for the ms-dos operating system Microsoft@FAu.
1987   Development of disinfection device for handpump  Tandon, K.B.; Mathur, R.P.
1987                                                    Friend, John; Hickling, Allen
       Planning under pressure: the strategic choice approach

                                             Page 132

1987   Lisp, objects and symbolic programs              Kessler, Robert R.
1987                                                    K
       Heavy metal retention capacity of different soils umar, Sumesh; Mehrotra, Indu
1987   Microsoft fortran: reference manual              Microsoft@FAu.
1987                                                    Raikar, R.N.
       Leaning from failures :deficiencies in design construction and service
1987   Handbook of water purification                   Lorch, Walter
1987   Mini dcpt and its uses                           Kumar, Navin; Jain, P.K.
1987   Adsorption processes for water treatment         Faust, Samuel D.; Aly, Osman M.
1987   Mastering cp/m                                   Miller, Alan R.
1987   The cp/m plus handbook                           Miller, Alan R.
1987   Biomass:Regenerable energy                       Hall, D.O.; Overend, R.P.
1987                                                    :pore J.C.
       Proceedings of the 1st intertnational congress Maso,structure and materials properties
1987   The pesticide manual :Aaworld compendium Worthing, Charles R.; Walker, Barrie S.
1987   The programmers guide top view                   Miller, Alan R.
1987                                                    Fu,
       Robotics: control,sensing ,vision and intelligence K.S.; R.C., Gonzalez; Lee, C.S.G.
1987                                                    Brouwer,
       Integrated environmental modelling : designs and tools Floor
1987   Solid waste management and the environmenat      Neal, Homer A.
1987   Optimal reservoir operation                      Dahal, Khoma raj; Swamee, P.K.
1987                                                    Maso, J.C.
       Combining materials:design ,production and properties
1987   Doing business with pascal                       Hergert, Richard; Hergert, Douglas
1987   Surveying                                        Moffitt, Francis H.; Bouchard, Harry
1987   Proceedings of national seminar on :Modern trends in building materials design and construction
1987   Planning of water quality systems                Whipple, William
1987   Cam design and manufacture                       Jensen, Preben W.
1987   Durability of construction materials             Maso, J.C.
1987   Building in hot climate                          Stoll, T.M.; Evstratov, G.I.
1987   Computer and commonsense                         Hunt, Roger; Shelley, John
1987                                                    Singhal,
       Analysis and design of ferrocement folded plate roofs Ajay kumar; Gupta, V.k.
1987                                                    Sharma, Rajiv; Jain, Sudhir
       Dyanamic response of setback buildings with a flexible floor diaphragm K.
1987                                                    Jain, S. S.
       Analysis,design and evaluation of flexible pavements for indian environment
1987   Proceedings intertnational conference on:Habitat and sustainable development thrust on rural areas and rural urban
1987   Lotus 1-2-3 desktop companion                    Harvey, Greg
1987   Guidelines for colling water management
1987   Basic for business                               Hergert, Douglas
1987                                                    Topping, B.H.V.
       Civil comp-87: proceedings of the third international conference on civil and structural engineering computing v. 2
1987                                                    Singh, Udai Pratap
       Dispersion of conservative pollutants in clear water and sediment laden flows in open channels
1987   Flexural behaviour of ferrocement cored slabsChandra, Suresh
1987   Status of water quality of some rivers of india monitored under global enviromemtal montoring systems
1987   The c companion                                  Holub, Allen I.
1987   Ibm pc and pcxt:users reference manual           Held, Gilbert
1987                                                    Engelke, William D.
       How to integrate cad/cam systems management and technology
1987                                                    Kumar, Sumesh; Kumar, Pradeep
       Heavy metal retenation capacity of different soils
1987   Study of anisotropy of swelling in clays         Roy, Lal bahadur; Rao, A.S.R.
1987   Characterisation of wastewater from wazirpur industrial area
1987                                                    Singh, S.P.; Toshniwal, C.L.
       Studies on neutralization of black liquor effluent of paper mill by flue gases
1987   Proceedisngs of a symposium on:Building materials for low-income housing
1987   Dbase iii plus: programmers library              Carrabis, Joseph David
1987                                                    Mehrotra, V.K.; Singh, Bhawani
       In situ and laboratory tests on rocks for underground structures
1987   Finite element analysis of pathri super passage  Shah, Sanjiv; Nayak, G.C.
1987   Mastering symphony                               Cobb, Douglas
1987   Cobol the language of business                   Bloom, Eric P.
1987   Business graphics for the ibm pc                 Ford, Nelson
1987   Biomass energy from harvesting to storage Grassi, G.; Williams, H.E.

                                               Page 133

1987   Programmers guide to windows                       Durant, David; Carlson, Geta; Yao, Paul
1987   Removal of chlorides from water by water hyacinth  Hasan, Zahirul; Toshniwal, C.L.
1987   Linear weirs                                       Agrawal, Masesh; Swamee, P.K.
1987   Problem solving and computer programming Grogono, Peter; Nelson, Sharon H.
1987   Building planning designing and scheduling Singh, Gurcharan; Singh, Jagdish
1987                                                      Keller, Robert
       Expert system technology development and application
1987                                                      Batty, Michael
       Micro computer graphics: art designing and creative modelling
1987   Pavement reinforcement using geogrid materials     Mahindrakar, Kirankumar Y.
1987   Eco -regeneration a case study for pushkar valley  Dikshit, Onkar; Ghosh, S.K.
1987   Ibm pc dos handbook                                King, Richard Allen
1987   development of extremely high rate filters         Pande, Pramod Kumar
1987   Linear programming                                 Hadley, G.
1987   Mastering crosstalk xvi                            Gofton, Peter W.
1987   Macro programming for 1-2-3                        Shaffer, Daniel N.
1987                                                      Singh, at lalkuian in new delhi
       Assessment of air pollution caused by stone crushersSachendra pal; Kumar, Arvind
1987   United nations environment programme : Environmental data report
1987                                                      Findlay,
       Pascal and introduction to methodical programming W.; Watt, D.A.
1987                                                      Mathy, P.
       Proceedisgns of an international symposium :air pollution and ecosystems
1987   Energy from biomass and wastes x                   Klass, Donald L.
1987   Enviornmental design and develpoment               Sharma, H.S.; Sharma, M.L.
1987   Technical reference
1987   Turbo c: reference guide
1987   Unix system v                                      AT&T, T
1987   Dbase iii plus programming                         Prague, Cary N.; Hammitt, James E.
1987   Low cost treatment of strawboard mill wastewater   Nigam, Jagdish prakash; Shrivastava, A.K.
1987   Dbase iii plus programmers reference guide Simpson, Alan
1987                                                      Srivastava, Brijesh
       Studies on guar plant seeds as coagulant aid in water treatment C.; Chitranshi, U.B.
1987                                                      Kumar,
       Optimal conjunctive use of surface and ground water Rakesh; Pathak, S.k.
1987   Removal of plandton from water by clay and alum    Misra, Virendra kumar; Kumar, Pradeep
1987                                                      Srivastava, J.B.; Vasan, for highway pavements
       Laboratory investigations of steel fibre reinforced compaction concrete R.M.
1987   Principles of computer aided design                Rooney, Joe; Steadman, Phillip
1987                                                      Rajasekaran,
       Numerical methods foe initial and boundary value problems S.
1987   Advanced programmers guide                         Castro, Luis; Hanson, Jay; Retting, Tom
1987                                                      Mathews, John H.
       Numerical methods for computer science engineering and mathematics
1987   Proceedisngs of the 8th world airports conference on :Airports for people
1987                                                      Kankane,
       Analysis of remotely sensed data for wasteland mappingAtul kumar; Garg, P.K.
1987                                                      Das, Rabindra kumar; Jain, west bihar region along river son
       Remote sensing studies of changes in some environmental parameters in Kamal
1987                                                      Simpson, Alan
       Advanced techniques in framework: programming in fred
1987                                                      K
       Removal of nickel from water by water hyacinth han, Mohammad latief; Kumar, Pardeep
1987                                                      UHR, Leonard
       multicomputer architectures for artificial intelligence toward fast robust parallel systems
1987   Principles of programming language                 Tennent, R.D.
1987   Using 1-2-3
1987   Microcomputers: programming and utilization Sarda, N.L.
1987   Microcomputers in engoneering applications Schrefler, B.A.
1987   Wordstar: whats new
1987   the simulator gpss- fortran ver. iii               Schmidt, Bernd
1987   Introduction to pascal                             Welsh, Jim; Elder, John
1987   Programming in basic                               Sarda, N.L.
1987   Mastering turbo pascal                             Swan, Tom
1987   Model construction with gpss -fortran version 3    Schmidt, Bernd
1987   System design with advanced microprocessors        Freer, John R.
1987   Pollution in the urban environment                 Chan, M.W.H.; Hoare, R.W. M.; Holmes, P.R.

                                                Page 134

1987   Encyclopedia of artificial intelligence vol. i,ii Shapiro, Stuart C.; Eckroth, David
1987   Anaerobic digestion of biomass                    Chynoweth, Avid P.
1987   Industrial water use and treatment practices Carmichael, Jack B.; Strzepek, Kenneth M.
1987   Proceedings of 1st Japan-China symposium on boundary element methods:Theory and applications pf boundary el
1987                                                     Wells,
       A structured approach to building programs: pascal Timothy D.
1987                                                     Walker, Henry M.
       Pascal: problem solving and structured program design
1987   Virtual Publsiher training guide: xerox ventura publisher edition reference guide
1987                                                     Singhal,
       Analysis anf design of ferrocement soded plate roofs Ajay kumar; Gupta, V.K.
1987   Computer concepts and applications with basic     Sanders, Donald H.
1987                                                     Bhasin, D.K.; Toshniwal, air
       Development of simple device for measurement or particulate matter inC.L.
1987   Understanding and using dbase iii plus            Ross, Steven C.
1987   How to maintain and service your small computer   Stephenson, John G.; Cahill, Bob
1987                                                     Arifin, and required improvements
       Traffic pattern on national arterial roads in indonesia Zaenal; Tiwari, K.C.
1987   Wordstar: reference guide
1987   An introduction to database systems               Date, C.J.
1987   Reinforced and prestressed concrete               Kong, F. K.; Evans, R. H.
1987   The surveying handbook                            Brinker, Russell C.; Minnick, Roy
1987   Executive planning with basic                     Bui, X.T.
1987   Vehicular air pollution in delhi
1987   Bendign analysis of circular water containers Agarwal, Rakesh kumar; Agawal, Sushil
1987   Space today                                       Rajan, Mohan Sundara
1987   Framework ii: an introduction                     Harrison, Bill
1987                                                     Pathak,
       Stability of coarse sediment on channel side slopes Birendra kumar; Porey, P.D.
1987   Topics hydraulic modelling                        Ackers, P.
1987   Wind induced pressures on low-rise buildings Kumar, Naresh; Asawa, G.l.
1987   IBM pc at: users reference manual                 Held, Gilbert
1987   Human factors in flight                           Hawkins, Frank H.
1987   Topics in fluvial hydraulics                      White, W.r.
1987                                                     Beck, water
       Proceedings of a symposium on :systems analysis inM.B. quality management
1987   Microsoft c: optimizing compiler
1987                                                     Singh, Sushil kumar; Garde, R.J.
       Study of turbulence in boundary layer flow past porous fences
1987   Selecting and managing a small computer           Balagurusamy, E.
1987                                                     Rawat, to industrialization and urbanization
       Environmental impact assessment of doon valley due Vijendra singh; Chitranshi, Udaya Bhanu
1987   Office automation and word processsing            Balagurusamy, E.
1987   Microsoft excel reference
1987   Masonry design and detaling                       Beall, Christine
1987   Microsoft excle: functions and macros
1987   Topics in industrial hydraulics                   Viollet, P.L.
1987                                                     Pal,
       Investigation on ferrocement cylindriacal shell roof Mahendra; Gupta, V.k.
1987                                                     super -passage on upper ganga canal
       Determination of material parameters at pathriChaudhary, Shatrughna prasad; Jain, P.K.
1987   Prolog programming techniques and applications    Garavaglia, Susan
1987                                                     Sharma, circulzar roof models
       Wind pressure measurements on hyperbolic paraboloidSanjeev; Asawa, G.L.
1987   Sorption study of ethion in different soils       Gupta, Desh ratan; Kumar, Pradeep
1987                                                     Kapur, J.N.; Kesavan, H.K.
       The generalized maximum entropy principle (with applications)
1987                                                     Singh, Ravindra; Nayak, G.C.
       Finite element analysis of strengthening structure of pathri super pasage
1987   Topics in lake and reservoir hydraulics           Graf, W.H.
1987   Learning with personal computers                  Bork, Alferd
1987                                                     mechanical systems
       Computer aided optimal design: structural andMota Soares, Carlos A.
1987   The best of the Peter Norton chronicles           Norton, Peter
1987                                                     H
       Artificial intelligence programming environment awley, Robert
1987   Optimization of project resources                 Kumar, Praveen; Singh, R.N.
1987   Manufacturing and chemical industries             Barnes, D.; Forster, C.F.; Hrudey, S.E.

                                            Page 135

1987   Unix ada programming                              Gehani, Narain
1987   Pagemaker user manual
1987   Wordstar: tips and traps                          Andersen, Dick; Cooper, Cynthia; Mcbeen, Janet
1987   Status of air quality in agra region
1987   American Universities and colleges                Education, American Council
1987                                                     Yen,
       Topics in urban drainage hydraulics and hydrology B.C.
1987   Inside xenix                                      Morgan, Chrstophar L.
1988   Civil engineering practice                        Cheremisinoff, Paul N.; Cheremisinoff, Nicholas P.
1988   Computer aided analysis of gradually varied flows Misra, Mukul kumar; Porey, P.D.
1988                                                     Kumar, Neeraj; Jain, S.S.
       Operational analysis for rationalisation and management of identified dtc bus routes
1988                                                     Smith, J.W.
       Vibration of structures:application in civil engineering design
1988                                                     Agarwal, C.S.; Tiwari, R.S.
       Hydrogeolocical investigations in budelkhand region using remote sensing techniques
1988   Practical linear weir                             Ansari, Anwar saleem; Pathak, S.K.
1988                                                     Bajwa,
       Optimization methods ofr structural design problems J.S.; Kaushik, S.K.
1988   Water hammer in pipe network                      Gadagi, M.S.; Rangaraju, K.G.
1988                                                     Singh, Gambhir; treatment
       Comparative evaluation of pure and commercial alums in waterKumar, Pradeep
1988                                                     Kumar, Gulshan;
       Computer aided analysis with graphics package for soil slopes Pandey, A.D.
1988   Nuttient leaching from sediments                  Singh, Gurmeet; Mathur, R.P.
1988                                                     Mathur,
       Log-linear mode choice modelling for journey to work I.R.; Gupta, A.K.
1988   Using microsoft windows                           Rose, Karen
1988   Design of reinforced concrete structures          Ramamrutham, S.
1988                                                     Shrivastav, Braj bahadur; Gupta, A.k.
       Laboratory study on behaviour of lime stabilized expensive soils for highway pavements
1988                                                     penstocks
       Use of fibrous concrete for roads culverts and Saxena, N.K.; Vasan, R.M.
1988                                                     Bhattacharya, Swades Kumar
       Urban dowestic water supply in developing countries
1988   Basic exploration geophysics                      Robinson, Edwin S.; Coruh, Cahit
1988                                                     Patyal, R.K.; bituminous
       Aggregate characteristics and frictional behaviour of dense Gupta, A.K.wearing surfaces
1988                                                     Kumar,
       Analysis and design of R.C.C. over head reservoirs Avadhesh; Kaushik, S.K.
1988   Colour removal form dye house wastewaters Gupta, Sunjay kumar; Srivastava, A.K.
1988                                                     Kumar, pmc with different
       A comparative study of skid resistance performance ofRakesh; Goel, V.K. wearing surfaces
1988   Text-book of estimating and costing               Birdle, G.S.
1988   Computer -aided simulation in railway dynamics    Faulkner, L.L.
1988                                                     Kolkman,
       Modelling soil-Water structure interactions Sowa's 88 P.A.; Lindenberg, J.
1988   Side effects of water resources management Volker, A.
1988   Workshop2: Competition and cooperation
1988   Centrifuges in soil mechanics                     Craig, W.H.; James, R.G.
1988                                                     advances and applications
       Flow and transport in the natural environment: Steffen, W.L.; Denmead, O.T.
1988                                                     Dunnicliff, John;
       Geotechnical instrumentation for monitoring field performance Green, Gordon F.
1988   Material testing laboratory manual                Kaushik, S.K.; Kukreja, C.B.
1988   Introduction to the theory of traffic flow        Leutzbach, Wilhelm
1988   Workshop6: Fare collection and management information systems
1988   Digital image processing in remote sensing Muller, Jan-peter
1988   Planning and design guide
1988                                                     Celia, surface and sub-surface flowa
       Proceedigs of tthe international confernce: modeling M.A.
1988                                                     Singh, B.
       International symposium on underground engineering: Proceedings: Vol. 1
1988   Corrosion of steel in concrete                    Sehiessl, P.
1988   Manual on rock mechanics
1988   Finite element analysis : Theory and programming  Krishanmoorthy, C.S.
1988                                                     Keedwell,
       International conference on rheology and soil mechanics M.
1988   Finite element analysis                           Brauer, John R.
1988                                                     Gessler, Johannes
       Proceedings of the 1988 national conference sponsored by the hydraulics division of the American society of civil en
1988   The geochemistry of natural waters                Drever, James I.
1988   List of participants

                                               Page 136

1988                                                    Prakash, Shamsher
       Second international conference on case histories in geotechnical engineering: June 1-5, 1988: Vol. 1
1988   Design of steeled timber structures              Ramamrutham, S.
1988   Reinforced concrete designer's handbook          Reynolds, Charles E.; Steedman, James C.
1988   Construction guide for soils and foundations Ahlvin, Richard G.
1988                                                    Cheremisinoff, Nicholas P.
       Encyclopedia of fluid mechanics vol. 7, rheology and non-newtonian flows
1988   A study of air entrainment and aeration devices on spillway model
1988   Irrigation system design: an engineering approachCuenca, Richard H.
1988                                                     of the 29th symposium
       Key questions in rock mechanics: proceedingsCundall, P.A.; Sterling, R.L.
1988   Accidents and safety
1988   Proceedings of the international conference on roads and roads transport problems : Road and road transport prob
1988   Penetration testing 1988: Proceedings            Ruiter, J.De.
1988                                                    P
       Foundations for machines: Analysis and design rakash, Shamsher; Puri, Vijay K.
1988                                                    Corte, Jean-Francois
       Centrifuge 88: Proceedings of the int. conference on geotechnical centrifuge modeling: Paris
1988   Bridges and loading
1988   Soil mechanics and foundations                   Punmia, B.C.
1988   Transport and planning
1988   Proceedings of the ninth Asian conference on remote sensing
1988   Materials and testing
1988   Pavement management technology
1988   Hydraulics mechanics                             Cheremisinoff, Paul N.
1988   Pavement structures
1988   Pavements and construction
1988   Invited speakers
1988   Analysis of shells and plates                    Gould, Phillip L.
1988                                                    Wolf, John P.
       Soil-structure-interaction analysis in time domain
1988   Computer-Aided systems engineering               Eisner, Howard
1988                                                    Troutbeck, R.J.
       Workshop on visual data acquisition and application
1988   Materials for civil and highway engineers        Derucher, Kenneth N.
1988   Managing transport operations                    Gubbins, Edmund J
1988                                                    Dhingra, S.L.; Orpe, S.G.
       Proceedings of the national conference on :transportation system studies analysis and policy
1988   An introduction to transport studies             Hibbs, John
1988   Marine and offshore computer applications        Murghy, T.K.S.
1988   Indian geotechnical conference on : Evaluation and applications in engineering
1988   Proceeding of the 11th international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1988                                                    Chambers, Robert
       Managing canal irrigation : practical analysis from south Asia
1988   Principles of engineering geology                Johnson, Robert B.; DeGraff, Jerome V.
1988   Tunnels and water: vol. 1 and 2                  Serrano, J. Manuel
1988   Workshop 3: Financing public transport
1988                                                    Sharma, S.K.
       Principles and practice of : irrigation engineering
1988                                                    Bonnard, international
       Landslides: glisements de terrain: proceeding of the fifthChristophe symposium on landslides
1988                                                    Minns, Anthony
       Artificial neural networks as subsymbolic process descriptors W.
1988   Water resources environmental                    Cheremisinoff, Paul N.
1988   Railway track engineering                        Mundrey, J.S.
1988   Geotechnical ocean engineering                   Cheremisinoff, Paul N.
1988                                                    Cheremisinoff, Paul N.
       Surveying construction transportation energy economic and government computers
1988   Traffic and highway engineering                  Garber, Nicholas J.
1988   national workshop on Utilization of Fly Ash: Proceedings & selected papers on Fly Ash from Central building researc
1988   Flood geomorphology                              BanKer, Victor R.
1988   Text of the papers at the all India seminar on : Maintenance of civil engineering structures & systems
1988   Environmental awareness and urban development    Mohan, I.
1988   Model choice alternatives abstracts : Workshops 2,3,4,5,and 6
1988   Engineering fluid mechanics                      Garde, R.J.; Mirajgaoker, A.G.

                                               Page 137

1988                                                  Adeli, Hojjat
       Interactive microcomputer -aided structural steel design
1988   Buoyancy-induced flows and transport           Gebhart, Benjamin; Jaluria, Yogesh; Mahajan, Roop L.
1988   Fluid mechanics and fluid power                Kachhara, N.L.; Verma, A.P.
1988                                                  Rutter, J.De.
       Proceedings of the first international symposium on penetration testing : penetration testing 1988
1988                                                  Kanetkar, T.P.; Kulkarni,
       Surveying and leveling part-1; a text book on surveying and leveling S.V.
1988                                                   vehicle fuel
       ARFCOM -Models for estimating light to heavyBiggs, D.G. consumption
1988   Soil mechanics and foundation engineering Murthy, V.S.
1988                                                   and engineers
       Structural concepts and systems for architectsLin, T.Y.; Stotesbury, Sidney D.
1988   Bus deregulation and privatization             Dodgson, J.S.
1988   Water supply and sanitary engineering          Birdie, G.S.
1988   landsite the matic mapper data applications
1988                                                  in geotechical engineering
       2nd international conference on case histories Prakash, Shamsher
1988   Fluvil processes in river engineering          Chang, Howard H.
1988   Swage and waste disposal engineering           Garg, Santosh kumar
1988   Modeling of mine structures                    Kidybinski, A.; kwasniewski, M.
1988   Water well technology                          Handa, O.P.
1988   Recent advances in masonry construction        Bandari, N.M.
1988                                                  Kaushik, the Third International Symposium on Feffocement
       Ferrocement: Application and progress: Proceedings of S.K.; Gupta, V.K.
1988   Tension structures: behavior and analysis      Leonard, John william
1988                                                  Bayliss, Brian
       The measurement of supply and demand in freight transport
1988   Building databases for global science          Mounsey, Helen
1988   International symposium: Tunneling for water resources and power projects: Vol. II
1988                                                  Stammer, crossroads
       Proceedings of a conference on : Highway safety: At the Robert E.
1988   14th ARRB Conference : Canberra ,Australian., . capital territory
1988   Field measurements in geomechanics: vol. 2 Sakurai, S.
1988   Dangerous properties of industrial materials Irving sax, N.
1988   Computer applications in water supply          Couilbeck, Bryan
1988   Statics and mechanics of materials             Das, Braja M.; Hassler, Paul C.
1988   Essentials of soil mechanics and foundation David, F.
1988   Workshop 4: optimal size buses and fleets
1988   Concrete pavements                             Stock, A.F.
1988   Theory of structures                           Ramamrutham, S.
1988   Workshop 5 : Coordination of town and transport planning
1988   International seminar: hydrology of extremes (floods and low flows): proceedings
1988                                                  Ferrante, A.J.
       Proceedings of the 6th international symposium on offshore engineering held at :offshore engineering
1988   Second international colloquium on concrete in developing countries: Bombay January 1988
1988   Deep foundations on bored and auger piles Van Impe, W.F.
1988                                                  Sakuri, S.
       Proceeding of the 2nd international symposium on field measurement in geomechanics :Field measurements in geo
1988                                                  Wang,
       Developments in theoretical and applied mechanics Sam S.Y.; Hackett, Robert M.
1988   Expert systems and artificial intelligence     Bartee, Thomas C.
1988                                                  Bielawski, Larry; Lewand, Robert
       Expert systems development building pc based applications
1988   The workstation data link                      Adrian, Merv
1988   Advanced technique in turbo pascal             Edwards, Charles C.
1988                                                  Geoetsch, David L.
       Micro cadd computer aided design and drafting on microcomputers
1988   Microcomputer- based expert systems            Gupta, Amar; Prasad, Bandreddi E.
1988   Microsoft word: the complete reference         Alderman, Eric
1988   Business expert systems                        Holsapple, Clyde W.; Whinston, Andrew B.
1988                                                  Earnshaw, R.A.
       Theoretical foundations of computer graphics and cad
1988   Expert systems tools and applications          Harmon, Paul; Maus, Rex; Morrissey, William
1988   Matering c                                     Bolon, Craig
1988   Power users guide                              Campbell, Mary
1988   Unix system v release                          At&T@FAu.

                                            Page 138

1988   Mastering xenix on the ibm pc                    Hahn, Harley
1988   Principles of expert systems                     Gupta, Amar; Prasad, Bandreddi
1988   The architectures guide to computer aided design Crosley, Mark Lauden
1988   The engineering database                         Chorafas, Dimitris N.; Legg, Stephen J.
1988                                                    Mathur,
       Behaviour of footings on bamboo reinforced sand bed Maj Praveen; Rao, A.S.R.
1988   Tracer studies in bio -gas plant                 Srivastava, D.K.; Toshniwal, C.L.
1988   Proceedings of the 1st international conference on :Multipurpose high -Rise R.C.c. towers and other structures
1988   Discharge and velocity measurements              Muller, Andreas
1988                                                    Garg, Krishan
       Earth pressure behind retaining wall with reinforced backfill Gopal
1988                                                    Gupta, M. S.
       Removal of cadmium and lead from effluents by adsorption in a moving media reactor
1988   Appropriate building materials                   Stulz, Roland; Mukerji, Kiran
1988   Applied hydrology                                Chaw, Van Te; Maidment, David R.; Mays, Larry W.
1988                                                     tests Posh and remedies
       Estimation of lateral capacity of piles from loadSingh,pitfallspal; Ramasamy, G.
1988                                                     reservoir slopes
       Computer aided analysis of stability of soil andMisra, Bhanu Prakash; Singh, Bhawani
1988                                                     practice
       Environmental impact assessment :theory andWathern, Peter
1988                                                    Singh, Narinder
       Digital terrain modelling system for engineering applications
1988                                                     prcatice
       Small water pollution control works design andNicoll, Eric H.
1988   The abc's of 1-2-3                               gilbert, Chris; Laurie, Williams
1988                                                    Kaniraj, Shenbaga R.
       Design aids in soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1988                                                    Adeli, Hojjat; Balasubramanyam, K. V.
       Expert system for structural design : a new generation
1988                                                    Hinton, of plates and shells
       Numerical methods and software for dynamic analysisErnest
1988   Structural analysis and design of tall building Taranath, Bungale S.
1988   Design of slender towers for wind loads          Varshney, Bhuvnesh; Kumar, Krishen
1988                                                    Singh,
       Effect of environmental parameters on bod exertion Prabhat kumar; Swamme, P.K.
1988   Rainfall intensity-duration -ferquency analysis Verma, S.k.; Garde, R.J.
1988                                                    Gupta, Rajeesh;
       Shear strength of sand under low to high pressure conditions Agarwal, K.B.
1988                                                    Uhlen Hop, Frederick
       Residential construction and design:techniques for the modern builder
1988   Analysis of guyed microwave towers               Khandelwal, Anil Kumar
1988                                                    Paare, Jolly Jose
       Highly economical false ceilings using new cable systems and locally availabe materials
1988   Small house dimensions of its planning           Mohanty, A.B.
1988                                                     static condition
       Displacement analysis of retaining walls underTripathi, Om prakash; Saran, Swami
1988                                                     fine grained soils
       Effect of deree of saturation on consistency ofKumar, Jitendra; Jain, P.K.
1988   2nd century of the skyscraper                    Beedile, Synn S.
1988   Risk assessment of structural components         Lamba, Kumar Gaurav; Jain, V.C.
1988   Computer interacitive proportioning of footingsGarg, Pradeep kumar; Ramasamy, G.
1988                                                    Singh,
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1988   Air pollution control engineering                Licht, William
1988                                                    Jain, Neeraj; Godbole, P.N.
       Stochastic analysis of structures subjected to ground motions
1988                                                    Kumar, Prabhat
       Development and application of infinite elements for analysis of openings in rockmass
1988                                                    Sharma, A.K.; Singh, Bhawani
       Computer aided analysis of stability of rock slopes
1988                                                     system for monitoring dam
       Development of an analytical photogrammetricPagay, Anant Raghunath deformations
1988   Ferrocement hyper sheel foundations              Jain, Mayank kumar; Gupta, V.K.
1988                                                    Akhtar,
       Analysis of framed foundation for a turbo-generator Sidiqa; Kumar, Krishen
1988   Post cracking dehaviour of masonry shear walls   Verma, Rajeev; Bhandari, N.M.
1988                                                    Singh, Haobam
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1988                                                    Singh, S.P.; Toshniwal, C.L.
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1988   The ms-dos encyclopedia                          Duncan, Ray
1988                                                    Raina, and rehabilitation
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1988   Artificial intelligence through prolog           Rowe, Neil C.
1988   Handpumps :Issues and concepts in rural water supply programmes
1988   Compiler design and construction                 Pyster, Arthur B.
1988   Advance techniques in wordperfect                Nelson, Kay Yarborough

                                               Page 139

1988   Expert systems for experts                      Parsaya, Jamran; Chignell, Mark
1988   Expert systems in engineering                   Pham, D.T.
1988                                                   Podolsky, Joseph L.
       Harnessing the corporate pc: guidelines for profitable and productive personal computing
1988   Interfacing sensors to the ibm pc               Tompkins, Willis J.; Webster, John G.
1988   Understanding fortran 77                        Boillot, Michel
1988   Artificial intelligence and expert systems      Savory, Stuart E.
1988   Upgrading and repairing pcs                     Mueller, Scott
1988   Introduction to basic                           Morton, Jeffrey B.
1988   Dbase iii plus made easy                        liskin, Miriam
1988                                                   Singh,
       Aluminium chloride as coagulant in water treatment Laishram gokulchandra; Shrivastava, A.K.
1988   Artificial intellignece implications for cim    Kusiak, A.
1988   Paradox: the complete reference                 Keogh, James
1988   Wordperfect instant reference                   arvey, Greg; Nelson, Kay Yarborough
1988   Mastering ventura                               Holtz, Matthew
1988                                                   Manis, Rod; Schaffer, Evan; Jorgensen,
       Unix rational databse management: application development in the unix environment Robert
1988   Library and information management              Singh, Mohinder
1988                                                   Kumar, Peromod; Kothyari,
       Mathematical modelling of transient ded profiles in nonuniform sediments U.C.
1988                                                    scrubber
       Pressure loss and aerosol collection in venturi Swamy, Mahdeva; Mishra, I.M.
1988   Estimation of monthly runoff                    Raju, Rama; Garde, R.J.
1988   Environmental engineering                       Aarne, P.; Peirce, Jeffrey J.
1988   Numerical modelling in science and engineering  Allen, M.B.; Herrera, Ismael; Pinder, George F.
1988                                                   AT&T@FAu.
       Unix system v release 3.0: programmers reference manual
1988                                                   Gupta,
       Dynamic behaviour of turbo-generator foundations V.K.; Saini, S.S.
1988   Unix system v                                   AT&T@FAu.
1988                                                   Karlsson, Jan; Berglund, Ulf
       Noise as a public health problem:Hearing commumication,Sleep and nonauditory physiological effects
1988                                                   Kumar,
       Studies on aluminium chloride as sewage coagulant Shakti; Srivastava, A.K.
1988                                                   Parwani, Jagdish; Prasad,
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1988                                                   Mir, Showkat
       Wind interference effects between two prismatic buildings ali; Ahuja, A.K.
1988   Advanced techniques in autocad                  Thomas, Robert M.
1988   Dbase instant reference                         Simpson, Alan
1988   Managing cad/cam                                Stark, John
1988   Microsoft word: secrets sloutions shortcuts     Sheldon, Tom
1988   Introduction to computer informations systemsShore, Barry
1988                                                   Subramanian,
       Rural development: an inside look at problem and prospects R.
1988   Coagulation studies on kattha mill waste waterShivayogimath, C.B.; Shrivastava, A.K.
1988   Unix system v/386                               AT&T
1989   Dynamic testing of rigid pavements              Shukla, Shanker dayal; Gupta, A.K.
1989                                                   Agarwal,
       Simulation model for intersection flows for mixed traffic Rajesh kumar; Jain, S.S.
1989                                                   Youssef, Zeid thabet; Bhandari, N.M.
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1989   Drought impact on gorund water regime           Kumar, Pawan; Pathak, S.K.
1989   Phenol adsorption capacities of different media Kapil, Pankaj; Toshniwal, C.L.
1989   Optimal sewer line design                       Tyagi, Aditya; Bhargava, Renu; ., .
1989   Computer aided design of water tanks            Mallesha, M.; Jain, A.K.
1989                                                   Singh, A.K.; Sikdar, P.K.
       Efficiency and effectiveness of urban piblic transport operation in some selected cities
1989   Environmental science and engineering           Henry, J. Glynn
1989   Workshop on seismic isolation of structures
1989   Hydraulics of pipelines                         Tullis, Paul J.
1989                                                   Pradad, Manohar; Mehndiratta, H.C.
       Comprative study of overlaying and recyeling of bitminous pavement
1989                                                   Goel,
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1989   surveying with construction applications        Kavanagh, Barry F.
1989                                                   Zweben, Carl;
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1989                                                   Upadhyay, Balkrishna; Gupta, A.K.
       A comparavtive stgudy of determination of evelues in the laboratory and in the field for pavement layer materials

                                               Page 140

1989   Dangerous properties of industrial materials Irving Sax, N.; Lewis, Richard J.
1989   Earth rotation and coordinate reference frames   Wilkins, George A.
1989   IRS Accession Catalogue 1988
1989   Karst geomorphology and hydrology                Ford, D.C.; Willias, P.W.
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1989                                                    waves
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1989   Elements of sturctural dynamics                  Berg, Glen V.
1989   Environmental decision support systems           Werthner, H.
1989   Piletalk international 89
1989                                                    Schaake, John water distribution network design
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1989                                                    Herget, G.; Vongpaisal, S.
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1989                                                    Raper, Jonathan
       Three dimensional applications in geographical information systems
1989   Mechanics of fluids                              Massey, B.S.
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1989   Soil improvement techniques and their evolution  Impe, W.E.Van
1989                                                    Giblin,
       Traffic signal installation and maintenance manual James M.
1989   World federation of engineering organizations
1989                                                     fracture mechanics
       Non-conventional view on rock mechanics andGramberg, J.
1989   Structural impact                                Jones, Norman
1989   Star almanac for land surveyors for the year 1989
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1989   Setting out a guide for site engineers           Brithty, S.G.
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1989   Proceedings : Technical session D Environmental hydraulics
1989                                                    Gowda,
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                                               Page 141

1989   Design of filter for graded core material          Sabzehali, Masoud; Asawa, G.L.
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1989   America's suburban centres                         Cervero, R.
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1989                                                      Manuel Serrano,
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1989                                                      Carmichael, David G.
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1989   Proceedings :Student paper competition
1989   Proceedings of technical session A:Turbulence in hydraulics
1989   Decay of turbulence behind grids in open channel   Pandey, Vikrama; Porey, P.D.
1989   Storage structures                                 Rajagopalan, K.
1989                                                      Agrawal, Sanjat kumar; Swamee, P.K.
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1989   Fundamentals of digital image processing           Jain, Anil K.
1989   Dbase iv: programming techniques                   Tiley, W. Edward
1989   Scour around bridge piers                          Kothyari, Umesh Chandra
1989                                                      Kapoor, cone penetration test
       Correlation between sandard penetration and dynamic Devendra; Jain, P.K. values for different types of soils
1989                                                      Brijpurya, Sanjiv; scheme
       Metal speciation studies : Evaluation of an alternative extraction Mehrotra, Indu
1989                                                      Bedi, D.S.;
       Untimate strength of R.C. colu,ns under biaxial bending Srivastava, S.S.
1989                                                       ground motions
       Stochastic response of structures subjected toAnnigeri, Satish; Jain, A.K.
1989   Computer aided design of weirs and barrages Singh, Kulveer; Porey, P.D.
1989   Water distribution network optimization            Sharma, Ashok Kumar
1989                                                      Singh, of remotely sensed data
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1989                                                      Liebowitz, Jay;
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1989                                                      Pandey, Avanish kumar;
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1989   Behaviour of ferrocement box grider elements Sehgal, Vijay Kumar
1989   Using OS/2                                         Halliday, Caroline; Gobel, David; Minasi, Mark
1989   Expert systems: principles and programming Giarratano, Joseph; Riley, Gary
1989   Mastering framework iii                            Hergert, Douglas; Kamin, Jonathan
1989                                                        elements
       Computer aided design of ferrocement flexuralMittal, Raj kumar; Kaushik, S.k.
1989   Understanding and using wordstar 4.0               Lund, Patsy H.; Hayden, Barbara A.
1989                                                      Kumar, Rajesh; Kumar, Pradeep
       The leaching of lead from unplasticised pvc water pipes
1989                                                      Kala, R.P.; Govil,
       Evalutaion of cartographic accuracy of thematic mapper data S.k.
1989   Studes on treatment of wastwater by waer hyacinth  Rastogi, Major rajat; Toshniwal, C.L.
1989                                                      geotechnology
       Development of mini plate load test for village Pal, Satendra; Handa, S.C.
1989   Route optimization of a refuse collection system   Shrivastava, Saket; Swamee, P.K.
1989                                                      Singh, Rajkumar; Handa, S.C.
       A technique for improving the rate of boring during soil investigations
1989   Across wind response of tall chimneys              Gupta, Atul kumar; Pande, P.K.
1989                                                       on piles pitfalls and remedies
       Interpretation of the results of vertical load testBabu, Suresh; Ramasamy, G.
1989   Engineering software                               Ramakrishnan, C.V.; Varadarajan, A.; Desai, C.S.
1989                                                       foundations
       Interaction of frame structures on visco-elasticSharma, Ram prasad
1989   Strengthening of radial water distribution systems Mathur, Yogesh prakash; Swamme, P.K.
1989   Interactive graphical package for rock slopes Singh, Anil kumar; Viladkar, M.N.
1989   Biochemical changes in a micro aquatic ecosystem   Sankar, J. Ravi; Mathur, R.P.
1989                                                      Kaushik, Priya Kant; Toshniwal, C.L.
       Study of physico chemical treatment of rooler flour mill effluent
1989                                                        and blast Kaushil,
       Behaviour of fibrous ferrocement under impactMenon, V.;loading S.K.
1989                                                      Shahbakhsh, Moosa
       Prediction of masonary strength using nondestructive techniques
1989                                                      Goel, Rajeev
       Computer aided design & drafting of beams and columns on personal computer
1989   Analysis of hybrid T. V. towers under wind forces  Gupta, Udit

                                              Page 142

1989                                                     Arya, Anshuli; Saini, S.S.
       Dynamic response of file -supported concrete chimeys
1989                                                     Khare, Atul; sections
       Critical depth relationship for large discharge open channelSwamee, P.K.
1989                                                     Kumar, Santosh
       Soil-structure interaction in multi-storeyed building frames
1989                                                     Jain, Manoj beams
       Composite construction with precast prestressed concrete kumar; Jain, P.C.
1989   Fundamentals of cartography                       Misra, R.P.; Ramesh, A.
1989                                                     north western gangetyic plain using
       Cropping pattern suitability studies in a part of Nigam, Rajan kumar; Dubey, O.P. remote sensor data
1989                                                     Patil, Abhay; Godbole, P.N.
       Escar-an expert system for crack diagnosis and repair in building
1989                                                     Somani, clays
       Effect on medium to fine sand on compression index ofS.C.; Jain, P.K.
1989                                                     XT's
       Structural analysis design and drafting on PC- Tiwari, Arecna; Puri, N.
1989                                                      structural behaviour Trikhal, D.N.
       Influence of panel-frame interface bond on theDayal, Parmeshwari; of indilled frames
1989                                                     French, design
       Introduction to soil mechanics and shallow foundationsSamuel E.
1989                                                     Lewis, P.A.; Orav, E.J.
       Simulation methodology for statistics operations analysis and engineers
1989                                                     Rankin, John R.
       Computer graphics software construction: using the pascal language
1989   Numerical recipes: the art of scientific computingPress, Willaim H.; Flannery, Brian P.; Teukolsky, Saul A.
1989                                                     columns under biaxial bending
       Computer aided design of reinforced concrete Pandey, Chandra pal; Nayak, G.C.
1989   Topics in expert system design                    Guida, Giovanni
1989                                                     Pathak, applications
       Generation of data bank close range photogrammetric Virendra; Tiwari, R.S.
1989                                                     Choudhary, Arun kumar; Prasad, J.
       Bridge deck behaviour vis-A-Vis longitudinal girders
1989                                                     Dutta, Rakesh kumar; Singh, Bhawani
       Software package for rigid retaining wall with graphics
1989                                                     Anathu, K.M.; Mehrotra, Indu
       Biochemical methane potential of wastewater containing zine
1989   Generation and evaluation of rural road networks  Srivastav, Hariom prasad; Sikdar, P.K.
1989   Evaluation of reinforced flexible pavement        Shah, Mufti imran; Chandra, Satish
1989                                                     Yadav, Hosh ram; Rao,
       Improvement of sand bed foundation by vertical bamboo reiforcement A.S.R.
1990   Analysis and performance of fiber composites Agrawal, Bhagwan D.; Broutman, Lawrencen J.
1990                                                     Kumar, Praveen; Jain, S.S.
       Traffic flow behaviour on single lane and double lane roads on an identified route
1990                                                     Agarwal, Atul; Sikdar,
       Modelling domesric air travel demand in relation to capacity planningP.K.
1990                                                     Singh, Surendera;
       Relationship of capacity factors for controlled urban inter sectionsSikdar, P.K.
1990                                                     Gupta, Ariatmadi; Chandra, Satish
       Strength characteristics of lime flyash soil cement mixes under different test conditions
1990   Hydraulic structures                              Novak, P.; Nalluri, C.
1990                                                     Peuquet,
       Introduction readings in geographic information systemsDonna J.
1990                                                     Sodhi, M.S.;
       Parametric studies for optimization of R.C. girder bridges Trikha, D.N.
1990                                                     Khan, S.M. of sewage
       Use of polyelectrolytes in improving settling characteristicsmustafa ali; Kumar, Arvind
1990   Radargrammetric image processing                  Leberl, Franz W.
1990   Global Positioning System: and overview           Bock, Yehuda; Leppard, Norman
1990   Using turbo c++                                   Schildt, Herbert
1990   Iiiustrated autolishp                             Oliver, William
1990   Elementary structural analysis                    Jain, Ashok K.
1990   Transportation engineering                        Khisty, C. Jotin
1990   airport planning and design                       Khanna, S.K.
1990   Wastewater treatment by immobilized cells Tyagi, R.D.
1990   Treasure of r.c.c. designs                        Kumar, Sushil
1990                                                     Kidwai, Farhan ahmad; Chandra, Satish
       Analysis of mixed traffic flow through controulled ingersection for estimation of capacity
1990                                                     with Ajay kumar;
       Some aspects of flexible pavement reinforced Jain, geotextiles Chandra, Satish
1990   Roller compacted concrete overlays                Pal, Satender; Gupta, A.K.
1990                                                     Bhatia, S.K.; Jain, flexible pavements
       Development of relationship between rut depth and deflection for S.S.
1990                                                     Milan, line towers
       Computer aided analysis and design of transmission Ram; Saini, S.S.
1990                                                     Singh, Brotosuseno; Jain,
       A comprative study of national transport scenario in developing countriesS.S.
1990                                                     Subhas,
       Comperative study on model concrete pavement slabsNingombam; Mehndirtta, H,C.
1990                                                     Nigam, Sanjeev
       Analysis of techno -economic feasibility of alternate highway kumar; Gupta, A.K.
1990   Processing and fabrication technology             Bader, Michael G.; Smith, Wilburn
1990   Proceedings : National seminar on airfield pavements
1990   Physical principles of remote sensing             rees, W.G.

                                                Page 143

1990   Engineering surveying technology                  Kennie, T.J.M.; Petrie, G.
1990   Fibre reinforced cementitious composites          Bentur, Arnon; Mindess, Sidney
1990                                                     Zweben, Carl;
       Mechanical behavior and properties of composite materials Hahn, H. Thomas
1990   Failure analysis of composite materials           Beaumont, Peter w.R.; Schultz, Jerold M.
1990   Sea loads on ships and offshore structures Faltinsen, O.M.
1990                                                     Tomlin, C. Dana
       Geographic information systems and cartographic modeling
1990   Proceedings of international symposium: Experimental determination of wind loads on civil engineering structures
1990                                                     Reinhardt, construction
       Proceedings of and international : testing during concrete H.W.
1990   Institution of civil engineers geotchnical instrumentation in practice purpose performance and interpretation
1990                                                     Holmes, J.D.; Melbourne, W.H.
       Commentary on the Australian Standard for Wind Loads
1990                                                     De Wilde, the Second international conference on computer aided d
       Composite materials design and analysis: proceedings ofW.P.; Blain, W.r.
1990   International conference on environmental planning and management
1990   Marine concrete                                   Marshall, A.L.
1990                                                     Chang, Howard H.
       Proceedings of the 1990 national conference: hydraulic engineering
1990   Surveying                                         Arora, K.R.
1990   Soil mechanics and foundation engineering Singh, Bharat
1990   Loose boundary hydraulics                         Raudkivi, A.J.
1990   Traffic engineering                               McShane, William R.
1990                                                     Marinos, historical sites: Preservation and protection
       Engineering geology of ancient works, monuments and Paul G.; Koukis, George C.; Marinos, Paul G.
1990   Proceedings of the Indian geotechnical Conference 1990: IGC - 90 on advances in geotechnical engineering
1990   Transportation                                    Coyle, John J.; Bardi, Edward J.
1990                                                     ussr
       Remote sensing of soils and vegetation in the Curran, P.J.
1990   Polymers and polymer composites in construction   Hollaway, L.
1990                                                     Cook, N.J.
       Designer's guide to wind loading of building structures: Pt. 2
1990                                                     Satsangi, P.S.; Agarwal, A.L.
       Proceedings of the national conference on : transportation systems studies analysis and policy
1990                                                     Balasubramaniam, A.s.
       Geotechnical aspects of restoration works on infrastructures and monuments
1990   Test Methods                                      Pipes, R. Byron; Blake, Robert A.
1990   Design studies                                    Kedward, Keith T.; Whitney, James M.
1990                                                     Ferrante, A.J.
       Proceedings of the 7th international symposium on offshore engneeing held at : offshore engineering
1990   Micromechanical materials modeling                Whitney, James M.; McCullough, Roy L.
1990   Movable bed ahysical models                       Shen Wen, Hsieh
1990                                                     remote sensing
       Kinematics systems in geodesy surveying and Schwarz, Klaus-Peter
1990   Ninth symposium on earthquake engineering Joshi, V. H.
1990   Indian monuments through the ages
1990   Proceedings of the symposium on the potential of light transit systems in britishcities organized by the institution of c
1990   A text book on engineering graphics               Lakshminarayanan, V.; Vaishwanar, R.S.
1990                                                     Shrestha, P.D.; Kumar, Arvind
       Removal of the inorganic mercury from water by bituminous coal
1990                                                     Rastogi, Deepak; Srivastava, A.K.
       Treatment studies of wasetwater form vanaspati manufacturing plant
1990   Mechanics of materials                            Gere, James M.; Timoshenko, Stephen
1990                                                     Pandey, stiffness methods
       Study of slab on girder bridges by semi continuum and U.K.; Prasad, J.
1990                                                     Babbar, Sameer; Dubey, O.P.
       A pc based package for supervised classification of images
1990   Knowledge engineering toolkits                    Price, C.J.
1990   Standard handbook of environmental engineering    Corbitt, Robert A.
1990   Discharge characteristics of undersluice gatesKumar, Sanjay; Porey, P.D.
1990                                                     Dhull, Colonel H.S.; Khoshoo,
       Physico-chemical treatment studies on reclaimed rubber plant wastewater T.N.
1990   Elasto-plastic analysis of laterally loaded piles Chandra, Prabhat; Ramasmy, G.
1990   A.P.C. based padkage for image enhancement        Lohani, Bharat; Tiwari, R.S.
1990   Maximum delivery in a horizontal circular channel Sharma, Aditya; Swamee, P.K.
1990                                                     Lakra, Joginder singh; (C.N.C.)
       Analysis and design of foundation for computer numerically controlledSaran, S. precision machnies
1990                                                     Nand,
       Aerobic treatment of wastes containing cool cut oil Kumar vijaya; Deepak, Desh
1990                                                     Sharma, AShok
       Soft wate for 3-D wedge analysis of rock slopes with graphics kumar; Singh, Bhawani
1990   Design of sediment ejector                        Rao, G.A. Shivacharan; Vittal, N.

                                                 Page 144

1990                                                    Arora, Prabhu
       Analysis of tunnels in elasto-plastic and visco elastic media dayal; Viladkar, M.N.
1990   Numeriacl methods of flood routing               Singh, Ajay kumar; Porey, P.D.
1990                                                    Farid, Mohd; Jain, P.K.
       Behaviour of footing on sand reinforced with geotextile
1990   Software for cabion retaining wall with graphics Goyal, Ashok kumar; Panday, A.D.
1990                                                    Kumar, Jyotendra; Ranjan, Gopal
       Response of vertical pile under low frequency axial vibrations
1990                                                    Reddy, C.V. Feasibility studies
       Installation of bench scale anaerobic fluidized bed reactor : K.; Mehrotra, Indu
1990   Flood frequency analysis                         Abbas, Ali; Swamee, P.K.
1990   A text book on engineering graphics              Lakshminarayanan, V.; Vaishwaran, R.S.
1990   Afflux due to pier groups in open channel        Parmar, Jitendra singh; Vittal, N.
1990                                                    Kumar, Virendra;
       Shear characteristics of gravel -silt mixtures under high strussesRanjan, Gopal
1990   Post cracking behaviour of R.C. indilled frames  Trikha, Sanjay; Bhandari, N.M.
1990                                                    Goel,
       Sorption -Desorption studies of Zn on soil columns Sanjay kumar; Mehrotra, Indu
1990   Proportioning of ring footings cad approach Haque, Anamul; Rao, A.S.R.
1990   Degrandation on crude oil by fungal strains Singh, Vinay kumar; Mathur, R.P.
1990   Cad layer guidelines                             Schley, Michael K.
1990   Common lisp the language                         Steele, Guy L.; Fahlman, Scott E.; Gabriel, Richard P.
1990   Elasto plastic analysis of deep tunnels          Dhawan, K.R.; Singh, Bhawani
1990   Wind effects on antenna structures               Reddy, B. Srinivas
1990   Behaviour of partially prestressed beams         Jain, A.K.; Jain, P.C.
1990   Computer aided project management using cpm      Kumar, Sarvendra; Puri, N.
1990                                                    Sherman, Porter D.; Martin, John C.
       An ops5 primer: introduction to rule based expert systems
1990   Wind loads on sloping roofs with sky light       Singh, Sumer; Porey, P.D.
1990   Study of mortras and ferrocement in tension Prasad, Gati drushna; Gupta, V.K.
1990   The dbase language reference                     Jones, Edward
1990   A quiier response considering well storage       Sahu, Anand mohan; Ojha, C.S.P.
1990   Mastering 1-2-3 release 3                        Jorgensen, Carolyn
1990   Dynamic response of turbo generator foundations  Singh, Man; Saini, S.S.
1990                                                    Meyer, W.
       Expert systems in factory management knowledge-based cim
1990                                                    Kleiber, M.
       Artificial intelligence in computational engineering
1990   Study of gravity dam with rolled concrete        Omran, Mohammad esmaielnia; Nayak, G.C.
1990   theory and problems of programming with c Gottfried, Byron S.
1990   Wind Load analysis of cooling towers             Namdeo, Rajesh G.
1990                                                     photogrammetric and R.S.
       Investigations into the efficacy of simultaneousGupta, Ranjan; Tiwari, geodetic data adjustment approach
1990                                                     studees in a Jain, northern india
       Remote sesningh applications for land erosionSingh, Soran;part ofS.C.
1990   Fortran and engineering applications             Garg, S.P.
1990                                                    Killedar, Deepak J.
       Defluoridation studies with fishbone charcoal in different adsorption system
1990                                                    Raj, Mulkh; Nientied, Peter
       Housing and income in third world urban development
1990   Sewage disposal and air pollution engineering Garg, Santosh Kumar
1990   Enivronmentally -sound water management Thanh, N.C.; Biswas, Asit K.
1990   Modelling for design of sedimentation operations Rajagopal, K.
1990   Optimum design of R.C. grid floors               Ram, Kallu; Singh, K.k.
1990                                                    Islam, Nazrul
       Computer aided analysis and design of slabs by yield-line method
1990                                                     planning and Gupta, P.K.
       Application of C.A.D. in transportaiton network Prasad, Ravi; economic evaluation
1990                                                    Rajak, Dhani ram; Tiwari, R.S.
       Computer aided evaluation of digital terrain data for flood plain management
1990   Applied c: the ibm microcomputers                Godfrey, J.Terry
1990                                                    Kumar, Virendra; Dubey, of hardwar city
       Development of decision support system for the environmental planningO.P
1990   Modelling of uasb reactors                       Yadav, Ram kishun; Mehrotra, Indu
1990   Object oriented assembly language                Dorfman, Len
1990                                                    Singhal, projects
       Computer aided design of steel gates for hydro electric Mukesh kumar; Puri, N.
1990                                                    P. J., Sasturkar
       Steel fibre reinforced concrete beams under the combined effect of bending, shear and torsion
1990   National seminar on colling towers
1990   Cost comparison of different types of floor slabsBhattacharyya, Mahua

                                               Page 145

1990   Urban public housing management                 Cancellieri, A.; Foscoso, J.; Lemoine, J.
1991                                                   Gupta, Ashok kumar; Godbole, P.N.
       CAG: a chimney analysis and graphics package for wind package for wind loads
1991   Durability study on common building materialsKhadiranikar, R.B.; Trikha, D.N.
1991                                                   Rastogi, Sanjeev; Gupta, of flexible pavements
       Study of influencing parameters for efficient maintemance managementA,K.
1991   The design of modern steel bridges              Chatterjee, Sukhen
1991                                                   Revadigar, S.P.; Nayak, G.C.
       Xshell - a tool for building knowledge based expert systems
1991   Resistance of coarse sediment beds              Alam, Javed; Porey, P.D.
1991                                                   Saleh, Ali
       Performance evaluation of road transport corporations abdo; Kumar, Virendra
1991                                                   an identified highway Jain, S.S.
       Study of environmental impact assessment of Jain, Jinendra kumar;corridor
1991                                                   S
       Structural behaviour of ferro-fibrocrete overlays ingh, Gyanendra; Vasan, R.M.
1991                                                   Saran,
       Performance analysis of overlaid flexible pavements Sujit kumar; Gupta, A.K.
1991                                                   S.M.,
       Computer aided design of unflumed glacis canal fall Mallpppa; Porey, P.D.
1991                                                   Tiwari, Devesh; Gupta, A.K.
       Time - distance analysis of video recorded data for imentified intersections
1991                                                    pavement Gupta,
       Study on strength characteristics of compositeJain, Sunil; slabs A.K.
1991                                                   Sikka, D.V.; Jain, P.K.
       Effect of ceratin parameters on dynamic penertation resistance of sands
1991   Effect of additives on properties of bituman Prasad, Jagdish; Jain, S.S.
1991                                                   Jain, Mukesh; Ahuja,
       Influence of neighbouring buildings on wind loads on tall buildings A.K.
1991                                                   Kumar, IRC -37 1984
       Computer aided design of flexible pavement based on Sunil; Chandra, Satish
1991                                                   Reinhardt,
       High performance fiber reinforced cement composites H.W.
1991                                                   Singh, B.; Saxena, N.C.
       Land subsidence: international symposium, 11-15, Dec. 1989
1991   Environmental microbilogy                       Grant, W.D.
1991   Air entertainment in free-surface flows         Wood, Ian R.
1991   Proceedings 1st conference : Research needs in dam safety
1991   Offshore structures                             Reddy, D.V.
1991                                                   Dalmatov,
       Soil mechanics, foundations and footings: Geotechnika 3B.I.; Zeidler, R.B.
1991   Geotechnical application in civil engineering Aroguyaswamy, R.N.P.
1991   Complaiant offshore structures                  Patel, Minoo H.
1991   Structural concrete: Theory and its application Bruggeling, A.S.G.
1991   Quality control of concrete structures          Taerwe, L.; Lambotte, H.
1991   Structural dynamics: vol. I and II              Kratzig, W.B.; Kounadis, A.N.
1991                                                   Taylor, D.R. Fraser
       Geographic information systems: the microcomputer ad modern cartography
1991   International symposium to commemorate the .25 years of IHD/IHP
1991                                                   Krishanmoorthy, C.S.; ., .
       Finite element analysis : theorly and programming
1991   Remote sensing for land resource planning Sharma, V.K.
1991   Principles and practice of highway engineeringKadiyali, L.R.
1991   Elementary structural analysis                  Utku, Senol; Norris, Charles Head; Wilbur, John Benson
1991   Computer modelling in ocean engineering 91 Arcilla, A.S.
1991                                                   Prakash, Shamsher
       Second international conference on recent advances in geotechnical earthquake engineering and soil dynamics
1991                                                   S
       Structural analysis of composite beam systems kudra, A.M.; Bulavs, F.Ya.
1991                                                   Kerisel, Jean
       Down to earth: foundations past and present: the invisible art of the builder
1991                                                   Prakash, Shamsher
       2nd international conference on : recent advances in geotechnical earthquake engineering and soil dynamics
1991   Essentials of bridge engineering                Johnson Victor, D.
1991   Design of bridges                               Krishna Raju, N.
1991   Prestressed concrete structures                 Dayaratnam, Pasala
1991   Remote sensing of forest resources              Howard, John A.
1991   Index to volumes 1-6                            Pebly, Harry E.
1991                                                   Gupta,
       Mountain resource management and remote sensing P.N.
1991                                                   Asian pacific Lee, J.H.W.; Leung, A.Y.T.
       Computational mechanics: proceedings of the Cheung, Y.K.;conference, Hong Kong
1991   Reinforced embankments : Theory and practice    Shercliff, D.A.
1991                                                    framtures in oil- and gas-bearing
       Remote- sensing methods in studying tectonicAmurskii, G.I.; Abramenok, G.A. formations
1991   Civil engineering practice                      Piesold, David D.A.
1991   Essentials of bridge engineering                Victor, Johnson D.

                                             Page 146

1991                                                    Lanzara, G.
       Proceedings relating to the colurese given at the international center for transportation studies (ICTS): Rapid transp
1991   Electromagnetic distance measurement             Burnside, C.D.
1991                                                    Kumar, Ram
       Mean wind pressure distribution on convex cylindrical roofs
1991                                                    Rao, P.K.; Saini, S.S.
       Defformation analysis of a high concrete gravity dam
1991                                                    Vyas, A. K.
       Performance of fire protecting materials for structural steel
1991                                                    Zaman, beams
       Effect of mesh reinforcement on flexural cracks in r. c. Mohammad
1991                                                     plane loading
       Behaviour of deep ferrocement plates under inAgrawal, Satish chandra; Kaushik, S.K.
1991                                                    Vasista, T.Gopi krishna; in buldings
       Prolog based expert system for crack diagnosis and repair suggestionsGodblole, P.N.
1991                                                    Sharma, Shailendra kumar; Jain, S.C.
       Applications of remote sensing techniques to nuclear power plant siting in a coastal environment
1991   Design of bridges                                Raju, Dr. N. krishna
1991                                                    Gottfried, Byron c
       Schaum's outline of theory and problems of programming with S.
1991                                                     hilly areas
       Rock slope structure interaction of buildings in Ali, Rajiv; Ranjan, Gopal
1991                                                    Vivek, Vibhu;
       Studies concerning longitudinal dispersion in open channels Kothyari, U.C.
1991                                                    Kumar, Sanjay; Gupta, S.S.
       Development of IVF models based on observed link flows
1991   Determination of geoid present and future        Rapp, Richard H.; Sanso, Fernando
1991                                                    Rao, Nagraja;
       Behaviour of footings on sand reinforced with geosynthetics Saran, Swami
1991   Scouring                                         Breusers, H.N.C.
1991                                                    Singh, Virender
       Correlations amongst strength parameters os soil reinforced with geotextile
1991   Computer aided design of sediment excluder Gahlot, Arvind kumar; Pande, P.K.
1991                                                    Prasad, Kilari vara; Nayak,
       Computer aided design of anchorage blocks for trail suspension bridges G.C.
1991   Computer aided design of bridge bearings         Atreya, Prashant
1991   Discharge coefficient of triangular weir         Chakravarty, Sushant; Pathak, S.K.
1991   Behaviour of precast prestressed R.C. truses Jain, Sushil kumar; Jain, S.C.
1991   Ambient air quality and its effect on monuments  Gowda, R.M.; Mathur, R.P.
1991   Buckling behaviour of thin ferrocement plates Kalara, Anil kumar; Gupta, V.K.
1991                                                    Pandey, modelling in high speed decision taking system
       Dedicated to some Comupter aided ambient air quality Piyush kumar; Mathur, R.P.
1991   Oxygen transfer by mechanical aeration           Kumar, Raj; Chitranshi, U.B.
1991   Skeletal systems analysis package                Pathak, Jayanta; Pandey, A.D.
1991   Optimal design of a sewer line                   Jain, Ravindra kumar; Swamee, P.K.
1991                                                    Kosar, R.C. retaining walls
       Caddrew graphics package for design and drafting of Rashid Parvaiz; Kanduri, A.C.
1991                                                    Gupta, Sanjay; Kaushik, S.k.
       Properties of fresh and hardened steel fibre reinforced concrete
1991   Behaviour of footings on reinforced soil beds Rehman, Anis -UR; Rao, A.S.R.
1991                                                    Kumar, Praveen; Jain, S.C.
       Computer aided analysis of concrete box girder bridges for secondary loads
1991                                                     pressure distribution A.K.
       Influence of various pramenters on mean windGupta, Rajeev; Ahuja,on sloping roofs
1991                                                    Bhoi, Peer; system
       Studies on the treatment of dairy waste water by carrouselKumar, Arvind
1991   Treatment of dye house waste by adsorption Vajpayee, Manoj kumar; Chitranshi, U.B.
1991   Manual of traffic signal design                  Kell, James H.; Fullerton, Iris J.
1991                                                    Tyagi, Sanjay;
       Studies on physico chemical treatment of board mill effluent Pandey, P.K.
1991   Scouring                                         Breusers, H. N. C.; Raudkivi, A. J.
1991   Experimental study of ski- jump bucket           Patel, Prem lal; Asawa, G.L.
1991                                                    Noorzaei,
       Non-linear soil-structure interaction in framed structures Jamaloddin
1991                                                    Sharma, of chimneys
       Effect of various parameters on aerodynamic response Narayan; Kumar, Krishen
1991                                                     economics
       Concrete bridge practice :Analysis design and Raina, V.K.
1991   Treatment of phenolic waste by uasb process Singh, Parkash; Mehrotra, Indu
1991   Basic and applied mechanics                      Ranjan, Gopal; Rao, A. S. R.
1991   Tall building structures : analysis and design Smith, Stafford Bryan; Coull, Alex
1991                                                    Agarwal, Ajay kumar; Shrivastava, A.K.
       Studies on treatment of black liquor by anflow filter
1991   Experimental study on flow through undersluices  Rani, Rekha; Porey, P.D.
1991                                                    Khan, Iqraz Nabi
       A study of reinforced earth wall and retaining wall reinforced backfill
1991   Computer simulation of queues                    Venkatachalam, Aruna; Gupta, A.K.
1991   Economic design of R.C members                   Jain, Shashank; Nayak, G.C.
1991                                                    Kumar, Pramod; Mathur, R.P.
       High resolution fuff pollutant dispersion algorithm for unsteady and non homoceneous atmosphere

                                                Page 147

1991   Defluoridation by sorption on agro waste carbons   Sharma, Satandra kumar; Srivastava, A.K.
1991                                                      Sardana, Sumit; Kaushik, S.K.
       Effect of industrial waste water on strength and durability of constructin materials
1991   Analysis of vehicular noise                        Kumar, Sunil; Sikdar, P.K.
1991                                                      Singh, Arvind
       Acidification and alum coagulation studies on black liquor kumar; Shrivastava, A.K.
1991                                                       structures
       Computer aided design of connections in steelKishan, Radha; Singal, Ajay
1991   Craphics package for design of rc fottings         Kulsheresth, Sanjeev; Nayak, G.C.
1991                                                      Singh, Yendrembam anil kumar;
       Software for stability analysis of rock slopes with 3d-wedge failure with graphicsMathur, R.P.
1991                                                      Srivastava,
       Comparative study of gravity anomaly estimation methodsAnup kumar; Srivastava, A.M.C.
1991   Finite element analysis of spillway piers          Deshwal, Dinesh; Saini, S.S.
1991                                                      Bhagawati, Dwipen; at some K.P.
       Study of effects of river traaining works on riverine geomorphology Sharma, selected places on river brahmaputra
1991                                                      Singh, Viresh kumar; Saran,
       Strength and deformation characteristics of sand reinforced with geotextilesSwami
1991                                                      Rajvanshi,
       Estimation of deformation modulus of himalayan rocks U.S.; Jain, P.K.
1991   Foundation on expansive soils                      Singh, Rampratap; Rao, A.S.R.
1991   Micro computers in civil engineering               Adeli, Hojjat
1991                                                      and maintenance
       Ibm pc and clones : hardware troubleshooting Govindarajalu, B.
1991   Turbo C++ disk tutor 2nd ed.                       Voss, Greg; Chui, Paul
1991   Cost comparison of R.C. box girder bridges Dua, Rajeev; Trikha, D.N.
1991   Advanced assembly language                         Holzener, Steven; Norton, Peter
1991   United nations environmeant programme :Environmenatal data report
1991   Assessment of groundwater quality for irrigation   Singh, Vikram; Kumar, Pradeep
1991   Behaviour of composite slabs with lost formwork    Singh, Khuraijam temba; Kaushik, S.K.
1991                                                      Kumar, Mahendra; reduction of
       Investigations into direct linear transformation (DLT) approach for Jain, Kamal data from non metric cameras
1991   Radiometric evaluation of some soil propertiesSingh, Bijendra; Dubey, O.P.
1991   Afflux due to pier groups in open channel          Srivastava, Rino; Jain, Kamal
1991                                                       systems for resource management in developing countries
       Remote sensing and geographical informationBelward, Alan S.; Valenzuela, Carlos R.
1991   Intelligent assistant systems                      Boy, Guy A.
1992   Dynamic analysis of spillway piers                 Jain, Sarvesh kumar; Saini, S.S.
1992   'C' odyssey networks and rdbms                     Gandhi, Meeta
1992                                                      Banis, Yaghoob
       Simultaneous underflow and overflow past a vertical lift gate norouzi; Vittal, N.
1992                                                      Singh, Krishna kumar; Chandra, Satish
       Effect of arrroach width on sturation flow through signalised intersection
1992   Building construction                              Ambrose, James, Au.
1992   Finite strip method for girder bridges             Mathuria, Davendra pratap; Prasad, J.
1992   Reafings in remote sensing applications            Chouhan, T.S.
1992                                                       of the treated paper mill effluent
       Physico -chemical study to improve the qualityGiri, Vijay pratap narayan; Toshniwal, C.L.
1992                                                      Prasad, Mahabal; Agarwal, S.K.
       Computer aided analysis and design of pipeline truss bridges
1992   Design of foundation systems                       Kurian, Nainan P.
1992                                                       flow
       Pressure drop in drainage stack due to branchSingh, Surendra; Kumar, Pradeep
1992                                                      Legg, Christopher
       Remote sensing and geographic information systems: geological mapping, mineral exploration and mining
1992                                                      Sharma, Sanjiv; Jain, S.S.
       Mode choice analysis based on revelaed and sated preferences
1992   Construction planning and management               Gahlot, P.S., Au.
1992                                                      Singh, Mritunjay prapap; Kumar, Virendra
       Dynamic pcu andc estimation of capcity of urban roads
1992                                                      Kumar, Vikas; Mehndiratta, H.C.
       Study on use of shingle as road construction material for base course
1992   Regional transport planning information system     Prabhakar, Assem kumar; Gupta, A.K.
1992                                                      Katiyar, Adarsh; Chandra, Satish
       Effect of right turning traffic on saturation flow through signalised intersections
1992   Parking studies in meerut a dedium sized city Agarwal, Rajeev kumar; Gupta, A.K.
1992   Bus transport operation cost analysis              Malee, Babu lal; Kumar, Virendra
1992                                                      Jain, Sharwan kumar;
       Theree dimensional analysis of lighting tower for a sports stadium Saini, S.S.
1992                                                      Caling, P.A.
       Lowland floodplain rivers geomoraphological perspectives
1992                                                      Arya, resistant
       Masonry and timber structures including earthquakeAnand S. design
1992   High technology in drilling and exploration        Chugh, C.P.
1992   Proceedings 8th congress of the asian and pacific reginoal division of the international association for hydraulic rese
1992   Design of reinforced concrete structures           Dayaratnam, P.

                                                Page 148

1992                                                   Cadoux-Hudson, for geographic information...
       Geographic information 1992/3: the yearbook of the AssociationJames; Heywood, Ian
1992   Surveying                                       Punmia, B.C.
1992   Primer on composite materials analyses          Halpin, John C.
1992   Microconcrete: modeling material for concrete Kurian, Nainan P.
1992   Fibre reinforced cement and concrete            Swamy, R.N.
1992                                                   Shroff, Arvind V.; Shah, Dhananjay L.
       Grouting technology: in tunneling and dam construction
1992   World congress on natural hazard reduction New Delhi 1992: Technical Papers Vol. 1 & 2
1992   River conservation and management               Boon, P.J.
1992   Design of earth dams                            Goldin, A.L.
1992   Digital cartography                             Cromley, Robert G.
1992                                                   Reddy, J.N.
       Composite structures :testing, analysis and design
1992                                                   Brandt, A.M.
       Cement based composites : materials mechanical properties and performance
1992                                                   Ghosh,
       Progress in cement and concrete: vol. 1 pt. I & pt. II S.N.
1992   Engineering graphics                            Narayana, K.L.
1992                                                   mechanical properties and
       Handbook of ceramics and composites: vol. 2 Cheremisinoff, Nicholas P. specialty application
1992   Proceedings conference international seminar on :Emerging trends in offshore technology and safety
1992   Geohazards natural and man-made                 McCall, G.J.H.; Laming, D.J.C.
1992   Microtunnelling: Proceedings
1992   Readings in sensing applications                Chouhan, T.S.
1992   Industry and environment
1992                                                   Cole, G.
       Underground storage tank installation & management M.
1992                                                   Kuberan, R.; Dev, IGS Annual Lectures:
       Geotechnical engineering - Indian Experiences: A compilation of Nakul; Govindan, K.K.1978 - 1992
1992                                                   Singh, Surendra
       Geomorphology and remote sensing in environmental management
1992   Rock engineering systems: Theory and practice   Hudson, John a.
1992   Upgrading wastewater treatment plants           Daigger, Glen T.
1992   Slope stability engineering: Developments and applications
1992   Fluid mechanics through problems                Garde, R.J.
1992   Fluid mechanics fluid machines hydraulics       Gupta, V.P .
1992   Accuracy of spatial databases                   Goodchild, Michael; Gopal, Sucharita
1992   Decision making in transport planning           Truelove, P.
1992   Airport engineering                             Rangwala, S.C.
1992                                                   Shields, M.J.
       Offshore structures : conceptual design and hydromechanics
1992                                                   Ansari, Farhad
       Nondestructive testing of concrete elements and structures
1992   Proceedings of the International geotechnical conference; new technology for foundation engineering NTFE 92
1992   Public transportation                           Gary, George E.
1992   A text book of railway engineering              Arora, S.P.
1992                                                     and testing
       Concrete materials : properties , specificationsPopovics, Sandor
1992                                                   Hudson, J.A.
       Rock characterization caracterisation des roches gesteinsansprache
1992                                                   Kumar, Ashwani; Sharma, T.P.
       Structural strength of R.C. slabs subjected to fire
1992   Airport engineering                             Ashford, Norman; Wright, Paul H.
1992   International air transportation                Boyer, Robert E.
1992   Elementry hydrology                             Singh, Vijay P.
1992   Air pollution engineering manual                Buonicore, Anthony J.; Davis, Wayne T.
1992                                                   Triplathi,
       Commentries on :the environment pollution control lawsH.N.; Pandey, S.N.
1992   Environmental systems : an introductory text White, I.D.; Mottershead, S.J.
1992                                                   Gupta, Rajeev; Asawa, G.L.
       Flow past circular cylinders in erodibile channels
1992                                                   Baqi,
       The study of prestressed masonry flexural elementsAbdul
1992                                                   Kumar, Pravin
       Computer aided analysis, design and drafting of r.c. column-footing system
1992                                                   Giri, Suiresh chand; Viladkar,
       3-D finite element analysis of proposed arch cum gravity dam at lakhwar M.N.
1992                                                    of bladk Colonel
       Feasibility studies on anaerobic bioderadablity Sharma, liquor J.C.; Mehrotra, Indu
1992   Design of steel structures                      Dayaratnam, Pasala
1992                                                   Ram, Ghasi; Gupta, V.k.
       Computer aided design of precast reinforced concrete roofing elements

                                              Page 149

1992                                                     Roy, Gautam
       Self-similar open channel flow and sand ribbons with influent/effluent seepage
1992   Thematic cartography and remote sensing           Nag, Prithvish
1992   Simulation of urban bus transit systems           Gupta, Ravi; Gupta, A.K.
1992   Airport engineering                               Venkatappa rao, G.
1992   Coagulation studies on ossein wastewater          Ningaraju, H.J.; Shrivastava, A.K.
1992                                                     Roy, Suresh
       Land arability classification in a part of saharanpur district prasad; Dubey, O.P.
1992   Visual basic for windows inside and out           Cornell, Gary
1992   Design of open-chennel transitions                Basak, Bharat Chandra
1992                                                     Singh,
       Vedic mathematics alogrithm and structrural analysis Anil kumar; Puri, N.
1992                                                     Narayan, Prabhat
       Development of computer aided design package for flexible pavement design
1992                                                     Pourdara, Hadi
       Studies on dairy wastew after treatment by carrousel system combined with submerged turbine aerator
1992   Programming in ansi c                             Balagurusamy, E.
1992   Windows 3 secrets                                 Livingston, Brian
1992   Rehabilitation of r.c. beams for dynamic load Salih, Hassan Khalef
1992                                                     Gupta, Ashok pipes
       Computer aided design and drafting of prestressed concrete kumar; Jain, Ashok
1992                                                     Garg, Manoj; Jain, S.C.
       Creep shrinkage and temperature effects in milti-storeyed concrete buildings
1992   Computer aided design of arch gravity dams Hazarika, Palash Jyoti; Saini, S.S.
1992   The hard disk survival guide                      Minasi, Mark
1992   Macmillan encyclopedia of computers v. ii         Bitter, Gary G.
1992   Flow past spillway aerators                       Afshar, Nasser Rostam
1992   Construction materials reference book             Doran, David K.
1992                                                     Mudhar, Raghbir Singh; Singh, K.k.
       Experimental study of indilled ferrocement cylindrical bridge piers
1992   Computer aided design of P.T.F.E. bearings Pandey, Anand; Kumar, Krisshen
1992   Natural resources base development                Rathore, N.S.
1992   Performance evaluation of uasb process            Khan, Naseem Ahmad
1992                                                     Khaund, Prasanna kumar; Mittal, M.K.
       Discharge characteristics of sluice gates with different floor characteristics
1992   Design cad inside and out                         Plowman, Grant; Nichols, Linda
1992                                                     Press, William
       Numerical recipes in fortran: the art of scientific computing H.; Teukolsky, Saul A.; Vetterling, Willaim T.
1992   Numerical recipes in c                            Press, William H.; Teukolsky, Saul A.; Vetterling, William T.
1992                                                      aid for Anil; Kumar, Arvind
       Studies on paper mill effluents as a workabilityKumar, cement mortars
1992                                                     Luthra, Raj Krishan;
       Behaviour of R.C. beams rehabilitated with external reinforcement Kaushik, S.K.
1992                                                     Varshney,
       Grider bridge analysis using moment design coefficients Bharat Bhushan
1992   C disktutor                                       Riber, L.John
1992   Clipper programming                               Oliver, Brett; Sheldon, Jim
1992                                                     Enkenfelder, W.Wesley; Grau, Petr
       Activated sludge process design and control: Theory and pracatice
1992   Vijay mukhi's the c odyssey                       Gandhi, Meeta; Shetty, Tilak; Shah, Rajiv
1992                                                     Pal, Mahesh; Tiwari, R.S.
       Evaluation of stereoscopic capabilities of spot imageries
1992   Proceedings :Technical session thems:River hydraulics measurents in hydraulics research
1992                                                     Mohammad, Ejaz; Kashyap, Deepak
       Numerical model of radial contaminat transport in ground eater aquifers
1992   Proceeidngs:Technical session thems:Hydrulic structures
1992   Computer aided proportioning of pile foundation   Choobbasti, Asskar jajalizadeh; Saran, Swami
1992                                                     Singh, Sandeep; Singh, Bhawani
       Finite element analysis of rock slopes with insitu stresses
1992   Commentaries on water & air pollution laws Asthana, K.B.; Gadi, S.K.
1992                                                     Kumar, Sunil; Kothyari, U.C.
       Depth -area -duration analysis of short duration rainfalls
1992   Turbo C/C++ : the complete reference              Schildt, Herbert
1992                                                     Zomorodian, Seyed mohammad ali; Ramasamy, G.
       Analysis of pile groups subjected to vertical and lateral loading
1992                                                     Delavar, Mahouid techniques
       Processing of field survey data using analytical photogrammetric reza; Jain, Kamal
1992   Simple surge tank analysis and design             Moghaddam, Mehdi azhdary; Swamee, P.K.
1992                                                     Kumar, Vijay; Sharma, K.P.
       Long frem sediment yield estimation in a sub catchment of river yamuna using aerial photographs
1992   Rehabilitation of masonry arches                  Gupta, Prabhat Kumar
1992   Behaviour of composite steel concrete beams Singhal, Nalin
1992   Unix the open boundless c                         Gandhi, Meeta; Shetty, Tilak; Shah, Rajiv

                                                 Page 150

1993                                                       Srinivasarao, K.; Godbole, P.N.
       Analysis of chimenys for wind loads using semiloof shell element
1993                                                       Nath, Deena;
       A study of combined intermediate depth foundation system Nayak, G.C.
1993                                                       Sarkar, Archana; Chakrabarti,
       Firex an expert system for assessment and repair of fire damaged buildings S.C.
1993                                                       Singh, Uday prasad; Vasan, R.M.
       Investigations on coad carrying capacity of tin sfrc pavements over wbm base
1993   Scour around bridge pier group                      Haghighat, Morteza; Vittal, N.
1993                                                       facors Vijaya bhaskara; Jain, S.S.
       Study of traffic flow and related cnvironmental Reddy,at identified highways locations
1993   Computation of total load in alluvial channels Agarawal, Rajesh kumar; Mittal, M.K.
1993                                                       Verma, Arunodaya kumar;
       Some consideration os mass transit system planning for delhi metropolis Gupta, A.K.
1993   Integrated solis waste management                   Tchobanoglous, George; Theisen, Hilary
1993   Ground improvement                                  Moseley, M.P.
1993                                                       Jagannatha, G.M.; Bhandari, N.M.
       Computer aided design and drafiting of foundations for building frames
1993                                                       Mittal, Ajay kumar; Nayak, G.C.
       Curved rational bezier element for finite element analysis of axi-symmetric shells
1993   Graphics programming in c                           Stevens, Roger T.
1993   The practical handbook of compost engineering       Haug, Roger T.
1993                                                       pavements
       Criteria for design and rehabilations of flexible Srivastava, Vinod kumar; Gupta, A.K.
1993   Analysis of water hammer in pipe networks Ahmad, Zulfequar; Kothyari, U.C.
1993                                                       Modha, G.B.;
       A computer package for proprotioning of footing foundationsRamasamy, G.
1993   Traffic diversion on alternate route link           Singh, Mool; Chandra, Satish
1993   Soil erosion studies in gis environment             Garg, Rahul dev; Dubey, O.P.
1993                                                       Kalita, Manornjan; river from kobo
       Evaluation of canges in channel configuration of the bhamaputra Mathur, R.P. to tezpur using satellite data
1993   Unit hydrograph based rainfall runoff models Jain, Rajesh kumar; Kothyari, U.C.
1993                                                       Kalita, brahmaputra river Nayan
       Evaluation of changes in channel configuration of the Manorajan; Srama,from kobo tezpur using satellite data
1993   Remote sensing in India: facilities & infrastructureJayaraman, V.; Manikiam, B.
1993   Mapping and compilation                             Rampal, K.K.
1993   Theory and application of digital signal processing Rabiner, Lawrence R.; Gold, Bernard
1993   Introduction to fluid dynamics                      Batchelor, G.K.
1993   Proceedings of the 1993 national seminar on: Urban transportation
1993                                                       Cook, N.J.
       Wind engineering: 1st iwae European and African regional conference: proceedings
1993   Textbook of irrigation engineering                  Sharma, R.K.
1993                                                       Rider, John of electricity as a locomotive power
       Electric traction : A practical handbook on the applications Hall
1993   Manual on sewerage and sewage treatment
1993                                                       Randkivi, Arved J.
       Sedimentation : exclustion and removal of sediment from diverted water
1993                                                       Hudson, John A.
       Comprehensive rock engineeing : principles ,practice and projects
1993                                                       Custodio,
       Study and modeling of saltwater intrusion into aquifers E.; Galofre, A.
1993                                                       Maso, J.C.
       Interfaces in cementitious composites : proceedings of rilem international conference
1993                                                       Okanda,
       Earthquake resistance of reinforced concrete structuresTsuneo
1993   Environment protection in developing countries      Heptulla, Najma
1993                                                       media
       Durability of reinforced concrete in aggressive Alekseev, S.N.; Ivanov, F.M.
1993   Matrix methods of structural analysis               Kanchi, Madhu B.
1993   Enviornmental problems and prospects in India       Balakrishnan, Mundathra
1993   Turbulence in open-channel flows                    Nezu, I.; Nakagawa, H.
1993   Manual for conation on seismic geotechnical hazards
1993                                                       methods
       Heavy construction - planning, equipment and Singh, Jagman
1993                                                       Diestel, and
       Saturated flow and soil structure : review of the subjectHeikolaboratory experiments on the basic relationships
1993                                                       Narayan, Sarendra
       Performance of externally reinforced R. C. beams strengthened in shear with varying glue thicknesses
1993                                                       Gupta, Rajeev kumar; Jain, P.K.
       Effect of siize of test plates on behaviour of shallow foundation
1993                                                       Kumar, Anisurrahman; Rao, A.S.R.
       Effect of capillarity on coefficient of clastic uniform compression of silty sand
1993                                                       Prasad, for irc loads
       Analysis of girder bridges by semi-continuum methods Devi; Prasad, J.
1993   Studies on uasb plant at kanpur                     Sharan, Gyanendra; Mehrotra, Indu
1993                                                       Sinha, Umesh narayan
       Behaviour of clayey gouge material along discontinuity surfaces in rock mass
1993                                                       Garg, Alok;
       Removal of chromium (VI) from waste water by adsorptionShrivastava, A.K.
1993   Turbo pascal 7 handbook                             Feibel, Werner

                                                Page 151

1993   Study of road traffic noise levels in jaipur      Gupta, Mahesh kumar; Kumar, Pradeep
1993   Evaluation of sewerage system at haridwar Chaurasia, Vijai kumar; Mathur, R.P.
1993   Road materials
1993   Leaching of nutuients form degested sludge Hiremath, G.M.; Bhargav, Renu
1993   Project cost control using CPM and Pert           Bhatnavar, Rajeev; Puri, N.
1993   Bi -Axial bending in R.C. columns                 Gupta, Pawan kumar; Jain, S.C.
1993   Computer vision : Application in photogrammetry   Jitendra, S.; Jain, Kamal
1993                                                     Mehta, Sunil
       Development of logit software for analytical design of mode choice
1993   The magic of image processing                     Morrison, Mike
1993                                                     Jain, Dinesh kumar; Jain, S.C.
       Grillage analysis of box girder bridges for vertical loads
1993                                                     Dubey, Avadhesh kumar; Gupta, V.K.
       Study of reinforced concrete ferrocement composite beams
1993                                                     Parihar, Rajanyak singh; Dubey, O.P.
       Sub-surface investigation by resistivity survey for hill road planning
1993                                                     Hudson, John A.;
       Comprehensive rock engineering : principles, practice & projectsBrown, Edwin T.
1993   Scour around bridge fier group                    Haghighat, Morteza; Vittal, N.
1993                                                     strengthened in Gupta, V.K.
       Behaviour of externally reinforced R.C beams Verma, Rajesh; shear with varying plate thicknesses
1993   Computer aided estimation of r.c.c. frames        Mani, Jitendra
1993   Preprocessor for box girder bridge analysis Singh, Akchhya Kumar
1993                                                     Chaturvedi, Asit; Jain, S.C.
       Evaluation of ground water potential of a part of delhi region using remote sensing data
1993                                                     Kalita, brahaputra river form kobo
       Evaluation of changes in channel configuration of the Manoranjan; Dubey, O.P. to tezpur using satellite data
1993                                                     Jagannatha, G. frames
       Computer aided design and drafting of foundations for buildingM.
1993                                                     Jain, Sanjay kumar; Gupta, S.K.
       Analysis of R.C. cultibeam bridges under vertical loads
1993   Computer aided design of pot bearings             Mehta, Neerav
1993                                                     Kumar, Sanjeev;
       Estimation of settlement using staic cone penetration test data Rao, A.S.R.
1993                                                     Veer, Vijay; Garg, P.k.
       Detection of linear features using various filters on satellinte images
1993   Insitu behaviour of spliced piles and intact pilesJain, Mahavir Prasad
1993   Turbo pascal 7: the complete reference            O'Brien, Stephen; Nameroff, Steven
1993                                                     Punjabi, Kewal Krishan
       .unified approach for the cadd of r. c. slabs using yield-line theory
1993                                                      stairs
       Finite element analysis of slabless tread riserSharma, Sandeep
1993                                                     Joshi, Satya narain; Ramasamy, G.
       Computer aided estimation of settlement of pile groups
1993                                                     Singh, Gurmeet; Kaushik, S.K.
       Parametric study of culverts using high performance conrete and high strength reinforcement
1993                                                     elements using cad
       Parametric study of precast reinforced roofing Kumar, Awadhesh; Gupta, V,K.
1993                                                      footing
       Computer aided analysis of continuous R.C.C.Kant, Shashi
1993   Sediment transport in rigid bed channels          Singh, Amar lal; Mittal, M.K.
1993                                                     Agrawal, house kumar;
       Performance study of instrumented underground power Krishnacavity Singh, Bhawani
1993                                                     Gupta, Rakesh Kumar
       Structural behaviour of ferrocement folded plate roof for low cost housing
1993                                                     Shekhawat, Rajesh kumar; Samadhiya, N.K.
       Stability analysis of slopes with non-circular slip surface and non-vertical slices
1993                                                     Nain,
       Structural behaviour of rc beams subjected to fire Ranveer Singh
1993                                                     Singh, Sharad Kumar
       Studies in design moments of transverse systems of girder bridges
1993   Advanced grphics in C and C++                     Stevens, Roger T.; Watkins, Christopher D.
1993   Buckling of ferrocement plates                    Prasad, Rajendra
1993                                                     Saxena, Ashit kumar;
       Effect of traffic noise on an exposed group of population -case study Nigam, S.P.
1993   Ultrasonic testing of reinfgorced concrete membersJaisingh, Lathika; Kaushik, S.k.
1993                                                     Jha, Deepak kumar; Jain,
       Behaviour of steel fibre reinforced partially prestressed concerte beam P.C.
1993   Rule based expert systems: apractical introductionSasikumar, M.; Ramani, S.; Raman, S. Muthu
1993   All india conference on tall buildings
1993                                                      parameters
       Spectral determination of some environmentalParolia, Sunil; Dubey, Om Prakash
1993                                                     Joshi, Laxmi Kant
       Computer aided project management using precedence network
1993   Hydrogeolgical studies of kanhar river basin Mishra, Rajendra kumar; Dubey, O.P.
1993   Rock mass-tunnel support interaction analysisVerman, Manoj Kumar
1993                                                     Arora, Harish chadra; pedestrian cable
       Soil sturcture interaction and cable tensiuon adjustment studies of a Kumar, Krishen stayed bridge
1993                                                     Kumar, Suneel
       Box-girder bridge analysis by finite strip method for I.R.C. loadings
1993   Optimal canal alignment                           Sharif, Moh; Swamee, P.K.

                                              Page 152

1993   Elementary engineering drawing                    Bhatt, N.D.
1993                                                     Singh, Hardan; Jain, P.K.
       Behaviour of soft rock in triaxial stress condation
1993                                                     N
       An investigation of the climatic changes in india aidu, M.Raman; Pande, P.K.
1993   Design of canals for nonuniform sediment          Parasad, Devi; Vittal, N.
1993                                                     Singhal, Rajneesh; Samadhiya, N.K.
       Three dimensional stability analysis of abutments of jamrani dam kumaun himalaya
1993                                                     Pandey, local Shankar
       Wall and roof elements for dwelling units in hilly regionsBhola materials
1993   Proceedings of first annual conference of Indian society of industrial and applied mathematics
1993                                                     Kumar, Rajesh;
       Use of mini penetrometers for foundation design at imlikhera Jain, P,K.
1993                                                     Bhattacharyya, Debasish; Bhandari, N.M.
       Analysis for thermal stresses in concrete curved box-girder bridges by finite strip method
1993                                                     Abdulla, Munif; Gupta, S.C.
       Lead removal from waste waters in moving media reactor
1993   Corrosion of buried pipes due to soil             Prasad, Radhe Shyam; Mehrotra, Indu
1994   Rehabilitiation of R.C. bridge girder             Talwar, Darpan; Jain, P.G.
1994   Effect of channel length on bed load transport Garg, Surendra; Vittal, N.
1994   The environmental impact of railways              Carpenter, T.G.
1994   Modelling Transport                               Ortuzar, Jaun de Dios; Willumsen, Luis G.
1994                                                     Agarawal, Ajay
       Roorkee university model for alluvial rivers seciment routing kumar; Asawa, G.L.
1994                                                     Sharma, Hrash vardhan; Jain, S.S.
       Modelling for regional transporation demand for delhi and its stellite toens in U.P
1994                                                     Fenstermaker, Lunn K.
       Remote sensing thematic accuracy assessment:a compendium
1994   Tenth symposium on earthquake engineering
1994   Analysis of urban bus routes                      Narasinga Rao, Kolluru G.N.; Kumar, Virendra
1994   Neuro intelligent systems                         Hungenahally, S.K.
1994   Head loss in sediment laden pipe flows            Singh, Gambhir; Singh, K.K.
1994                                                     Singh, Prabhat kumar; Bhargava, Renu
       Application of mustivariate descriminant analysis in environmental pollution problems
1994                                                     Tripathi, Vinay kumar; Vasan, R.M.
       Laboratory investigations on skid resistance charactristics of bituminous paving mixex uning cement as filler with ap
1994                                                     Anand, Jitendra; Kaushik, S.K.
       Renforced brick masonry beams design and performance
1994   Computer -aided sehecduling of irrigation         Rai, Amaresh kumar; Ojha, C.S.P.
1994                                                     Zala,
       Traffic flow analysis on heavily trafficked highway L.B.; Kumar, Virendra
1994   Optimal route alignment of a sewer line           Naryan, Pramod; Swamee, P.k.
1994   Tenth symposium on earthquake engineering
1994                                                     Verma,
       Capacity of urban roads using areal density concept Vijai shanker; Chandra, Satish
1994   River hindon :Evalluation of pollution            Khare, Sandeep kumar; Kumar, Pradeep
1994   Expert system for tunnel in rock                  Pankaj, Praveen kumar; Baderinath, H.S.
1994                                                     Kumar, rehabilitation of
       Development of an analytical approach for design and Alok; Jain, S.S. flexible pavements
1994                                                     Kumar, Vineet; Vasan, admixture
       Performamce evaluation of pcc pavements using calcium chloride as R.M.
1994                                                     Bhandari, Deepika; treatment plants
       Waterex-an expert system for operation and mainenance of water Godbole, P.N.
1994                                                     choise Vijay; Gupta, A.K.
       Development of generalisd software for mode Kumar,analysis
1994                                                     Shrivastava, campus and improvement measures
       A study of transporation requriements of roorkee university Keshava; Gupta, A.k.
1994   Design of a sediment excluder                     Alam, Bahar; Swamee, P.K.
1994   Hyperconcentrated flow                            Wan, Zhaohui
1994                                                     Jain, Ajeet kumar;
       Level of service for mixed traffic flow at signalised intersection Chandra, Satish
1994                                                     Chaturvedi, Arun
       Use of geofabric in construction of road on poor subgrade soil kumar; Chandra, Satish
1994                                                     Kumar, Bipin; hill roads
       Evaluation of subsurface properties unsing resistivity data forDubey, O.P.
1994   Assessment of hindon river water qurality         Kumar, Umesh; Kumar, Pradeep
1994                                                     Chatterjee, A.K.
       Water supply waste disposal and environmental pollution engineerig
1994                                                     Garas, F.K.; Armer, G.S.T.; Clarke, J.L.
       Building the future: Innovation in design, materials and construction
1994                                                     Price, Martin F.
       Mountain environments and geographic information systems
1994   Weak rock tunneling                               Franciss, F.O.
1994   Proceedings of national symposium on recent trends in design of hydraulic structures
1994   Geochemistry, groundwater and pollution           Appelo, C.A.J.; Postma, D.
1994   Hyperconcentrated flow:                           Wan, Zhaohui; Wang, Zhaoyin
1994   Dynamics of pavement structures                   Martincek, G.
1994                                                     Kaushik, S.K.; Gupta, V.K.
       Proceeding of national seminar on : fibre reinforced cementitious products

                                               Page 153

1994   Foundation engineering:                           Hansbo, Sven
1994   High performance concrete and applications Shah, S.P.; Ahmad, SH
1994   Engineering mechanics                             Bhavikatti, S.S.; Rajashikarappa, K.G.
1994                                                     Godard, Xavier
       Less transports dans les viles du sud: la recherhe de solutions durables
1994   NSSDC data listing                                Horoqitz, richard
1994   Analysis of cable and catenary structures         Broughton, Peter; Ndumbaro, Paul
1994   Highway construction and maintenance              Waston, John
1994                                                      A Compilation of Nakul
       Geotechnical engineering-Indian experiences :Kuberan, R.; Dav, IGS annual lectures 1978-1992
1994                                                     Geschwindner, Louis F.; Disque, Robert
       Load and resistance factor design of steel structures
1994   Ninth international association for wind engineering: Summary papers
1994   Performance of ground and soil structures during earthquakes
1994   Introduction to fluid mechanics                   Fox, Robert W.; McDonald, Alan t.
1994   Urban public transport today                      Simpson, Barry J.
1994   All India seminar on : Cement concrete roads construction and maintenance
1994                                                     Woods, by ISSMFE
       Geophysical characterization of sites: volume preparedRichard D. technical committee 10
1994   Remote sensing and image interpretation           Lillesand, Thomas M.; Kiefer, Ralph W.
1994                                                      parking lots
       Pavement management for airports roads andShahin, M.Y.
1994   Proceedings : Workshop on sprinkler and drip irrigation systems
1994   3rd international conference on Deep Foundation practice incorporating PILETALK international 1994
1994   Surveying vol. 1 and 2                            Punmia, B.C.
1994   Proceedings competes rendus: Thirteenth international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering: N
1994   Hydrology and the river environment               Newson, Malcolm
1994                                                      methods in A.; Sharma, K.G.
       National workshop on numerical and analyticalVaradarajan,geotechnical engineering: Developments, application an
1994                                                     Carter, Graeme F. GIS
       Geographic information systems for geoscientists: medelling with Bonham
1994                                                     Chandra, Satish
       Development of capacity analysis procedure for urban intersection
1994   Simplified analysis of framed tube structures Chakravorty, Sandip; Bhargava, P.
1994                                                     Booch,
       Object oriented analysis and design with applications Grady
1994                                                     Parashram,
       Behaviour of ferrocement encased brick masonry columns Ambhore vinayak; Singh, K.k.
1994                                                     Prasad,
       Flexural behaviour of ferrocementy sandwich plantes Rajendra; Singh, K.K.
1994   Parallel processing of F.E. programs              Kale, Prashant bhanudas; Nayak, G.C.
1994   Structral efficiency of grid floor systems        Atray, Pankaj Kumar
1994   Performance of sifcon in torsion                  Kumar, Ajay; Kaushik, S.K.
1994   Ground water model calibration :A case study Mardyanto, Mas agus; Chawla, A.S.
1994   Wind interference amongst low-rise buildings Kumar, Anupam
1994                                                     Yadav,
       Applications of factor analysis to terrain classification Sanjay; Dubey, O.P.
1994   Design of unflumed glacis canal fall              Manglik, Neeraj kumar; Swamee, P.K.
1994                                                     Dhaka, Vivek kumar; Jain, P.C.
       Computer aided analysis and design of prestressed concrete continuous beams
1994   Soil erosion research methods                     Lal, R.
1994                                                     Singh, Jitendra pratap; Kaushik, S.K.
       Behaviour of simpley supported ferrocement plates under unifrom loads
1994   Analysis of side weirs and sluice gates           Sabzehai, Masoud
1994                                                     Honnutagi, Abodulrazak A.; Kumar, Krishen
       Three dimnsional behaviour of multistoreyed buildings with various lateral load resisting systems
1994   Rehabilitation of r. c. beams failing in shear Garg, Vikas Kumar
1994                                                     sections
       Developing pipeline truss bridge using tubular Babu, B.S. Jayashankar; Agarwal, S.K.
1994   Software process modelling and technology Finkelstein, Anthony; Kramer, Jeff; Nuseibeh, Bashar
1994                                                      using Vinay; Ghosh, model
       Extraction of some of the basin characteristicsYadav,digital elevation S.K.
1994   Comparative study of slab miments in brige decks  Gupta, Ashutose; Prasad, Jag
1994                                                     Chand, Ramesh; stress G.C.
       Object oriented programming for finite element analysis of planeNayak, plane strain and axisymmetric problems
1994   Reliability analysis of R.C.C. bulding frames Misra, Amit; Puri, Narinder
1994                                                     Nayak, Rakesh kumar; Dubey, O.P.
       Land evaluation for lacating tube well sites using remptely sensed data
1994   Performance of sifcon in compression and flexure  Gupta, Girraj prasad; Kaushik, S.K.
1994                                                     Jagannadha, V.; Prasada and repairs of
       Proceedings of the international conference on :Rehabilitation renovationRao, P.Durga structures
1994   Neural networks in computer intelligence          Fu, Limin

                                             Page 154

1994                                                    Charan, P.
       Marketing and management strategy for insurance in rural india
1994                                                    Kosko, Bart
       Neural networks and fuzzy systems : a dynamical system approach to machine intelligence
1994                                                    Pushp, Sanjeev; Rao, A.S.R.
       Ground improvement through introduction of vertical bamboo elements
1994   Finite element analysis :Theory and programming  Krishnammorthy, C.S.
1994   Design of reinforcement for reck slopes          Sinha, Binay kumar; Prasad, V.V,R.
1994   Technology transformation of agriculture         Bezbaruah, M.P.
1994                                                     properties of clay
       Effect of paper mill black liquor on engineeringRoychowdhury, Debjyoti; Ranjan, Gopal
1994                                                    Kulkarni, from Dubey, O.P.
       A geomorphic data model for estimating sediment yield V.K.; southern siwaliks
1994   Clipper 5.2 power programmer's guide             Spence, Rick
1994                                                    Kaushik, Ajay; data on basin
       A study of impact of land transformation derived form satelliteDubey, O.P. yield
1994   Stability of oil tank foundations                Pandey, Vinay krishna; Saran, Swami
1994   anatomy of integrated rural development          Singh, Mohinder
1994                                                     structure
       Design considerations for single buoy mooringSingh, Rajendra prasad; Asawa, G.L.
1994                                                    Pawar, S.N.; Patil, R.B.
       Problems and prospects of development, corporation voluntaryism, communication social tensions and weaker sec
1994                                                    Jain,
       Analysis of R.C. multibeam bridges for I.R.C. loads Sanjay kumar; Jain, S.C.
1994   Teach yourself unix shell programming in 14 days Husain, Kamran
1994                                                    Bellad, Geeta C.;
       Treatment of pulp mill waste using immobilized cell thechnology Shrivastava, A.K.
1994                                                    Verma, Samul; Kumar,
       Optimisation of low cost sewage treatment through lagoon systems Arvind
1994                                                    Singh, Sheoraj; Samaddhiya, N.K.
       3-d stability analysis of abutment slopes of srinagar dam
1994   Modelling the management of stormwater impacts   William, James
1994                                                     needs of Ashish; Gupta, A.K.
       Assessment of maintenance and rehabilitationBhardwaj,roads around roorkee
1994   Design of stable channel                         Kumar, Ashok; Vittal, N.
1994                                                    S
       Ground response treated with minigrouted piles harma, Binu; Ranjan, Gopal
1994                                                    Bhargava,
       Effect of topography on a water supply network design Devesh; Swamee, P,K.
1994   Your first modem                                 Crawford, Sharon
1994   Mosaicking in digital environment                Rajesh, P.; Jain, Kamal
1994   Applications of random vibrations                Nigam, N.C.; Narayanan, S.
1994   Optimal route alignment of an irrigation canal Prasun, Ashok; Swamee, P.K.
1994                                                    Saxena, D.P.
       Rural towns and socio- economic development of villages
1994                                                    Soni, Shashi
       Rural road network planning : A photogrammtetric apprach kumar; Jain, Kamal
1994                                                    Sharma, Jai krishna;
       Behaviour of footings on reinforced backfill of a rigid retaining wall Saran, Swami
1994   Novell's guide to netware 4.01 networks          Currid, Cheryl C.; Saxon, Stephen
1994   Study of strength criteria of rocks              Kumar, Umesh; Aggarwal, K.B.
1994   Rural leadership in a welfare society            Verma, B.M
1994                                                     underground openings
       Computer aided design of support suystem forNageswara, Nasavajjala; Prasad, V.V,R.
1994   Discharge characteristics                        Miller, D. S.
1994   Analysis of toppling failure                     Pande, Mukesh; Singh, Bhawani
1994   interactive computer graphics aided design Sambanthan, T.G.; Subramanian, N.
1994                                                    Mehndirattaa, Shyam sunder;
       Computer aided estimation of differential settlement of footing foundations Ramasamy, G.
1994   An introduction to geotechnical engineering Holtz, Robert D.; Kovacs, William D.
1994   Structural efficiency of box-sections for bridgesSharma, Suresh Kumar
1994                                                    Garg, Sanjeev kumar; Saini, S.S.
       Finite element analysis of gravity dams using substructure techniques
1994                                                    Sinha, Manish
       Criterion for sediment deposition in rigid boundary channels kumar; Mittal, M.K.
1994   Computer astrology                               Patodia, Manju
1994                                                    Partap, Rana
       Computer aided design & drafting of reinforced concrete pipes
1994   A study of digital data transformation techniquesSingh, Amerish kumar; Dubey, O.P.
1994                                                     methods
       Studies in girder bridges using semicontinuumBeniwal, Tarun; Prasad, J.
1994                                                    Sharma, Hari :design and evaluation
       Waste containment systems waste stabilization and landfills D.; Lewis, Sangeeta P.
1994   Tricks of the game programming gurus             Lamothe, Andre; RAtcliff, John; Seminatore, Mark
1994   Water quality and its control                    Hino, Mikio
1994   Effect of flow velocity on uasb reactor          Narnoli, Sushil kumar; Mehrotra, Indu
1994   Confined concrete columns                        Kumar, Rakesh; Singh, K.k.

                                             Page 155

1994                                                        Roy, Salil; elements
       Ferrocement hypar shell foundations with precast columnGupta, V.K.
1994   The sound blaster book                               Munnik, Josha; Oostendorp, Eric
1994                                                        Jha, Deepak kumar; Garg, P.K.
       A study of various feature selection techiques in digital remote sensing analysis
1994                                                         indices including Ghosh, S.K.
       A comparative study of some of the vegetationKumar, Sandeep; tasselled cap transformation
1994   A date with computer viruses                         Chandra, Nitin
1994                                                        Safa, Ebrahim
       Performance analysis of overlays for flexible pavements
1994   Mastering autocad release 12                         Omura, George
1994   Waste water treatment by duckweed sustem Singhal, Anupam; Mathur, R.P.
1994   Computer prgramming in c                             Rajaraman, V.
1994   Just the fas all about winfax                        Ross, John
1994                                                        Kumar, Sharawan; Shrivastava, A.K.
       Degradation of black liquor by immobilized acinetobacter calcoaceticus
1994   Treatment of black loquor by electroflotation Srivastava, Pradeep kumar; Kapoor, M.L.
1994   Study on colour removal from distillery effluentGupta, Arun kumar; kumar, Arvind
1994                                                        R
       Development of portable filter for forward areas ai, Niwas; Shrivastava, A.k.
1994   Borland c++ developer's bible                        Peterson, Mark
1994   Finite element analysis : theory and programming     Krishnamoorthy, C. S.
1994   Sediment -water interaction                          Jha, Kanhaiya; Mathur, R.P.
1994                                                        Saxena, Captain amit; Mehrotra, water
       A study on development of portable ion exchange unit for treatment of brackish Indu
1994                                                        Misra, Umesh; Mehrotra, Indu
       Determination of lime and co2 reqrirement to control corrosion and seale formation
1994                                                        Ram, Daya;
       Adsorption kinetics of defluoriation by activated alumina Mathur, R.P.
1995   Design of weir on permeable foundation               Salem, Adel Abdel Salam Mohamed
1995   Performance evaluation of ring road in delhi Shukla, Manoj kumar; Gupta, A.k.
1995   Study of secondary stresses in steel truss bridges   Singh, Arbind kimar; Agarwala, S.K.
1995                                                        Singh, Bhoori; of flexible pavements
       Effect of temperature and water on different wearing surfacesVasan, R.M.
1995   C++ database development                             Stevens, Al
1995                                                        Kumar, Sanjay; medium
       Laboratory determination of transport paramenters of a porousKashyap, Deepak
1995   Studies and analysis of proposed mrts for delhi      Gupta, Atul; Jain, S.S.
1995   Water supply and sanitary installations              Panchdhari, A.C.
1995                                                        Kumar, Rakesh;
       Characteristics of fibre reinforced sand as pavement subgrade Vasan, R.M.
1995   Optimal design of drip irrigation systems            Singh, Dhananjai kumar; Ojha, C.S.P.
1995                                                        Ohama,
       Handbook of polymer- modified concrete and mortars Yoshihiko
1995   Performance of sifcon in shear and impact            Mukhia, Umesh; Gupta, V.k.
1995   Air pollution control engineering                    Nevers, Noel De
1995                                                        sheet asphalt
       Effect of fillers on the stability and durability of Chaudhary, Pankaj; Vasan, R.M.
1995   Design of stable channel                             Jain, Sandeep kumar; Vittal, Nandana
1995                                                         imni spt values of lubgrade
       DeVelopment of correlation between CBR andKumar, Sushil; Jain, P.K. soil
1995                                                        roads
       Development of nomograms for pcu on urban Garg, Ashu kumar; Chandra, Satish
1995                                                         of tall Shiv Pal;
       Opp based windload assessment and analysisSingh, building Prasad, Jagdish
1995   Michael abrash's zen of graphics programming         Abrash, Michael
1995                                                        Bhanwala, R.S.; Jain, S.S.
       Development of a asimplified approach for maintenance of highway system
1995                                                        Kumar, Dayanand; Jain, S.S.
       Development of maintenance and rehabilitation investement strategy for flexible pavements
1995                                                        Kaniraj, Shenbage R.
       Design aids in soil mechanics and foundation engineering
1995   Hydraulics and fluid mechanics                       Modi, P.N.
1995   Fractals and chaos in geology and geohhysicsTurcotte, Donald L.
1995   Urban mass transportation planning                   Black, Alan
1995                                                        McCloy, Keith R.
       Resource management information systems process and practice
1995                                                        Agarwal, Sushil; major traffic corridor
       Traffic flow and environmetal impacts of four-laning of selected Jain, S.S.
1995   Simulation of circulation patterns in lakes          Sinha, Ashutosh Kumar; Ojha, C.S.P.
1995                                                        Burton, Franklin L.
       Wastewater engineering : treatment ,disposal and reuse
1995   Composite sturctures for civil and architectural engineering
1995                                                        Gruen, and space O.
       Automatic extraction of man-made objects from aerialA.; Kuebler,images
1995   Proceedings at bangalore university ,Jannabharathi campus

                                               Page 156

1995                                                      operation
       Public transport :its planning management andWhite, Peter
1995                                                      :management
       6th intrnational symposium river sedimentationVarma, C.V.J. of sediment philosophy aims and techniques
1995   Energy disspators                                Vischer, D.L.
1995                                                    Przedwojski, B.
       River training techniques :Fundamentals design and applications
1995   Design and construction of underground structuresSharma, V.M.; Saxena, K.R.
1995   dBase IV and structured query language           Chandra, B.
1995   Engineering for embankment dams                  Varshney, R.S.
1995                                                    Daemen, J.k.
       Proceedings of the 35th u.s symposium on : rock mechanics
1995                                                    Britvec,
       Stability and optimization of flexible space structures S.J.
1995                                                    Nair, Shanti V.;
       High temperature mechanical behavior of ceramic compositesJakus, Karl
1995   Rock blasting with discontinuities               Badal, Rajiv
1995   Transport planning for developing countries Ray, S.K.
1995                                                    Chew, Y.T.; Singapore.Proceedings Vol. 1, 2
       Sixth Asian congress of fluid mechanics, May 22-26, 1995,Tso, C.P.
1995   Concretes with dispersed reinforcement           Rabinnovich, F.N.
1995   History of flucial hydraulics                    Garde, R.J.
1995   Decision support-2001                            Strome, Murray; Power, Michael J.
1995                                                    Mazzolani,
       Behavior of steel structures in seismic areas: stessa 1994Federico M.; Gioncu, Victor
1995   Narmada and environment an assessment            Alagh, Y.K.
1995   A state of the art in wind engineering
1995   Engineering geology for civil engineers          Reddy, D. Venkat
1995   Engineering mechanics: Statics                   McGill, David J.; King, Wilton W.
1995   Concrete admixtures handbook                     Ramachandran, V.S.
1995                                                    Gupta, A.K.; Jain, S.S
       Proceedings international conference on new horizons in roads and roads transport
1995   Capacity survey of storage reservoirs            Murthy, B.N.
1995   Design of steel structures                       Raghupathi, M.
1995                                                    D
       National conference on fly san- waste or wealth avis, Graham De Vahl
1995                                                      stability of structures
       proceedings of the international conference onRajasekaran, S.; Sridharan, S.
1995                                                     horizons in
       Proceedings international conference on: NewGupta, A.K. roads and road transport
1995                                                    Munchen, microtunnel construction, Munich, 1995
       Microtunnel construction: 3rd international symposium onMesse
1995   Foundations of parallel processing               Ghosh, Ratan K.; Moona, Rajat; Gupta, Phalguni
1995   Locating hoppers in settling basins              Khanduja, Sanjay
1995                                                    Yadav, Ram Prawesh
       Studies in RC floor systems using manufactured coarse aggregate
1995                                                    in underground excavations
       Semi-empirical method for design of supports Thakur, Brahmendra
1995                                                    Misra, multitemporal satellite
       Classification of forest types of dehardun region form Harinath; Garg, P.K. data
1995                                                      girder Ajit
       Comparative study of different methods of boxKumar,analysis
1995                                                    Tripathi, Dinesh
       Computer aided design of power house R. C. building frame for small hydro power project
1995                                                    Jain, for waterproofing
       Performance studies on bituminous based material Kailash Chandra in buildings
1995   Optimal design of a cyclone separator            Singh, Sheo Pratap
1995                                                    Jain,
       Structural properties of masonry with used bricks Naveen
1995                                                    Ziauddin, foundation fills
       A study on relative performance of cohesionless solis asAhamad; Ramasamy, G.
1995                                                    Kambo,
       Computer aided design package on pile foundations Gurjeet S.; Ramasamy, G.
1995                                                     (Near roorkee railway station ) using remote
       Estimation of water quality of dhandhera pond Jha, Shailesh kumar; Dubey, Om Prakash sensing techniques
1995   Effect of seed on bod parameters                 Swarup, Jyoti; Srivastava, A.K.
1995                                                    Kumar, Rajendra;
       Physico chemical treatment of steel strips rolling mill wastewater Tonshniwal, C.L.
1995   Hazardous and industrial waste treatment         Hass, Charles N.
1995   Treatment of distillery waste water by aeration Chand, Mool; Chitranshi, U.B.
1995   Studies on polishing of distillery effluent      Shukla, Akhilesh; Mathur, R.P.
1995   Computional approach to anaerobic digestion Nath, Shivendra; Mehrotra, Indu
1995                                                    Ram, Khindu; Ranjan, soils
       Behaviour of axially and laterally loaded piles in layered cohesionless Gopal
1995                                                    elasticity of sandstone
       Influence of confining pressure on modulus of Mishra, Divya Krishna; Mitra, Subhash
1995                                                    Arora, Rajeev;
       Physico chemical treatment of asumica factory wastewater Toshniwal, C.L.
1995                                                    Tankha, Anurag
       Analysis of hyperbolic cooling towers for geometric imperfections

                                            Page 157

1995                                                         liquor along with sugar mill waste
       Physico-chemical treatment of paper mill blackRastogi, Sanjay kumar; Toshniwal, C.L.
1995                                                       Kumar, Chandraket; Agarwala, S.K.
       Study of structural behaviour of skew R.C.C. slab bridges
1995                                                       Gupta, Krishna kumar;
       Bearing capacity and settlement characteristics of reinforced fly ash Saran, Swami
1995                                                       Gupta, R.K.; active and
       Study on rock characteristics under the effect of chemically Jain, P.K. silt charged water
1995   Electron mecrosecopic studies on rocks              Jha, Akhilesh kumar; Sinha, U.N.
1995                                                       Singh, Ashutosh kumar; Samadhiya, N.K.
       Stability analysis of proposed under ground power house of tehri dam project
1995                                                        static and dynamic condition
       Displacement analysis of reatining walls underGarg, Sanjeev; Saran, Swami
1995                                                       Singh, Bhupal; Ranjan, Gopal
       Load deformation behaviour of soft clay reinforced with sand fibre columns
1995                                                       Singh, Rishi pal; Agarwal, K.B.
       Displacement analysis of retaining walls with reinforced backfills
1995   Effect of rate of lading on strength of rock        Nigam, Subhase chandra; Agarwal, K.B.
1995   Expert system for tunnel construction               Garg, Ajay kumar; Viladkar, M.N.
1995   Fire resistance of ferrocement columns              Kumar, Rakesh; Singh, K.K.
1995   Performance of sifcon in compression                Gupta, Giraj prasad; Kaushik, S.K.
1995                                                       Gupta, Girdhari in Sharma, K.P.
       Study of forest cover and its impact on watrshed management lal;yamuna sub- basin
1995                                                       Agarwal, buldings
       Expert system for the diagnost5s and cure of defects in Sanjay kumar; Godbole, P.N.
1995                                                       Singh, Yogendra; radiometric
       A model for estimating suspended solid pollutants in water usingDubey, O.P. and spectrophotometric data
1995   Proceedings 11th national convention of environmental engineers Seminar on environmental control technology -Ad
1995                                                       Chandra, Ravi; Saini, S.S.
       Bhaviour of turbo -generator foundations considering finite width of joints
1995                                                       Barhakadze., V. Sh.; Mikul, V.G.; ., .
       Durability of building structures and constructions from composite materials
1995                                                       Mishra,
       Analysis anf design of retaining walls for hilly region Dilip kumar; Jain, S.C.
1995   Integrated design of canal and canal fall           Kumar, Vinod; Pande, P.K.
1995   Computer adied design of industrial buildings Kumar, Neeraj; Krishna, Prem
1995   Analysis of tall buildinggs under wind loading Sarraf, Shakti; Kumar, Krishen
1995                                                       Kumar, adsorption usling sugarcane bagasse and rice straw
       Removal of eexavelent chromium form waste water bySubodh; Chitranshi, U.B.
1995   Sizing riprap for bed protection below pipe outlets Singh, Hemant; Ojha, C.S.P.
1995   Minerals and rocks                                  Kourimsky, J.
1995   Durability studies on sifcon                        Prakash, Om; Kaushik, S.K.
1995   Computer aided design of underground circular tank  Jain, Anuj kumar; Jain, P.C.
1995   Computer aided design of waffle slab floor system   Hazarika, Gautam; Prasad, J.
1995                                                       Hassan,
       Diffusion characteristics of rectangular open channels Quamraul; Pathak, S.k.
1995                                                        -point of misclassification cost
       A statistical land cover classifier from the view Mohapatra, Swayambhunarayan; Dubey, O.P.
1995   Nonlinear analysis of cable structures              Garg, Sanjay; Krishna, Prem
1995   Nonlinearities in cable stayed bridges              Rao, Raja Srinivasa; Krishna, Prem
1995   Uasb performance evaluation                         Sharma, Arvind kumar; Mehrotra, Indu
1995                                                       Raj,
       Treatment of textile waste using fe cl3 coagulant Dev; Chitranshi, U.B.
1995                                                        waste treatment
       Effect of phosphate on cod removal in aerobic Prakash, Anil; Bhargava, Renu
1995                                                       Gupta, of oil tank foundations
       Computer aided evaluation of settlement and stability Prashant kumar; Ramasamy, G.
1995                                                       Jain, Pradeep Kumar
       Effect of capillarity on cofficient of elastic uniform compression of silty sand beds
1995   Management of rural sector                          Hundekar, S.G.
1995   Parallel computing                                  Bhujade, Moreshwar R.
1995   Ferrocement roofs and floors with lost formwork     Agrawal, Pramod kumar
1995                                                       Mani, using satellite imageries
       Evaluation of snowmelt runoff in yamuna catchment Pankaj; Sharma, K.P.
1995   Object-oriented programming with c++                Balagurusamy, E.
1995                                                       Kumar,
       Determination of free surface in steady state seepage Niraj; Ojha, C.S.P.
1995   Geotechnical centrifuge technology                  Taylor, R. N.
1995   power builder 4: a developers guide                 McClanahan, David
1995   Windows 3.1/3.11: power techniques                  Livingoston, Brian
1995   GPS satellite surveying                             Leick, Alfred
1995   Energy agriculture and environment                  Tomar, S.S.
1995   Delphi programming explorer                         Duntemann, Jeff; Meschel, Jim; Taylor, Don
1995   Peter norton's dos guide                            Norton, Peter
1995   Design of settling chambers                         Bhattacharjee, Rupendra Chandra

                                             Page 158

1995   Design manual for pitched slope protechtion Manual
1995   Proceedings of the national conference on role of continuing engineering education in industrial restructuring
1995                                                     Sarkis, Sonia; Garg, P.K.
       Development of a methodology for photogrammetric of the settlements and deformations of structures
1995   Analysis of flow through parallel slots           Kumar, Sudhir; Swamme, P.K.
1995   Smart highways,smart cars                         Whelan, Richard
1995   Design of weir on permeable foundation            Mohammed Salem, Adel Abdel Salam
1995                                                     Ghazi, bounded wall panels
       Behaviour of R. C. framed mulistoreyed buildings withMehdi
1995                                                     Hussain, K.M.; Hussain, Donna
       information systems analysis design and implementation
1995                                                     Patel, Prem Lal
       Initiation of motion and bed load transport of nonuniform sediments
1995   Directory of indian building materials & products 1994-1995
1995                                                      soil interaction
       Investigations plane-frame-footings-reinforced Youssef, Zeid Thabet
1995   Structural failures case histories                Jagadish, R.
1995   Industrial pollution prevention handbook          Freeman, Harry M.
1995   Designing gui applications for windows            Leavens, Alex
1995   Ms-dos system programming                         Burki, D.
1995   Water resources                                   Varma, C.V.J.
1995   Thermal stratification in reserviors              Singh, Gopeswor; Pande, P.K.
1995   Developing professional help for windows          Sedani, Rajkumar
1995   Foundations of delphi application development
1995   C++ faqs                                          Cline, Marshall P.; Lomow, Greg. A.
1995   Design of settling basins                         Raghav, Manvendra singh; Vittal, Nandana
1996                                                      air transportation market
       Analysis of time series data in indian domesticMurty, B.V.; Kumar, Virendra
1996                                                     Sharma,
       Structural behaviour of polymerised concrete pavementRajiv; Vasan, R.M.
1996   Ferrocement sandwich plates in bending            Kumar, Anil; Gupta, V.K.
1996                                                     Babu, K.V ganesh; Kumar, Virendra
       Application of canonical approach for eveluating indian domestic air transporation system
1996                                                     Mathur, Manoj; Agarwala, S.K.
       Computer aided analysis and design of circular containers
1996                                                     Khare,
       Fire resistance of ferrocement encased R.C. columnsGhanshyam prasad; Prakash, Anand
1996   Consideration of sediment non uniformity in rumar Ahlawat, Anupam singh; Kothayari, U.C.
1996                                                      raads
       Study on selected waste materials for low costKumar, Pradeep; Gupta, A.K.
1996                                                     Kumar, Ravinder; Jain, economic usage in road construction
       Study on soil -line fly ash mixes under defferent compactive efforts for S.S.
1996                                                     Reddy,
       Distress due to multi axle load on flexible pavements Jaya ram; Mehdriratta, H.C.
1996                                                     Bali, Sanjeev; Vasan,
       High strength steel fibre reinforced concrete for air field pavements R.M.
1996                                                     Krishna, Mutyala district of muzaffarangar
       Development of pavement management system for roads in themurali; Gupta, A.K.
1996   Flow through laterral slot                        Subbaiah, D.; Pjha, C.S.P.
1996   Dynamics of railway bridges                       Fryba, L., Au.
1996                                                     Saxena, Manish; Kothyari, U.C.
       Effct of flushing on the efficiency of settling basins
1996                                                     Sekhar, Batchu raja; Dubey,
       Assessment of material gradation of flexible pavements using raidometer O.P.
1996   Practical railway engineering                     Bonnett, Clifford F.
1996   Concrete industrial ground floors                 Neal, Frank R.
1996   Flow throuth large orifice                        Kumar, A. Ravi; Swamee, P.K.
1996                                                     Ghosh, and environmental control in cement industry
       Progress in cement and concrete energy conservationDr. S. N.
1996                                                     Singh, Shailendra kumar;
       Velocity distrubution in turbulent boundary layer over flexible surfaces Pathak, S.K.
1996   Sediment analysis : Hindon basin                  Kumar, Bharmeshwar; Mehrotra, Indu
1996   Elements of the theory of computation             Lewis, Harry R.; Papadimitriou, Christos H.
1996   Transport and the environment                     Cartledge, Bryan
1996                                                     Singh, Ishwar; Chandra
       Parameters of spped-distribution curve under mixed traffic condition 0, Satish
1996                                                     Kuppam, Arun kumar reddy; Vasan, R.M.
       Performance evaluation of high strength cement concrete pavements
1996                                                     Ghosh, and Yadav, S.N.
       Progress in cement and concrete:engery conservationS.N.;environmental control in cement industryProgress in cem
1996   Processing and recycling municipal waste          Manser, A.G.R.
1996   C/c++ programmer's guide                          Pappas, Chris H.
1996   Multiple input single output rainfall runoff modelKumar, Akhilesh; Kothyari, U.C.
1996   Thesis writing a manual for researchers           Rahim, Abdul F.

                                             Page 159

1996   Rip rap scour below pipe outlets                  Kumar, Rajeev; Ojha, C.S.P.
1996   Civil engineering practices                       Kaushik, S.K.; Ashwa, G.L.; Ahuja, A.K.
1996   Optimal design of multiple cyelone separators Singh, Jitendra pal; Swamee, P.K.
1996   Water quality:management of a natural resource    Perry, James
1996   finite element techniques in structural mechanics Ross, Carl T.F.
1996                                                     Yadava, Sushil kumar; Chandra, Satish
       Effect of shouleder condition on dighway capacity and traffic operation
1996   Sprayed concrete technology                       Austin, S.A., Ed.
1996                                                     Rao,
       Effect of shearzone on dam foundation interaction Srinivasa; Singh, Bhawani
1996                                                     Rajpurohit, Chandan singh; Chandra, Satish
       Effect of vehicle size on saturation flow at signlised intersections
1996   Fracture mechanics of cementitious materialsCotterel, Brian; Mai, Yiu-wing
1996   Computer aided design of sewer line               Yadav, Jagdish prasad; Swamee, P.K.
1996   Irrigation engineering                            Asawa, G.L.
1996                                                     ., .
       Conference on recent avances in tunnelling technology
1996   Proceedings: National conference: Hydro - 96 Datta, Bithin; Bhallamudi, S.M.; Gangadharaiah, T.
1996                                                     Cobban, reservoirs
       Fiexible -Membrane covers and linigs for potable water Bill
1996   Standard handbook for civil engineers             Merritt, Frederick S.; Loftin, M. Kent; Ricketts, Jonathan
1996                                                     Krecek, Josef; Rajwar, G.S.; Haigh, Martin J.
       Hydrological problems and environmental management in highlands and headwaters: updating the proceedings of t
1996   Proc eedings of a spc\ecialty conference sponsored :Geographic information systems (GIS)in enviromental resoruc
1996   Design of steel structures                        Arya, Anand S.
1996   Analysis and software of cylindrical members Chen, Wai-Fah; Toma, Shouji
1996   Executive summary : Land satellite information in the next decade
1996   Urban transportation in India                     Agarwal, M.K
1996   Comprehensive glossary of technical terms engineering
1996   Urban transport and integrated development
1996   Low construction and maintenance ( A working manual )
1996                                                     Kaushik,
       Civil engineering practices : In the twenty first century S.K.; Asawa, G.L.; Ahuja, A.K.
1996                                                      applications to design
       Wind effects on structures: Fundamentals andSimiu, Emil; Scanlan, Robert H.
1996                                                     Gray, Donald H.
       Biotechnical and soil bioengineering slope stabilzation : a practical guide for erosion control
1996                                                     hydrology and water resources,
       Proceeding of the international conference on Singh, Vijay P.; Kumar, Bhishm New Delhi surface-water hydrology: V
1996   Non -Destructive testing of concrete structuresKaushik, S.K.
1996   Proceedings geotechnical engineering practice beyond 2001
1996   River flows and channel forms                     Calow, Peter
1996   Manual on GIS for planners and decision makers
1996   European federation of corrosion publications Nurnberger, Ulf
1996                                                     Greve, Cliff
       Digital photogrammetry: an addendum to the manual of photogrammetry
1996                                                      6399 pt. 2
       Wind loading handbook guide to the use of bs Lawson, T.V.
1996                                                     Misra, K.B.
       Clean production :environmental and economic perpectives
1996   Proceedings of the conference on recent advances in tunneling technology
1996                                                       materials
       Numerical analysis and modeling of compositeBull, John W.
1996   Construction planning equipment and methods       Peurifoy, R.L.
1996   Conference on recent advances in tunnelling technology
1996                                                     Jain, Ashok K.
       Advanced sturctural analysis with compuer applcations
1996   Practical foundation engineering handbook         Brown, Wade
1996   Lime stabilization                                Rogers, C.D.F.; Glendinning, S.
1996   Testing of concrete in structures                 Bungey, J.H.; Millard, S.G.
1996   Transports urbanism dans lis pays en development
1996   Civil engineering practices                       Kaushik, S.K.; Asawa, G.L.; Ahuja, A.K.
1996                                                      proceedings of the indo-US workshop
       Non-destructive testing of concrete structures:Kaushik, S.K.; Shah, S.P.; Maji@FEd. on non-destructive testing
1996   Fracture mechanics of cement institutes materials Cotterell, B.; Mai, Y.W.
1996                                                     Kumar,
       Study of failure pattern of soft rocks upon saturation Abhinandan; Mitra, S.
1996                                                     Hickey, Robert
       Biotechnology in industrial waste teratment and biormediation F.
1996                                                     Jain, Ashok K.
       Advanced structural analysis with computer application

                                              Page 160

1996   Studies in RC Grid floor systems                 Rao, Girijesh; Prasad, J.
1996                                                    Rao, Chalamkuri vb surya; Asawa, G.L.
       Characteristics of flow downstream of ski-jump buckets
1996                                                    remote sensing and Dubey, data
       Application of rusle to small watersheds using Pundir, Sunil kumar; ancillaryO.P.
1996   Windows 95 a to z                                Group, Eddy
1996                                                    Kumari, Anjna; Kothyari, U.C.
       Reservoir sedimentation studies using mathematical modelling
1996   Theory and problems of programming with c++      Hubbard, John R.
1996   Novells guide to integrating netware and tcp/ipHeywood, Drew
1996                                                    Jain,
       Transmissivity and storage characteristics of soils V.C; Ojha, C.P.S.
1996                                                    Gopal, Venu;
       Seepage face consideration in dugwell fumping test analysisOjha, C.S.P.
1996                                                    Charpe, Prabhakar Sakharam
       Simulation of sustainable productivity of croplands in irrigated commands
1996   Netware 4.1 administrator's handbook             Lindberg, Kelley J.P.
1996                                                    Sankar, Kommalapati ravi; Rao, A.S.R.
       Some studies on the swelling behaviour of expansive soils
1996                                                    Misra, Mukul Chandra
       Studies in RC joist floor systems for high-rise buildings
1996   Treatmeny of dye-house waste by sewage sludge    Kumar, Manoj; Srivastava, A.K.
1996   Chaotic dynamics an introduction                 Baker, Gregory L.; Gollub, Jerry P.
1996   Environmental impact assessment                  Canter, Larry W.
1996                                                    soil structure interaction
       Analysis of R. C> framed building considering Gupta, Navneet
1996   Study of strength characteristics of rock        Kumar, Sunil; Agarwal, K.B.
1996   Indirect velocity measurement in streams         Sohaney, Sanjay kumar; Ranga Raju, K.G.
1996                                                    Vohra, Rohit;
       Behaviour of ferrocement composite column in compressionSingh, K.K.
1996   Computer aided design of well foundation         Reddy, Venkata ramana; Saran, Swami
1996                                                    S
       Bheaviour of reinforced sand under liquefaction ingh, Onkar pal; Saran, Swami
1996   Study of masonry concrete composite beams Kumar, Arun; Bhandari, N.M.
1996   Risk management in construction projects         Kumar, Niraj; Bhargava, P.
1996                                                    Tomar, Sanjeev kumar;
       Performance of reinforced concrete beams with external reinforcementKaushik, S.K.
1996                                                    due to G.Sreevivas; Garg, P.K.
       Assessment of changes in landcover features Reddy,eartqauke using remote sensing techniques
1996   Field work in social work perspective            Bhanti, Raj
1996                                                    Shrivastava,
       Design and operational aspects of biofilm reactors(RBC) Rajnish
1996   Object oriented programming in c++               Barkakati, Nabajyoti
1996                                                    Srivastava, Rajesh kumar; Chitranshi,
       Airex-an expert system for design operation and maintenance of ADC equipments U.B.
1996                                                    K
       The optimal design of activated sludge process umar, Sanjay; Tosniwal, C.L.
1996   Effect of BTX on biological phosphorus removal   Dubey, Sunil kumar; Kumar, Pradeep
1996                                                    Kumar, Pawan; Chitranshi, U.B.
       Reliability analysis of water distribution network
1996   fospro 2.5 made simple for dos and windows Taxali, R.K.
1996                                                    Raju, Golla V. Naga; Nayak, G.C.
       Generalized finite element program using objcet oriented methodology
1996   Interfacing to the power pc microproccessor Rahmal, Ron; Rahmal, Dan
1996   Novells guide to netware 4.1 networks            Hughes, Jeffery F.; Thomas, Blair W.
1996                                                    Raman, N. S.
       Development of methodology for environmental audit of industries in indian context
1996   Teach yourself corel draw 6.0                    Erdos, Dawn
1996   Foundation analysis and design                   Bowles, Joseph E.
1996                                                    Hubbard, John R.
       Schaum's outline of theory and problems of Programming with C++
1996   Highway route alignment using gis                Sankar, M.V.A.D. Ravi; Chandra, A.M.
1996   Neurocomputing for certain stochastic processes  Srivastava, Ashish; Ojha, C.P.
1996   Geographical information system in hydrology Singh, Vijay P.; Fiorentino, M.
1996   Water treatment plants                           Sastry, C.A.
1996                                                    Servos, Mark R.
       Environmental fate and effects of pulp and paper mill effluents
1996                                                    Singh, Vinay kumar; Dubey,
       Air quality assessment near aandhaura brick kilns through delphi techniqueO.P.
1996                                                    Bapna, loads
       Study of free standing latticed steel towers under windManoj; Kumar, Krishen
1996                                                    S
       Environmental engineering : a design approach incero Sr., Arcadio P.; Sincero, Gregoria A.
1996                                                    Kumar, Ramana concrete
       Ndt study on the comperssive strength of petrochemical soakedmohan; Kaushik, S.K.
1996   Computer networks                                Tenenbaum, Andrew S.
1996   Studies in frame-shear waall interaction         Agrawal, Rajat; Prasad, Jagdish

                                            Page 161

1996                                                   folded plates
       Behaviour of continous ferrocement northlight Kumar, Sushant; Kaushik, S.k.
1996                                                   Kurian, Nainan P.
       Design of foundation systems : principles and practices
1996                                                   Singh, Prashanth; Kumar, Pradeep
       Toxicity response of biological phosphorus removing activated sludge to phenolic compounds
1996                                                   Kumar, Rakesh; Shrivastava, A.k.
       Colour removal of dyes waste by sorption on lignin
1996                                                   shear and torsion
       An experimental study on strength of sifcon in Kapoor, Sunil; Kaushik, S.K.
1996                                                   Rao, V.Madhava; Garg, P.K.
       Selection of suitable sties for small hydro power schemes using remote sensings techniques
1996   Developing power builder 4 applications         Hatfield, Bill
1996   An expert system for sewage treatment plant Omar, Vivek; Bhargava, Renu
1996   teach yorself corel draw 6.0                    Erdos, Dawn
1996                                                   Sharma, Manoj kumar;
       Wind pressure distrubution on a low rise building with pyramidal roof Krishna, Prem
1996   Rural development in modern india               Srivastava, S.K.; Prakash, Jai
1996                                                   Naaman,
       High performance fiber reinforced cement composites A. E.; Reinhardt, H. W.
1996                                                   Kumar, Deepak; Swamme, P.K.
       Computer aided optimal design of non tangential cyclone separator
1996   Understanding gps principles and applicationsKalpin, Elliott D.
1996   Novell's cne study guide for netware 4.1        Clarke, David James
1996                                                   Pratt, Terrence W.; Zelkowitz, Marvin V.
       Programming languages: design and oimplementations
1996                                                   Kumar, Sanjay; Bhargava, P.
       Finite element alaysis of rectangular plates with opening
1996   Study of concrete-masonry composite columns     Bhatt, Manoj Kumar
1996                                                   Agrawal, Abhishek
       Case studies of aerodynamic interference among chimneys
1996                                                   Singhal, intze tank stagine and
       O.O.M. with options for alanysis design and drafiting of Rajeev; Nayak, G.C. foundation
1996                                                   Khanijo, Ashish; Kaushik, S.k.
       Investigations on strength of fly ash high strength concrete
1996   Cad methods for resampling                      Rath, Capt H. K.
1996   Soil erosion and conservation                   Morgan, R.P.C.
1996   Autolisp and customisation made simple          Bhagat, N.K.
1996                                                   Hubbard, John R.
       Schaum's outluine of theory and problems of programming with C++
1996   Risk analysis of structural components          Gupta, Shiv dayal; Puri, Narinder
1996                                                   Sharma,
       A process control softwate for anaerobic digestion plantUmesh chander
1996                                                    randomly distributed fibres
       A study on permeability of soils reinforced withReddy, Sreenivasa; Ranjan, Gopal
1996   C++ neural networks and fozzy logic             Rao, Valluru; Rao, Hayagriva
1996                                                   Kumar, RC tanks
       Cadd package for analysis and design of undergroundSurinder; Jain, P.C.
1996   Using delphi 2                                  Matcho, Jonathan; Salmanowitz, Brian; Scott, Strool
1996   Soil and water management systems               Schwab, Glenn O.; Fangmeier, Delmar d.; Elliot, William J.
1996                                                   Reddy, Panta surendra; Goel, V.V.
       Behaviour of laterally loaded piles under constant vertical load
1996                                                   Kathait, Rajendra singh; Bhargava, P.
       Finite element analysis of rectangular tanks with opening
1996   Working in microsoft office                     Mansfield, Ron
1996   The visual basic 4 for windows 95 handbook Cornell, Gary
1996                                                   and bearing capacity
       Study of reinforcement in soil W.R.T. strength Chandra, Subhash; Agarwal, K.B.
1996                                                   Kumar, Rajiv; Prasad, J.
       Study of bending moment characteristcs in box girder bridges using finite strip method
1996   Delphi 2.0 by example                           Warner, Scott L.; Goldsman, Paul
1996                                                    fly ash
       Performance of high stregth concrete mix with Johari, Dheeraj; Jain, A.K.
1996                                                   Mandal, Sasankasekhar
       Analysis of box girder bridges using 3-D curved shell elements
1996                                                   Kumar, Subodh; Badarinath, H.S.
       Development of expert system for tunnel construction in rock masses
1996   Study of sediment delivery ratio in siwaliks    Singh, Ranajay; Dubey, O.P.
1996   Effect of moisture content on strength of rocksKumar, Mukesh; Jain, P.K.
1996   In the world of corporate managers              Rangnekar, Sharu
1996                                                   Prasad, R. Ganesh;
       Assessment of soil degradation hazards through remote sensing Garg, P.K.
1996                                                   Bartram, and implementation of freshwater quality studies and monit
       Water quality monitoring : apractical guide to the designJamie; Ballance, Richard
1996                                                   Sharma, Dinesh; Godbole, P.N.
       Graphic package for influence lines with oop for cable stayed bridges
1996   The complete pc upgrade and maintenance guide   Minasi, Mark
1996                                                   Mahapatra, P.
       Thinking in including object oriented programming with C++ B.
1996   Environmental impact assessment of a brewary    Sharma, Pradeep kumar; Deepak, D.
1996                                                   Chauhan,
       Treatment of distillery effluent by pseudomonas cruciviaeB.S.; Shrivastava, A.K.

                                               Page 162

1996   Pattern recognition with neural networks in c++   Pandya, Abhijit S.; Macy, Robert B.
1996   The official guide to corel draw                  Matthews, Martin; Matthews, Carole boggs
1996   Analytical dynamics a new approach                Udwadia, Firdaus E.; Kalaba, Robert E.
1996   Ultimate strength of prestressed conerte frames   Kastwar, Magan gopal; Jain, O.P.
1996                                                     Karunakar, Kasibhatta Krishna
       Dynamic response analysis of structures through artificial neural networks
1996   Introduction to networking                        Nance, Barry
1996                                                     Press, William H.; Teukolsky, Saul A.
       Numerical recipes in fortran 90: the art of parallel scientific computing
1997                                                     Kumar, Vijay;
       Study of masonry reinforced concrete composite columns Bhandari, N.M.
1997   Buyilding construction                            Ambrose, James
1997                                                     Shrivastava, Somya; Kothyari, U.C.
       Effect of flushing on the efficiency of settling basin
1997   Building structures                               Millais, Malcom
1997   Safety of bridges                                 Das, Parag C.
1997   Secondary effects in mult-storeyed RC buildings   Khan, Shaid iqbal; Jain, S.C.
1997                                                     Dash, Manoj kumar; Kumar, Krishen
       Analysis of concrete cable stayed bridges for secondary effects
1997   Finite element application for fluid flow problemsPandey, Devesh; Gairola, Ajay
1997                                                     Kumar, Devendra;
       Computer aided design of super structure of hydel power house Nayak, G.C.
1997                                                     Gupta, Pankaj; rural S.S.
       Development of low cost pavement management systyem for Jain, roads
1997   Building construction                             Ambrose, James
1997                                                     Keshav, Navarathna; Ramasamy, G,
       A computer package on structural design of footing foundations
1997                                                     Rodda, J.C.
       Erosion and solid matter transport in inlanf waters symposium erosion et transports solides dans les eaux continent
1997                                                     Sharma,
       Rail route aligenment using degital terrain model (DTM)Arvind; Jain, Kamal
1997                                                     Gupta, Manoj kumar; Krishna, Prem
       Alternative articulation systems in cable stayed bridges
1997                                                     Rao, B. Srinivas; Chandra, Satish
       Development of aggregate grandation curve for bituminous mixes
1997   Optimal control of hydrosystems                   Mays, Larry W.
1997   Fluid mechanics: problems and solutions           Spurk, Joseph H.
1997                                                     Jain, secondary roads
       Development of pavement management system for N.K.; Jain, S.S.
1997                                                     Metha, Premal;
       Analysis of the effects of privastisation in urban bus transport Jain, S.S.
1997                                                     Srivastava, Sanjay; Dubey, O.P.
       Investigation on estimating some strengh paramenters of flexible pavement using radiometric data
1997   Studies in transfer beams for highrise buildings  Patel, Saurabh singh; Prasad, J,
1997   Fly -ash based vibro pressed inter locking blocks Kumar, Rakesh; Jain, P.C.
1997                                                     Challa,
       Water resources engineering: principles and practice Satya Narayana Murty
1997   Energy dissipation due to stepped spillways Padhy, Nishidanta; Mittal, M.K.
1997                                                     Verma, Sameer; mixes
       Performance evaluation of high strength fly ash concrete pavingVasan, R.M.
1997                                                     Rathi, Somesh; Kashyap, Deepak
       Numerical modelling of aquifer response in yamuna dindon doab
1997   Fluid mechanics                                   Spurk, Joseph H.
1997   Materials crystal chemistry                       Buchanan, Relva C., Au.
1997   Use of H2 O2 in wastewater treatment              Guptrishi, Sanat; Toshniwal, C.L.
1997   Fluid mechanics :problems and solutions           Marschall, H.
1997                                                     Kumar, Ravindra; Chandra, Satish
       Headway modelling under mixed traffic on urban roads
1997   The visual c++ handbook                           Pappas, Chris H.
1997   Analysis of urban traffic noise                   Kumar, Vimal; Gupta, A.K.
1997                                                     Murty, Krishna; Chandra, Satish
       Development of a software for three layer flecible pavement analysis
1997   Wastewater treatment plant design                 Wray, John D.
1997                                                     Gupta,
       Labour daded technology for rural road consturction Manoj kumar; Gupta, A.k.
1997                                                     Bazant, Zdenek P.
       Fracture and size effect in concrete and other quasibrittle materials
1997   Model specification for tunneling
1997                                                     Palaniappan, C.; Kolar, Ajit Kumar; Haridasan, T.M.
       Renewable energy applications to industries.Proceeding of the 2nd Int. workshop on renewable energy application ,
1997                                                     Singhal, D.C.; Goel, N.K.; Srivastava, D.k.; Singh, Ranvir; Joshi, Him
       International symposium : emerging trends in hydrology
1997                                                      proceeding
       Geotechnical engineering: theory and practice:Shroff, A.V.
1997   ACI Manual of concrete practice 1997(Part 4)
1997   Frost resistance of concrete                      Setzer, Max Josef
1997   Civil engineering for sustainable development

                                                Page 163

1997   Structural modeling and analyses                  Dym, Clive L.
1997                                                     Gibert, hydrological interactions and management options
       Groundwater /surface water ecotones : biological and Janine; Mathieu, Jacques
1997   Soil mechanics: concepts and applications         Powrie, William
1997   In non-destructive testing of concrete            Pessiki, Stephen
1997                                                     Kalamkarov,
       Analysis, design and optimization of composite structures Alexander L.; Kolpakov, Alexander G.
1997                                                     Kleinstreuer, Clement
       Engineering fluid dynamics: An interdisciplinary systems approach
1997   Quality management of concrete construction
1997                                                      for sustainable
       Igarss'97 : Remote sensing - A scientific visionStein, Tammy development
1997                                                     Mehta,
       Concrete : Microstructure , Properties and materials P.Kumar
1997   Cement and concrete                               Gani, M.S.J.
1997   Bridges in Maharashtra
1997   Wind effects on structures                        Agarwal, S.K.
1997                                                     Forstner, Wolfgang; Plumer, Lutz
       Semantic modeling for the acquisition of topographic information from images and maps
1997   Structures                                        Cheremisinoff, Paul N.
1997                                                     Mehta,
       Concrete: microstructure, properties, and materials P. Kumar; Monteiro, Paulo J.M.
1997                                                     Sriram, Ram D.
       Intelligent systems for engineering: A Knowledge based approach
1997   Reinforced concrete                               Holland, R.
1997   Annual convention & exposition technical papers
1997                                                     Parkinson, Claire L.
       Earth from above: Using color-coded satellite images to examine the global environment
1997   Introduction to geological structures and mapsBennison, G.M.; Moseley, K.A.
1997   Handbook of industrial policy and statistics 1997
1997   Proceedings 25th annual hydraulics division specialty conference :Hydraulics in the coastal zone
1997   Tunnelling asia 97: Select papers                 Varma, C.V.J.; Rao., A.R.G.
1997   Polymers in concrete                              Ohama, Y.
1997   Residential land development practices            Johnson, D.E.
1997                                                     development: Conceptual applications
       Geographic information system and economic Misra, Bidhanesh
1997   Railway engineering                               Agarwal, M.M.
1997                                                     Reddy, N.Rajasekhar; Shrivastava, A.K.
       Analysis of design parameters of facultative waste stabilization pond system
1997   Fuzzy logic with engineering applications         Ross, Timothy J.
1997   Wind pressure distribution over a railway bogie   Murthy, E.V.V.; Kumar, Krishen
1997                                                     Trivedi, Suyash; Shrivastva, A.K.
       Treatment of distillery waste water by pseudomonas putida
1997   Computer aided design of aqueduct                 Pandey, Raghavaendra; Ojha, C.S.P.
1997   Advanced cobol                                    Philippakis, A.S.; Kazmier, Leonard J.
1997                                                     Kumar, Arun; Jain, P.K.
       Development of correlation between cbr and mini -dcpt values
1997                                                     Kishore,
       Design of support system in tunneling in njpc project L.V.R.; Anbalagan, R.
1997   Cad package for flat slabs                        Agarwal, Vipin kumar; Jain, P.C.
1997   Application of fly-ash as an engineering material Shrivastava, Raghvendra; Ramasamy, G.
1997   Road mapping using gps                            Bhaskar, Ajay; Chandra, A.M.
1997                                                     Jain, Manish; Kaushik, S.K.
       Study of high strength concretes using fly ash and silica fume
1997   Air quality management                            Hester, R.E.
1997                                                      under Satpal; Mittal, M.K.
       Discharge characteristics of undersluice gatesSingh, submerged conditions
1997   Analysis of flow through lateral orifice          Balaji, Chunduri; Ojha, C.S.P.
1997   International seminar on emergency bridges
1997                                                     Jiwane, Ashish; Ranjan, cyclic
       Shear characteristics of randomly distributed fibre reinforced soil under Gopal loading
1997   Effect of sewage sludge on the properties of soil Singh, Sanjay kumar; Kumar, Arvind
1997                                                     Sharma, Narendra;
       Numerical modelling of bacterial transport through porous mediumBhargava, Renu
1997                                                     design of activated sludge process for
       Evaluation of blokinetic coefficients or rational Sethy, Sanjay kumar; Kumar, Arivnd treatment of paper mill effluen
1997                                                     Kumar, Sanjay; Kaushik, S.K.
       Effect of confinement on stress -strain characteristics of concrete
1997   Waste disposal in engineered landfills            Datta, Manoj
1997                                                     Singh, Bani;
       Mathematics its applications in engineering and industry Murari, K.; Gupta, U.S.
1997                                                     Agrawal,
       Development of expert system for tunnel in soft rock Rakesh; Viladkar, M.N.
1997   The internet complete refrence,                   Hahn, Harley

                                               Page 164

1997   Teach yourself : visual basic 5 in 24 hours       Perry, Greg
1997   Computer programming in C                         Rajaraman, V.
1997   Strength characteristics of jointed rock mass Allu, Maheswara reddy; Singh, Bhawani
1997   Microsoft office 97 : internet edition            Moseley, Lonnie E.; Boodey, David M.
1997                                                     of drinking water
       Evaluation of ac filter cartridge for preparation Kumar, Rajeev; Mehrotra, Indu
1997   Environment and our health                        Desai, V. D.
1997                                                     Srivastava, Pankaj
       Computer aided design of single stage activated sludge process kumar; Bharagava, Renu
1997   Multi- purpose high-rise tower and tall buildings Viswanath, Dr. Ing. H. R.; Clarke, J. N.; Tolloczko, J. J. A.
1997   Forest mapping using irs -ic data                 Kumar, Sri; Roy, P.S.
1997   Visual database for remote sensing data products  Narendar, P.; Jain, Kamal
1997                                                     Subramanyam, P.V.; Samadhiya, N.K.
       Probabilistic approach to stability analysis of abutments of jamrani dam
1997   Resource assessment in forested landscapes Reed, David D.; Mroz, Glenn D.
1997                                                     Gupta, Vikas;
       A computer package on proportioning of shallow foundation Ramasamy, G.; ., .
1997   The essence of logic                              Kelly, John J.
1997   Soil testing for engineers                        Mittal, Dr. Satyendra; Shukla, Er. J. P.
1997                                                     Galav, Brijesh; Saran, Swami
       Behaviour of ring footings on reinforced sand under vertical and lateral loads
1997   Pollution studies on river ramganga at moradabad  Kumar, Neeraj; Kumar, Arivnd
1997   Cad package for rc frame                          Ansari, Imamul hasnin; Jain, P.C.
1997                                                      in underground opeinings
       Effect of in -sity stresses on stanility of wedgesSrinivasulu, K.; Samadhiya, N.K.
1997   Analysis of water distrubution networks           Kumar, N.V.; Ojha, C.P.S.
1997                                                     Agrawal, Sanjeev kumar; Prasad, Govind
       Factor analysis of water quality data: A case study
1997   Delineation of stream network using dem           Kumar, M.S.; Ghosh, S.k.
1997                                                      parameters Bhargava, Renu
       Experimental determination of solute transportKumar, Sujit;of sand media
1997   Optimal design of RCC circular tanks              Gupta, Rajesh; Swamme, P.K.
1997   17th congress of the international association for hydraulic research :Dix -septieme congress de I' association intern
1997                                                     Ghali, A.; Neville, A. M.
       Structural analysis : a uvified classical and matrix approach
1997                                                     Mahesh, S.; Chitranshi,
       Studies on adsorption kinetics of dihydric phenols on activated carbon U.B.
1997                                                     Armer, G.S.T.; Dell, T.O.
       Proceedings of the 2nd cardigton conference :fire static and dynamic tests of building structutes
1997                                                     Kumar,
       Regimes of flow and resistance to flow in alluvial riversAnil; Garde, R.J.
1997   Just java                                         Linde, Peter van der
1997   Teach yourself UNIX in 24 hours                   Taylor, Dave; Armstrong, James C.
1997   Computer algorithms/c++                           Horowitz, Ellis; Sahni, Sartaj; Rajsekaran, Sanguthevar
1997                                                     Rastogi, Munish mohan; Kumar, Pradeep
       Temperature response of biological phosphorus removing activated sludge
1997                                                      wastewater
       Biological phosphorus removal form municipalSharama, Tilak; Kumar, Pradeep
1997   Flow in open channels                             Subramanya, K.
1997   Effect of downflow on scouring around bridge pier Rathee, Dinesh; Rangaraju, K.G.
1997                                                     Dhiman, modelling
       Sedimentation studies in reservoirs using mathematicalRajni; Kothyari, U.C.
1997                                                     Rao,
       Stochastic optimal conjuctive use planning model K.V. Jagannadha; Ojha, C.S.P.
1997   Vehicle location and navigation systems           Zhao, Yilin
1997                                                     Manjunath, K. S.
       Study on compressive strength and elastic modulus of petrochemicla contanminated concrete
1997                                                     Mathur, Bhuvenesh
       Computer aided design of activated sludge process treatment plant
1997   Analysis of plates with openings                  Reddy, P. Siva
1997                                                     Reddy, N.Madhusdhan; Dubey, O.P.
       Investigation of optimal cell size for soil erosion studies in siwalks
1997   Computer aided design of brick masonry building   Johnson, Rony Samuel
1997   Effect of building shape on cost and aestheticsNene, Vinayak Jagannath
1997                                                     Kumar, Manoj
       Analysis of box-girder bridges using finite elements method
1997   Gis in road networking                            Bahadur, Bhabindra; Jain, Kamal
1997                                                     Srivastava, Sarvesh Kumar
       Lateral load analysis of asymmetric multistoreyed buildings
1997   Design of flexure walls for ductility             Kishore, P.Nand; Jain, A.k.
1997   Proceedings of he intetrnational conference on :planning for 21st century concepts and systems
1997   Performance of reinforcement composite beams      Singh, Sanjeew kumar; Kaushik, S.k.
1997   Analysis and design of snowsheds                  Bhardwaj, Arun; Gupta, V.K.

                                                Page 165

1997                                                     Nsrdender, Bommeineni; Dubey, O.P.
       An investigation for soil loss pattern in lower siwalks
1997                                                     Kumar, Pawan;
       Numerical prediction of wind flow patterns over 2d buildings Ojha, C.S.
1997   National seminar on :Healthy structures for 21st century
1997   Fem model for temperature prediction in bridges   Chandra, Saurabh
1997                                                     Prasad, M.N. Ganesh; Garg, P.K.
       Distibuted erosion modelling using remote sensing techniques
1997   Theessential windows nt book                      Cravens, Richard
1997                                                     Garg, roofs
       Parametric study of hyperbolic parabolond cable net Vipul Kumar
1997                                                     Kumar, Sujeet;
       Boundary treatment in wind flow simulation around buildings Ojha, C.S.P.
1997                                                     Misra, replacement of timber and
       Development of ferrocement for use in buildings as aRavi Shanker; Nayak, G.C. other materials
1997   Transport in Europe                               Gerondeau, Christian
1997                                                     Azadani, Masoud Nasr
       Evaluation of mastic asphalt concrete as a wearing course
1997                                                     Elanchezhian, P.V.; Nayak,
       Finite element elasto plastic analysis using object oriented programming G.C.
1997                                                     Singh, for watershed prioritisation
       Integration of remote sensting data with ancillary dataSeemant; Garg, P.K.
1997   An introduction to database systems               Desai, Bipin C.
1998                                                      networks
       Identification of river bed patterns using neuralKanth, Katikithala rajani; Ojha, C.S.P.
1998                                                     Singh, Thokchom using rectangular hoops
       Confinement of high strength concrete in compression members brajakishor; Kaushik, S.K.
1998   Grillage analogy in bridge deck analysis          Surana, C.S.; Agrawal, R.
1998                                                     Rawat, Man mohan
       Development of pavement management system for urban roads singh; Jain, S.S.
1998   C++ primer                                        Lippman, Stanley B.
1998                                                     Kumar, Manoj;
       Investigations on fibre reinforced earth in pavement subgrade Vasan, R.M.
1998                                                     Singh, Surinder Pal
       Flexural fatigue behaviour of steel fibre reinforced concrete
1998                                                     Rao, M.M.K.V.; Chandra, Satish
       Study of axle load spectrum on some identified highways using alternative incremental analysis
1998                                                     Shrivastava, O.P; different types
       Investigations on characteristics of matic asphalt conctrete usingVasan, R.M. of fillers
1998                                                     Jakkula, Nataraju; - a case stuey of delhi
       Interated analysis of bus transportation with rapid transit sysstem Jain, S.S.
1998                                                     Brandt, A.M.
       Optimization mehtods for material design of cement based composites
1998   A study on multimodal transport system for delhi  Srivastava, Pawan Kumar
1998   Introduction to transportation engineering        Banks, James H.
1998                                                     Sudhir, M.R.;
       2D analysis of a strategic structure subjected to blast loads Godbole, P.N.
1998   Modelling of turbidity in rapid sand filter       Talesara, Pramod; Toshniwal, C.L.
1998                                                     yiels estimation
       Application of systems approach for sediment Yoseph, Binyam; Kothyari, U.C.
1998   Solute transport through confined aquifer         Kumar, Dinesh; Gairola, Ajay
1998   fundamentals of computers                         Rajaraman, V.
1998   A study on multimodal transport system for delhi  Srivastava, Pawan kumar; Jain, S.S.
1998                                                     Kumar,
       Exploratory studies on scour reduction using tail fins Sanjeev; Rangaraju, K.G.
1998   Experimental study of separated flow              Agarwal, Pramendra kumar; Gairola, Ajay
1998                                                     Cheremisinoff, Nicholas
       Pressure safety design practices for refinery and chemical operations P.
1998   Analysis of shear wall framed R.C. building Swamy, Raghavendra; Singh, K.K.
1998   Flow characteristics over stepped spillways Prabhat, Singh; Mittal, M.k.
1998                                                     Krishna, under mixed traffic conditions
       Minimisation of dilemma zone at signalized intersectionSeeram; Chandra, Satish
1998   A study on urban transport environment interactionSiddiramulu, Dudaka; Jain, S.S.
1998                                                     Bhaveanarayana, Koutrapu; Jain, S.S.
       Los concept for capacity analysis of pedestrian facilities
1998   Erosion and sedimentation                         Julien, Pierre Y.
1998                                                     Lerner,
       Contaminated land and groundwater:future directions D.N.; Walton, N.R.G.
1998                                                     Bhargava,
       Effect of shoulder condition on speed volume relationshipKrishna kumar; Chandra, Satish
1998                                                     Ramamoorty, M.
       Harnessing hydropower:the story of hydropower development in india
1998   Performance evaluation of composite pavements     Yadav, Surendra kumar; Vasan, R.M.
1998   Risk assessment and risk management               Hester, R.E.
1998   Proceedings :Golden jubilee indian geotech ical conference-1998
1998   6th NCB international seminar on cement and building materials
1998   International symposium on innovative world of concrete ( IWC-98)
1998   Proceedings all India seminar on concrete for infrastructure developments
1998   History of hydraulic research in India            Verma, C.V.J.

                                              Page 166

1998   Prestressed concrete design                     Hurst, M.K.
1998   Energy for growth and sustainability.Proceedings of the 1998 int. workshop
1998                                                   Madani, ad Matlab: Vol. 1
       Advanced engineering mathematics with mathematica Reza Malek
1998                                                   Trivedi, A.
       Proceedings of the national seminar on road transportation : Issues & strategies
1998   Proceedings : Indian geotechnical conference-1998
1998   Indian geotechnical conference-1998
1998   National seminar on soil mechanics and foundation engineering bridges and heavy structures
1998                                                   Graf, Walter H.
       Fulvial hydraulics :flow and transport processes in cannels of simple geometry
1998   Nonlinear analysis of structures                Sathyamoorthy, Muthukrishnan
1998   Digital remote sensing                          Kudrat, M.
1998   An introduction to neural networks              Anderson, James A.
1998                                                   Kim, Jang-kyo; Mai, Yiu-wing
       Engineered interfaces in fiber reinforced composites
1998   28th annual convention of Indian society for technical education and national seminar on environment and developm
1998   Introduction to genetic algorithms              Mitchell, Melanie
1998   Symposium on earthquake engineering
1998   Aerodynamic test facilities                     Krishnaswamy, T.N.
1998                                                   Franzen, Tomas; Bergdahi, Sven-Gunnar
       Underground construction in modern infrastructure
1998   Proceedings national workshop on : Underground space utilisation
1998   The handbook of groundwater engineering         Delleur, Jecques W.
1998   River and channel revetments : a design manual  Escaremeia, Manuela
1998   Concrete dams                                   Verma, C.V.J.
1998   Finite element analysis of half tunnel          Jain, Mukesh; Singh, Bhawani
1998                                                   Kumar, Ashutosh; Kumar, Krishen
       Effect of blast loading on framed structures founded on piles
1998                                                   Drane, Chris; Rizos, Chris
       Positioning systems in intelligent transportation systems
1998                                                   Prasanna, data
       Settlement of footings on non-plastic soils using field test H.S.; Rao, A.S.R.
1998   Design of fabric filters                        Singh, Ranjit; Swamee, P.K.
1998   Strength of anisotropic rock masses             Chaturvedi, Alok; Goel, R.K.
1998                                                   Venkateswarlu, Vykuntapu;
       Bearing capacity of geogrid -reinforced granular base overlying softclay Saran, Swami
1998                                                   Shukla, Anoop; Saini, S.S.
       Vibration response of turbo -generator foundations
1998   The abcs of the internet                        Crumlish, Christian
1998                                                   Singhal,
       Performance studies on certain concrete admixtures Sandeep; Prasad, Jagdish
1998                                                   Senapati, Ramesh chandra; Kumar, Arvind
       Tertiary treatment of sugar mill wastewater through physico -chemical method
1998                                                   Kumar, Anil; Kumar, Pradeep
       Tracing nitrogen and phosporus through teratment processes
1998   Windows nt troubleshooting                      Lvens, Kathy
1998   Optimum conjunctive use under uncertyainty Singh, Vivek; Pathak, S.k.
1998                                                   Kumar, runoff estimation
       Application of a physically based distribution model forLava; Kotthyari, U.C.
1998   Numerical solurtins of saint venant equations Kumar, Santosh; Bharagava, Pradeep
1998   Sams' Teach yourself LINUX in 24 hours          Ball, Bill; Smoogen, Stepben
1998   Computer graphics matehmatical first steps Egerton, P.A.; Hall, W.S.
1998   Wind effects on tall buildings                  Kumar, Punil; Krishna, Prem
1998                                                   Agrawal, Karmendra; Arora, Manoj
       A sampling design softwatre for image classification accuracy
1998   Principles of water quality control             Tebbutt, T. H. Y.
1998                                                     ash
       Performance of compacted fills of sand and flyShrivastava, Raghvendra; Jain, P.K.
1998   Performance of sifcon in flexure and impact Tirpude, Yogiraj Mahadeo
1998   Economic survey
1998                                                   Gopal,
       Analysis of foundations for heavily loaded structures Venu; Saran, Swami
1998   Optimization using genetic algorithms           Kumar, Mamoj; Bhargava, Pradeep
1998                                                    retaining walls
       Design package on reinforced earth and shelf singh, Mehar
1998                                                   Mal, of mini pentrometer
       Correlation between relative density and spt values Budh; Jain, P.K.
1998   Stability of rock slopes with in sity stresses  Sharma, Ajay kumar; Samadhiya, N.K.
1998   Engineering graphics                            Chandra, A.M.; Chandra, Satish
1998                                                   Gottumkkala, Venkata sambasiverao; Ranjan, Gopal
       Bhaviour of pile foundations under impact-blast loads

                                              Page 167

1998                                                    Prasad, Murli manohar; Jain, P.K.
       Engineering clasification and properties of phyllite
1998                                                    Gupta, Kishan kumar; Singh, Bhawani
       Effect of pressure dependent modulus on stress-distribution in tunnels
1998                                                    Rai,
       Studies in structural efficiency of composite beamsAnil Kumar
1998   Iso 14001 Implementation manual                  Yturri, Jeanne; Woodside, Gayle
1998                                                    Narasimham, fuzzy c-means
       Performance evaluation of back propagation neural network G.; Arora, M.K. and statistical classifiers for remotely se
1998   Modelling of flow through unsaturated zone Singh, Jagpal; Kashyap, Deepak
1998   Cad packege for design of rcc columns            Bhushan, Anjan
1998   Analysis and design of slab bridgs for irc loadsKumar, Pankaj; Jain, S.C.
1998                                                    Raju, M.S sekhara; Asawa, G.L.
       An experimental study of wind effects on low -rise buildings
1998   Analysis of flow through side sluice gate        Basha, Issac jamal; Ojha, C.P.S.
1998   Programming the finite element method            Smith, I. M.; Griffiths, D. V.
1998                                                    Basha, members
       Confinement of high strength concrete in compressionAmeer; Kaushik, S.K.
1998   Hydrulic jump in aerated flow                    Rajariha, Ravi kumar; Asawa, G.L.
1998   78th annual technical volume
1998   Three dimensional analysis of steel truss bridgesNaithani, Keshav Chandra
1998   Proceedisngs awareness workshop on waste management
1998                                                    Gupta, Kapil; Bhandari,
       Comparative study of shaft vs frame type staging for overhead tanks N.M.
1998                                                    Sharma, componets
       Biochemical methane potential of municipal solid waste Vyas dev; Gupta, S.K.
1998                                                    Gobezie, Dawud
       Studies on the swelling behaviour of gwalior black cotton soil muhabaw; Ra., A.S.R.
1998   Perfomance of high strength cement               Jha, Sanjeev kumar; Jain, A.K.
1998                                                    Potla, Sambasiva Rao; Ramasamy,
       A computer package on estimatiln of soil partameters and design of foundations G.
1998   Transportation engineering an introduction       Khisty, C. Jotin; Lall, B. Kent
1998                                                    Bansal, Mukesh kumar; Jain, S.C
       Effects of differential settlement in R.C. framed buildings
1998   Cad package for r.c. building frames             Singhal, Amit
1998   Siting of industrial areas in gis environment Jha, Kaushal kishore; Dubey, O.P.
1998   Land resources: now and for the future           Young, A.
1998   Analytical mechanics                             Hand, Louis N.; Finch, Janet D.
1998   Neural network in image compression              Kumar, Ravinder
1998                                                    Kailash, Tarun; lidelihood classifier for sub-pixel classification
       A comparative study of linear mixture modelling and maximumTiwari, R.S.
1998   Induced aeration                                 Palwalia, Neeraj kumar; Tosjniwal, C.l.
1998   Hydroinformatics' 98                             Babovic, Vldan; Larsen, Lars Christian
1998   3-d analysis of cable stayed bridges             Wubneh, Wondirad worku; Godbole, P.N.
1998                                                    open channels
       Study of diffusion and dispersion processes in Kumar, Saket; Pathak, S.K.
1998   Parallel processing forgis                       Healey, Richard; Dowers, Steve; Gittings, Bruce
1998   Finite strip method                              Cheung, Y. K.; Tham, L. G.
1998                                                    Melka, Fekade desta; Shrivastava, A.K.
       Studies on characteristics of municipal solid waste in university of roorkee campus
1998   Windows nt security handbook                     Sheldon, Tom
1998                                                    Crichlow, Joel M.
       An introduction to distributed and parallel computing
1998                                                    Berglund, Birgitta; Ulf, Berglund; Karlsson, Jan
       Noise as a public health problems : abstract guide
1998                                                    Sreedhar, M.; Garg, P.K.
       Development of a decision support system in gis to combat forest fire
1998                                                     bulidings
       Economic consideration of HSC in multi storeyGebregiorgis, Yoseph birru; Kaushik, S.k.
1998   Geotechnical engineering of landfills            Dixon, N.; Murry, E. J.; Jones, D. R. V.
1998                                                    uasb reactor
       Treatment of low strength wastewater using a Patra, Rakesh kumar; Mehrotra, Indu
1998   Digital remote sensing                           Nag, P.; Kudrat, M.
1998   Catchement response modelling using geomorphologyGutty, Ramesh; Kothyari, U.C.
1998   Noise as a public health problems                Bergund, Birgitta
1998   Analysis of transport phenomena                  Deen, William M.
1998   Behaviour of ferrocement composite columns Arora, Arun
1998   Wind pressure cocfficients for pyramidal roofs Bansal, Mukesh kumar; Godbole, P.N.
1998   Using windows nt server 4                        Jennings, Roger; Benage, Donald B.; Crandall, steve; Gregory, Kate
1998   Computer aided design of trikling filter         Singh, Anil kumar; Bharagava, REnu
1998                                                    Sinha, Ragini; Garg, P.K.
       Hydrologic soil classification using gis technique

                                               Page 168

1998                                                    Suneeth, Vuppala; Kumar, Arivind
       Alpha and beta factors in aeration for wastewater treatment
1998   Environmental pollution analysis                 Khopkar, S. M.
1998                                                    Kumar, Rakesh; Mehrotra, Indu
       Intralaboratory water quality control : Contruction of control charts
1998   Digital terrain modelling using gis              Kumar, Pavan; Garg, P.K.
1998                                                    Tyagi,
       Physico chemical treatment of kattha mill wastewaterAkash; Shrivastava, A.K.
1998   The java programming language                    Arnold, Ken; Gosling, James
1999   Formaing civil engineering's future              Rogers, Jerry R.
1999   A study on modified binders for road constructionKumar, Nagendra; Chandra, Satish
1999   Bridge safety and reliability                    Frangopol, Dan M.
1999   Structural design for physical security          Conrath, Edward J.
1999   Optimal sue of surface and subsurface water Bhogal, Neeraj; Bhargava, Renu
1999                                                    Singh, Hemant Kumar
       Distillery wastewater treatment by pseudomonas putida in continuous reactors
1999   Analysis of urban road traffic through simulationSekhar, Hema; Chandra, Satish
1999                                                    Taunk, Hemant Kumar
       Computer aided design of raft foundation for multistoreyed buildings
1999                                                     practice
       Cold regions engineering putting research intoZufelt, Jon E.
1999   Dry mix mehtods for deep soil stabilization      Bredenberg, Harkan, Ed.
1999   Analysis of water distribution networks          Aduss, Ahmed mohammed; Ojha, C.S.P.
1999   High strength concrete                           Azizinamini, Atorod
1999                                                    Singh, Lalit narayan; Jain, S.S.
       Laboratory studies for use of steel industry waste in bituminous layer of pavement
1999   Mode choice analysis using neural network Sekhar, Chalumuri ravi; Chandra, Satish
1999                                                    city planning
       Water supply and sewerage considerations in Yihnie, Zelalem mitiku; Swamee, P.K.
1999   Engineering mechanics : statics and dynamicsRajasekaran, S
1999                                                    Kumar, Anil; Vasan, R.M.V.
       Structural behaviour of composite pavements over lean concrete base
1999   Shallow foundations                              Das, Braja M.
1999                                                    Tiwari, Kailash chandra;
       A study of neural network paramenters affecting image classification Arora, Manoj
1999                                                    Singh, Jagjit; Jain, S.S.
       Analysis and interperetation of deflectin data for strengthening of flexible pavements
1999   laboratory investigations on wet mix macadamSagar, Sunil; Vasan, R.M.
1999                                                    modeling
       Hydrodynamics and transport for water quality Martin, James L.
1999   Mechanics of sediment transport                  Chien, Ning, Au.
1999                                                    Pohanish, Richard P., Au.
       Hazardous chemical safety guide for the machining and metalworking industries
1999                                                    Ahrivastava, Anupam;
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1999                                                    Maji,
       Advances in composite materials and mechanics Arup
1999                                                    Kumar, Sanjay; Jain, P.K.
       Laboratory study on fibrous reinforcement in pavement bases/subbases
1999                                                    Avila, Ernesto A.
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1999   Dam hydraulics                                   Vischer, D.L.
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1999   Modern operating systems                         Tanenbaum, Andrew S.
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1999   Principles of remote sensing                     Patel, A.N.; Singh, Surendra
1999                                                    Jaisingh, recent Indian earthquakes
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1999   Advances in structural engineering               Kaushik, S.K.
1999                                                    & technology
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1999   Design for secure residential environments Crouch, Steve
1999   Dynamics of plates                               Rao, J.S.
1999                                                    Singh, Vijay P.
       Environmental modeling: Proceedings of the International conference on water, environment, ecology, socio-econom
1999   Ground improvement techniques
1999   79th annual technical volume
1999   Enviornmenatal hydraulics                        Lee, J.H.W.; Jayawardena, A.W.

                                             Page 169

1999                                                   Gupta,
       Finite and boundary element methods in engineering O.P.
1999   Management of technical education in the 21st century
1999   Challenges to architects and civil engineers
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       Computer package on estimation of load-settlement relationship of axially loaded piles
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1999                                                   Kumar, Manish; Kaushik, S.k.
       Behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete under flexural cyclic loading
1999   Programming with visualage with java            Akerley, John; Li, Nina; Parlavecchia, Antonello
1999                                                   Bahadur, S.G.; Kashyap,
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1999                                                   Singh, Hemant kumar; reactors
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1999                                                    in the management of wter resources and engiroinment in the next m
       Proceedings of national workshop :ChallengesMazumder, S.K.; Kumar, Arun
1999                                                   Eastman, Charles M.
       Building product models : computer environments supporting design and construction
1999                                                    : balancing the
       Gis solutions in natural resource managementMorain, Stan technical-political equation
1999   Intelligent transportation systems architecturesMcQueen, Bob; McQueen, Judy
1999                                                   Tiwari, Sanjay;
       Environment impact of shift in river course in gis environment Jain, Kamal
1999                                                   Singh, Bipin
       Iron removal from ground water by granular media filtrationbihari; Srivastava, A.K.
1999                                                   Kumar, Binod
       Computer package on analysis and design of continuous footings
1999   Design of sediment transporting channels        Jha, Dilip Kumar
1999   Gis based shifting culativation                 Srinivas, Gatti; Jain, Kamal
1999   Site selection of a township using GIS          Arora, Gautam
1999                                                   Sanjay, linear constitutive laws of
       Pressure settlement characteristics of a pile using non Ajay kumar; Saran, Swamisoils
1999   Duplication of pumping mains                    Dadi, Debo tunka; Swamee, P.K.
1999                                                   Katariya, Susheel
       RC floor systems in lightweight concrete for multistorey buildingskumar; Prasad, J.
1999                                                   Raju, M.V.; modulus and
       Finite element programs using the concept of generalised Nayak, G.C. generalised stresses for PC
1999   Effect of approximation in frame analysis       Khan, Md. Khalil
1999   Torsion in multistoreyed buildings              Somaraju, Chekka Krishna
1999                                                   earth dam on an impervious base
       Finite element analysis of seepage zone in an Rao, Venkateswara; Ojha, C.P.S.
1999                                                     for mini-hydel projects
       Cadd Package for penstock and their supportsMarakhwar, Sourabh
1999                                                   Das,
       Ferrocement application for repair and rehabilitationKamdev
1999   Gis modelling for siting residential areas      Khan, Abdul raheem; Chandra, A.M.
1999                                                   dam
       Monitoring the behaviour of a concrete gravity Singh, Nishi Kant
1999   Elasto-Plastic nanalysis R.C plates and shells Asati, Rashmi; Bhandari, N.M.
1999                                                   bridge Rajesh
       Numerical solution for wind-induced forces on Kumar,decks
1999                                                   Reddy, Shashi himalaya
       Gis modelling for delineating landslide prone areas in garhwalvardhan; Dubey, O.P.
1999                                                     alluvial areas
       Modelling in gis for ground water exploration inPrasad, J.V Krishna; Dubey, O.P.
1999   Analysis of flow over rectangular side weir     Jain, Praveen kumar; Ojha, C.S.P.
1999   Defluoriation of water by low cost sorbent      Chand, Amir; Chaudhari, Sanjeev
1999   Structures                                      Bhatt, P.; Nelson, H. M.
1999                                                    stabilsed soil
       Correlation between cbr and mini spt values ofNirala, Ramekbal prasad; Jain, P.K.
1999                                                   Srinivas, water
       Numerical modelling of contaminant transport in groundC. S.
1999                                                   Mishra,
       Reduction in seismic forces of a cable stayed bridge Krishna murari; Kumar, Krishan

                                              Page 170

1999   Finite element analysis of tehri power house cavity Kumar, Satyendra; Bhargava, Pradeep
1999   Applied mathematics in hydrology                    Lee, Tein Chang
1999   Engineerin gmechanics: statics and dynamics Rajasekaran, S.; Sankarsubramanian, G.
1999                                                       Sethi,
       Effect of blockage ratio on forcd due to baffle blocks Mahavir; Ojha, C.S.P.
1999   High-performance computing in structural engineeringAdeli, Hojjat; Soegiarso, Roesdiman
1999   Gis and multicriteria decision analysis             Malczewski, Jacek
1999                                                       Kantilal, Tolikar Dharmvir
       A knowledge based system for classification of obstacles in war planning
1999   Analysis of plates :theory and problems             Varadan, T.K.; Bhaskar, K.
1999   Analysing environmental data                        Pentecost, Allan
1999   Analysis of plates :theory and problems             Varadan, T.K.; Bhasker, K.
1999                                                       Bardhan, Jay;
       Finite element analysis of shells degenerated soild approach Bhandari, N.M.
1999                                                       Mansur,
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1999                                                       Kumar, Manoj; Godbole, P.L.
       Two dimensional adaptive mesh generation using neural networks
1999   Fundamentals of programming languages               Horowitz, Ellis
1999   Thermal profiles in bridges using fem               Pandey, Manoj kumar; Ojha, C.S.P.
1999   Contaminant transport through unsaturated soil      Agarwal, Ashish; Gairola, Ajay
1999   An expert system for pesticides regulation          Gupta, Atul kumar; Ojha, C.S.P.
1999                                                       Singh, Thokchom lateral Kaushik, S.K.
       Behaviour of hse eccentrically loaded short circular columns withSuresh;ties
1999   Shear strength of clayey gouge                      Vishnoi, Prashant; N.K., Samadhiya
1999                                                       Niranjan, Santosh systems
       Computer aided design of prestressed concrete V- Plate roofing kumar; Singh, K.K.
1999                                                       Kumar, Raveendra; Chandra, Satish
       Computer aided design of flexible pavement overlays based on IRC
1999   Geographical information and planning               Stillwell, John; Geertman, Stan; Openshaw, Stan
1999   Analysis of circular side weirs                     Jain, Avinash; Pathak, S.K.
1999   Environmental engineering                           Sincero Sr., Arcadio P.; Sincero, Gregoria A.
1999                                                       Parida, Sudhir kumar; Bhaargava, Renu
       Computer aided design of packed absorption tower for gaseous pollutants removal
1999                                                       Verma, Maneesh; Gupta, K.C.
       Removal of toxic metal ions from wastewater using polymeric gels
1999                                                       Kaushal, Rajendra kumar; Srivastava, A.K.
       Arsenic removal from water by physico chemical methods
1999   Computer aided design of raft foundations           Karwa, Sanjay kumar; Ramsaamy, G.
1999                                                       Ozbay, Kaan;
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1999                                                       Chen, Kan; Miles, John C.
       ITS handbook 2000 : recommendations from the world road association (PIARC)
1999   CAD based project cost management                   Sarma, Karanam kameswara; Puri, N.
1999   Computer aided scheduling of cpm networks Ramakrishna, K. V.
1999                                                       Taunk, Hemant kumar; Bhandari, N.M.
       Computer aided design of rafi foundation for multstoryed buildings
2000                                                       Naidu, using gis techniques
       Case study of drainage problem for a plantation area Vamsikrishna; Sharma, Nayan
2000                                                       Chaudhary, Binod Kumar
       Gis based approach for evaluating ground water pollution potential
2000                                                       Singer, J.
       Bulking experiements: experimental methods in bucking of thin walled structures
2000   Coastal processes in tideless seas                  Kos'yan, R.D.
2000                                                       masonry short columns
       Ferrocement for repair and retrofitting of brick Bala, Suman; Singh, K.K.
2000   Non destructive testing of welds                    Raj, Baldev
2000                                                       Haldar, Achintya; Mahadevan, Sankaran
       Probability, reliability , and statistical methods in engineering design
2000   Corrosion : understanding the basics                Davis, J.R.
2000   Landslides in research : theory and practice Bromhead, E.; Dixon, N.; Ibsen, M.L.
2000                                                       Lal, Rattan
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2000                                                       Agrawal, Kapil
       Analysis of the inverse problem for unsteady unsaturated flowkumar; Prasad, K.S.
2000   Air transport system analysis and modelling Janic, Milan
2000   Traffic noise prediction for rural highways         Kumar, Pratush; Jain, S.S.
2000   From resistance in alluvial streams                 Mishra, Hemant kumar; Kothyari, U.C.
2000                                                       Kumar, Arwind; Chandra, Satish
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2000   Structural steel semirigid connections              Faella, C., Au.
2000                                                       Sridhar, M.
       Environmental impact assessment of hydropower station using gis
2000   Transportation engineering basics                   Murthy, Narasimha A.S.
2000                                                       Singh, Radhe shyam; duty pavements
       Parametric study of high strength steel reinforced concrete for heavyJain, A.K.

                                                Page 171

2000                                                    defective Palash
       three dimensional analysis of foundations with Hazarika, piles Jyoti
2000                                                   Shah, Syed
       Behaviour of reinforced flexible pavement under whell loadjalaludeen; Joshi, V.H,
2000   Engineering your future                         Walesh, Struart G.
2000                                                   Kalehsar, Houshyar Eimani
       Experimental aerodynamic studies on tall rectangular buildings
2000   Dams 2000                                       Tedd, Paul
2000                                                   Efford, Nick
       Digital image processing :a practical introduction using java
2000                                                   Rai, Neeraj; flexible pavement
       Effect of type and with of shoulder on structural capacity of Chandra, Satish
2000   Computing in civil and building engineering Fruchter, Renate
2000                                                   Gjorv, Odd 21st
       Concrete technology for a sustainable development in the E. century
2000                                                   C
       Groundwater hydraulics and pollutant transport harbeneau, Randall
2000   Landslides in research, theory and practice Bromhead, E.; Bromhead,, E.; Dixon, N.; Isben, M-L.
2000   Groundwater hydraulics                          Sato, Kuniaki, Au.
2000   Debris- flow hazards mitigation                 Wieczorek, Gerald E., Ed.
2000                                                   Wolski, Wojciech, Ed.
       Filters and drainage in geotechnical and environmental engineering
2000   Development of an aquifer response model Kumkum, Kaurav; Kasyhyap, Deepak
2000   Boundary layer theory                           Schlichting, Herrmann
2000   Effect of gradient on capacity of two lane roadsGoyal, Nitesh kumar; Chandra, Satish
2000                                                   Sharma, N.K.; Jain, S.S.
       Loadman and benkelman beam deflection studies on identified road sections
2000                                                   Anand,
       Utilization of rha and lime sludge in road construction Rajesh kumar; Chandra, Satish
2000   Engineered concrete                             Kett, Irving
2000   Materials for buildings and structures          Wittmann, R.H.
2000   C: the complete reference,                      Schildt, Herbert, Au.
2000   Portable ventilation systems handbook           Mc Manus, Neil
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2000   Geoenvironmental engineering                    Reddi, Lakshmi N.
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2000   Landslides in research ,theory and practice Bromhead, E.; Dixon, N.; Ibsen, M-L.
2000   An expert system for watershed management Verma, Arun kumar; Gairola, Ajay
2000                                                   Wang, C.M., Au.
       Shear deformable beams and plates : Relationships with classical solutions
2000                                                   Goldberg, learning
       Genetic algorithms in search, optimization, and machine David E.
2000                                                   ., .
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2000   Souvenir :In commemoration of the diamond jubilee session of the roads congress
2000                                                   Principe, J.C.
       Neural and adaptive systems : fundamentals through simulations
2000   Integral bridges                                England, G.L.
2000                                                   Verma, D.V.S.
       Recent advances in hydraulics & Water resources engineering
2000   Specifications for structural concrete ACI 301-99
2000   Design of steel structures                      Duggal, S.K., Au.
2000                                                   Desai, Yogesh; Kant, Tarun; Mukherjee, Abhijit
       Advances in structural engineering: Proceedings of the second Structural engineering convention (SEC-2000) Janu
2000   Ecosystem & flood 2000
2000   Unsaturated soils for Asia                      Rahardjo, H.
2000   Studies in flat plate and slab floor systems    Gupta, Dharam Pual; Prasad, J.
2000   Principles of hydrogeology                      Hudak, Paul F.
2000   Advances in remote sensing and gis analysis Atkinson, Peter M.; Tate, Nicholas J.
2000                                                   Jain, P.C.
       3rd international symposium on science & Technology in the new millennium
2000   Fundamentals of geographic information systems  DeMers, Michael N.
2000                                                    open channels
       Study of diffusion and dispersion processes in Kumar, Saket; Swamee, P.K.
2000                                                   Verma, H.K.; Saxena,
       Proceedisngs of the national conference on :Biomedical engineering S.C.; Vinod, Kumar
2000                                                   Kumar,
       Evaluation of control establishment using gps surveys Amit; Tiwari, A.S.
2000   Lateral load effect in frame analysis           Verma, Avinash
2000   Cad package for industrial building frame       Sharma, Prateek kumar; Jain, P.C
2000   Terrain analysis : principles and applications Wilson, John P.; Gallant, John C.
2000                                                   Gupta, Chandra
       Transient seepage analysis through an embankment using femPrakash; Ojha, C.S.

                                             Page 172

2000   Cadd package for R.C frames                       Dev, Nikunja B.; Jain, P.C.
2000                                                     Garrison, William L.;
       Tomorrow's transportation: changing cities, economies, and lives Ward, Jerry D.
2000   Irrigation engineering                            Asawa, G. L.
2000                                                     Sami, Mohana mani kumar; Jain, Kamal
       Geomorpholgical analysis of an alluvial river using gis
2000                                                     Kumar, Abhimanyu; Mehrotra, Indu
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2000   ICI-asian conference on ecstasy in concrete Concrete
2000                                                     Schultz,
       Remote sensing in hydrology and water management Gert A.; Engman, Edwin T.
2000                                                     Agarwal, Chaitanya S.; Garg, Pradeep K.
       Textbook on remote sensing in natural resources monitoring and management
2000   Repair of square r. c. columns by ferrocement Rajveer
2000                                                     Gupta, Ajay
       Rapid method of concrete mix proportioning using different fly ash percentages
2000                                                     Thill, Jean-Claude
       Geographic information systems in transportation research
2000                                                     Kaleshar, Houshyar Eimani
       Exprimental aerodynamic studies on tall rectangular buildings
2000                                                     Chaurasia, with mixed aspect ratios
       Flexural fitigue behaviour of steel fibre reinforced concreteOm Prakash; Kaushik, S.K.
2000   Dynamic response of embedded block foundation     Sreedhar, Chinnala; Saran, Swami
2000   Expert system for drainage pattern                Bhardwaj, Vijay; Ghosh, J.K.
2000   Use of gis in siting small hydro-power sations Agrawal, Sachin kumar; Chandra, A.M.
2000                                                     Dean,
       Water wave mechanics for engineers and scientists Robert G.; Dalrymple, Robert A.
2000                                                     Gibson,
       Introductory remote sensing : principles and concepts Paul J.
2000                                                     Kumar, rajaasthan
       Techno- econimic evaluation of defluoridation plants inManoj; Misra, S.K.
2000   Optimal design of a trunk sewer line              G.L., Sathish; Kumar, Arvind
2000                                                     Chand, Prakash
       Properties of fresh and hardened recycled aggregate concrete
2000                                                     Sridhar, M.; Kumar,
       Environmental impact assessment of hydropower station using gis Arvind
2000                                                     Gard, R. J.; Ranga Raju, K. G.
       Mechanics of sediment transportation and alluvial stream problems
2000   Railway track engineering                         Mundrey, J. S.
2000   Asphalts in road construction                     Hunter, Dr. Robert N.
2000                                                     Mathur, Shahank; Arora,
       Neural network classification using remote sensing and ancillary data Manoj
2000                                                     Moudon, Anne theory, Hubner, Michael
       Monitoring land supply with geographic information systems : Vernez;practice, and parcel- based approaches
2000   Reinfofced concrete slabs                         Park, Robert; Gamble, William L.
2000   Biosorption of cu (II) from aqueous solution Seyoum, Eyob yilma; Shrivastava, A.K.
2000   Urban Drainage                                    Butler, David; Davies, John W.
2000   Landslide risk zoning using gis a fuzzy approach  Gumudavelli, Anil kumar; Tiwari, R.S.
2000                                                     Singh, Mohar; Kumar, Pradeep
       Defluoridation of denitrified water by alum charcoal slurry along with acid neturalzation
2000   Applied analyses in geotechnics                   Azizi, Fethi
2000                                                     ., .
       Seminar on maintenaance and rehabilitation of buildings
2000   Optimal location of sewage pumping station Roy, Rewti Raman
2000                                                     Chaudhary, Binod kumar; Dubey, O.P.
       Gis based approach for evaluating ground water pollution potenitial
2000   Elosto -Plastic dynamic analysis of shells        Bhatti, Mahesh; Bhandari, N.M.
2000                                                     Kumar, Prashtant; Bhandari, N.M.
       Elasto-plastic analysis of isortopic land anisotropic plates
2000                                                     Singh, Ashutosh
       Application of artificial neural networks in concrete mix design Kumar
2000                                                     Kumar, fume and flyash
       Investigation of structural properties of HSE with silica Rajesh; Singh, K.k.
2000                                                     Bag, Nandita; Jain, P.C.
       Determination of dynamic modulus of elasticity of soil using ultrasonic techniques
2000                                                     Gupta, Gaurav; R.C framed buildings
       Effect of foundation settlement and its control in mult-storeyed Kumar, Krishen
2000                                                     Kumar,
       Structural properties of steel fibre reinforced mortar Sanjeev; Gupta, V.K.
2000                                                     Rodi, Wolfgang
       Turbulence models and their application in hydraulics : a state-of-the-art review
2000                                                      upstream lining
       Analysis of seepage through an earthdam withGoyal, Lal chand; Mishra, G.C.
2000                                                     Kausrav,
       Scour protection at bridge piers using collar and riprap Anand singh; Kothyari, U.C.
2000                                                     Bangash, M. Y. H.
       Structural detailing in steel : a compelete study of british,European and American codes and practicees
2000   Rc-joist configurations for one-way floor systems Kumar, Arvind; Prasad, J.
2000   Non-linear finite element analysis of r. c. platesShah, Rahul
2000                                                     Kumar,
       Physical properties of light weight aggregate concrete Atul; Singh, K.K.
2000   Strength of sandy clay                            Kumar, Sanjeev; Jain, P.K.
2000                                                     Rajan, Alok; to improved design of community bin
       Studies on solid waste management with special reference Kumar, Pradeep

                                              Page 173

2000   Environmental chemistry                          Sharma, Dr. B. K.
2000   Scour downstream of cause -ways                  Tyagi, Sanjeev kumar; Mittal, M.K.
2000                                                    Latha, data
       A computer package on interpretation of pile load testY.; Ramasamy, G.
2000                                                    Kumar, Manoj; Ghosh, J.K.
       Development of a software for land cover classification from satellite data using ann algorithm
2000   Annual convention & symposium on spatial technologies for natural hazards management
2000                                                    Chowdhury, Raja; Mehrotra, Indu
       Design and performance of uasb reactor a mathematical approach
2000   Experimental studies on solar water disinfection Shukla, Rajesh; Bhargava, Renu
2000   Analysis of flow furrow irrigation system        Gupta, Jaijeev; Mittal, M.K.
2000                                                    Singh, Shaledra Prapap; Viladkar, M.N.
       Stress analysis around tunnels in jointed rock masses
2000   Analysis of gravity type dam foundation by femSingh, Manish; Samadhiya, N.k.
2000   Shear denaviour of high strength concretes Gupta, Devesh kumar; Parsad, J.
2000                                                    Kumar, Pervesh
       Mass Conservation numerical scheme for two-dimensional variably saturated flow
2000                                                    Weiner, Eugene R.
       Applications of environmental chemistry : a practicial guide for environmental professionals
2000                                                    Rao,
       Uplift behaviour of plate anchors with geosynthetics Ponnana Prabhakara; Saran, Swami
2000                                                    Kodandaram, Mahendravada; Ramasamy, G.
       Effect of lime content on properties of compacted fly ash
2000   Computer aided design of esp                     Panda, Ashit kumar; Bhargava, Renu
2000                                                    Gowtam, Chinnam
       Spatial modelling for sitting landfills-a GIS approach
2000   Dynamic response of a concrete gravity dam Gogoi, Indrani; Saini, S.S.
2000                                                    Rao, pile cap
       A package using visual basic on structural design ofDhulipalla Srinivasa; Ramasamy, G.
2000   Analysis of flow through bottom racks            Chauhan, Narender singh; Ojha, C.S.P.
2000                                                    Sahu, Virendra Kumar
       Mixed traffic headway modelling on urban roads using neural network
2000                                                    Vernez Hubner, Anne; Hubner, Michael
       Monitoring land supply with geographic information systems : theory, practice,and parcel-based approaches
2000   Role of I.R.B. in corrosion of handpumps         Singh, Sandeep; Mathur, R.P.
2000   Noise based zoning for roorkee                   Kalita, Gobinda ram; Parida, M.
2000                                                    Birok,
       Mechanical behaviour of phyllite under cyclic loading Gurcharan; Samadhiya, N,K.
2000   Statistical modelling of concrete properties     Kumar, Rajesh; Puri, Narinder
2001                                                    Heywood, lan
       An introduction to geographical information systems
2001                                                    Juneja, Paramjeet
       A study on transxmissiveity and storage characteristics of soils singh; Ojha, C.S.P.
2001   Nonlinear soil structure interaction             Purba, Lordy perdana; Viladkar, M.N.
2001                                                    Schofield, W.
       Engineering surveying : theory and examination problems for students
2001   A study on shear strength of stabilized fly ash Rao, Raghavendra; Jain, P.K.
2001   Teach yourself c++                               Schildt, Herbert
2001                                                    Sear, Lindon K.A., Ed.
       Properties and use of coal fly ash : a valuable industrial by-product
2001                                                    Kumar, Mukesh; Jain, S.S.
       Development of relationship between skid resistance and pavement materials
2001   Urban drainage modeling                          Brashear, Robert W.
2001   Water resources engineering                      Mays, Larry W.
2001                                                    Das, P.C.
       Current and future trends in bridge design, construction and maintenance 2
2001                                                    Kumar, Awadhesh
       Post cracking behaviour of ferrocement prestressed box girder elements
2001   Hydro power sturctures                           Varshney, R.S.
2001                                                     detection using
       Generation of design earthquake and damagePathak, Jayanta ann
2001   Fuzzy control systems design and analysis        Tanaka, Kazuo
2001                                                     under seismic loads
       Modeling of inelastic behaviour of rc structuresShing, P. Beason
2001                                                    Sreedhar,
       Parametric studies flexible pavement reinforced with jute M.V.; Kumar, Praveen
2001   Engineering fluid mechanics                      Crowe, Clayton T.
2001                                                    Sijing, Wang; the 21th century
       Frontiers of rock mechanics and sustainable development inBingjun, Fu; Zhongkui, Li
2001                                                    Suresh, Kalivarapu; Joshi, V.H.
       A study on flexible pavement with reinforced bituminous layers
2001   the compact oxford reference dictionary          Soanes, Catherine
2001   Wind loading of structures                       Holmes, John D., Au.
2001   Breakwaters and closure dams                     Angremond, K.D'
2001                                                    Peyissa, Berhanu abesha; Kumar, Praveen
       Strength characteristics of bituminous concrete with different types of filler
2001                                                    Sinha, capacity of 2-lane Satish
       Effect of directional split and slow moving vegicles onSanjeev; Chandra, roads
2001                                                    Kumar, Poosarla eswar rama; Jain, S.S.
       Incident management using intelligent transport system

                                              Page 174

2001                                                     Singh, Ompal; Chandra, Satish
       Parametric study of dry lean concrete as a base course material
2001                                                     Icsmge, soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering istanbul
       Procedding of the fifiteenth international confernce on XV, Ed.
2001                                                     Yadav, Ravindra; Handa, S.C.
       A study on coefricient of permeability and maximum dry density of stabilized fly ash
2001   Digital electronics : a practical approach        Kleitz, William, Au.
2001                                                     Toro, Eleuterio F.
       Shock-capturing methods for free surface shallow flows
2001   Frprcs-5                                          Burgoyne, C.J.
2001                                                     Rao, Karri srinivasa;
       Design of highways embankments using flyash in alternate layers Kumar, Praveen
2001                                                     Kumar, of two lane roads
       Effect of lane width and surface condtition on capacity Upendra; Chandra, Satish
2001   Data structures with stl                          Murray, William H.
2001   Remote sensing sustainable forest management      Franklin, Steven E., Au.
2001                                                     Shaffer, M.J.
       Modeling carbon and nitrogen dynamics for soil management
2001   Modern construction management                    Harris, Frank
2001   Foundation design and construction                Tomlinson, M.J.
2001   Housing design quality                            Carmona, Matthew, Au.
2001   Flow through open channels                        Raju, K.G. Ranga, Au.
2001   Computer aided design of highway noise barrier    Gupta, Neeraj kumar; Jain, S.S.
2001   Demand estimation for a mrts station in delhi Patkar, Manish; Jain, S.S.
2001                                                     Padmanabha, E. Anantha
       Investigations into geometric rectification of remote sensing data
2001   Foundation design:principles and practices        Coduto, Donald P.
2001                                                     Bairwa,
       A study on accident black stpts on national highways Hans raj; Jain, S.S,
2001                                                     Hester,
       16 assessment and reclamation of contaminated land R.E., Ed.
2001                                                     Sahu,
       Advances in elastic vibrations and smart structures A.R.
2001   International conference:water and energy 2001    Varma, C.V.J.
2001   Manual of methods in concrete                     Bangash, M.Y.H.
2001                                                     McDonald, P.H.
       Fundamentals of infrastructure engineering civil engineering systems
2001                                                     Das, P.C.
       Current and future trends in bridge design, construction and maintenance 2
2001   Lee's building maintenance management             Wordsworth, P.
2001   Strategic management in construction              Langford, D.
2001   Bridge management                                 Ryall, M.L.
2001                                                      design
       Cad package for prestreesed concrete t-beamReddy, Siva Appi; Singh, K.K.
2001                                                     Sharma, Anurag; Singh,
       Computer aided design of precast concrete flooring roofing elements K.K.
2001                                                     S
       Hydrological soil classification a fuzzy approach andhu, Har amrit singh; Chandra, A.M.
2001                                                     Singh, Abhishek; Dubey, O.P.
       Estimation of sediment yield using artificial neural network
2001   Tour planning in gis                              Kumar, K.V Phani; Jain, Kamal
2001                                                     Pandey, Akhilesh kumar; Prasad, Jagdish
       Structural influence of shear walls on plane frames
2001                                                      a deep gorge
       Study of medium span cable stayed bridges inMauraya, Hausila Prasad; Kumar, Krishen
2001                                                     Kumar, Vijay; Jain, P.C.
       Computer aided analysis of machine foundations for mini hydro projects
2001                                                     Gupta, Satyendra kumar; Kaushik, S.K.
       Behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete joint under opeing bending moments
2001   Rail route alignement using gis and gps           Reddy, Nagarjuna; Jain, Kamal
2001                                                     Roy, Akshay
       Studies in aspects of transfer beams for high -rise buildingskumar; Prasad, Jagdish
2001                                                      parameters
       Analysis of unsaturated flow : sensitivity of soilBharti, Anil kumar; Hari Prasad, K.S.
2001                                                     using remote sensing Ghosh, S.K.
       Study of waterloggine within a flood plain area Jauhari, Vijai shanker; data
2001   Constant velocity open channel flow               Kumar, Amit; Swamee, P.K.
2001   Intelligent transport systems : cases and policiesStough, Roger R.
2001                                                     Yadav, Ashok kumar; Jain, S.S.
       Object oriented programming for traffic noise prediction on national highways
2001   Subsurface drainage for slope stabilization       Forrester, Kevin
2001   Remote sensing and urban analysis                 Donnay, Jean-paul; Barnsley, Michael J.; Longley, Paul A.
2001                                                     Mathto, Prashant; Prasad, K.S hari
       Estimation of confined aquifer parametrs using pumping test data
2001   Introduction to design for civil engineers        Narayanan, R. S.; Beeby, A. W.
2001   Cad package of reinforced concrete retaining wall Kumar, Neeraj; Singh, K.K.
2001   Global positioning system : theory and practice   Hofmann-Wellenhof, B.; Lichtenegger, H.; Collins
2001                                                     Babu, Korikana srinu;
       Computer aided retrofitting for houses in cyclone affected regions Bhandari, N.M.

                                               Page 175

2001                                                      and integration
       Global positioning systems,inertial navigation, Grewal, Mohinder S.; Weill, Lawrence R.; Andrews, Angus P.
2001   Geo computation                                   Openshaw, Stan; Abrahart, Robert J.
2001   The measurment and automation : catalog 2001      Catalog
2001   The aerodynamic stability of cable-styed bridges  Namini; Hossein, Ahmad
2001                                                     and development in asia
       The 9th. conference on public works research proceedings
2001   Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures.part-1 : General rules and rules for buildings
2001                                                     Banerjee, Jaideep; Garg, P.K.
       Site selection of waste disposal in gis environment
2001   Annual book of astm standards                     American society for testing and materials
2001                                                     Naithani, K. C.; Giarola, Ajay; problems K.
       Proceedings : all india seminar on infrastructure development in uttaranchal Gupta, V. and prospectes
2001                                                     Padmanabha, Anantha; Arora, Manoj
       Investigations into geometric rectification of remote sensing data
2001                                                     Maurya, Akhilesh Kumar
       Computer aided design of bituminous mixes for pavements
2001   Scour below cavseway structures                   Shukla, Raj kumar; Mittal, M.K.
2001   Computer aided design of rcc columns              Rathaur, Virendra
2001   A packege on design of counterfort retaining wall Mehta, Rambhu kumar; Ramasamy, G.
2001   Finite element analysis of a barrage              Garg, Garish kumar; Samadhiya, N.K.
2001   Cad package for concrete mix design               Dixit, Abhishek
2001   Cad package for design of grid floors             Sharma, Gopesh
2001   Hydraulic transients in pipe networks             Kota, Vara Prasad Babu
2001   Computer aided design of composite beams Kumar, Rajesh
2001                                                     Minhas, Kulbir singh; Swamee, P.K.
       Longitudinal dispersion and transverse diffusion in straight and meandering channel
2001                                                     Kumar, Hemant; Gupta, V.k.
       Effect of confinement on plain and fibre reinforced HSC
2001                                                     Handa, nation's development
       National workshop : application of rock engineering in S C; Samadhiya, N K
2001                                                     Khan, Ashlam
       Evaluation of wind forces on tall buldings due to interference sher; Kumar, Krishen
2001                                                     Bhaurao, Thaore
       Developments of an expert system for distressed r. c. buildings Sangharatna
2001                                                     Agarwal, Jainendra
       Earthquake response of buildings fitted with vibration isolators
2001                                                     Raju, Yenugadati Venkata
       Seismic hazard analysis using artificial neural network
2001   Evaluation of certain ann training algorithms Goel, Rahul; Ojha, C.S.P.
2001                                                     R
       Runoff estimation using artificial neural network ajan, Rashmi; Dubey, O.P.
2001                                                     Verma, Indradeo
       Structural efficiency of flat slab floor systems by equivalent frame method
2001                                                     Klein,
       Sensor technologies and data requirements for ITS Lawrence A.
2001   Impact effect in composite concrete panels Mengi, Major raj kumar; Jain, Ashok
2001                                                     Singh, Vinay Kumar
       Finite element solution of two dimensional turbulent flow in a bend
2001                                                     Prasad, V.S.A.V.; Dubey, O.P.
       A gis study to assess the impact of urbanisation on runoff
2001   Chlorination of treated sewage                    Gupta, Rishi; Mehrotra, Indu
2001   Technology management
2001                                                     Muralikrishna, I. V.
       Spatial information technology : remote sensing and geographical information system
2001   Computer aided design of flat slabs               Verma, Manish; Singh, K.K.
2001   Recent developments in structural engineeringKaushik, Dr. S. K.
2001                                                     Katiyar, Sanit kumar; Kumar, Pradeep
       Fate of a few indicator microorganisms in two treatment plants : A case study
2001   Aerodnamic stability of a railway coach           Gautam, Paritosh; Kumar, Krishen
2001                                                     in compacted fills
       Evaluation of preconsolidation pressure effect Sinha, Parveen kumar; Ramasamy, G.
2001   Evaluation of sediments from reservoirs           White, Rodney
2001                                                     Singh,
       International conference on mathematical modeling Bani; Gupta, U S; Srivastava, G S; Gulati, T R; Katiyar, V K
2001                                                     Indrawan, E.;
       Skin friction in piles under tensile and compressive loading Ramasamy, G.
2001   Instrumentation in geotechnical engineering Saxena, K. R.; Sharma, V. M.
2001                                                     Piyoosh, -A kant; Mitra, D.S.
       Application of remote sensing and gis for oil explorationAtulcase study from cauvery basin
2001   Scour around spurs with and without rip-rap Ranjan, Ritesh; Kothyari, U.C.
2001                                                      sensing
       A study on river change patterns using remoteRao, Bhogadi ramana; Ghosh, S.K.
2001                                                     Nandi, Atin kumar; Kashyap, Deepak
       Modelling of goundwater flow and contaminat transport a case study
2001                                                     Kumar, Rakesh; Saran, Swami
       Analysis of eccentrically obliquely loaded square footings from constitutive laws
2001   Mathematical modelling of alluvial rivers         Kumar, Vijaya; Kothyari, U.G.
2001                                                      classification of remote sensing
       Investigations in to the effect of topography onPatel, Vinod kumar; Gupta, R.p. data

                                              Page 176

2001   Land consolidation in G.I.S. environment          Ramanjaneyulu, C.S.; Jain, Kamal
2001                                                     Chander,
       Studies in structural efficiency of waffle floor systems Satish; Prasad, Jagdish
2001                                                     Jain, Neearaj;
       Numerical modelling of seepage below hydraulic structures Kashyap, D.K.
2001   Philosophy and practice of valuation              Rathore, Shailendra Singh
2001   A text book of railway engineering                Arora, S. P.
2001                                                     Dasgupta, Susmit;
       Design optimization of lagoon system for wastewater treatment Kumar, Arvind
2001                                                     Rao, A. S. and
       Proceeding of the international symposium : geotechnicalR. environmental challenges in mountainous terrain
2001   Over consolidation behaviour of clays             Mukherjee, Devjeet; Samadhiya, N.K.
2001                                                      21st. century : the new era for hydraulic research and its applications
       Environmental hydraulics and eco-hydraulics : LI, Guifen
2001                                                     Commitee,
       Proceeding :international conference on civil engineering Technical
2001   International seninar on sustainable development in road transportation
2001   A study on kinematics of traffic noise            Patil, Prashant devedas; Katiyar, V.K.
2001                                                     Malhotra, V. M.
       Seventh canmet/aci international conference on fly ash, silica fume, slag, and natural pozzolans in concrete
2001   Air quality monitoring of roorkee town            Sreenivasulu, R.; Bhargava, Renu
2001                                                     Kumar, Arun; Kumar, Pradeep
       Alternatives of wastewater collection :A case study
2001                                                     Tripathi, Apurva; Kumar, Arvind
       Design evaluation of carrousel system for dairy wastwater treatment
2001   Star almanac for land surveyors
2001   National workshop on rehabilitation/retrofitting of buildings
2001   Souvenir                                          Souvenir
2001   Effect of embedment on block foundation vibration Ghosh, Sima; Saran, Swami
2002                                                     Kumar, Rakesh; Garg, P.K.
       Gis -based soil erosion study for watershed management
2002   Slope stability and stabilization methods         Amramson, Lee W.; Lee, Thomas S.; Sharma, Sunil; Bouce, Glenn M
2002   Air pollution control technology handbook         Schnelle, Karl B.
2002                                                     Kumar, Amit
       Effect of stream wise spacing of cylindrical bridge piers on afflux and scour
2002   Geotechnology engineering environmental challengesRao, K.S.
2002   Pavement performance modelling for pms            Babu, Bodasingu Suresh
2002                                                     Kumar, Manoj
       Placement of vehicles on single lane and two lane roads
2002   Water resources engineering                       Wurbs, Ralph A.
2002                                                     Jain, Kamal
       Development of a method for digital rectification of images
2002                                                     Baishya, Sukumar
       Dynamic response of emberdded block foundations in layered media
2002                                                     Pandey, with uasb process
       Optimization of municipal wastewater treatment systemGovind
2002                                                     Kumar, Surendra
       Behaviour of eccentrically obliquely loaded footing on reinforced earth slab
2002   Principles of geotechnical engineering            Das, Braja M.
2002   Rotran 2002                                       Reddy, K.Sudhakar
2002                                                     Reddy, projects
       A study of fem analysis of vertical shafts in river valleySatyanarayana; Bhandari, N.M.
2002                                                     Ramamurthy, T.; Narasimhan, S.L.
       ISRM regional symposium:advancing rock mechanics frontiers to meet the challenges of 21st century
2002                                                     Yeung, Albert K.W.
       Concepts and technoques of geographic information systems
2002   Geotechnical engineering principles and practices Coduto, Donald P.
2002                                                     Kumar,
       Granular anchor pile system under axial pullout loads Pradeep
2002                                                     Lee, William H.K.
       International handbook of earthquake and engineering seismology
2002   Flow characterstics in combining channels         Beressa, Lemma; Mathur, A.k.
2002   Financing infrastructure projects                 Merna, Tony
2002                                                     Haider, Syed shameem; Jain, M.K.
       Preliminary investigations on mosture retrival through microwave remote sensing
2002                                                     Kumar,
       Numerical modelling for riirgation scheduling of crops Samaiya nitin; Singh, Vivekandand
2002                                                     Kumar, Amit; Asawa, G.L.
       Effect of stream -wise spacing of cylindrical bridge piers on affluc and scour
2002   Discharge charactersistics of skew side weir Shiva, Chavan kamlesh; Swamme, P.K.
2002   Scour around compound bridge footings             Kumar, Ashish; Kothyari, U.C.
2002                                                     Gunvant, Umap prashant; Bhandari, N.M.
       Assessment and retrofitting of masonry arch bridges
2002   Composite floor systems for multiplexes           Singh, Sanjay kumar; Pradad, Jagdish
2002   fundamentals of structural analysis               West, Harry H.; Geshwinder, Louis F.
2002   Engineering mechanics of solids                   Popov, Egor P.
2002   Teach yourself c++                                Schildt, Herbert

                                                 Page 177

2002   The selective enviroment                         Hawkes, Dean
2002   Water works engineering                          Quasim, Syed R.
2002                                                    Valavanis, Vasilis
       Geographic information systems in oceanography and fisheries D., Au.
2002   Understanding neural networks and fuzzy logic    Kartalopoulos, Stamatios V.
2002   Quality control in road construction             Jeuffroy, G.
2002                                                    Stanley, William
       Operational amplifiers with linear integrated circuits
2002   Innovations in concrete                          Bennett, David
2002                                                    Kumar, Arvind; Puri, N.
       Computer aided tender preparation for building construction projects
2002   Fundamentals of digital signal processing        Vegte, Joyce Van De, Au.
2002                                                    Khullar, Narinder Kumar
       Effect of wash load on transport of uniform and nonuniform sediments
2002   Computer aided design of sewerage system Kumar, Manish; Swamee, P.K.
2002                                                    Mohammadi, Yaghoub
       Behaviour of steel fibre reinforced concrete in flexural fatigue
2002                                                    Pinder, George F.
       Groundwater modelling using geographical information systems
2002                                                    Jain, Manoj Kumar
       Distributed modelling of runoff and sediment yield using remote sensing and gis
2002   Integrated life cycle design of structures       Sarja, Asko
2002   Fundamentals of fluid mechanics                  Munson, Briuce R.
2002   Solutions to coastal disaster'02                 Ewing, Lesley
2002   manual of geospatial science and technology Bossler, John D.
2002   Construction management in practice              Fellows, Richard
2002                                                    Potts,
       Guidelines for the use of dvanced numerical analysisDavid
2002                                                    Schnabel, Harry, Au.
       Tiebacks in foundation engineering and construction
2002   Advances in chemical propulsion                  Roy, Gabriel D.
2002   Flood defence' 2002                              Wu, Baosheng
2002   Fluid mechanics                                  Douglas, John F.
2002                                                    Reddy, Sudhakar K.
       Rotran 2002:road transportation in india ; emerging trends and techniques
2002                                                    technologies
       Handbook of water and wastewater treatment Cheremisinoff, Nicholas P.
2002   Settling basin design                            Dongre, Naresh; Kothyari, U.C.
2002   Basic water treatment                            Binnie, Chris, Au.
2002   Optimum tour planning in gis environment         Sreeramulu, Y.; Jain, Kamal
2002                                                    Kumar, a part of Chandra, A.M.
       Gis modelling for assessment of irrigation suitability in Sateesh; hardwar distric
2002   Oop based software for equivalent freame method  Kumar, Manoj; Prasad, Jagdish
2002                                                    studies
       Remote sensing application in seismic hazard Gupta, Santosh kumar; Sharma, M.L.
2002                                                    Bharadwaj, Sunil; Bhargava, Pradeep
       Seimic evaluation and reteofitting of multistoreyed R.C framed buliding
2002                                                    Babu, Subash; Ghosh, generated images derived form statellite data
       Improvement in supervised classification accuracy using synthetically S.K.
2002   Finite element analysis of embankment dams R., Chandulal; Puri, N.
2002                                                    Mohan, Vijaya; Prasad, K.S Hari
       Numerical modelling of sloute transport in open channels
2002   Generation of dtm form irs-pan data              Shashi, M.; Jain, Kamal
2002                                                    Rao,
       Graphical telephone directory in gis environment Venkata; Jain, Kamal
2002   Hardwar tourist information system               Ohri, Anurag; Garg, P.K.
2002   Information system for map referencing           Chintala, Venkata apparao; Garg, P.K.
2002   Web - based information system for roorkee area  Chouksey, Arti; Jain, Kamal
2002                                                    Singh, Jitendra narayan; Ghosh, S.K.
       Channel changes of an alluvial river using remote sensing inputs in a gis environment
2002   Geocoding of sar data and its accuracy assessmentAgrawal, Ritesh; Ghosh, S.K.
2002                                                    Shalan, Mohamad
       Accuracy assessment of remotely sensed derived thematic mapsala; Arora, M.K.
2002                                                    sar interferometry and gps data
       Determination of topographic elevations using Rao, Venkata poorna chandra; Ghosh, S.K.
2002                                                    Singh, Varun; Chandra,
       Development of graphical interface for rural road accessibility planning Satish
2002                                                    Narayain, Satya; Kumar, Praveen
       Computer aided design of flexible pavement based on irc : 37-2001
2002                                                    Singh, Gurkirpal; Gupta, V.K,
       Analytical modelling of corrosion damage to R,C. structures
2002                                                    Baldew, Belani anil; Kaushik, S.K.
       Analysis of a mult-storeyed building damaged during gujarat earthquake
2002                                                    Jaidev, Moka; Kumar, Krishen
       Evaluation of strengthening measures for R.C.C. buildings - an analytical study
2002   Performance of concrete in structural elements   Rohidas, Suryamwanshi; Prasad, J.
2002   Digital uttratnchal for E-governance             Reddy, Papagari venkata; Garg, P.K.

                                               Page 178

2002   Cad package for design of R.C. retainging walls Sharma, Rajeeva kumar; Bhandari, N.M.
2002   Computer aided design of sump cum pump house    Neelakantam, Marripalle; Jain, P.C.
2002   Analysis and design of tubular structures       Chourasiya, Satish kumar; Gupta, V.K.
2002                                                   Baijal, Rajat;
       Development of a knowledge based system for military use Ghosh, S.K.
2002                                                    environment
       Groundwater mapping and management in gisReddy, Pulla; Garg, P.K.
2002                                                   Nandan, Devaki; Bhandari, N.M.
       Structural analysis and design of mansi building subjected to gujrat earthquake
2002                                                   Bains, Nirpinder singh; Kumar, Parveen
       Development of software for trip assignemt in urban areas
2002                                                   Madana, Gopi; Ghosh, S.K.
       Modelling of river morphology using remote sensing techniques
2002   Analysis of surge tank system                   Murthy, N.L.N.; Kashyap, D.K.
2002                                                   Ramaswamy, G.S.; Eekhout, M.
       Analysis,design and construction of steel space frames
2002   Quality aspects of ctd and tmt rebars           Kumar, Sanjeev; Prasad, Jagdish
2002                                                   Nirajan, regions
       Computer aeded retrofitting of houses in cyclone proneAshok kumar; Kaushik, S.K.
2002   Finite element analysis of R.C. girder bridges Saini, Sunil kumar; Bhargava, P.
2002   Modelling of interrupted traffic flow noise     Singh, Devender; Jain, S.S.
2002                                                   Kumar, Jagarapu pavan; Kaushik, S.k.
       Investigations on high strength concrete coluimns
2002                                                   Kumar, Sushil; Prasad, Jagdish
       Performance of ctd and tmt rebars in structural elements
2002                                                   Singh,
       Flexure and shear behaviour of sawdust concerete Nepal; Singh, K.K.
2002   Reliability analysis of frames                  Verma, Virendra kumar; Puri, N.
2002   Behaviour of tall guyed towers                  Cuong, Nguyen kien; Jain, A.k.
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                                               Page 179

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