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					                     Chippenham Vision Board Meeting – 28 June 2010
                     Council Chamber , Monkton Park 10am – 12 noon

TM     Tim Martienssen                     AJN    Cllr Andrew Noblet
JC     John Clark (Chair)                  CC     Cllr Chris Caswill
TJ     Tom Jacques                         AC     Alistair Cunningham
DP     Dave Purton                         TD     Tim Davis

DH     David Holdsworth                    CT     Clive Taylor
GJ     Gareth Jones                        CM     Colette Mallon
 JC Jane Clark                             JS     Cllr Jane Scott

RoB    Roger Backway                       JK     Jack Konynenburg
RiB    Cllr Richard Beattie
DR     David Roberts

Item                                      Notes                                     Action
 1     Introductions and Apologies

       JC welcomed everyone to the meeting and this was followed by round the
       table introductions.

       Apologies were received from – David Holdsworth, Gareth Jones, David
       Purton, Kit Harding, Alistair Cunningham
 2     Previous minutes and matters arising

       JS provided a verbal update regarding the Government stance on the
       Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS)

       Policy will focus on being locally led, achieved through a bottom-up
       approach. The figures set out in the RSS are no longer valid.
       A briefing note outlining how planning policy will change is being planned
       and will be circulated when ready. A White Paper is due in Autumn 2010.

 3     Core Strategy
              Topic Papers
       DR confirmed work is continuing on producing the 15 Topic papers as they
       will be utilised to inform the Core Strategy.
4   Masterplanning
    Development of Brief – progress
    TM outlined the relation between the Vision and the Masterplan. The Vision
    sets the objective, the Masterplan sets out the context and provides a spatial
    representation of how the Vision can be achieved.

    ATLAS, The Advisory Team for Large Applications (part of the Homes and
    Communities Agency) will be providing assistance to Wiltshire Council to
    review and assess the options for Chippenham for the Core Strategy.

    Action: TM to meet with ATLAS and Spatial Planning to ensure the                      TM i.
    Chippenham Vision is integral to the process.

    It is the intention to produce a retail strategy that will outline what actions can
    be taken to enhance and improve retail offer in Chippenham.

    TM discussed the development of the retail town centre marketing group-
    which will be coordinated through Vision

    A town centre retail group will be established to co-ordinate activity in this
    area. It was noted that Hathaway Retail Park should be include in these
    The group will review retail research undertaken to date.

5   'Jigsaw pieces' for the draft Vision
    The Board reviewed and discussed the 'Jigsaw pieces' for the draft Vision
    paper prepared by JC and TM

    Retail Offering

    Concern was expressed regarding the need to encourage local, independent
    small businesses as well as attracting high street names.

    Chippenham has a higher footfall, larger catchment, and good transport etc-
    therefore should be punching weight far higher than currently is.

    It was noted that there is an issue regarding the unsuitability of the current
    retail units available, in particular the size of the existing units.
    The number of listed buildings also creates restrictions for modern retailers.

    Current communication with retailers is not joined up.

    Increasing the availability of local produce should also be priority

    DR suggested that these issues should be fed into the topic papers and into
    the larger masterplan.

    There is a need to compile baseline evidence. Data from ChAP surveys and
    community plans should be provided to TM.

    High Street

    A previous consultation regarding the possibility of pedestrianisation of the
    High Street rejected the idea.
There were concerns regarding safety and security and traffic flow.
The issue and evidence needs to be revisited.

Action: Review previous research. Undertake traffic flow assessment.             TM ii.

TM outlined the need to clarify what the role and function of the High St
should be.

Traffic and Transport

Board Members received a presentation by PFA Consulting regarding the
use of the Chippenham Traffic Model.

It has been used by developers to put forward a case for Northern and
Eastern development.

The model does not take into account the new housing volumes and impact
on traffic, therefore data should be viewed with a degree of caution.
The model is based on a set of calculated assumptions. It is not a perfect
representation but it does enable scenarios to be tested and indicate their
likely impact on traffic flow and congestion. It would appear that some fairly
simple actions could have significant impact on improving flow (e.g. removal
of certain traffic lights, minor adjustments to traffic management at key

CC would like the Vision statement to have traffic as a major goal.

RB pointed out the classic conundrum that improving traffic flow usually
results in the generation of more traffic.

Testing the model extensively at this stage prior to the production of a
Masterplan for the town is likely to be premature as the Masterplan should
identify the issues that need to be tested.

Action: Arrange presentation of Traffic model demonstration to the               TM iii.


There is a Car Parking strategy review and consultation commencing on July
12th. It will be available on the Council website.

The current strategy sets out national parking strategy objectives: supporting
economic growth, reducing single occupancy car journeys, encouraging a
shift to public mass transit systems.

Action: A draft response to the consultation will be produced and                TM iv.
circulated for the next meeting

JaC suggested the idea of establishing an independent body (a ‘Citizen’s
Jury) not aligned to any stakeholders to review the traffic model as a
demonstration of practicing the drive towards Localism.

Action: JaC to provide Board with further information on Citizen Juries.         JaC v.
6   Vision Statement Preparation

    JC outlined what he believes to be the six unique points about Chippenham:
    1) Considerable economic opportunities of commerce and tourism –
    Chippenham is Wiltshire’s only M4 corridor town of any notable size
    2) Pleasant town centre environment- natural assets of river, parks and High
    3) Size - Chippenham is at a size that has potential- small enough to have its
    own identity but big enough to be self contained and offer development
    4) West Country location, close to beautiful countryside, within proximity to
    many attractions
    5) An affordable place to live and offers good value
    6) Education – some of the best secondary schools, 2 colleges, FE institutes

    There needs to be a match up between these strengths and the local

    ACTION: Summary of local demographic data evidence to be circulated              TM iv.
    to the Board.

    Chippenham is well placed to take advantage of fibre optic development.
    Action: Research position regarding IT communications infrastructure             TM iiv.
    development and Chippenham

    There is a perception that there are large numbers of empty units on local
    business parks which raises a concern regarding the requirement for further
    employment land. Can information be provided regarding current supply and
    Action: NWEP to be asked to provide information.                                 CT iiiv.

7   AOB

    Tulip, owners of the Hygrade site, have indicated that they have received an
    offer which is currently under consideration. It is still imperative that a
    development brief is prepared for the site.

    TM outlined the process for issuing a Project Mandate to the Board to initiate
    a formal request for a project to go ahead. Following the mandate, project
    resource implications would be identified so that Wiltshire Council could then
    authorise allocation of those resources to the Vision.

    Borough Parade have offered a retail unit to be used as a consultation area
    and to promote the River Festival. This could be extended to other
    organisations linked to the Vision.

    TM confirmed that the budget, risk register, communications plan, parking
    consultation will be circulated to the Board.

    It was recommended that a town centre marketing group be formed.
    The Board agreed.

    Those items listed on the bottom of the progress report – Board agreed for
    all to go ahead,
JaC requested information on Park and Ride and potential suitability for
Chippenham. It was commented that evidence shows as Chippenham lacks
dedicated bus lanes it is unlikely to be suitable for Chippenham.

               DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 28th July 2010
                          Monkton Park

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