2010 - ACF Regionals - Chicago A + UCLA by gjmpzlaezgx


									ACF Regionals 2010: A Cultural Artifact of Unimaginable Significance
Packet by Chicago A (Michael Arnold, Matt Menard, Jimmy Ready, David Seal) and UCLA (Mik Larsen, Ray Luo,
Tirth Patel, Keith Stephens)


1. One character in this play reprimands a young man for smoking his father's meerschaum pipe and credits himself for
saving his parents' marriage. Another character in this play wants to stay at Little Harbor street with his daughter and asks
for help funding his plan for a sailor's boarding house. In this play's third act Jacob reports seeing another character drop a
candle, which started a fire that results in the burning of an uninsured an orphanage, and Pastor Manders is infuriated when
the orphanage's benefactor won't pay to rebuild it. In this play Regina discovers her father is not Jacob Engstrand, and she is
actually the half sister of the artist Oswald. For 10 points, name this Ibsen play in which Helen Alving realizes her
husband's syphilis has been passed to her son.
ANSWER: Ghosts [accept Gengangere]

2. Lindstrom's theorem states that first-order logic is the strongest logic having both this property and satisfying the
Lowenheim-Skolem property. A method for finding a Hausdorff space with this property containing a given space is named
for Stone and Cech. Equicontinuity is the main condition for determining whether a family of functions has this property by
the Arzela-Ascoli theorem. Using the axiom of choice, it can be shown that an arbitrary product of spaces with this property
has this property, a result known as Tychonoff's theorem. In Euclidean space, being closed and bounded is sufficient to
show, according to the Heine-Borel theorem, that a set has this property. For 10 points, identify this property which holds of
a set on which every open cover has a finite subcover.
ANSWER: compactness

3. This artist only completed the preparatory sketches for the epic Opening of the Doors of the Spanish Inquisition. This
artist showed a cart stopped next to a gray building emitting white smoke in The Lime Kiln. He painted an unusual still-life
of severed limbs called Anatomical Pieces, and he featured horses in his paintings Derby at Epsom and Horse Frightened
By Lightning. A horse rearing away from an unseen attacker appears in his The Charging Chasseur. He studied bodies in
the morgue of the Hospital Beaujon for his most famous work, which sees a man waving a red handkerchief on the top right
and a bloody hatchet implies cannibalism. For 10 points, name this French Romantic painter of The Raft of the Medusa.
ANSWER: Theodore Gericault

4. This 10th grade regional discus champion is currently directing "Marathon of Hope", a movie about runner Terry Fox, for
ESPN's 30 for 30 series. He rides a tandem bike down Santa Monica Boulevard alongside blue-shutter shade wearing Baron
Davis in the internet video "Step Brothers", while it is rumored that the concept behind "Shaq Vs". was stolen from this
athlete. He played "the most ridiculous man on earth", in a viral commercial as a spokesman for Vitamin Water, while in the
2005 Dunk Contest this man passed the ball off his head to one of his teammate using his renowned soccer skills. After
backing up Jason Kidd for his first two years, this Santa Clara alum emerged as an All-Star after being traded to the Dallas
Mavericks. Born in South Africa but raised in Canada, for 10 points, name this two time MVP who passes to Jason
Richardson and Amare Stoudemire as point guard of the Phoenix Suns.
ANSWER: Steve Nash

5. This kingdom was ruled by Anshuverma, who fathered the enterprising missionary Bhrikuti and was a member of the
Lichavi Dynasty. After being separated into 22 principalities known as Baisi, it became united again under Jayasthitimalla,
while its modern incarnation was forced to sign the Treaty of Sugauli with the British in 1816 not long after its reunification
under the Gorkha leader Prithvi Narayan Shah. The Kot Massacre in this state brought about the autocratic rule of its most
recent dynasty, which was founded by Jang Bahadur. The future of that dynasty would have lain with a man whose wild
unpopularity stems from his track record of assaulting police officers and inexplicably numerous hit and run allegations,
Paras, after Prince Dipendra brought an M16 to a family dinner. The recently abolished Rana monarchy controlled, for 10
points, what country, whose capital is Kathmandu?
ANSWER: Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

At one point in this novel, the title character remembers how he groaned "We're lost! Fucked," while a communications
officer, but then reminds himself that he was the class orator at Chicago's McKinley High School. After spending hours in a
court watching the case of people like the prostitute Aleck, this work's title character goes to visit his aunt Taube, from
whose house he takes a gun that used to be his father's. The title character's romantic interests include the Japanese girl Sona
and his current girlfriend Ramona, and his addressees in monologues interspersed with the narration include Dwight
Eisenhower and Erwin Schrodinger. The title character engages in a custody battle over his daughter Junie with his ex-wife,
Madeleine, who is having an affair with Valentine Gersbach. For 10 points, identify this novel whose title Jewish character,
Moses, writes real and imaginary letters to various historical personages, a work by Saul Bellow.
ANSWER: Herzog

7. This work describes its author's struggles with the nature of memory, and with how it might relate to the soul's pre-
existence; it culminates with its author's anguish over how he can remember forgetfulness. This work describes a resident of
Milan named Anypius, who also appears in the author's Against the Academics, and who advises against marriage. Another
figure that appears to the author of this work in Milan is St. Ambrose. This author describes his curiosity as a perversion of
the natural desire to know God, and in one incident, the author describes hearing a child's voice saying "Take and read".
This work famously features the author praying for chastity but not yet. Also describing the author's struggles with
Manichaeanism, this is, for 10 points, which work, the autobiography of Saint Augustine.
ANSWER: The Confessions

8. MuSK acts with rapsyn to colocalize receptors for this molecule when it binds to the proteoglycan agrin found in the
basal lamina. Binding of this molecule to those receptors causes a rotation of five transmembrane M2 helices. Alpha-
bungarotoxin blocks the activity of this molecule, which is broken down by a namesake esterase rather than reuptaken in the
synaptic cleft. The enzyme that catalyzes this molecule's synthesis is at abnormally low concentrations in Alzheimer's
patients. Black widow venom stimulates excess release of this molecule, while botulinum toxin blocks its release; both
result in paralysis. For 10 points, name this molecule found at the neuromuscular junction.
ANSWER: acetylcholine[or ACh]

9. This man assisted Marshal Radetsky at the Battle of Santa Lucia in the First War of Italian Independence and later was
opposed by Prince Albert of Sardinia. He was the addressee of the Transylvanian Memorandum, a petition asking for equal
rights for Romanians and the end of Magyarization, and he assumed the duties of prime minister after the death of
Schwarzenberg. He survived an assassination attempt from the Hungarian nationalist János Libényi in 1853, four years after
putting down the Hungarian Revolution. The brother of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, he assumed the throne after the
abdication of his epileptic uncle Ferdinand I. For 10 points, name this second-to-last ruler of the Austro-Hungarian Empire,
the uncle of Franz Ferdinand and the loser in the Six Weeks' War.
ANSWER: Franz Josef I [or Ferenc Jozsef; or Francis Joseph]

10. This architect designed a museum that was eighty percent inside a mountain forcing him to carve a tunnel through the
mountain for the entrance. Along with the Miho Museum, he designed a glass pavilion that would let in light meant to
symbolize hope for the JFK Presidential Library. Another building is coated in white metal and includes a giant cylinder
standing above Lake Erie. A different work by this architect was added onto a building by John Russell Pope. In addition to
designing the John Hancock Building and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this architect is famous for a large structure in
the Cour Napolean. For 10 points, name this architect of the East Wing of the National Gallery and the Glass Pyramid at the
ANSWER: Ieoh Ming Pei

11. One of the most famous cult practices associated with this deity involves a ritual called the arkteia which involves the
imitation of bears. This rite was practiced at Brauron in Attica, a sacred site which Iphigenia was said to have established to
placate this deity. The cult of Orthia was also associated with this deity and included the diamastigosis, the ritual whipping
of youths as they attempted to steal cheese from an altar. This goddess also came to be associated with the lover of
Endymion, the titaness Selene. She is also credited with slaying the twelve grandchildren of Tantalus after Niobe boasted of
her children's beauty, and shooting arrows that caused the death of women in childbirth. For 10 points, name this daughter
of Leto and sister of Apollo, the Greek goddess of the hunt.
ANSWER: Artemis

12. At the beginning of one of this author's plays The Frog enters as the narrator and exclaims, "Aeschylus Me!" after
sneezing. This author wrote about "Rude Bwoy" and Brother Aaron trying to protect their community in O Babylon!.
Another work includes a scene where a man presides over a trial condemning Abraham Lincoln before he beheads the white
goddess, and this author wrote about a man outwitting "The Planter" in Ti-Jean and His Brothers. This author wrote about
Corporal Lestrade chasing the prisoner Makak through a hallucinatory journey in his play Dream on Monkey Mountain. For
10 points, name this author who re-imagined The Odyssey set on Saint Lucia in his epic poem Omeros.
ANSWER: Derek Walcott

13. In an 1899 paper, the author of this work defined the work's subject as "an obligatory set of beliefs" and "definite
practices relating to the objects of those beliefs". The author of this work describes anxiety about the rational-irrational
dichotomy relating to some views about animals described in this book. This work uses the long-dry, and short-wet, seasons
of central Australia to define "positive" and "negative" cults and explain Lucien Levy-Bruhl's recent observations on the
spiritualization of inanimate objects. It posits that the soul represents for totemic myths the interiorization of society, while
the titular concept divinizes daily life. For 10 points, name this work of Emile Durkheim which describes primitive beliefs
about the world.
ANSWER: The Elementary Forms of Religious Life [accept The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life]

14. This constant appears in the denominator of the variable that multiples the square of the quantity one minus the ratio of
solubility parameters to give the enthalpic component of the Flory-Huggins interaction parameter. This constant equals the
molar mass times the difference in specific heat for a compound at constant pressure and that compound at constant volume.
It also equals negative activation energy over temperature, times the natural log of the ratio of the equilibrium constant to
the pre-exponential factor, by the Arrhenius equation. Boltzmann's constant equals this constant divided by Avogadro's
number. For 10 points, name this constant that also equals the product of pressure and volume divided by the product of
moles and temperature by the law after which it is named.
ANSWER: ideal gas constant [or molar gas constant; or universal gas constant; prompt on R]

15. For his later activities involving an entirely different part of the United States, the man who accidentally revealed this
group's activities to William McWilliams was described as "the most consummate artist in treason that the nation ever
possessed". Another member of this group defeated Arthur St. Clair in a Pennsylvania gubernatorial election and John
Cadwalader shot this group's namesake in the mouth in a duel. The actions of this group, which included the
aforementioned James Wilkinson and Thomas Mifflin, were revealed to its target by Lord Stirling, and this groups goal was
the elevation of Horatio Gates to a certain post. For 10 points, name this group that plotted to replace George Washington as
head of the Continental Army.
ANSWER: Conway Cabal [prompt on James Wilkinson before "St. Clair"]

16. This instrument plays a long solo over a timpani roll at the beginning of Sibelius' Symphony No. 1. This instrument
evolved from the older chalmeau, a word that also names this instrument's lower register. Multiple concertos for two
soloists playing this instrument were composed by Franz Krommer, while virtuosos of this instrument include Julian Bliss
and Sabine Meyer. Mozart's concerto in A minor for this instrument was written for Anton Stadler, while Stravinsky wrote
the Ebony Concerto for Woody Herman. A glissando for this instrument opens Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue and it
represents the cat in Peter and the Wolf. For 10 points, identify this single-reed woodwind performed by Benny Goodman.
ANSWER: clarinet

17. The second section of the third chapter of Robert Nozick's Philosophical Explanations is devoted to an analysis of this
doctrine. Peter Unger wrote a book entitled Ignorance which purports to make a case for this philosophical doctrine, while
an article by G.E. Moore that analyzes Russell's approach to this doctrine is titled after "Four Types of" it. Ancient
exponents of this doctrine included Arcesilaus and Carneades, heads of the Academy who critiqued the "cataleptic
impression" which formed the basis for Stoicist epistemology, as well as Pyrrho of Elis, who gives his name to another form
of this doctrine. A book which asserts that "philosophy begins in medias res", was written by George Santayana to present a
contrast between this doctrine and "animal faith". For 10 points, identify this philosophical doctrine which argues against
the possibility of reliable knowledge.
ANSWER: skepticism

18. Stan Smith divides this poet's work into two periods, with "Going" and "Wedding Wind" chosen as two representative
poems from the later style. He notes that if he were called in to construct a religion, he would make liberal use of the titlar
"Water" in another poem. Looking out the window while "Groping back to bed after a piss" inspires wistful thoughts in this
man's "Sad Steps". In another poem concludes that "Our almost-instinct almost true: What will survive of us is love" while
observing the titular resting place of the "earl and countess." The narrator of another poem by this author watches "a couple
of kids," and thinks "he's fucking her and she's taking pills or wearing a diaphragm." The author of "An Arundel Tomb",
one of his best known poems comes from the collection High Windows and notes "they fuck you up, your mom and dad".
For 10 points, identify this 20th century British poet of "This Be the Verse".
ANSWER: Philip Larkin

19. In his early career, this man helped his friend, Cardinal Matthew Schinner, retake his position in Sion by attacking
George Supersax. His ideas were popularized due to the efforts of his son-in-law, Rudolf Gwalther, and printer Christopher
Froschauer, and a pivotal event involving this man saw him speak on the arrival of Bernhardin Sanson. Though his
influence had begun to wane following a "Land Peace" in 1529, his participation in the brief Second Kappel War in defense
of his city led to his death. This author of "On the True and False Religion" was invited by Philip of Hesse to debate a major
contemporary in the Marburg Colloquy, though he could not agree on the doctrine of real presence with Martin Luther. For
10 points, identify this prominent citizen of Zurich, the foremost figure of the Swiss Reformation.
ANSWER: Huldrych Zwingli

20. This term is used to describe a set of potentials which are described by the Hertz vectors. The Goos-Hanchen effect
observed in total internal reflection is a phase shift that affects propagations with one variety of this property. Different
varieties of this property can be transformed into one another by a retarder plate. Mueller matrices operate on the vector
representations of this property, which is described by the I, Q, U, and V, and the vector of this property rotates in
proportion to the Verdet constant during propagation along a magnetic field in the Faraday effect. Complete transmission
occurs at Brewster's angle for light with one version of this property. Described by the Stokes parameters, for 10 points,
identify this property which comes in linear, circular, and elliptical varieties, and which designates the direction and
magnitude of the electric displacement vector.
ANSWER: polarization

T1. The relationship between stress and strain in these entities is modeled by the Glen-Nye flow law. The equilibrium line
altitude is the long term balance point along one of these, and a tower on one of these is known as a serac.A type of particles
created by these entities, when blown by the wind, are known as loess. The Malaspina one of these is an example of the
Piedmont variety of these objects. Sharp ridges formed by these are called arêtes, and material deposited directly from these
structures is known as a till, while material removed from these objects by mass wasting can form a cirque. Two main types
of these are contintental and alpine, and whale shaped hills formed by these are known as drumlins. Leaving behind debris
accumulations calle moraines, for 10 points, name these large masses of ice.
ANSWER: Glaciers


1. This object has a signature of "minus, plus, plus, plus", in which the minus corresponds to a timelike component. For 10
points each:
[10] Identify this 4-dimensional manifold. Transformations that leave the interval on this space invariant are collected in the
Lorentz group.
ANSWER: Minkowski space
[10] Minkowski space serves as the background on which this theory, proposed by Einstein in one his Annus mirabilis
papers, takes place.
ANSWER: special relativity [prompt on relativity, do not accept general relativity]
[10] The matrix form of these transformations on a Minkowski space contains a block of hyperbolic sines and cosines in the
upper left, with ones on the rest of the diagonal. They are transformations that couple the space and time components.
ANSWER: boosts

2. Identify the following about Native Americans and literature, for 10 points each.
[10] This author's novel Ceremony follows Tayo's return to his tribe after World War Two. This author also wrote the
poetry collection Yellow Woman and the novel Almanac of the Dead.
ANSWER: Leslie Marmon Silko
[10] Murdering an albino gets Abel shipped off to prison at the start of this N. Scott Momaday novel. Abel also has a run-in
with the corrupt cop Martinez.
ANSWER: House Made of Dawn
[10] There's no Native American writer that makes a good easy part, so instead name this author who featured Chief, a
friend of Earle Shoop in Day of the Locust. He also wrote Miss Lonelyhearts.
ANSWER: Nathaniel West

3. This function, of the form k to the alpha times l to the beta, has constant returns to scale if alpha plus beta equals one. For
10 points each:
[10] Name this doubly eponymous production function, often used in microeconomics, with constant elasticity of
Answer: Cobb-Douglas production function
[10] The very similar Cobb Douglas utility function produces well-behaved, convex, these. These are what goes inside an
Edgeworth box, and each one represents the various bundles of goods a consumer views as equally good.
Answer: indifference curves [accept isoquants]
[10] These goods, whose indifference curves form right angles, are goods that are always consumed together in fixed
proportions, such as left shoes and right shoes.
Answer: complementary goods [or perfect complements]
4. This Senator was defeated by John Marshall Butler in a 1950 election thanks to an altered photo showing him next to
Communist Party member Earl Browder. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this man who, along with John McDuffie, wrote the act giving the Philippines independence.
ANSWER: Millard Evelyn Tydings
[10] In his last term as a senator, Tydings chaired the committee that investigated the claims of this Wisconsin senator, who
alleged that Communists had infiltrated the highest levels of the U.S. military and government.
ANSWER: Joseph Raymond McCarthy
[10] After Tydings' defeat, most of the members of the Tydings Committee worked for a similar committee named for this
Nevada Democrat, the namesake and sponsor of the 1950 Internal Security Act passed over Truman's veto.
ANSWER: Patrick Anthony McCarran

5. This man was once recorded stating "I like my girls like I like my clothes: options", and he frequently brings girls back to
the hot tub, though he remains vocally distraught that the girl he likes is with Ronnie. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this reality TV "star", a gym manager with questionable fitness doctrines whose nickname may refer either to
himself or to his abs.
ANSWER: The Situation [accept Mike Sorrentino]
[10] The Situation, along with Sammi Sweetheart and DJ Pauly D, can be found on this regrettable MTV show, whose
horrific claim to depict "Italian-American culture" makes Flavor of Love sound like the Harlem Renaissance.
ANSWER: The Jersey Shore
[10] This female Jersey Shore cast member, who likes to suck on pickles and dreams of marrying a "juiced hot guy" and
becoming a veterinarian, was punched by a man in a bar, causing more controversy for MTV when they of course used the
footage in promotions.
ANSWER: Snooki [or Nicole Polizzi]

6. This giant from Griotunagardar had a head and heart made out of stone. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this strongest giant, whose horse, Gullifaxi, lost a race.
Answer: Hrungnir
[10] Gullifaxi lost the race to this eight legged horse, the fastest of all horses, whose mother is Svaldifari.
Answer: Sleipnir
[10] During a duel with this god, Hrungnir made enormous calf made out of clay, called Mokkurkalfi, to intimidate him.
This god killed Hrungnir with his hammer, Mjolnir.
Answer: Thor

7. The formation of these structures is inhibited by cholcicine and nicodosol. For 10 points each:
[10] Name these comparatively large cytoskeletal components, which grow from namesake "organizing centers" such as
centrioles and centrosomes.
ANSWER: microtubules
[10] This two-word phrase describes the phenomenon in which GTP-bound tubulin subunits are alternately added or
removed. The switch from growth to shrinking is catastrophe, and the subsequent switch to growth is rescue.
ANSWER: dynamic instability
[10] While dynein transports molecules towards the minus end of a microtubule, this other class of motor proteins transports
molecules towards its plus end.
ANSWER: kinesins

8. Identify the following hateful Dickens characters for 10 points each.
[10] Mr. Brownlow ends up taking in this little sad sack, who famously pules "Please, sir, may I have some more". This
worthless kid is the brother of Monks, who was plotting to destroy him. Beadle Bumble and Sikes lord it over this twit.
ANSWER: Oliver Twist
[10] In terms of awful little children, you can't really beat this character from The Old Curiosity Shop who has her life
ruined by Daniel Quilp. At least she dies, much to the chagrin of Kit Nubbles and the delight of readers.
ANSWER: Little Nell Trent
[10] This woman is a loud, opinionated drunk that always carries around an umbrella. She's awful, but at least she's more
memorable than the title character of the novel she appears in, Martin Chuzzlewit.
ANSWER: Mrs. Sarah Gamp

9. Name these American sculptors, for 10 points each.
[10] This sculptor stoped working on Stone Mountain due to creative differences with his patrons, but the failed project
gave him the experience to create Mount Rushmore.
ANSWER: Gutzon Borglum
[10] This man carved Creation of Day and Night and Ex Nihilo on the tympanum of the Washington National Cathedral and
he designed The Three Soldiers statue for the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial.
ANSWER: Frederick Hart
[10] This sculptor designed a statue of Minerva called Alma Mater at Columbia University, but may be better known for
sculpting The Minute Man at the Old North Bridge in Concord.
ANSWER: Daniel Chester French

10. This man relied on the aid of the prefect Florentius in his rise to power, which began after Constantius II elevated him to
Caesar after the death of his half-brother Gallus. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this Roman Emperor who rallied popular military support after marching from Gaul and forced Arbitio to
condemn many of his opponents at the Chalcedon Tribunal. He may be best known for his epithet, a reference to the efforts
of this Pagan to reverse the spread of Christianity undertaken by his predecessors.
ANSWER: Julian the Apostate
[10] Julian's long-running feud with the residents of this city led him to write the satirical pamphlet Misopogon, or Beard
Hater. This city would later form the base of a crusader state established by Robert Guiscard's son Bohemund.
ANSWER: Antioch
[10] Julian was killed at the Battle of Samarra about a month after driving the Persian forces back to this heavily fortified
capital of the Sassanid Persian empire, which Julian was counseled not to besiege. Whoops.
ANSWER: Ctesiphon

11. In Section 11 of Chapter 44 of Leviathan, Hobbes criticizes this doctrine, claiming that it is a conjuration rather than a
true miracle. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this doctrine of Catholicism that states that, during the Eucharist, the bread and wine is transformed into the
literal body and blood of Christ.
ANSWER: transubstantiation
[10] Along with an exposition of the dogma of the Trinity, the doctrine of transubstantiation was established in Canon I at
this ecumenical church council, which also forbade the founding of any new religious orders.
ANSWER: Fourth Lateran Council
[10] Cyril Lucaris first described this Eastern Orthodox analogue to the doctrine of transubstantiation.
ANSWER: metousiosis

12. Identify the following items related to the P = NP conjecture from complexity theory, for 10 points each:
[10] Problems that have this property in the complexity class NP include Vertex Cover and Boolean Satisfiability.
Intuitively, it can be defined as a problem from a given complexity class at least as hard as the other problems in that class.
ANSWER: complete
[10] This famous problem is NP-complete. It concerns finding the shortest path that takes it's namesake individual through a
given list of cities.
ANSWER: Traveling Salesman Problem
[10] An immediate corollary of this important theorem of space complexity named for a UCSD computer scientist is that
PSPACE is equal to NPSPACE. The theorem itself shows that only a squared increase in space is needed.
ANSWER: Savitch's Theorem

13. The poems "Poseidon", "Homage" and "By Night in the Cabin" are in the "North Sea" sections found in this collection,
which includes a middle segment titled "Lyrical Intermezzo". For 10 points:
[10] Name this 1827 poetry collection including poems such as "Two Grenadiers", "Almanzor" and "Ratcliff", which later
served as the basis for an opera by Cesar Cui.
ANSWER: Book of Songs [accept Buch der Lieder]
[10] Name this German poet who wrote Book of Songs in addition to writing a poem about a maiden with golden hair who
lures sailors titled "Die Lorelei".
ANSWER: Heinrich Heine
[10] The subtitle of Heine's mock epic poem "Atta Troll" is taken from the title of this Shakespeare play featuring Puck and
ANSWER: A Midsummer Night's Dream

14. In perhaps his most famous work, a shallow landscape features a man atop a white horse, going left. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this artist, who taught at the Bauhaus only briefly while creating works with titles like Composition X and
working on art theory, including the book Point and Line to Plane.
ANSWER: Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky
[10] Name that painting by Wassily Kandinsky, which lends its name to a movement in German Expressionism whose
members included August Macke and Franz Marc.
ANSWER: Der Blaue Reiter [accept The Blue Rider]
[10] This Kandinsky text describes humanity's soul as a triangle and discusses whether colors are moving away from you or
toward you, which is where things get weird.
ANSWER: Concerning the Spiritual in Art

15. On June 17th, 1958 this nation executed Pal Meleter and Miklos Gimes, key figures in its failed 1956 revolution against
Soviet control. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this country that was ruled by Janos Kadar for part of the 1950s.
ANSWER: Hungary
[10] Kadar succeeded this Hungarian ruler, who was executed along with Meleter and Gimes. Important actions this man
took included the freeing of political prisoners like Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty and a short-lived withdrawal from the
Warsaw Pact.
ANSWER: Imre Nagy
[10] Nagy replaced this man as Prime Minister of Hungary. This simpering Stalinist lapdog executed Foreign Secretary
Laszlo Rajk for pretty much no reason at all and espoused "salami tactics" to overcome opposition by slicing off
progressively larger portions.
ANSWER: Matyas Rakosi

16. This thinker's two volumes, Thinking and Willing, were formed the posthumously published The Life of the Mind. For
10 points each:
[10] Identify this philosopher who investigated the vita activa in The Human Condition.
ANSWER: Hannah Arendt
[10] Arendt is perhaps best known for this work, which argued that the actions of the titular types of governments had
destroyed previously accepted moral categories.
ANSWER: The Origins of Totalitarianism
[10] The final volume of The Life of the Mind was intended to be a study of this activity. The "Critique of," this activity
titles a work on aesthetics by Immanuel Kant.
ANSWER: judgment

17. Benzene and cyclobutadiene are the only fully planar examples of this type of molecule. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this family of all completely conjugated, monocyclic hydrocarbons.
Answer: annulenes
[10] Cyclobutadiene is an example of an annulene with this property, in which, like a similar property, a molecule contains
alternating single and double bonds, but unlike in that property, it contains 4n instead of 4n+2 pi electrons.
Answer: anti-aromaticicity [do not accept or prompt on "aromaticity"]
[10] This rule predicts whether an annulene or any other planar cyclic compound will be aromatic based on whether or not
that compound has 4n+2 pi electrons.
Answer: Huckel's Rule

18. This work begins when one singer pronounces, "Be still, stop chattering" after arriving at Zimmerman's café. For 10
points each:
[10] Name this secular vocal work often performed as an opera in which Lieschen and Schlendrian sing about addiction to
the title substance.
ANSWER: The Coffee Cantata
[10] In addition to The Coffee Canata, Bach also wrote this collection of solo keyboard compositions that was designed to
test a new tuning system and offers two sets of pieces in every major and minor key.
ANSWER: Well-Tempered Clavier [or Wohltemperierte Klavier]
[10] Each book of the Well-Tempered Clavier includes a prelude and this kind of piece in every key. Bach wrote an organ
piece pairing one of these with a Toccata.
ANSWER: fugue

19. This man rose to power after rallying White Lotus support to defeat the crumbling Yuan state in the Red Turban
rebellion. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this peasant who became the first Emperor of China's penultimate dynasty, abolished the office of prime
minister, and established capital at Nanjing.
ANSWER: Zhu Yuanzhang or Hongwu Emperor
[10] The Hongwu Emperor founded this dynasty, which dispatched the great admiral Zheng He on a series of voyages and
found the time to produce some vases. After disastrously mishandling the Cao Qin revolt and the Tumu Crisis, it succumbed
to Northern aggression and gave way to the Manchu dynasty.
[10] This second Ming emperor, born Zhu Di, was the son of the Hongwu Emperor. After deciding that his father's anti-
expansionist policies were dumb, he invaded Annam and moved the capital to Beijing. This Emperor also sponsored Zheng
He, built the Forbidden City, and oversaw the compilation of a massive namesake encyclopedia.
ANSWER: Yongle

20. Early in this one character is berated by his strict father for attempting to eat a forbidden pudding on Christmas. For 10
points each:
[10] Name this novel about two compulsive gamblers who meet aboard the Leviathan and fall in love over a challenge to
move a church in Australia.
ANSWER: Oscar and Lucinda
[10] This Australian won the 1988 Booker prize for Oscar and Lucinda, but he is also known for writing the novels The
True History of the Kelly Gang and Illywhacker.
ANSWER: Peter Carey
[10] Carey's novel Jack Maggs is a re-imagining of this Dickens book in which Pip is funded by Abel Magwitch and falls in
love with Estella who is raised by Miss Havisham.
ANSWER: Great Expectations

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