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									              Mill Creek Community                                                                                       V o l u m e 5, I s s u e 6

                                                                                                                         June 2005

              M ILL CREEK T IMES
                 The Original Mill Creek Times was established in 1900 and by 1932 it had become the Mill Creek Herald

    The Mill Creek Times is
    a project of the Town of
    Mill Creek. The Times
                                                      SULPHUR COMMUNITY BANK
    will be distributed free of
    charge at various Mill                            $2000 Donation for Law Enforcement
    Creek Community loca-

          Editorial Staff
        Leonard S. Fullagar
        Contributing Editor
          Randy Fullagar
          Copy Editors
               Scott Fullagar
                Andrea Poe
              Tammy Walker
               Mary Hughes

         Council Members
        Scott Clark, - Mayor
           Robby Haney
          Lynette Barnes
       City Clerk/Treasurer
            Andrea Poe
        Town Coordinator
        Leonard S. Fullagar                           Mayor, Scott Clark, accepts a $2,000 donation from Phil Key,
          Town Attorney
           Dustin Rowe                                President and Owner, of Sulphur Community Bank. The donation
       Water Superintendent                           will be used to initiate the Law Enforcement Program in Mill Creek.
           Toni Walker
            Town Judge                                Plans are underway to have the program in effect by the end of
            Bailey Cook                               June.
            Court Clerk
           Kathy Ritchie
            Police Chief
            Kenne Carroll                                                     U.S. SILICA
                                                                              Donates $500
Mill Creek Times
Sponsored by:
Town of Mill Creek                                    U.S. Silica has also made a donation of $500 for the Mill Creek
P.O. Box 16
Mill Creek, Oklahoma 74856
                                                      Law Enforcement Program. When initiated the program will have
Tel: 580-384-5757                                     two police cars, which were donated by Landmark Bank, a police
Fax: 580-384-8362
All items printed are intended to be accurate and
any misrepresentation is purely accidental and will
                                                      chief, reserve officers, a court judge, and a court clerk.
be corrected if brought to the attention of the
editorial staff.
Mill Creek Times                                                          Page 2

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                             Send your request to:

Mill Creek Times                                                                                   Page 3

                   Genesis Youth Center Clean –up                                     Town of Mill Creek
                                                                                      Meeting Schedules
  The new Genesis Youth Center in Mill Creek got an initial clean-up May 21.
  Several adults and youth met to clean and mow the yard. Despite very tall grass     Town Council, Public
  and incredible heat, we did prevail! The house looks very good and we can see       Works Authority, and
  the Youth Center Concept beginning to become a reality. We are excited about        Industrial Authority
  all the possibilities that having our own Center affords. We really want to thank
  all those who helped in this effort. Although youth turnout was low, we under-            6:00 P.M.
  stand that many of our youth had other obligations on that date. We will be glad          Mondays
  to have your help on our next project. After the work, we all went to the Mill
  Creek Kitchen to have a hamburger or Indian Taco. It was fun after all. We              July 11, 2005
  really appreciate the work of our youth; Jara Hotema, John Harrison and Jamie
  Harrison. Adults who helped were Andrea Poe, Leonard Fullagar, Bobbie Ho-            All meetings will be
  tema, Randy Fullagar, Tim Hughes, Jessie Talmich (and Malachi). We really           held at the Mill Creek
  appreciate Tim…he brought his riding lawn mower and saved the day. We will          Community Building
  keep you updated on the progress at the Youth Center. Thanks for your help.

                       Citizen of the Year                                              Town Planning
                                                                                            5:00 P.M.

                                                                                          June 27, 2005

                                                                                       All meetings will be
                                                                                      held at the Mill Creek
                                                                                      Community Building

   Mayor, Scott Clark, presented Claud Williams with the 2005 Citizen of the
   Year Award for his outstanding contribution to the Mill Creek Community.

                          Lorinda Chancellor
                          Teacher of the Year
  Lorinda Chancellor has been named the Teacher of the Year at Mill Creek
  Schools. Lorinda attended Mill Creek school her entire life. She graduated
  from Mill Creek as class Valedictorian in 1991. In 2002, Lorinda received her
  Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from East Central University.
  This past year, due to decreasing class size, Lorinda taught first and second       Andrea Poe & Sandra
  grade combination classroom, served as assistant elementary principal, was sen-     Ashley were Vince &
  ior class sponsor and drove a bus route. A distinction well deserved!               Larry in the Parade
Mill Creek Times   Page 4
Mill Creek Times                                                                                          Page 5

                         Say Cheeze...or should we say...Say Meth
    A Highly Addictive Substance That Steals Your Smile
   Some of us might read this and think of sugar or
   pop but sadly, that is not the case. The substance
   is methamphetamine. First noticed by Dentists
   who care for inmates of prisons and jails, this hor-
   rible disorder has now reached rural regions of
   the Midwest and South.The teeth of those who
   use methamphetamine are simply rotting away,
   not in years but in a matter of weeks or months.
   Normal teeth will suddenly begin a decay process
   that is very different from that seen in the non-
   using population. The decay starts at the gum-line
   and rapidly covers the tooth turning it black and
   soft. One dentist stated that the teeth have the
   consistency of ripe fruit. The result is that the
   teeth have to be removed and very young people
   are faced with very high dental bills and dentures.
   One 17 year old was recently fitted for his ‘teeth’ due to his using meth. This problem, labeled Meth
   Mouth, is present in areas of rural America where meth use is high, which includes rural Oklahoma, our
   very own backyard! The reason the damage occurs is not certain but most probably has to do with the
   highly toxic substances which are used in the manufacture of meth and which certainly are present to some
   extent in the final product. Substances such as muriatic and sulfuric acids, ether, phosphorus and lye are all
   very caustic to tissues and are present in meth. No matter whether the person smokes, snorts, or eats the
   drug, the results seems to be the same in the mouth.
   Symptoms of Meth Mouth are:
        1. Dry mouth - Use of meth causes a very dry mouth. Lack of saliva, which acts as decay protection for
            our teeth, results in bacteria levels of over ten times normal.
        2. Tooth decay- Meth users are notorious for treating the dry mouth with sugery sodas. This is the ex-
            act environment decay producing bacteria love.
        3. Cracked teeth- because of anxiety and nervousness caused by the drug, meth users frequently grind
            or clench their teeth resulting in cracks or even chipped teeth. Sometimes the teeth are actually
            twisted out of place due to repeated grinding of the teeth.
        4. Gum disease- Meth causes the vessels that supply blood to the tissues of the mouth to shrink. Re-
            duced blood flow causes tissues to break down and eventually leads to tissue death.
   Use of meth is rising dramatically in America especially among youth. This may be due to it’s cheaper cost
   and the fact that it is readily available. In addition, there is a casual attitude toward meth use in some cul-
   tures and families. Maybe because it can be ‘home-made’ and is made of ‘over-the-counter’ items, it is seen
   as less dangerous than the more exotic street drugs out there. In truth, methamphetamine is the most dam-
   aging and addicting drug plaguing America today. Seemingly harmless and fun, within months it destroys
   the mind, depleting sanity and logic, making the user paranoid and psychotic. Methamphetamine, also
   known as "speed", "ice", "crank", "glass", crystal meth", "sketch", "tweak" and "dope” is not only permanently
   damaging to the mind but it is known to be the most difficult to get ‘off of’. So, now, in addition to stealing
   the futures, the families, the minds and the bodies of users, meth steals their smiles, if there are any left for
   those addicted to this demon. , , or search word meth mouth
Mill Creek Times                                                          Page 6

                   Johnston County Farm Bureau

                               1400 W. Main

                           Tishomingo, Oklahoma

                               (580) 371-2488

         Cold/Hot Food                                 Used Tires
         Gas—Diesel                                    Used Vehicles
         Credit Cards
         Oklahoma Access

                           Git-N-Go Ent. Inc.
                        Owners: Don and Bonnie Lewis

         Phone / Fax                                   Box 86
         580-836-7289                             Connerville, Ok 74836
Mill Creek Times                                                                                        Page 7

                    Faye Williams - Winner
                                                                                    Joke of the Month
              First Annual Public Relations Award                                        Don’t Be Late
                                                                                    A priest was being
                                                                                    honored at his retire-
                                                                                    ment dinner after 25
                                                                                    years in
                                                                                    the parish. A leading
                                                                                    local politician was
                                                                                    chosen to give a little
                                                                                    speech at the dinner.
                                                                                    He was delayed so the
                                                                                    priest decided to say
                                                                                    his own few words
                                                                                    while they
                                                                                    waited. "The very first
                                                                                    person who entered
                                                                                    my confessional told
                                                                                    me he had stolen a
                                                                                    television, had almost
                                                                                    murdered an officer,
                                                                                    had stolen money
                                                                                    from his parents, em-
                                                                                    bezzled from his place
                                                                                    of business, had an
                                                                                    affair with his boss'
                                                                                    wife, and had taken
 Mayor, Scott Clark, present Faye Williams with the First Annual Public Relations   illegal drugs. But, oth-
 Award for 2005. Faye works at Mill Creek Snak Shak and is well known for her       ers in the congrega-
 willingness to be helpful, is always courteous and friendly to her customers.      tion were good solid
                                                                                    people.” The politi-
 Donated Mill Creek Police Car Gets Reflective Decals                               cian arrived, and im-
                                                                                    mediately began to
                                                                                    make the presentation
                                                                                    and give his talk. "I'll
                                                                                    never forget the first
                                                                                    day our parish priest
                                                                                    arrived," said the
                                                                                    politician. "In fact, I
                                                                                    had the honor of be-
                                                                                    ing the first one to go
                                                                                    to him in
                                                                                    Moral: DON'T
                                                                                    EVER BE LATE!

                                                                                        Sketch by
Mill Creek Times                            Page 8

                      Hwy 1 & Shawnee
                     Mill Creek, Oklahoma
                         (580) 384-5775

                     205 Buffalo Street
                     Caddo, OK 74729
                    Oklahoma Licensed
                    Commercial, Industrial, &

                           Office Hours
                   Mon-Fri 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
                   On call 24/7 for emergencies
                     If you have a problem,
                       We have a solution
Mill Creek Times                                                                                         Page 9

         New Council Member - Lynette Barnes                                             GENESIS
                                                                                   Policy Board Meeting
                                                                                       June 20, 2005

                                                                                       5:30 PM
                                                                                    Community Center

                                                                                      Mill Creek Times
                                                                                      Can Be Viewed
Mayor, Scott Clark, administers the oath of office to Lynette Barnes, new coun-
                                                                                        On Line at:
cil member for the Town of Mill Creek. Lynette fills the council position va-
cated by Russell Allen who recently resigned due to lack of time to serve.

                                                                                    Yearly Calendar
                                                                                        Father’s Day
                                                                                       June 19, 2005

                                                                                    Independence Day
                                                                                       July 4, 2005

                                                                                   Quote of the Month
                           Left to Right                                          “Taxes grow without rain”
Judge Bailey Cook, Mill Creek Town Judge, swears in Court Clerk                         Jewish Proverb
Kathy Ritchie, Police Chief Kenne Carroll, Council Member
Robby Haney, and Council Member Lynnette Barnes

       Community Events are posted on the Community Website:
       Community Events (Link)
    To place an event….Send email to
Mill Creek Times                                                                      Page 10

                                                                 Cousins Food
                                                                   1301 E. Main St.
                                                                    (580) 371-9501

                                                                  Tishomingo, OK 7346

                                                                 Mon - Sat10:00 a.m. -
                                                                      8:00 p.m.

                                                                   Mexican Food,
                                                                   Steaks & More

   Davis                                        Tishomingo
   (580) 369-3135                               (580) 371-0484

         Tishomingo                            Wapanucka
         580-371-9557                          580-937-4033

            “Our best references, the families we serve.”

         305 East Main Street Tishomingo, Oklahoma 73460
Mill Creek Times                                                                    Page 11

                                   The Singing Cowboy
   While enjoying lunch re-
   cently at J.J.’s Café in
   Connerville, Tony Poe
   and others were treated to
   a little lunchtime live mu-
   sic. It seems that Conner-
   ville is home to Roger
   Young, a.k.a. the Singing
   Cowboy. Roger performs
   at various functions and
   events and we are
   pleased to let everyone
   know that he is available
   and local if quality live en-
   tertainment is needed.
   You might even get lucky
   and be there when he de-
   cides to give a spontane-
   ous performance. Pic-
   tured with Roger are
   Colin Howell and Husk

                                                        The Phantom Painter
                                                    Perhaps you have wondered who
                                                    painted the concession stand at the
                                                    school baseball field. Or, more re-
                                                    cently you might have noticed that the
                                                    cemetery has a new sign and won-
                                                    dered who created that beautiful and
                                                    peaceful work. Well, the answer to
                                                    both is Tony Poe. Tony works for the
                                                    Chickasaw Nation, is Pastor of the
                                                    Temple of God Church in Conner-
                                                    ville and plays softball. In addition to
                                                    all that, he is a family man with three
                                                    young adult children and one grand-
                                                    son. In spite of all this, he finds time
                                                    to dust off the brushes when we need
                                                    something beautified. We really ap-
                                                    preciate the sign Tony. Thank You,
                                                    from all the citizens of Mill Creek.
Mill Creek Times                                                                                       Page 12

 SULPHUR - 815 W. Broadway / TISHOMINGO - 100 S/ Byrd / DAVIS - 700 E. Main

    Sooner Pharmacy In All 3 Stores / SULPHUR: 622-2200 / DAVIS: 369-3776 / TISHOMINGO 371-9509

                           BAKERY/DELI IN SULPHUR: 622-3656

         We accept:     visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express, Pulse & Bank Mate

      We welcome Food Stamps, WIC Vouchers, Money Orders, UPS, Western Union. Approved Checks Cashed

         DOUBLE COUPONS UP TO $1.00                  See Store For Details. Quantity Rights Reserved
Mill Creek Times                                                                                          Page 13

             Pentecostal Holiness Announcements                                            Mill Creek Churches
Women’s Ministry                                                                           First Baptist Church
3rd Tuesday Evening 7:00 pm                                                              Pastor: Claud Williams
                                                                                         Sun. school: 10:00 AM
Call Deanna Gordon, President for information: (580) 384-5427                            Sun. worship: 11:00 AM
Royal Rangers (ages K-12th)                                                              Sun. evening: 6:00 PM
Sunday Evening 6:30 pm                                                                   Wed. evening: 6:00 PM
Caleb Albertson, David Sikes and Billye Bob Crenshaw are in charge.
                                                                                             Church of Christ
                                                                                         Contact: Billy Miller
         Scripture of the Month                 Submitted by: Randy Fullagar             Sun. school: 10:15 AM
 John 4:13-14                                                                            Sun. worship: 11:00 AM
 Jesus answered and said to her, "Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst          Sun. evening: 6:00 PM
                                                                                         Wed. evening: 7:00 PM
 again; but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but
 the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to          United Methodist
 eternal life."                                                                                 Church
                                                                                         Pastor: Betty Stone
            Prayer of the Month Submitted by:                Randy Fullagar              Sun. worship: 9:30 AM
                                                                                         Mon. Bible Study: 4:00 PM

  Holy Father, Your awesome storms and rain remind us that our spirits thirst              Pentecostal Holiness
  just as the land thirsts. We thirst for your living water, your spirit. We know that   Pastor: Darryl Patrick
  we are in need of cleansing from our sins, those things about us that keep us          Sun. school: 10:00 AM
  from being closer to you and your blessings. We know that without your spirit          Sun. worship: 11:00 AM
  we are weak and in danger of falling. Your Son came to be a river of living wa-        Sun. evening: 6:30 PM
                                                                                         Wed. evening 7:00 PM
  ter, a source of eternal forgiveness and love. A source that never runs dry. With
  you Lord, we are never dry, we never wither, and we flourish. Like a tree be-          Connerville Churches
  side the stream, we can reach deep and grow tall, producing much fruit for oth-          Blue Baptist Church
  ers. Father we thank you with all our heart for the rains that bring life to this      Pastor: Larry Hawkins
  earth and for the spiritual water that gives life to our inner man.                    Sun. school: 9:45 AM
  We stand in awe of your power and grace. Thank you Lord Jesus, Amen                    Sun. worship: 11:00 AM
                                                                                         Sun. evening: 6:30 PM
                                                                                         Wed. evening: 7:00 PM

   Town Judge and Court Clerk Approved by Council                                             Temple of God
                                                                                         Pastor: Tony Poe
                                                                                         Sun. school: 9:45 AM
 The Town Council approved the appointment of a Judge at the June 13, 2005               Sun. worship: 10:45 AM
 Town Council Meeting. Judge Bailey Cook will be the new Judge for the Town              Wed. evening: 7:00 PM
 of Mill Creek and will began holding court, in the Community Building, at 5:00
 PM on July 11, 2005. Judge Cook has his office in Ada and is currently the Judge          First Baptist Church
 in the Town of Roff. As part of the preparation for court, Judge Cook had new           Pastor: David Browning
 Council members, the Chief of Police, Kenne Carroll, and the Court Clerk                Sun. school: 10:00 AM
                                                                                         Sun. worship: 11:00 AM
 sworn in to their respective positions on June 15, 2005.                                Sun. evening: 6:30 PM
 Also at the June 13, 2005 Town Council Meeting, Kathy Ritchie was appointed             Wed. evening: 6:30 PM
 by the Town Council as the Court Clerk. Her duties began after she was sworn in
 by Judge Cook. New Court software will be purchased in order to record the                Seeley Chapel UMC
 tickets written by the police in Mill Creek. The software will help with the report-    Pastor: Ben Ewing
 ing requirements to other law enforcement agencies and to schedule court ap-            Sun. school: 10:00 AM
                                                                                         Sun. worship: 11:00 AM
 pearances for those who wish to appear in court. The software will keep up with
 warrants and other matters related to those arrested and processed by the court.
Mill Creek Times                                                       Page 14

                       1 mile North on HWY 99
                           Tishomingo, OK
                            Mike Vandevier-owner
               ***IVERMECTIN POUR-ON/5 liter $169.00***
                           “If you can breed it, we can feed it.”

           •   VET SUPPLIES                    • GALLAGHAR ELECTRIC
           •   WEED SPRAY                        FENCE SUPPLIES
           •   CATTLE SPRAY                    • FENCING SUPPLIES
           •   TACK & ROPES                    • LIVESTOCK HANDLING
           •   PINE BEDDING                      EQUIPMENT
           •   CUBES & CREEP                   • WRANGLER JEANS &
           •   HORSE FEEDS                       SHIRTS
           •   SHOW FEEDS                      • OLATHE BOOTS
           •   PET FOODS
                                               • CARHARTT CLOTHING &
           •   BALER TWINE & WRAP
           •   TIRES-FARM, TRUCK & CAR
                                               • ATWOOD HATS
Mill Creek Times                                                                                      Page 15

                                  Greetings from the Mill Creek                         Mill Creek
                                           Senior Citizens                            Senior Citizens
                                              Betty Clark, Reporter                  Meeting Schedules

                       We had a small turn out this month. We always meet the         Regular Meetings
                       last Tuesday of the month no matter how many Tuesday
                       they are. We had lots & lots of good food; so much you             7:00 P.M.
                       couldn’t even taste all of it. We will be serving June 28.         Thursdays
 We had lots of compliments on our Mill Creek days. Our parade was very nice.
 Everything was going very well for a few hours until the rain set in. The singing       Next Meeting
 was wonderful. We needed the rain so we the take the good as its dished out.         November 17, 2005
 God Bless our Town.                                                                  All meetings will be
                                                                                          held at the
                   Mayor Clark and Sheriff Winkler                                        Mill Creek
                                                                                        Senior Citizens
                          Sign Agreement                                                   Building

  Mayor, Scott Clark and                                                              Board of Director
  Sheriff, Tom Winkler,                                                                  Meetings
  prepare to sign agreement
  at the June 13, 2005                                                                     7:00 P.M.
  Town Council Meeting.                                                                    Thursdays
  The agreement outlines                                                                 Next Meeting
  the relationship between                                                               June 30, 2005
  the Mill Creek Police De-                                                           All meetings will be
  partment and the County                                                                 held at the
  Sheriff Department. The                                                                 Mill Creek
  agreement was also signed                                                             Senior Citizens
  by all the council mem-                                                                   Building
  bers and the County
                                                                                     Senior Citizen
                    Mill Creek Times                                                     June 28, 2005
         Reaching more Readers than ever Imagined                                           11 A.M.
                                                                                         Plan to Attend
  Each month 410 black and white copies are printed and distributed to the area
  around the Mill Creek Community including locations in Connerville, Reagan,        Fire Department
  and Tishomingo. Additionally, in the month of May there were 1804 visits to        Meeting Schedules
  the Mill Creek Community website. Of this number, there were 1361 visits to              7:00 P.M.
  the Mill Creek Times. Also in May, 58 individuals were sent the Mill Creek                Mondays
  Times directly to their email mail box. It is estimated that in the month of                , 2005
  May, there were over 1800 individuals or families who took a look at the Mill       All meetings will be
  Creek Times. The word about progress being made in the Mill Creek Com-             held at the Mill Creek
  munity is being shared and the comments remain positive.                               Sketch by
                                                                                     Community Building
Mill Creek Times                                      Page 16

              SIPOKNI WEST
              Reagan, Oklahoma
                             Old West Town
                        See Yesterday - Today
                       2200 South Sawmill road
                         Tishomingo, OK 73460
                         Johnny Shackleford
                    (580) 384-8344

       “Cattle Trail Saloon”
                   Restaurant          (no alcohol)
                   Thursday thru Saturday
                             11 am - 8 Pm
        Great food and cowboy atmosphere
                   Individual or party seating
          From cattle burgers to red beans
Mill Creek Times                                                                                             Page 17

                                  Volunteer Fire Department News
                                          Vickie McCracken, Reporter

   Hello from the Mill Creek Fire Department. Everthing has been quite just like last month. As everyone
   can see our expansion to the fire station is up with a minor fender bender, as you might say. It was done
   accident by the county workers who came to do our dirt work but never fear the door panels will be re-
   placed by county. We now will start on the electricity in the building. After it gets done it will be so great
   because all our trucks will be indoors and the white tractor trailer by the city barn will be removed. Our
   yearly nomination for officers was held at our last meeting. Everything stayed the same with one excep-
   tion. Justin Clifton was nominated and accepted the second position of receiving officer The officers are a
   Fire Chief                              Jim McCracken
   Asst. Fire Chief                        Scott Kirby
   Secretary /Treasurer                    Ashley Lanier
   1st Captain                             Devin Lanier
   2 Captain
                                           Mike Gross
   Training Officer                        Jack Maxwell
   Purchasing Offers                       Devin Lanier
                                           Jack Maxwell
   Receiving Officers                      Aaron Vestal
                                           Justin Clifton
   Maintence Officers                      Kenny Riddle
                                           Aaron Vestal
                                           Zack Hook
   Chaplin                                 Claud Williams
   Fire department Responder               Vicki McCracken
   Some of us will be attending a training class on the 22nd of this month for patient handling and highway
   safety. It will be held at Tishomingo from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. More training will be scheduled as openings
   on the calendar comes available for all the members. A new list of firemen and their numbers will soon
   be available so everyone can get a copy As for now this is all the news from the Mill Creek Volunteer Fire

  T-Shirts For Sale at Town Hall                        Photo of Old Mill Creek School
          (only $10 each)                              Color Copies available at Town Hall
                                                               5 X 7 and 8 X 10
Mill Creek Times                                                       Page 18

                   Blair’s Mayflower Shop
                          201 East Main
                      Tishomingo, Ok 73460

 1-580-371-2389                               1-800-379-2389

              Donnie and Oma Dell Walker, Owners

       Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
                          Closed May 26th—28th
Mill Creek Times                                                                                   Page 19

                       Mill Creek Pioneer Days - A Big Success
 Mayor, Scott Clark, proudly displays a plaque
 that will record the winners of the Annual Pa-
 rade each year.
 The 2005 first place winners were the Method-
 ist Church and the Pentecostal Holiness
 Second place went to the Army National
 Third place winners went to the Kennedy fam-
 ily represented by Roy Kennedy, Dortha Ken-
 nedy and Dalton Kennedy.

Mayor, Scott Clark presenting a 1st Place Ribbon to   Mayor, Scott Clark presenting a 3rd Place Ribbon
Penecostal Holiness Church members Rhonda             to Dalton Kennedy and his father, Roy Kennedy
Aduddell and Bonnie Clark

Mill Creek Pioneer Day Winners                           Thanks to those who helped!
Home-made Ice Cream                                   Jerry Beratto               Randy Fullagar
1st Place       Betty Clark                           Tim Stinson                 Leonard Fullagar
2nd Place       Joan Clark                            Mark Brewer                 Scott Clark
3rd Place       Tonya Barrett                         Tonya Barrett               Nancy Wade
                                                      Jessica Beaver              Tony Poe
                                                      Jessica Talmich             Sandra Ashley
Cow Splat                                             Mary Hughes                 Scott Clark
Jerry Beratto                                         Thomas Hotema               Toni Walker
                                                      Tammy Walker                Rhonda Aduddell
Fishing - 5 fish Stringer                             Kenne Carroll               Mark Poe
Dexter and Jordan Underwood (17.12 lbs)               Jara Hotema                 Pentecostal Church
                                                      Temple of God Church
Mill Creek Times                                                                                   Page 20

                                       Rain or Shine
                          Volleyball at Mill Creek Pioneer Days

                                                                                   Not sure if the
                                                                                   new volley ball
                                                                                   suits worn
                                                                                   Mill Creek
                                                                                   Pioneer Days,
                                                                                   will be a big hit
                                                                                   across the

      Not sure
      but it
      hit the
      ball last...

 Brandon Stephens Places 2nd - Motorcross
Brandon Stephens displays his trophy he received from Texhoma Mx Park in
Durant. He placed second in the open class big wheels in the spring series mo-
torcross races at the Durant track. This was his first race in motorcross and he
was racing against other racers from Oklahoma and Texas whose ages ranged
from 9 – 15. Brandon has been racing for about tree years, but Races cross
county which is different from motorcross due to having different terrain and
fewer jumps.

Brandon really enjoyed the motorcrss race but will probably stay with cross
county for now and try to move up in class by next season. He hopes to even-
tually race in the pro class which pays money to the top riders.
Mill Creek Times                                                                                         Page 21

                                               Defying Defiance

                    Is there anything as maddening as child who boldly opposes authority?

Far too many children these days openly oppose their parents’ authority. There are two main reasons this
    · The media tells them they should.
    · Their parents tell them that they can.
Let’s briefly address these two issues, and talk about what you can do about it, first, the media. We cannot
hide our children in a bubble, nor would we want to. But we can:

   ·   Educate our children about the difference between real life and life on the screen. Talk to your kids
       about what they may see on TV and at the movies. Compare what the screen showed with what would
       happen in real life.
   ·   Be selective about what your children read and see. This means you should be aware and take an ac-
       tive role in deciding what they can or cannot view.
   ·   Make your own decisions about what is right and wrong. Don’t be misled by advertising or political

It’s easy to put the blame on the media. But now comes the part that’s harder to accept. How are you contrib-
uting to the problem?
Making unenforceable demands
When you demand something of your child that you cannot enforce, you open yourself up to defiance. As an
example, you catch your child eating cookies before dinner and you yell, “ You better eat your dinner, young
lady!” Well, what are you going to do if she doesn’t? Get the cookie back? Or, a parent demands that her
child, “go to sleep right NOW!” Many insomniacs will gladly explain that you cannot make a person sleep.
You can make him go to bed, however, and lay quietly.
Too much talking and too little action
When you repeat your request to a child four or five times you weaken your position. Your child will quickly
figure out that he can easily ignore you and suffer no consequences. When you don’t make the effort to
quickly follow through on your request, your child learns to defy you.
Lack of family rules
When your household is lacking in firm and specific rules, your kids may defy you with “assumed ignorance”.
In other words, “I didn’t have to clear the table yesterday, maybe I can get away with not doing it today.” Lack
of rules and lack of enforcement of rules forces you to make constant decisions and judgments and prevents
your kids from learning the law of the land.
Constant nagging
When your child knows that the most she will suffer for her defiance is the constant drone of your voice in
the background, she may decide that the trade-off works for her. Parents who nag often have “parent deaf”
children. The only cure is to talk less and act more.

Take a look at these points, and note which ones you are doing. Once you change, you can defy defiance.
Mill Creek Times                                                                                         Page 22

                Tim Stinson’s Thoughts about Linda Stinson and her
               Remarkable Career as a Teacher at Mill Creek Schools

 While lying in my recliner about four weeks ago, I had an epiphany. It was about 9:30 in the evening and I
 looked over at Linda grading papers. It was one of those times you would like to have a camera but instead
 let me describe it the best I can. Linda was sitting on the edge of the sofa with two stacks of papers. She was
 wearing an old red flannel robe, her hair was in curlers with a scarf tied around her head, reading glasses
 were half way down her nose, and her three trusty Chihuahuas were surrounding her. Izzy, the smallest of
 the three, was cradled like a baby lying in a flannel hammock between her legs. Coco and Kissy were stacked
 closely against her left side. As I said, It was around 9:30 P.M. and everyone was exhausted and resting ex-
 cept Linda, whose experienced eyes quickly scanned and graded each paper. Her trained musician’s hand
 turning deptly, marked, and scored each paper. It was at this moment I realized that for 28 years I had been
 in the presence of a great and wonderful woman. In my life I have escorted famous singers such as Glen
 Campbell, ect. from the dressing room to stage.
 I saw President J.F. Kennedy in person a Naples, Italy in 1963. I have known several rich and influential
 people but I have never known such devotion to a job. To Linda it was not just a job, but rather a calling or a
 ministry, and a privilege. Linda calls her students, “My Kids”. She always cries the last day of school when
 her kids graduate to the next level. She has a unique ability to instill confidence in her kids, teaching them to
 believe in themselves, to have high morals, old fashioned manners, and solid work ethics.
 My epiphany that night was this: For 28 years this lady has been staying up late at night against my pleading
 with her to go to bed and rest. Her standard response was, “My Kids” need to know how they did on their
 test”, I need to plan for tomorrow, or I need to know how my kids did on this assignment. This was not an
 unusual night but the norm. I have been sitting on the sidelines watching a truly great, educator, teacher,
 friend, mom, Mimi, counselor, singer, musician, Sunday school teacher, and wife all these years and truly
 had not appreciated her greatness. Linda love teaching at Mill Creek, and told me she appreciated the op-
 portunity given to her by the people of Mill Creek to teach. Linda wanted to be a teacher since she was five
 years old when she played the role of a teacher for the other kids in the neighborhood.
 I could list her accomplishments: Teacher of the Year, Master’s of Education Degree, winning coach, the
 opportunity to sing at the Metropolitan Opera, instead she chose Mill Creek Baptist Church, and Mill Creek
 School. She received numerous kudos and awards from the colleges and universities she attended. The tal-
 ents, life, and very heart to the greatest of all professions, teaching.
 In closing, if you want to know about Mrs. Stinson, her greatest legacy would be to ask her students, “Her

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