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									• Piercings

• Tatoos

• Necklınes

• Crazy or colourful hair

• Cell-phones

• Beard/ Long hair( boys)

• Dont smoke inside school property
• Dormitory

• School bar

• Cantine

• Library

• Computers room

• Conference room
• Regular tests

• Exams to improve the mark

• Lessons: English, German, Maths

• Tecnical exams in the end of each year
          Portugal                      Turkey
• Vocational School           • Science High-School

• 300 students                • 390 students

• 14 - no limit               • 15-18 years

• French, Technical lessons   • Physics, Geometry, Turkish
  (Restaurant/Bar and           Literature, Filosofy,
  Cookery), Travel Agency,      Religion, Physical
  House Keeping, Touristic      Education.
  Animation, Reception.
• Hotel, Kitchen, Reception,   • History Room, 3
  Gym, 2 Anphitheatres;          Laboratories; Football Pitch,
  Elevator, 4 Floors             Volleyball, Basketball

• Start - 8.00                 • Start - 8.00

• End - 17.30                  • End - 15.45

• Duration - 90 minutes        • Duration - 45 minutes

• Breaks - 20 minutes          • Breaks - 10 minutes

• Lunch break - 75 minutes.    • Lunch break - 45 minutes.
• Course Duration- 3 years,
  training 2 months, 2          • Course Duration- 4 years (
  semesters                       1 semester)

• Grades: 0- 20                 • Grades: 0-100

Holidays:                       Holidays:

• Christmas holidays- 2
  weeks (December),             • Summer holidays- June,
  Semester transition- 1 week     July, August.
  ( January),
                                • Semester holidays- 2 weeks
• Carnival- 3 days (March)

• Easter- 2 weeks (April)
• Cannot eat in classroom    • Can eat in classroom

• Cannot stay in classroom   • Can stay in classroom
  during breaks.               during the breaks

                             • Don’t plays cards

                             • Don’t wear accessories
• When people finish eating you should wait until everyone
has finished.

• When a pregnant / elder person gets on the bus and the
bus is crowded, younger people should give them their seats.

• Men shake their hands to say ‘hello’.
Women give a hug and they give a kiss on each cheeck.

• Don’t raise your middle finger
           Portugal                          Turkey
• We should wait till everyone   • We should wait till the
  starts eating                    oldest person starts eating

• When you finish eating, you    • In some religious parties
  should put the knife and the     which are called Bayrams,
  fork together                    the youngers kiss the hands
                                   of the elders as a sign of

                                 • You shouldn’t listen to
                                   music out loud at night

                                 • Giving someone a yellow
                                   rose means jealousy
          Portugal                          Turkey

• When someone scratches         • When you have a lie in and
  his nose, it means that they     if some elder people gets
  find something suspecious.       into the room, you should
                                   get up.
• If someone touches his ear,
  it means that they like        • When you see a teacher or
  something (food).                an elder person you should
                                   get your hands out of your
           Portugal                           Turkey
• The boy needs the               • The boy needs the
  authorization of the father’s     authorization of the father’s
  bride;                            bride;
          Portugal                        Turkey

• People can get married at    • Henna night – 1 day before
  church or in government.       the wedding ceremony;

• They have to finish Sunday   • Traditional clothes;
  school if they want to get
  married in church;           • Celebrated at home;

• The wedding is celebrated
  in church;
          Portugal                           Turkey

• The groom wears a suit and     • The host offers dinner and
  the bride wears a white          lunch to the guests;
                                 • The guests give jewellery to
• The bride’s father walks her     the newly weds;
  to the altar;
                                 • They tie up loin-clothes;
• They change wedding rings;
          Portugal                           Turkey
• First Wednesday and all         • Muslim people fast for 30
  Fridays during 40 days we         days;
  don’t eat meat;
                                  • The festival lasts 3 days;
• On the last Sunday we
  sacrifice a lamb to celebrate   • People always visit family
  the ressurection of Jesus;        and friends.
          Portugal                           Turkey
• Portuguese people don’t         • Muslim people sacrifice
  celebrate Sacrifice Festival.     sheeps, goats and cows for

                                  • The meaning of this festival
                                    is helping poor people.
          Portugal                          Turkey
• It`s on December 25;            • Turkish people don`t
                                    celebrate Christmas.
• We sacrifice the pig and we
  share it with our friends and
  family, then we eat it on
  Christmas lunch;

• We give presents for all
  family and friends;
          Portugal                          Turkey
• Christians;                     • Muslims;

• Children with ages of 7 until   • We can chose to learn at
  15 go to Sunday School;           home or at mosques;

• In Sunday School they learn     • Our parents can teach us at
  Religion;                         home;
          Portugal                         Turkey
• Bailinho da Madeira - It`s    • Halay;
  the most traditional dance
  that represents our region;   • It`s the most common
                                  dance which we play in the
• Our ancient women used to       wedding;
  dance it at popular
  festivities.                  • We hold our hands and
                                  make a circle.
         Portugal                   Turkey
Food                   Food
                       • Kebap;
• Bolo do Caco;
                       • Baklava;
• Espetada;
                       • İçli köfte;
• Espada com Banana;
           Portugal              Turkey
Beverage              Beverage

• Poncha;             • Çay;

• Madeira Wine;       • Ayran;
•   Black cat
•   Broken mirror
                                   BAD LUCK
•   Cutting nails at night
•   Shoes/bread turning opposite
•   Passing under stairs\ladders
• Throwing rice to the couple at wedding it’s sign of good luck

• Scretch right hand means getting money

• Scretch left hand means losing money

• Whistle at night devil appears
          Portugal                            Turkey
• New year eve people           • Salt in guest shoes-they
  should wear blue                leave fast
  underwear to good luck
                                • Chewing gum at night
• When rains at wedding it is     means you chew dead
  blessed                         people meat

•   August-month of bad luck    • Bird flying in front of you-
                                  you’ll travel a lot
•   Passing under the rainbow
    gender change               •    İf the baby can walk but is
                                    crowling it is sign of bad
• Dream with dead-marriage
                                • When we don’t want
• When we don’t want              nothing bad to happen we
  nothing bad to happen we        pull the ear and knock on
  knock on wood                   wood

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