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					 M i ch i g a n M o s q u i t o
Control Association                    Annual

          187 Monroe Avenue NW
         Grand Rapids, MI 49503        2011
                     2010 MMCA Board of Directors

         Pre sident — M ar y Mc Ca rr y
         Bay County Mosquito Control                         Phone: 989.894.4555; Fax: 989.894.0526
         810 Livingston Avenue, Bay City, MI 48708           E-mail:

         Vice -Presi dent — Dr. Mic h ael Ka uf m an
         Department of Entomology                            Phone: 517.353.3379; Fax: 517.353.4354
         Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824   E-mail:

         Tre as ure r —J oyce McL au ghli n
         Midland County Mosquito Control                     Phone: 989.832.8677; Fax: 989.832.6697
         2180 North Meridian Road, Sanford, MI 48657         E-mail:

         Secreta ry— M arg a ret Brea s bois
         Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commission        Phone: 989.755.5751; Fax: 989.758.2309
         211 Congress Street, Saginaw, MI 48602              E-mail:

         Tr ustee s
         T om A nder s on
         Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commission        Phone: 989.755.5751; Fax: 989.758.2309
         211 Congress Street, Saginaw, MI 48602              E-mail:

         Robert K line
         Bay County Mosquito Control                         Phone: 989.894.4555; Fax: 989.894.0526
         810 Livingston Avenue, Bay City, MI 48708           E-mail:

         Rich C ol op y
         Tuscola County Mosquito Abatement                   Phone: 989.672.3748; Fax: 989.672.3724
         1500 Press Road, Caro, MI 48723                     E-mail:

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                          MMCA 25th Anniversar y
       Keynote Speaker—Dr. Frank O. Richards
                 The Carter Center

Dr . F r an k R i ch ar d s                     He participated in the launching and            Dr. Richards earned his Bachelor of Arts
is the Director of the River Blindness          operations of two major regional river          degree at Williams College in 1975 and his
Program, Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination       blindness programs: The Onchocerciasis          Doctor of Medicine degree from Cornell
Program, Schistosomiasis Control Program,       Elimination Program for the Americas            University in 1979. After completing a
and Malaria Control Program. Dr. Richards       (launched in 1992), which reaches six           residency in pediatrics at Children's Hospital
came to The Carter Center from the U.S.         countries in the Americas, and the African      of Los Angeles, he joined the CDC and was
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,     Programme for Onchocerciasis Control            assigned to the Division of Parasitic
where he spent more than 20 years in a          (launched in 1996) reaching 18 countries in     Diseases where he remained for his entire
career focused on parasitic disease control     Africa.                                         22-year CDC career. During that time, he
and eradication in the Americas and Africa.                                                     was assigned to the CDC Guatemala field
                                                Dr. Richards’ awards include the Williams
He has worked on schistosomiasis control in                                                     station (1987-92), completed a fellowship in
                                                College Bicentennial Medal in recognition of
Egypt, Guinea worm eradication in                                                               infectious diseases at Emory (1993), and was
                                                contributions to global public health, the
Cameroon, lymphatic filariasis elimination in                                                   seconded to The Carter Center (1996-2002).
                                                Commissioned Corps Outstanding Service
Haiti and Nigeria, and malaria control in                                                       Dr. Richards reached the rank of captain in
                                                Medal for contributions to the battle against
Guatemala, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. Dr.                                                           the Commissioned Corps.
                                                river blindness, the Department of Health
Richards’ particular expertise is in            and Human Services’ Secretary’s Award for       Dr. Richards holds faculty appointments at
onchocerciasis (river blindness) and the        Distinguished Service for the Guinea worm       the Emory Rollins School of Public Health
delivery of Mectizan® tablets (donated by       eradication effort, and the American Society    (Department of Global Health), the Emory
Merck & Co.) through mass drug admini-          for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene’s Baily       School of Medicine (Division of Pediatric
stration programs. He has been involved in      K. Ashford medal.           Dr. Richards has    Infectious Disease), and is on the medical
the Guatemalan Mectizan distribution                                                            staff at Children's Health Care of Atlanta
                                                authored or coauthored more than 140
program since 1987 and in the Nigerian                                                          (Egleston Hospital). In addition to English,
                                                articles, letters, and chapters.                he is conversant in Spanish and French.
Mectizan distribution program since 1992.
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                             Wednesday, February 2, 2011
                             Morning Session Moderator—Mary J. McCarry

                        Reg is t ra t io n ( G e ra l d R . & Be tt y Fo rd P res ide n tia l Ba l l ro o m )
                        8 :0 0 —9 :0 0 a .m .
                        Exhibitors set up in the 2nd Floor Governor’s Room. Complimentary mugs, coffee, and rolls provided
                        by Albert and Michael Schiffer of Al’s Aerial Spraying.

                        Wel c o me ( G en era l Ses s io n in Fo rd Pres id en tia l Ba l l ro o m )
                        9 :0 0 —9 :0 5 a .m .
                        Mary J. McCarry, MMCA President 2010

                        K eyno te A dd res s
                        Ento mo l o g ic a l Mo n ito ri ng i n Ca rte r Ce nte r H ea l th P ro gra m s
                        9 :0 5 —9 :5 5 a .m .
                        Dr. Frank O. Richards, The Carter Center

                        A mer ic a n Mo s qu ito Co n tro l A s s o c ia t io n U p da t e
Dr. Frank O. Richards   9 :5 5 —1 0 :1 0 a .m.
                        Dr. Janet McAllister, AMCA President, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

                        G l o b a l A rb o vi ru s U p da te
                        1 0 :1 0 —1 0 :3 0 a .m.
                        Dr. Edward Walker, Michigan State University

                        Mi d-Mo rn ing Brea k
                        1 0 :3 0 —1 0 :4 5 a .m.
                        Coffee and rolls available in the Governor’s Room sponsored by Brian Strebler of Adapco, Inc.

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                                    MMCA 25th Anniversar y
William J. Lechel, II Memorial Scholarship Student Competition
   Co-Sponsored by Clarke and Advanced Pest Management

    Sequ en t ia l Sa mp l ing Sc hemes fo r W es t N il e V iru s I nf ec t io n in
    Cu lex Mo s qu ito es a nd A n tic ip a tio n o f Ep id em ic T hres ho l ds
    1 0 :4 5 —1 1 :0 0 a .m.
    Danielle J. Donovan, Michigan State University

    Sho u l d yo u Ea t Y o u r V egeta b l es : A re A l ga e a n Im p o r ta n t
    Res o u rc e fo r La rva e o f A edes jap o nicu s in Mic hi ga n ?
    1 1 :0 0 —1 1 :1 5 a .m.
    Amanda R. Lorenz, Michigan State University

    In ves tiga t ing the Inl a n d In va s io n o f L yme D is ea s e T ic ks a nd
    Pa tho gen in M ic h iga n’s Lo w er Pen ins u l a
    1 1 :1 5 —1 1 :3 0 a .m.
    Jennifer L. Sidge, Michigan State University

   A no p heles fu n estu s : Po s s ib l e Res u rge nc e o f a Ma l a r ia V ec t o r in
   Wes ter n Lo wl a n d Kenya
   1 1 :3 0 —1 1 :4 5 a .m.
   Robert S. McCann, Michigan State University

   Inh ib i tio n o f La r va l A edes tr i seria tu s G ro w th A s s o c ia te d w it h
   Fu nga l Bl o o ms a nd Ma p l e L ea f D et r itu s
   1 1 :4 5 —1 2 :0 0 p .m.
   Rebecca J. Morningstar, Michigan State University

   Lu nc h ( O n Y o u r O wn)
   1 2 :0 0 —1 :0 0 p .m .                                                                   Page 5
             Wednesday, February 2, 2011
             Afternoon Session Moderator—Bill Stanuszek

         A H is to r y o f Mo s qu ito Co n tro l in M ic h iga n : C o m m em o ra t ing the
         MMCA ’s 2 5 th A nn i ve rs a ry
         1 :0 0 —1 :3 5 p .m.
         Randy Knepper, Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commission

         Z eni vex E4 — Sa me G r ea t Co n tr o l —N o Mix i ng R equ i red
         1 :3 5 —1 :4 5 p .m.
         Loren Cunnington, Central Life Sciences

         Ea s te rn Equ ine En c ep ha l it is ( EEE) in M ic hi ga n
         1 :4 5 —2 :0 0 p .m.
         Dr. Michael Kaufman, Michigan State University

         Bed Bu gs in M ic h iga n —Em erg in g Pu b l ic H ea l t h Pes t
         2 :0 0 —2 :3 0 p .m.
         Erik Foster, Michigan Department of Community Health

         V endo r P res e nta t io ns
         2 :3 0 —2 :4 5 p .m.

         A fte rno o n Brea k
         2 :4 5 —3 :0 5 p .m.
         Refreshments available in the Governor’s Room sponsored by Jacob Baker of Earl’s Spray Service

         Mo s qu i to Co nt ro l , P es t ic ides , a nd N PD ES P erm i tt ing
         3 :0 5 —3 :3 0 p .m.
         Jeff Fischer, Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment

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                     MMCA 25th Anniversar y
                  Wednesday, February 2, 2011
               Late-Afternoon Session Moderator—Dr. Tom Wilmot

Eva l u a t ing E ff ec t i ven es s o f B a rr ier A du l tic id e T rea tm e nts in
Mi nnes o ta
3 :3 0 —3 :5 0 p .m.
Dr. Stephen Manweiler, Metropolitan Mosquito Control District
La r vic id e Ef f ic a c y i n Sa gi na w Co u nty Ro a ds id e C a tc h Ba s i ns
3 :5 0 —4 :1 0 p .m.
Bill Stanuszek, Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commission

T he Pa r eto P ri nc ip l e a nd Mo s qu ito Co n tro l
4 :1 0 —4 :2 5 p .m.
Mike McGinnis, Colorado Mosquito Control

D is t r ib u t io n o f A ed es jap o n ic u s in Mi nnes o ta
4 :2 5 —4 :4 0 p .m.
Jim Stark, Metropolitan Mosquito Control District

Ca s h Ba r
5 :0 0 —6 :0 0 p .m.
Located in the Imperial Ballroom’s 2nd Floor Mezzanine

2 5 th A nn i vers a ry A wa r ds Ba n qu et & Ent er ta inm e nt ( Im p er ia l Ba l l ro o m )
6 :0 0 —1 0 :0 0 p .m.
Refreshments sponsored by Clarke
Entertainment—Teen Angels sponsored by Dave Driver of Univar, USA and MMCA.
Join us at MOJO’s Dueling Piano Bar and Restaurant across the street from the
Amway Grand on the corner of Pearl and Monroe after the evenings’ festivities where you’ll
enjoy free cover charge.

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              Thursday, February 3, 2011
             Morning Session Moderator—Charles Dinsmore

         Ex hib i to r Ro o m O p en
         8 :0 0 —9 :0 0 a .m .
         Refreshments, coffee, and rolls available in the Governor’s Room sponsored by Jim Andrews of Valent

         A nnu a l MMCA Bu s ines s M ee ti n g & El ec tio n o f 2 0 1 1 Bo a rd O f fic ers
         8 :1 5 —9 :0 0 a .m .
         Located in the Ford Presidential Ballroom

         T he T ru t h A b o u t O rga n ic G a r d eni ng a nd Wha t i t Mea ns to Y o u r
         Mo s qu i to Co nt ro l Pro g ra m
         9 :0 0 —9 :2 0 a .m .
         Lee Mitchell, Toledo Area Sanitary District

         2 0 1 0 Mic h iga n A rb o vi ru s Su r v eil l a nc e a n d Bl o o dm ea l A na l y s is
         Su mma ri es
         9 :2 0 —9 :4 0 a .m .
         Betsy Brouhard, Michigan State University

         U p da tes o n t he N ew 7 F Ma nu a l
         9 :4 0 —9 :5 5 a .m .
         Dr. Mike Kaufman, Michigan State University

         Ra i n G a rde ns —A G r een A p p ro a c h to Sto rm Wa ter Ma na gem en t
         9 :5 5 —1 0 :1 0 a .m.
         Sandra Buchner, City of Grand Rapids Environmental Services Department

Page 8

                      MMCA 25th Anniversar y
                    Thursday, February 3, 2011
                   Morning Session Moderator—Charles Dinsmore

T he L iv in g St rea m
1 0 :1 0 —1 0 :4 0 a .m.
Dr. Richard Merritt, Michigan State University

N a tu l a r T es ts A ga i ns t A no p h e les in Ke nya
1 0 :4 0 —1 1 :0 0 a .m.
Dr. Edward Walker, Michigan State University

Mo rn in g Br ea k
1 1 :0 0 —1 1 :2 5 a .m.
Coffee and Rolls Available in the Governor’s Room sponsored by Loren Cunnington of Central Life Sciences

U s ing N ic he Mo del s to P ro jec t G eo gra p h ic Ra nge C ha nge in G rea t
La kes Mo s qu i to es
1 1 :2 5 —1 1 :4 5 a .m.
Melissa Truitt, University of Notre Dame

G ene tic s a n d T emp era tu r e T o l era nc es o f A edes Jap o n icu s
1 1 :4 5 —1 2 :0 5 p .m.
Derrick Parker, University of Notre Dame

                                                                                                           Page 9
              Thursday, February 3, 2011
             Morning Session Moderator—Charles Dinsmore

                     Back-To-Basics Presentations

          Sp ec i fic s o f CD C T ra p p in g
          1 2 :0 5 —1 2 :2 0 p .m.
          Douglas Allen, Midland County Mosquito Control

          U s ing Su r ve il l a nc e D a ta i n a Co nt ro l Pro g ra m
          1 2 :2 0 —1 2 :3 0 p .m.
          Dr. Tom Wilmot, Midland County Mosquito Control

          Co nc l u di ng Rema rks
          1 2 :3 0 —1 2 :3 5 p .m.
          Dr. Mike Kaufman, 2011 MMCA President

          A djo u rnm en t
          1 2 :3 5 p .m.

Page 10

                     MMCA 25th Anniversar y
                     Support and Donations
      The following companies have provided exhibits and/or support
                         during this conference:

Earl’s Spray Service, Inc.

                                                                      Page 11
                        Celebrating 25 Years

                                       AMCA Presidents
          1986-1987   Senen L.R. Asuan, MD    1999-2000   William J. Lechel, II
          1987-1988   Cynthia R. Chilcote     2000-2001   Thomas J. Putt
          1988-1989   William J. Lechel, II   2001-2002   William E. Wallace
          1989-1990   Thomas R. Wilmot, PhD   2002-2003   Gregory G. Seago
          1990-1991   Randall G. Knepper      2003-2004   Edward D. Walker, PhD
          1991-1992   Rene C. DeSander        2004-2005   Thomas J. Putt
          1992-1993   Thomas J. Putt          2005-2006   Randall G. Knepper
          1993-1994   Edward D. Walker, PhD   2006-2007   Thomas J. Putt
          1994-1995   Charles E. Dinsmore     2007-2008   Margaret M. Breasbois
          1995-1996   Melvin L. Poplar, Sr.   2008-2009   Charles E. Dinsmore
          1996-1997   Randall G. Knepper      2009-2010   William W. Stanuszek
          1997-1998   Michael D. Schiffer     2010-2011   Mary J. McCarry
          1998-1999   Charles E. Dinsmore     2011-2012   Michael G. Kaufman, PhD

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                            MMCA 25th Anniversar y
             Celebrating 25 Years

The Harold D. Newson
Distinguished Service Award Winners

1988—Sally A. Wagner
1989—Neil E. Pennington, PhD
1990—Cynthia R. Chilcote           The George B. Cr aig
1993—Randy G. Knepper                Mosquito Control
1994—Thomas R. Wilmot, PhD     Advocacy Award Winners
1996—Thomas J. Putt
                                                    1988—Les Harcus
1999—Charles E. Dinsmore
                                                1989—Rene DeSander
2001—John L. Clarke, Jr.
                                           1990—Vaughn Wagner, PhD
2002—William J. Lechel II
                                        1992—Dow Chemical Company
2003—Mary J. McCarry
                                                  1993—Garth Beaver
2007—Edward D. Walker, PhD
                                              1996—Eugene Gwizdala
2008—Melvin L. Poplar, Sr.
                                               1997—Karen Southgate
                                    1998—John Bacon and Ralph Gooch
                                                     2007—Willie Cox
                                                 2008—Joseph Conlon

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                     MMCA Standing Committees

          Awa rds an d Recog niti on C o mmittee
          Chairman: Charles Dinsmore
          Ph: 989.832.8677                  E-mail:

          Fin ance Co mmittee
          Chairman: Joyce McLaughlin
          Ph: 989.832.8677                  E-mail:

          Member an d N omi nati ng C o m mittee
          Chairman: Margaret Breasbois
          Ph: 989.755.5751                  E-mail:

          NP DES Co m mittee
          Chairman: Tom Wilmot
          Ph: 989.832.8677                  E-mail:
          Pl an ning Co m mittee —2 0 1 1
          Chairman: Mary McCarry
          Ph: 989.894.4555                  E-mail:

          Pl an ning Co m mittee —2 0 1 2
          Chairman: Pat Hallahan
          Ph: 630.671.3120                  E-mail:

          Public E duc ati on Co m mittee
          Chairman: Margaret Breasbois
          Ph: 989.755.5751                  E-mail:

          Scientific C om mittee
          Chairman: William Stanuszek
          Ph: 989.755.5751                  E-mail:

Page 14

                             MMCA 25th Anniversar y
MMCA Founding Board of Directors

                19 8 6

          Senen L. R. Asuan

         Cynthia R. Chilcote

            S e c r e ta ry
        Jeanne M. Henderson

          Edward Golson

         Nancy Dillingham
           John Bacon

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          MMCA 25th Anniversar y

        Page 17
Save the Date
MMCA 26th Annual Conference
February 1-2, 2012
Thomas Edison Inn
500 Thomas Edison Parkway
Port Huron, MI 48060

                                  Recertification Credits

                              The Michigan Department of Agriculture has assigned 9
                                 credits for the recertification of Certified Pesticide
                                Applicators. Attendees on Wednesday will receive 6
                             credits, while attendees on Thursday will receive 3 credits.
                            The credits may be used for either Category 7A, Category 7F,
                                                       or CORE.
                             Michigan Environmental Health Association has assigned
                             approximately 11 continuing education credits to qualified
                                       conference attendees for both days.

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