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'Charlotte's Web' Weaves a Wonderful Performance


									                                                                                                         Volume 33/Number 8                         March 2010

    ‘Charlotte’s Web’ Weaves
   a Wonderful Performance

                                                                                                                         The middle school play, Charlotte’s Web,
                                                                                                                     was a big hit with the young and young at
                                                                                                                     heart! Students worked very hard to learn
                                                                                                                     their lines and put on a great production.
                                                                                                                     About 40 students took part, whether it was
                                                                                                                     on stage or behind the scenes. There was
                                                                                                                     no charge to attend, but students collected
                                                                                                                     $750 in donations for the Red Cross to help
                                                                                                                     with Haitian relief. Thank you to everyone
                                                                                                                     for your generosity; it just goes to show that
                                                                                                                     Belfast is a small town with a BIG heart!

                                                       Belfast Central School’s Mission Statement
     The mission of the Belfast Central School is to work together to provide a comprehensive, equitable, and quality education for all students based on the
  belief that all children can and will learn. The community, faculty, staff, parents, and students will cooperatively foster each individual’s intellectual, moral, social,
civic, and physical development so that Belfast Central School will continue to be looked upon as an example of excellence in rural education in New York State.
                         Board of Education Update
January 26, 2010                                                           fingerprint clearance
• President Hull called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m. The            - waiving the deadline that notice be given to the District
  Pledge of Allegiance was recited.                                        by April 1st of the preceding fiscal year before retirement
• Mr. Lingenfelter presented budget status and revenue status              to receive reimbursement for accumulated sick leave due to
  reports detailing revenues and expenses to date.                         an unforeseen condition
• General Support items of the 2010-2011 budget were                   • The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
• Mrs. May and Mr. Lingenfelter presented preliminary budget           February 9, 2010
  figures proposed by the Governor.                                     • President Hull called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. The
• Mrs. Amos informed the Board that on the last day of student           Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
  early dismissal held on January 13, Trooper Campanella               • Mrs. Amos provided information on the results of January
  addressed staff members on the topic of antibullying, focusing         Regents testing.
  on the seriousness of using electronic devices as a form of          • Superintendent May reported that we would be hosting an art
  aggression.                                                            show and spring concert on May 18. She also reported on
• Mrs. May reminded Board members of the upcoming middle                 enrollment numbers and a grant writing consortium.
  school play and provided information on the BOCES annual             • The Board approved the following as presented:
  meeting and voting.                                                    - the minutes of the January 12 and January 26, 2010 regular
• The Board approved the following as presented:                            meetings
  - the treasurer’s report for the month of December                     - bids for the sale of surplus items
  - budget transfers for negative accounts                               - a practicum student placement for Elise Brown, working in
  - the discipline report for the month of December                         prekindergarten
  - the resignation of Tamika Burdett from the position of part-         - a change in dates for a maternity leave of absence for
     time custodian effective -January 29, 2010                             Michelle Calanni, special education teacher
  - 5th grade participation in Camp Rushford and granting                - Lacie LaVallee, Emma Fizgerald, Kevin Dibble, and
     authority to Superintendent May to execute the agreement               Joshua Houghtaling as non-certified substitute teachers for
     for use of the Rushford Environmental Education Center                 the remainder of the 2009-2010 school year
  - CSE recommendations                                                  - Dylan Bonning, Kevin Dibble, and Carla Fuller as
  - a practicum student placement for Janet Hazekamp                        non-teaching substitutes for the remainder of the 2009-2010
     working with Teresa Heaney                                             school year
  - Adrienne Evans and Stephanie Hinz as non-teaching                    - CSE and CPSE recommendations
     substitutes for the remainder of the 2009-2010 school year        • The Board discussed bullying. President Hull stated that the
  - utilizing up to $20,000 from the construction budget fund            Board of Education is 100% opposed to bullying and that
     for plumbing construction change orders in the current              bullying will not be tolerated at the Belfast Central School.
     2007 capital improvements project                                 • At 7:30 p.m. the meeting adjourned.
  - change from conditional appointment status due to

            2010-11 Kindergarten Registration
    Children of the Belfast School District who reach the age of five (5) on or before December 1, 2010, are eligible to enter
    kindergarten in September 2010. If your child is not enrolled in the Belfast Preschool and will turn five on or before
    December 1, 2010 please return the following information to the superintendent’s office at Belfast Central School
    prior to April 30, 2010. Thank you for your cooperation.

    CHILD’S NAME_______________________________________________________________

    DATE OF BIRTH______________________________________________________________

    PARENT/GUARDIAN’S NAME(S)________________________________________________



Belfast Central School                                             2                                                     March 2010
            More Scenes from ‘Charlotte’s Web’

                                                                                               Student Artwork
                                                                                                Display at RIT
  Reminder to Fans: Be a Good Sport!                                                           Chelsea Morton and Dezeree Ow-
                                                                                            ens recently represented Belfast Central
   Each year our high school athletic teams are rated by coaches and by referees on         School with their art teacher by having
sportsmanship. For example, three years in a row our girls’ volleyball team received        their work displayed in the recent MS and
recognition for outstanding sportsmanship. We would like to take this opportunity to        HS Art Show at RIT. They should be very
encourage our fans to positively cheer our boys and girls on to victory. Our young ath-     proud of their accomplishments. Three
                                                                                            hundred and twenty eight artists from over
letes are very sensitive to the comments made in the stands. We ask everyone’s coopera-
                                                                                            50 schools in a five-county region were
tion and support, and we also respectfully request that you set positive examples for our
                                                                                            represented. The exhibit was held from
young people in regard to comments directed toward referees and umpires as well. We         January 29-February 24. The works will
trust that this spring sports season will include many victories, lessons learned about     be on display in the Main Foyer for the
sportsmanship, and pleasant memories.                                                       month of March.

Belfast Central School                                           3                                                       March 2010
        STAFF SPOTLIGHT                          5-12 Principal’s Corner
                                             According to the 2008 ACT College Readiness Report, 78% of US high school stu-
                                          dents do not meet college readiness benchmarks in all four key areas—English, reading,
                                          science, and math. The report further adds that only 43% of 2008 high school graduates
                                          met the benchmark in math, 28% in science, 53% in reading, and 68% in English (more
                                          information is available at These nation-wide statistics are alarming.
                                             So what can we do, as parents and the local community, to combat that national
                                          trend? What can we do to ensure that our children are ready to further their education
                                          beyond high school? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer, but here are some ideas to
                                             1. Encourage young people to read. Good reading habits start in infancy. Children
                                                who are read to early in life are more comfortable with books, gain familiarity
                                                with story structure, learn to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words through
                                                the context in which they are presented, and build an understanding of story
                                                structure—beginning, middle, and end.
                                             2. Uphold high learning standards. Encourage students to take full advantage of
                                                the strong educational opportunities that they face every day at school. Remind
                                                our kids that “good enough” is never good enough and that they should strive for

   Ms. Voss Baroni                              excellence. Counsel students to aim for a 100%, not for a passing mark. Encour-
                                                age them to do their best in everything they do.
                                             3. Be proactive in the education process. Encourage our students to get involved
       Sherrie Voss Baroni is ACCORD            in their schools and communities. Teach kids to ask when they have a question
   Corporation’s 21st Century Com-              and to seek extra opportunities to learn. Encourage our students to maximize their
   munity Learning Center Belfast
                                                engagement and involvement in their classes and explore learning options outside
   Liaison for middle school students
                                                of the traditional school program. Encourage parents and community members to
   at the STAR After School Program.
       Sherrie earned her Bachelor of           be actively involved in our school, ask questions about the curriculum, and find
   Science in Management from the               areas to share expertise and experience.
   University of New Orleans. She            We’re all in this together, and we all want to be a meaningful part in preparing the
   relocated from New Orleans to Fill-    young people of this community for their lives beyond their public school experience.
   more with her 13-year-old twins,       Whether the next steps be toward college, the military, or the workforce, it is essential
   Tristan and Summer, after hurricane    that each young person is armed with the tools he or she needs to be successful. Aim
   Katrina.                               high!
       In addition to her daily after-
   school club activities and commu-
                                                 - Mrs. Jennifer Amos
   nity event planning, Sherrie enjoys
   broadening the horizons of the
   after-school students by taking them
   on field trips to Alfred University’s       You are invited to ...
   Children Learning Initiative Pro-
   gram where they have been exposed
   to career exploration, various art
                                              Belfast Central School’s
   mediums, and cultural opportuni-           Annual Open House
   ties. She enjoys cooking and art
   projects with the students through         March 18, 2010
   the Wellsville Creative Art Center.
   When she is not working, Sherrie           6-7:30 p.m.
   enjoys exploring her new surround-
   ings in Allegany County with her           Come see what has been happening
   twins, walking, crossword puzzles,                                             ial
                                              in our classrooms. We will have special
   and cooking New Orleans cuisine.
                                              exhibits and demonstrations for you
   Sherrie is a true New Orleans Saints
   fan and enjoyed watching their             to see and enjoy. Come join us!
   2010 Superbowl win this year.

Belfast Central School                                       4                                                       March 2010
                                             Middle-Schoolers                                  Reminder
                                            Kick Up Their Heels
                                            Kick Up Their Heels                               Please remind your child that
                                              On January 15, the middle school stu-       they are required to be IN Home-
                                          dents had a James Bond theme dance. The         room at 8:10 a.m.
                                          middle schoolers voted on a theme and it
                                                                                              Note that excused and unexcused
                                          was decided that 007 would be a fun theme.
                                          Students had a ball dancing the night away.
                                          S                                               Absent, Tardy, and Early Dismissal
                                           Seniors, Casey Brundage, Kory Shick, and
                                           S                                              dates are documented. Please be
                                           Jake Evans donated their time and talents to
                                           J                                              aware that all absences count to-
                                           DJ the dance for us. Many students dressed     wards the total allowable absences,
                                            in their best 007 outfits for the dance. A     regardless of it being excused or not
                                            good time was had by all that attended.       excused (New York State Educa-
                                                                                          tion Law). Excuses are required in
                                                                                          order to change “A” = (Absent) to
                                                                                          “E” = (Absent Excused), and “T” =
                                                                                          (Tardy) to “L” = (Tardy Excused).
                                                                                          Excuses should be sent in within
                                                                                          24 hours of returning to school. A
                                                                                          list of excused absences is in the
                                                                                          student handbook.
                                                                                              When a parent request is made
                                                                                          for a student to be excused early for
                                                                                          a Doctor/Dentist/Ortho/Counsel-
                                                                                          ing/Professional visit, a note from
                                                                                          the professional’s office should be
                                                                                          turned in to the school within 24
                                                                                          hours of returning to school. You
                                                                                          may also request doctor’s notes be
         The following received recognition for being Belfast’s Best. They were
                                                                                          faxed to 585-365-2648. You do not
             nominated for the reasons noted. A certificate and a pen were
                                                                                          have to take your child to a doctor
                   awarded to them for their fine efforts. Congratulations to the
                                                                                          to have an illness excused. A note
                                                                                          stating that your child is ill, briefly
                                                                                          tell why (symptoms), with a signa-
                            Mrs. Borden, Mrs. Marsh & Mrs. Paulsen for donat-
                                                                                          ture and dates of absence is still an
                         ing your time every day to make sure our middle school
                                                                                          acceptable excuse.
                         students were able to perform a play this year.
                                                                                              Please call Mrs. Amy Bonning-
                         – Mrs. Lingenfelter
                                                                                          Smith 365-2646, ext. 1008 with any
                                                                                          questions regarding school atten-
                  Kajun Burdick and Connor White for fixing the broken parti-
            tion in my room while I was gone. – Thanks – Ms. Armstrong

Belfast Central School                                          5                                                    March 2010
     Elementary Classes Reward Attendance
   The elementary classroom
with the highest average at-
tendance for the past month
was Mrs. Hazelton’s class!
Certificates and the rotating
classroom banner were pre-
sented. For students to achieve
we must have them with us
every day. Thank you parents
for ensuring your children have
the best attendance possible.
   Students with perfect

Mrs. Hamer - Kindergarten
Jaelyn Bennett
Alicia Borden
Logan Green                          Above is Mrs. Hazelton’s class: (front, l-r) A. Sullivan, A. Wilson, C. Preston, X. McCluer,
Matthew Stanton                   A. Male, T. Hale, H. Helms, H. Enders (back l-r) C. Sadler, K. Morton, B. Lorenz, M. Enders, K.
Michael Truax                     Barber, N. Ellison, C. Caiazza, K. Comstock, A. Blocho (missing C. Guilford and T. Curcio).

Mrs. Miller - Kindergarten        Lillian Mahon                     Alexander Hull                  Eryn Broshar
Garrett Taylor                    Emma Sullivan                     Samantha Burgio                 Tyler Gustason
Adam Warner                       Addison Babbitt                   Daniel Geyer                    Travis Hale
Matthew Weaver                    Elisa Houser                      Rose Stephens                   MacKenzie Hamer
                                  Julius Korytkowski                Keith Weaver                    Timothy Merriam
Mrs. Hazelton – Grades 1 / 2      Rachel Marsh                      Desiree Werner                  Reilly Shannon
Nicholas Ellison                                                                                    Reece Wallace
Mia Enders                        Mrs. Weaver – Grades 3 / 4        Mrs. Mullen - Grades 3 / 4      Lilac Wooding
Tia Hale                          Kevin McCumiskey                  Noah Bentley
Adison Male                       Eric Stephens                     Mackenzie Cox                   Mrs. Borden/Mrs. Paulsen -
Xavier McCluer                    Hunter Wooding                    Alexander Enders                6th Grade
Kelsi Morton                      Dominic Barber                    Hunter Lincoln                  William Cobb
Collin Preston                    Nicholas Brown                    Ethan Blocho                    Jack Curcio
Chase Sadler                      Danielle Cassady                  Jayme Fuller                    Austin Dorvit
Kyah Barber                       Rylea Comstock                    Isaah Leiseur                   Brandon Durrigan
Andrew Blocho                     Collin Davis                      Shane Preston                   Arica Enders
Kyle Comstock                     Austin Gustason                                                   Tyler Hale
Tyler Curcio                      Morgan Hamer                      Mrs. Borden/Mrs. Paulsen -      Peighton Ray
Hunter Enders                     Bradley Hull                      5th Grade                       Brent Taylor-Gughiocello
Bryce Lorenz                                                        Haven Baize                     Jessica Williams
Adelaide Sullivan                 Mrs. Arnold - Grades 3 / 4        Cody Barth                      Mari Zillgitt
Ayden Wilson                      Corey Brown                       Matthew Borden                  Jesse Zuver
                                  Ashley Estabrook
Mrs. Mahon – Grades 1 / 2
Ethan Babbitt
Haley Brown
Devin Harriger                            FREE EASTER EVENT - APRIL 3 - 11 A.M.
Isaac Hull
Ryan Lynch                                      Belfast Central School Auditorium
Cierra Wallace
Collin Weaver                                                                                     2
                                      • Easter Egg Hunt for ages 1-8 & Scavenger Hunt for ages 9-12
                                      • Prizes and Candy for all
Mrs. Ross – Grades 1 / 2
Nolan Amidon                          • Hotdogs - Chips - Pop - Cupcakes served at no charge
Dustin Arnold                              Sponsored By The Belfast Task Force And Belfast Lions Club
Nicholas Gughiocello
Aidan Heaney

Belfast Central School                                          6                                                     March 2010
                                 * 2010 Belorea *
                                           On sale now
                            ORDER ONE TODAY!!!
                                                                                                                St. Patrick’s Day
          The 2010 BCS yearbook can be ordered now. Don’t miss out on a GREAT
          book that will be full of memories from this school year!                                                Celebration
          Fill out the order form below. Submit order form and money to your homeroom                            MARCH 6, 2010
          teachers or send by mail to:
                  Belfast Central School                                                                               5 p.m. - Until?
                  c/o Yearbook Staff                                                                                  St. Patrick’s Hall
                  1 King St.
                  Belfast, NY 14711
                                                                                                                     East Hughes Street

          REMEMBER: the sooner you buy, the cheaper it is!!
                                                                                                                  BUFFET DINNER
                                                                                                                    Corn Beef & Cabbage
    YES! I want to order a 2009-2010 Belfast Central School Yearbook- The Belorea                                 Boiled Dinner With Ham
                                                                                                                         Irish Stew
                 Name: ____________________________________________
                                                                                                                      Homemade Bread
                            ______ $40 before December 23, 2009                                                  Irish Desserts & Beverage
                            ______ $50 January 1-29, 2010
                            ______ $55 after January 29, first come, first served paid
                                                                                                                  * Hot Dog, Chips & Fruit
                                   waiting list                                                                 Punch available for children *
                                                                                                                 Fun For The Whole Family
                                      Thank you. - 2010 Yearbook Staff                                              Olean Irish Dancers
                                                                                                                   Chris Piaggi, Bag Pipe
                                                                                                                  Games For Kids - Raffles
   I want to say Thanks to ...
                                                                                                                Adults $8      Children $4
     To the Belfast High School Student Council and BCS Staff, Thank you so
   much for your continued support of the Belfast Children’s Christmas Project. It                               Sponsored By The Belfast Task
   means so much!
                                                                                                                  Force & Belfast Lions Club
                          - Annette Kish, Susan Topor, Neal Green, Mary Sherlock

Belfast Central School                                                            7                                                   March 2010
    Anna & Kelly making a cat book.

   Preparing for
    a Day at the
       Beach                                 News from Primary Pod 1-2
                                                                      During the month of January our students learned about
   As always we are very busy in the pre-
                                                                   slavery, the Civil War, and civil rights. The Civil War hap-
school. We are learning about the oceans
                                                                   pens to be a topic of extreme interest for one of our students,
and the animals that live there. We do a
                                                                   Miss Aidan Heaney. As a culminating activity, Aidan, her
different one each day. Then one of us
                                                                   father (Mr. Aran Heaney – BCS high school history teacher),
draws a picture of the animal and puts it
                                                                   and her grandfather (Mr. William Heaney – retired BCS high
on our ocean mural for Open House. We
                                                                   school English teacher) came to the classroom in February to
will end this unit with our annual beach
                                                                   talk to the students about the Civil War, slavery, and Abraham
day. We are making beach shirts with
ocean animals on them. It will be great to
                                                                      Aidan came dressed in her Union Soldier uniform. One of
play beach volleyball, eat at our beach,
                                                                   Aidan’s favorite family trips is Gettysburg, PA. Aidan deeply
and enjoy the extra warmth in our room.
                                                                   admires and enjoys learning about President Abraham Lincoln.
   We have been working on our letter
                                                                   This seven-year-old knows more about our 16th president than
sounds to the song “Who Let the Dogs
                                                                   most high school students. Both Mr. Heaneys shared various
Out.” We are also playing a new game
                                                                   facts related to this unit. Our students were surprised to hear
about rhyming words. It’s lots of fun.
                                                                   about a confirmed house in Belfast that was part of the Under-
                                                                   ground Railroad, and a possible barn that belongs to one of our
                                                                   BCS staff. The Heaney family also brought special photos,
                                                                   books, and videos to share with our classes.
                                                                      We enjoyed this special time with Aidan and her family and
                                                                   are thankful to have such great resources within our students,
                                                                   their families, and our community.

                                                      Federal SAVE Legislation Reminder
                                                 In compliance with Federal SAVE Legislation and NYS Commissioner’s
                                             Regulations, we will continue to notify parents/guardians of your child’s class-
                                             room attendance through the use of our attendance notification form. In addition
                                             to this, and in compliance with the above-mentioned legislation and regulations,
                                             we request that you continue to provide us with written verification from medical
                                             personnel when your child is dismissed from school and/or absent due to a medical
  Above Sunshine & Canaan making             appointment.
           a dino book.

Belfast Central School                                       8                                                      March 2010
          BCS Students Succeed                                                            January &
          at Area Music Festivals                                                         February
                                                                                          Music Wall
   Special congratulations to the following students who performed a vocal or instru-
mental solo at solo festival in Fillmore, February 6th. These students memorized a song

                                                                                          of Fame
to perform for a judge, and also had to sight-read a musical passage. Students’ scores
ranged from 23/28 to 28/28!! You should all be very proud of your hard work!
   Participants included: Addisen Vergara, Angela Allen, Anthony Magee, Arica Enders,
Ashlyn Brown, Carolyn Montanye, Dakota Bentley, Elizabeth Lingenfelter, Erin Mc-          Be sure to congratulate
                                                                                          students who made Ms.
Cumiskey, Eryn Broshar, Hannah Arnold, Jacob Weaver, Joseph Leiseur, Joseph Mer-
                                                                                          Ordway’s Music Wall
riam, Katrina Barber, Kayla Ross, Kaylee Middaugh, Kierra Carlton, Kirsten Wuersig,
                                                                                          of Fame in January and
MacKenzie Hamer, Megan Gent, Peighton Ray, Savannah Parker, Serena Amos, Zach             February! To get on the
Enders                                                                                    wall of fame students
   Congratulations to the following students who were accepted into All County!           must show exemplary
   6th Grade All County Honors Choir - Dakota Bentley, Megan Harrington, Arica            singing, listening,
Enders, Peighton Ray, Brandon Durrigan                                                    performance, or
   Junior High All County Honors Choir - Kayla Ross, Ashlyn Brown, Elizabeth              outstanding knowledge
Lingenfelter, Katrina Barber, Regan Fuller, Brett Miller, Joey Leiseur, Aaron Albano,     of musical concepts.
Zach Enders                                                                               Congratulations …
   Senior High All County Honors Choir - Erin McCumiskey, Casey Fuller
                                                                                          Dakota Bentley
   Junior High All County Honors Band - Kayla Ross, Savannah Parker
                                                                                          Ethan Blocho
   Senior High All County Honors Band & Jazz Ensemble - Kirsten Wuersig
                                                                                          Eryn Broshar
                                                                                          Jacob Buchholz

Grades 9-12 2nd Qtr. Honor Roll
                                                                                          Alyssa Burnell
                                                                                          Kyle Comstock
                                                                                          Nate Dejac
     HONOR ROLL (85-89% avg.)                Brundage, Amanda Burlingame, Kierra          Brandon Durrigan
   GRADE 9: Joseph Damiano, Emily            Carlton, Nathan Dodge, Devan Har-            Ashley Estabrook
Fuller                                       rington, Alyson Morton, Chelsea Morton,      Belle Evans
   GRADE 10: Alexander Hulin, Jessica        Dezeree Owens, Coty Winchell                 Caden Fuller
Wallace, Alexis Weaver                                                                    Colton Gaddy
   GRADE 11: Eric Brundage, Joshua                BOCES HIGH HONOR ROLL                   Carter Guilford
Cole, Carrie Fuller, Angel Lippincott,          Amanda Bond, Medical Assisting;           Tia Hale
Kelsea Shick                                 Casey Brundage, Computer Systems Tech-       Megan Harrington
   GRADE 12: Kristina Bromstead,             nology; Amanda Burlingame, Medical           Aidan Heaney
Crystal Carlton, Jacob Evans, Kristyn Ev-    Assisting; Alyson Morton, Cosmetology;       Cayla Hennard
                                                                                          Katie Hotchkiss
ans, Stephanie Quick, Kory Shick, Aaron      Coty Winchell, Project Lead the Way/
                                                                                          Amelia Hulin
Worthington                                  CAD
                                                                                          Julius Korytkowski
                                                     BOCES HONOR ROLL
                                                                                          Bryce Lorenz
HIGH HONOR ROLL ( 90% or above)                 Emily Cobb, Media Communications
                                                                                          Ryan Lynch
   GRADE 9: Katrina Barber, Jason            Technology; Zachary Hamer, Power
                                                                                          Rachel Marsh
Cole, Riley Ellison, Austin Enders, Aaren    Equipment Technology; Arthur Kellogg,        Cayla Mura
Harrington, Mckenzie Miller, Christopher     Natural Resources; Connor Parker, Power      Peighton Ray
Morey, Savannah Parker, Abbey Paulsen,       Equipment Technology; Kathryn Sher-          Kayla Ross
Allison Paulsen, Kayla Ross                  wood, Medical Assisting; Jacob Evans,        Chandler Sackett
   GRADE 10: Amaris Amos, Bridget            Culinary Arts; Kristyn Evans, Computer       Chase Sadler
Cole, Arabelle Evans, Kourtnie Franklin,     Systems Technology; Clarence Guilford,       Reilly Shannon
Casey Fuller, Cayla Hennard, Collin Jones    Automotive Body Technology; Stephanie        Michael Truax
   GRADE 11: Amanda Bond, Ian Har-           Quick, Animal Science; Kory Shick, Proj-     Adam Warner
rington, Emily Hooker, Emily McCumis-        ect Lead the Way/CAD; Aaron Worthing-        Jessica Williams
key, Michael Shafer, Tori Warner             ton, Automotive Body Technology.             Mari Zillgitt
   GRADE 12: Andrea Atherton, Casey

Belfast Central School                                          9                                                   March 2010
                                                                          Second Quarter A
                                                           Our 2nd Quarter Awards Assembly was held on February 9, 201

       Grades K-4 Principal’s Award: Hannah Becht,         Grades 3-4 Honor Roll: Noah Bentley, Kayleigh       Grade 5 & 6 Honor Ro
   Allison Gent, Tia Hale, Morgan Hamer, Hunter         Blocho, Elijah Broshar, Corey Brown, Samantha        Catalino, Erin Cole, Tyler G
   Lincoln, Rachel Marsh, Chandler Sackett, Keith       Burgio, Danielle Cassady, Dalton Hamer Morgan        Hamer, Katherine Hotchkis
   Weaver                                               Hamer, MacKenzie Hurd, Hunter Lincoln, Aaron         Dorvit, Brandon Durrigan,

                                                                                                                Grade 5 & 6 High Hon
                                                                                                             Eryn Broshar, Michaela Ko
                                                                                                             Sarah Marsh, Timothy Me
     Grades K-4 Personal Success Award: Cotie              Grades 3-4 High Honor Roll: Sydney Ace, Ethan     Reilly Shannon, Fletcher A
   Austin, Kyah Barber, Jaelyn Bennett, Noah Bentley,   Blocho, Rylea Comstock, Trent Dowd, Adam Enders,     Curcio, Arica Enders, Meg
   Zachary Hahn, Natalie Nettnin, Kaitlin Sadler,       Ashley Estabrook, Hannah Gent, Kevin McCumiskey,     Ray, Jessica Williams, Ma
   Camden Smith                                         Shane Preston, Megan Rose, Rebecca Stephens, Keith

     Grades K-4 Most Improved: James Booth,               Grades K-4 Outstanding Achievement: Hannah           Grades K-4 People R
   Donnald Brown, Caleb Caiazza, Zachari Hoffman,       Gent, Megan Rose, Rebecca Stephens                   Kayleigh Blocho, Kyle Co
   MacKenzie Hurd, Hailey Mitchell, Michael Truax,                                                           Dalton Hamer, Aidan Hea
   Charlotte Winchell                                                                                        Smith, Garrett Taylor

Belfast Central School                                      10                                                  March 2010
Awards Assembly
10. The following students were recognized for their fine efforts:

                                                                                       Grades 5-8 Principal’s Award: 5th Grade – Eryn
                                                                                    Broshar, 6th Grade – Fletcher Ace, 7th Grade – Kayla
oll: Cody Barth, Payton         Grade 7 & 8 Honor Roll: Aaron Albano, Tristan       Caiazza, 8th Grade – Mike Rose
Gustason, MacKenzie           Collins, Joseph DaHill, Addisen Vergara, Chadd
ss, Lilac Wooding, Austin     Shelley, Payton Slack, Sean Young
 Tyler Hale

nor Roll: Hannah Arnold,         Grade 7 & 8 High Honor Roll: Sabrina Bentley,
 orytkowski, Gage Lincoln,    Ethan Broshar, Ashlyn Brown, Kayla Caiazza,
 rriam, Michaela Pastorious   Gabriella Dejac, Zachary Enders, Kodi Franklin,          Grades 5-8 Most Improved: 5th Grade - Katie
Ace Dakota Bentley Jack       Megan Gent, Joseph Merriam, Jacob Weaver, Serena      Hotchkiss, 6th Grade - Dan Connelly, 7th Grade -
gan Harrington, Peighton      Amos, Cameron Chamberlain, Mason Hooker, Joseph       Brian Baize, 8th Grade - Tyler Joseph
ari Zillgitt, Jesse Zuver     Leisuer, Elizabeth Lingenfelter, Kayli Williams

Respecting Others:              Grades 5-8 Citizenship: 5th Grade - Tyler              Grades 5-8 Outstanding Effort: 5th Grade -
omstock, Caden Fuller,        Gustason, 6th Grade - Brent Taylor-Gughiocello, 7th   Christian Babbitt, 6th Grade - Mari Zillgitt, 7th Grade
aney, Levi Raybuck, Ian       Grade - Kodi Franklin, 8th Grade - Joey Leisuer       - Joey DaHill, 8th Grade - Blake Cooper

         Belfast Central School                                          11                                                      March 2010
         Chinese Auction
     The Junior class will be holding a
  Chinese Auction on March 13th at the
  BCS Auditorium at 1:00. Drawings
  will start at 3 p.m. Come join the fun!

  Transportation Requests
     Students needing transportation
  to parochial schools within a 15-mile
  radius of the Belfast Central School               Pesticide Use Notication
  need to submit requests in writing to
  the school district by April 1, 2010.         The Belfast Central School District utilizes an Integrated Pest Management
                                             Plan that emphasizes the use of non-chemical solutions when pest removal from
     Income Tax Number                       the district buildings or grounds is necessary. This plan is available for inspec-
                                             tion in the district office. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) committee has
     New York State resident income          developed a comprehensive plan to promote proper storage of food items and to
  tax returns IT200 and IT201 require        prevent any possibilities of unwanted pests. If it becomes necessary to eliminate
  you to enter the name and code num-        pests, traps, environmental modifications, and/or mechanical means are utilized
  ber of the public school district where    whenever possible. Occasionally, chemical pesticides may be used for serious or
  you were a resident on December 31,        unsafe pest infestations for which other non-chemical means are either inappro-
  2009. The Belfast Central School           priate or ineffective.
  code number is 044.                            You have the right to be informed prior to any pesticide application made to
                                             the school grounds and buildings. In certain emergencies, pesticides may be ap-
     Emergency Contacts                      plied without prior notice, but you will be provided notice following any such ap-
                                             plication. If you need prior notification, please complete the information below
      It is very important that the school
                                             and submit to: Eileen Ostrander, Belfast Central School, 1 King Street, Belfast,
  is able to contact parents/guardians
                                             NY 14711. Please feel free to call 365-9940 if you have questions.
  in the course of routine business or in
  cases of emergency. Consequently,
  please provide us with home/work/                     PESTICIDE PRIOR USE NOTIFICATION REQUEST
  or emergency phone numbers if you                                     (Please print)
  had not done so at the beginning of
  the school year or if there have been      Parent/Guardian Name:______________________________________________
  any changes. Also if you have had a
  change of address, please notify the       Child’s Name:_____________________________________________________
  school of that as well. Thank You!
                                             Street Address:_____________________________________________________
      Parking Reminder
     Please be aware of the signs that       City:___________________________________ Zip Code:_________________
  are posted on our building request-
  ing that unauthorized vehicles not go      Telephone #: Daytime___________________ Evening___________________
  across our lawn or travel on school
  property. In the past, when the ground     Please check one:
  was wet, we had some damage done
  to our lawn. We are asking all com-        ______ I wish to be notified prior to a scheduled pesticide treatment inside of
  munity members to respond in a posi-              the building.
  tive manner to the signs posted on our
  building so that additional damage to      ______ I wish to be notified prior to a scheduled pesticide treatment on the
  our lawn is not incurred. Everyone’s              grounds of the school.
  cooperation is greatly appreciated.
     When parking in school parking          _____ Both of the above
  lots, please be reminded not to park
  in unauthorized spots and please be        Signature ____________________________________ Date ______________
  mindful to take only one spot. Thank
  you for you cooperation.

Belfast Central School                                      12                                                       March 2010
          2010-2011 Preschool Registration
      Children in the Belfast Central School District who reach the age of four on or before December 1, 2010 are eligible to apply
      for consideration for the preschool class of 2010-2011. If you would like your child to be considered for the class beginning
      in September of 2010, please fill out and return this form to Judy Barrett, Home/School Coordinator, Belfast Preschool, 1
      King St., Belfast, NY 14711 by April 14, 2010. If you have any questions, please call the preschool at 365-8088.

      Child’s Name:______________________________________________________________________________________

      Date of Birth:_______________________________________________________________________________________

      Parent/Guardian’s Name:______________________________________________________________________________


      Phone number:______________________________________________________________________________________

                                     Lunch Menu March 2010
 1                              2                              3                                  4                                 5
 Turkey Subs w/Cheese,          Chicken Nuggets, Broccoli      Macaroni & Cheese,                 Breaded Pork Chop Patty,          Grilled Cheese, Tomato
 Lettuce & Tomato, Tater        w/Cheese Sauce, Rolls,         Tossed Salad, Rolls, Fruit         Mashed Potatoes & Gravy,          Soup, Pickle Spears,
 Rounds, Fruit                  Fruit                                                             Rolls, Fruit                      Crackers, Fruit

 8                              9                              10                                 11                                12
 Pizza Choices, Veggies &       Chicken Patty, Green           Rotini w/Meat Sauce,        Hot Turkey Sandwich,                     Fish Wedge, French Fries,
 Dip, Fruit                     Beans, Apple Crisp             Garlic Bread, Tossed Salad, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy,                 Cole Slaw, Fruit
                                                               Fruit                       Fruit

 15                             16                             17                                 18                                19
 Turkey Subs w/Cheese,          Chicken Nuggets, Broccoli      Tacos, Buttered Rice, Corn, Breaded Pork Chop Patty,                 NO SCHOOL
 Lettuce & Tomato, French       w/Cheese Sauce, Rolls,         Fruit                       Mashed Potatoes & Gravy,                 Teacher Inservice
 Fries, Fruit                   Fruit                                                      Rolls, Fruit

 22                             23                             24                                 25                                26
 Charburger, Baked Beans,       Chicken Patty, Green           Macaroni & Cheese,                 Turkey & Gravy Over               Grilled Cheese, Tomato
 Fruit                          Beans, Blueberry Crisp         Tossed Salad, Rolls, Fruit         Biscuits, Mashed Potatoes,        Soup, Pickle Spears,
                                                                                                  Fruit                             Crackers, Fruit

 29                             30                             31
 Pizza Choices, Veggies &       Chicken Nuggets, Broccoli      Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce,
 Dip, Fruit                     w/Cheese Sauce, Rolls,         Bread Sticks, Tossed Salad

 NOTE: If buses are late, the students are welcome to take time to eat breakfast. If there is a two-hour delay, no breakfast
 will be served.
 • Lunch Prices: K-4 Reduced $.25, Paid $1.25; 5-12 Reduced $.25,                  • Daily breakfast offerings: Cereal, yogurt, milk, juice, or fresh fruit and bread
   Paid $1.50                                                                        (toast, muffins, bagels, Danish, etc.)
 • Milk $.50 (Skim, White and 1% Chocolate Served Daily)                           • A variety of breakfast items offered daily, along with a hot
 • Alternate Lunch K-4 – PBJ or Deli Sandwich; 5-12 – Deli Sandwich or Soup          entrée of the day
   & Salad                                                                         • Breakfast - $1.00

Belfast Central School                                                        13                                                                    March 2010
     Seven Students Place
   in Ad Craft Competition
       The following students kept up the tradition of professionalism
    in their advertising designs for the Cuba/Franklinville PennySaver
    and took home most of the prize money:
       • Cayla Hennard won first place for her Dry Creek Ad.
       • Andi Atherton won second place for her Metro Health Expo
            Ad - $50.
       • Dezeree Owens won 4th place for her Villa Maria College
            Ad - $30.
       • Chelsea Morton won 5th place for the Continental School of
            Beauty Ad - $25 and 9th place for her Charlies Ad.
       • Emily McCumiskey tied Chelsea for 9th place for her Pen-
            nySaver Ad - $10.
       • Kourtnie Franklin (Pioneer Propane) and Mike Shafer
            (Walker and Marshall) tied for 10th place and received $10
       • Cayla Hennard also won 3rd place overall and competed with
            over 300 students from 33 schools from across Western New
            York to receive $150.
       Congratulations to all the participants on a job well done.

                                                    Winning ads
                                                   upper right 1st
                                                     place Cayla
                                                    and 3rd place
                                                   overall; lower
                                                    left 2nd place
                                                    winner Andi
                                                   Atherton; and
                                                   lower right 4th
                                                    place winner

Belfast Central School                                    14             March 2010
                                                   More Ad Craft Winners

                                                         Chelsea Morton’s ad above tied for 9th place.

       Chelsea Morton’s winning 5th place ad.

                                                     Emily McCumiskey’s ad above tied for 9th place.

     Kourtnie Franklin’s ad tied for 10th place.         Mike Shafer tied for 10th place with this ad.

Belfast Central School                              15                                               March 2010
                    2009-2010 BCS District Calendar
         SEPTEMBER                            OCTOBER                                  NOVEMBER                                       DECEMBER
 S M      T W T F             S     S M        T W T F            S         S     M     T W T F                    S       S M         T W T F                   S
           1 2 3 4            5                       1 2          3        1     2     3 4 5 6                    7                    1 2 3 4                  5
 6      7 8 9 10 11           12    4     5    6 7 8 9            10        8      9    10 11 12 13                14      6     7      8 9 10 11                12
 13    14 15 16 17 18         19    11   12   13 14 15 16         17        15    16    17 18 19 20                21      13    14    15 16 17 18               19
 20    21 22 23 24 25         26    18   19    20 21 22 23        24        22    23    24 25 26 27                28      20    21    22 23 24 25               26
 27    28 29 30                     25   26   27 28 29 30         31        29    30                                       27    28    29 30 31
          JANUARY                             FEBRUARY                                    MARCH                                          APRIL
 S     M T W T F               S    S M        T W T F            S         S M         T W T F S                         S M          T W T F                   S
                    1          2        1      2 3 4 5             6            1        2 3 4 5 6                                            1 2                 3
 3     4 5 6 7 8               9    7 8        9 10 11 12         13        7 8          9 10 11 12 13                    4     5      6 7 8 9                   10
 10    11 12 13 14 15          16   14 15     16 17 18 19         20        14 15       16 17 18* 19 20                   11    12    13 14 15 16                17
 17    18 19 20 21 22          23   21 22     23 24 25 26         27        21 22       23 24 25 26 27                    18    19     20 21 22 23               24
 24    25 26 27 28 29          30   28                                      28 29       30 31                             25    26    27 28 29 30
                MAY                              JUNE
 S M        T   W T       F S       S M T        W T F S                         Faculty Mtg. 7:30-7:55 a.m.            No Students - Teacher Inservice/Conf.

                              1            1       2 3 4 5                       Early Dismissal                        No Students Gr. K-6 - Parent Conf.
 2      3 4 5 6            7 8      6 7 8          9 10 11 12                    School Closed
 9     10 11 12 13        14 15     13 14 15      16 17 18 19
 16    17 18 19 20        21 22     20 21 22      23 24 25 26                            Note: February 18, 19 & March 19 may be make-up days of school,
                                                                                             if there is a need for additional days of instruction to meet
 23    24 25 26 27        28 29     27 28 29      30                                   the minimum session requirement of the Commissioner’s Regulation.
 30    31

              Trip to China
            Planned for 2012
          Mr. Webb is in the preliminary stages of planning his
      next trip for July of 2012! Currently he is looking at                Date          Event                                                         Time
      traveling to China to see the Great Wall! The
                               e                                            3/6          St. Patrick’s Day Family Celebration                           5 p.m.
      trip will be 10 days and the price is much                                           at St. Patrick’s Hall
      less than one might expect!
                                ect!                                        3/9          Board of Education Meeting                                     6:30 p.m.
      Sign-ups will start later                                             3/13         Chinese Auction                                                1 p.m.
      this Spring. Please                                                   3/15         Belfast Town Board Meeting                                     6:30 p.m.
      contact Mr. Webb at                                                   3/18         Open House                                                     6-7:30
      rwebb@belf.wnyric.                                                    3/19         No School – Staff Development Day
      org for more informa-                                                              Parent Conference Day Grades K-6
      tion.                                                                 3/23         Board of Education Meeting                                     6:30 p.m.
          The Belfast Central
      School District recognizes the
                               zes                                                        Progress Report Reminder
                                         i d
      valuable cultural experiences attained
      by students via travel abroad. However, please be                          Progress reports for students in grades 5-12 will be
      advised that the above-mentioned trip is not school sanc-                  mailed home during March and sent home with
                                                                                 students in grades K-4. Please contact your
      tioned. Please feel free to contact Mr. Web if you should
                                                                                 child’s principal if you have any questions
      have any questions relating to this trip.
                                                                                 regarding this report or if you do not receive one.

Belfast Central School                                                 16                                                                             March 2010
                                                                                   March 2010
                                                                        21st Century STAR After School Program

Belfast Central School
                                                     Mon                       Tue                     Wed                       Thu                      Fri
                                                     1                         2                       3                         4                        5
                                                            3:08-4:15                 3:08-4:15               3:08-4:15                  3:08-4:15
                           Study Center               Stop Action Animation          World Sports       Stop Action Animation           World Sports
                                                             Zoology                 Pirateology               Zoology                  Pirateology
                           Homework help                   Youth in Action
                           and Academic                      4:15-4:45
                             Support for                      4:45-5:45                4:45-5:45                4:45-5:45                 4:45-5:45
                          5th-12th graders.              Mouse Trap Vehicles         American Idol         Mouse Trap Vehicles          American Idol
                                                           Dinner Theatre          Science and Magic         Dinner Theatre           Science and Magic
                             Mon.- Thurs.
                                                     8                         9                       10                        11                       12

                            Are you on the
                          Deficiency List but
                           want to come to           15                        16                      17                        18                       19
                         after school clubs or
                             field trips to
                         Alfred University?!
                              Sign up for

                           PeerWORX,                 22                        23                      24                        25                       26

                           get caught up and
                            get back in the

March 2010
                         * A late bus will be provided for the entire district at 4:45.                        *Snack will be provided during Youth in Action.
                                                                         21st Century STAR After School Program
                                            Monday and Wednesday’s Clubs                                                           Tuesday and Thursday’s Clubs
                                                                3:08-4:15                                                                            3:08-4:15
                         Stop Action Animation
                         Using digital tools, students will bring Lego's, clay and other inanimate objects to life   World Sports

Belfast Central School
                         in video vignettes.                                                                         Sports keep the world going round! Stay active in after school and have fun playing games
                                                                                                                     from near and far.
                         Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! Animals are the name of the game. Explore their          Pirateology
                         world, and make some creatures no zoo has ever seen.                                        Avast ye buccaneers! Scurvy dogs and scallywags bring ye jolly roger to embark on a
                                                                                                                     pirating adventure. (or come to the cafeteria, learn how to speak pirate
                                                      4:45-5:45                                                      while having some pirating fun)
                         Mouse Trap Vehicles
                         Build it, then make it move. Be the next wizard of mechanization                                                                     4:45-5:45
                         and show DaVinci what he was missing.                                                       American Idol
                                                                                                                     Can you sing like no one else?
                                                                    Dinner Theatre                                   Bring your pipes to this competition or simply come and judge.
                                         Everyone’s a STAR in after school! Join the cast, design your set, and      Science and Magic
                                                              perform your heart out!                                Is it science, or is it magic? Get your hands on some crazy experiments.

                                                                                                                                                        Literacy Volunteers Peer WORX Tutoring
                                                                                                  Robot Armageddon
                                             Media Play
                                                                                                                                                           Middle School Students have the
                                        Wednesday, March 17th                              The Lego League has been hard at work                         opportunity to work one on one with a
                                                                                              and this month it will all pay off!                           trained BCS high school tutor.
                           Students have the opportunity to visit Alfred
                           University’s campus and explore the various                      Thursday, March 18th, Belfast’s team                        Need help with homework or school
                                types of media they have to offer.
                                                                                            will travel to Alfred University to prep                       projects, studying for tests, and
                                                                                               for the county-wide competition.                       improving your grades? Enrollment forms
                                                                                                                                                        are in the main office, sign up today!
                          There are only thirty spots available, so                              March 25th,                                                               Study Center
                            get your permission slip signed and                               their robot will be
                           turned into Sherrie Voss Baroni, BCS                                  unleashed...                                                       3:08-4:15 Mon.-Thurs.
                                  District Liaison, today!                                                                                                         Homework assistance and
                                                                                                                                                         tutoring for 5th through 12th grade students.

March 2010
                            Belfast Public Library News
   Handmade Toys on Display - Local folk artist Eugene Watts            complished sewers, this guide offers directions that are precisely,
will share his wooden stick puppets and other handmade toys in a        clearly, and buoyantly written as the authors share 101 sewing
display during March. Gene uses bits of lumber to replicate toys        projects requiring only a yard of fabric, including apparel, toys,
of past memories and donates one to each Belfast preschooler            accessories (human and pet), dresser organizers, and stuffed ani-
every year. His whimsical creations emerge every Christmas:             mals. For each “recipe,” the authors, in well-organized fashion,
marching soldiers, a nativity scene, angels and strutting geese         list necessary materials and then take the reader-crafter through
You may have noticed his working waterwheel in the spring.              clearly numbered, carefully explained directions to create a suc-
Please stop into the library and enjoy!                                 cessful final product. For each project, too, a pattern schematic is
   Federal & New York State Tax Forms with instructions are             matched on the opposite page with a full-color photograph of the
available at the Main Library.                                          finished project.
    New Non-Fiction - Is your New Year’s resolution to lose                 “What’s For Dinner?” Let the new $5 Dinner Mom Cook-
weight weakening? The new Mayo Clinic Diet by weight-loss               book help you with mealtime planning. Two hundred recipes for
experts at the Mayo Clinic will help you eat well, enjoy life and       quick, delicious and nourishing meals that are easy on the budget
lose weight. Five simple habits to help you take off the extra          and a snap to prepare. Author Erin Chase shares her tips on stra-
weight, and five habits to break so that you can keep it from com-       tegic grocery shopping and advice on coupons--how to use them
ing back.                                                               to save even more.
   One Yard Wonders ~ 101 Sewing Fabric Projects ~ by                        During the month of February we had visits from 570 patrons
Rebecca Yaker & Patricia Hoskins - For both novice and ac-              who borrowed 1,026 items.
Adult Fiction:                               Whiter Than Snow by Sandra Dallas                   Leprechaun in Late Winter by Mary Pope
Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah                                                                   Osborne
                                             Teen/Young Adult Fiction:
Wicked Craving by G.A. McKevett
                                             The Year I Turned Sixteen by Diane                  Christian Fiction:
Kisser by Stuart Woods
                                               Schwemm                                           Sinner by Ted Dekker
Let Darkness Come by Angela Hunt LP
                                             When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead
A Green Journey by Jon Hassler                                                                   Audio CD:
                                             Stupid Cupid by Rhonda Stapleton
The Endless Forest by Sara Donati                                                                Not My Daughter by Barbara Delinsky
                                             Lily Dale Series: Believing, Connecting &
The Wolf At the Door by Jack Higgins
The Burning Land by Bernard Cornwell
                                               Discovering by Wendy Staub                        Memorials:
                                                                                                 Given in Memory of Edward Allen Wil-
Deeper Than Dead by Tami Hoag                Religious Fiction:
Death of a Valentine by M.C. Beaton                                                              day by Monica Arnold ~
                                             Lightkeeper’s Daughter by Colleen Coble
A Matter of Class by Mary Balogh                                                                 In the Shadow of the Mountain - The Spirit
                                             Stranger’s Wish by Gayle Roper
Big Girl by Danielle Steel                                                                         of the CCC by Edwin G. Hill
Fantasy in Death by J.D. Robb                Juvenile Picture Book
House Rules by Jodi Picoult                  Easter Egg by Jan Brett                             Thank you to Eugene Schoen for a col-
                                                                                                 lection of hunting books.
Money to Burn by James Grippando             Juvenile Fiction:
Night Too Dark by Dana Stabenow
Postmistress by Sarah Blake
Spilt Image by Robert B. Parker
Wild Zone by Joy Fielding
                                                                Belfast Public Library Hours
                                                  Telephone: 585-365-2072
MARCH RELEASES                                    Copy and fax service and public computers available during library hours.
Adult Fiction:
Caught by Harlan Coben                            Monday...............................7-9 p.m.    Tuesday.....9 a.m.-12 Noon, 2-5 p.m.
Moonlight Road by Robyn Carr                      Wednesday..........................6-9 p.m.      Thursday..............2-5 p.m., 7-9 p.m.
                                                  Friday..................................6-8 p.m. Saturday ...................9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Mrs. Darcy and the Blue Eyed Stranger by
  Lee Smith                                       Please note that the Children’s Annex closes 15 minutes before the main
Nowhere to Run by C.J. Box                        library. The Children’s Annex Saturday hours are 10 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
Shattered by Karen Robards
Silent Sea by Clive Cussler

Belfast Central School                                             19                                                              March 2010
                                                   For your convenience, our newsletter is available on our website –

                                                                                                                                  Non-Profit Organization

                                                                                                                                     U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                                                                    Belfast, NY 14711
                                        Central School District                                                                         Permit #10
                                        1 King Street
                                        Belfast, NY 14711
                                        BOARD OF EDUCATION                                   Or Current Resident
                                        Richard Hull, Jr., President
                                        Mark Alessi,Vice President
                                        Rose Fleming
                                        Janine Preston
                                        Randa Harrington                                     Belfast, NY 14711
                                        William Tucker
                                        Lisa Wuersig
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