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					 NOTICE                          Notice of Trading Membership Lease Termination

 September 30, 2011              The Exchange hereby notifies the membership that the lease agreement between the
                                 following individuals will terminate/expire as follows:

                                  LESSOR                    LESSEE                                         TERMINATION/
                                                                                                           EXPIRATION DATE
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                                  Russell Rosenthal         Austin J. Hipschen (6037:PWRS)                 September 30, 2011
 Lease Termination;
 Change of Guarantor;             Douglas P. Moore          Thomas F. DeCastro (5207:TOMD)                 September 30, 2011
 Clerk Registration
                                 Any claims against the above-mentioned lessees should be filed with the Member
                                 Services Department of the Exchange no later than October 10, 2011.

                                 Notice of Request to Change Guarantor

                                 The Exchange hereby notifies the membership that it has received the following request to
 For more information            change guarantor from the following member:
 please contact:
                                  MEMBER                PREVIOUS GUARANTOR       CURRENT GUARANTOR                   EFFECTIVE DATE
 Linda Chin
 Phone (212) 748-4166             Michael Pantaleo      *MBF Clearing Corp.      Pinnacle Commodities –              October 3, 2011
 Fax (212) 748-4088               (5165:PANT)                                    Division of Advantage
                                                                                 Futures LLC

                                 *MBF Clearing Corp. has filed a waiver of the 5 day posting period.

 RSS Feed:                       Clerk Registration

 ICE is pleased to offer         Members are hereby notified that the Member Services Department has received the
 RSS feeds for the               following clerk registration:
 notification of newly
                                                                                      PREVIOUS FLOOR
 posted exchange                  CLERK NAME          CURRENT FLOOR EMPLOYER          EMPLOYER                      EFFECTIVE DATE
                                  Timothy J. Kelly    East Coast Options Services,    -----------------------       September 29, 2011
 To learn more and sign                               Inc.
 up visit:

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