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									Head of Learning & Achievement

            Isle of Wight Council

            Candidate Information Pack
           Veredus Reference No: 8283
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Welcome letter from the Chief Executive                              Page 3

The Isle of Wight Council                                            Page 4

Living and Working on the Isle of Wight                              Page 7

Senior Management Organisational Chart                               Page 9

The Children & Young People Directorate                              Page 10

Children & Young People Organisational Chart                         Page 12

Job Description                                                      Page 13

Person Specification                                                 Page 16

Terms and Conditions of Employment                                   Page 18

How to Apply                                                         Page 20

Selection and Appointment Process                                    Page 21

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Candidate Information Pack                                                    page 2 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
Thank you for your interest in working with the Isle of Wight Council.

It is a challenging and interesting time generally in Local Government and the Isle of Wight
Council has its own particular opportunities and challenges. We are seeking to build a senior
management team that can secure strong relationships with our public, voluntary and private
sector partners, and at the same time developing further a culture of confidence and trust within
the organisation. While the natural environment is very attractive, the challenges we face are no
less real or demanding than what you would find anywhere else in Britain. Our geography means
that those challenges are only more magnified - and the rewards all the more satisfying.

The Isle of Wight is a fantastic place to live and work. With our wonderful coastline and modern
facilities, the Island caters for people of all ages and backgrounds and offers a wide range of
choice. Less than 30 minutes from the mainland, we are better connected than you may think.
With major projects and programmes in the pipeline, the social, economic and physical
regeneration of the island is set to continue for years to come.

The environmental agenda is one we take very seriously on the Isle of Wight and we are
determined to do our bit, as well as set an example for others to follow. We are working toward
our vision of an eco-island, delivering physical and social projects that minimise and reduce waste
while making the most of the sustainable energy sources available to us.

For the Isle of Wight Council, this means a culture where everyone works together across a broad
spectrum of activities. This is the only way we can meet our organisational and community
priorities. There is absolutely no room for a silo mentality here.

As an organisation, we have achieved a lot and have much to be proud of, but there is still plenty
more to do. Our Children and Adults Services are critical to our residents and they deserve
nothing but the best. We have a dedicated team of staff and, thanks to their efforts, we‟re already
on that journey. We are now looking for the best people to lead us the rest of the way.

I look forward to receiving your application.

Steve Beynon
Chief Executive
Isle of Wight Council

Candidate Information Pack                                                                page 3 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
                           The Isle of Wight Council

The Isle of Wight Council serves a community of 142,500.

A new political administration was elected in June this year and the majority party is Conservative.

Following a “fair” Comprehensive Performance Assessment in 2006, the Council has embarked
on an improvement journey. The two most recent judgements have recorded the Isle of Wight
Council as „improving‟.

The Council’s Mission and Themes

The Council‟s mission is:

“To provide excellent, modern local services that support and deliver the Eco Island

Our five corporate themes are:

          A thriving Island
          A healthy and supportive Island
          A safe and well kept Island
          An inspiring Island
          A modern Council

and our values as an organisation are:

          Straightforward
          Understanding
          Can do
          Customer focused
          Efficient
          Strong
          Sound decisions

The Isle of Wight Council is setting high standards for others to follow. We are determined to
challenge traditional practice in public service delivery and value for money. We have a strong
commitment to sustainable improvement and a clear focus on our customers (residents, visitors
and local businesses). We intend to ensure services are commissioned intelligently and provided
with dignity and respect for Island residents and ensure that staff hold proud the services they

A great deal is happening on the Island - the council, along with its partners in health, the police
and voluntary sector are working towards the delivery of an exciting new vision for the Island; to
be a world-renowned Eco Island, with a thriving economy, a real sense of pride, where residents
and visitors feel safe and are treated with respect.

Candidate Information Pack                                                                  page 4 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
There are six major strategic projects: organisational development - transforming the way we
work, raising school standards and re-organising the school structure, improving Island roads,
modernising the Fire Service, improving the public realm, and providing decent and affordable

Organisational development - transforming the way we work
We are developing and improving our organisation in a number of ways, from re-evaluating and
providing the support and training our staff receive, to significant investment in new business
systems, particularly those relating to finance, human resources and payroll to ensure we can
operate more efficiently. We are also undertaking a programme to rationalise the Council‟s asset
base to reduce the number of staff work bases around the Island and introducing flexible working
patterns so that we can reach our customers in a way that is most suitable to their needs and
operate in a way that is most efficient and effective for our staff.

Raising school standards and re-organising the school structure
Education results on the Island, with the exception of the Key Stage 1, have for many years been
significantly behind other areas on the mainland. In 2008, following widespread consultation, the
Council took the decision to re-organise the structure of the schooling system on the Island to
change it from a three-tier (primary, middle and high school) arrangement to a two-tier structure
(primary and secondary) more in line with the majority of mainland Authorities. Alongside this
programme of re-organisation, the Council has been earmarked for potential Building Schools for
the Future funding and is also embarking on numerous other supporting initiatives to help raise
standards in Island schools. The school re-organisation programme is likely to start in September
2010 and the Authority is currently in a phase of significant preparation and development
including work to secure potential providers to run the new secondary and primary schools.

Improving Island roads
The Isle of Wight Council has successfully bid for and been awarded, a private finance initiative
(PFI) investment worth £325 million to help improve Island roads and address the backlog of
maintenance on the Island road network and associated infrastructure. Most of the work will be
undertaken in the first seven years of the scheme and the Authority is working hard to prepare the
outline business case that will be submitted in the autumn. This will have a huge impact across
many areas of the Council and the improved transport infrastructure promises to bring significant
economic benefits to the Island.

Modernising the Fire Service
Over the past four years the service has undergone many changes and having been rated initially
as „poor‟ in the first CPA inspection in 2005, has recently been rated as „improving well‟ with a
three out of four star rating by the Audit Commission. However the Authority is keen to continue
its pace of improvement and through its integrated risk management plan, has identified a number
of further improvements which it needs to undertake over the next three years to help it deliver its
protection and prevention strategy for the Island community. Consultation with local residents and
businesses on the various options for change begins next month and marks the first step in this
next phase of improvement.

Improving the public realm
Public realm improvements remain consistently high on the agenda of local residents, as
evidenced in the residents‟ survey that the Council undertakes each year. Marked improvements
have been made on an area by area basis to street cleaning, street „furniture‟ (signage, benches,
etc), public toilets, dog fouling, etc and the role of the Environment Neighbourhood Officers has
also made a significant contribution. A further roll out of the programme will take place this year.

Providing decent and affordable homes
The Council‟s Housing Team has had many successes this year not least a reduction in
homelessness statistics, support for landlords and the successful launch of a homebuy scheme to
help first-time buyers get a foot on the property ladder. More work is being undertaken this year
to continue in particular to develop affordable housing on the Island, so that more residents have
the opportunity for a decent and safe place to live.

Candidate Information Pack                                                                 page 5 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
At the same time the Council's own One Island programme, designed to deliver excellent modern
services to meet the needs of residents, is making great strides in its achievements right across
the Island and we have been making sure that we have a top team in place at the Council to
deliver these improvements

The Island Strategic Partnership (ISP)

The Council works very closely with the Island Strategic Partnership (comprising the Health
Authority, the Police, voluntary and community organisations and the business sector)

The Island Strategic Partnership has recently adopted a new vision:

           Eco Island 2008 – 2020

           “We want the Isle of Wight to become a world renowned Eco Island, with a thriving
           economy and a real sense of pride, where residents and visitors enjoy healthy lives,
           feel safe and are treated with respect.”

Eco Island is an ambitious plan which will make our beautiful Island a thriving, dynamic and
confident community, in balance with its local environment.

Now is the time for the Isle of Wight to make a lasting commitment to a “greener” way of life for
our Island, for residents and visitors now and in the future. This is because our “eco footprint” (the
amount of resources and energy we use) is 2½ times the amount we can sustain. In other words,
we cannot keep using the amount of energy we currently use. We all have the opportunity to
change this and safeguard our Island for future generations.

The goal of the Island‟s Strategic Partnership is to grow our economy, job opportunities and
quality of life for all.

Our Eco Island vision is driven by a clear set of personal and community values.

We have

          A strong sense of community engagement.
          A passion and enthusiasm for the Island.
          A desire and willingness to improve what we do and what we have.
          The uniqueness of the Island as the reason to get things done.
          A positive, outward-looking approach.
          A respect of others and their contribution.

These partnership values will define how the ISP leads the Island towards its Eco Island vision
and successes.

These are the lasting improvements we will make, to ensure Eco Island becomes a reality.

Together we will:

          Protect and enhance our Island‟s natural beauty.
          Create wealth and reduce our carbon footprint at the same time.
          Produce as much of our energy as possible from renewable sources.
          Support economic development and regeneration, enabling everyone to share in the
           Island‟s economic success, by increasing the skills of the whole community.
          Reduce levels of obesity in all ages.
          Improve health, emotional wellbeing and life expectancy across the Island.
          Support vulnerable people to live independent lives.
          Ensure people of all ages have places to live and things to do in their local area.

Candidate Information Pack                                                                  page 6 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
          Reduce crime and substance misuse.
          Reduce antisocial behaviour and disorder.
          Reduce the fear of crime and increase public confidence.
          Enhance how our local areas look and feel, now and in the future.
          Make sure our children achieve better than the national average at school and college.
          Reduce childhood inequalities, by tackling poverty, neglect and domestic violence.
          Support families and carers to provide a safe and positive environment for our young

In the first year of Eco Island, 66% of the projects and initiatives identified have been achieved
and the programme of activity among all partners continues at a pace.

Key Documents

Eco Island Link

Corporate Plan 2008 -2011

Medium Term Financial Strategy

Island‟s Education Vision

Children & Young People Plan – draft now adopted

Framework for Learning and Achievement

14-19 strategic Plan

IOW Compact

Candidate Information Pack                                                                  page 7 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
   Living and Working on the Isle of Wight
The Isle of Wight lies off the south west coast of
England. It covers some 380 square kilometres
and is 13 miles from north to south and 23 miles
east to west. It has a population of 142,500, the
largest population of any UK island. Its
population is skewed towards those of
retirement age, 28% of being aged 60 years or
over compared to 21% in England and Wales.
As a contrast 18% of the population are aged
under 16 (England and Wales; 20%).

Cowes and Ryde are the principal points of
entry, linking with Southampton and Portsmouth
respectively. The vehicle ferry from Portsmouth
terminates at Fishbourne, near Ryde and from
Southampton at East Cowes. Another vehicle
ferry from Lymington crosses to Yarmouth, on
the west side of the Island. Newport, at the
centre and head of the navigable part of the
River Medina, is the traditional county town and
administrative centre for the Island and hub of
internal communications. It is also important for
its service industries and a growing number if
manufacturing industries.

Traditionally, Cowes and East Cowes are the industrial focus of the Island with long associations
with shipbuilding. Islanders are proud of the long history of innovation and excellence, with
companies such as GKN Aerospace Services and Britten-Norman Group Ltd leading the way in
manufacturing and technical expertise. As times and technology have changed, many small but
internationally known hi-tech companies have located and developed their business base on the

In recreational terms, Cowes remains the internationally known mecca of yachting and attracts
competitors and visitors from many countries. The interest in yachting is further reflected in the
boat building and marine facilities of the Town. The Island is not only the perfect place for
yachting and other water sports but with many other sport and leisure facilities the Island caters
for a wide range of individual needs to get you feeling fit and healthy. The Island‟s magnificent
coastline includes some of the finest beaches in Europe and, with many areas of environmental
significance, whether you are looking for a relaxing stroll after work, a picnic with friends or
somewhere safe for the children to play, you‟ll never be short of options to get the work-life
balance right.

Ryde, which developed initially through the Georgian and Victorian era, is a delightful blend of the
classic and contemporary. Ryde, together with the other coastal towns of Sandown, Shanklin,
Ventnor and Freshwater are the principal tourist resorts.

Much of the remainder of the Island is distinctly rural in character. There are several Forestry
Commission holdings of which Parkhurst, approximately one square mile, is the largest. In
addition, around 50% of the Island is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There
are approximately 40 Sites of Specific Scientific Interest, covering about 11% of the land area and

Candidate Information Pack                                                                 page 8 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
much of this, particularly around the coast, is considered to be of international importance.
Mention must also be made of Osborne House near East Cowes the favourite residence of Queen
Victoria and Carisbrooke Castle near Newport, both now extremely popular English Heritage

The English Indices of Deprivation (2004) reveal that six areas within the Isle of Wight are in the
top 20% most deprived areas nationally when assessed using the Index of Multiple Deprivation
(IMD). In addition 16 areas fall into the most 20% deprived areas nationally for income and
employment deprivation and four are in the most deprived wards nationally for older persons‟

The Island has a special environment and is home to a rich variety of important habitats and
species. EU or UK designations protect 70% of the Island. The environment is one of the main
attractors of tourists to the Island. Tourism is one of the main industries on the Island with the
population more than doubling during the busy holiday season in July and August. The unique
nature of the Island has also drawn many retirees and second home owners here.

Candidate Information Pack                                                                  page 9 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
                                 Senior Management Organisational Chart
                        Director of                                    Chief Executive                                   CX Strategy and
                       Public Health                                                                                     Performance Unit

      Director                          Community Services                 Director                  Director                             Director
    Children and                                                          Resources             Corporate Services                    Environment and
    Young People                                                                                                                      Neighbourhoods

                                       Head of Adult Social Care
Head of Learning and                                               Head of Compliance and       Head of Legal Services                 Chief Fire Officer
   Achievement                                                          Procurement

                                           Head of Housing
   Head of Targeted                                                 Head of Exchequer and        Head of HR Services                   Head of Planning
     Intervention                                                     Resident Services

  Head of Preventive                                                   Head of Financial         Head of Democratic                  Head of Environment
      Services                                                          Management                   Services                            and Waste

  Head of Policy and                                                Head of Strategic Asset        Superintendent                     Head of Highways
     Resources                                                          Management                   Registrar

                                                                   Head of Strategic Projects                                     Head of Community Safety

                                                                         Head of ICT                                               PFI Programme Director

Candidate Information Pack                                                                                                           page 10 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
The Children & Young People Directorate
The Directorate has recently been reshaped to provide a more effective and coherent service and
enable us to provide locality based teams around children and their families.     We are on an
upward trajectory following a Joint Area review in 2006 which criticised the performance in the
„enjoy and achieve‟ outcome. 2007 saw significant progress in school results at Key Stage 3 and
4 and the removal of the „inadequate‟ judgment by Ofsted. 2008 continued the improvement at
Key Stage 4, though performance at Key Stage 2 remains a priority. There is much excellent
practice on the Island with national recognition for Extended Schools, Parenting Strategy and
Early Intervention work. There are schools and early years‟ settings described as „outstanding‟
and there are no schools in an Ofsted category (June 2009).

However, we are not complacent and realise there is much to do if we are to be a good Children
and Young Peoples Service on our way to excellence. The educational performance of Children
in Care is patchy and a recent Ofsted pilot inspection of safeguarding, whilst „satisfactory‟, has
indicated a number of key areas for improvement. The number of children in care has been high
and is slowly reducing. We have completed a review of special education needs and recently
restructured this area of the Directorate‟s work. However, there is still a need to develop
appropriate prevention and intervention strategies to reduce the number of referrals to the acute

Our Children‟s Trust has recently approved a new Children and their Families Plan and is
currently exploring the establishment of a joint commissioning approach for all community based
services. The joint work across the Council. IOW NHS, Police and the 3rd sector is beginning to
bring benefits to children and their families. We have some joint posts with health in terms of
safeguarding and are looking at ways to broaden this in the near future.. The Youth Service has
recently been reviewed and we are currently consulting on new provision. We are also redefining
our relationship with the third sector ensuring that we invest in their capacity whilst demanding
more in terms of positive outcomes for children & young people.

During the previous 12 months, with additional funding from the DCSF, we have worked to
address issues of concern with schools identified as requiring high or medium support. The
Learning & Achievement team has been restructured to ensure a clearer focus to commissioning
and working in partnership with schools to secure effective, self managing schools.

School re-organisation is a priority of the Council and on the 19th March 2008 the Council voted to
move from the current three tier model of schooling to a two tier model of 4-11 primary schools
and 11-19 secondary schools. The final decision on individual schools will be taken in September
2009 with implementation planned for September 2010. At this point all secondary schools will
have academy or foundation/trust status and operate on a commissioned basis. Our November
2008 BSF submission was well received by DCSF and we are now expected to enter negotiations
for BSF delivery within the next twelve months. Our One School Pathfinder project is in the final
stages of procurement and is expected to be fully operational in 2012.

Our Local Area Agreement priorities for the next 3 years are:

       Raising Standards
       Reviewing social care practice
       Refining and developing services for children & families with complex needs
       Tackling childhood obesity
       Improving CAMHS

Candidate Information Pack                                                               page 11 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
                         Children & Young People Organisational Chart
            Senior Interagency Co-
           ordinator for Safeguarding
                                                                         Strategic Director of                                    Assistant Director
                                                                                                                                    (Project Director,
                                                                     Children and Young People
                  Children‟s Trust                                                                                               School Reorganisation)

                                                                                                                                     Commissioner for
                                                                                                                                     School Places and
     Head of                                     Head of                      Head of                       Head of                       Assets
Preventive Services                     Learning and Achievement        Targeted Intervention       Planning and Resources

                                                                                                                                      Project Manager
   Commissioner for                           Commissioner for              Commissioner for             Principal Officer
 Children‟s Centres and                    Primary and Early Years       Services to Looked After      Quality Assurance and
   Extended Schools                              Education                       Children                    Information              Communications
                                                                                                                                       (School Re-org)
   Commissioner for                          Commissioner for               Principal Officer –         Principal Accountant
  Positive Activities for                   Secondary Education                Referral and                 (Corporate)
    Young People                                                               Assessment                                          School Improvement
                                                                                                                                        (School Re-org)

   Principal Officer                          Commissioner for              Commissioner for            Commissioner for
Learning Difficulties and                    Alternative Provision         Parenting and Family       Workforce Development
      Disabilities                                                               Support                                          Procurement Manager
                                                                                                                                        (School Re-org)

                                                                           Local Safeguarding            Executive Officer
                                                                            Children‟s Board                (Business
                                                                                Manager                   Administration)

Candidate Information Pack                                                                                                     page 12 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
                                        Job Description
Job Title:                       Head of Learning & Achievement

Reports to:                      Director for Children & Young People

Veredus Ref:                     8283

Job Purpose

To lead, commission and manage Learning Services, Children‟s Workforce Development,
Governor Services, Connexions (information, advice and guidance) and Adult/Family Learning to
ensure the delivery of best value services to users in accordance with the Council‟s corporate
objectives. Contributing to the corporate management of the Council across the full range of its
functions, services and activities as well as holding responsibility for the leadership and co-
ordination of integrated services for children and their families in one of three areas on the Island.

Key Accountabilities

    Ensure that all statutory and professional requirements for which the post holder is
     responsible are met.

    Collaborate with partners, where appropriate, to share resources and commissioning to
     secure the best possible services for our communities.

    Build positive working relationships with Elected Members, providing advice and support,
     ensuring effective communication with relevant Portfolio Holders, Cabinet and Commission
     Members and with regional Government representatives.

    Communicate effectively the Council‟s vision, strategy and processes both internally and

    Maintain effective and high quality management control over relevant revenue and capital
     expenditure budgets and management systems, ensuring that agreed expenditure is
     contained within budgets and that projects are delivered to time and to a high standard.

    Manage performance, carrying out performance appraisal on all staff on a regular basis.

    Manage the development of staff by systematically identifying and supporting their training and
     development needs.

    Represent the Directorate and Council in professional, Local Government and community
     forums and to raise the profile of the Council at regional and national forums.

Contribution to Corporate Leadership

    Lead through personal conduct and behaviour so as to reinforce the Council‟s values and
     agreed ways of working, having due regard for equality and diversity and the health, safety
     and wellbeing of everyone.

    Champion the Council‟s values, its agreed way of working, and focus on citizen engagement,
     customer focus, progressive change and valuing diversity.

    Be an advocate for the Council, the communities we serve and its partners.

Candidate Information Pack                                                      page 13 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
    Collaborate with colleagues to ensure the overall leadership and management of the Council.

    Demonstrate an integrated leadership approach which challenges silo working and
     departmentalism and promotes corporate working.

    Act as lead officer on a variety of projects in order to deliver to corporate priorities for the Isle
     of Wight, including those outside the post holder‟s professional discipline.

Directorate Role

 Lead, develop and motivate staff in your division to ensure that all services are managed
  effectively, and agreed outcomes are met consistently and in accordance with agreed national
  and local policies and standards.

 Ensure the Learning and Achievement Framework is implemented with regular reviews making
  sure the Framework has a sustainable impact in the Isle of Wight Schools.

 Develop and manage an effective and clearly targeted learning service which effectively
  supports pupil performance and high quality teaching and learning in schools and is judged to
  be of high quality by external regulators.

 Provide curriculum leadership as part of the school re-organisation project to ensure that as
  much continuity as possible is provided during and after the transition

 Performance manage the provision of intervention and support in schools in proportion to their
  needs to ensure high quality provision impacts on children‟s learning.

 Co-ordinate all aspects of quality assurance in attainment and progress, teaching, learning,
  leadership and management to ensure that all schools and services delivering additional
  curriculum activities are deemed a high standard.

 Develop and maintain close working relationships with the Learning and Skills Council and the
  FE sector to ensure the delivery of high quality provision for 14-19 year olds and adult/family
  learning. Provide strategic oversight of the implementation of the diplomas.

 Performance manage national and local initiatives that impact on school improvement and the
  quality of teaching and earning in schools to ensure continuously improving learning and
  outcomes for pupils.

 Act as an advocate and contribute positively to the effective working of the Authority and where
  appropriate take a lead role on strategic, corporate and partnership initiatives.

 Establish and maintain effective partnerships and working relations with external organisations,
  partners and internal colleagues, including Elected Members, and represent the Council on
  appropriate bodies.

 Identify main trends and key issues affecting the delivery of services under your leadership
  which arise from legislation, professional developments and local pressure and demands.

 Ensure that the Council‟s services are designed, commissioned and delivered in the most
  effective, efficient and equitable manner.

 Ensure value for money and provision of high performing customer focused services across a
  wide range of functions.

Candidate Information Pack                                                         page 14 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
 Undertake the role of Acting Director for Children and Young People in the absence of the

 Undertake any other duties, commensurate with the post, as may be required, including taking
  part in crisis and consequence management activities as required.

Generic Data Quality Statement

All employees are required to comply with the Council‟s Data Quality Policy and Strategy. You
are responsible for ensuring that any information or data you collect or input complies with the
standards set out in these documents.

Managers are responsible for ensuring that data sets provided to others comply with the required

The Data Quality Policy and Strategy is available on the Intranet. Each Directorate has one or
more Data Quality Champions who can explain the requirement to you.

Candidate Information Pack                                                 page 15 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
                                 Person Specification
It is essential that in your application you give evidence or examples of your proven experience in
each of the appointment criteria listed in Part One of the Person Specification.

For those candidates selected for interview, these responses will be further developed and
discussed together with those criteria listed in Part Two of the Person Specification.

Part One


    Educated to at least degree level or equivalent, with evidence of continuous professional or
     managerial development.

Knowledge and Experience

    Thorough understanding of the professional and practice issues related to the delivery of the
     broad range of school improvement services – within the context of modern public services.

    Substantial senior strategic leadership experience in the context of delivery school
     improvement services.

    Demonstrable record of success providing the highest quality services and outcomes for

    An in depth knowledge of major professional, legislative and policy issues facing the provision
     of school improvement services.

    Experience in planning, managing and controlling complex budgets and business planning
     processes to ensure the cost effective use of resources and maximisation of external funding

    Substantial experience in managing strategies that cross service or professional boundaries.

    Aptitude for extending diversity in service design and delivery and awareness of the role of
     positive action.

    Experience of leading, managing and motivating staff across a range of professions and in

    Track record of delivery service improvement and of developing individuals and teams.

    Substantial experience of procuring or commissioning services from private, public or not for
     profit sector providers and of effective contract management.

    Political sensitivity and a high level of awareness of the respective roles and responsibilities of
     members and officers.

Candidate Information Pack                                                        page 16 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
Part Two

The following do not need to be addressed in your application form but will be assessed if you are

Skills, Abilities and Behaviours

    Strong orientation to achieve outcomes through working in collaboration and partnership.

    Demonstrable ability to act corporately and collectively.

    Ability to manage across traditional service boundaries.

    Ability to lead, coach, inspire and empower others to achieve their personal and organisational

    Ability to achieve major cultural and organisational change.

    Ability to build high achieving teams.

    Ability to develop, negotiate and achieve high performance levels and achieve continuous
     improvement in services to customers.

    Ability to think, plan and act strategically and develop creative and innovative solutions.

    Highly developed written, oral and presentation skills.

Personal Qualities

    Strong commitment to probity, honesty and openness, treating people consistently, fairly and
     with respect.

    Strong personal commitment to improving local public services.

    Lead by example.

    Commitment to learning and continuous improvement.

    Personal and professional demeanour and credibility which commands the confidence of
     Members, colleagues, partners and stakeholders.

    Highly developed political management skills.

Candidate Information Pack                                                       page 17 of 21
Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
          Terms & Conditions of Employment
The salary for this post is up to £86,652 per annum (starting point dependent on experience and
qualifications). Annual increments within the pay scale are subject to satisfactory performance
and achievement of agreed objectives. Annual pay review will normally reflect the pay settlements
of the NJC for Local Government Services.

Conditions of Service
The appointment is permanent, full time and subject to the Scheme of Conditions of Service of the
National Joint Council for Local Authorities and to any locally determined conditions.

Holiday Entitlement
Annual leave entitlements for all posts at the Head of Service level and above is 30 days per
annum, plus bank holidays.

The Council will provide a mobile communications device for business use.

Pensions Scheme
The post holder may elect to join The Local Government Pension Scheme.

Working Hours
The nominal working week is one of 37 hours. However, the post holder will be expected to work
in excess of those hours in the performance of the duties and responsibilities of the post. There is
no separate remuneration package for additional hours, and the overall salary package is set to
reflect this.

Notice Period
The appointment will be made subject to three months‟ notice on either side.

Outside Activities
The successful candidate will be required to devote their full attention to the delivery of the
Council‟s agreed priorities and will therefore be expected not to engage in any business or take
up any additional appointment without the express consent of the Council.

Political Restriction
Under the terms of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, this post is defined as a
specified post and the post holder will therefore be restricted from certain political activities as
described in the Act. The post holder must demonstrate political neutrality.

Residency/Removal Expenses
It is anticipated that the successful candidate will engage fully in Island life. In relocating to the
Island, the council will reimburse reasonable removal/relocation costs up to a maximum of
£10,000. We also offer a Disturbance Allowance for individuals who are unable to sell their old
home because of the current economic climate. Further details are available on request.

Probationary Period
All new entrants to the Isle of Wight Council‟s service will be required to satisfactorily complete a
probationary period, irrespective of previous local government service.

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Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
Medical Fitness
The appointment is subject to satisfactory medical clearance and the successful candidate will be
asked to complete a medical questionnaire and undergo a physical medical examination by the
Council‟s Occupational Health Physician if required.

Disclosure of Criminal Convictions
The nature of this post means that it is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.
Candidates are required to disclose all details of any caution or criminal offence, whether or not
these are spent under the terms of the Act. The successful candidate will also be required to
authorise the Council to undertake a criminal record check and to provide additional information at
this stage.

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Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
                                  How to Apply
Your application should consist of a covering letter, an up-to-date CV and a supporting
statement. Your supporting statement should be no longer than four sides of A4 in length.

Please note that it is absolutely essential that in your application you give evidence or examples
of your experience and achievements, addressing the appointment criteria listed in Part One of
the Person Specification.

Under Isle of Wight Council‟s Safeguarding Recruitment Procedures, it is important that applicants
provide details of their full career history to date (including any periods of unemployment). For the
same purpose, please also clearly state your current health status in your covering letter.

For those candidates invited for interview, these responses will be further developed and
discussed together with the criteria listed in Part Two of the Person Specification.

Please also complete and return our Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form, which can be found on
the Veredus website. This will help Isle of Wight Council to monitor the effectiveness of its Equal
Opportunity in Employment Policies. The information on the form will be treated as confidential
and used for statistical purposes only. The form will not be treated as part of your application.

Isle of Wight Council operates a Guaranteed Interview Scheme, which guarantees an interview to
any disabled person whose application meets the appointment criteria listed in Part One of the
Person Specification. If you consider yourself to have a disability as recognised under the
Disability Discrimination Act 2005 and if you would like your application to be considered
under the Scheme, please clearly state this on your covering letter.

You should give names, positions, organisations and telephone contact numbers of at least two
referees, one of whom should ideally be your current/most recent employer. If you specifically do
not wish referees to be approached without prior permission, then you should clearly indicate this

Finally, please ensure that you have included mobile, work and home telephone contact numbers,
as well as any dates when you will not be available or where you might have difficulty with the
indicative timetable.

You can apply online by going to and quoting the appropriate four-digit
Veredus reference number (8283). The closing date for receipt of applications responding to
the advert is Noon on Monday 6th July 2009.

Alternatively, applications can be emailed to or faxed on 020
7932 4201, quoting the appropriate Veredus reference number. If you fax your application,
please follow it up with a clean application in the post.

Applications can be posted to:

Steve Guest
Veredus Executive Resourcing
17 Rochester Row
London SW1P 1RP

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Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council
              Selection & Appointment Process
The timetable for the rest of the recruitment process is as follows:

Monday 6th July 2009 @ Noon        Application closing date
Tuesday 21st July 2009*            Preliminary Interviews at Veredus offices in London (1.5 hours)
Thursday 30th July 2009            Short-listed candidates notified if going through to final
August 2009                        Psychometric testing for short-listed candidates (1 day)
Thursday 24th September 2009       Assessment Centre and stakeholder panels in Isle of Wight (1
Friday 25th September 2009         Final Panel interviews in Isle of Wight (1.5 hours)

* Note that 22nd and 23rd July have been pencilled in for candidates unable to attend interview on
16th July

The Council will reimburse hotel accommodation, travelling and subsistence costs reasonably
incurred in attending for interview.

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Head of Learning & Achievement
Isle of Wight Council

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