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									                MGCs Encore Productions Presents Whose Life is it Anyway


  Middle Georgia College’s drama club, ENCORE Productions will perform the Tony Award Winning Drama
“Whose Life Is It Anyway?” from Thursday to Saturday, Nov. 13-15 at 7:30 p.m. in Russell Hall Theatre.

   MGC’s Performing Arts Director Eric Kuhn is directing the drama and said it is very thought provoking. “This
play sparks thought and discussion as to one’s rights to life and death,” Kuhn said. “With society’s living wills
and ‘suicide doctors,’ the play is relevant to us all. It will make you laugh; but, just as important, it will make you

    The story opens with Ken Harrison, a successful sculptor, who is paralyzed from a car accident and kept alive
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by life support systems in a hospital. Outwardly he' cheerful and often very funny, but he' overwhelmed by the
fact that he has lost control of his own life. He is coming to the terms with his reality: If he can' live as a man, he
does not want to exist as a medical achievement. His physician, however, is utterly determined to preserve Ken'       s
life, regardless of its quality. Finally, despite the pleas of the doctor and his involved nurse, Ken invokes the law
of habeas corpus and a judge joins the battle to determine the ultimate question of ‘whose life is it, anyway?’

   Although the subject matter is rather grim, the play incorporates quite a bit of humor as the patient is a witty
and intelligent man whose banter with his doctors is often funny and bittersweet. An eventual conclusion
produces neither a winner nor loser, as this is a play about personal morals and decisions.

   ENCORE cast members Chris Mont and Ashley Hewitt said they are both anticipating the production. “The
play challenges the audience' perception of life and death in a way that keeps them entertained through a broad
range of emotions,” Mont said.

  “This show definitely deals with more serious issues than our previous plays,” Hewitt said. “I think it' a
wonderful show and is a step in the direction that I personally would like to see Encore Productions go.”

   The cast consists of: Joel Brantley, of Macon; Tara Chrisman and Ashley Hewitt, of Cochran; Alicia Hudson,
of Alpharetta; Chris Ikner, of Dublin; Abigail Jackman, of Atlanta; Christopher Mont, of Roswell; O’Michael
Powers, of Fayetteville; Marquita Rozier, of Statesboro; Amber Swain, of Winterville; Evanee Taylor, of Midland,
Texas and Stephanie Wilson, of Kathleen.

  Tickets are free with current MGC ID, $5 for adults and $4 for students, children and seniors. Reservations are
not required. For more information, call Eric Kuhn at 934-3043.

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