Enjoy Diversity_

					                                                                                                                   campaign report 2010

  European-Wide Action Week Against Racism
                                                                                                                                                                           NORTHERN IRELAND

                                         Enjoy Diversity!
   Thousands Campaign UNITED for an Intercultural Europe
Diversity is a Virtue                                        week, thousands of people coming from all over Europe, new energy, inspiration and motivation to continue with          MONTENEGRO
                                                             from Barcelona to Skopje, from Reykjavík to Samara our everyday struggle against racism. We are proof that
Solidarity a Duty!                                           united in their fight against racism and for a world full of there is an enormous amount of people that believe in an         ESTONIA
The discrimination and exclusion of minorities has a respect and understanding.                                           open, multicultural society, we can generate European-
significant impact on society. Biased media coverage, hate                                                                wide publicity for the single actions we organize in our         CROATIA
speech, political exploitation of topics such as immigration Diversity was promoted by actions such as interactive own different countries and the common vision that lies
and integration or their religious and cultural customs workshops, street protests, conferences, roundtables, behind. Together we are UNITED!                                               TURKEY
incites different groups in society against each other. intercultural festivals, exhibitions, lively discussions,
Acts of ignorance, mistrust and hate shape the overall lectures, seminars and much more, all to encourage Campaigning With UNITED                                                           FRANCE
atmosphere and consequentially affect everybody’s people to enjoy and value the diversity of today’s The European-Wide Action Week Against Racism has
environment - minority or not.                               intercultural society in Europe.                             grown into the largest annual antiracist campaign, SWITZERLAND
But we must not despair: there are people all over Europe In the Netherlands the Diversity Award Show with involving thousands of people in the fight against racism.                      NORWAY
who share a common vision of Europe as a land of equal international guests honoured people actively involved We, who work at the UNITED secretariat in Amsterdam,
                                                                                                                          are often asked how such a huge campaign can be
rights and opportunities for all. People, who look deeper in antiracist work, giving civil society good examples to                                                                            SPAIN
and open their minds, people who have the courage to follow. In Poland a huge campaign involving more than coordinated by such a small office with only a few staff
stand up and speak out against racism. All these people, a dozen cities was organised to stop an auction portal members. The answer is quite simple: UNITED is not an                LUXEMBOURG
Europe's antiracist movement, have to stick together and from selling material with racist, xenophobic and neonazi office, it is the European network against nationalism,
combine forces to be effective and successful in their fight content.                                                     racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees.
                                                                                                                          This means that all participating organisations carried
for tolerance and equality. We must work united to make
our message strong and promote solidarity!                   Why This Campaign?                                           out their own activities, but were able to benefit from a        UKRAINE
                                                             The 21st of March was declared the “International Day strong network structure and the support of the UNITED
Open Your Mind - Enjoy Diversity                             for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination” secretariat who coordinated the campaign: we prepared           LITHUANIA
This year’s UNITED campaign focused on highlighting the      by the General Assembly of the United Nations as a campaign material, distributed it all over Europe, we
                                                                                                                          actively motivated hundreds of NGOs via e-mail and
positive aspects of an intercultural society in Europe. The reaction to the murder of 69 anti-apartheid demonstrators phone-calls, we supported them by offering knowledge                 FINLAND
diversity that enriches our towns, regions and countries in Sharpeville, South-Africa, in 1960. UNITED initiated the and helping them to find partners etc, and we produced a
should be enjoyed rather than treated with hate and European-Wide Action Week Against Racism around the “List of Activities”, which gives an overview on all events
hostility. That is why it was important to campaign with the 21st of March in 1992 to protest against current forms that took place during the Action Week.                              BULGARIA
slogan “Enjoy Diversity” transmitting this message on a of racism and discrimination and to promote diversity,
                                                             intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. Racism To get European-wide attention for the campaign and to
local, regional and European level.
                                                             and discrimination are not just local issues, but have a help the single organisations within the network to make            MOLDOVA
Racism must not be tolerated, not ignored                    European dimension, which is why they have to be fought their actions visible and known by a wide public, we GREAT-BRITAIN
Let’s confront it UNITED!                                    on all levels: local, national and European.
                                                                                                                          sent out a media release to all the important European
Activities in 4 7 Countries!                                 The strength of UNITED campaigns is the amount and press agencies, newspapers etc. and finally published
                                                                                                                          this report. On behalf of the whole network, we would
                                                             variety of organisations, individuals and countries that
The European-Wide Action Week Against Racism, which participate in them and the creativity and diversity of like to thank the participating organisations for making                           ITALY
took place between the 13th and the 21st of March 2010 the activities that are organised. Shaping this huge this successful campaign possible and for their active
was joined by hundreds of grass-roots organisations, campaign together, we learn from each other and gain engagement and support in creating this report.                                   GREECE
mobilising against racism and xenophobia. During the
page 2                                                                                                                                                    Report: European-wide Action Week Against Racism                    13-21 March 2010

          Greece: Strengthen Bonds Among Youth and Intercultural Society                                                                                                                       Hungary: More than
As Europe looks for the right solution to rescue           air activity in the city centre, commemorating                  in the middle of the square and these ribbons of                    Ever, Counteracting
Greece from the devastating effects of the financial
crisis, many Greek organisations and institutions
                                                           the International Day for the Elimination of All
                                                           Forms of Racial Discrimination. More than 60
                                                                                                                           different colours symbolised the bonds between
                                                                                                                           people in an intercultural society. With the music                    Discrimination
are systematically developing awareness-raising            students and 150 citizens with many different                   and movements they completed a clear message:
activities that deal with antidiscrimination and           backgrounds attended this event, organised for                                                                                  After presidential elections, Hungary has sadly
racial hatred. For the campaign, activities directed       the first time in this city and announced by TV                                                                                 taken a lurch to the right. The right-wing Fidesz
at the general public but mainly to young people           and radio programs.                                                                                                             party won a supermajority although the biggest
took part in major cities throughout the country.                                                                                                                                          breakthrough has been seen by the radical
The result: a land plenty of colourful events                                                                                                                                              extremist, nationalist, anti-Roma and antisemitic
against racism and intolerance during the Action                                                                                                                                           party Jobbik who has now entered parliament
Week in March.                                                                                                                                                                             for the first time in Hungarian history. Many
With a discussion titled “Debate on Racism”,                                                                                                                                               organisations are working tirelessly to speak out
AEGEE-Athina brought the students of Athens                                                                                                                                                against emerging populist discourses and racist
closer to the topic of racially-motivated crime in                                                                                                                                         and hate attacks against minorities.
Greece and why they take place. Working with                                                                                                                                               The Action Week Against Racism was focused
youngsters, PRAXIS broadcast a radio show and                                                                                                                                              in the capital, Budapest. In this city, the Roma
appealing radio features under the UNITED                                                                                                                                                  community are marginalised and have long
campaign motto “Enjoy Diversity” in Serres.                                                                                                                                                suffered discrimination and Jews are also
They underlined the importance of rejoicing in                                                                                                                                             by no means free from antisemitism. As
diversity and taking part international campaigns                                                                           More than 60 students and hundreds of citizens attended to     counteraction, Utilapu Halozat – SCI Hungary
                                                                                                                                            the demonstration in Volos
as 21 March. Finally, in Serres, Club Serron for                                                                                                                                           prepared a presentation about Roma in Hungary
UNESCO held a street action bringing together                                                                              "We Want a Colorful World! We Want a World                      where people could discuss this topic in depth
young people and others in the city to walk in one          Strengthening the bonds among youngsters to create an          with many Worlds" and "We Welcome Diversity!".                  with experts and well-known professionals in
                                                                         intercultural society in Volos
way: the end of racism.                                                                                                    It is an easy and fun method to encourage                       Roma issues. Human Rights Students’ Initiative
We Want a Colorful World!                                  Few materials are needed to set up this event:                  youngsters and wider society to break walls and                 organised a big campaign in the streets to raise
It is not always necessary to use words to express         just long colourful ribbons and a group of active,              enjoy the diversity of cultures. Moreover, during               awareness among citizens; under the maxim
yourself; sometimes you can shout without                  energetic people who want to celebrate the                      the whole week, a group of students presented                   “Open Your Mind and Enjoy Diversity” they
opening your mouth, without using your voice. No           diversity of our society. The participants created              antiracist radio programmes at the local radio                  attracted the attention of the passers-by and
words, no voice, only colorful ribbons, music and          a great performance tying their ribbons together                station to raise awareness against discrimination.              youngsters by offering a new positive view about
movement. With these ingredients students from             from one participant to another and following the               Throughout one week, Volos displayed a colourful                how the future could be if we all took pleasure
the University of Thessaly in Volos collaborated           rhythm of the music with theatrical movements.                  soul speaking out racism.                                       in diversity.
with professors to carry out a successful open             A huge colourful circle was eventually composed                                         *Photos by Natassa Karakatsanis

                   Macedonia: Strong Networking - Let´s End Discrimination!
As Macedonian parliament recently passed a                 Youth Association CreACTive, Youth Centre of
new antidiscrimination law which excludes                  Kavadarci and Youth Club of Drenovo organised
sexual orientation as a individual right, civil            5 action days in Kavadarci and Drenovo working
society has been mobilising themselves against             in different creative fields: photo exhibitions,
this controversial decision. Many organisations            antidiscrimination debates, graffiti and educative                                                                               Thousands of people enjoyed the different Zare concerts
and above all youngsters who believe in                    workshops, a movie night and intercultural
integration and freedom have joined the fight              football matches joining Roma and Albanian                                                                                      The organisation Foundation for Subjective
for equality and respect for basic human rights.           people together. More than 100 youngsters had                                                                                   Values from Budapest attracted over 5000 young
                                                           the opportunity to reflect on racism, prejudice,                                                                                people by organising a successful concert.
                                                           exclusion and discrimination using their own                                                                                    In collaboration with the British Embassy
                                                           experiences. They then got active tackling them                                                                                 they developed a strategy to involve popular
                                                           in a local level, for instance, hanging UNITED                                                                                  musicians in their activities. The project titled
                                                           posters in local shops and revealing what they had                                                                              "ZARE - Music Against Racism" managed to
                                                           learned to the public. Organisers were impressed                  The Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency used
                                                                                                                               an art project to work with antiracist topics in schools    get around thirty popular Hungarian bands to
                                                           by the real change in participants through the                                                                                  play at their concerts to promote the antiracist
                                                           course of the project; becoming noticeably                      topics. The session called “United Against                      message. Every music act has its own fanbase,
                                                           more tolerant and able to communicate better                    Racism” featured an intensive discussion also                   so each band was able to promote the concerts by
                                                           with each other. Moreover, many workshops                       covered by the most popular TV station in the                   using social media, and an enormous amount of
                                                           run by the Council for Prevention of Juvenile                   region (TERA Television), helping to spread the                 people therefore came to see their idols for free.
                                                           Delinquency took place in schools in Kavadarci,                 message among the local population as well.                     A big music television station followed the event,
                                                           raising awareness amongst children and tackling                 Youth Forum of Bitola played an important part                  spreading the message throughout their national
                                                           discriminatory acts in the classrooms. Through                  by distributing UNITED material amongst local                   audience. The audience received the antiracist
                                                           the use of an art project, they left schools free of            organisations working with minorities.                          message straight from their idols; over 5000
                                                           racism in an original way.                                      Thanks to actions like these, Macedonian                        people enjoyed the nice atmosphere, listening to
                                                           The biggest antiracist campaign took place in                   network against intolerance is becoming stronger                Hungarian stars and joining their stand against
  Youth Association CreACTive prepared a lot of original   Bitola; Centre for Human Rights AMOS organised                  and stronger. Let's continue with this activities to            racism! This concept is simple and so successful
               workshops for youngsters                    seminars and training courses about different                   end discrimination!                                             it will be repeated this summer.

                            Poland: No Nazi on "Allegro" - Cleaning Up the Biggest Polish Auction Portal
Never Again Association has been campaigning               This year, in the frame-                                                                  graffiti against Nazi on             famous artists Never Again Association has
against the auction of neonazi items-like T-shirts,        work of the European-                                                                     Allegro, information                 attracted more public attention: a method very
stickers, flags and CDs- on Allegro; the biggest           Wide Action Week                                                                          points, lectures, debates            successful in Polish society. Wide media coverage
Polish auction portal for the past one and a half          Against Racism and in                                                                     and the dissemination                also was achieved by inviting journalists to press
years. Allegro has been accused of turning a               cooperation with Green                                                                    of postcards, were the               conferences and debates as well as alerting them
blind eye to the rampant sale of racist and neonazi        2004, Green Light and                                                                     most popular activities              to various street actions.
material on the internet. Its online auctions are          3 Fala Group (3 Wave),                                                                    during the Action                    On the International Day for the Elimination of
full of explicitly nazi and racist propaganda              Never Again Association                                                                   Week 2010. Numerous                  Racial Discrimination the OSCE ODIHR office
material such as football hooligan stickers bearing        prepared a wide variety                                                                   traditional concerts                 held a meeting to further develop discussions and
the Celtic cross symbol sometimes used by Nazis,           of national activities. 3                                                                 featuring famous Polish              analysis of the impact that hate on the internet has
accompanied by slogans such as “Poland for                 Fala Group, Poland’s                                                                      rock and pop groups                  on the behaviour of alleged perpetrators, as well
the Polish” and “F*** the Gypsies”. Although               leading graffiti artists,                                                                 under the motto “Music               as to evaluate legislative and other measures taken
these sales constitute only a tiny fraction of the         took the issue to the                                                                     against Racism” were                 to address incitement for violent hate crimes. The
company’s turnover, and despite negative media             streets, spraying graffiti                                                                also held in different big           meeting also aimed to provide a critical assessment
publicity and numerous approaches by anti-racist           with the altered Allegro                                                                  and small Polish cities.             of the current situation, identifying current
campaigners, the company refuses to curtail                logo in protest. Bielsko-Biała, Kraków, Lublin,                 During the activities signatures were collected                challenges and examples of successful approaches
sales and address the issue. Polish law forbids            Olsztyn, Poznań, Bydgoszcz, Wrocław, Warszawa                   for the petition and there was also the option to              in addressing hate on the internet from the view
the promotion of racist and fascist ideologies, but        and other Polish cities were “invaded” during the               sign an online internet appeal to Allegro. A plea              of practitioners. As a result, a joint statement
enforcement is notoriously lax. Extensive public           European Action Week Against Racism with                        to sign the appeal was also sent to international              against manifestations of racism and xenophobia
debate on this issue has been widely covered in            artists, musicians and activists with the theme                 partners. Through managing to actively involve                 with a particular focus on the Internet was made
media and open letters against sales of the neonazi        "Nazi Never Again on Allegro". Street actions,                  Polish celebrities, respected intellectuals and                by the OSCE's Office for Democratic Institutions
symbols that were signed by wellknown Polish                                                                                                                                              and Human Rights (ODIHR), the Council of
intellectualists, artists, writers and academics                                                                                                                                          Europe's European Commission against Racism
in 2009 did not acheive the desired result. The                                                                                                                                           and Intolerance (ECRI) and the European Union
company ignored all petitions and continues                                                                                                                                               Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA).
selling hate symbols, referring to the rules of free                                                                                                                                      Street action, workshops and a movie projection
market and the absence of laws prohibiting sales                                                                                                                                          in Poznan were organised by SCI Poland
of such products. The Allegro.pl has sent a legal                                                                                                                                         Stowarzyszenie “Jeden Swiat” - One World
document to journalists concerning this issue                                                                                                                                             Association. The main topic was tolerance towards
but the Never Again Association never received a                                                                                                                                          everybody.
reply. Furthermore, the fact that artists of 3 Fala                                                                                                                                       Other actions were planned by Auschwitz Jewish
Group provocatively changed “ll’ in the word                                                                                                                                              Center; a series of seminars for high school teachers
“Allegro” for the campaign to “SS” caused the                                                                                                                                             and workshops for students on the topic “Why Do
conflict between antiracist organisations and the                                                                                                                                         We Need Tolerance?” in Oswiecim were organised
online portal to escalate.                                     Graffiti against nazis all over Poland, one of the most popular activities during the Action Week Against Racism 2010      from January to November 2010.
Report: European-wide Action Week Against Racism                    13-21 March 2010                                                                                                                                                            page 3

                            Luxembourg:                                                                                                           Russia:
                 We All Belong to the Same Society!                                                                                 Empowering Youth - Investment in Future!
Diversity is like a multicoloured ball of wool.              explained by the excellent preparation beforehand.             A major problem of modern-day Russian society                  with a minute of silence to honour the victims of
                                                             In September CLAE had already started to inform                is the high level of intolerance and aggression                March terrorist attacks in Moscow.
                                                             about the upcoming festival, so that more than                 amongst youth especially, combined with a lack                 During the Action Week 2010 in Saint Petersburg,
                                                             2000 organisations subscribed by November, a                   of positive role models and visible activism for               Centre for Interethnic Cooperation held a 2-
                                                             number that is increasing year by year.                        those people who believe in values of human                    day training course with the title “Prevention
                                                                                                                            rights and equality. There is also no adequate anti-           of Extremism and Building up the Tolerance
Up to 30 000 people visited the 27th Festival                                                                               discrimination law that has been implemented                   in Youth Environment”. During the training
of Migration, Cultures and Citizenship this                                                                                 in Russia. According to the SOVA annual report                 21 students from different universities in Saint
year in Luxembourg. The three-daylong event                                                                                 2009 racist violence continues to grow at a high               Petersburg learned about different methods and
coordinated by the Comité de Liaison et d’Action                                                                            rate, including neonazi skinhead attacks and                   tools for fighting racism.
des Etrangers (CLAE) took place in the most                                                                                 numerous everyday violent conflicts triggered by
important centre for exhibitions within the                                                                                 ethnic and racial hatred. At the same time, there
Grande Région, LuxExpo, where over 2000                                                                                     is a growing willingness amongst young people
associations could find a place for their info-                                                                             to undertake action that counters the activities of
stands. The organisations, many of them involved                                                                            neonazi groups and xenophobia. Youngsters feel
in the field of migration, presented their work at                                                                          that the presence of hatred in their society has a
the festival. Furthermore they organised actions               Writers and interested people shared experiences and         negative effect on them and so they are gathering
                                                                 spoke about migration issues during the Festival
for children, exotic dance shows and interesting                                                                            for collective action in order to fight racism and
conferences.                                                 Another secret of the success is the fact that                 intolerance.
Simultaneously, a book fair with over 80 writers             each of the participating organisations did its                20 local groups among them partners and
also organised by CLAE took place. Writers                   own publicity for the festival. They were able to              supporters of the Youth Human Rights Movement
coming from all over the world, from Africa                  address many people and also reach various target              from Russia and also some local groups from
to South America, spoke about the migration                  groups.                                                        Belarus and Ukraine took part in the Action Week.
issues and situations particular to their countries,                                                                        Every local group used a different approach to
broadening the horizon of the huge amount of                                                                                ask participants the challenging question of what
                                                                                                                                                                                            Youngsters feel the presence of hatred in their society and
visitors.                                                                                                                   is considered “normal” and “not normal”.                        they are gathering for collective action to fight intolerance
                                                                                                                            Under the common name “Stop Racism”
                                                                                                                            numerous activities took place. Some examples:                 Samara International Society for Cultural Studies
                                                                                                                            movie screenings with discussion, a festival “The              also prepared a range of activities; round table
                                                                                                                            Dialogue of Cultures” with photo exhibition “No                and training seminars were planned by students
                                                                                                                            One is Illegal” and “The Art of Tolerance”, lessons            at several universities in Samara on the themes of
                                                                                                                            of tolerance and also distribution of info material            multiculturalism, antiracism and diversity. These
                                                                                                                            in numerous cities of Russia. An interregional                 activities were supported by the distribution of
                                                             Children also had the chance to enjoy the diverse activities
                                                                                                                            competition was organised by groups from                       antiracist posters, postcards and thematic cultural
                                                                                                                            Voronezh (Russia) and Homel (Belarus) titled                   interactive games.
                                                             Shortly before the festival, the organisation                  “Photo Hunting - Unity in Diversity”, where
                                                             Luxembourg Against Racism organised in the                     participants were challenged to use their cameras
                                                             frame of the European Action Week Against                      to “hunt” images best representing diversity and
  Up to 30.000 visitors attended the Festival of Migration
                                                             Racism a film screening and debate on the                      difference. Last but not least the press conference
Different cultures come together to knit one                 topic of xenophobia, migrants and refugees.                    “Xenophobia Among Youth” in Moscow
intercultural society, both a symbol and ideal               The documentary “Camicie Verd. Bruciare il                     Independent press Centre was held.
for the modern world, overcoming differences                 Tricolore” by Claudio Lazzaro dealt with the
between cultures and ethnicities; that was the               extreme right-wing party “Lega Nord” from Italy.
message of the 27th Festival of Migration,                   The lively discussion afterwards was moderated
Cultures and Citizenship. This idea was captured             by a director of history and joined by the film-
in the poster, featuring a multicoloured ball of             maker. People could ask questions about the
wool. The enormous success of the event can be               current situation in the country.
                                                                                                                                                                                             UNITED campaign materials were distributed in different
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Russian regions among students and activists

                                                                                                                                                                                           At Gymnasium Nr. 6 in Voronezh an awareness-
                          Ireland: A Blitz of Antiracism                                                                                                                                   raising activity among young pupils (children
                                                                                                                                                                                           of elementary school) named “Pupils against
Straining economic conditions have had a strong              Central Library in Letterkenny also invited 30                                                                                Racism” took place. Older pupils from middle
impact on communities in Ireland, but local                  primary schoolchildren to their activity “Cultural                                                                            school visited younger schoolchildren in their
organisations have been working tirelessly to                Crafts; Respecting Diversity” where they created                 Students of different universities learned about different   classrooms and informed them about the
combat the xenophobic and racist attitudes they              a globe and Tree of Hope using cut-outs of hands                         methods and tools for fighting racism
                                                                                                                                                                                           International Day for the Elimination of All
can give rise to. Through a desire to teach people           that they had covered with personal information                With the catchy title "Open your Eyes!" Social                 Forms of Racial Discrimination. Afterwards they
how to effectively deal with racial discrimination,          and lists of their favourite things. The outcome of            Democratic Union of Youth in cooperation with                  distributed paper clips, explaining how after being
the Africa Centre in Dublin launched a new                   this activity provided a temporary exhibition in               Film festival “Side by Side” and Youth Human                   used by Norwegian teachers as resistance symbol
service; the “AntiRacism Desk”, a support                    the library and was a fun and creative way for the             Rights Movement from St. Petersburg presented                  against the nazi regime in 1942, they became a
mechanism for victims of racist incidents. Over              children to learn how in spite of their differences,           the 5th Annual Antiracist film festival in Saint               symbol of solidarity between antifascists all over
30 victims made use of the Desk, receiving                   many shared things in common.                                  Petersburg cinema “Neva”. The Festival started                 the world.
legal and professional advice on how to report
incidents, encourage others to take formal action
and ensure that data on discrimination is recorded
and acted on, illustrating how this service can be
an empowering resource for victims.                                                                                                               Slovakia:
                                                                                                                                  Enough of Silence - Facing the Fascist Past
                                                                                                                            The date of the 14th March is very significant                 Museion, Open Society Foundation, Club Obluda,
                                                                                                                            for the Slovak far-right as well as for Slovak                 the Slovak Association of Slovak Antifascist
                                                                                                                            antifascists, as it marks the beginning of the                 Fighters and several active individuals.
                                                                                                                            Slovak fascist state 1939 – 1945, which was an
                                                                                                                            ally with Nazi. Even in 2010, the Slovak far-right
                                                                                                                            organised their marches and rallies but also this
                                                                                                                            year there has been a group of active individuals
                                                                                                                            and organisations opposing these worrying
                                                                                                                            history-twisting developments.
                                                                After diverse workshops as a quiz game, children of         Under the name “Enough of Silence” a form of
                                                               different backgrounds could play a football tournament       cultural protest and counterbalance to the activities
                                                                                  against racism.                           of the far-right was organised by People Against
                                                                                                                            Racism together with the Jewish Community of
                                                             Alongside activities such as an art competition                Slovakia, the Holocaust Documentation Centre,
                                                             and “Meet the Neighbours”, a community style
                                                             café promoting dialogue between different
                                                             communities in the South Dublin area, the Social                                                                                Youngsters from different Slovak organisations showing
                                                                                                                                                                                                    their opposition to the right-wing parties
                                                             Inclusion Unit organised “Soccer Blitz”, an
                                                             ambitious project across primary and secondary                                                                                The diverse backgrounds of the organisations
 The Tree of Hope was composed using cut-outs of hands
    and covered with personal information of children        schools which began with a 90 minute antiracism                                                                               involved helped to create a broad range of
                                                             workshop and cultural quiz in participating                                                                                   activities: two days programme contained not
Many creative and entertaining activities also               schools. Workshop in schools higlighting issues                                                                               only discussions on the history and present faces
took place during the Action Week; Rúach                     of racism in sports. An exciting, lively football                                                                             of fascism but also art exhibitions as well as
Rhythms organised a series of intercultural                  tournament where each class represented a                                                                                     classical and reggae concerts. An exhibition of
African drumming workshops named “Witness                    different country then took place, highlighting                                                                               modern art took place on the Square of the Slovak
One Voice” which were led by both local asylum               the importance of cultural integration and                                                                                    National Uprising. The venue of the exhibition
seekers and members of the community.                        showing the pupils how sport can be used for                                                                                  was deliberately selected as it was along the route
When schoolchildren in Donegal visited                       social inclusion. Kerry Action for Development                                                                                of the right-wing march. In this way a direct
Carndonagh Library, they were treated to a                   Education also played their role in promoting                                                                                 opposition to the activities of the far-right was
thought-provoking theatre performance. A drama               diversity by celebrating international cultures to                                                                            created. Visitors were given the chance to take
therapist, using racism as her main theme, used              create a "Global Tralee". Decorated with bright                                                                               part in the protest and confront the march of the
dramatic games and role-play to explore how                  UNITED posters, this event featured dance and                    Modern art to counteract racism, a cultural protest in the   far right directly or by visiting the exhibition and
children see themselves and others.                          musical performances from around the world.                                     main square of Bratislava                     taking part in cultural activities.
page 4                                                                                                                                      Report: European-wide Action Week Against Racism                   13-21 March 2010

                     Spain: No Space for Intolerance, Xenophobia or Racism - Never Stop Being Active!
High unemployment and a lack of expectations forces and hold a huge live concert of celebration                 The organisation SOS Racismo Gipuzkoa                    double meaning in Spanish language. On one
provide the perfect conditions for the populist and under the motto “Colours Against Racism                     organised a poster competition amongst different         hand, it conveys “getting wet” in the literal sense
anti-immigration discourse of right-wing parties and Intolerance”. Antifeixistes, Jarit, CEAR,                  schools to encourage debate between youngsters.          but on the other, it has means “to be active”. So
to circulate amongst the Spanish population. Movimiento contra la Intolerancia, Colectiu                        After discussions about related topics and               the students wanted to encourage people to join
Neonazi groups also exploit the situation and Lambda, LGTB and hundreds of people in the                        prejudices, students from Cycle of Graphic Design        the march by humorously suggesting they get wet
spread their message of hate quickly through crowd demonstrated that music is the perfect tool                  of IES Usandizaga were given the responsibility of       against racism.
internet. But these are not an                                     to communicate their message                 organising the campaign for International Day for the
obstacle for organisations and                                     to kick racism out of our                    Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination.
active citizens of every region                                    societies. In Murcia, Asociación             During the students’ meeting they realised one
in the country who every day                                       Columbares continued raising                 common feature that happens every year during the
increase their efforts to stop                                     consciousness       in    schools.           21 March demonstration; the rain always appears.
racist manifestations.                                             “Together Against Racism” was                This idea, which started as a joke, finally became
In Madrid, Coordinadora                                            a series of workshops where                  in the main inspiration of the campaign: Get Wet,
Antifascista de Madrid held                                        children could be informed                   which translated is Mójate. This expression has a
a Hip Hop concert and video                                        about these topics in an enjoyable
forum about rap music that                                         way. In Málaga, Movimiento
combats        discrimination.                                     Contra la Intolerancia prepared
SOS Racismo with other                                             “Mandela’s Action” which
organisations such as CEPI                                         included workshops, seminars,
                                                                                                                                                                            Symbolic protest took place through streets under the
Spanish-Moroccan prepared                                          campaigning and ended with                                                                                    slogan: Equal Rights, Different Humans
many action during the                                             a demonstration. The target
“European Week Against                                             groups were students, teachers,                                                                       They therefore chose the umbrella as an icon for
Racism 2010” with events                                           NGO members and politicians,                                                                          their protest, a symbolic object with a double
such as a film screening,                                          strategically chosen so not                                                                           meaning; used to avoid getting wet from the rain
“Art Competition for the                                           only could progress be made at                                                                        but also as protection from the racist storms that
Equality”, round tables about                                      different levels, but so a strong                                                                     are surrounding them in the current climate. Who
migration and homelessness,                                        antiracist message could be                                                                           does not have an umbrella in their house?
workshops and theatre for                  Never Again Racism      received across society. Also                                                                         The slogan that was finally decided upon was
children. People from different                                  Movimiento por la Paz Málaga                                                                            “Get Wet. Equal RIGHTS, Different HUMANS”
backgrounds and ages came together in fun carried out educational training to “Empower                                                                                   and with it, SOS Racismo, many students and
intercultural events. Something similar was also Civil Society” with successful results. The work                                                                        more than 46 civil organisations were involved
organised in Barcelona. SOS Racisme spoke out of these Spanish organisations reveals that there                                                                          in this antiracist demonstration around the main
racism during street performances, concerts and is no space for intolerance, xenophobia and racism                                                                       streets of Donostia. In conclusion, a simple tool
open days in their office. Participants had the in the country. Regardless of how many acts of                                                                           like an umbrella can be used not only as symbolic
opportunity to witness how this organisation is hatred take place, there is just as much action                                                                          protection from racism and xenophobia but also
working to make the antidiscrimination message counteracting them; the fight against racism                      Poster campaign prepared by a group of students: Take
                                                                                                                                                                         to communicate that is important to get wet, be
stronger. In Valencia, lots of organisations joined never stops!                                                       your umbrella but 'get wet' against racism!       active and to claim equal rights for a fair society.

 Croatia: Ignorance is                                                                     Great Britain: In the Spotlight, Speaking Back
the Highway to Racism                                     With their unique social and economic                 professional footballers, schoolchildren learned         and busy parts of town to educate the public on
                                                          histories, each country has its own set of racial     about their experiences of racism within sport           dealing with hate crime and promoting equality.
In the early 1990s the tragic Yugoslav war                tensions. In recent years, Britain has seen a         and wider society. Participants lent their voices        Radical Middle Way organised a youth festival,
began to devastate the country and the region             worrying rise in Islamophobia and many of             to promoting a cohesive and united Oldham and            “Muslim... and Proud” which used music, debate,
of Zadar became a part of the new Republic of             the activities organised as part of Antiracist        their enthusiasm was rewarded with gifts and             arts and action to celebrate Islam and showcase the
Croatia. Its economy suffered greatly at this time,       Week sought to address this in a positive way.        prizes donated by Oldham Football club.                  talents of Muslim youth, whilst also challenging
not only because of the war but also due to the                                                                 Discrimination in the workplace was also a focus         the dangerous, threatening images and clichés
shady and controversial privatisation process,                                                                  for The Campaign Against Cynical Diversity               of them that circulate in mainstream society.
which caused most of its prosperous companies                                                                   Management, whose “Tell the Truth About
to diminish. Nowadays there are many projects                                                                   Cynical Diversity Management at Work Day”
by governmental and non-governmental                                                                            aimed to highlight discrimination issues in
organisations to rebuild the post-war local                                                                     employment. Workplaces all over Europe were
community. The Centre for Peace Studies based                                                                   encouraged to present examples where equalities
in Zagreb made a visit to Zadar to conduct such a                                                               and diversity legislation has been unsuccessfully
project. A documentary by a well-known Croatian                                                                 implemented to senior management, urging them
director was shown and a debate about tolerance,                                                                to improve these working conditions and truly
acceptance and reconciliation was held for the                                                                  value diversity in their places of work.
local community. The UNITED posters proved                                                                      Across the country, young people were educated
to be useful for raising awareness on the topics                                                                on antiracism; whilst some learned through Action
discussed. A whole selection of activities were                                                                 for Social Integration’s weeklong programme
organised in Gvozd by the Suncokret-Centre for                                                                  of film screenings about racism, others learned
Community Development. Their focus in this                                                                      through activities held in their schools. Stockport
post-war area was youth and antiracist action.                    Concerts and comedy by British Muslims        College held an open information stand throughout
First of all posters were hung throughout the city,                                                             the week that encouraged students to find out
then lively discussions were held with youth and          Show Racism the Red Card planned “Educating           more about tolerance and antiracism, whilst
roundtables also took place. This was all with            for Equality”, a series of training conferences       pupils at Our Lady’s RC High School in Oldham                Traditional food and drinks during the youth festival
                                                                                                                                                                                            "Muslim... and Proud"
the idea that youth from different backgrounds            in partnership with organisations such as the         became involved with the campaign through their
should unite to fight against racism.                     Islamic Diversity Council which were attended         citizenship lessons which had a focus on anti            Amidst a vibrant, energetic atmosphere filled
                                                          by 120 professionals employed in public services,     racism especially for the week.                          with food stalls, craft tables, traditional dress and
                                                          especially educators. The purpose of these courses    Hounslow experienced an array of activities              a bazaar, young people participated in workshops
                                                          was preventing Islamophobia and homophobia            during Antiracist Week; as this is an area of            addressing injustice, violence and the main issues
                                                          and within schools through developing tools and       London with an extremely large Asian community,          currently facing young Muslims. A day of hard
                                                          ideas for incorporating antidiscrimination through    it seemed fitting that so many members of the            work was rounded off with a concert and comedy,
                                                          teaching. “No Place for Racism”, a new campaign       community were motivated to fight back against           giving British Muslims a rare chance to shine in
                                                          together with Oldham Athletic Football Club was       racial discrimination and make their voices heard.       the spotlight, show what they are capable of, and
                                                          also launched during Antiracist Week. Through         The local Race and Equalities Council set up             in turn, gaining national radio and newspaper
                                                          workshops and question and answer sessions with       information stalls in the local shopping centre          coverage for the right reasons.

   Croatian students discussing various faces of racism                                       Lithuania: Be Aware! How Tolerant Are We?
“Ignorance is the Highway to Racism” – that               The alarming frequency of racist attacks is a clear   Within the framework of the European Action              performed on, but also because the Week Against
was the title of the workshop organised by the            signal for Europe to unite against racism, work       Week, one of the national museums Vilna Gaon             Racism expanded to a whole Month Against
Croatian Youth Network. Together with 20                  towards eliminating hatred and foster tolerance       State Jewish Museum Centre of Tolerance opened           Racism rich with diverse activities on many
students they spent many hours learning and               in our communities must be a duty for everyone.       its doors for young people and students to explore       social groups. More than 1500 persons actively
discussing various facets of racism. The aim              Recent public appearances by Lithuanian               the temporary exhibition “Silent Cinema” by a            participated in the events of HRMI in Vilnius and
of this activity was to raise awareness on the            politicians, especially those showing support for     Polish artist and to see the documentary “BRICHA         other Lithuanian cities. From informal lessons in
severity of racism and its impact on society. First       neonazi youth groups, are very worrying and           – Jewish escape from post-war Lithuania”,                schools to debates in parliament with politicians,
of all participants discussed how archaic the             urgent action is required. Lithuanian civil society   directed by Jonas Ohman. Groups of students              and from movie screenings to the wide-ranging
concept of race is today, with relation to genetic        organisations have reacted immediately to this        could attend all these activities free of charge.        discussions at the National Art Gallery – the HRMI
research (Human Genome Project). During the               threat to public security and, guided by the motto    The aim of The Tolerance Centre; a section of the        managed to attract people locally, nationally and
middle section the focus was set on the past; what        “from words to action”, organised different events.   Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum, is to spread the         on a European level. The success of the action is
have been the consequences of racist ideologies           That is how Antiracist Week this year became          values of tolerance in society. Staff at the centre      illustrated by the variety of people involved: from
and institutionalised racism? Examples from               very rich with debates, exhibitions, discussions      believe education is an effective way to foster          Ambassadors and MEPs to public figures like
Nazi-Germany and the Apartheid in South Africa            and performances led by several NGO. Panevezys        tolerance in society through teaching historical         famous Lithuanian artists, actors, musicians and
were the particular topics of discussion. Special         Margarita Rimkevicaite Technological School           truths, freedom of thought and human rights.             renowned academics. Studio Vaitaitau produced a
attention was given to the analysis of political          used the motto “Be Aware”. Teachers and students      Let’s do it “Month Against Racism!”: The actions         video especially for the campaign, promoting The
strategies to combat racism. Participants worked          prepared a research project on the topic “How         organised by the Human Rights Monitoring                 European Week against Racism, which has been
in groups, analysing the advantages and problems          tolerant I am”, an info exhibition and debate. More   Institute (HRMI) were impressive not only the            disseminated through a major news portal DELFI
in implementing such policies.                            than 600 people participated in Panevezys.            number of events and the scale which they were           as well as social media (facebook, YouTube, etc.).
Report: European-wide Action Week Against Racism                  13-21 March 2010                                                                                                                                                page 5

    Iceland: Painting a                                            The Netherlands: Creative Actions to Protect a Multicultural Society
       Multicoloured                                       The Netherlands is a country that has long been          take place shortly before the national elections in        March cake, the cakes were exhibited in the local
       Environment                                         known for its tolerance, but it now faces a serious
                                                           threat due to the recent rise of populist right-wing
                                                                                                                    June. Moreover, many other local activities were
                                                                                                                    planned to promote intercultural cohesion.
                                                                                                                                                                               library. Who knows if for their next birthday an
                                                                                                                                                                               antidiscrimination cake will be baked?
                                                           parties.                                                 The meeting ended with a colourful manifestation
During times of economic hardship and
                                                                                                                    on Amsterdam’s main square, the Dam. Referring
unemployment, youth can be prone to
                                                                                                                    to the name of the organising NGO, ‘Netherlands
xenophobic attitudes. For example a large
                                                                                                                    Shows its Colours’, multicoloured balloons were
number of supporters for the online campaign
                                                                                                                    given to the participants and after the speeches
“Society against Polish people in Iceland” were
                                                                                                                    were set free into the sky. Another NGO from the
young people. The various activities that took
                                                                                                                    South of Netherlands, Kleurrijke Stad celebrated
place in Iceland for the European-wide Action
                                                                                                                    diversity in society as well. During their annual
Week demonstrate a huge success in motivating
                                                                                                                    Rainbow festival the beauty of various cultures
youth to fight the constant threat of racism.
                                                                                                                    was shown through dance, music and workshops.              Youth leaders working during the conference in Rotterdam
                                                                                                                    The small city Purmerend was full of activities
                                                                                                                    for people of any age.‘Purmerend Tegen Racisme’            An international conference “Call to Europe”
                                                                                                                    held a ‘March-Cake-Competition’ for five school            organised by the Eenheid is Kracht Foundation
                                                               Demonstration against racism in the main square of
                                                                                 Amsterdam                          classes from the second grade. Their task was              sent a wake up call to European leaders and
                                                                                                                    to design the most beautiful antidiscrimination-           policy makers to take real, practical action against
                                                           In the local elections on 4th March 2010 the             cake. The 8 year old children were supported by            racism and discrimination. Over seven days, 80
                                                           party of Geert Wilders, who holds strong anti-           professional bakers in this difficult challenge.           youth leaders from 17 different countries actively
                                                           Islam views achieved to get the majority and the         After the award ceremony for the most inspiring            discussed policies and practice concerning Human
                                                           second place in the two district councils they ran                                                                  Rights, social inclusion and youth participation.
                                                           for. With an eye on the national elections in June                                                                  On the 21 March the conference was opened with
                                                           2010, where the party is also expected to make                                                                      the “Unity is Strength” festival in Rotterdam,
                                                           wins, there is a need for Dutch civil society to get                                                                aiming to show the diverse society within the
                                                           organised.                                                                                                          city. The festival consisted of several parts: a
                                                           Nederland Bekent Kleur held a network meeting                                                                       NGO infomarket, soccer games and a main stage
                                                           inviting NGOs and individuals interested in                                                                         with speeches. Several hundred people joined a
                                                           making a concrete plan of action against the                                                                        demonstration against racism through Rotterdam
    Youngsters getting active with UNITED posters          possible success of Geert Wilders populism.                                                                         city centre. The closing event of the conference
                                                           During the action-meeting organisations from                                                                        was the “International Diversity Award Show”.
This year the Icelandic Human Rights Centre
                                                           all over the country agreed to organise a festival        Dutch newspapers reported the Rotterdam antiracist acts   Five awards were handed out to active individuals
collaborated with community groups and
                                                           in Amsterdam with prominent Dutch guests to                        that brought together hundred people             or groups involved in diversity-promoting work.
NGOs such as the Icelandic Red Cross,
Evangelic Lutheran Church of Iceland, YMCA
youth, SEEDS and Soka Gakkai to encourage
young people to participate by giving them the
responsibility of creating their own programme                                    Bosnia - Herzegovina: New Law Against Discrimination
of exciting events. A design competition
organised by Iceland Human Rights Centre to                What can be changed by sending one postcard              echo was enormous, newspapers as well as local
find this year’s logo to be used on posters and            with a message about antidiscrimination? You             TV and radio covered the action.
t-shirts for participants gave young people the            can change a person’s mind. Imagine the outcome          As ethnic, national and religious separation
opportunity to shape the campaign right from               if you send 150 postcards containing parts of the        and misunderstanding are part of everyday life
the very beginning.                                        prohibition of discrimination law to governmental        in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Peace Flame
                                                           and non-governmental institutions. The law was           House in Tuzla decided to get active within the
                                                           recently adopted in Bosnia and Herzegovina and           European Action Week Against Racism. Under
                                                           still has some difficulties in being recognised.         the title “Beauty of Diversity” creative workshops
                                                           The Youth Group of the Helsinki Committee for            for youth were organised during the whole week.
                                                           Human Rights in Bosnia Herzegovina actively              On the International Day Against Racism, an
                                                           sent not only the postcards, but also promoted           exhibition presenting the outcomes of these
                                                           antiracism by making posters visible in high             workshops was organised. With the contribution
                                                           schools, universities and public transport.              of famous people, such as a regionally known
                                                                                                                    songwriter, the organisers made the exhibition               Speeches and presentations about minorities in Bosnia
                                                                                                                    even more attractive for visitors.
                                                                                                                    Research done by ORC Tuzla over several months             One of them proposed the development of
                                                                                                                    about the areas of discrimination showed that in the       programmes to support the employment of youth
                                                                                                                    field of employment there is major discrimination          and ethnic minorities in the private sector.
                                                                                                                    in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Taking this research            Nelson Mandela is the symbol of the Anti-
                                                                                                                    as a starting point, ORC Tuzla organised a debate          Apartheid movement in South Africa but,
                                                                                                                    in Brcko and invited all relevant stakeholders             although he is known worldwide, there is still
                                                                                                                    such as young people, educational institutions,            more education about him required.
Performance in a shopping centre: many different people                                                             officials and employment offices to discuss the            The Youth Group of Helsinki Committee for
        and youth groups united against racism
                                                                                                                    issue of discrimination in employment and offer            Human Rights of Republic of Srpska in Bijelijna
For one day a wave of colour, music and energy                                                                      recommendations for overcoming the situation.              decided to get his personal story into focus by
took over Smáralind shopping mall where                                                                             After initial speeches and presentations of the            showing a movie about his relationship to the
UNITED’s slogan “Enjoy Diversity” provided                     Hanging posters is important to raise awareness      situation for youth and minorities in Bosnia               International Day Against Racism. Thirty people
the inspiration for a huge range of activities all                                                                  and Herzegovina and Macedonia, participants                watched it and started a discussion afterwards
over the mall including a game of “diversity               Furthermore, on 20 March the Youth Group                 reflected on the issues mentioned in the plenary. A        about racism. Furthermore during the whole week,
twister” and the creation of finger and handprint          together with four other organisations raised            debate followed focussing on recommendations to            posters were hung in public spaces in Bijelijna to
art symbolising a coalition of individuals                 public awareness against racism by doing a flash         improve the situation concerning discrimination.           raise awareness in civil society about racism. Both
celebrating their diversity. Clowns, stilt-walkers         mob action in Sarajevo. Around 100 people froze          Seven different concrete conclusions were collected        events had enormous media coverage and were
and teenage participants occupied every space              for some minutes in a specific way. The media            and will be delivered to the relevant institutions.        broadcast on three local radio and TV stations.
in the mall, some were “roaming performers”
who surprised shoppers with attention grabbing
stunts such as flash mob freeze; pre-planned
moments where groups wearing the campaign                                                       Italy: The Best Ingredients to Taste Diversity
t-shirts located all around the mall would freeze          The ongoing legal and political support given to         an antiracist playlist of songs for the event. Real        Week. Film and documentaries, selected to
for one minute, creating curiosity and interest in         the ill treatment of migrants and minorities in          enthusiasm was displayed throughout this activity          encourage understanding and dialogue between
the campaign.                                              Italy, such as inhumane Roma camps operated by           by both students and guests; speakers invited for          communities and youth in particular, were
                                                           government authorities and the openly racist anti-       the round table debate and members of the local            screened and followed by web link discussions
                                                           immigrant statements by Lega Nord has received           community voluntarily contributed additional               with recognised African writers.
                                                           widespread criticism in recent months.                               exhibitions and talks, helping the
                                                           Activists involved in Antiracist Week                                event grow into a more varied
                                                           therefore played an essential role                                   and ambitious day than originally
                                                           in combating discrimination and                                      planned. The vibrancy and energy of
                                                           educating their communities against                                  Mondo Nuovo’s activity to fight racial
                                                           tolerating such attitudes.                                           discrimination and celebrate cultural
                                                           Motivated by racist riots that took                                  diversity attracted the attention
                                                           place within their region, Mondo                                     of several newspapers and even a
Young girls speaking out against racism: Imagine a world
                                                           Nuovo organised “Ebony and Ivory:                                    television station, helping to spread
                 without discrimination                    One Day Against Racism!”, an                                         their positive message further.
                                                           action-packed day that involved over                                 “The Young Decide”, a series of
The main event took place on stage, where                  100 people and is a great example of                                 activities organised by ARI in Rieti
young people treated the audience to a variety             the local community coming together                                  used the internet as an effective tool
of performances including circus acts and                  to tackle discrimination and support a                               to engage with audiences on different
five young girls from the Red Cross Youth                                                                                                                                            Writers in discussion with different communities
                                                           strong anti racist message.                                          levels, supporting their mass media
performing John Lennon’s classic song about                Pupils from Nuova Europa secondary                                   release and local information events           Lively antiracist music concerts featuring
peace and diversity; “Imagine”. It is because so           school were the main partners,                                       with further activities and video              dancehall, reggae and hip hop artists took place
many different community and youth groups                  contributing to the programme by                                     releases on websites popular with youth        across Milan, inviting the audience to record their
united in their goals that they were able to               producing an impressive exhibition                                   such as You Tube and Facebook..                own tracks alongside performers for an event
spread such a powerful antiracist message                  on racism and discrimination within                                  Focusing on the cultural dimensions            mixtape. A rich cultural week of ended with a
throughout Smáralind mall. Panorama prepared               science, history and literature. Pupils also got         of diversity, APS Yard in Milan collaborated with          fundraising Ethnic Dinner for Cantiere School
a programme for a national radio station about             creative in the kitchen, making delicious dishes         organisations across the country to organize a             for migrants, where guests got a real taste for
racism, getting the campaign into newspapers.              for an international buffet and putting together         diverse arts programme in the frame of Antiracist          diversity.
page 6                                                                                                                                         Report: European-wide Action Week Against Racism                   13-21 March 2010

       Finland:                                                   Bulgaria: NO! To Racism and Violence                                                                            Austria: New Alliance
 From Youth For Youth                                 Separatism, non-understanding of cultural
                                                                                                                                                                                   in Antiracism-Work
The Finnish Security Police (Supo) say there are      differences and the resulting antagonism in society
fewer Nazi skinheads now than in the 1990's.          are nowadays among the most important problems                                                                            During the annual press conference in Vienna,
Although this is a promising situation, it has to     for almost all European countries. Bulgaria is                                                                            ZARA Zivilcourage und Anti-Rassismus-Arbeit
be kept in mind that the minds of youth are most      not an exception of this list. Completed by the                                                                           presented their annual report documenting
likely to be swayed by Nazism and are therefore       lack of appropriate information and awareness                                                                             racist incidents and structures in Austria. The
the most vulnerable group. That is why students       about the danger of racism, antisemitism and                                                                              most detailed and recognised yearly publication
are an important target group in antiracist           discrimination, this antagonism is steadily                                                                               about racism and discrimination in Austria was
work, especially in universities where values         growing and could seriously damage the future                                                                             produced for the tenth time and as it was an
such as tolerance have a good opportunity to be       development of Bulgarian society.                                                                                         anniversary, conclusions were drawn. The NGO
promoted.                                             Thus, the European Jewish Congress in solidarity                                                                          called for more involvement in the fight against
                                                      with SHALOM, the organisation of Jews in                                                                                  structural discrimination, urging the government
                                                      Bulgaria, condemned the acts of antisemitic                                                                               and civil society to stand up against racism.
                                                      vandalism, which occurred exactly on 21st of
                                                      March – the International Day for Elimination of
                                                      Race Discrimination – when vandals attacked the
                                                      building of Jewish school “Dimcho Debelianov”
                                                      in Sofia. These acts of violence are casting a
                                                      shadow over Bulgarian society. Fortunately, to
                                                      every discriminative action exists contra-action             Making use of the internationally recognised campaign
                                                                                                                          logo of UNITED for Intercultural Action
                                                      from active members of civil society.
                                                      This year indeed there were lots of actions                Violence on Bulgarian Stadiums” was organised.
                                                      directed to raise the awareness among different            As a result of the conference, a declaration with
      The international team from Café After Eight
                                                      population groups, especially the youngsters, the          the participation of trainers and famous Bulgarian
                                                      most active group. As a good example were public           football players was produced and disseminated
Preparing a whole antiracist week with an             debates on the topic “Values of Diversity” held            among more than 1500 people, including media
                                                                                                                                                                                 Experts and NGO members discussing migration politics
international team- that’s an intense experience      19th of March in University of Sofia by Bulgarian          representatives. After these activities, a press                                   in Austria
ten people from Café After Eight in the Jakobstadt    Gender Education, Research and Technologies                conference in Plovdiv was organised in order to
region did in the frame of the European Action        Foundation (GERT). The main participants, as               give the events more media coverage. All of the                Articles reporting the results of the publication
Week Against Racism 2010. Activists from              well as actors were young people, mainly students.         activities were summarised and made available                  were released in several newspapers in the
different backgrounds and language skills got         During the 3-hours event there were hot debates            to audiences on both national and local levels.                different parts of Austria drawing attention
together to hold presentations and workshops          among the students and distribution of materials.                                                                         to the need for more involvement in the
with over 850 students, informing them about          Help the Needy Foundation in cooperation with                                                                             antidiscrimination About 25 Austrian NGOs
anti-racism and promoting intercultural dialogue      East European Educational Center College and                                                                              built up a network “Rights - Chances - Diversity”
by using three different languages during the         St. Apostole Hermas Center for Ecumenical                                                                                 to propose more positive integration policies
presentation. Furthermore, the organisers             Dialogue organised this year different kinds of                                                                           amidst the current tightening political discourse
organised a film festival. The message of the         activities directed to combat intolerance at a local                                                                      about migrants and refugees in Austria. A first
Action Week was widely spread by a movie              level. The general motto of all the events was                                                                            step towards a better policy was the conference
created about it and various newspaper articles.      “NO! to racism and violence”.                                                                                             “Future Dreams: 13 Impulses for Austria Being
Furthermore the Youth Affairs Department              In the framework of this idea symposiums,                                                                                 Different – Equal” organised by SOS Mitmensch
of the City of Oulu was involved with young           lectures and discussions in schools with the                                                                              and partners where proposals for the Austrian
people during the whole European Action               participation of young students as well as training                                                                       integration policy were for the first time
Week Against Racism. More than 400 pupils             for educators and psychologists were organised.                                                                           presented and discussed.
attended the discussion panel “From Youth For         With the cooperation of Roma Infocenter and                                                                               Positive scenarios of integration were drawn
                                                                                                                     Poster campaign with UNITED material in Bulgaria           based on the as yet unaccepted fact that
Youth”. Teenagers from different backgrounds          Aleko Konstantinov Library, the book launch
shared their experiences in the panel in front of     for “Non-formal leaders in Gypsy society” was              The results they of the press conference were                  Austria is a society characterised by migration.
a teenage audience. The discussion focused on         held in the Library in Plovdiv. In addition, the           presented in newspapers, on the internet, radio                Moreover experts discussed the issue of how
their everyday experiences as young people and        conference with the motto “NO! to Racism and               and television.                                                to live together. Further steps will be taken
the difficulties they face, aiming to highlight                                                                                                                                 during this spring with workshops for NGOs
how one’s ethnic background affects their daily                                                                                                                                 and interested individuals to prepare concrete
life. Questions like “Does the security guard                                                                                                                                   actions concerning the 13 proposals presented.
also follow you whilst you are shopping?” were
asked, which raised awareness in the young
                                                                      Czech Republic: Against Prejudices                                                                        One of the proposals focused on migration and
                                                                                                                                                                                integration as an opportunity and engine for
audience.                                                                                                                                                                       development.
                                                      The coexistence of Czech people with other                 One such activity in Brno, “Actively Against
This was a good example of peer to peer               cultures and minorities has been troubled                  Prejudices and Racism”, planned by the Museum
education which is one of the most successful         with tension and a number of hate attacks                  of Romani Culture and the Jewish Museum,
ways to address a young audience.                     over the past months. In order to fight against            exhibited the spirit of the Roma and Jewish                           Latvia: Learning
                                                      hate, Czech organisations have been actively               communities; their culture and history and
                                                      spreading a message that calls for better mutual           their peaceful coexistence with mainstream                            From Each Other
Denmark: Light in the                                 understanding between communities and the                  Czech society from the past until present. This
                                                                                                                                                                                Speaking the ‘same youth language’ whilst
                                                      inclusion of migrants and different religions in           series of workshops and open discussions was
Dark Political Situation                              society.                                                   also supported by individuals from Vietnamese                  educating about antiracism is a big advantage.
                                                                                                                                                                                That is why young people who are actively
                                                                                                                 and Ukrainian communities living in Czech
Right-wing populist parties are mushrooming all                                                                  Republic, giving an intercultural flavour to this              involved in youth work that promotes diversity
over Europe. In Denmark the super-nationalistic                                                                  event.                                                         are especially valuable to antiracist work.
and extreme right-wing “The Peoples Party” with                                                                                                                                 30 NGO workers, volunteers and activists from
Pia Kjaersgaard as its leader is the third biggest                                                                                                                              met for a weeklong training course in the Latvian
party in parliament and has major influence                                                                                                                                     capital Riga. Participants from 15 different
                       on the laws. Their harsh                                                                                                                                 countries were invited by The European Minority
                       political position against                                                                                                                               Youth Network to spend the week exchanging
                       immigration           alerts                                                                                                                             good practices concerning youth work and were
                       NGOs all over Denmark.                                                                                                                                   also trained in methods of intercultural learning
                       Under the title “Breaking                                                                                                                                and conflict resolution. A variety of countries
                       the Wall”, which refers to                                                                                                                               were represented from Azerbaijan and Czech
                       the idea that Denmark is                                                                                                                                 Republic to Germany and Denmark. The diverse
                       building up a wall around                                                                                                                                programme included workshops, discussions,
                       itself, a two day lasting                                                                                                                                simulation games and presentations to ensure
                       network meeting organised        Europe Direct Pardubice invited people to discover how                                                                  that participants broadened their knowledge
                                                                          other cultures live
                       by SOS mod Racisme took                                                                                                                                  on peace education, inclusion and participation
                       place in Vejle. NGOs from      During the Antiracist Week, workshops and                                                                                 in a wide range of ways. After the training
                       all over Denmark took          multicultural festivals brought together people                                                                           participants returned to their countries highly
                       part in the event. Around      from a variety of backgrounds to fight against                                                                            motivated and eager to use the knowledge gained
                       100 people followed the        stereotypes, racism and xenophobia.
                                                                                                                    Intercultural events were enjoyed by participants of all    in their home organisations.
                                                                                                                   ages in the 3rd Annual Multicultural Festival of Pardubice
interesting programme, which consisted of
presentations of the work of various NGOs, but                                                                   In Pardubice, the 3rd Annual Multicultural
also fruitful discussions on the urgent need for                                                                 Festival was celebrated; the Europe Direct
cooperation. New cooperation started in planning                                                                 Pardubice and Pardubice Region Tourism
a huge demonstration against absurd government                                                                   decided that this year the festival would focus
policies in Copenhagen for June. This illustrates                                                                on migrants living in the region, emphasising
how united, with one goal, the work of many                                                                      the relationship between different cultures. A
small organisations becomes one big movement.                                                                    programme with more of 20 different activities
The organisation IndvandreNET - Landsorg                                                                         such as exhibitions, concerts, lectures, an
for Indvandrere og Flygtninge, held a debate                                                                     international karaoke show and sport games
in Aarhus. 3 experts on thelegal situation in                                                                    attracted more than 750 people who exchanged
Denmark concerning hate crimes and racism                                                                        their cultural traditions: songs, traditional food
started the discussion with their presentation                                                                   and clothes, pictures and more. This event was                     Volunteers exchanging experiences during training
about the topic. About 75 participants shared                                                                    a good example of successfully promoting
their point of view in the lively debate.                                                                        diversity and embracing differences between                    A session of the monthly-organised event
Use of new media is the strategy implemented                                                                     participants. Local newspapers contributed                     “Intercultural Embassy” by the British Council
by IndvandreNET to address as many people as           Open air demonstrations were supported by Vietnamese
                                                                                                                 spreading a multicultural message.                             in Latvia was dedicated to how to tackle racism.
                                                        and Ukrainine communities living in Czech Republic
possible and inform them about their activities.                                                                                                                                The event drew attention to the existence of
For this action, mailing lists, website and text                                                                                                                                racism in Latvia today and emphasised the
messages were used to attract 75 participants                                                                                                                                   necessity of acting against it.
Report: European-wide Action Week Against Racism             13-21 March 2010                                                                                                                                           page 7

             Belgium: For an Intercultural Society                                                                      Germany: Loud Against Racism - Over 900
In Gent, a city where over 170 nationalities live      are Belgians Towards Ethnic Minorities?’ and                      Activities Happening All Over Germany
together, it is more than necessary to stop any form   "What’s the Perception of Ethnic Minorities on
of racism and discrimination. Many organisations       Belgium?" An important aspect of the survey                More than 900 activities in more than 300 cities      action and calling on young people to participate
promoted the diversity of Gent’s society during        was also to see how the Belgians are perceived by          marked this year’s “International Week Against        – “Because anyone can be targeted by racism!”
this year’s “Gentse Week Tegen Racisme”. The           ethnic minorities. In order to present the results         Racism”, coordinated by the Interkulturelle Rat       Their programme contained activities such as a
action week was held for the third year in a           in an effective way, the organisation held a press         in Germany, as the most extensive and diverse in      discussion and workshop with a victim of right-
row and was coordinated by the Intercultureel          conference.                                                history. The involvement of schools, sport clubs,     wing violence, the documentary screening of
Netwerk Gent. The successful week started with         The survey concluded that there exists an                  trade unions, companies and local initiatives in      “Black on White”, where a German journalist
an opening event which was broadcast on TV,            ambivalent perception of diversity; on the one             particular made these weeks a success with all        who disguised as a black person experienced the
helping to achieve greater participation through       hand both Belgians and ethnic minorities consider          their creativity and enthusiasm. Every year even      racism black people have to suffer in their everyday
the audience. The colourful programme of more          a mix of cultures positive for society, but on the         more cities organise their own      programme,        life in Germany. Furthermore, prominent
than 30 events contained multicultural breakfasts,     other hand their tolerance is limited when it comes        such as the Eastern-                                                         musicians managed to get
enlightening city tours, music concerts, fun           to their families (e.g. marriages between Belgians         German towns Leipzig and                                                     a crowd of hundreds of
speed-dating events and touching exhibitions.          and ethnic minorities). To sum this up, there is a         Rostock.                                                                     people moving. Dozens
                                                       tolerant position in terms of values, but in practice      More than a dozen of                                                         of events during the
                                                       the positions are less tolerant.                           famous football clubs                                                        action week coordinated
                                                       “Mainstream thinking is influenced by the                  such as Werder Bremen or                                                     by the Interkultureller
                                                       ideology of racism”, states a speaker from Kwasa           Hertha BSC from the first                                                    Rat were dedicated to
                                                       Kwasa. What can be done about it? For this                 Bundesliga contributed to                                                    the controversial topic
                                                       year’s European Action Week Against Racism                 the “International Week                                                      of Islam. Conferences,
                                                       the organisation implemented three different               Against Racism” by giving                                                    workshops and debates
                                                       activities. One lecture focused on the history of          their official games during                                                  discussed the rising
                                                       migration in order to give students background             this two-week period                                                         problem of Islamophobia
                                                       information about how migrants came to Belgium.            an antiracist dimension                                                      and aimed to explain and
                                                       Then a testimony from a refugee was read to                by informing fans about                                                      create an understanding
                                                       encourage contact with people of a different               the action weeks and                                                         about the traditional values
                                                       origin. Moreover in this way the human aspect of           calling     for    antiracist                                                behind religious believes.
                                                       migration was stressed. In the last activity a video       involvement in and outside                                                   The activity “Cosmopolitan
                                                       about racism was shown to discuss everyday                 their     stadiums.      The                                                 Saxony? Mosque building
                                                       racism and its impact on people.                           NGO Laut Gegen Nazis                                                         in Leipzig” touched on a
                                                                                                                  (Loud Against Nazis),                                                        sensitive issue which has
                                                                                                                  who successfully uses                                                        been broadly discussed
                                                                                                                  new media like youtube                                                       since the minaret ban
                                                                                                                  and music to reach the                                                       in Switzerland last
                                                                                                                  young people, cooperated                                                     year.     The       Herbert
                                                                                                                  with local NGOs from                                                         Wehner Bildungswerk
These events served to facilitate communication                                                                   Saarbrücken such as Youth                                                    together        with      the
between cultures. For example during the city                                                                     Centre Försterstraße, Café                                                   Sozialdemokratische
tour which led participants through the Turkish                                                                   Exodus and the DGB Youth Saar in order to create      Gemeinschaft für Kommunalpolitik Sachsen
neighbourhood in Gent, participants could first                                                                   an attractive programme for youngsters during         decided to address people’s concerns about
visit a bazar and in the second part, a visit to a                                                                the “International Week Against Racism 2010”.         mosques and Islam as a Muslim community in
big mosque in the area was scheduled. Whilst                                                                      The fortnight in Saarbrücken was promoted by          Leipzig is planning to build a mosque in the town.
exploring the mosque, visitors could get an                                                                       a youth-prepared youtube video with the central       Citizens who had doubts about the project were
overview of the religious worship practicised                                                                     message: “Do something against it!” In the three-     welcome to ask questions to a representative of the
by Gent Muslims. One of the best ways to get                Street actions led by youth took place every day      minute lasting video, five youngsters introduced      Muslim community. Was the perfect opportunity
                                                                       of the Action Week in Gent                 the programme, explaining the necessity of            to allay some of their concerns about the project.
rid of prejudices is direct contact with- in this
case – the faith. In order to counteract the belief    During the 13th Kerkwerk Multicultural
that immigrants are not familiar with the native       Samenleven Networkday the sensitive topic of
language they live in, the exhibition “People          racism and discrimination in employment was
who are learning Dutch”, in the main library of        touched. The aim was to see sharply what the

Gent, showed pictures of the results that foreign      obstacles for people with a migration history

speaking pupils have already achieved. Taking          looking for work and for students that want to
these two of the 30 events as an example, one can      find an internship are. About 40 participants
see the huge importance of the week.                   were welcomed during the Networkday. After
                                                       an introduction, participants could choose one

                                                       out of four interesting workshops. Experts
                                                       from employer and employee organisations,
                                                       representatives from the academic world and
                                                       representatives of migration organisations held
The Centre for Equal Opportunities and                 seminars and lively discussions. The Networkday
Opposition to Racism (CNTR) from Brussels              reached its goal in inspiring people on how to best
ran two surveys to investigate ‘How Tolerant           handle racism in the workplace.
                                                                                                                                     21 MARCH                                               21 МАРТА
                                                                                                                        EUROPEAN ACTION WEEK AGAINST RACISM                 ЕВРОПЕЙСКАЯ НЕДЕЛЯ ДЕЙСТВИЙ ПРОТИВ РАСИЗМА

                  Romania: Questioning Identities
Romanian organisations planned activities in the       included in this classroom activity were very                Every year UNITED produces a new poster and slogan for the Action Week
frame of European Antiracist Week and worked           well planned, encouraging students to think
hard to both celebrate diversity and encourage         about how their own prejudices, identities and
participants to reflect on the construction of their   how their opinions and behaviour can contribute
own identities. As tension between communities         to discrimination in society.                                             Ukraine: Educating To Be Tolerant
is often due to lack of communication and
understanding, Generatie Tanara collaborated                                                                      In last few years Ukraine has experienced an          events and discussions in Mykolaiv with the
with Timisoara Refugee Centre and local                                                                           influx of migration. This provoked a rise of          aim of raising awareness about antiracism and
schools in Timis County to organise a football                                                                    xenophobia and racism within the country, based       multiculturalism.
match with teachers and refugees, who were                                                                        on a belief that their society was not prepared to
all cheered on by students from Lovrin School,                                                                    cope with these drastic changes to its landscape.
encouraging dialogue and creating a lively, warm                                                                  At this time, Ukranian society needs education
atmosphere. Then it was the turn of two Italian                                                                   about tolerance and diversity in order to shape
volunteers with Generatie Tanara, who were so                                                                     its future positively. That is the reason why most
inspired by a recent Youth in Action workshop                                                                     of the activities for the European Week against
that they designed an innovative educational                                                                      Racism 2010 were focused on educating the
activity for high school students. “Molecula of                                                                   younger generation to be tolerant.
Identity” asked each student to make a list of a                                                                  The “Living Library” organised by La Strada,
few important characteristics of their identity, for                                                              Ukraine – Educational Women’s Rights Centre
                                                         Student reading the information on the backside of the
example addressing ethnicity, sexuality, family               UNITED campaign poster: Enjoy Diversity!            took place in one of the English-speaking schools
relationships and home life.                                                                                      in Kiev, and attracted a lot of attention both
                                                                                                                                                                            Members of The Council of National Societies with
The volunteers mixed these molecula up and             Youth were also the target audience for                    from Ukrainian pupils and foreign guests. The                 UNITED material in Russian language
read them out loud. If any participant identified      Association for Rights’ Protection and Social              main idea is to make it possible for people to tell
with the characteristic mentioned, regardless          Integration (ADIS) amidst concerns of how easily           their personal story to others. The “book” – a        The activities organised by The Council of
of whether they had listed it or not, they were        teenagers are influenced by negative stereotypes           person with a diverse backgrounds – is available      National Societies of the Mykolaiv Region
asked to stand up. This exercise was effective         that circulate about minorities and migrants.              for everybody to “read” – sharing its life story,     targeted mostly young people. Students organised
in showing how we can share similarities with          So that their message “Open Your Mind!                     culture and views on important issues. Ukrainian      street action, informing the local community
those we perceived as different, and also that         Accept Diversity” could reach as many people               youngsters had the opportunity to communicate         about the dangers of racism and disseminating
these identity markers are only labels we use to       as possible, ADIS distributed antiracist material          with people from China, Nigeria, South Africa,        UNITED materials.
simplify our individual complexities, allowing us      nationwide including a PowerPoint presentation             Georgia, Germany and Poland, to learn about           Volunteers of Kharkiv club of SVIT-Ukraine in
to include and exclude ourselves from different        on racism, migration and multiculturalism they             their personal experiences as well as exploring       cooperation with EVS volunteers gathered for an
groups. Students were then asked to complete a         had created especially for the campaign using              the cultures, religions and traditions of their       intercultural action: they prepared and actively
short piece of homework; “Victim – Perpetrator         UNITED campaign material (posters, leaflets...).           countries. Also, more than 170 students and           participated in short movie screenings and
– Besider – Confronter”, where they recalled           Besides they did a speech on diversity and they            young people took part in 6 educational events        discussions held in Kharkiv. The activities aimed
events or situations involving discrimination in       delivered at the University of Bucharest in front          with a common topic “Diversity: Human Being”.         to raise awareness in the local community about
which they occupied each position. The exercises       of an audiencie full of students.                          Around 100 people gathered at round table             the problem of racism in Ukrainian society.
                                                                                                                      overview of activities • 13-21 march • 2010
        18th European-Wide Action Week Against Racism
INTERNATIONAL                                                                             by the Football Clubs. 15.03.10-28.03.10 “Loud Against Nazis - Action Week               REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA                                                                                    08.03.2010 “Solidarity For Our Rights” Demonstration in Belgrade, organised by
March “Vision Co-Operation” Symbolic resistance all over Europe, organised by             in Saarbrücken” Podium discussions, concerts, workshops for young people in Saa-         13.03.10-21.03.10 “Enjoy Diversity” Distribution of UNITED material in Bitola,                           Women in Black. 14.03.2010 “Position of Roma Women” Workshop in Ljubovija, or-
The Campaign against Cynical Diversity Management. 13.03.10-21.03.10 “Report-             rbrücken, organised by Café Exodus, Jugendzentrum Försterstraße, DGB – Jugend            organised by Youth Forum Bitola. 15.03.10-19.03.10 “CreACTive Week Against                               ganised by Roma Women Initiative of Ljubovija. 15.03.2010 “Month of Roma Wom-
ing the Activism!” Interviews with activists across Europe involved in the action         Saar and Laut Gegen Nazis. 15.03.10-28.03.10 “International Weeks Against Rac-           Racism” Exhibitions, role-plays, debates, workshops, movie night and intercultural                       en Activism” Press conference announcement of activities in Novi Sad, organised
week, organised by I CARE. 18.03.2010 “European Tell the Truth about Cynical              ism” 25 organisations will present 40 events in Leipzig, organised by Stadt Leipzig      night in Kavadarci and Drenovo, organised by Youth Association CreACTive.                                by Roma Women Association Amarilis (Novi Sad) and Roma Researchers (Zabalj).
Diversity Management at Work” Work place discussion across Europe, organised              Referat für Migration und Integration. 17.03.2010 “Extreme = Extreme? Why the            19.03.10-21.03.10 “Against Racism!” Workshops in Kavadarci, organised by CPJD.                           25.03.2010 “Roma Women Today” Round table discussion in Novi Sad, organised
by The Campaign against Cynical Diversity Management.                                     Work Against Right-wing Extremism May Not Be a Victim of Ideologic Debates”              19.03.10-21.03.10 “Together Against Racism” Workshops for youth for schools,                             by Roma Women Association Amarilis and Roma Researchers . 25.03.2010 “The
ALBANIA                                                                                   Lecture and platform discussion in Berlin, organised by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.        art project schools in Kavadarci, organised by CPJD. 20.03.10-21.03.10 “Let's                            Invisible” Open presentation of Roma Women Network of Vojvodina in Ruma,
13.03.10-19.03.10 “Equality for All - Combating Social Exclusion” Training course in      17.03.10-25.03.10 “Integration is a Feeling” Documentary screening and discus-           Educate!” Training course for peer educators from all secondary schools in Bitola,                       organised by Romano tono, Vrdnik, Lutujuca srca, Ruma. 02.04.2010 “Position
Tirana, organised by Walk Together - Albania. 13.03.10-21.03.10 “Joint Efforts on         sion in Berlin, organised by Bildungswerk Berlin der HBS. 18.03.2010 “With Art           organised by AMOS - Bitola. 21.03.2010 “Raising Awareness!”. Seminar session in                          of Roma Girls in the Educational System” Round table discussion in Krusevac,
Raising Public Awareness on Non-Discrimination Law” Agreement between AHC                 Against Racism” Benefit auction in Lindau, organised by Exilio. 18.03.10+22.03.10        Bitola, organised by AMOS. 22.03.10-26.03.10 “Let's Create a Racism Free School                          organised by Association Romano alav and partners. 08.04.2010 “First SOS Hotline
and Ministry of Education and Science, organised by AHC. 21.03.2010 “European             “School Without Racism” Movie screening, exhibition and discussion in Hanau,             Class!” Campaign in Bitola, organised by AMOS.                                                           in Roma Language” Opening in Belgrade, organised by Udruzenje Romkinja Dae.
Week Against Racism 2010” Conference raising awareness on the campaign in                 organised by Hohe Landesschule Hanau and Autonomes Kulturzentrum, Infoladen              MALTA                                                                                                    13.03.10-21.03.10 “Comics Exhibition Against Racism” Discussion and exhibition
Tirana, organised by AEGEE-Tiranë and Vizion Integrues.                                   (Kastenfrosch). 19.03.10-20.03.10 “Saxony Parliament in the Focus of Extreme             20.03.10-21.03.10 “Representation of Migrants in the Media and It's Impact on Rac-                       in Krajevo, organised by Association Art Workshop 22.03.2010 “KultUrban Swap
                                                                                          Right-Wing - A Challenge for Democracy” Discussion forum and argumentation               ism” Press release in Malta, organised by The People for Change Foundation.                              'Interculturalism'" Promotion of afro culture, distributing of UNITED posters in
ARMENIA                                                                                   training in Chemnitz, organised by FES, Regionalbüro Dresden. 19.03.10-26.03.10                                                                                                                   Belgrade, organised by Kulturban.
18.03.10-25.03.10 "Youth Against Racism" Campaign in Yerevan organised by                 “7th Action Week Against Racism in Rostock” Events in Rostock, organised by              MOLDOVA
FYCA                                                                                                                                                                               13.03.10-21.03.10 “Week Against Racism in Gagauzia!” Informational campaign in                           SLOVAKIA
                                                                                          Antirassistische Initiative Rostock and partners. 20.03.2010 “Sour Strawber-                                                                                                                      21.03.10-27.03.10 “Gender Equality: Europe’s Quality?” International seminar in
AUSTRIA                                                                                   ries” Movie night and discussion about Human Rights in Saalfeld, organised by            various cities, organised by M-Liga, PMWLFE of Gagauzia.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Bratislava, organised by JEF. 13.03.10-14.03.10 “Enough of Silence” Concerts, art
19.03.2010 "Racism Report 2009" Press conference introducing the yearly publica-          Jugend- und Wahlkreisbüro HASKALA and DIE LINKE. 21.03.2010 “Action Day                  MONTENEGRO                                                                                               exhibition and party in Bratislava, organised by LPR and partners.
tion in Wien, organised by ZARA. 21.03.2010 “Little Alien” Movie screening and            Against Racism” Workshops, movie screening, discussion, performances, reading,           13.03.10-21.03.10 “Enjoy Diversity” Street action and press conference in Pod-
debate in Linz, organised by GAJ. 26.03.2010 “Future Dreams: 13 Impulses Austria          theater play in Berlin, organised by Bildungswerk HBS and partners. 21.03.2010           gorica, organised by Humanitarian Law Centre-Montenegro.                                                 SLOVENIA
Different - Equal” Conference in Wien, organised by SOS Mitmensch.                        “Everyone Stays!” Meeting in Hannover, organised by Roma Support Project 2010.                                                                                                                    20.03.10-21.03.10 “Slovenia Against Racism” Distribution of material and preparing
                                                                                                                                                                                   NETHERLANDS                                                                                              a song in Stari trg pri LoÏu, organised by KUD Kontra kiäa. 21.03.2010 “Enjoy
                                                                                          22.03.10-25.03.10 “Celebrities Go To Berlin Schools and Discuss With Pupils”
AZERBAIJAN                                                                                                                                                                         15.03.10-21.03.10 “Travelling for the Future” Preparation meeting in Eindhoven,                          Diversity” Opening of poster exhibition of United posters in Ljubljana, organised by
                                                                                          Meeting in various schools with celebrities in Berlin, organised by Gesicht Zeigen!.
14.03.2010 “One Week Without Racism!” Seminar promoting equal rights in                                                                                                            organised by Palet and Welkom Foundation. 19.02.2010 “March-Cake” Competition                            Zavod Voluntariat - SCI Slovenia.
                                                                                          22.03.2010-26.03.2010 “Right-Wing Extremism in Bavaria” Travelling exhibition
Baku, organised by YLIC. 17.03.10-20.03.10 "Conflicts Between Social Groups"                                                                                                       of 5 school classes to design most beautiful anti-discrimination-cake in Purmerend,
                                                                                          about Bavarian right-wing extremism in Augsburg, organised by FES- Bayernforum                                                                                                                    SPAIN
Documentary screening in Baku, organised by SHR.                                                                                                                                   organised by BD. 20.03.2010 “Rainbow Festival” Workshops, live music and buffet
                                                                                          and partners. 23.03.2010 “Cosmopolitan Saxony? Building a Mosque in Leipzig”                                                                                                                      05.03.2010 “European Week Against Racism 2010” Flamenco performance, tea
BELARUS                                                                                                                                                                            in Eindhoven, organised by Stichting Kleurrijke Stad. 21.03.2010 “Colour Your Mind
                                                                                          Seminar with a representative of the Muslim community answering questions in                                                                                                                      and food in Madrid, organised by CEPI Hispano Marroquí de Madrid and SOS
21.03.2010 “International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination” Debates                                                                                                Festival - For Equal Treatment” Annual festival in Leiden, organised by Amnesty
                                                                                          Dresden, organised by Herbert-und-Greta-Wehner-Stiftung and partner. 27.03.2010                                                                                                                   Racismo Madrid. 05.03.10-26.03.10 “Art for the Equality and Against Racism
in Minsk, organised by YF 18.03.2010 “Human Rights in Action” Seminar in Minsk,                                                                                                    International Leiden and partners. 21.03.2010 “There Is No Pill For My 'Being
                                                                                          “Migrants in a Former Industrial Area in Western Germany (Ruhrgebiet)” Seminar in                                                                                                                 2010” Art, film and novel competition, award show and round table in Madrid,
organised by YF.                                                                                                                                                                   Different'” Festival in Purmerend, organised by BD. 21.03.2010 “Unity Is Strength
                                                                                          Duisburg, organised by Aktuelles Forum NRW. 28.03.2010 “The Colour of My Skin”                                                                                                                    organised by CEPI Hispano Marroquí de Madrid and SOS Racismo Madrid.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Festival” Festival with different stages ending with a colourful march in Rot-
BELGIUM                                                                                   Reading the biography of a black German growing up in a little village in Dresden,                                                                                                                10.03.10-11.03.10 “Antiracist Days in Jaén” Lunch, debates, antiracist football
                                                                                                                                                                                   terdam, organised by Eenheid is Kracht and partners. 21.03.2010 “Racism in the
12.03.10-21.03.10 “To Open Films - Creative Competition of Short Films” 5th Edi-          organised by FES, Regionalbüro Dresden and scheune.                                                                                                                                               game and street actions in Jaén, organised by Antifascist Committee in Jaén.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Netherlands” Meeting of organisations and individuals in Amsterdam, organised by
tion of Film Festival and Film Competition Against Racism in Wallonie and Brussels,       GREAT-BRITAIN                                                                            NBK. 21.03.2010 “International Day Against Racism” Manifestation in Amsterdam,                           13.03.2010 Villanueva de Tapia, 16.03.2010 Casares, 18.03.2010 Villanueva de
organised by Media Animation. 13.03.10-21.03.10 “Dealing with Diversity” Training         13.03.10-21.03.10 “Action for Social Integration Against Racism” Screening week          organised by NBK, TMP, ARM, CFMW, EMCEMO, HTIB and partners. 21.03.10-                                   Tapia “Empower Civil Society” Educational trainings, organised by Movimiento por
courses and lecture in Gent–Ledeberg, organised by Kwasa Kwasa. 13.03.10-                 of movies in London, organised by Youth Resource Centre. 13.03.10-21.03.10               27.03.10 “Call to Europe” Conference for Youth leaders in different cities of the                        la Paz Malaga. 15.03.2010 “Colours Against Racism and Intolerance” 2nd edition
21.03.10 “School Without Racism” Distribution of UNITED material in Diepenbeek,           “Enjoy Diversity” Distribution of material in London, Bristol, Cardiff, Salford, Leeds   Netherlands, organised by Unity is Power. 27.03.2010 "Diversity is Strength Awards                       of antiracist concerts in Valencia, organised by Antifeixistes, Escola Valencian,
organised by XIOS Hogeschool Limburg. 15.03.10-21.03.10 “Gent Week Against                and Glasgow, West Bromwich, Derby and Leicester, organised by Unite the Union            - Diversity and Human Rights Prices" 6th Award show in Amsterdam, organised by                           Movimiento contra la Intolerancia, CEAR, ACPV, Jarit, ACSUD and Col.lectiu Lambda
Racism - Value Diversity” Action-week all over Gent, organised by Intercultureel          Women. 13.03.10-21.03.10 “Against Racism in Schools” Lessons on anti-racism              Unity is Power. 02.04.10-28.04.10 “March-cake Exposition” Exposition of the March                        LGTB. 15.03.10-26.03.10 “Mandela's Action Week” Workshops, campaigns, seminars
Netwerk Gent and partners. 15.03.2010 “Opening Event of Gent Week Against                 in Oldham, organised by Our Lady's RC High School. 15.03.2010 “Against Islamo-           cakes in Purmerend, organised by BD Zaanstreek / Waterland.                                              and demonstrations in Malaga organised by Movement Against Intolerance Malaga.
Racism”. Presentation of week with media in Gent. 15.03.10-20.03.10 “People               phobia” Teacher training conference at the Sunderland Glass Centre, organised                                                                                                                     15.03.10-21.03.10 “Action Week Against Racism in Barcelona” Street performances,
Who Are Learning Dutch in Gent” Exhibition in Gent, organised by Huis van het                                                                                                      NORTHERN IRELAND                                                                                         concerts, open days in Barcelona, organised by SOS Racisme Catalunya. 16.03.10-
                                                                                          by SRTRC Uk. 15.03.10-19.03.10 “Anti-Racism Event” Open information session
Nederlands. 16.03.2010 “Speed Dating” Meeting in Gent, organised by Buurtcen-                                                                                                      13.03.10-21.03.10 “Enjoy Diversity” Distribution of material in Belfast, organised by Nor-               18.03.10 “Together Against Racism” Workshops with children in Murcia, organised by
                                                                                          in Stockport College, organised by Youth & Community Work Team. 17.03.2010
trum Rabot. 17.03.2010 “Al Markaz at-Tarawi” Mosque visit in Gent, organised                                                                                                       thern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities. 13.03.10-21.03.10 “Enjoy Diversity” Distribu-               Asociacion Columbares. 20.03.2010 “Hip Hop Against Racism - No to the Foreigner
                                                                                          “Promoting Equality” Information stalls in Hounslow, organised by HREC.
by VOEM. 18.03.2010 “Visiting the Neighbours” City tour in Gent. 21.03.2010                                                                                                        tion of material in Belfast, organised by Regional Women Organiser Unite the Union.                      Law” Video forum and concert in Madrid, organised by Coordinadora Antifascista de
                                                                                          18.03.2010 “No Place for Racism in Oldham” Educational workshop in the Oldham
“Multicontent Gent” Festive closing event with speeches, music, stand-up comedian         Athletic Football Club, organised by SRTRC UK. 21.03.2010 “Muslim… and Proud!”           NORWAY                                                                                                   Madrid. 22.03.2010 “Homeless Immigrants, Mental Health and Social Exclusion. What
in Gent, organised by. Intercultureel Netwerk Gent. 18.03.2010 “‘How Tolerant are         Festival of music, debates, workshops and actions in Hounslow, organised by              21.03.2010 “Racismfree - Zone” Messenger all over Norway, organised by NPA.                              is Happening in France?” Conference in Madrid, organised by SOS Racismo Madrid
Belgians Towards Ethnic Minorities?’ and ‘What’s the Perception of Ethnic Minori-         Radical Middle Way. 22.03.2010 “Fighting Homophobia Together!” Teacher training                                                                                                                   y La Casa Encendida. 23.03.2010 “Alternative Psychological Intervention, Social
ties on Belgium?’” Press conference and debate in Brussels, organised by CNTR.            conference at the Sunderland Glass Centre, organised by SRTRC UK.                                                                                                                                 and Community with Homeless Migrants” Workshop in Madrid, organised by SOS
                                                                                                                                                                                   January 2010 - November 2010 “Why Do We Need Tolerance?” Seminars for high
18.03.2010 “Belarus Action 2010” Pan-European street action in all European coun-                                                                                                                                                                                                           Racismo Madrid and partners. 23.03.2010 “Jacob’s Ladder” Storytelling in Madrid, or-
                                                                                          GREECE                                                                                   school teachers and workshops for students in Oswiecim, organised by Auschwitz
tries, organised by JEF-Europe. 18.03.10-26.03.10 “Action Week Against Racism”                                                                                                                                                                                                              ganised by SOS Racismo Madrid. 27.03.2010 “About my Neighbors” Puppet theater
                                                                                          15.03.10-21.03.10 "We Want a Colourful World!" Radio programme and street                Jewish Center. In March “Fight Racism!” Lecture, projection of a movie and exhibi-
Anti-racist activities happening in Belgian cities, organised by MRAX. 18.03.2010                                                                                                                                                                                                           in Madrid, organised by SOS Racismo Madrid and La Casa Encendida. 27.03.2010
                                                                                          activities in Volos and Magnesia, organised by University of Thessaly. 18.03.2010        tion in cultural Centre of Krakow, organised by Never Again Association. In March
“Islamophobia: Universal Racism?” Debate and opening of Action Week Against                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “Love Music Hate Racism” Closing party with concerts, market and workshops in
                                                                                          “Tackling Racism” Debate in Athens, organised by AEGEE-Athina. 20.03.2010                “Nazi Never Again on Allegro” Lectures by professors, film screening, exhibition
Racism in Brussels, organised by MRAX. 22.03.2010 “Travelling People, Forgotten                                                                                                                                                                                                             Madrid, organised by SOS Racismo Madrid and FERINE. 28.03.2010 “Get Wet!
                                                                                          “Enjoy Diversity”. Exhibition in Serres, organised by Unesco Club for Serres.            and signature collection in the university of Lublin and Olsztyn, organised by Never
Yesterday and Today” Conference in Brussels, organised by MRAX. 27.03.2010 “If                                                                                                                                                                                                              - Get Active Against Racism: Against the Criminalization of Migrants” Manifestation in
                                                                                          20.03.2010 “Against Racism!” Radio show in the program and a spot for the theme          Again Association. In March “Get Students Informed!” Debate and information point
Racism Colours Your Career” 13th Networkday in Hasselt, organised by KMS.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Gipuzkoa, organised by SOS Racismo, Medicus Mundi and 46 citizen associations.
                                                                                          “against racism” all week long in Serres, organised by Praxis.                           in boarding school in Olsztyn, organised by Never Again Association. In March
BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA                                                                                                                                                                 “Nazi Never Again on Allegro” Final press conference regarding the Allegro cam-                          SWEDEN
                                                                                          HUNGARY                                                                                                                                                                                           22.03.2010 “Be Prepared for the Elections!” Seminar in Malmö, organised by ABF
10.03.2010 “Discrimination of Youth and Ethnic Minorities in the Field of Employ-                                                                                                  paign in Poznan, organised by Never Again Association. In March “Let's Inform!”
                                                                                          13.03.10-22.03.10 “ZARE - Music Against Racism” Concerts, film club, exhibitions                                                                                                                  Malmö.
ment” Debate in Tuzla, organised by Youth Network Bosnia & Herzegovina.                                                                                                            Radio interview with the President of Never Again in Bydgoszcz, organised by
                                                                                          and panel discussion in Budapest, organised by FSV 15.03.2010 "Open Your Mind
13.03.10-20.03.10 “Be Tolerant!” Information of media, schools, postcards sending                                                                                                  Never Again Association. 07.03.2010, 26.03.2010 “Music Against Racism” Concert                           SWITZERLAND
                                                                                          and Enjoy Diversity!" Campaign in Budapest, organised by HRI. 18.03.2010 “Roma
to different organisations in Sarajevo, organised by BHHC. 13.03.10-21.03.10                                                                                                       with popular local bands and information point in Pila and Wroclaw, organised by                         20.03.2010 “International Day Against Racism” Info stands, music performances
                                                                                          in Hungary” Presentation by Romologist in Hungary, organised by Utilapu Halozat.
“Beauty of Diversity” Art expression in Tuzla, organised by KPM. 13.03.10-21.03.10                                                                                                 Never Again Association and partners. 13.03.10-21.03.10 “Nazi Never Again on                             by youngsters, exhibition “Me, Racist?”, debates, reggae evening in Neuchâtel,
"All Different - All Equal" Street action and film screening in Bijeljina, organised by   ICELAND                                                                                  Allegro” Street art actions in Bielsko-Biala, organised by Never Again Association.                      organised by. Forum Tous différents – Tous égaux - Forum All Different - All equal.
HCHR-RS. 20.03.2010 “Tolerant?” Flash mob street action in Sarajevo, organised            13.03.10-14.03.10 “Enjoy Diversity” Announcement of the design competition for           13.03.10-21.03.10 “Students Getting Informed!” Information points in every faculty
by BHHC.                                                                                  campaign in Iceland, organised by IHRC. 15.03.10-19.03.10 “Introduction Colour           of the University in Krakow, organised by Never Again Association. 13.03.2010                            TURKEY
                                                                                          Your World” Intercultural role-play for city officials and government employers          Olesno, 15.03.2010 Opole, 17.03.2010 Poznan, 18.03.2010 Gdynia, 19.03.2010                               20.03.2010 “Campaign Against Racism, Ethnic Discrimination and Hate Crimes”
BULGARIA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Forum and exhibition in Istanbul, organised by DurDe! and Association for Social
                                                                                          in Reykjavik, organised by Island Panorama. 18.03.2010 “Active in Smáralind              Chojnice, 20.03.2010 Tomaszow Mazowiecki, 21.03.2010 Warszawa, 22.03.2010
15.03.2010 “The Bulgarian Action Week Against Racism” Public debates and                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Change. 21.03.2010 “Humanity in the Prison of Racism” Conference in Silifke,
                                                                                          Shoppingcenter” Festival with theater play, music, and a flash mob in Kópavogur,         Starachowice (in cooperation with Culture Centre), 23.03.2010 Krakow “Music
distribution of material in the University of Sofia, organised by GERT. 19.03.2010                                                                                                                                                                                                          organised by Arkadas - Independent News / Environmental Group.
                                                                                          organised by IHRC and partners.                                                          Against Racism” Huge concert tour throughout Poland, organised by Never Again
“European Week Against Racism” Press conference in Plovdiv, organised by Help
the Needy and partners. 21.03.2010 “Enjoy Diversity” Information day in refugee           IRELAND                                                                                  Association. 15.03.10-20.03.10 “Actions Against Racism” Street Action, workshops                         UKRAINE
camp near Sofia, organised by Red Cross Bulgaria. 21.03.2010 “No! to Racism               13.03.10-21.03.10 “Witness One Voice” Intercultural African drumming workshop            and movie projection in Poznan, organised by SCI Poland Stowarzyszenie “Jeden                            14.03.10-19.03.10 “Diversity: Human Being” Cycle of educational trainings in Social
and Violence in Bulgarian Stadiums” Declaration addressed to football-players             in many counties, organised by Rúach Rhythms and partners. 15.03.2010 “Sup-              Swiat” - One World Association. 21.03.2010 “Music Against Racism” Concert in                             Centres in Odessa, organised by La Strada Ukraine. 15.03.10-26.03.10 “Actions
in Plovdiv, organised by Help the Needy and partners. 22.03.2010 “Non-formal              port the Victim” Anti-racism desk launch in Dublin, organised by Africa Centre.          Poznan co-organised by Never Again Association. 22.03.2010 “Incitement to Hatred                         Against Racism” Series of short movies screening, educational activities and distri-
Leaders in Gypsy society” Presentation in Plovdiv, organised by Help the Needy            15.03.2010 “Against Racism” Workshops for staff awareness on racism in Galway,           vs. Freedom of Expression: Challenges of Combating Hate Crimes Motivated By                              bution of UNITED materials in Secondary Schools in Kharkiv, organised by SVIT-
and partners. 23.03.2010 “Together Against Racism” Discussions on antiracist              organised by Galway County Council. 16.03.10+23.03.10 “Soccer Blitz!” Soccer             Hate on the Internet”. Conference in Warsaw, organised by ODIHR - Tolerance and                          Ukraine. 15.03.10-19.03.10 “Diversity: Human been” Educational trainings in Kiev,
education in schools in Plovdiv and Brezovo, organised by Help the Needy and              game and workshop in schools in Dublin, organised by SIU. 17.03.2010 “Global             Non-Discrimination Department- OSCE.                                                                     organised by La Strada Ukraine. 16.03.10-21.03.10 “Students Against Racism”
partners. 24.03.2010 “No! To Violence and Racism in Schools” Seminar and                  Tralee” Intercultural music and dance event in Tralee, organised by KADE.                PORTUGAL                                                                                                 Student discussions in Luhansk, organised by Youth Centre for Regional Co-opera-
training in Plovdiv, organised by Help the Needy and partners. 25.03.2010 “No! To         18.03.2010 “Drama Against Racism!" Drama workshop in Lifford, organised by               13.03.10-21.03.10 “Enjoy Diversity” Distribution of material in Granja do Ulmeiro,                       tion. 18.03.2010 "The Living Library” Action in English Speaking School nr. 129 in
Racism! Yes! To humanism!” Symposium of lectures in Plovdiv, organised by Help            Carndonagh Community Library. 19.03.10-20.03.10. “A Day In The Life of An Asy-           organised by YAP-P. 19.03.10-20.03.10 “Human Rights Campaign” Campaign                                   Kiev, organised by La Strada Ukraine and SVIT-Ukraine. 18.03.10-19.03.10 “Enjoy
the Needy and partners. 09.04.2010 “Roma Society in Bulgaria” Seminar in Plovdiv,         lum Seeker” Performances in the Town Hall Theatre in Galway, organised by Town           directed schools in Porto and Braga, organised by Atlas - Cooperativa Cultural.                          Diversity” Educational events and presentations at schools in Mykolaiv, organised
organised by Help the Needy and partners.                                                 Hall Theatre. 22.03.2010 “Exploring Diversity” Discussion and crafts in Letterkenny,                                                                                                              by CNSMR 26.03.2010 “Situation of Racism and Discrimination in Contemporary
                                                                                                                                                                                   ROMANIA                                                                                                  Ukrainian Society” Discussion in Kharkiv, organised by “SVIT-Ukraine”.
                                                                                          organised by. Europe Direct Centre. 24.03.2010 “Meet the Neighbours- Community
CROATIA                                                                                                                                                                            13.03.10-21.03.10 “Open your Mind! Accept Diversity!” Information campaign and
                                                                                          Style Café” Meeting in Tallaght, organised by SIU.
13.03.2010 “Tolerance and Reconciliation!”. Documentary screening, and debate in                                                                                                   distribution of UNITED material in high-schools and Universities in Bucharest,
the post war community Zadar, organised by CMS. 13.03.10-21.03.10 "Youth in a
Postwar Area Against Racism" Roundtables and presentations in Gvozd, organised
                                                                                          March/April 2010 “A.Ra.Xè, Agency Against Racism and Xenophobia” Activities
                                                                                                                                                                                   organised by ADIS. 13.03.10-21.03.10 “Open your Mind! Accept Diversity!” Cam-
                                                                                                                                                                                   paign presentation on website in Romania, organised by ADIS. 15.03.2010 “Open
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               UNITED Against Racism
by Suncokret-Center for Community Development. 13.03.10+19.03.10 “Ignorance               in primary and secondary schools in Milan, organised by APS Yard. 01.03.10-              your Mind! Accept Diversity!” Presentation on diversity and racism at University of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Linked through UNITED for Intercultural Action, the European
Is the Highway to Racism” Workshop with music, evening with film, debate and              21.03.10 “Antiracism Spring” Initiatives in several cities in Italy, organised by CGIL   Bucharest, organised by ADIS. 15.03.10-21.03.10 “Molecula of the Identity” Educa-                           network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of
distribution of material in Pogon, organised by CYN. 17.03.2010 “No One Is Ilegal”.       - Immigrazione. 05.03.2010 “Against Racism” Public discussion with journalists           tive and sportive activities in schools in Timisoara and Timis County, organised by                         migrants and refugees, more than 550 organisations from 48
Visit of centre for asylum seeker, organised by CMS. 29.03.10-30.03.10 “Football          and activists in Milan, organised by Libreria DonDurito, ‘Sfumature’ and APS Yard.       Generatie Tanara and Timisoara Refugee Centre.                                                              European countries and from a wide variety of backgrounds
Against Discrimination, Racism and Poverty” First European congress of Roma in            10.03.2010 “Diversity as a Value” Project presentation in Roma, organised by
                                                                                                                                                                                   RUSSIA                                                                                                      work together, learn and benefit from each other’s experience.
sports in Zagreb, organised by World Organisation of Roma.                                UNAR. 12.03.2010 “Let's Discuss!” Public discussion in Milan, organised by Libreria                                                                                                                  The organisations base their common actions and joint
                                                                                                                                                                                   14.03.10-19.03.10 “Photo Hunting - Unity in Diversity” Photo competition in
                                                                                          DonDurito, ‘Sfumature’ and APS Yard. 13.03.2010 “Veloci&Furiosi HardCore proj-
CYPRUS                                                                                                                                                                             Voronezh, organised by YHRM, Youth Network against Racism and Intolerance                                   activities on mutual respect, solidarity and intercultural
                                                                                          ect” Live concert marathon in Milan, organised by APS Yard. 13.03.2010 “Ebony
14.03.2010 “Towards a Europe Without Racism” Demonstration in Nicosia, organ-
                                                                                          and Ivory-One Day Against Racism” Debate, exhibition, music performances and
                                                                                                                                                                                   and International Network Young Europe in Russia. 14.03.10-19.03.2010 “Stop                                 understanding. They meet each other at UNITED conferences,
ised by ARRC/ENAR in Cyprus.
                                                                                          international buffet in Reggio Calabria, organised by Secondary School “Nuova
                                                                                                                                                                                   Racism!” Movie screenings and discussions in Moscow and Voronezh, organised                                 exchange information and good practices and together
CZECHIA                                                                                   Europa”. 13.03.10-21.03.10 “Intercultural Dialogue” Spreading material in Bologna,
                                                                                                                                                                                   by YHRM. 14.03.10-25.03.10 “Stop Racism!” Lessons on tolerance and distribution                             create cross-border activities with a strong local, national and
15.03.10-19.03.10 “Actively Against Prejudices and Racism” Series of workshops                                                                                                     of material in numerous cities of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, organised by YHRM.                           European impact such as this campaign. While these activities
                                                                                          organised by M. Zonarelli Cultural Centre. 19.03.10-21.03.10 “The Young Decide”
and open discussions in Brno, organised by MRK and partners. 15.03.10-21.03.10                                                                                                     15.03.2010 “Multicultural Harmony in Changing Social Landscapes” Round table                                are performed independently by the network organisations,
                                                                                          Awareness rising via new media, distribution of materials and open discussion
                                                                                                                                                                                   and training seminar at high schools, organised by Samara International Society for
“Multicultural Week 2010” Festival with sport- and dancing events, concerts,              in schools, youth social center, city council info point in Rieti, organised by ARI.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Cultural Studies. 18.03.2010 “Intercultural Dialogue and Reconciliation Education”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               the European secretariat of UNITED coordinates their work,
documentary screening and workshops in Pardubice, organised by Europe Direct              20.03.2010 “Hip Hop Against Racism!” Event in Milan, organised by NoMamaPro-                                                                                                                         ensures a good information flow among different organisations,
Pardubice.                                                                                                                                                                         Training seminar and online discussion at University in Samara, organised by
                                                                                          ject and APS Yard. 21.03.2010 "Racism-Free Zone" Movie screening and ethnic                                                                                                                          the media and decision-makers and holds the network together.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Samara International Society for Cultural Studies. 19.03.2010 “Pupils Against Rac-
                                                                                          dinner in Zagarolo, organised by No Border Line ONLUS. 21.03.2010 “Francesca”
DENMARK                                                                                                                                                                            ism” Action in school classes and poster action in Voronezh, organised by Gimnasia                          UNITED is an open network inviting everybody who is willing to
                                                                                          Movie screening and ethnic buffet in Zagarolo, organised by No Border Line ON-
19.03.10-20.03.10 “Breaking the Wall?” Conference and networkmeeting in
                                                                                          LUS and APS Yard. 21.03.2010 “Enjoy Diversity” Ethnic dinner with story reading
                                                                                                                                                                                   number 6 of Voronezh. 19.03.10-21.03.10 “Resistance Against Extremism in the                                join the European struggle against racism. It is and will remain
Vejle, organised by SOS mod Racisme and A Decent Denmark. 22.03.2010 “Is                                                                                                           Youth Environment” Training course in St. Petersburg University, organised by Cen-                          independent from all political parties, organisations and states,
Racism and Hate Crimes Legal in Denmark?" Debate in Aarhus, organised by                  with the authors in Milan, organised by Taverna Sociale Clandestina, Libreria Don
                                                                                          Durito and APS Yard.
                                                                                                                                                                                   ter for Interethnic Cooperation. 19.03.10-23.03.10 "Open your Eyes!" Film festival                          but seeks an active cooperation with other anti-racist initiatives.
IndvandreNET.                                                                                                                                                                      in St. Petersburg, organised by Social Democratic Union of Youth and supported
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The workers in the secretariat are in constant contact with the
ESTONIA                                                                                                                                                                            by UNITED and other Russian organisations. 19.03.10-25.03.10 “The Dialogue                                  network organisations. Information is received regularly from
21.03.2010 “Media Against Racism” Radio show in Sillamae, organised by Euro               15.03.10-21.03.10 “Enjoy Diversity” Distribution of material in Prishtinë, organised     of Cultures” Festival with photo exhibitions in Murmansk, organised by YHRM.
                                                                                          by Youth Initiative for Human Rights-Prishtina.                                          19.03.10-29.03.10 “United Against Xenophobia” Movie screening with discussion,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               more than 2700 organisations and mailings are sent all over
Clio Eesti.
                                                                                                                                                                                   distribution of materials in Saint-Petersburg, organised by YHRM. 22.03.2010 “I                             Europe, to 2300 groups by post and to over 10.000 by E-News.
                                                                                          13.03.10-21.03.10 “Enjoy Diversity” Educational events, lessons at schools in            Choose the Diversity” Training game and presentation of exhibition at Samara,                               Furthermore, UNITED holds the biggest archive of publications
13.03.10-21.03.10 “Enjoy Diversity” Distribution of material in the University of                                                                                                                                                                                                              in the field of anti-racism, anti-fascism, anti-nationalism and
                                                                                          different cities, organised by local branches of Red Cross Youth Latvia. 15.03.10-       organised by Samara International Society for Cultural Studies. 26.03.2010 “Xeno-
Kuopio, organised by KYY. 13.03.10-21.03.10 “From Youth For Youth” Conversation                                                                                                                                                                                                                migrants and refugees support. If you want to get involved,
                                                                                          21.03.10 “Promotion of Youth Co-operation and Networking in Conflict Prevention          phobia Among Youth: from Studies to Contra-Action” Press conference and report
panel in Oulun Kaupunki, organised by Multicultural and Equality Work. 15.03.10-
21.03.10 “Week Against Racism” Diverse actions against racism in Pietarsaari,             and Combating Racism” Training course in Riga, organised by EMYN. 25.03.2010             in Moscow, organised by YHRM and Moscow Helsinki Group.                                                     discuss the ideas and aims of UNITED within your organisation.
organised by Cafe After Eight. 20.03.2010 “Multicultural Spring Party” Event in           “What do I really know about “Racism”?” Interactive discussion and sharing               SERBIA                                                                                                      Let us know that your organisation would like to join the network
Mariehamn, organised by Åland multicultural society.                                      personal stories in Riga, organised by British Council Latvia.                           05.03.10-21.03.10 "All the Same" Workshop and party in Kovacica, organised                                  or to receive information about it. And please add us to your
                                                                                          LIECHTENSTEIN                                                                            by YCDK. 08.03.10-08.04.10 “Month of Roma Women Activism” Huge campaign                                     mailing list to keep the information flowing!
                                                                                          13.03.10-21.03.10 “Enjoy Diversity” Distribution of material in Schaan, organised by     covering 25 Serbian cities, organised by Women's Space and partners.
15.03.10-21.03.10 “National Education Week against Racism Reims 2010”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Report compiled by Pia, Marina, Natasha and Sara, volunteers at UNITED
Conferences, theater performance, music, debates exhibitions in Reims, organised          EU Youth Program FL / 'Aha' Tipps&Infos Junge Leute.
by CLA. 18.03.10-19.03.10 “An Alternative Self-Representation? Ethnic Minority
Media, Between Hegemony and Resistances” International conference in Poitiers,
                                                                                          02.01.10-21.03.10 “Week Against Racism - BE AWARE” Action week in Pan-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   UNITED is supported by
organised by Team Minority Media and Research Centre Migrinter.                           evezys, organised by. Panevezys Margarita Rimkevicaite Technological School.              more than 550 organisations from 48 European countries, many prominent individuals, private supporters and long-term volunteers from Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste, the European Voluntary Service
GEORGIA                                                                                   02.03.10+09.03.10+16.03.10 “Enough of Silence” Discussion series “Art Against             Programme and Ca' Foscari University of Venice.
                                                                                          Discrimination” in Vilnius, organised by HRMI. 14.03.10-19.03.10 “Silent Cinema”          Since 1992 financial support was received from various sponsors such as: European Commission (General Budget/Socrates/Grundtvig/Youth in Action Programme/DG Employment Social Affairs/ TACIS IBPP),
19.03.2010 "Racism in Georgian Media" Press-conference in Tbilisi, organised by.                                                                                                    Council of Europe (European Youth Foundation/European Youth Centres), OSCE-ODIHR, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, World Council of Churches, Olof Palmes MinnesFond, Cultural Council Sweden, Ministry of
Human Rights Center. 21.03.2010 “Peace Inside - Peace Outside” Exhibition in              “BRICHA” Temporary exhibition and screening of documentary in Vilnius, organised          Education Slovenia, Green Group-, Socialist Group-, and GUE/NGL Group in the European Parliament, European Cultural Foundation, Stiftung West-Östliche Begegnung, Aktionsbündnis Gegen Gewalt,
Tbilisi, organised by ERTOBA.                                                             by Jewish Museum and partners. 16.03.10-20.03.10 “Different Cultures” Documen-            Rechtextremismus und Fremdenfeindlichkeit Brandenburg, Home Office UK, Ministry of Interior-BZK NL, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs CH, the Matra Programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign
                                                                                          tary screenings and discussions in Vilnius, organised by HRMI, Lithuanian National        Affairs, Vuurwerk Internet, Instituto Português da Juventude, National Integration Office Sweden, Service Nationale de la Jeunesse Luxembourg, LNU - Norwegian Youth Council, Europees Platform Grundtvig,
GERMANY                                                                                                                                                                             Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Federal Social Insurance Office (Dep. for Youth Affairs) CH, Swiss Coordination Office of Youth for Europe, Federal Service for Combating Racism (Fund for Projects Against Racism)
                                                                                          Commission UNESCO. 19.03.2010 “European and Lithuanian Values: Different or               CH, Migros Kulturprozent CH, Comunidad de Madrid, Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan, The Swedish National Board
March “International Weeks Against Racism” Nation-wide campaign including more            Equal?” Discussion in Vilnius, organised by HRMI, Lithuanian National Commission          of Youth Affairs, Rothschild Foundation, Local Municipality of Budapest, Open Society Institute, Youth Board of Cyprus, Final
than 900 events all over Germany, organised by Interkultureller Rat in cooperation        UNESCO. 24.03.2010 “Roots of Radicalism” Discussion in Vilnius, organised by              Frontiers Internet, Dijkman Offset and others.
with partner organisations. 12.03.10-14.03.10.“Respect Begins in Your Head”               HRMI, Lithuanian National Commission UNESCO.                                              The information contained herein does not necessarily reflect the position nor the opinion of our sponsors. Sponsors are not to be
Seminar on LGBT issues for trainers in Dresden, organised by Herbert-und-Greta-                                                                                                     held responsible for any use that may be made of it.
Wehner-Stiftung and Gerede. 13.03.2010 “Against It!...And Than?” Conference               LUXEMBOURG                                                                                UNITED’s publications can be freely re-used, translated and re-distributed, provided the source - www.unitedagainstracism.org
                                                                                                                                                                                    - is mentioned and a copy is send tot the UNITED secretariat.
with workshops on how to combat right-wing extremism in Bochum, organised by              13.03.2010 “Camicie Verdi” Film screening and debate in Luxembourg, organised
Gewaltakademie Villigst and partners 15.03.2010. “Different? Cool!” Travelling            by Luxembourg Against Racism. 19.03.10-21.03.10 “27th Festival of Migrations,                                   UNITED for Intercultural Action • Postbus 413 • NL-1000 AK Amsterdam •
exhibition in Alsdorf, organised by Jugendmigrationsdienste and VABW. 15.03.10-           Cultures and Citizenship” Hundreds of lectures, music and performances in Lux-
                                                                                          embourg, organised by CLAE. 19.03.10-21.03.10 “LuxExpo: The Manufacture of                                                    phone +31-20-6834778 • fax +31-20-6834582
28.03.10 “No Racism In Football Stadiums!” Informing campaign of various
famous football clubs of the German Football League all over Germany, organised           Scripture” Competition, exposition and lecture in Luxembourg, organised by CLAE.                                     info@unitedagainstracism.org • www.unitedagainstracism.org
                                                                                                                                                                                    this publication is a supplement to Calendar of Internationalism no. 94                                                                     PRINTED BY DIJKMAN OFFSET | WWW.DIJKMAN.NL

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