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Newsletter September 2010 pdf


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									Saint Thomas Newsletter
All welcome - no exceptions - to worship, love, serve, and grow
Ana Gerhardt, Editor                                                                                   September 2010

A Very Peculiar Reformation
         Have you ever wondered what relationship there is between Henry VIII,
his matrimonial desires and the sixteenth century reformation of our church?
Maybe you are interested in learning about the context and theological origins of
The Book of Common Prayer? Or perhaps you are eager to hear about who burned
who at the stake and why? This autumn there will be an opportunity to study the
most influential and dramatic twenty five year segment of history in the
construction of Anglican identity. During the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI,
Mary and Elizabeth I England witnessed a period of intense religious upheaval
and dramatic societal change.
         “Twenty-Five years, Eight Queens, Two Kings and One Archbishop” will           Notice Board:
look at both the personalities and the issues behind the English Reformation.           EfM                                    6
Drawing on original sources and the best recent scholarship, together we will look The Haven                                   6
at a period of immense religious change in its social and historical context. We will Thresholds in Decision Making            6
learn about how alien some of the concerns of the sixteenth century were, as well       The Reformation in England             6
as just how familiar some of their preoccupations were - and how they continue to Coffee Hour Sign Up
shape our own lives.                                                              Parish Photographer                          7
         This will be a six week course, starting the last week of September. There     Second Sunday                          7
will be two groups: an evening group meeting on Mondays at 5pm (starting                Children’s Choir                       7
Monday 27 September) and an afternoon group meeting on Tuesdays at 1.30pm

(starting Tuesday 28th September). To register please sign up at the back of church
                                                                                        Inside this issue:
                                                                                        Curate’s Corner                        2
or email me direct at guy.collins@dartmouth.edu. As with all our educational
offerings this course is open to members and non-members alike. The only                September Events                       3

prerequisites are a willingness to learn and openness to different perspectives.        Appreciations                          3

                                                                                        Sr. Warden’s Letter                    4
September also sees the beginning of a whole host of other learning opportunities
here at St Thomas. A new term of Church School, from Godly Play to Middle- and Vestry Notes                                    5

High- School classes starts up. Then there is our Youth Confirmation series, a          Heaven on Earth                        8

newly designed preparation program in which our youth commit to three terms of Choir                                           8

learning about faith and life. Education for Ministry (EFM) also begins anew this       Parish Register                        9

term, as does our College Ministry program located at Edgerton House. We are            Beyond the Red Doors                   9
also delighted to be welcoming distinguished Art Historians from Dartmouth              Christian Education News           10
College to lead a new series of ‘Thinking Allowed’ to coincide with the fall term.      Stewardship                        11
Adult education also continues on the Second Sunday of each month, and in               First Supper                       11
September we welcome Jeanne Pocius to talk to us about “Haiti: Hardship, Horror,
    St. Thomas Church, Hanover, NH                         Page                                               September 2010
The sixteenth-century English Reformation, or what I prefer to call ‘a very peculiar reformation’ was
ultimately not a triumph for those who were obsessed with dogma or doctrine. Instead it was a triumph for a
distinctly Anglican and Episcopalian methodology of doing religion. Unlike the Continental Reformation that
privileged ideas, the English Reformation focused on what we might call ‘theological sociability’. As it
evolved our church has time and again sought to include diverse perspectives rather than create a coalition of
the likeminded. I like to think that the breadth and variety of our educational programs this autumn
continues that venerable tradition. We are not all called to think the same thoughts just as we are not all
called to do the same work. But we are all called to discern what God asks of us.
With love and best wishes to you and those you love,

Curate’s Corner                                                            The Rev. Madelyn Betz
        I want to use my column this month to talk         doorkeepers, to teachers and helpers with the middle
about ministry and our young people. On Sunday,            and high school classes, there is an opportunity for
August 15th, we honored two of our young people            you to become better acquainted with the younger
who have faithfully served as acolytes for several         members of St. Thomas.
years. They have now graduated from high school                    You have no experience? You would not be
and are moving on to higher education in distant           able to make a long-term commitment? No problem.
places. Thank you to Abigail Carpenter and Newell          Our youngsters would love to know you. You have
Clark for their service, and our prayers and best          stories and wisdom to share. And, perhaps most
wishes go with you as you begin this new phase of          surprising, you will learn much from our youngsters.
your life!                                                 They too have stories and wisdom to share!
        The young people in our midst here at St.                  I invite you to speak with me about how you
Thomas are valuable members of our community. We           can participate with our young people this fall. There
have the opportunity to walk with them primarily           is no long-term commitment required. There is great
from infancy through their high school years. We see       need in all our classrooms for more adults. [Please see
them grow from the time they are held in their             the article on Page 10 of the newsletter for
parent’s arms at the baptismal font, then sitting on the   information about our Christian Education
rug at the front of the church, singing as a young         programming for this fall.] We need you. We need to
chorister, and serving as acolytes. One of the greatest    show our young members that we value them. We
gifts we can give them as a church family is to greet      need to show the church that we believe in our St.
them by name and let them know that they are               Thomas community and want to pass on a vibrant
valued.                                                    church to the next generation.
       As we enter the fall season, we have the              Please join me in engaging with our young
opportunity once again to participate more closely    people this fall.
with our young people by serving in the ministry of
guiding/leading/teaching. St. Thomas offers Christian
                                                      Faithfully on the journey,
Education to youngsters of all ages and you would be
most welcome to help with any of the groups. From     Madelyn+
volunteers in the nursery to Godly Play teachers and

St. Thomas Church, Hanover, NH                        Page 2                                            September 2010
September Events
Ongoing Weekly Events
Morning Prayer                    Tuesdays at 8:30 am, Church
                                  Thursdays at 8:30 am, the Edge
Tots and Tea                      Tuesdays at 3:00 pm, Parish Hall (beginning Sept. 7)
Midweek Eucharist                 Wednesdays at noon, the Edge (beginning Sept. 8)
Choir Rehearsal                   Thursdays at 7:00 pm, Choir Room (beginning Sept. 9)
Folders Group                     Fridays at 9:00 am, Parish Hall

Special Communion Services
Hanover Terrace                   Wednesday, September 1 at 2:30 pm
Kendal                            Thursday, September 9 at 3:00 pm
Wheelock Terrace                  Monday, September 20 at 11:00 am
Harvest Hill                      Thursday, September 16 at 10:30 am

Second Sunday Adult Forum         Sunday, September 12 at 11:30 am, Choir Room
Blessing of the Backpacks         Sunday, September 19 at 10:00 am
Edge Open House                   Sunday, September 19 at 1:00 pm, The Edge
Vestry Meeting                    Tuesday, September 21 at 7:00 pm, Parish Hall
Student Orientation BBQ           Wednesday, September 22 at 6:00 pm, The Edge
Heaven on Earth                   Saturday, September 25 at 5:00 pm, Parish Hall
Episcopal Visitation              Sunday, September 26 at 8:00 am and 10:00 am

                 For up to date calendar information
          go to www.saintthomashanover.org/calendar.html

An enormous thank you goes out to everyone who helped with the Northwoods lunch program. Countless
volunteers helped - by planning for our week (July 12-16), shopping for food, setting up the parish hall,
making sandwiches, cleaning up, loading up vehicles, and delivering the food. Thanks to so many eager and
efficient volunteers, the sandwiches were made in record time! All St.Thomas parishioners can feel great
knowing the kids participating in the Northwoods Summer Program enjoyed a healthy lunch each day of
"our" week.

 St. Thomas Church, Hanover, NH                        Page 3                                       September 2010
Senior Warden’s Letter                                                       Penelope Prendergast

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

          Coincidence is a strange thing, but I often find it illuminating. For the past few summers I have taught
for a week at a camp organized by families who have adopted kids from Latin America. Originally I took the
job because, like many teachers, I find that summer jobs help support my finances over the school
vacation. However, after meeting the adoptive parents and getting to know them better each year, I realize
that they are teaching me more than I could ever teach them. They learn Spanish grammar from me; from
them I have learned all about commitment and patience and generosity. I admire their dedication to teaching
their children about their native culture and the desire to support them as they navigate their biculturalism.
Raising children is one of the hardest jobs that life offers, and adoption is at best a grueling process, even
more so if done over an international border.

          One day last week, while driving down to southern New Hampshire to teach my summer camp
classes, this insight was reinforced when I switched my car radio to NPR. By chance, it turned out that Scott
Simon, host of “Weekend Edition”, was being interviewed about his latest book, “Meant for Each Other”. It
describes what he and his wife experienced when they adopted their two daughters from China. One simple
statement describing their decision to adopt moved me most of all: “There are already children in this world
who need us right now. We sure need them." Once again, the message was very clear. You think you are
helping someone else only to discover that they are, in fact, nourishing you.

          When I think about St. Thomas, I know that the same truth applies. When we offer to host a Coffee
Hour or serve on a committee, our purpose is to benefit others when the end result is usually that it is we
who are enriched by the experience. Next month on Saturday, September 25th, from 5 to 9 pm, we will be
celebrating our life at St. Thomas at the second annual Heaven on Earth extravaganza. This party was an
amazing success last year, and the committee is hard at work organizing another wonderful evening of good
food and entertainment. If you have decorating or design skills, or would just have fun helping to decorate
                                                   the church, please contact our rector or Carol Dunne. If you
                                                   have culinary skills or would like to join in by helping set out
                                                   the food, please contact Jean Brandt. You never know what
                                                   you might get out of the experience! If you would just like to
                                                   enjoy a complete evening of fun for only $40 per adult (with
                                                   food, entertainment, a silent auction, and free childcare all
                                                   included), please contact Ana Gerhardt in the office to
                                                   purchase a ticket.

                                                           I hope to see you there! In the meantime, enjoy the
                                                   final days of what has been a beautiful summer.


St. Thomas Church, Hanover, NH                          Page 4                                           September 2010
Notes from the July Vestry Meeting

          Guy mentioned that several parishioners         used to provide liquidity short-term, but restricted
had responded to his newsletter article on end-of-        funds must always be reimbursed.
life concerns; St. Thomas can provide resources to                 College Ministry: Guy announced that Peter
help with legal, financial, and spiritual issues          Saccio has agreed to chair the College Work
relating to the end of life. Thanks are owed to           Commission. Guy then reported a tempest in a beer
Dorothy Heinrichs for providing a set of large-print      stein: he learned that the rights to the title
hymnals, now available at the back of the church.         “Theology on Tap” belong to the Chicago
They have already proven helpful.                         Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church.
          Madelyn provided an update of plans for         Fortunately, he was able to negotiate a settlement
summer events for young people. The Healing               licensing St. Thomas to use the phrase for a modest
Prayer group is preparing a brochure; the Silent          fee. Relief was expressed by all. Madelyn briefly
Auction committee is collecting items for                 reviewed the status of the Kelsey Community at
September’s Heaven on Earth fundraiser. All are           Edgerton House; five women have been in
invited to the ordination of Philip Major next week       residence this summer, but fall plans are still in
in New London.                                            flux. Collaborative programs with the Tucker
          Penelope Prendergast, Sr. Warden,               Foundation and the Sisters of St. Margaret are
reported that the Stewardship Committee had               being explored. Madelyn is working to improve the
begun meeting to plan the 2010 campaign.                  cost accounting for the Edge. A newsletter is in the
          Onita Connington, Treasurer, reported that      mail which will include a report on Theology on
as of June 30, the halfway point of St. Thomas’s          Tap: it is being mailed at bulk nonprofit rate to
fiscal year, pledges are on budget, and plate             1,442 addresses, an amalgam of lists from the
receipts are at 63% of the budgeted total. For            Dartmouth alumni office and St. Thomas’s parish
further details, the vestry consulted Onita’s written     records. On the hospitality side, the weekly dinners
report. Onita agreed to resolve an apparent               have seen an increased attendance this summer, up
disparity between two figures for total Living Tree       from the normal 12-15 guests to more than 20 on
Campaign receipts.                                        occasion.
          Financial Review. Janet Saint Germain
presented the annual financial review, recently             These notes were prepared with the generous help of
completed by our auditors. This is a simpler, less          minutes written by Clerk, Louis Cornell, which have
expensive procedure than an audit — the total cost          not yet been approved by the Vestry.
is around $6,000. As a consolidated report, it
includes information pertaining to our diocesan
accounts. Janet conveyed the Finance Committee’s
concern about the direction of our finances.
Expenses still consistently outpace income; most of
our cash balance is in restricted funds: these can be

 St. Thomas Church, Hanover, NH                         Page 5                                             September 2010
Notice Board

                                         Is this the year you enroll in Education for Ministry?
                                         Two EfM groups are forming for the 2010-2011 school year:
         BRING SOUP                      Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9:30 (or a bit earlier if the groups wishes),
        FOR THE HAVEN                    starting 15 September
                                         Monday mornings from 9 to 11:30, starting 20 September
                                         It's not too late to sign up for either group, provided you do so before the
                                         group's first meeting. Just get in touch with EfM mentor Judith Esmay
                                         (603-643-9085 or judithesmay@gmail.com) for information and an
                                         enrollment form.
                                         If not now, when?

  Volunteer Opportunity
  Thresholds in Decision Making is a program supervised by RSVP
  (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program). It invites individuals in
  Grafton and Sullivan counties to work with prison inmates five
  weeks before their discharge to help them make decisions which
  enable them to stay out of prison once they serve their time.
  Volunteers are trained and supervised in their contact with the
  33% of the inmates who participate in this popular program avoid
  recidivism. There is a waiting list of inmates who want to
  Anyone interested in learning more about this program please
  contact Peregrine Spiegel, 643-2785.

                25 Years, 8 Queens, 2 Kings and an Archbishop
                The Reformation in England: Characters, Context and Consequences
                The story of one quarter of the sixteenth century and how it has affected us all. From the
                translation of the Bible into English to the publication of the first Book of Common
                Prayer. From the personalities and dramas through the theological issues and political
                Taught by the Rector this six week course will examine the most dramatic period of
                religious change in the English speaking world, and the consequences for the life of faith.
                There will be two groups: an evening group meeting on Mondays at 5pm (starting
                Monday 27th September) and an afternoon group meeting on Tuesdays at 1.30pm
                (starting Tuesday 28th September). To register please sign up at the back of church or
                email The Rev Dr Guy Collins at guy.collins@dartmouth.edu.

St. Thomas Church, Hanover, NH                           Page 6                                           September 2010
Notice Board

 Coffee Hour Sign Up
 Please check out the sign up sheet in the Parish Hall for coffee hour this fall. If you are a
 member of a group at St. Thomas, please consider volunteering as a group for a Sunday.
 It is a great way to highlight your group's program or service, and even recruit new
 members! Our coffee hour is an important aspect of our welcoming environment at St.
 Thomas, but it takes many volunteers to make it happen.
 If you have any questions about what is involved, please speak with Sally Hillman
 Redman or e-mail me at sally.hillman.redman@Dartmouth.edu. My telephone numbers
 are (603) 643-1562 or cell: (603) 359-2876.
 Thank you for all of your help with coffee hour!

                Parish Photographer
                St Thomas is delighted to announce that Peregrine Spiegel has agreed to be the
                official parish photographer. Peregrine will be available to take photographs of
                members for display in the Parish Hall. If you do not yet have a photograph at St Thomas and
                would like to arrange for one please contact Peregrine at perry.spiegel@dartmouth.edu

      ‘Haiti: Hardship, Horror, Hope’, Jeanne Gabriel Pocius
      Second Sunday Adult Forum
      Sunday, September 12, 11:30am, Choir Room
      A frequent traveler to Haiti, Ms. Pocius’ talk will cover Haiti’s potential and challenges before
      the quake, the horrors during and after the quake and the signs of hope for the future. She has a
      new book entitled “Shaken, Not Stirred: a Survivor’s Account of the January 12, 2010
      Earthquake in Haiti” and is donating all profits from the book toward the new schools in Haiti.
      Ms. Pocius is also a talented trumpeter and will be offering special music at our 10am service
      on September 12th, accompanied by our Organist/Choirmaster Jerry Weale. In her travels to
      Haiti, Ms. Pocius often volunteers at the Holy Trinity Music School and performs with the Haiti
      Philharmonic Orchestra.

                                 Children’s Choir
                                 Children of all ages are invited to join us at 9:00 am on Sundays in the choir
                                 room for Children's Choir rehearsal! Parents are encouraged to drop their
                                 kids off at 9:00 am, and we will happily bring them over to Godly Play at
                                 9:35, giving them time on the way to use the washroom and get a drink of
                                 water. We plan to sing a lovely, simple hymn on September 19th at the
                                 Blessing of the Backpacks, so be sure to join us! We hope to make this a fun,
                                 welcoming, musical learning environment! If you have any questions, please
                                 feel free to contact Sarah Slater at sarahnalini@hotmail.com, or 643-5215.

St. Thomas Church, Hanover, NH                             Page 7                                        September 2010
Heaven on Earth is on the way, and you’re invited
       Experience a bit of heaven on earth, as it takes the form of an evening filled with good food and drink,
music and drama, the pleasure of fine company—including words from the Bishop—as St Thomas presents
the 2010 edition of Heaven on Earth, “a sublime soiree with the Rt. Rev.V. Gene Robinson.”
        Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 25, from 5 to 9 pm, and look forward to being with
parish friends in an out-of-the-ordinary time. Heaven on Earth is also an opportunity to invite other people
whose company you enjoy to join you at St. Thomas for the evening.
       A silent auction will continue through the event, with one of a kind and hard to find experiences and
items donated by members and friends of the parish. There will be a combination of returning favorites and
new offerings to bid on, including a painting by Gerry Auten, a Christmas trifle by Edna Pierce, an evening
with Shakespeare by Peter Saccio, a family photograph portrait by Anne Tullar, and a garden design
consultation by Andrew Garthwaite. And there will be something unique from the Bishop, to be
        Invitations to Heaven on Earth were sent in late August to the parish mailing list: return your reply
card now, if you’re not among those who’ve already RSVP’d. You can book tickets through the parish office,
as well as request additional invitations to share. Funds raised by the event support the parish’s work of
bringing in the kingdom—on earth as it is in heaven—right now.
       Tickets are $40 per person, and include an evening’s worth of delicious hors d’oeuvres and desserts,
sparkling beverages and sparkling conversation, and heavenly entertainment. (Free childcare is available for
the event’s youngest guests.) See you there!

Join the Choir!
       The person I have most admired in my line of work is the great American choral conductor Robert
Shaw. Mr. Shaw has left an indelible mark on how choruses and choirs sing and are trained, but his influence
was broader and deeper than that. Here’s a sample of his thoughts about “Music in Church.”
        “ We propose about music in church that nothing but the best is good enough….Further, nothing
which has stirred the heart and mind of mankind to the consideration and creation of worth – in whatever
time or place – can be foreign to worship. Wherever the word has been made flesh – in Bach or Mendelssohn
or Britten – it should be made welcome in worship.”
        Heady stuff, I admit, but that’s pretty much what we are up to in the St. Thomas music program. And
the best thing about it is that anyone can do it. No auditions are necessary, just the willingness to come to
rehearsals on Thursday nights and to show up on Sunday mornings for warm up and the service. There are
no age limits for choir membership, and people approaching their teens or in their eighties are welcome.
         Believe it or not, most people find it fun, and inclusive and even entertaining. So give us a try. First
rehearsal will be on Thursday September 9th at 7pm. We stop at 8pm and have dessert and coffee. We then
dig into the next big work, which in our case is the wonderful Requiem Mass of Mozart, which we are
preparing for the All Saints’ Day service. People are certainly welcome to come at 8pm and learn the Mozart,
if the full time schedule is not possible.
In any case, stop by and audition us: you’ll find a warm welcome.
Gerald Weale
St. Thomas Church, Hanover, NH                        Page 8                                           September 2010
Beyond the Red Doors                                                                       St. Thomas Outreach
                              If you offer your food to the hungry and satisfy the needs of the afflicted,
                            then your light shall rise in the darkness and your gloom be like the noonday.
                                                               Isaiah 58:10

Have you ever been hungry? If you know you are going to be able to eat some time soon, it’s not bad; our
bodies are reminding us that it’s time to refuel. But, if you don’t know whether you will be able to eat at all,
that’s something very different. And even worse, if you don’t know if you will be able to feed your hungry
children, that’s crushing. Imagine what that must be like. We can do something to help!
The CROP Hunger Walk happening on Sunday, October 3rd, and we need you. We need people to walk.
And we need people to sponsor our Walkers. We need each of you. And together, step by step we can make a
difference in the lives of hungry people around the world. What kind of difference? Listen to the voices of
hungry people struggling to find hope and the impact you make through supporting our CROP Hunger
A young girl in the USA says, When you are hungry, you can’t think of anything else.
          Up to 25% of the money raised in a CROP Hunger Walk supports hunger-fighting efforts in that local
          community. Last year, CROP Hunger Walks provided over $4 million dollars to some 3,000 soup
          kitchens and food pantries across the U.S.
A poor man in Brazil sighs, What is poverty? To come home and see your children hungry and not have
anything to give them.
          Last year CROP Hunger Walks raised over 15 million dollars to assist hungry people around the
          world, providing food and other essentials to those recovering from disasters, as well as tools and
          training to communities as they seek to establish food security for themselves in places like
          Guatemala, Indonesia, Haiti, Cambodia, Kenya and more.
A farmer in Niger who received help through a CWS-supported program celebrates, Thanks to the new well
and the increased cultivation, we have more food for our family, and are able to sell the extra to gain a little
From despair to hope. From hunger to food security. That’s the difference you make by supporting our CROP
Hunger Walk. Together we’re ending hunger – one step at a time. Please join us!

                                                    PARISH REGISTER
 Parish Directory Updates:                                                Weddings:
                                                                          Hanna Burzynksi & Casey McCullar
 603-643-2523         The Frechette family
                      9 Woods End Road, Etna, NH 03784                    Issa Lampe & Andrew Chislett
                                                                          Nathalie Toomey & Thad Roberts
 603-727-9588         Paul and Ruth Young
                      The Woodlands                                       Stan Dudek & Jonathan Barth
                      125 Mascoma Street, #30-222
                      Lebanon, NH 03766                                   Deaths:
 802-333-3602         The Rev. Kelsey & Mrs. Kelsey                       Olga Robinson
                                                                          Arthur Allen
                      Emily Duncan
 New email:           EmilyBancroftDuncan@gmail.com                       Virginia Mills

 St. Thomas Church, Hanover, NH                                  Page 9                                      September 2010
Christian Education News

Beginning September 12th, St. Thomas will once again offer weekly nurture and formation opportunities for
our children and youth. In order for the programs to flourish, there are also opportunities for our adults to
join our children and youth as teachers, classroom assistants, volunteers, or mentors. Read on for information
about plans for each of our age groups.

Nursery Care for Infants to Age 3: We will continue to offer nursery care each Sunday, from 9:30am to
11:30am for our youngest members, from infancy to age three under the watchful supervision of our Nursery
Care Provider Emily Zollo and her volunteers.

Godly Play from 9:45am to 10:30am for Age 3 through Grade 4: Each week, there is a Bible story and time
for a project in response. We are grateful to Heidi Reynolds for having brought Godly Play to St. Thomas and
for serving as the Coordinator of the program for the last year and a half. This year, we plan to divide the
coordination amongst several of the teachers and volunteers to lighten the load and broaden the
participation. We also need volunteers to serve on our rota of teachers and doorkeepers. We thank Heidi for
her energy and generosity as she looks forward to a well-deserved break. We hope many of you will step
forward to help with an education program for our young members.

Below is a short list of tasks that need attention in order to keep the program running smoothly. If you would
be willing to attend to one or more of these tasks or would like more details, please speak with Madelyn.
          Help clean/tidy room as a backup person
          Keep the room stocked with art materials
          Organize special art projects or activities for Christmas/Easter holidays & Work Days
          Schedule teachers for Fall, Winter and Spring quarters
          Handle email communication with teachers and volunteers re meetings, changes, etc.
          Help with story assembly
          Write bulletin notices and newsletter articles to keep the parish informed

Classes for Middle (Gr. 5-8) and High School (Gr. 9-12) students from 9am-9:40am: We return to a 9am class
time during the fall for several reasons. Madelyn will continue to lead the middle schoolers, while Jesse Davis
will continue to lead the high schoolers. We shall begin both sections thinking about ministry, in preparation
for our fall mission trip already scheduled for October 15-17. There are also opportunities for adults to
volunteer with these older students. Please speak with either Madelyn or Jesse for more information about
these classes.

Confirmation Classes for Youth in Grade 8 or Older:
Please contact either Guy (guy.collins@dartmouth.edu) or
Madelyn (madelyn.betz@dartmouth.edu) for more
information about Confirmation Classes, which will begin
later this fall.

St. Thomas Church, Hanover, NH                         Page 10                                      September 2010
Stewardship - Many Gifts, One Body
      September marks the start of a string of beginnings: a change of seasons, a fresh school year, and, soon
enough, a move into Advent and a new church year, and finally a new calendar year as well.
        At St. Thomas, even as we faithfully continue to fulfill our 2010 pledges of financial support to the
parish—and as the ministries made possible by those funds flourish all around us—it will soon be time to
look forward to funding our mission for the 2011 financial year.
       Your giving through the stewardship campaign for 2010, “Our Daily Bread,” promised nearly
$420,000 to support the parish’s work, marking another record total in our growing giving. On Sunday,
September 26, with our bishop preaching, the stewardship committee invites you to begin thinking about
how you will respond for 2011, as we explore the theme “Many Gifts, One Body.”
          The committee will host a reception after the 10 o’clock service on September 26th.
       On four Sundays in October, a member of the parish will speak briefly at both the 8 and 10 am
services about why they pledge to St. Thomas.
       Expect to hear from our clergy about stewardship, and look for a special edition of the parish
newsletter mid-October. Finally, mark as Sunday, October 24 on your calendars for a stewardship brunch
following the second service, and for the ingathering of pledges at both the 8 and 10 am services that day.
          Join us as we continue to grow in our giving.
          The Stewardship Committee
             Mary Clare Cooper
             Emily Duncan (associate member)
             Eric Esau (co-chair)
             Tom McFarland
             Anne Pattison (stewardship brunch coordinator)
             Kelly Sundberg Seaman (co-chair)
             Paul Sorensen

First Supper Series
        Again this fall we will schedule a series of         Then, we will make a master schedule for the three
First Suppers. These will be small groups of                 months, taking all the names and organizing groups.
parishioners meeting for dinner in a relaxed setting         All participants will receive the full schedule by the
on the first Saturday of each month, October through         end of September. Each month, the grouping will be
November (Oct. 2, Nov. 6, Dec. 4). Each group will           different, so we will have many opportunities to
have dinner in a parishioner’s home—a different              further get to know many of our fellow St. Thomas
home and a different group each month. Each host             parishioners.
will be responsible for providing the main course and                Look for sign-up forms inserted into the
beverages, for contacting their group members to             bulletins the first 2 Sundays in September and also in
assign the side dishes (hors d’oeuvres, salad, bread,        the back of the church. There is also a box in which to
dessert), for letting them know the time of the dinner,      return your completed form. Participants will receive
and for giving directions to their house.                    an E-mail or letter with details about the groups by
        The idea is that any adult (college age or           the end of September. Please speak with or E-mail the
older)—singles, couples, 8 AM-ers, 10 AM-ers—who             new First Supper coordinator Peter Hope
would like to be part of this series, will sign up before    (phope@worldpath.net, 603-863-6456) with questions
September 20th, indicating if he or she will be able to      or for more information.
host one dinner. (Not everyone needs to be a host).
 St. Thomas Church, Hanover, NH                           Page 11                                        September 2010
9 West Wheelock Street, Hanover NH 03755
603-643-4155   saintthomas@valley.net
Staff                                                                    Vestry
The Rev. Dr. Guy J. D. Collins, Rector & Episcopal College Chaplain      Penelope Prendergast - Senior Warden
The Rev. Madelyn L. Betz, Curate                                         Jean Brandt - Junior Warden
Dr. Gerald R. Weale, Organist & Choirmaster                              Onita Connington - Treasurer
Ana Gerhardt, Parish Administrator                                       Louis Cornell - Clerk
Tonya Somers, Property Manager                                           Anne Collins
Emily Zollo, Nursery Caregiver                                           Carter Dodge
                                                                         Posey Fowler
                                                                         John Jayne
Websexton - Chris Bailey-Kellogg, cbk@cs.dartmouth.edu                   Charles Muntz
Parish Archivist - Eric Esau, Eric.esau@dartmouth.edu                    Karen Orrick
Pledge Clerk - Louis Cornell                                             Rebecca Paquette
Assistant Treasurer - Susan Logan                                        Peter Saccio
                                                                         Sarah Slater
                                                                         Kelly Seaman

                                                                                                      September 25, 5pm
                                                                                                      Heaven on Earth

                                                                                             September 19, 10am
                                                                                             Blessing of the Backpacks

                                                                                        Change Service Requested

     Permit #10

Hanover NH 03755                                                                         Hanover, NH 03755
  US Postage Paid
                                                                                         9 West Wheelock Street
                                                                                         St. Thomas Episcopal Church
   St. Thomas Church, Hanover, NH                              Page 12                                             September 2010

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