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Mongolian Canadian Research Cooperation


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Research Cooperation

             Visit by Dr. David Last
        Royal Military College of Canada
  to Damdiny Sukheebaatar Defense University

         Ulaanbaatar, 7-31 July 2008
• these are my personal views,
  recommendations and commitments
• I have no official capacity, but will be
  happy to convey information and offer
  my personal advice and support
• It is an honour and privilege to have this
  opportunity to work with you

18 July 2008      David Last, RMC
• Overcoming the language barrier
• Institute projects
     –   Defence Policy
     –   Military Art and Theory
     –   Civil Military Relations
     –   Military History
     –   International Relations and Peace Support
     –   Invention and Experiment
• Individual research interests

18 July 2008              David Last, RMC
    Language Barrier Solutions
• Avoid burn-out of a few           • Co-authorship in English
  researchers with language           with a Mongolian partner
                                    • data-sharing for comparative
• Co-author with a translator/        work (don’t underestimate
                                      the difficulties)
• Develop translator writing
  skills; involve them more         • academic editing - you get it
• Use foreign graduate                close, we correct and refine,
  students                            you confirm that we got it
• Mongolian digest of foreign         right
  articles (multilingual)           • professional translation/
• Develop Mongolian                   editing may be an option
  language in-house press?

18 July 2008               David Last, RMC
               Key to slides
• Mongolian research        • possible Canadian
  project as described        collaborators or
                              partners in research
  by IDS
                            • additional files providing
• Questions about             information
  Mongolian                 • Web sites, emails or
  research?                   links which might be

18 July 2008       David Last, RMC
  Defense Policy Research 1/3

• Strategic Defense        Recommend:
  and Military             • Dr. Pierre Pahlavi,
                             Deputy Chair,
  Management                 Department of Military
• what research              Planning and
                             Operations, Canadian
  questions are of           Forces College, Toronto
  interest?                • LCol Doug Delaney,
                             Chair of War Studies,
                             RMC, to identify
                             graduate students
                             working on this
18 July 2008      David Last, RMC
  Defence Policy Research 2/3
• Development factors      Possible collaborators:
                           • Dr. Grace Scoppio,
  of Defense                 Canadian Defence
  University                 Academy, Learning
                             Innovation (DLI)
• LCol Palam
                           • Dr. Adam Chapnick, Deputy
• what are the               Chair of Research and
                             Education, CFC
  descriptive and
                           • Dr. David Last, interested in
  normative aspects          comparative studies of
  of this project?           defence education, see
                             “Sword and Pen,” (2004)

18 July 2008      David Last, RMC
  Defence Policy Research 3/3
• Improving cohesion        • Dr Douglas Bland,
  between Defence             Queen’s University
                              School of Policy Studies
  Ministry and
                            • “Organization and
  General Staff
                              Accountability” (1999)
• Col Ravjaa’s project        as a model of division of

18 July 2008       David Last, RMC
      Military Art and Theory 1/3
• Mongolian-Russian-          • Is NATO PfP
                              • This might find external
  Dictionary of Military        funding as a
  Terminology                   confidence-building
                                measure, especially
• Capt Enkhjargal,              combined with a
  PhD                           conference like 1990
                                Seminar on Military
                                Doctrine and Strategy

18 July 2008         David Last, RMC
      Military Art and Theory 2/3
• The modern art of        Recommend:
  war and                  • LCol Colin Magee,
                             Director, Department of
  development trends         Military Planning and
• More details of            Operations, CFC
  research?                • Dr Michael Hennessy,
                             Dean of Continuing
                             Studies, RMC (co-
                             author on future

18 July 2008      David Last, RMC
      Military Art and Theory 3/3
                             • Ask Maj Robertson about
• Dictionary of Military       Canada’s military lexicon -
  Terminology                  NATO, US or more?
  (Glossary or lexicon,      • Are military lexicons
                               adequate for contemporary
  Mongolian                    operations? Should we be
                               looking more widely, or using
  languague only)              words more carefully, in
• Capt Enkhjargal,             order to communicate
                               OUTSIDE the military
  PhD                          community? Do more
                               detailed specialized
                               vocabularies make
                               communication more
18 July 2008        David Last, RMC
       Civil Military Relations 1/3
• Measuring the           Recommend:
                          • DRDC Human Sciences Hub
  condition of soldiers   • Directorate of Human
  and officers in           Resource Research and
  operations                Evaluation (DHRRE) see
                            Behavioural Science Research
• (see Myagmarjav         • Maj Mark McDonald, Research
  book)                     Coordinator, DHRRE (privacy
                            or security classification may
                            impede discussion of some

18 July 2008        David Last, RMC
       Civil Military Relations 2/3
                           • You may find the Canadian
• Tradition and              Forces studies of
  transformation in          Organizational culture
                             useful: Dr Peter Bradley,
  Mongolian defense          Psychology, RMC, or Dr
  personnel resources        Danielle Charbonneau,
                             Psychology, RMC
                           • papers from the 2004 IUS
                             seminar in Toronto,
                             Transformation and

18 July 2008      David Last, RMC
    Supporting Military Families
• Comparative study        • Canadian Forces
                             Personnel Support
  of military family         Agency (CFPSA)
  associations and           www.cfpsa.com
  support to families      • Kingston Military Family
  of deployed troops?        Resource Centre
• Association for          • Sources of Family
  Peacekeeping               Support, UK Army
  Support, LCol            • National Military Family
  ARIUNTUYA                  Association (NMFA)

18 July 2008      David Last, RMC
       Civil Military Relations 3/3
• Mongolian defense                 • See an official report
  transformation and                  on public opinion
  attitudes of civilian               research conducted
  and military                        by the government:
  personnel                         • www.tpsgc-
•   Does MDU have a research          pwgsc.gc.ca/por/text
    ethics board?                     /rpt05-06-01-e.html
                                    • Many of the reports
                                      are accessible
18 July 2008               David Last, RMC
     Military History Studies 1/4
• History of military        • Dr. Roch Legault, Head
  forces                       of History Department,
• Need more details          • Maj John Grodzinsky,
  about what aspects           RMC History
  of military history?         Department?
                             • Asian history - Dr.
                               Hamish Ion ion-
                             • Russian history - Dr.
                               Keith Nielson nielson-
18 July 2008        David Last, RMC
     Military History Studies 2/4
• History of war from 1939         Possibly:
  Khalkha River to the present
  (i.e. 20th Century Asian         • LCol Doug Delaney,
  Warfare) [not river warfare]       Chair of War Studies,
  2009, 70th anniversary             and ask for graduate
  conference and publication?        student or professor
  International cooperative          participation?
  research, proclaimed by
  President                        • doug.delaney@rmc.ca
• (not about river warfare)

18 July 2008              David Last, RMC
     Military History Studies 3/4
• History of military          • You may have a special
                                 contribution to make on land
  logistics in the art of        logistics; most bibliographies
  war                            of the history of logistics tend
• current scholarship            to focus on naval and air
                                 logistics - the CFC library
  focuses on                     listing is typical.
  Mongolian situation          • Official branch history is at
  since 1921, so                 www.forces.gc.ca/admmat/lo
  unlikely to find               gbranch/handbook/Volume1/
  common interest?               Vol1_e.htm

18 July 2008          David Last, RMC
     Military History Studies 4/4
• War art research of         • possibly Dr. Steven
  “a military political         Lukits, Head of
  letter” by Enkhbat            English Department,
• need details?                 RMC?
• involves                    • no connection?
  transcription of an
  ancient mongolian
  script (cyricllic) to
  modern script; Dr.
18 July 2008         David Last, RMC
    Experiments and Inventions
• Research on 9mm        • This sort of technical
                           cooperation will probably
  ammunition               require official channels,
                           rather than direct contact.
                         • You probably want to work
                           with the Munitions
                           Experimental Test Centre
                           (METC) at DRDC Valcartier,

18 July 2008    David Last, RMC
               Military Discipline
• Dr. Ariunbold,              Possibly:
                              • Dr. Craig Mantle, CFLI
  Military Discipline
                              • Dr. Howard Coombs,
  under Chinggis                Queen’s University
  Khan; Military law          • Dr. Chris Madsen, C.
  from the 17th                 Madsen. “Legal Education in
                                the Canadian Forces from
  century to the                Historical and Contemporary
  present                       Perspective,” Canadian Bar
                                Association Annual
                                Conference and Expo,

18 July 2008         David Last, RMC
               Religion and War
• Armed forces and               • Office of the Chaplain
  religion, historical             General,
  perspectives to the              ngraph/home_e.asp
  present                        • Dr. Steve Moore, (PhD on
• includes sociological            External Ministry of
  perspectives                     Reconciliation)
• (not sure about the            • William Morrow, Queen’s
  translation on this topic)       School of Theology, teaches
• Dr. Ariunbold                    a course on religion and war,

18 July 2008            David Last, RMC
      Military Leadership in War
• Col Batbold, director      Possibly:
                             • Col Bernd Horn, now
• More details about           Commander Canadian
                               Special Operations Forces
  research questions?          Command
                             • See CFLI Research Papers
                               at www.cda-
                             • Dr. Alan Okros, Deputy
                               Chair, Department of
                               Command, Leadership and
                               Management, CFC

18 July 2008        David Last, RMC
               Military Pedagogy
• LCol Palam, PhD                • Possibly:
                                 • Dr. Grace Scoppio, on
• I think the questions            military education,
  of interest are:                 scoppio.gl@forces.gc.ca
                                 • Canadian Forces Training
     – what is education           Development Centre
       and how do we               (CFTDC) at
       sequence military           www.borden.forces.gc.ca/99
       education?                  8/5/5-66-eng.asp
     – What is the               • See also International
                                   Association of Military
       relationship between        Pedagogy
       education and             www.militarypedagogy.org
18 July 2008            David Last, RMC
The next two
slides were                     Passages in Learning
discussed with
the directors of
PhD and MA                                       Epistemology: How do I know
programs, but                                    when I know something?
not with IDS
                           Methodology: How can I find out
                           what I want to know?
                                                             Generate new
         Heuristics:What do I want to          Learn by
         know about, and why?
                                               yourself            “I doubt...”
                                Learn within
                                a discipline      “I know because I tested it”
               get the tools:
                                          “I know because I read it”
                and logic

                         “I know because they taught me”
  For explanation see: Last (2005) “Bar and Beef”

                                                                                     Professional experience


                                                      research and
                                                Doctoral                                Command
                                                 degree                                    and

                             WS MA
                                                             WS PhD
                                                                                      publications
                                       “Academic”                      professional
                                                           MBA/MADMP    credentials
                                 BA (Hon)            “Professional”
                                                     master’s
                      BA (Gen)
                                    Bachelor’s              MDS/MMAS


                   High school

               How to write reports?
• Always consider the audience first: what do
  they already know? what needs explanation?
• Assume you have your audience for five
• always include an abstract (250 word
  summary); usually include an author
  biography (2-3 sentences)
• briefing notes (< 2 pages) can be without
  style; anything else should be written to
  seduce the intended audience.
18 July 2008          David Last, RMC
• In what language? (Mongolian, English, Russian, Chinese? -
   consider your comparative advantage)
• What form?
    < 3,000 words, report
                                                package your work
    < 7,000 words, article
                                                for distribution
    < 50,000 working paper or monograph
• For who?
    – internal, professional, external
• Where?
    – peer reviewed or not?
    – reputation of publication?
    – size of audience?
• Balance of output? (personal and professional objectives)
 18 July 2008                 David Last, RMC
• Institutional web site
• Personal web sites
• Conference web sites
• On-line distribution of papers and
• Web-forums for discussion
• Newsletters and bulletins; if it doesn’t
  exist, start it.
18 July 2008      David Last, RMC
Some immediate collaboration
Mendee and Last, “Whole of Government
  responses in Mongolia: From Domestic
  Response to International Implications” (For
  Pearson Papers, Sep 2008, and
  Copenhagen, Oct 2008) - in progress
? and Last, “Between East and West: Evolution
  of Mongolian Defence Education” maybe for
  International Education Journal or Armed
  Forces and Society
18 July 2008       David Last, RMC

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