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Ojai Olive Oil, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that came into existence 11 years ago. Our farm is located in Southern California’s Ojai Valley that lies straight north of the coastal town of Ventura - 80 miles north of Los Angeles and 35 miles south of Santa Barbara.

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									       Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Natural Goodness You are able to Count On!

There are lots of beauty and health advantages of extra virgin olive oil that can help you
look fantastic! Olive oil is a natural way to remain stunning and wholesome. It's so
versatile it could be used internally or externally.

1 tablespoon of olive oil contains 120 calories and 14 grams of fat. The beneficial fat it
contains is called monounsaturated fat, which has a calming impact on blood cholesterol
levels. In those Mediterranean countries where olive oil is consumed a great deal, (such
as Greece, Italy, and Spain), there is a low incidence of cardiovascular disease. The mild
vegetable mucilage in olive oil assists safeguard your body's digestive tract. Ancient
civilizations used it to heal wounds. Today it isn't only considered a good remedy for skin
problems but is also an effective moisturizer. Olive oil benefits are easy yet extremely

Make sure which you buy Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil too. It is the one with the
most nutritional value! You need to really look hard on the bottles label to find 'cold
pressing' although. Numerous occasions it is in little kind and located within the leading,
correct hand corner so appear closely. Cold pressing is a very slow process in which olive
oil is extracted from olives. It's a healthier technique that gives you 100% olive oil with
no additives. That is what makes it so much better for you!

Olive oil contains 77% monounsaturated fatty acids, 14% saturated fatty acids, and 9%
polyunsaturated fatty acids, plus vegetable mucilage and Vitamin E. Monounsaturated
fatty acids are far less easily damaged by oxygen than other types of fat. They are
consequently much less likely to produce free radicals, which damage cell membranes
and can cause Cancer.

Natural Advantages of Additional Virgin Olive Oil

   -   The monounsaturated fats in Extra Virgin Olive Oil assist lower LDL, (poor),
       Cholesterol with out affecting the HDL, (great), levels. Take 1 teaspoon twice
       every day to help lower your Cholesterol levels.
   -   Within the Swedish diet, take a tablespoon, followed by a glass of warm water
       whenever you rise every day. The diet is created to assist you shed pounds by
       having much better elimination.
   -   For constipation problems, take 1 - 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach first thing
       in the day. The better your body is in a position to get rid of waste products, the
       better able your body will probably be to digest and procedure recently consumed
   -   Olive Oil applied to the skin or hair and nails, and is an excellent method to
       moisturize. To moisturize the skin, apply to dry spots or stretch marks. You will
       love how soft and supple your skin feels!
   -   Use OO, (as Rachel Ray says), to develop powerful fingernails and soften
       cuticles. Apply a teaspoon or so to your hands and nails overnight, then put gloves
       on. Within the morning you'll notice a large difference within the strength of your
       nails as they become much more resistant to cracking and breaking.
   -   Apply a generous quantity of Olive Oil overnight on your hair. Wrap your hair in
       a secure towel so you do not mess up your sheets or pillowcases. Shampoo as
       usual the following day, although you probably will not need conditioner for a
       whilst. Your hair may be flat or limp for each day or so, but the advantages
       outweigh the inconvenience. It really leaves hair shiny and well moisturized!

Use Additional Virgin Olive Oil anytime of the day or night. It's a true treasure to have
an oil that is so versatile and helpful! Revitalize your well being and beauty, by
incorporating Olive Oil inside your daily schedule!

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