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11987 Coverstone Hill Cir. Apt 215  Manassas, VA 20109  571-309-2200 

Web Portal/Identity & Access Engineer
Multi-talented IT professional with over 16 years of IT Experience with a Bachelors of Information Systems
and is currently working on his Masters. Eleven years of experience in the creation and deployment of web
portals, access control, and other information assets for diverse companies and organizations both public
and private. Ten years’ experience helping companies design, deploy, and manage Identity Solutions and
RBAC to control access to systems from both internal and external users.

Expertise Highlights
        Network & Systems Administration                 Database Design & Management
        Strategic Technology Planning                    Major Software/Systems Implementations
        Data/Business/Systems Analysis                   Systems Security & Disaster Recovery Planning
        Data Flow & Process Mapping                      Testing/Scripting/Documentation
        SQL Queries & Data Modeling                      Technical Writing (Manuals/System Specs)
        Portal Technology Design & Deployment            Federation Implementation (SAML, WS-Fed, IDFF)
        Multiple IdP Platform Implementations            XML Gateway & Web Server Implementations

Professional Experience

SOLO W2 – WASHINGTON, DC                                                                              2006 to Present
Sr. Web Systems/Identity & Access Engineer
Started with the project as a Sr. Siteminder Engineer providing support on configuration, capability, and new
project initiatives utilizing that platform. Have provided support in all areas of IT initiatives within the project
not including, coding, portal design and improvements, web systems initiatives including XML Gateways,
Access Control, RBAC, User Repository improvements, and some products coming in the door taking
advantage of Web 2.0 architecture.

Key Results:
       Was a member of a core team to come up with a brand new Portal Design for the IRS’s external and
        internal web sites built on real portal solutions. Spent over a year assisting with the design, architecting,
        and documenting the new portals that would allow the US Government to position itself for today’s web
        systems and technologies down the road.
       Have assisted several internal applications with code analysis to identify security issues, performance
        problems, and minimized risk to the US Government.
       Documented design changes to the portal that have improved both internal and external Portal Uptime
        substantially. (90% uptime to 99.99% uptime within 1 year)
       Member of core team that led a key upgrade to the IRS’s Web Infrastructure by upgrading to Windows
        2003, on newer hardware, and putting them onto a web platform that was platform neutral.
       Led several training sessions training SA’s how to support Linux Based DNS servers that were migrated
        from Solaris OS.
       Member of Core team that assisted with migration of the IRS labs to a highly redundant Virtualized
        Environment built around technologies from VMWare and Solaris Containers and LDOMs.

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AETNA INC. – MIDDLETOWN, CT                                                                       2003 to 2006
Siteminder/Active Directory Engineer
Provided engineering, design, and support for the organizations Siteminder Infrastructure which was built
around Active Directory for both Internal and External Users.

Key Results:
   Redesigned and upgraded companies Siteminder Infrastructure to new version (Siteminder 4.x to 6.x)
    and deployed into a highly redundant and sustainable solution.
   Improved Siteminder Policy Server uptime which had to be rebooted nightly to deal with a poorly
    designed solution. Policy Server uptime went from only every 24 hours before restart to being done only
    when patches were rolled out that impacted the servers or quarterly whichever came first.
   Architected, designed, and implemented Federation Capabilities within Siteminder Product Suite to allow
    Aetna to strategically place itself for doing B2B Federation.

TECHNICAL PROS – RIDGEFIELD, NJ                                                                   2002 to 2003
Sr. Firewall Security Consultant
Reviewed clients firewall and network infrastructure looking for improvements in design and identifying
potential weak points.

Key Results:
   Implemented upgraded firewall platform built on Nokia and Checkpoint Firewall Technologies.
   Configured system so all firewall administration, monitoring, and performance gathering could be done
    from a few management systems within the enterprise.
   Sealed several security holes that were exposed during an ethical hack performed by a security
    company. Even improved upon their recommendation and used advanced features of firewalls to add
    additional security protection over and above what was identified by outside firm.

FXALL – NEW YORK, NY                                                                              2002 to 2002
Sr. Network/Systems Engineer
Provided support to company on Siteminder Access Control System with RSA Integration that allowed
companies to do large financial transactions to overseas countries.
Key Results:
   Led initiative to implement Siteminder with RSA SecurID so companies could feel confident the system
    was well secured for their financial transactins.
   Redesigned checkpoint firewall architecture to highly redundant system that provided improved uptime
    to home office, colocation facility, and VPN access to remote offices in Japan and London.
   Led team to upgrade File/Print/Email server to a Windows 2000 Cluster Server solution that had 2 TB of
    storage attached in a highly redundant and fully backed up system.

TAOS, THE SYSADMIN COMPANY – NEW YORK, NY                                                         2000 to 2002
Sr. Network/Systems Engineer
Provided support to several companies in the web, financial, and corporate world as a for hire solution
consultant. Performed work at several client sites in a lead consultant role with several consultant reporting
to me for mentoring and task assignment.
Key Results:
   Led several teams in supporting web systems and network engineering at clients such as Mamamedia,
    OnMoney, and NBC(GE).
   Received positives comments from several clients on my ability to multitask and deal with a large
    workloads and lead people in getting tasks done.

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   Was brought in on several occasions as a presales engineer to help sales win clients and contracts by
    demonstrating in house knowledge of technologies and systems the clients were looking for.


Masters of Science in Information Systems (MSIS), 2011

Bachelors of Science in Information Systems (BSIS), 2006

Associates of Applied Science in Electronics Engineering Technology (AASEET), 1994

Technology Summary
Certifications:      Netegrity Certified Deployment Consultant(NCDC)

Portal Systems:      WebSphere, Oracle, SunOne, BEA, Microsoft Sharepoint

Systems:             Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, NetWare, Linux, BSD

Web Servers:         IBM HTTP Server, IIS 5/6/7, Apache 2.x, SunOne

IdP Systems:         Siteminder 4/5/6/12, IBM TIM/TAM, Oracle Oblix, Ping Federate, SunOne

Federation:          SAML 1.x/2, IDFF 1.2, Shobeth, WS-FED

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