Tallahassee's Crooked Officer

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					          Tallahassee’s Crooked Police Officer
Officer Annette Pickett Garrett, Badge #640 Of The Tallahassee Police
Department is currently being sued by John “Dick” and Andrea Duffy.

The Lawsuit was filed for the Plaintiffs by Tallahassee Attorney Marie
Mattox on April 24th, 2009. The allegations of claims against Officer
Annette Garrett are Malicious Prosecution, Abuse Of Process, Civil
Conspiracy and Loss Of Consortium.

The Lawsuit was personally delivered via process service to the home
address of Officer Annette Pickett Garrett, Badge #640 at her home
address of 1929 Queenswood Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32303.

This civil lawsuit can be read on-line at the following web link:

Circuit Court Judge James O. Shelfer is the judge currently presiding
on this case regarding this government official. The case has already
been in court for nearly three years already with no current resolution
for a jury trial.

The Leon County Court Website shows the next hearing on November
16th, 2011. The defense of Officer Annette Garrett currently has three
attorneys working on this case of Tallahassee City Attorney Billy J.
Hendrix, Ginger Lynn Barry Boyd and Monica Miller Freeland.

This court case can be reviewed on the Leon County Court Website At:

Officer Annette Garrett has had several complaints and lawsuits filed
against her in the last few years. The false arrest in affiliation by this
officer is what removed the unconstitutional florida statute of 843.17 as
illegally applied. This officer is very crooked, dirty and dishonest.
Lawsuits can be reviewed at the following web links as filed against this
crooked officer by the public citizenry:

This Tallahassee Police Officer Has A Long Pattern Of Police Abuse
Against The Public Citizenry During The Last Several Years. This is
while peddling Avon Products From Her Office At Police Headquarters
while paid by the tax payers to be working as a public servant. Internal
Affairs has received a stack of complaints against this Officer over the
years that are on public record. She also has the worst rating on the website for Tallahassee Police Officers on the force.