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Vol. 42 No. 1          North Hills–McKnight Branch Newsletter          September 2010

                North Hills – McKnight AAUW invites you to our
                               September Brunch

                          “Meet, Greet, and Eat”

                        Saturday, September 25th at 9:30 AM
                                       in the
                            Ryan Room, La Roche College

   If you’ve ever wondered about AAUW, wanted to know more about AAUW, or just
               spend a morning with good friends, this is the place to be!

   Our menu includes fresh fruit, muffins and Danish, Spinach and Bacon Quiche and
                             Broccoli and Cheese Quiche,
                          Orange juice, coffee and hot tea

                         Our special price for guests is $5.00
                              Members’ price is $10.00

                       Please join us for this special morning!
       We offer you a wealth of education, service opportunities, and friendship!

      Please let Anita Wurthner know if you are coming and the number of guests, 412-486-5161, 2545 Red Oak Ct., Allison Park PA 15101
Page - 2                                          VIEWPOINTS                                      September 2010

                                                         work on the Martin Luther King Breakfast event.
           From the President                            Joanne we thank you for all your hard work which
                                                         has resulted in a good event each year. Please
Greetings to all of you after a very busy, fun, and      consider and if you are able call me. Barbara
warm summer.                                             Matthews would love a co-chair with whom to
Programming for this coming year is, in my
humble opinion, varied and should prove to be            The final budget report for 2009-2010 shows that
thought provoking so please join us at our branch        the Flea Fest in June raised $1105.47. Great work
meetings as we learn together. Peggy                     by many people. The budget for 2010-2011 will
Garbooshian and her cast of many have put                be presented at the September meeting for
together a program year which will inform us,            membership approval.
challenge us, and perhaps give us a new direction
to move as a branch. I am very grateful for all of       We wait to welcome you in September.
her hard work. Irene Lietz and Peggy have created                                          -Sylvia
a refrigerator paper for us with all of our programs
and activities so don’t forget to pick one up at the
September meeting.
                                                         BRANCH CALENDAR
Our summer was busy and flew by with changes
for many of us in the branch; moves, illness, loss       September Happenings
of loved ones, trips, reunions, and many very
                                                         9/14/2010 Morning Book Group
warm days.                                               Sarah’s Key
At our September meeting we will make sure there         by Tatiana de Rosnay
is time for us to catch up with each other’s             Reviewer: Mary Eury
                                                         Hostess: Linda Joy, 9:30 a.m.
activities. Plan to join us for conversation, a really
good program, a time to honor our La Roche               9/20/2010 Evening Book Group
Scholarship recipient and enjoy a tasty brunch.          The Bolter
                                                         by Frances Osborne
Anita Wurthner is taking reservations                    Reviewer: Casey Smiley Cost is $10.00 for               Hostess: Irene Lietz, 7:30 p.m.
members and $5.00 for a guest.
                                                         9/25/2010 Branch Meeting and Program
                                                         “Meet, Greet, and Eat”
Our branch was chartered by AAUW in                      Brunch, 9:30 a.m., La Roche College, Ryan Room
November 1971 which makes us 40 years old this
year. Plans for our 40th a birthday party, to be         October Happenings
held at the November meeting are well underway.          10/6//2010 Board Meeting
We hope to celebrate with our members and                Hostess: Sina Murphy, 7 p.m.
AAUW members from other branches.
                                                         10/12/2010 Morning Book Group
                                                         Making Toast
This year as in the past we are selling Green’s for      by Roger Rosenblatt
Christmas decorating. It has been suggested that         Reviewer: Suzann Frishkorn
if you are unable to use pine or are not here during     Hostess: Judy Matheny, 9:30 a.m.
the season would you consider making a donation          10/18/2010 Evening Book Group
to the La Roche Scholarship in lieu of a purchase?       The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate
This would help the fund and assure that we              by Jacqueline Kelly
                                                         Reviewer: Julie DeMoss Makuta
continue offering scholarships.                          Hostess: Shirley Peetz, 7:30 p.m.

After many years of work on the Multicultural            10/27/10 Branch Meeting and Program
                                                         “The Project to End Human Trafficking”
Committee Joanne Ahlstrom has stepped down               Speaker: Dr. Mary Burke
and we are looking for someone who is willing to         A joint program with Zonta
                                                         La Roche College, Ryan Room, 6:45 p.m.
September 2010                                        VIEWPOINTS                                     Page - 3

                                                              Please make the following changes in your
       ENGAGING BIOGRAPHY                                                    yearbook.
                   By Sina Murphy
                                                           Barbara Matthews:
The Bookers of the Evening will be kicking off           
their 2010-2011 season with the biography                  Julie DeMoss Makuta:
of a “naughty” lady as told by her great-                         150 Skylark Dr. Glenshaw, PA 15116
granddaughter, Frances Osborne. “The Bolter”               Roberta Smiley-Betzler:
is the story of Idina Sackville who was passionate      
and headstrong about her freedom,
even as she made a habit of marrying, five
husbands in all and lovers without number.
Casey Smiley will be doing the review at the
home of Irene Lietz at 7:30 pm on Monday,
September 20. All members are welcome.
For a look at the program for the year, please see
the list of books which is included in
this Viewpoints.                                                   Great Decisions 2011 Topics
                                                                              By Linda Loewer
                    By Mary Eury                           The Foreign Policy Association has just
                                                           announced the topics for Great Decisions
On Tuesday, September 14, the Morning Book                 Discussion Series 2011! They are:
Group will meet at 9:30 a.m. at the home of Linda                  Rebuilding Haiti
Joy. Review of Sarah’s Key, by Mary Eury will                      U.S. National Security
provoke discussion of history and mystery in this                  Horn of Africa
work of fiction by Tatiana de Rosnay.                              Responding to the Financial Crisis
                                                                   Germany Ascendant
In the book, New York born Julia Jarmond loves                     Sanctions and Nonproliferation
her life, husband, family, and friends in France                   The Caucasus
but, as a journalist who has been asked to research                Global Governance
and write about the World War II era treatment of          The topics look very interesting and touch on
the Jews in France, she discovers information and          topics that, in the past, we thought we’d like to
emotions that will change her life. This is a book         discuss. It looks to be an exciting discussion
of mystery, joy, sadness, and perhaps a lesson to          series!
all to “Never Forget”.                                     More information to follow! Any questions, please
                                                           contact Linda Loewer at or
Please let Mary Ann Betush or Linda Joy know if            412-364-9427.
you plan to attend.
                                                           THANKS from N.H. COMMUNITY OUTREACH
       NORTHLAND LIBRARY NEWS                                                  By Jan Peischl
   Mary Cassatt: Pittsburgh’s Famous Impressionist
                    By Jan Peischl                         Our branch rang the Salvation Army bells on
                                                           Thursday, July 8 at the Duncan Manor Shopping
During the week of September 13 through 18,
                                                           Center. Because they are a service unit of the
Northland Library will host a beautiful traveling
                                                           Salvation Army, NHCO will receive 90% of
display of Mary Cassatt’s works and information
                                                           $221.52, bettering $179.12, our day's total last
about this well-loved artist. On Thursday evening,
                                                           July's. Thanks to Peggy Garbooshian, Marge
Sept. 16, at 7 p.m., Amanda Zehnder, Associate
                                                           Backus, Sigrid King, Irene Lietz, Shirley Peetz,
Curator of Fine Arts at the Carnegie Museum of
                                                           Linda Tozier, Joanne Ahlstrom, and Jan PeischI
Art will speak about Mary Cassatt and her wide
                                                           who volunteered for the 2 hour shifts with the "red
influence in the world of art.
Page - 4                                             VIEWPOINTS                                     September 2010

           Rosemary Murphy To Receive Sister Matilda Kelly Incentive Grant
                                                     by Jane Depee

Rosemary Murphy is currently enrolled in La Roche College’s RN to BSN program and is this year’s
recipient of our Sister Matilda Kelly Incentive Grant. She plans to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in
Nursing in December, after completing six credits during the summer term and nine credits this fall.

After graduating from UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing, Rosemary immediately began working in a
medical intensive care unit. It took her only a few months to realize that in order to advance in the nursing
profession, she would need at least a bachelor’s degree. Therefore in the fall of 2008, she enrolled in La
Roche College and transferred her nursing skills to the UPMC Passavant Cardio-Thoracic Intensive Care

At our September branch meeting, we will present Rosemary with a check for $1500, which she says will be
used for tuition and book expenses. She has often had to work two and three jobs throughout her pursuit of
further education after finishing high school. In addition to school expenses, she has helped family
members both financially and personally when devastating events have occurred in their lives.

The money for this grant was raised by our annual sale of the Greens. Thanks very much to all of you who
generously support this effort. The profit we make goes to the good cause of helping a very deserving
female student at La Roche obtain her degree.

We received several applications for the grant this year. Sister Rita Yeasted deserves much credit for
giving this AAUW award the publicity it needs and deserves with the faculty and students. Many thanks for
all your help, Sister Rita.

Thank you also to Ann Carlson, Pauline Edison, and Barbara Matthews for serving on the selection
committee. Their time was invaluable in reading each application thoroughly and helping to choose our
winner. It will truly be a pleasure to present this award to such a deserving candidate.

                                     Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner?
                                                      By Clare Hoke

Another year of fun-filled international dinners has been planned for this year.

                DATE                     THEME                             HEAD HOSTESS
                October 2, 2010          Greece                            Maryann Anderson
                November 13, 2010        Gulf of Mexico States             Jan Peischl
                February 12, 2011        Brazil                            Heather Dills
                April 23, 2011           Lobster Fest/Feast                Janette Kohr
                June 25, 2011            Texas BarBQ                       Audrey Parobeck

                 With 50 persons involved and one substitute couple, logistics were a challenge and members have
                 been very patient as changes were made. Likely there will be more and some last minute changes to
                 accommodate our every busy schedules. Since everyone has email, this is accomplished rather easily!

                   If you are interested in joining this group, please let me know ( or 724-
                   553-5401), and I will make every effort to include you as needed this year BUT definitely next
year you will be on the regular schedule. Very simply each member will host a dinner once a year and be a head
hostess about once in 4 years. The costs of the dinner are shared by those attending. I extend a special thanks to the
head hostess this year and to Jan and Ernie Meade who have agreed to host the year end dinner in June.
September 2010                                     VIEWPOINTS                                         Page - 5

                                   FEDERAL POLICY AGENDA
AAUW's Federal Policy Agenda lists three ways the organization strives to make a difference in the lives of
women and girls. They include expanding educational opportunities, promoting women's economic security,
and promoting and defending civil rights.
Expanding Educational Opportunities
Increasing access to higher education has been a goal of AAUW since its existence and recently, the
organization decided to focus specifically on nontraditional college students. More than half of college
students are considered nontraditional and the majority of this group are women. Although this past year
AAUW has made great strides to make higher education more accessible to nontraditional students, there is
much to be accomplished.
Promoting Women's Economic Security
AAUW recognizes that it needs to continue to improve and advance equal opportunity in the workplace. This
is a broad topic and encompasses affirmative action, access to the Labor Department's data, funding for
federal programs, and the creation of task forces which would encourage and aid the federal government in
its efforts.
Promoting and Defending Civil Rights
On page 17, the Public Policy Agenda states that "Basic to all of AAUW's public policy efforts is the
understanding that true equity requires a balance between the rights of the individual and the needs of the
community." Under this topic, there is a focus on legislation, hate crimes, and women's reproductive rights.
The information given above is just a small fraction of what is discussed in the Federal Policy Agenda. If
you would like to read more details about the topics listed above or get involved, please visit

                     HOLIDAY                   GREENS SALE - 2010

It is hard to believe, but the Holidays will soon be here. We hope this year’s Holiday Greens Sale will help
simplify your decorating ideas and gift giving. Good News - There has been no increase in the price of items
this year. This traditional fundraiser is the perfect opportunity to purchase quality wreaths and other greens,
fresh from the Pacific Northwest. If you truly do not need or want to purchase any greenery, we encourage
you to contribute to this fundraiser by sending in a donation. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the profits go
to our annual La Roche scholarship.

An order form is included in this month’s Viewpoints. Additional order forms, as well as glossy/colored
fliers, will be available at the September and October branch meetings. All orders must be received by
Thursday, October 28.

You may bring your completed order form to the branch meeting or send it to Joan Killinger, 2611
Autumnwood Drive, Glenshaw, PA 15116. Payment may be made when you pick up your order, except for
Gift Items. Please include payment for all Gift Items with your order. All checks should be made payable to
North Hills-McKnight AAUW. If you have any questions, please call Sina Murphy at 724-443-9163 or Joan
Killinger at 412-486-2919.
Page - 6                                    VIEWPOINTS                                   September 2010

                             MORNING BOOK GROUP 2010-2011

       Date               Reviewer                     Book & Author                         Hostess

 September 14, 2010       Mary Eury                        Sarah’s Key                       Linda Joy
                                                      by Tatiana de Rosnay
  October 12, 2010     Suzann Frishkorn                   Making Toast                     Judy Matheny
                                                       by Roger Rosenblatt
 November 9, 2010        Sandy Brown               Billy Budd & Other Stories            Mary Ann Betush
                                                       by Herman Melville
 December 14, 2010                                     Christmas Potpourri                Cheryl Redmond
                                                         (Show and Tell)
  January 11, 2011     Mary Ann Betush                   Lark & Termite                  Audrey Parobeck
                                                      by Jayne Ann Phillips
  February 8, 2011      Marilyn Garrett                 The Great Gatsby                  Joanne Ahlstrom
                                                      by F. Scott Fitzgerald
   March 8, 2011        Anita Fletcher &      The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks        Marilyn Garrett
                        Dorothy Frayer                  by Rebecca Skloot
   April 12, 2011                                Planning Meeting & Luncheon                Jan Peischl

    May 10, 2011        Barb Matthews                   Picking Cotton:                    Sandy Brown
                                             Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption
                                                 by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino
    June 14, 2011       Joanne Ahlstrom               The Circular Staircase              Pauline Edison
                                                   by Mary Roberts Rinehart

                           BOOKERS OF THE EVENING 2010-2011
       Date               Reviewer                     Book & Author                         Hostess

 September 20, 2010      Casey Smiley                        The Bolter                     Irene Lietz
                                                        by Frances Osborne
  October 18, 2010    Julie DeMoss Makuta        The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate           Shirley Peetz
                                                        by Jacqueline Kelly
 November 15, 2010    Peggy Garbooshian                 A Soft Place to Land               Ann Carlson
                                                     by Susan Rebecca White
  January 17, 2011        Sigrid King            The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo           Joyce Ruzanic
                                                         By Stieg Larsson
  February 21, 2011       Teneal Caw          Hotel in the Corner of Bitter and Sweet      Sina Murphy
                                                           by Jamie Ford
   March 21, 2011        Sina Murphy                        Sarah’s Key                   Bunny Roessing
                                                       by Tatiana de Rosnay
   April 18, 2011         Jane Depee                         The Help                   Julie DeMoss Makuta
                                                        by Kathryn Stockett
    May 16, 2011          Irene Lietz            The Girl Who Fell from the Sky            Casey Smiley
                                                        by Heidi W. Durrow
    June 20, 2011      Barbara Matthews        The Zookeeper’s Wife: A War Story            Kate Stuart
                                                        by Diane Ackerman
    July 18, 2011                                        Planning Session               Peggy Garbooshian
September 2010   VIEWPOINTS   Page - 7
Page - 8                                       VIEWPOINTS                                   September 2010

                              2010 HOLIDAY GREENS SALE
               Please use the order form below. You may bring your order to the September or October
               Branch Meeting or send it to Joan Killinger, 2611 Autumnwood Drive, Glenshaw, PA
               15116. All orders must be received by Thursday, October 28. Payment may be made when
               you pick up your order, except for Gift Items. Please include payment for Gift Items with
               your order. All checks should be made payable to North Hills-McKnight AAUW.

Name ____________________________            Telephone # ________________________

QUANTITY                                                   PRICE          TOTAL
_______  22” Noble Fir Wreath (W2)                         18.50          _______
_______  10 ft. Western Cedar Garland (G3)                 19.50          _______
_______  Holiday Centerpiece (C5)                          15.00          _______
_______  Holiday Door Sway (S4)                            17.00          _______
_______  28” Noble Fir Wreath (W3)                         28.50          _______
_______  22” Mixed Evergreen Wreath (W4)                   19.50          _______

              Individual Direct Delivery Gift Items:
_______      22” Mixed Evergreen Gift Wreath (W4M)         35.50          _______
_______      Western Cedar Gift Garlands (G3M)             40.00          _______
_______      Holiday Gift Centerpiece (C5M)                32.00          _______
_______      Holiday Gift Door Swag (S4M)                  33.00          _______
_______      28” Mixed Evergreen Gift Wreath (W3M)         39.00          _______
_______      Cone Gift Basket (N7M)                        29.00          _______
_______      Evergreen Gift Set (EGM)                      68.50          _______

Please provide the following information for EACH of your Gift orders and staple it to the order form.

From: ____________________________________                 Telephone:_______________

Send to: ___________________________________               Telephone:_______________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

Message: __________________________________                Gift Item Sent:____________
September 2010                                VIEWPOINTS                                                     Page 9

            AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, and research.
      LAF provides funding and a support system for women seeking judicial redress for sex discrimination.
                                             AAUW MEMBERSHIP
      AAUW, founded in 1881, is open to all graduates who hold an associate’s or higher degree from a
      regionally accredited college or university.
                                         AAUW DIVERSITY STATEMENT
      In principle and practice AAUW values and seeks a diverse membership. There shall be no barriers to
      full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation,
      national origin, disability, or class.

                                   BRANCH CONTACT INFORMATION
            Branch President Sylvia Lynn:         412-486-0151 or
            Branch Program VP Peggy Garbooshian:  412-366-4227 or
            Branch Membership Co-VP Irene Lietz:  412-421-1952 or
             & Co-VP : Roberta Smiley-Betzler     724-443-1706 or
            Viewpoints Editor Maryann Anderson:   412-486-3233 or
                       Branch Website:
                         AAUW MEMBER HELPLINE: 800-326-2289 or
                                  Association Website:
                                    State Website:

                           North Hills-McKnight Branch
                           Janice Peischl, Distribution Manager
                           8244 Coach Court, Allison Park, PA 15101

                             because equity is still an issue

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