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									                       Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Weight Control

Olives are very rich in oil, and this reality has made them one of the best sources of
wholesome oil for centuries. The three most common types of olive oil are pure, virgin
and additional virgin. Olive oil is produced by crushing and pressing olives, and
individuals have been making and utilizing olive oil to maintain great well being and stay
fit for about five thousand years. Additional virgin olive oil and weight control, not to
mention many other health advantages, go hand in hand.

Extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed and is really a result of the first crushing or press of
the olives. Cold pressing is done with out chemicals or heat. The oil processed in this
fashion only makes up approximately 10% of all olive oil produced, and it is by far the
very best type to make use of. Virgin olive oil is generally from the second pressing of
the olives and doesn't have the same high quality as extra virgin oil. The pure selection is
really a blend of virgin and refined oils and is not recommended.

There are an extraordinary number of benefits related to extra virgin olive oil and weight
control is just one of them. Individuals from the Mediterranean countries will rapidly let
you know concerning the healthy benefits, and the fantastic flavor that comes from
adding it to salads, pasta, and numerous other foods. The significance of additional virgin
olive oil and weight control is frequently missed by many. It has unique properties that
assist in losing weight and promoting much better health. It also increases fat oxidation,
so whenever you increase your intake your physique burns fat quicker. Extra virgin olive
oil should be looked upon as a essential component of any weight reduction plan.

Probably the most beneficial properties of the extra virgin olive oil is that it can be used
and consumed in its natural state without becoming refined. When used in this fashion all
the nutrients, fatty acids, vitamins, and anti-oxidants are preserved. Becoming very rich
in antioxidants, it can successfully reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which
prevents heart illness. The high volume of anti-oxidants makes it more stable, adding
towards the flavor and also the shelf life of the oil.

Anti-oxidants are an important factor when dealing with blood sugar, lowering
inflammation and other potential well being problems. Because it contains vitamin E,
polyphenals and natural anti-oxidants, the extra virgin oil protects the body from free
radical damage. Nutritional research has shown that inflammation of certain cells in our
arteries may be a hidden cause of weight gain. This inflammation weakens blood sugar
metabolism and increases fat storage. The anti-oxidant properties assist lower this
inflammation. Research have also shown that it'll lower blood pressure, and decrease the
occurrences of breast cancer.

Mediterranean diets, that are not really diets at all, are becoming fairly well-liked with
individuals who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The interest in Mediterranean diets
and meal plans began when medical researchers discovered that people from the Greek
islands had a lower rate of heart illness and a longer lifespan than numerous other
cultures. The Mediterranean diet is a great example of combining additional virgin olive
oil and weight control. This extremely healthy approach to eating will introduce you to
some extremely delicious and wholesome foods and alter your life forever.

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