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									      Student Media
  Student Fee Review Board
           October 15, 2007
             Jeff Browne, Director
 Christina Dickinson, KCSU Station Manager
     Josh Middleton, CTV Station Manager
   David McSwane, Collegian Editor in Chief
Valerie Hisam, College Avenue Senior Reporter
         Student Media
   CTV News and Sports on Channel 11
   KCSU 90.5FM
   Colorado High School Press Association
   College Avenue
   The Rocky Mountain Collegian
              Student Media Goals

Create and maintain:
• Student-produced media that win awards and
  serve our audiences;
• Diversity in coverage, representation and training
  and a welcoming environment;
• Cutting-edge technology and training;
• A financially strong organization;
• Effective marketing and distribution; and
• Collaborative efforts other University and
  community partners.
          Student Media Training Programs

More than 200 students will participate in at
 least one training forum in 2007-08:
•   Student Media Leadership Forum
•   Rocky Mountain Collegian/KCSU/CTV Fall Training Camps
•   KCSU 101
•   CTV 101
•   WAUPM/CMA/CBI/SPJ and professional conferences
•   Visiting professors and other speakers on ethics, diversity
    and gender issues
•   University Diversity Conference
                Student Media Ties

•   Journalism and Technical Communication
•   Speech Communications
•   Other academic departments
    Students from more than 40 majors are
    represented in the Student Media
•   Colorado High School Press Association
•   TEAM Fort Collins/Responsible Alcohol
                 Service to CSU students
•   90 percent of students read the Collegian one or
    more times per week;
    •   76 percent read the Collegian three times per week;
    •   Only 2.5 percent said they “never” read the Collegian.
         •   (Nov. 2006 Student Voice survey)
•   98 percent of CSU students know that KCSU-FM is
    their student-run radio station;
    •   31 percent listen regularly;
    •   58 percent listen to KCSU at least “a little.”
    •   Of those who listen, 67 percent consider KCSU an
        “excellent” or “good” radio station.
         •   (Nov. 2006 survey)
             Service to CSU students II
•   More than 15 percent of students watch CTV at
    least “a few times per month”;
    •   9 percent more watch CTV packages at
    •   68 percent think it is important that CSU has a student-
        run television facility.
         •   (Nov. 2006 Student Voice survey)
•   88 percent of student employees and volunteers
    felt as if their experiences “enhanced and
    complemented my educational experience.”
    •   90 percent said we employ “technology that supports
        high-quality media, programs and services.”
         •   (April 2007 student-employee satisfaction survey)
             Student Media History
The Rocky Mountain Collegian
•   First published in 1891 ($1 for a subscription)
•   In 1907, ASCSU became its publisher and began collecting student
    fees for its publication
•   In 1940s and 1950s, Collegian was published two or three times
    per week
•   In 1964, Board of Student Communications created to replace
    ASCSU as the publisher
•   In early 1970s, Collegian became a daily and a full-time business
    manager was hired
•   In the 1990s, the Collegian was twice named one of the country’s
    top 12 college newspapers
•   In 2005, the Collegian won two first-place awards at the national
    SPJ convention in Las Vegas
•   Currently uses no student fees for its production, operations or
    distribution, instead relying solely on advertising sales revenue
                 Student Media History

•   First on the air in 1964 at 90.9 megacycles, FM, with an 800-watt
    transmitter on Prospect and Shields.
•   In 1977, professional management took over the station and
    increased programming to 18 hours/day.
•   In 1981, management shifted focus to news and entertainment, which
    alienated fee-paying students.
•   In 1983, signal increased to 10,000 watts, shifted to 90.5 FM.
•   In 1994, Campus Radio Task Force recommended change to student
    management and professional advisement.
•   1997 flood wiped out KCSU in the LSC and forced move to Old Fort
    Collins High School.
•   KCSU moved back to LSC in 1998.
•   In 2005, KCSU-FM won a first-place award at the SPJ national
    convention in Las Vegas.
                 Student Media History

Colorado High School Press Association
•   Founded in 1970 by concerned high school teachers
•   Hosted summer journalism conference at CSU in 1970s and 1980s
•   Formed partnership and moved to University of Colorado at Boulder in
•   Moved to CSU and Student Media in July 2002
•   Journalism Day at CSU: more than 5,000 students and advisers over
    the past five years; 1,400 students and 90 advisers in 2007
•   Summer Advisers Workshop: 51 advisers over the past three years
                 Student Media History

•   In 1989, the BSC loaned students money to purchase a camera and
    an editing system to produce 10 shows per semester.
•   A 1991 student fee referendum passed and a five-year, $2.50 per
    semester fee allowed for a comprehensive production facility, which
    begin operation in 1992.
•   By 1999, the program had grown to five shows per week.
•   In 2006-2007, staff changed name from Campus Television to CTV,
    and began to produce nightly 15-minute newscasts, as well as weekly
    CTV Sports and Studio CTV.
•   Staff also has partnered with other departments to produce special
    videos for groups such as the President’s Office, the Lory Student
    Center, Black Student Services and others.
                  Student Media History

College Avenue
•   In 2002, the BSC published its final edition of The Silver Spruce, which
    had published every year since 1894.
•   In spring 2003, several students submitted proposals to the BSC for a
    magazine to replace the yearbook.
•   Chris Ortiz spent 2003-2004 researching magazine production, and
    2004-2005 producing the pilot magazine, “1870*.”
•   In September 2005, the SFRB approved funding for the magazine.
•   The BSC in spring 2007 will consider elevating College Avenue to
    permanent Student Media status alongside the Collegian, KCSU and
      Board of Student Communications
•   Consists of 10 voting members: seven students and three
•   Includes four ex-oficio members: Director of Student
    Media, editor of the Rocky Mountain Collegian, KCSU-FM
    station manager, Campus Television station manager.
•   Students on Student Media payroll may not serve as voting
    board members.
•   Up to one ASCSU elected official may serve.
•   Student members must be full-time, admitted, degree-
    seeking students in good academic standing.
         BSC Duties and Responsibilities
•   Interviews and hires the Collegian editor, and the KCSU and CTV
    station managers.
•   Protects students’ right to free speech. Content decisions rest solely
    with student editors and managers, but BSC may set policy.
•   Hears complaints against the editor or station managers.
•   Oversees and approves the use of advertising and student fee
    revenues. Approves annual budget.
•   Meets at least four times per semester, more frequently in the spring
    than in the fall.
•   Reports to the Board of Governors, through the Office of the Vice
    President of Student Affairs.
         Student Media Student Fees

Total per-semester fee of $9.51.
Students receive:
• 24/7 radio programming directly aimed at
  students and their interests;
• Student programming on Cable Channel 11 from
  8 p.m. to midnight every weeknight.
• Collegian, CHSPA and College Avenue operate
  without student-fee revenues.
  •   College Avenue, however, must rely on the Collegian’s
      revenues; should this change?
              Student Media’s Future

Setting the stage for KCSU’s and CTV’s future
• Digital upgrades, pending financial stability, by
• Partnerships within University to offset equipment-
  replacement and personnel costs may be coming
Media convergence initiatives
• Collegian expands Web presence
• Multi-media news projects underway
   •   Minor collaborative projects
   •   True convergence projects
       Student Media Professional Staff
Director of Student Media: Jeff Browne
Associate Director/Broadcast Operations: Mario Caballero
Associate Director/Sales and Marketing: Kim Blumhardt
Assistant Directors:
• Production Manager Jennifer Fischer
• CTV News Adviser Julia Sandidge
• Collegian Adviser Holly Wolcott
• Sales Coordinator Eric Melendez
• Web Coordinator (Temporary) Brent Morton (Half-Time)
State Classified Employees:
• Accountant Gayle Adams
• Photo adviser Peter Heacox (part-time)
Grad Student Employee:
• Accountant David Haller (Half-Time)
    Student Media Web Audiences
   Our four student-run sites:
            More than 200,000 page views in September 2007
            Biggest day, Sept. 12: 17,006 page views
            14,451 page views in September 2007
            Biggest day, Sept. 26: 1,068 page views
            More than 300,000 page views in September 2007
            Biggest day, Sept. 24: 79,321 page views
          Other departmental sites
       Departmental site highlights mission, goals,
        professional staff; links to student sites, etc.
       CHSPA site is a one-stop resource for high school
        journalism educators across the state.
       Active from July through October with information
        about Journalism Day (this year hosted more than
        1,300 students and 90 advisers).
             Student Media Budgets
   CHSPA (Self-sustaining, can contribute to other funds)
   Collegian (Self-sustaining, can contribute to other funds)
        Newsroom
        Advertising
        Creative Services
        Operations
   Student Fee Revenue Account
        Money accumulated, then disbursed to CTV, KCSU and Reserve Fund
         Equipment accounts
   KCSU (Uses fee and underwriting revenues to fund yearly operations)
   CTV (Uses fee and underwriting revenues to fund yearly operations)
   Broadcast Reserve Fund Account
        Uses fee revenues from ongoing FY07-approved increase to build a
         reserve fund for major equipment purchases for radio and television
Student Media 2006-2007 Expenses by Category

                                                   Salaries &


    Student Media Revenue Breakdown





          FY05   FY06   FY07   FY08 (projected)
Student Media Expenses Breakdown




600000                                      Salaries, etc.
400000                                      Services
300000                                      CSU Assessment
                                            Titled Equipment
200000                                      Utilities

         FY05   FY06   FY07      FY08
   Student Media Fee History
FY01 through FY06:
FY91: $8.55 (established CTV)
FY06: $8.55
FY07: $9.06 (established fund for broadcast digital upgrade)
FY08: $9.51 (inflationary adjustment)
Actual revenues have fluctuated – as enrollment grew
throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, fee revenues grew;
as they have dropped in the past two years, fee revenues
have dropped (when reserves for digital conversion are
accounted for).

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