A Hero Walked Among Us

					 The Newsletter of Hospice of the Valley                                                                                                   Spring 2005

                A Hero Walked Among Us
      He may be gone, but his                                                           doing over there?”. I remember telling
impact on our community                                                                 him that I would appreciate any and
continues. He was a peace officer                                                       all expertise and help from seasoned
and law enforcer who left a legacy                                                      investigators. Never did I imagine
that few will aspire to. Earl McClure                                                   what would follow.
joined the San Jose Police Department                                                        Earl welcomed me to his ‘unit’
in 1961. As Earl progressed throughout                                                  at SJPD…he allowed me to observe
his career, he made an incredible                                                       their work and provided invaluable
impact on this community. Not only                                                      on-the-job training. He was very
through his everyday work as an officer,                                                generous with his time and expertise,
and the lives he touched in solving                                                     mentoring me as well as others on
cases as a detective, but his influence                                                 how to handle the complexities of
is still being felt through those that                                                  these types of investigations, as
he instructed as they protect                                                           well as preparing the case and
and serve.                                                                              victims and their families for the
      As a detective, he solved                                                         prosecution process.
thousands of cases with                     ensure accuracy and sensitivity.                 Earl was extremely tenacious and
his partner of 13 years                     His advocacy work with the                  never seemed to relax whether he had
and friend, retired                         Rape Crisis Center at the                   leads or not. He was a Cop with
Sgt. Gene Brown.                            YWCA led to the unexpected outcome          amazing memory for names of
But when asked                                             of meeting his future        suspects and their MO’s, but a very
about the effect                                           wife, Jackye, the Director   caring Cop.
that Earl had on                                           of the Rape Crisis Center.        I was always amused at the
our community,                                                  “I had the privilege    thought of a person deciding to com-
Brown shares                                               of also meeting his wife     mit a criminal act and not knowing
the influence                                              Jackye”, recalls Robert J.   that Sgt. Earl McClure would soon
that Earl had                                              Lockwood, Chief of           enter their life and become their worst
on “bringing                                               Police, retired, Campbell                                                       Cont. on page 10
modern ideas                                               Police Department, “It
and improving                                              was amazing to witness                          IN THIS ISSUE
training for                                               the caring work accom-         A Hero Walked Among Us . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1, 10
rookies in the                                             plished with post trauma       Letter from the Executive Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2. 10
                                                                                          Wish List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Field Officer’s          Earl McClure with wife, Jackye    treatment of victims of
                                                                                          Western Gala Advertisement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Training Program” and goes on with          Sexual Assault crimes. They were a            Letter from the Board President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4, 10
pride about the “programs and semi-         great team. They cared.”                      Ethnic Teleconference Advertisement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
nars that Earl developed that were not            “I was assigned to the Detective        Sobrato Challenge Advertisement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
                                                                                          Hospice Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
only used locally but nationally            Bureau to investigate Sexual Assault          Golden Hearts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
and overseas.”                              Crimes...the first day or so I received a     Grantors Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
      Earl was especially concerned in      call from Sgt. Earl McClure from the          HOV Spotlight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
                                                                                          Bereavement Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9, 10
the area of sexual assault. He worked       SJPD Sexual Assault Unit.
                                                                                          Volunteer Voice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9, 10
with the Valley Medical Center in                 The phone call went like this;          Valencia Event Advertisement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
establishing a protocol in the examina- “Lockwood (never called me by my                  Fund A Need . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
tion and handling of rape victims to        first name) do you know what your             HOV Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
                                                      LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                                      Dear Friends,                                                   the
                                                                                              on of seniors in
                                                          With the    growing populati                                     the
                                                                                                  than double over
                                                                           ojected to more
                                                      United States pr               allenges of end-of
                                                                                                               -life care
                                                      next th  irty years, the ch            oubtedly, the tim
                                                                                                                      e to be
                                                                   more serious. Und                                      g
                                                       will grow                                 r California agin
               Board of Directors                                       t planning for ou                                      re
                                                       strategic abou                                  and end-of-life ca
                                                                            easing palliative*
                                                       populations incr                   ople live longer,
    Steven Casad               William Reckmeyer,
                                                        needs is  now. As more pe                                   important.
                                                                                          grow increasingly
                                                                   of-life care will
    President                  Ph.D.
                                                        and end-                                                        ncep-
                               Past President                                                   rriers and misco
    Pamela Williams
                                                         Unfortunate    ly, significant ba                                 ive
                                                                                                   y access to palliat
                                                                            to impede timel
                               Valerie Burniece
                                                         tions continue                                                         -
                                                                                                         inadequate fund
    Lynn Ubhaus                                                                 re, coupled with
                                                         and end-of-life ca                                          becomes
                               Linda Golino, RN, BA
    Corporate Secretary                                                                     rs – the problem
                               Sylvia Katzman
                                                          ing and   regulatory barrie                                   matures,               Sally Adelus
                                                                                               omer generation
    Norm Snyder
                               Michael Leong, MD
                                                          catastrophic  . As the baby bo                 for  parents in their
                                                                               s not only caring
    Budget/Finance Chair
                                                           we find ourselve                                               place where
                                                                                                   are moving to a
                               John Mazella
    Art Adams
                                                                               en  100s, but                                       time.
                               Harris Meyers               80s, 90s and ev                                    ten at the same
                                                                                    ices ourselves – of
    Funding Chair
                                                           we need senior se
                                                                                 rv                               far too many Am
                                                                                          ongst us. Sadly,
                               Sofia Posada
                                                                                  is am                                  te medical, nurs
    Randall Willoughby, Esq.
    Nominating Chair           Seshan Rammohan             A caregiver crisis                  h without adequa                                    icans
                                                            continue to appr
                                                                                 oach deat                                   nt is when Amer
                                                                                 ual support.       Even more poigna                                 -
                    Sally Adelus,
                                                            social and spirit                                                   l days – the over
                    RN, SRN, DN. Cert.
                                                                                  we would like         to spend our fina                               er,
                                                             are asked where                                                       d ones”. Howev
                    Executive Director
                                                                                                            rrounded by love
                                                                                   se is: “at home su
                                                             whelming respon                                    tting.
                                                                                        n the hospital se                y has strategically
    Passages is the newsletter of Hospice of the             50  % of us die withi                 pice of the Valle                              e field
                                                                                       ar, Hos                               and leader in th
    Valley (HOV), a public benefit organization                    Over the past ye                     voice, advocate                                   l
                                                              tioned itself to be
                                                                                    come a true                                      tiple educationa
    which provides end-of-life and grief support                                                            by delivering mul
                                                                                     end-of-life care                     rticipating in co
    for the terminally ill in Santa Clara County.             of palliative and                 munity and by pa                                  Chair
                                                                                    our com                                 was requested to
                                                               presentations in                       ms. In 2004, I                               ative
                                                                                    irs and foru                              dations for palli
    Our office is located at
                                                               events, health fa                        g the recommen
                                                                                     am reviewin                      rategic Plan for
                                                                                                                                           an Aging
                                                               an expert task te
    1150 So. Bascom Avenue, Ste. 7A
                                                                                           outlined in the St                                 ere presented
    San Jose, CA 95128
                                                                and end-of-life ca
                                                                                       re                                mmendations w
                                                                                               (2003). Our reco                                    for an
    Phone: 408-947-1233
                                                                California Popu
                                                                                     lation                                  mmit: Planning
    Fax: 408-288-4172                                                                a Commis        sion on Aging Su                    February, I
                                                                at the Californi                                   Sacramento. In
    Web: www.hospicevalley.org                                                        a  on March 8th in                            California Assem
                                                                 Aging Californi                             e Capitol for the                    rm Care
                                                                                       ony at the Stat                      ging and Long Te
    HOV is a member of the California State                      presented testam                   d the Assembly A
                                                                                        ittee an                                      Making
    Hospice and Palliative Care Association and                  Judiciary Comm                              ring on Decision-
                                                                  Committee In      formational Hea                                hearing provided
    the National Hospice and Palliative Care
                                                                                         tence at the      End of Life. The                                the
                                                                  Capacity/Compe                                                     aid-in-dying for
                                                                                           nia to begin       the discussion of                  e strategic
                                                                  forum for Califor                                         also active on th
                                                                                         hrough     out 2004, I was                                 for a
                                                                  terminally ill. T                                            rt: Community
    Managing Editors:                                                                                   e upcoming repo                                      of
                                                                   plan advisory gr
                                                                                          oup for th                                  ce the Well-Being
    Beth Williams                                                                        n Year Strate      gic Plan to Advan
                                                                   Lifetime – A Te                                   s.
                                                                                            nty’s Older Adult                              k is indicative of
                                                                    Santa Clara Cou
    Photos: Jeanne Wun
                                                                                                 ar d, all of th    is invaluable wor                ts, clients
    Design: Suzanne Freeman                                             As we move forw                                        eds of our patien
                                                                                            ore impo     rtantly of the ne                              e very
                                                                    our times and m                                                e to serve. At th
                                                                                            have the ho      nor and privileg                to promote
                                                                     and families we                                    ntinue to strive
                                                                                             of  the Valley we co                                  t support.
                                                                     heart of Hospice                                         and bereavemen
                                                                                              ativ   e, end-of-life care                to engage in
                                                                     excellence in palli                          of opportunities
                                                                      We continue       to seek a myriad                            th in the medical
                                                                                             ucate in en     d-of-life care, bo                              of the
                                                                      dialogue and ed                                                  il 20th, Hospice
                                                                                               munity. On         Wednesday, Apr
                                                                      non-medical com
               A United Way Agency
                                                                                                                                     Cont. on page 10

   General Program &
     Service Needs:
n *Auction items for the Western Gala

n *Baby monitors for patient families                                               Friday, May 20, 2005
n Medicine boxes for patients –                                                          6 PM – 10 PM
   7 days a week, 4 doses                                                           Dolce Hayes Mansion
n Two (2) 8’ x 3’ folding tables

n Two (2) 6’ x 3’ folding tables

n Folding card tables (2) –
                                                      Event Sponsors & Underwriters
   for children’s art projects

n 8-12 folding chairs for grief groups                          BOYCE ASSOCIATES 5 Berliner Cohen
                                                    adaptec 5 Bay Area Pain Center 5 BOZZUTO ANDERSON & ASSOCIATES
n Ergonomic office chairs – good condition
                                                           COMERICA BANK 5 Community Hospital of Los Gatos
n *Lap top computers able to support                 Good Samaritan Hospital 5 Leiter's Pharmacy 5 NPC Consulting
   MS Office 2000 or XP                                                Willoughby, Stuart & Bening
                                                         HONORARY CHAIR                       MASTER OF CEREMONIES & AUCTIONEER
n *Computers (new or gently used):               SENATOR ELAINE ALQUIST                        JOHN McLEOD            KLIV-KRTY
  500 MHz or greater processors                             sponsorship opportunities
   (64M+ RAM, Windows XP) (6)                 Texas Tycoon: $20,000 VIP table of 10 5 Prominent signage at event 5 Full page ad
                                               in the event program 5 acknowledgement in the Mercury news ads, HOV newsletter and website
n *Heavy-duty paper shredders (2)                           rancher: $10,000 premier table of ten 5 Signage at event
                                                             1/2 Page ad in the event program 5 promiNENT listing in the
n Office/waiting room upholstered chairs                            Merchury News Ads, HOV newsletter and website

  (matching) for bereavement groups (12-16)               Trail blazer: $5,000 Reserved table of ten 5 SignaGe at event
                                                                  1/4 page ad in the event program 5 listing in the
n ShowMax Self-Packing Display System (4)                           mercUry news ads, hov newsletter and website
                                                               wrAngler: $2,000 reserved table of ten with signage
n Sculpey modeling clay for                                         business card size ad in the event program
                                                                       listing in hov newsletter and website
   children’s groups                                                        INDIVIDUAL TICKETS: $150
                                                                     Find out how you can participate by calling:
                                              SAN JOSE                  Beth Williams at 408-947-1233
   * High Need                                    MAGAZINE               email: bwilliams@hospicevalley.org
                                                                     or visit our website: www.hospicevalley.org
               Letter from the                                                                         HOSPICE
               Board President                                                                      OF THE VALLEY                                HOSPICE FOUNDATION
                                                                                                                                                     OF AMERICA

                                                                                                Hosts Live-via Satellite
      HOV Serving More Valley Residents
                                 The mission of Hospice of the
                             Valley is to provide high-quality hos-                      Ethical Dilemmas
                             pice care and grief support to termi-
                             nally ill individuals and their loved
                                                                                         at the End of Life
                                                                         Hospice Foundation of America’s 12th Annual Living with Grief ® Teleconference
                             ones in Santa Clara County. During             in Cooperation with The Hasting Center, National Hospice Work Group,
                                                                                        Association for Death Eduction and Counseling
                             the past year, the number of patients
                             and their loved ones served by Hospice
                             of the Valley has grown dramatically.      Wednesday, April 20, 2005
                             The average daily patient census has
                             grown from an average of 40 in 2003                  Clarion Hotel San Jose
                             to 65 in the last two months, an             1355 N. Fourth Street, San Jose, CA 95112
          Steve Casad
                             increase of almost fifty percent.                      10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
    There are a number of reasons for this increase:
                                                                                               Registration Fee: $15.00*
         • Hospice of the Valley’s staff has worked hard to            *Includes Teleconference, Local Panel Discussion & Lunch
    increase its network of physicians and other medical                     3 CEUs Available for an Additional $25.00
    professionals who refer patients to Hospice of the Valley.
         • Patients are becoming more aware of their end-of-life         Moderated by: Cokie Roberts, ABC News Political
                                                                             Commentator and NPR Senior Analyst
    care options through programs like Hospice of the Valley’s
                                                                                With a National Panel of Experts
    new Transitions program and HOV’s increased community
                                                                           Live-via-satellite, televised broadcast will examine issues regarding the social
    education efforts.                                                  perspectives of medical ethics and how various health care settings may influence
         • Hospice of the Valley has increased hospice care             ethical decisions in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices. A distinguished panel
                                                                        of ethicists, educators, gerontologists and hospice experts will define, differentiate
    services to patients in skilled nursing facilities.                  and demonstrate the interrelationships between values, ethics and law in health
                                                                        care settings, and examine how cultural differences may influence ethical choices.
         • Recently implemented management policies have
    allowed Hospice of the Valley to operate more efficiently.
                                                                         Distinguished Local Community Panel
         Credit for Hospice of the Valley’s ability to expand its                               Host: Carol Johnson, LMFT/AT
    services to meet the needs of more Santa Clara Valley                 Director of Bereavement Services, Hospice of the Valley
    residents is due primarily to two groups. First, Hospice of
                                                                             Moderator: Sally A. Adelus, RN, SRN, DN Cert
    the Valley’s dedicated interdisciplinary patient care staff has
                                                                                          Executive Director, Hospice of the Valley
    more than met the challenge of the increased patient census.
    Although their workload has increased and they are                                       Panel Members
    frequently working long hours, the staff is continuing to                  Jane Garrison, OP, NACC Certified Chaplain
    provide the high quality level of hospice care to our patients,                               Chaplain, Hospice of the Valley
    which has long been one of Hospice of the Valley’s hall-                                            Shoshana Helman, MD
    marks. Indeed, the entire Hospice of the Valley staff as well                       Internal Medicine & Palliative Care,
    as our dedicated volunteers have been working extra hard to                    Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System
    handle the additional patients. I know my fellow Board                                           Margaret R. McLean, PhD
    members join me in extending a heartfelt thank you and job               Director of Biotechnology and Healthcare Ethics,
    well done to the Hospice of the Valley staff.                         Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University
         Finally, credit must be given to our donors, grant                                          Lyn Prashant, BS, CT, CMT
    providers and corporate sponsors, without whose support                         Founder, Degriefing® Counseling & Education
    Hospice of the Valley would not have been able to provide                                             Kristi Travers, JD, PhD
    its services to additional patients. Forty percent of the cost                             Senior Counsel, Johnson & Johnson
    of patient care continues to be provided by our donors.
    Thank you to all our donors for your continued support.              Sponsored locally in part by         For information, contact
                                                                        Dignity Memorial providers
                                                                                                                                         Satellite, A/V provided by
                                                                                                               Hospice of the Valley     Westsat Communications
         Although the statistics cited above show that we are            Oak Hill Funeral Home and Memorial      408.947.1233
                                                                            Park Lima Family Mortuaries       www.hospicevalley.com
                                                    Cont. on page 10
   Junior League of San Jose,
   President, Leah Schnoor,
   presents Sally,
   Pam Williams
   and Beth Williams
   the “Together Reaching
   Out Award”.

                                                                                      AVAC raised over $21,000 for HOV from
                                                                                        their annual Celebration of Life event.
 Sally is presented with a check from the
 Women’s Council of Realtors

                                                                             Sally testifies at the State Capitol for the California
                                                                                Assembly Judiciary Committee and the Assembly
Vicci and Sally discuss with host Roy Avila                                                 Aging and Long Term Care Committee
the Transitions program on his show Q & A.                                                                  Informational Hearing.

                   Celebrating HOV’s 25th Anniversary L-R: Beth Williams, Director of Development, Sally, and
                        our Founders, Margaret Slemmons, Grace Parker, Gay Crawford and Jennie Magid.

      Sobrato Challenge                       The Golden Hearts Society is a select group of
                     is On!                   individuals and organizations that have chosen to
                                              support Hospice of the Valley with a significant gift.
                                              Membership is open to any individual or organiza-
    Hospice of the Valley (HOV) has           tion that contributes a minimum of $1,000. At the
    received a 2:1 challenge (matching)       end of each fiscal year, Golden Heart donor names
                                              are engraved onto a handsome wall plaque that is
    grant from the Sobrato Foundation         displayed in the HOV office.
    for $40,000, to be paid in two            For the first half of this fiscal year (July-December,
    installments. Upon receipt of the first   2004) Golden Heart contributors include:

    $20,000, we have until December 31,       n Almaden Valley Athletic Club       n The Richard and Emily Levin
                                              n Anonymous (4)                        Foundation
    2005 to raise $20,000 of new match-
                                              n Harris and Megan Barton            n Harris and Sharon Meyers
    ing funds to qualify for an additional                                         n Loretta Murphy
                                              n Bob Invitational Golf Tournament
    $20,000 from them – for a total of                                             n Peggy O’Laughlin
                                              n The Boucher Family Foundation
    $60,000 of new funds!                     n Classic’s & Hot Rod’s
                                                                                   n Dale O’Rourke
                                                                                   n Pacific Legacy, Inc.
    This generous grant from Sobrato is       n CloudShield Technologies
                                                                                   n Shelia Redd
    earmarked to support our recent growth    n The Colombo Charitable Trust
                                                                                   n The Ross Family
    from 40 to 65 patients per day while      n Richard Davis
                                                                                   n Riva Rubnitz
    maintaining the quality care for which    n Janet DeCarli
                                                                                   n City of San Jose
    we are known.                             n W. J. and Beatrice C. Emerson
                                                                                   n Paul and Dorothy Schreiber
                                              n Bill and Cathi Fields
                                                                                   n Service League of
                                              n Bob and Marilyn Garibaldi
              YOU CAN HELP                                                           Hospice of the Valley
                                              n Richard and Mary Jo Garrett
        WITH THIS CHALLENGE!                                                       n Jeng-Ren Shaw & Siok Huang Tay
                                              n Higgins Family Fund
                                                                                   n William D. Smythe
    Send in your gift today to help us meet   n Sylvia and Jim Katzman             n Robert Taccini
    our $20,000 goal and indicate it is for   n Kieve Foundation                   n The Marion F. Thorburn Trust
           the “Sobrato Challenge”.           n Steve Kociol                       n Frank and Lynn Ubhaus
                                              n Margrit Kumin Intervivos Trust     n Gary and Sharon Vergho

           Thank You!                         n Ruth Langwill
                                              n Level III Services, Inc
                                                                                   n Women’s Council of Realtors
                                                                                   n The Wong Family
                                              n Wayne and Tina Levenfeld           n Jeanne Wun
                                                  n Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation            n The Health Trust
                                             $5,000 – Children’s Bereavement Program      $75,000 Transitions
                                                  This is our first grant from this            This is not our first grant from
 GRANT’S                                     Southern California based foundation.
                                             We were happy to find out that there
                                                                                          The Health Trust, but it is by far the
                                                                                          largest. It is for a program that is prov-

                                             is a Northern California office and it is    ing itself to be just the right thing in
                                             situated right here in Santa Clara           just the right timing – Transitions.
                                             County. Thank you for the support for        Thank you, thank you, thank you to
                                             our ever-growing Children’s Bereave-         The Health Trust Board for supporting
                                             ment Program. We are grateful to the         this all-volunteer program designed to
    The following grants were                staff and board of this foundation for       assist those who have been diagnosed
approved during calendar year                including Hospice of the Valley in           with a life-limiting disease and a prog-
2004. Hospice of the Valley                  their funding plan for this year. We         nosis of one year to live, but who are
(HOV) receives approximately                 hope that this is the start of a long and    not hospice-appropriate, to receive
13-20% of the agency’s fiscal                mutually beneficial relationship.            wonderful physical, emotional and
year fundraising goal through                                                             spiritual support through their ordeal.
                                                  n Junior League of San Jose, Inc.
grants. We thank these organiza-             $2,000 – Transitions
tions for their valuable and                                                                   n VERITAS Software Foundation
                                                  The Junior League of San Jose,          $7,500 –Children’s Bereavement Program
generous support.                            Inc., which has been a great supporter            Again, this is a first grant from this
                                             of Hospice of the Valley for over 25         organization. VERITAS loves to sup-
     n Almaden Valley Women’s Club           years, has again included us in their
$1,200 - Low Air-Loss Mattress                                                            port K-12 efforts, so they understood
                                             fundraising distribution plan for this       the importance of our bereavement
     We are honored to be included           year. It is this kind of long-term loyalty
again in the distribution of funds from                                                   program in the community. We are so
                                             which helps established organizations        grateful to them for deciding to sup-
their renown Art and Wine Festival.          like ours to provide services to more
These funds combined with others                                                          port Children’s Bereavement. Each
                                             and more people in the community.            week, as these kids come and partici-
helped us to purchase four new low           The funds from the Junior League
air-loss mattresses for our hospice                                                       pate, either individually or in groups,
                                             were used for start-up costs. We salute      we know that this money is well spent.
patients. Thanks to all the members of       each and every Junior League member
the Almaden Valley Women’s Club for                                                       Thank you, VERITAS!
                                             for their continued dedication to sup-
being aware of the needs of their com-       porting Silicon Valley’s non-profits.
munity and working to meet them.                                                               n Wells Fargo Foundation
                                                                                          $4,000 Transitions
                                                  n Lifescan, Inc. – $5,000 Home               This is our third grant from Wells
    n Air Systems Foundation, Inc.           Medical Equipment & Pharmaceuticals
$1,200 - Children’s Bereavement Camp                                                      Fargo. They have been there for us for
                                                  This is our first grant from            many years now – especially for new
    This is our first grant from this        Lifescan, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson
company, which is heavily into sup-                                                       innovative programs. They are always
                                             company. Lifescan is a provider of           on the cutting edge of everything they
porting children’s charities – and who       equipment for diabetics and about
actually puts on their own fundraising                                                    do, so not surprising that they were
                                             10% of our clients come into our serv-       willing to help fund this program,
events to this end. We are grateful that     ices with diabetes as part of their
they included us in their list of grantees                                                which is making such a difference in
                                             diagnoses – often along with other life-     the lives of the people it supports.
and hope to develop a stronger rela-         limiting diseases. We are grateful to
tionship with them for the future.                                                        Their funds helped in some of the
                                             and pleased to partner with Lifescan to      start-up costs for this program. Thank
                                             provide our excellent end-of-life            you, Wells Fargo, for stepping up once
     n Community Foundation                  services to many of their customers.
Silicon Valley – $ 1,795                                                                  again to support your community.
Fundraising Effectiveness Project                 n St. Edwards Episcopal Church
     This grant supported by CFSV            $2,500 - Palliative Care Visits
was for the purchase of a grant module            What can we say that’s new? This
for our Telosa fundraising database and      group has been supporting Hospice of
an all-day training from Telosa for that     the Valley for over ten years. Every year
and other new features of the software.      they find it in their hearts to support
This will aid our ability to track the       one aspect or another of HOV’s
grants more effectively, so as to write      services. Thank you to the members of
more grant proposals. Thank you for          the Crossroads 90 Committee for their
making this improvement possible.            continued support of our efforts.
                                                       HOV SPOTLIGHT
                                      John joined our Board of                  and since that time has given tireless energy to the important
                                Directors in October, 2004. John hails          work of this group. John further expanded his role at Hospice of
                                from the IBM Corporation with 31                the Valley last year when he decided to take the extensive training
                                years of experience in development and          program for volunteers interested in working directly with our
                                manufacturing, the last 17 years spe-           patients and families. He has provided both emotional and practi-
                                cializing in office ergonomics for IBM          cal support to those we serve. John’s integrity prevails through all
                                Corporation’s Global Ergonomics                 he does, coupled with his dedication and
                                Worldwide Initiative. John secured his          support for the work of Hospice of the Valley’s staff and
                                BS in Business and HR Administration            volunteers, John’s recent election to the Board of Directors is
                                at San Jose State University in 1974            just wonderful.
                                and ever since steadfastly built upon a               In his spare time (!), John bicycles over 100 miles a week and
          JOHN MAZZELLA         wealth of experience and expertise in           can often be seen in his “bicycle gear” completing his required
            Board Member
                                ergonomics and safety.                          paperwork at the Hospice of the Valley offices! With his commit-
         Recently retired, John is establishing an avid second “career”         ment to our mission, and with all the experience he is gathering in
    in bay area volunteer work with many non-profits in our commu-              all the different volunteer roles he is involved with at Hospice of
    nity, the Special Olympics and Villa Montalvo to name just two.             the Valley, his contribution to the work of our Board of Directors
    In 2003, John joined Hospice of the Valley’s Ethics Committee               is immense.

                                      We often say at Hospice of the                                              Mary Ellen has supported
                                    Valley that we are “blessed with the                                     Hospice of the Valley in her capacity as
                                    best”. We could not have been more                                       Office Volunteer for over two years.
                                    blessed than the day Margarita walked                                    During this time she has helped exten-
                                    into our agency, and our hearts, over                                    sively in keeping our detailed reporting
                                    15 years ago. Margarita’s philosophy is                                  systems up to date. Mary Ellen files,
                                    that “everyone is different” and that all                                faxes, helps with mailings, does data
                                    deserve “custom made care”, she strives                                  entry work and so much more.
                                    to make the last days of someone’s life                                  Recently Mary Ellen has taken a lead-
                                    as close to how they would like it to                                    ership role with our Office Volunteers.
                                    be as possible.                                                          She has single handedly streamlined
         MARGARITA VIZCAYA               Families are assigned to Margarita      MARY ELLEN CUYKENDALL the role of the office volunteer within
     Staff Member: Home Health Aide                                                       Volunteer          our organization, establishing clearly
                                    by Cheryl Johnson, Director of Clinical
    Services. Cheryl stated that she can “assign Margarita to any case”         defined job descriptions for each one, and more importantly, clari-
    knowing the patient will receive the best care possible. Margarita          fied their worth to our organization. Mary Ellen has identified
    shines her brightest when assigned some of our pediatric cases.             areas where Office Volunteers can be put to optimum use. She
    She has the ability to support the family, while providing excellent        has identified tasks that Office Volunteers can take responsibility
    care to the child. Quite a number of our pediatric cases have been          for that had previously been undertaken by paid staff. This has
    children of very young, Spanish speaking mothers. Margarita,                greatly impacted our staff who are now able to spend more time
    being bi-lingual, agreed to be on-call for these families 24 hours a        with our patients and families. This also results in a much more
    day, 7days a week. Margarita would take the call, assess the situa-         efficient office environment.
    tion, and pass on the information to the nurse. The comfort and                   Mary Ellen has used her expertise to maintain the personnel
    support from this selfless act eased a very stressful situation for         files of over 50 Support Volunteers. She handles this information
    these families.                                                             as sensitively and confidentially as that of information relating to
           Margarita is a single parent to three sons. One has just com-        our patients. Beyond her efforts to streamline office protocol,
    pleted his bachelors degree in engineering and is about to start on         Mary Ellen spent the time last fall to take our intensive 30 hour
    a Masters program. Margarita told him that, “we did it because of           training program. Her wish is to be able to volunteer time to the
    Hospice of the Valley”. She believes that without a stable job that         direct care of our patients and families, and she will be as much of
    she truly loves, his education might not have been possible. As             an asset in this capacity as she is in the office setting. Mary Ellen
    much as Margarita feels supported by Hospice of the Valley it pales         believes taking the training has given her a better understanding of
    in comparison to the support she provides to everyone connected             why things work the way they do in the office, and further
    with the agency. She takes supreme pride in her work, and we                enhances her ability to streamline procedures.
    could not be more proud of claiming Margarita as one of our own.                  Mary Ellen cares for everyone connected with the agency.
                                                                                She is equally concerned for the wellbeing of staff, volunteers,
                                                                                patients, and family members. She continues to have a phenome-
                                                                                nal impact on the agency – we would be lost without her. Family
                                                                                and travel play an important part in Mary Ellen’s life, so we are so
                                                                                grateful that she makes time to support us to the extent she does.
                                                                                Thanks for it all, Mary Ellen.
                      BEREAVEMENT CORNER                                                  Volunteer Voice
                                                                                                    by Vicci Wild
                                         by Carol Johnson                                    Director of Volunteer Services
                                  Director of Bereavement Services                             In an endeavor to provide the
                                                                                          most comprehensive end of life care to
                                                                                          residents of Santa Clara County,
     EASING THE WAY                         loved ones and wonder at the people           Hospice of the Valley introduced a
                                            who could not, or did not, ask the            new (innovative!) program six months
         OF GRIEF                           questions of loved ones they knew             ago, Transitions, to further meet the
 Through end-of-life conversations          were dying. We would give anything            needs of this sector of our community.
     The subject of End-of-Life has be- to have had an opportunity to ask the             Transitions addresses the needs of those
come common place in the last few years. life and death questions and to say a            facing a life limiting illness, who do
                                                                                          not qualify for hospice care. The
     It is good that our culture is finally proper good-bye.
                                                                                          impact of this program has been quite
facing the fact that ALL of us will one          Acknowledging the personality, cul-      dramatic. We are delighted to report
day die and taking steps to help people tural and generational differences                that we have met and exceed our goals
deal with this final stage of human         regarding these last stage of life discus-    for the first six months of operation.
development.                                sions, I know that people have very dif-      We have introduced the concept of
     We do not “pass away, finish the       ferent views and comfort levels with          Transitions to 72 families, 32 of whom
long journey, or transition to a better     this process. I am glad that we are mov-      were eligible and signed into the pro-
place”, phrases we commonly hear            ing toward openness and offering train-       gram. We believed there was an unmet
when someone dies. Even in a place          ing to help us deal with end-of-life          need for this kind of service in the
                                                                                          area, and our figures confirm this.
like Hospice, where people die daily,       issues, including death conversations
                                                                                               Hospice of the Valley is extremely
we sometimes hear workers or volun-         with the terminally ill. We could avoid       proud to be the first agency/hospice to
teers referring to death as “having         much survivor pain, if we knew what           offer such support in Santa Clara
passed on”. Professional grief coun-        our loved ones were really experiencing       County. Free to our clients, Transitions
selors believe stating the undiluted        emotionally & spiritually as they faced       relies heavily on the dedication of our
truth is important to helping people        death. As we learn to talk about dying,       trained hospice volunteers. Families in
deal with the finality of death and         perhaps, we will also experience more         service benefit from companionship
helping them begin to cope with it.         comfort in using the word… dead.              as well as emotional and practical
(The common death phrases may be                                                          support. Volunteers have transported
true at some level, but the truth at the         BEREAVEMENT CORNER                       clients to doctor appointments, helped
                                                                                          prepare meals, taken the dog for a walk
moment of death is that the person is            Our bereavement department con-          and assisted with light housekeeping.
DEAD.) This is a hideous reality in a tinues to ebb and flow with the tides of            Transitions also works to link families
culture that has long revered youth and life and death.                                   with other community resources that
life and done all it could to discount or        I use this metaphor because we are       will benefit them at this time. A com-
ignore the facts that, if we live long      in the middle of our third series sup-        ment received from one of the
enough, all of us will grow old and die. port groups and I am working in our              Transitions families we were privileged
     Speaking from a grief therapist’s      newest group which employs art thera-         to serve states, “I feel the program was
perspective, I have encountered many        py and meditative Tai Chi Chih (As a          a perfect fit for our needs at the point
survivors who could not broach the          co-facilitator in this group, I am awed       it was recommended. Everyone
                                                                                          involved was wonderful and the infor-
death subject with the deceased and         by the combination and the deep inte-
                                                                                          mation and support
later regret it. With tears in their eyes, grative healing that the two modalities        provided was appreciated and useful.”
many grieve the fact that, “they did not bring to group members. I benefit                     To meet the demands on our
know how the person was really feeling from the ebb and flow of the wave-                 volunteer team, not only from our
as they were dying.” Lacking that           like movements of the Tai Chi                 Transitions clients, but from the
information, the survivor ends up feel- movements, as much as the survivors.)             increased number of hospice patients
ing deep angst and sorrow over what         I am pleased to announce that HOV             we are serving, we need to encourage
he/she “should’ve” asked and now will presented this new group concept at the             more volunteers into the program.
never know.                                 California Hospice Convention. After          Volunteers love working with both
     For those of us whose loved ones       experiencing the power of it, I believe       Transitions and Hospice families.
experienced a “sudden” death, there         we have hit on a very holistic way of         Of the 13 clients that have been
was no opportunity for any discussion managing grief. (This group is not loss             discharged from the Transitions program,
about death. We envy the people who specific. Anyone who has lost a loved                 12 have accessed hospice care. Earlier
had end-of-life discussions with their      one may attend.)           Cont. on page 10                             Cont. on page 10
     Letter from Board President A Hero Walked Among Us cont. from page 1
     cont. from page 4
                                                 nightmare. If they only knew ahead of              The end coming so devastatingly
     reaching more patients, Hospice of the      time, imagine how many would have             fast didn’t allow much time for all
     Valley never loses sight of the fact that   changed their life style and decision-        involved to adjust to what was
     each patient enters hospice service fac-    making process. It was preferable to be       happening, yet in the long run…
     ing numerous end-of-life issues. The        on Earl’s good guy list!!”                    perhaps this overwhelming course may
     patient’s comfort and desires for their          Earl wore his uniform with pride         have been more humane than the
     end-of-life care remain the primary         for almost 30 years before retiring           other end of the spectrum of cancer
     concern of Hospice of the Valley’s          and focusing his energy on educating          death…an active man like Earl would
     patient care interdisciplinary team.        students at the De Anza Community             not have been able to tolerate that.”
                                                 College in Administration of Justice               “When someone passes I find
     However, the statistics do show that
                                                 Department.                                   myself asking what we all should learn
     Hospice of the Valley is fulfilling its
                                                      In 1997, Earl faced a villain that       from this life event. It seems to come
     mission more than ever before. This
                                                 he could not battle alone. His                back to ‘take the time to tell that
     can be a source of pride for the entire
                                                 Oncologist, Dr. Brennan, shared in a          special person how special they were
     Hospice of the Valley community.            letter to Jackye:                             and that they made a difference’. It’s
                                                      “…He managed to live with this           difficult losing the company of a
 Letter from the Executive                       cancer challenge from 1997, but the           person like Sgt. Earl McClure. He
 Director cont. from page 2                      cancer, unfortunately, took on a new          contributed greatly to his community
                                                 very aggressive character in 2004. And        during his short visit on earth” reflects
 Valley will be hosting, live via-satellite,     it wasn’t going to be slowed down, no         Ret. Chief Lockwood.
 “Living With Grief: Ethical Dilemmas            matter how good a fighter Earl was.                Hospice of the Valley is honored
 at End of Life”, a nationally broadcasted            Of course, his being such a fighter      to have had the opportunity to
 teleconference hosted by Cokie Roberts.         made dealing with the fact that we            protect and serve someone such as Earl
 Please let us know of upcoming educa-           were losing the battle even more              in his final days. After having
 tional opportunities in our community           difficult… chemotherapy couldn’t              dedicated his life to others, Earl was
 that we can collaborate on. As together,        be continued.                                 surrounded in his own home by those
 we can break down the barriers and                                                            he loved and others dedicated to
 misconceptions surrounding palliative           Volunteer Voice cont. from page 9             making him comfortable.
 and end-of-life care and ultimately make
                                                 and easier access to Hospice care is one
 a real difference in the choice for comfort                                                   Bereavement Corner
                                                 of the goals of the program. Volunteers,      cont. from page 9
 and quality at the end of life.
                                                 who provide care to these families in
     *Palliative Care is a specialized form                                                         Our Assistant Director of
                                                 Transitions, continue that relationship
 of health care that meets the physical,                                                       Bereavement, Bridget Flynn, gave birth
                                                 when admitted into Hospice of the
 emotional and spiritual needs of both an                                                      to a little girl recently and is on mater-
                                                 Valley. It helps make the “transition”
 individual facing a life threatening ill-                                                     nity leave. We are thrilled for her and
                                                 smooth for all concerned.
 ness and his or her loved ones. The focus                                                     her husband, Aaron. As this new life
                                                      We are extremely grateful to the
 is to relieve suffering and enhance the                                                       begins and Bridget is out nurturing her
                                                 Health Trust who has provided finan-
 quality of life. With palliative care,                                                        infant, one of our interns, Nancy
                                                 cial support for the first year of
 treating physical, emotional and spiritu-                                                     Estes, is working with me to keep
                                                 Transitions. Further funding is needed.
 al suffering is as essential as treating the                                                  everything running smoothly in the
                                                 Growing the volunteer team to be able         bereavement department. We are
 underlying disease. When the physical,
                                                 to meet the needs of the clients served       grateful to Nancy, our bereavement
 emotional and spiritual needs of the
                                                 is also crucial at this point. Training for   assistant, Dawn Aiello, and all of the
 patient are met, the journey towards
                                                 all prospective volunteers interested in      volunteers and intern/
 death can become an enriching experi-
                                                 working with our Hospice/Transitions          trainees who have come forward to
 ence that gives meaning and completeness
                                                 patients/clients and their families take      help during this time of transition.
 to life. By helping people to make choices
                                                 place twice a year. It is a wonderful              A round of new groups began in
 about their treatment, what services they
                                                 way of coming and having a look at            March. We added another children’s’
 need and where they want to be cared                                                          group because we have had a signifi-
                                                 the work we do, and see how you
 for, they are given control and dignity at                                                    cant rise in the number of children
                                                 might offer your talents to the team.
 a time when they need it most.                                                                needing services. It is sad that there are
                                                 The next training will take place in
                                                 March/April 2005. Please contact our          so many grieving children, but we are
                                                 Director of Volunteer Services if you         grateful that HOV is able to provide
                                                                                               these “life-important” support services
                                                 would like more information.
                                                                                               to them.
    Our Fund-A-Need focus this time is for comfort care patient supplies as
part of our compassionate end-of-life care. Hospice Care is all about ensuring             SILICON VALLEY BUSINESS
that the patient is kept as comfortable as possible during their final days. Listed          TRAVEL ASSOCIATION
below are some of these supplies, their purposes and their costs.                                  presents

             ITEM                   TYPE OF PATIENT                      COST
                                                                                        “Alfresco at the
  n Wheelchair cushions         n Critical for those who      n $5.00 each
  which prevent skin break-     have lost a great deal of                              Celebrate the beginning of
  down                          weight, are not ambula-
                                                                                       summer with wine, sangria,
                                tory, but can get around
                                in a wheel chair                                      martinis, tapas, a silent auction
                                                                                          and live entertainment!
  n Oxygen nasal cannulas       n Especially important for    n $6.00 each
  with EZ wrap applied to       patients who require                                   Hotel Valencia Santana Row
  the tubing to prevent skin    oxygen 24 hours a day,        (as opposed to a
  breakdown above the ears      seven days a week             normal cannula at
                                                                                                 San Jose
  and on the tops of the ears                                 $1.00 each)                Friday, June 10, 2005
                                                                                          5:30 pm – 10:00 pm
  n Comfort Care Kits,          n These are provided for      n $ 3.00 – book
  which includes the booklet,   all patients and help the       $ 5.00 – gown                 Silent Auction
  “Gone from My Sight” –        nurse and other caregivers      $ 2.00 – other
  which describes the end-      to provide the best com-         needed supplies         from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
  of-life process for family    fort care possible as the                              Benefiting Hospice of the Valley
  members, a cotton gown,       disease progresses and          $10.00 – Full Kit     (auction items include airline tickets, hotel
  and other necessary           the patients are more and                                     stays and specialty items)
  comfort care supplies that
  will inevitably be used
  sometime during the
  end-of-life process
                                more incapable of taking
                                care of themselves
                                                                                      “Alfresco  $40 per person
                                                                                                before May 31, 2005

  n Egg-crate mattresses
  which help to keep the
  patient comfortable and
                                n Every patient needs
                                some kind of special
                                comfort support as they
                                                              n $12.00 each
                                                                                       at the    $50 per person
                                                                                             on or after June 1, 2005
  prevents skin breakdown       spend more and more
                                time in bed                                           Valencia”
                                                                                      Spanish theme or summer casual
  n Disposable blood pres-      n For patients with a         n $15.00 each
  sure cuff and stethoscope     communicable disease
                                                                                      Complimentary Self-Park,
                                                                                      Valet at $5.00
       When sending in a donation, please indicate that your donation is                RSVP online at www.svbta.org
        intended for “Comfort Care Supplies.” You will know that your
          donation is being used for the direct care of those whom our                 Hotel Valencia Santana Row
                                                                                            355 Santana Row
                clinical staff are supporting during their final days.
                                                                                          San Jose, CA 95128

                    Thank you for your on-going support of                              Special room rates available
                            Hospice of the Valley.                                               866.842.0100
                          C A L E N D A R                       O F     E V E N T S

   APRIL 2005                                                     J U LY 2 0 0 5
   Thursday, April 7; Saturday, April 9; Thursday, April 14;      CHILDREN’S BEREAVEMENT CAMP
   Saturday, April 16; Tuesday, April 19; Thursday, April 21:
   SPRING VOLUNTEER TRAINING                                      SEPTEMBER 2005
                                                                  Tapestry in Arts
   Wednesday, April 20:
                                                                  Saturday, 9-17:
                                                                  WOMEN’S HEALTH FORUM
   Ethical Dilemmas at End of Life teleconference
                                                                  at National Hispanic University – 930 am-1230 pm
   at Clarion Hotel, San Jose

   M AY 2 0 0 5                                                   NOVEMBER 2005
                                                                  NATIONAL HOSPICE MONTH
   Saturday, May 7:
   HUMAN RACE www.vcsv.us/humanrace/
                                                                  Wednesday, 11-9
   Friday, May 20                                                 TBD: GETTING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS
   at Dolce Hayes Mansion – 6pm                                   DECEMBER 2005
                                                                  Sunday 12-4
   JUNE 2005                                                      TBD: TREE OF LIFE

                               For more information, visit www.hospicevalley.org
                                             or call 408.947.1233

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                                                                                                          U.S. Postage
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