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									                                    Minutes of a Meeting of the
                                    BONDI BEACH PRECINCT
                                          10 August 2009
                                  Bondi Beach Public School Library

The meeting of the Bondi Beach Precinct opened at 7:30 pm, chaired by Margaret McNiven

1 Welcome and Apologies
The Chair acknowledged the traditional owners, the Gadigal People who are the Traditional
Custodians of the Land, paid respect to Elders both past and present, and extended that respect to
other Indigenous Australians who were present.

Apologies were received from: Cr Joy Clayton, Mary Shiner, Nikki Heywood, Jan Hyde, Paul Paech
and Leca Sharman, and Robert Henry will arrive later.

The Agenda for the meeting was approved with three additions under Safety and Traffic:
  De-brief on City to Surf
  40 KPH zone in Bondi Beach
  Waverley Parking Review

2 Minutes of Previous Meeting
Motion 1. BBP 10Aug09
The Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as written
Moved: Jurriaan Plesman Seconded: Maria Gerakiteys CARRIED

3 Business Arising
The Chair summarised the 15 June 2009 minutes’ recommendations, focussed on resolving or
ameliorating pressing local social problems and emphasising quality of life, safety and liveability in
Bondi Beach, including viability of small local businesses. The responses supplied by Council Officers
were read to this meeting.

The Precinct noted that many responses were just partial actions, due to dissipation of responsibility
within Waverley Council and due to the varying jurisdictions between local and state governments.
Follow through options were discussed and these actions agreed:
3a) Thanks are extended to Council Officers for consulting with residents affected by changes to
    accommodate pedestrian safety at the intersection of Roscoe and O’Brien Streets, and for
    addressing ways to mitigate possible increases in street dwellers and traffic congestion, and
    improving access in this intersection.
3b) That the Executive Committee write directly to the Casino, Liquor and Gaming Control Authority
    regarding the Precinct’s 15 June 2009 request to increase controls on licensed establishments,
    both current and new applicants in the Bondi Beach basin, and not wait for ‘problem’ bars or hotels
    to trigger major controls.
3c) That the Divisional Manager, Bondi & Beaches, and the Waverley Council Safety Committee report
    to Bondi Beach Precinct at the October meeting on methods for reducing problems emanating
    from licensed businesses and their patrons.
3d) The Precinct requested written details from both the Divisional Manager - Development
    Assessment and the Divisional Manager - Compliance regarding the Council footpath seating
    requirements, the approvals process and compliance regulations and procedures. These are to be
    provided to the Executive Committee members who will make a detailed recommendation to
    Council for procedures on behalf of the Bondi Beach Precinct regarding the increasing popularity
Bondi Beach Precinct                    Minutes 10 August 2009                                Page 2 of 8

    of footpath eating and the inherent conflicts with providing clear pedestrian use and safety for all
3e) Request that Council Officers, Rangers or others, be charged with responsibility, authority and
    power to fine on the spot any incorrect placement (‘parking’) of restaurant furniture (tables, chairs,
    tableware storage units etc) as exist for incorrect parking of vehicles or dumping of rubbish.
3f) Request that Council amend its DA guidelines so that any approval for footpath use, seating or
    other, specifically exclude amplified sound emanating from public footpaths or projected on to
    public footpaths.
3g) The Precinct expressed disappointment at the Council approval of the expanded LEP for Bondi
    Junction, due to its negative affects on Bondi Beach residents using Bondi Junction, and the direct
    impact on traffic (private and public) to and from Bondi Beach.
3h) Regarding filtering of emissions and the noise coming from Hurricane’s Restaurant, residents
    affected can be contacted through Jan Hyde, Co-Convenor and Secretary.

4 Development Applications
Ben Hyde, the Precinct’s Development representative, chaired this agenda section.

4a North Bondi Surf Club
Mr Peter Calhoun and Ben Griffith summarised the DA for the replacement NBSC, showing a scale
model. They reported that: the old club will be knocked down; the proposed new club will have a
smaller footprint; the public entrance will be from Campbell Parade, with the upstairs function business
being separate from the downstairs club; it will be fully funded by the club, including members and
volunteers. The following issues were raised and answers (A) supplied where noted:
4a i) What is the motivation for a ‘Spanish’ look? A: the curves reflect the beach, with the roof intended
      to be ‘sculptural.’
4a ii) Concern that white tiles for the cladding will increase reflection onto beach and area users.
4a iii) Timeline is to have DA approved by the end of 2009, and a separate DA for a temporary club for
      next summer; to build the new club over 12 months.
4a iv) The Precinct was assured by the NBSC representatives that the upstairs function floor will not
      be used as a permanent public bar and restaurant.
4a v) The Precinct asked that the old/new club voluntarily agree to not increase noise (including
      amplified entertainment); foster public misconduct and cause create demands on the site and on
      Campbell Parade and adjacent streets.
4a vi) Cr WyKanak raised the excavation impact on Heritage Aboriginal artefacts. He requested that
      the Land Council or similar authorised body participate in the archaeological aspects of the site
      demolition and re-building. A: The NBSC representatives agreed to this proposal.
No motion was made in either support or in opposition to the NBSC DA.

4b Hakoah Club site
Written comments from Co-Convenor Paul Paech were read to the Precinct, highlighting that:
4b i) In 2006, Waverley Council provided a specific Development Control Plan (DCP) for Hall Street
      and ten other villages throughout Waverley.
4b ii) Bondi Beach residents value the local areas and shops away from the Campbell Parade array of
      fast food and one-time visitor-purchase shops.
4b iii) There is considerable opposition to this DA as it seeks to create an agglomeration of a large
      amount of land, over-build Hall Street in height and intensity, incorporate a short-stay hotel which
      is not in the DCP, create vast retail/commercial space; and it will overwhelm the already-restricted
      thoroughfare and street parking availability.
Bondi Beach Precinct                     Minutes 10 August 2009                             Page 3 of 8

4b iv) The developers had promised to work through the Waverley Council DA process, but recently
     have approached the NSW State Minister for Planning, potentially for review and approval.

Motion 2. BBP 10Aug09
Bondi Beach Precinct requests that Waverley Council specifically requests the Minister for Planning,
Hon. Kristina Keneally MP, to NOT be involved in reviewing the application to redevelop the Hakoah
Club site and adjacent properties.
Moved: Lee Ross Seconded: Jurriaan Plesman CARRIED

Motion 3. BBP 10Aug09
Bondi Beach Precinct requests its Executive Committee to write directly to the Minister for Planning on
behalf of Bondi Beach residents and business owners, especially in Hall Street and surrounding
To specifically request that the Minister for Planning, Kristina Keneally, not be involved in reviewing
the application to redevelop the Hakoah Club site and adjacent properties.
Moved: Lee Ross Seconded: Jurriaan Plesman CARRIED

The Precinct accepted the proposed national boycott of Toga group interests, including Medina, Vibe
and Travelodge accommodation.

4c Swiss Grand site
Motion 4. BBP 10Aug09
Bondi Beach Precinct requests that the Section 96 Application on the Swiss Grand redevelopment
application go to an Independent Hearing Assessment Panel.
Moved: Maria Gerakiteys Seconded: Jurriaan Plesman CARRIED

4d Pizza Shop, Hall Street
Motion 5. BBP 10Aug09
Objections to the pizza shop on Hall Street, now approved on the new ‘fast track’ Waverley Council
process, remain on the bases of:
a) Extended hours of operation in a residential/mixed zone
b) Noise and pollution of exhaust fans, and
c) Street rubbish from takeaway food consumers.
CARRIED by consensus of the meeting.

Motion 6. BBP 10Aug09
The Precinct objects to the use by Waverly Council Officer of ‘fast track’ approvals in Bondi Beach
Precinct on the grounds that this process prevents residents and neighbouring business providing
input to the DA review process.
CARRIED by consensus

4e Solar Panels on Bondi Beach Surf Life Saving Club roof
The Precinct suggested placement of the proposed solar panels on the interior north-facing roof,
instead of on the exterior north-facing roof, even though the latter serves as advocacy for solar power
use. The Precinct further suggested the use of solar panels on the front of the Lifeguard Tower.

4f Unit 4, 6 Wallis Parade North Bondi
Bondi Beach Precinct                    Minutes 10 August 2009                                 Page 4 of 8

Motion 7. BBP 10Aug09
The Precinct objects to this DA on the grounds that
a) It increases the floor/space ratio and
b) It will obscure views of surrounding residents, potentially hundreds.
c) Further, we request that Councillors ask for the DA to be dealt with by the full Council.
Moved: Lee Ross Seconded Vera Ross CARRIED

4g Bondi Beach Markets Sunday
Motion 8. BBP 10Aug09
The Precinct objects to extending the current closing hours of the Bondi Beach Markets on Sunday
and requests Council to act on the following:
a) The Bondi Beach Markets on Sunday comply with the current approved hours
b) That no extension of hours be permitted
c) That Waverley Council continue current conditions of closing at 4 pm and clearing the site at 5 pm
d) That Waverley Council note that recent compliance and cessation of unapproved late trading has
   improved the amenity of residents, and
e) The approved hours enable the positive effect on pedestrian thoroughfare, availability of street
   parking, noise reduction and the clean up of school grounds to be completed by 5 pm.
CARRIED by consensus of the meeting.

4h Proposed Night Markets at Bondi Beach Pavilion
The Precinct learned that a local developer is proposing (no DA at the time of this meeting) to operate
markets at Bondi Beach Pavilion, up to three nights per week, selling art, antiques and food.
Objections raised included: the need for and cost of additional lighting in and around the Pavilion for
night trading, increased security, more toilets and more frequent cleaning; the damage and rubbish
customers could leave in the vicinity as in Roscoe Street Night Markets; the negative impact on art,
antiques and food commercial operators already paying rent in Bondi Beach. An over-arching concern
about any new markets is the uncertainty of continuity or future directions if markets were operated
within Bondi Beach and Waverley Council by a developer rather than a public-interest body.

Motion 9. BBP 10Aug09
The Bondi Beach Precinct believes that
a) The Bondi Beach area is well-served by markets and retailers
b) That Bondi Beach is primarily for passive recreation, and
c) Any market considered for the Bondi Beach Pavilion or Beach front buildings and parklands
   require consultation with Bondi Beach retailers and residents and community users of Pavilion and
   the public-interest clubs on the Bondi Beach front.
Moved: Maria Gerakiteys Seconded Mrs Vera Ross CARRIED

4i 108 Campbell Parade - outdoor seating
This applicant is a new business. It is using, without any known approval, the seating approved for the
prior business. The expanding outdoor seating on Campbell Parade footpaths was discussed.
Motion 10. BBP 10Aug09
The Bondi Beach Precinct requests, as a matter of urgency that Waverley Council:
a) Inspects the outdoor seating used at 108 Campbell Parade
b) Enforces compliance with any and all approved footpath seating
c) Ensures only the approved space and approved number of seats and tables are on the footpath
Bondi Beach Precinct                    Minutes 10 August 2009                                 Page 5 of 8

d) Marks seating areas as approved
e) Requires businesses to operate only within approved hours
f) Ensures all footpaths remain clear for pedestrians
g) Protects passers-by from injuries or anti-social behaviour
h) Requires businesses to control space occupied by people waiting for seating, and
i) Ensures OHS conditions for staff serving the outdoor seating areas.
Moved: Zelma Lapinski Seconded Nisan Lapinksi CARRIED

4j 2/ 164-166 Campbell Parade, Papa Giovanni outdoor seating
Motion 11. BBP 10Aug09
The Precinct objects to the DA for expansion of the current outdoor seating for Papa Giovanni’s to 24
Tables and 48 Chairs.
CARRIED by consensus

4k Café and outdoor seating in former hairdresser site, Curlewis Street near Glenayr Avenue
Motion 12. BBP 10Aug09
The Precinct objects to the application for outdoor seating at the proposed café on the site of a former
hairdresser on the grounds that:
a) A bus stop is in front of the business
b) The footpath is not wide enough to accommodate seated customers and waiting passengers,
    waiting customers and passers-by, and
c) Sydney Buses should be consulted on this DA.
CARRIED by consensus

4l Unit 11, 12a Wilga Street
Motion 13. BBP 10Aug09
Bondi Beach Precinct objects to this DA as
a) It would increase the floor/space ratio and
b) It will obscure views of many surrounding residents.
c) Further, we request that Councillors ask for the DA to be dealt with by the full Council.
Moved: Lee Ross Seconded Vera Ross CARRIED

5 Safety and Traffic
Margaret McNiven distributed three safety documents for household reference: Police-provided Home
Security Tips for when you are away and the Checklist: Burglary Prevention, and a Bondi Beach
contact list. The last is a Bondi Beach Precinct work-in-progress and new contacts are encouraged;
Chris Maltby offered to post it online for the Bondi Beach email group.

5a De-Brief on City to Surf 09 August 2009
The Precinct noted a few areas for improvement and refers these to Waverley Council for negotiation
with organisers and service contractors.
5a i) Street Parking Excellent signage was displayed the prior week regarding clearway sections
      where towing would take place. Request that prior to future City to Surfs, there be a letterbox drop
      to reinforce visual signs and to inform residents who do not walk or drive past stationery signs,
      within a two-block radius.
5a ii) Buses More bus use by participants led to a deficiency in buses and resulted in the largest
      queues witnessed in Bondi Beach in decades. The Precinct requests that Sydney Buses and City
Bondi Beach Precinct                    Minutes 10 August 2009                                Page 6 of 8

      to Surf organise improved logistics for queuing, bus provision and rapid turnaround for City to Surf
      and all special events at Bondi Beach and within Waverley Council for bus transport on event
5a iii) Rubbish Waste was higher than the kerbs on Bondi Beach side streets, i.e. the one drink and
      sandwich distance before containers were dropped. There were no temporary bins, rubbish bags
      or parked skips into which responsible participants could leave the rubbish. This is a different
      matter from the cleanup along the race route, where participants pass by and all leave up to the
      13 1/2 KMs before arriving at Bondi Beach, where they require refreshment and may stay a while.
Precinct recommended:
5a iii) A- Require City to Surf organisers to add participant education to ‘don’t rubbish Bondi Beach’
           when they arrive at the finish line and to respect the environment and the local community.
5a iii) B- Increase recycling containers on Campbell Parade and within two block radius in side streets,
           from Hastings Parade south to Francis Street to reduce street waste.
5a iii) C-Add waste workers in Bondi Beach basin from 8 am to end of daylight to remove waste and to
           prevent pile up of predominately soft drink and water containers, and wrappings from food.
5a iii) D-Recommend the continuous clean up as agreed for New Years Eve, within two block radius in
           side streets, from Hastings Parade south to Francis Street to reduce street waste
5a iii) E-Council to ask organisers to provide paper cups rather than plastic cups for water stations
           through the race to eliminate plastic waste in drains, streets and on private land.

5b Parking enforcement
The Precinct agreed that residents and business operators are disadvantaged by illegal parking.
5b i) The Precinct requests that the Waverley Council Finance Committee provide for sufficient
      parking Rangers to enforce compliance of the limited parking in Bondi Beach from 8 am to 10 pm.
5b ii) The Precinct requests that a former driveway kerb-cut on Curlewis Street in front of a new art
      gallery be signed for metered parking as this area has a high demand for short-term parking.
      Further, it is desirable that the gutter be repaired with proper height for a kerb to discourage
      parking on the footpath using the kerb-cut as an entrance.
5b iii) Enforce NO Parking over footpaths, that continues nightly on Warners Avenue near Glenayr
      Avenue; where the practice has ‘spread’ to footpaths on Blair Street and Beach Road, seemingly
      encircling the nearby hotel.
5b iv) Parking fine income will make the enforcement exercise cost-neutral, to pay for the Rangers’
      time and assist with Waverley Council’s budget shortfall.
5b v) The Precinct noted that without deterrents and enforcements of the same, parking within the law
      disadvantages compliant drivers who walk blocks between their car and residence, and sharply
      reduces pedestrian safety and residential amenity.

Motion 14. BBP 10Aug09
The Precinct asks Waverley Council to
a) Hire, train and assign sufficient Rangers,
b) Prevent or fine illegal parking, and
c) Reduce the loss of safety and residential amenity in the Bondi Beach basin.
Moved: Jurriaan Plesman Seconded: Maria Gerakiteys CARRIED

5c Buses running on residential streets at night
Empty Sydney buses are running along Warners Avenue night and day, at increasing frequency and
frequently at high speed. Most residents complain of being woken some time during the night.
   Leca Sharman (63 Warners) reports that the floorboards vibrate throughout the house when a bus
  passes by, interrupting sleep and moving pictures on walls day and night
Bondi Beach Precinct                    Minutes 10 August 2009                               Page 7 of 8

  Margaret McNiven (77 Warners) reported that her house windows are rattling as each bus passes
  and cracks are enlarging on the front of her house
   Nikki Heywood (92 Warners) is alarmed at the speed of buses running towards residents and
  children walking around 7-Ways and crossing the street to and from the Primary School on Warners
The Precinct referred ‘buses on residential streets’ including Warners Avenue to the Traffic Committee
for enforcement in residential areas. The Precinct requests that a representative of Sydney Buses
attend the next Precinct meeting on 12 October 2009.

5d Update on Christmas and New Year's Eve 2009
Despite an early formal request for information, no Council Officer was present to report on the
Christmas and New Year’s Eve events, nor was a written report provided to the Precinct.

Motion 15. BBP 10Aug09
The Bondi Beach Precinct requests an immediate and full written disclosure regarding the
management of issues related to Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2009 events by Officers, Managers
and their Directors, distributed to Bondi Beach residents and businesses by post and email, paid from
the budget of the events. The reports should include but are not limited to:
a) Noise levels and their management
b) Rubbish removal in residential and business areas and its pick up schedule
c) Vandalism prevention and policing
d) Provision of portable toilets in public areas that attract listeners to the concert, especially along
     Campbell Parade and within every first residential block off Campbell Parade from Hastings
     Parade south to Francis Street
e) Transport problems for cars, buses and bicycles travelling in to and returning to Bondi Beach, and
f) Response times to reports of anti-social behaviour, due to no response to noise and nuisance
     reports by residents within the Bondi Beach basin during the past two NYE events.
CARRIED by consensus

5e 40 KPH & Schools in Bondi Beach
Motion 16. BBP 10Aug09
Bondi Beach Precinct repeats its requests to Waverley Council to apply again to RTA to
a) Extend the proposed 40 kph zone within Bondi Beach to cover all streets leading to and bordering
   schools within the Bondi Beach zone:
b) Bondi Beach Primary School: Gould Street, Warners Avenue, Mitchell Street, Wairoa Avenue and
   Campbell Pde
c) Galilee Catholic Primary School: Blair Street, Oakley Road, Mitchell Street, Hastings Parade
d) Reddam House: Mitchell Street, Oakley Road and Blair Street
e) Rose Bay Secondary College: Hardy Street, Chaleyer Street and Nancy Street
f) Bondi Primary School: Wellington Street and Bondi Road, and
g) That all schools in Waverley in heavy day visitor, delivery and tourist districts such as Bronte
   Public School, Yeshiva College on Flood Street near Bondi Road and Montessori East School on
   Wellington Street near Bondi Road be made safer in permanent 40 KPH zoning.
CARRIED by consensus

5f 40 KPH & Signage
The Precinct requested that Waverley Council provide and display on Campbell Parade new banners
in addition to the RTA new 40 KPH zone signage, advising & reinforcing with branded messages such
Bondi Beach Precinct                    Minutes 10 August 2009                               Page 8 of 8

as ‘Slow down for Bondi pedestrians and surfers,’ ‘Bondi - Chill Out, 40 KPH,’ and ‘Welcome to 40
KPH Bondi.’

5g Parking Review
Cr Wakefield advised that the recent Waverley Parking Review adopts several recommendations from
the Bondi Beach Precinct and encourages comments (available on Council’s website).

5h Footpath Obstruction, on Campbell Parade at Sir Thomas Mitchell Road
Several residents reported complete obstruction of the footpaths on both corners at Campbell Parade
and Sir Thomas Mitchell Road. They are unable to pass two restaurants, Trattoria and Mocean where
chairs and tables are on both levels of the split-level footpath. Most pedestrians and all with prams or
walking aides have to walk on Campbell Parade roadway to negotiate this busy corner.

Motion 17. BBP 10Aug09
Bondi Beach Precinct requests, as a matter of urgency that Waverley Council:
a) Inspects all outdoor seating used at the corner of Campbell Parade and Sir Thomas Mitchell Road
b) Inspects the outdoor seating used at the Trattoria and Mocean restaurants
c) Enforces compliance with any and all approved footpath seating
d) Ensures seating remain at all times within approved space and the approved number of seats and
e) Ensures all footpaths are passable by pedestrians
f) Protects passers-by from injuries or anti-social behaviour
g) Requires businesses to control their space occupied by people waiting for seating.
Moved: Zelma Lapinski Seconded Nisan Lapinksi CARRIED

6 General Business
6 a) The Precinct acknowledged and thanked Councillors Cancion, Wakefield and WyKanak for
    attending this Precinct meeting.
6 b) Thanks were extended to Cr WyKanak for his participation in the 150th anniversary of Waverley
6 c) The Bondi Beach Precinct requests that Waverley Council motorised street-cleaners be
    scheduled during the daytime off-peak when the least number of cars are parked on kerbs, to
    improve the results of the Waverley Council cleaning effort.

The meeting closed at 9:15 pm.

Bondi Beach Precinct next meets on:
   Monday 12 October 2009
   Monday 30 November 2009
Meetings at 7:30 pm at the Bondi Beach Primary School Library

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