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                         NCMA – BEACH CITIES CHAPTER

                          SEPTEMBER DINNER MEETING

DINNER SPEAKER                                     September 2010 – Volume 31, Issue 1

                                                Date:       Tuesday September 14, 2010
    Mr. Charles Rumbaugh

 Attorney /ADR Consultant                       Place:         Golden Sails
                                                               6285 E. Pacific Coast Hwy
      Private Dispute Resolution
                                                               Long Beach, CA
Arbitrator/Private Judge/Mediator

                                                Time:          5:30 PM        Social Hour
 “Is the FAR Out of Control”
                                                               6:15 PM        Dinner
                                                               7:00 PM        Program

                                                Price:         Beach Cities - $22
                                                               Guests - $25
  Come early and see old friends
     and meet new ones at this
exciting networking opportunity.

                                                London Broil,
                                                Greek Salad and
                                                Lemon Cake

Be sure to contact your local Booster. If you have no local booster, please call Judy Curren (562)
593-2717 or Stacey Ramsay (562) 400-7968 for reservations by Monday, September 13th.
  DINNER SPEAKER – Mr. Charles Rumbaugh,
                       Attorney, ADR Consultant

                  "Is the FAR Out of Control?"
  An overview of current governmental actions that could lead some to
  believe "no one is in control to ensure regulatory compliance" for
  contract clauses /regulations!

  • What are the FAR/DFARS Rules-of-the-Road on the use of clauses/
  • What are the gates that must be traversed in order to have properly
  promulgated DoD clauses/regulations?
  • Overview of recent "non-compliances."
  • ABA actions that highlight non-compliance activities!

  Our speaker is Charles E. Rumbaugh, JD, Fellow, CPCM. Mr. Rumbaugh is
  an attorney practicing in commercial/international/government contract
  law with an emphasis in the private dispute/negotiation related arena as
  an educator/trainer, professional speaker, arbitrator/mediator, private
  judge and ADR Consultant. He is a frequent writer/publisher and
  speaker on substantive Negotiation/Dispute Resolution topics and has
  presented advanced/basic negotiation, mediation, and arbitration skills.
  He has trained at seminars/workshops in Latin America, Canada, the Far
  East, and throughout the United States. His bio is available at


                                        Michael Patton - 15 Years

Page 2                                                            BEACHCOMBER
                                                 Sheri Esposito

 Hello Everyone!

 Welcome to our 2010/2011 program year. We are committed to making this year as enjoyable
 and as informative as the last.

 As the economy shows signs of improvement, there will no doubt be great opportunities for
 contracts professionals. I have been contacted several times in the past few months by
 recruiters looking for talented professionals. To see these opportunities, check out the Beach
 Cities website.

 Through this economic period of recovery, we have added several new members to the Board
 and our membership is attracting contract professionals from outside of the aerospace
 industry. Please take a moment to join us and make some new friends.

 I look forward to seeing you at our September dinner meeting and hope you are able to attend
 to kick off the new program year.


 Sheri Esposito
 Beach Cities Chapter President

                     New Member


Volume 31, Issue 1                                                                        Page 3

   NCMA has just announced several changes to their Certification programs.

   Changes to Certification Exams
   • Beginning with testing in Jan 2011, the CFCM and CCCM exams will be expanded from the
   current 110-question format to 150 questions.
   • Candidates who currently have an approved CFCM application on file and who want to take the
   110-question exam must do so no later than the month of December 2010.
   •Changes to the CCCM exam:
      - Candidates who currently have an approved CCCM application of file or who intend to apply
   for the CCCM are encouraged to postpone testing until the new and improved exam is available
   in January.
      - CCCM candidates whose eligibility to test expires before January may have their eligibility
   extended for up to six months at no cost upon written request.
            - Candidates have the option of taking the 110-question exam through Dec 2010,
          however the NCMA Certification Department advises that most candidates will benefit by
          taking the new exam in January.
            - The new CCCM exam will be based on the material in the current Commercial
          Knowledge Module Preparatory Study Manual and will be supplemented by material in
          the “Uniform Commercial Code in a Nutshell”.
            - There will be all-new practice CCCM exams available in January 2011.

   CPCM Materials
   • A new comprehensive study guide for the CPCM exam is now available. The guide features
   valuable information concerning all five competency areas covered on the CPCM exam, includes
   sample test questions, answers and explanations and recommended readings.
   • Four new CPCM Proactive Exams are available (Contract Principles, Acquisition Planning/
   Strategy, Contract Administration, Specialized Knowledge Areas)

   Certification Exams Offered at Upcoming NCMA Conference
   • Paper exams will be offered at the Mid Year Leadership Conference in Las Vegas on Friday,
   January 21. Applications and fees are due NLT Dec. 21, 2010; NO exam review classes will be
   offered in Las Vegas.

   Changes to Lifetime Certification
   • For currently certified individuals who have been continuously certified for a period of at least
   20 years, OR who reach the age of 60 during their recertification period, a new NCMA Lifetime
   Certification is now available.

   Additional information on these changes and all aspects of NCMA Certifications can be obtained
   on the NCMAHQ website or by calling NCMA’s Certification department.

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                     Calendar 2010                                       The Beachcomber

 Oct 12              Dinner Meeting                        This Newsletter is primarily distributed by E-
                                                           mail, so please let us know if your E-mail
 Nov 9               Dinner Meeting                        address changes.
 Dec 14              Dinner Meeting                        Contact Stacey Ramsay if you would like
                                                           your name removed from the E-mail list.
 The Beachcomber needs a new Editor for
 the coming year. This is a great way to                   Stacey Ramsay (562) 400-7968
 help the chapter and have a good time           
 working with the NCMA board and
 members. The work is fun and rewarding.

                                                                Please check the Beach Cities
                                                                   website for Employment,
 Don't forget – to call                                            Education and Training
 your booster with your                                         Opportunities, Presentations,
  dinner reservation.                                                 Photos and more.
 Phone numbers are on
 the front and back                                
 pages of this publication.

              THE BEACHCOMBER
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    Published monthly, when we have the time, but always
    before the dinner meeting.

Volume 31, Issue 1                                                                                      Page 5
    National Contract Management Association – Beach Cities Chapter
Chapter Officers
President                  Sheri Esposito      Raytheon Co     (310) 616-1650
Past President             Bill Vargo          The Boeing Co   (714) 896-1774
VP Programs                Charlotte Kyes      The Boeing Co   (562) 797-1513
Secretary                  Jean Plante         Retired         (562) 421-7838
Treasurer                  Ben Lapekas         The Boeing Co   (562) 593-5078

Committee Chairs
Membership                 Kelly Kyes          The Boeing Co   (562) 797-1580
Education/Certification    Teresa Alvarado     The Boeing Co   (562) 519-9451
Meeting Arrangements       Jean Plante         Retired         (562) 421-7838
Resource Mgr               David Maldonado     The Boeing Co   (562) 593-4010
Employment                 Ray Ventura         The Boeing Co   (562) 982-8288
Symposium/Registration     Harold Wickersham   The Boeing Co   (562) 593-7473
Fellows                    Laura Doyle         The Boeing Co   (562) 797-1039
Photos/Historian           Kelly Kyes          The Boeing Co   (562) 797-1580
Booster                    Charlotte Kyes      The Boeing Co   (562) 797-1513
Hospitality                Elaine Foster       The Boeing Co   (562) 797-1679
Newsletter                 Judy Curren         The Boeing Co   (562) 593-2717
Website                    Stacey Ramsay       The Boeing Co   (562) 400-7968

                                     THE BEACHCOMBER

  NCMA - Beach Cities Chapter
  c/o J. Curren
  P.O. Box 2257
  Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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