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									Religion and Religious
       Lecture 10
      What is a Jewish State?
•   Halachah?
•   Civil Religion
•   Division of Church and State?
•   Minority Religions?
              Civil Religion
•   Calendar
•   Holidays
•   Education
•   National Narratives
Jerusalem Friday Afternoon
       and Saturday
Status Quo Agreement, 1953
• All Jews under jurisdiction of chief
  rabbinate for personal status issues
• Public observance of Jewish Law
  – No transporation on the Sabbath
  – All government institutions have Kosher
Personal Status Laws
Are they Jewish?
           Who is a Jew
• Law of Return: “a grandchild of a Jew,
  the spouse of a Jew, the spouse of a
  child of a Jew and the spouse of
  grandchild of a Jew, except a person
  who has been a Jew and has voluntarily
  changed his religion.”
• Halachah: Matrilineal Descent or
  Orthodox Conversion
Is this Kosher?
Chief Sephardic Rabbi Eliahu
• "Certainly there is religious freedom for
  Moslems and Christians, but for Jews
  only the Orthodox way of religious
  observance is allowed"
Control of Holy Sites
        Other Implications
• Funding for Ministry of Religion
• Tolerance/Support for Minority Religions
  – 5.4 million Jews
  – 1.2 million Muslims
  – 149,00 Christians
  – 117,000 Druze
              Status Quo, 1953
• Any government leader must prescribe for himself priorities,
  must decide on first things first...(W)here there was agreement
  on what was urgent to me, I was prepared to make concessions
  on what was urgent to others...When I wanted to introduce
  national service conscription, the religious parties said they
  would of course support it but they insisted that all army
  kitchens be kosher. Kosher kitchens to them were of paramount
  importance; to me they were of subsidiary interest. It was a price
  I was prepared to pay for their full-fledged support on a vital
  defense measure...In the same way I agreed not to change the
  status quo on religious authority for matters of personal status. I
  know it was hard on some individuals. But I felt, again in the
  national interest, that it was wise to...pay the comparatively
  small price of religious status quo."
   Religious Communities in
• Secular (Hiloni)
• Religious (Dati)
  – Haredi/Ultra Orthodox
     • Zionist
     • Anti-Zionist
  – Orthodox Zionists
  – Mizrahi
  – “Traditional”
Anti-Zionist Haredi
Hesder Program
Ovadia Yosef-Mizrachi
  Religious Leader
          Secular Israelis
• Secular Israelis versus American Jews
• Growing polarization
What does the Future Hold?

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