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									                                Miss Mona Myhob
                                Teaching Assistant, Magrabi Mansour Nursing Faculty (MMNF)

                                Educational Background
                                PhD             2009 - Present Registered for Medical Surgical Nursing – Ain
                                                               Shams University
                                PGD             2007           Post Graduate Diploma in Professional
                                                Education - Queen Margaret University, Scotland, UK
                                MD              2007           Masters of Nursing Sciences – Ain Shams Univ.
                                BS              1993           Bachelor Degree in Nursing – Cairo University

                                Languages spoken
                                English         speaks; reads and writes well
                                Arabic          speaks; reads and writes well (mother tongue)
                                German          speaks; moderate
Internship Experience
1993 – 1994 - Cairo University Hospital
     Working at the third Unit for Critical Care Patients (4 months)
     Working in Emergency Unit at El Kasr El Ani Hospital (4 months)
     Working in medical department at El Kasr El Ani Hospital (2 months)

     Working in Obstetrics and Gynecology department (2 months)

Professional Experience
      Dates                                                  Functions
2008 - present      Assistant Lecturer at Magrabi Mansour I International College At British University in
2007 – 2008         Officer of In-services training at El Magrabi Eye Hospital Cairo and El Noor Foundation
                    Egypt and preparing the material for basic and advanced nursing skills
1996 - 2007         Clinical Instructor At the technical institute of nursing (Mubarak Kohl) Cairo University
         Duties:           Teacher and clinical instructor of medical -surgical nursing at the technical
                           institute of nursing (Mubarak-Kohl).
                           Teaching of theatrical subjects related to medical surgical nursing.
                           Teach and train the students all skills related to medical surgical nursing such
                           as (different routes of suction, different types of injections, naso-gastric tube
                            insertion, urinary catheter insertion, IV therapy, scrubbing, gowning, gloving and
                            draping),and all these skills demonstrated at the skills lab, and I go to with the
                            students to apply all these skills in the real situation at the hospitals.
                           Supervise the clinical training that held in different areas like (Medical ward,
                           Surgical Ward, ICU, CCU, Operating theatre, Dialysis unit) hospital to apply
                           what we taught theoretically.

2003 – 2006         Nursing Supervisor – Al Salam International Hospital (450 beds), Cairo, Egypt

         Duties:           Coordinate, monitor and supervise all medical functions of the hospital and its
                           Problem solving in all departments, collection and partial collation of daily patients
                            statistics, and companions.
                           Provide on coming staff with a complete picture of critical areas, patients and
                           Provide heads of other departments within their problems, monitor absenteeism
                            and redeploy staff if necessary.
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                                                                                    Miss Mona Myhob
                             Take report from afternoon supervisor, look at absenteeism and critical areas,
                              check staff in and redeploy if necessary giving aid to areas most in need.

1995 – 1996          Head Nurse – Cardiac Catheterization Unit & CCU – El Kasr El-Aini University Hospital
                     (1500 beds)
           Duties:        Working as a scrub and circulating nurse, participating in diagnostic coronary
                           Angio, intervention and pacemaker implantation.
                         Nursing care for patients with acute myocardial infarction, unstable angina, heart
                           failure, and post intervention.
1994 – 1993          Head Nurse – Chest Unit & CCU – El Fayrouze Hospital (200 beds)

           Duties:           Ward station control for coronary care cases, all nursing skills for management of
                              intensive care patients, CPR, management of patient with respiratory problems
                              and emergencies.

Training Experience – 2001 - 2007
Organized several workshops to nurses staff, medical students at technical
institute of nursing (Mubarak-kohl)
Organized several workshops for nurses about clinical skills including:
           Administration medications.
           CPR
           Basic and advanced nursing skills
           Care of patients in ICU
Organized and participated in the implementation of a course for nurses working at the Pre-
mature Unit of El Monira Pediatric hospital (September to December 2004)
Organized and participated in the implementation of a work shop to pharmacology students at
technical institute of nursing (Mubarak-Kohl)

Other Experiences
Short term and long term planning of training courses to meet national criteria requirement for
nurse performance
Teaching planned lessons to students of differing abilities.
Organization of human resources (students, nurses) technically.
Consistently monitoring the achievement of the colleagues and nurses staff.
Regular review of student's achievement targets.
Reasonability for the social and emotional welfare of students.
Subject coordinator responsible for the development of nursing college.
Accountable for the ordering of stock and general maintenance of peripheral
equipment, software and hardware
Responsible for the delivery or written and oral reports regarding the students performance
and professional development
Planning and implementing staff meeting concerning development for students.
Taking full responsibility for students during short term college trips.
Member at IT Committee at the British University in Egypt

Courses – The British University in Egypt
Facilitation Skills
Peer Evaluation
Staff Development Courses
Preparation for OSCE
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                                                                                   Miss Mona Myhob
Workshop about how to prevent and avoid Plagiarism
Workshop about how to use Turnitin

Courses – The British Council of Egypt
Supervisory skills
Effective time management - Teaching training for nurses 3 phases (communication, effective
motivation, assessment and evaluation)
Introduction to media in teaching process
Problem solving and decision making
English languages Courses
Business Communication
Methods of Teaching

Courses – The BHO Vocational Institute, Germany
 Management of Vocational Institute (in team orientation in different of training
 and education)
Management of Vocational Institute (to integrate all the reform proposals into an organization
scheme for the own institute.

Courses – The Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt
International Computer Driving Licenses (ICDL)
Workshop at BUE about HOW TO THINK NOT WHAT TO THINK (HNW) in teaching HNW
Academic honesty: Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism1
Developing Students’ Study Skills
Lecturing for HNW 2

Nursing Conferences
International Conference about liver Transplantation (Speaker) 2007
Nursing care for terminally ill Patients and their families (Palliative care) 2008
International Conference for Bronchoscopy and Chest Disease (Speaker 2008)
Workshop about Diabetes Management 2004
Workshop about Understanding Electrocardiogram (ECG) 2008
Nursing Today & Future Challenges, Opportunities & Threats 2010
Cancer Breast Training of Trainers Workshops 2010

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                                                                                     Miss Mona Myhob

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