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									CH. 4
           Steps 1 to 3

• The broad problem area
• Preliminary data gathering
• Problem definition
The Research Process
              Broad Problem Area
• Broad problem area refers to the entire situation
  where one sees a possible need for research
  and problem solving.
• Such issues might pertain to:
  – Problems currently existing in an organizational
    setting that need to be solved
  – Areas that a manager believes need to be improved
    in the organization
  – A conceptual or theoretical issues that needs to be
    tightened up for the basic researcher to understand
    certain phenomena
  – Some research questions that a basic researcher
    wants to answer empirically
           Preliminary Data
• Interviews
• Literature research: the documentation of
  a comprehensive review of the published
  and unpublished work from secondary
  sources of data in the areas of specific
  interest to the researcher.
              Literature Survey

• The purpose of the literature review :
  – To ensure that no important variable that has been in
    the past been found repeatedly to have had an
    impact on the problem is ignored
  – To prevent researcher to “discover” something that
    has already been thoroughly researched
  – Could be the basis of qualitative research
  – Provide the foundation for developing a
    comprehensive theoretical framework from which
    hypotheses can be developed for testing
            Literature Survey
• Extracting the relevant information:
  – Detailed information on the problem that was
  – The design details of the study (such as
    sample size and data collection methods)
  – Ultimate findings
            Problem Definition

• Problem: many situations where a gap
  exists between the actual and the desired
  ideal states.
• Problem definition or problem statement:
  a clear, precise, and succinct statement of
  the question or issue that is to be
  investigated with the goal of finding an
  answer or solution

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