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									                                                                                  “Let’s eat balanced meal
                                                                                  everyday!” expressed by
                                                                                  student-doctors with showing
                                                                                  fruits and vegetables to

                                                                                   Volume 16 (08/04/30)
         Niugini Report                                                             Editor: Atsushi Nashimoto
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The Open Campus of Diwain Word University (DWU)
was held in Madang. DWU has several departments
such as Business, IT, Community Development,
Tourism, Medical Science. Students presented to public
what they had studied and learned. Especially the
medical science booths were the most popular ones
among all other booths. People were able to see
malaria parasite through a microscope, take general
health check, and learn about HIV/AIDS, nutritious
lesson and more. On this edition, you may read two                    People seriously listened to what a
                                                                      student nurse saying.
interview reports from a student doctor and a nurse.

                    Interview Reports
Q:In this university, there is a division called Health Extension.      :
                                                                      Q:Do you have anything you have to take
What is this?                                                         care for patients while you work?
A:The purpose of Division of Health Extension is to train those         :
                                                                      A:Some patients do not understand the
doctors and nurses working in the health centers located in           instruction of taking a medicine even
remote areas.                                                         though we explained patients like “take one
Q: We often hear that the lack of doctors and nurses in the           tablet every three meals.” Some of them
remote health centers. Why does it happen?                            take all at the same time because they think
                                 A:All the students have learned      this will cure much earlier. Therefore we ask
                                 medical studies in the university    each patient to explain us how to take
                                 located in the town area. Also a     medicine by their words again.
                                 two-year practical training is
                                 held in a big hospital in the
                                 town. Students know that most
                                 of the remote health centers do
                                 not have enough medical
                                 equipment, therefore they think
                                 that they cannot give their skills
                                 fully well. This is the one of the
                                 reasons that students prefer to
                                 work in a larger hospital in the
                                 town area.

                  The Land of Unexpected

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