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TIMELINE - DOC by niusheng11


									                    TIMELINE RE: KNOWLEDGE IN KELLOGG

1907    Ford Interrogatory        The first case report indicating adverse health effects
        responses Schramm v.      associated with the use and fabrication of asbestos was
        Eagle-Picher, 6/1/87      published in the United Kingdom.
1930s   Ford Interrogatory        Scattered case reports of carcinoma in persons
        responses Schramm v.      occupationally exposed to asbestos began appearing in
        Eagle-Picher, 6/1/87      the literature in the 1930's.
1941    Industrial Hygiene        Asbestosis in Grinders and Drillers of Brake Bands
        Foundation Digest         A few light cases of asbestosis in grillers and grinders
                                  after 2 year’s work and in nearly all such workers after 5
                                  years employment
1942    Answers to                General Motors Corporation joins the Industrial
        Interrogatories, Coates   Hygiene Foundation
        v. Raymark (1/20/87)
1944    AB-67                     Article, “The Pneumoconisoses” published by L.E.
                                  Hamlin, Medical Director of American Brake Shoe
                                  Company: States that asbestosis is an occupational
                                  disease has been recognized in recent years with 41
                                  deaths reported from this cause in England up to 1934.
                                  The hazard is recognized in such industries as the
                                  compounding of materials for automobile brake linings.
1946    AB-211                    L.E. Hamlin, M.D., Medical Director of American Brake
        AB-93                     Shoe Company (ABEX) is listed as a director of the
                                  Industrial Hygiene Foundation

                                  W.B. Given, Jr., President of American Brake Shoe
                                  Company is elected as a Trustee of the Industrial
                                  Hygiene Foundation
1947    FO-40                     Ford Motor Company joins the Industrial Hygiene
1948    GM-4                      Article, “Recognition and Control of Fume and Dust
                                  Exposure” by V.J. Castrop, Safety Director of General
                                  Motors Corporation. Notes that asbestos used in the
                                  formulation of brake lining is a potentially harmful
                                  compound. This material is the offending agent in the
                                  production of the lung ailment known as asbestosis . . .
                                  Dust exposures to asbestos and other ingredients of the
                                  brake lining exist . . . in the subsequent operations of
                                  slitting, grinding, or surfacing.
1949    GM-92                     M.E. Coyle, Executive Vice President of General Motors
                                  delivered a keynote address opening the 14th annual
                                  meeting of the Industrial Hygiene Foundation.
                                  Reported in the same Foundation Facts was the JAMA
                                  Editorial Regarding Asbestosis and Cancer of the Lung.
1952   Industrial Hygiene      Asbestosis Associated with Bronchiogenic Carcinoma
       Foundation Digest       3 investigators have found carcinoma in 7.5 to 14.8% of
                               asbestosis cases . . . The opinion is suggested that the
                               silicate in asbestos must itself be directly carcinogenic
1952   AB-37                   Nurses Conference, American Brake Shoe Company:
                               Asbestos - The inhalation of asbestos dust produces a
                               condition known as asbestosis. Asbestos . . . can cause
                               disability and death.
1955   Industrial Hygiene      Primary Cortical-Cell Tumor of the Peritoneum in a Case
       Foundation Digest       of Asbestosis. Describes a cancer of the peritoneum in
                               an individual with asbestosis.
1955   Industrial Hygiene      Mortality from Lung Cancer in Asbestos Workers
       Foundation Digest       Lung cancer is a specific hazard of asbestos workers
1963   Arch. Environ. Health, Methodology of industrial health studies: The cohort
       6:210-226 (1963)        approach with special reference to an asbestos company
                               4 cases of peritoneal mesothelioma found in a company
                               that manufacturers brake linings.
1964   Industrial Hygiene      Peritoneal Tumours in Asbestosis
       Foundation Digest       11 cases of diffuse abdominal tumors in association with
                               exposure to asbestos were discovered.
1965   AB-206                  Occupational Health, News & Views, Malignancies in
                               Asbestos Workers. Within recent years and months
                               there has been a considerable amount of material in the
                               literature which indicates that asbestosis is directly
                               related to the incidence of malignant tumors and cancer.
                               Four cancer patients worked at a plant that made brake
                               linings and clutch facings, one was a case of malignant
1966   BX-3                    E.A. Martin, a purchasing agent for Bendix wrote to Ned
                               Hendry, an executive with Canadian Johns-Manville: “If
                               you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos
                               products why no die from it. There’s got to be some
1968   Journal of the American A peritoneal mesothelioma case in a worker who wove
       Medical Association,    brake linings made from chrysotile fibers for three years.
       204(11):1009 (1968)

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