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									Thursday, September 29, 2011

1. Get weight to 145 lbs – Down to 160.8 lbs!
2. Earn WW Lifetime – Joined WW again (4th time) on Monday, January 12, 2009; set my goal WW
weight at 154 lbs with Lisa on February, 3, 2009.
3. Do 10 unassisted pullups – Started using the assisted pull-up machine on January 29, 2006, with
120 lbs of assistance!
4. Run a marathon – Training for a half-marathon now, which will be completed on April 26, 2009.
5. Seriously research LASIK – I’m pretty pleased with my contacts right now and money is such a
concern that I won’t be having LASIK for at least 5 more years.
6. No pop for 14 days straight (0/14) – I had gotten up to 4 days, but I fell off the wagon and had
some of WalMart’s sparkling water. I tell myself that at least I’m shying around from all of the crazy
colorings in soda and that I managed 4 days with no caffeine! I can do it!
7. Eat vegan for 1 week (0/7)
8. Bench press my weight (3 reps)
9. Eat home-cooked dinners for 3 weeks straight (0/21) – Dude, I totally forgot that a roasted
chicken from WalMart doesn’t qualify as home-cooked!
10. Do a 6 week strength training program – Started January 28, 2009, taken from Oxygen
magazine; also doing the EAS Body-FOR-Life 12-week program
11. Run a 10K in under 60 minutes
12. Do 100 pushups in a row
13. Do yoga once a month (1/32)
14. Join Edmond Running Club – I will cross this one off once I have actually gone to 3 meetings!
15. Go to a spinning class 20 times (0/20)
16. Hit golf balls at a driving range
17. Do a handstand
18. Do a split
19. Walk both dogs every day for a month (0/30) – I had gotten to 6 days, but the weather and a head
cold got the best of me!
20. Run a 7 minute mile
21. Log 1000 miles on Nike+ (63.48/1000)

22. Meditate 20 minutes a day for a month (2/30) – using Podcasts!
23. Keep a gratitude journal (once/week for 6 months) (0/24)
24. Write an outline of my life
25. Write a letter to myself to read when I am 30
26. Write a letter to my future children
27. No computer/Internet for a weekend
28. Make a list of 100 inspiring quotes (7/100)
29. Keep a dream diary for 2 weeks (0/14)
30. Spend 10 individual days in silence (0/10)

31. Go hiking
32. Go on a 3 night vacation alone
33. Visit 2 new states (0/2)
34. Go to an NFL game
35. Get a passport and use it!
36. Sleep outside
37. Sleep at a Bed and Breakfast
38. Visit Boston (Orbitz, Hotel 140, 3 nights and flight $610, see the Freedom Trail and climb Bunker Hill
39. Ride on a motorcycle
40. Visit Hawaii
41. Go canoeing or white-water rafting

42. Finish graduate school
43. Learn Spanish
44. Solve a Rubik’s cube
45. Take a computer class
46. Take a tennis lesson
47. Read Walden
48. Go shooting with Brandon
49. Read Brandon’s book
50. Ride on a fire truck
51. Read the Constitution
52. Manage my professional website once/month (1/32)
53. Learn about photography
54. Read “The World Is Flat”- This book is terribly boring but I am learning a lot.
55. Read Judith Beck’s book – Totally changed my outlook on food, hunger, and dieting. This was
just the book I needed. January 5, 2009
56. Learn how to change a flat tire
57. Learn origami

58. Finish my Oprah magazine collection
59. Go to a black-tie dinner
60. Dance naked in the rain
61. Watch Dawson’s Creek with Brandon
62. Legally change my name to Elaine Laco Huckabay
63. Only wear nice underwear – Threw out all of my yuckies and replenished at the Victoria’s Secret
semi-annual sale!!
64. Finish painting my office and furniture
65. French kiss every day for 3 months (0/90)

66. Volunteer to walk dogs at a shelter – At Pets and People when Gretchen was getting spayed.
February 5, 2009
67. Donate 500 lbs of dog food to a shelter (327/500)
68. Buy school supplies for kids
69. Write a letter to my Dad
70. Write a letter to Pappy
71. Donate blood
72. Donate $5 for every unfinished goal
73. Mail 30 cards to friends/family (0/30)
74. Make a secret gift for Brandon (list!)
75. Anonymously pay for someone’s tab at a restaurant

76. Get a Brazilian bikini wax
77. Look good in a bikini
78. Stop rubbing my eyebrows
79. Follow Clinique 3 Step for 3 months (6/90) – Although I didn’t technically do this for 90 days, I
am going to stop counting because I know that it is now a habit and I will never go without my
Clinique in the future. My face feels and looks so much nicer. January 12, 2009.
80. Stop popping pimples – This one has been pretty easy because since I have started Clinique, I
am no longer breaking out.
81. Get a professional facial
82. Get a spray tan 3 times (0/3) – I now tan at the gym...

83. Get credit card debt under $5000
84. 30 days of no discretionary spending (0/30)
85. Open an IRA
86. Make an advanced directive
87. Document household items for insurance purposes

88. Publish my photobook of Brandon and I and make another
89. Have professional photographs taken
90. Get sexy photos with Brandon
91. Take a dance class
92. Make my own pottery
93. Knit a scarf
94. Buy a keyboard (piano)
95. Photography myself once/week for a year (6/52) Thursday’s are my picture day; I sometimes
miss that day, but I manage to get a picture in...
96. Make cheese fondue
97. Make chocolate fondue
98. Grow 5 herbs and eat them (0/5)
99. Grow my own tomatoes
100. Bake healthy cookies – Found the recipe I want to use!

101. Make another list!!

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