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									Abstract # Presenter          Title of paper/presentation
A3         A.F Palmerio       Forty years of the cooperation between DLR/MORABA and CTA/IAE
A4         F-J. Luebken       Long term variations of mesospheric ice layers in the Lima model
A5         T. Huens           New Deflation Systems for Zero Pressure Balloons
A6         D. Abplanalp       A neutral gas spectrometer to measure the chemical composition of the stratosphere
A7         G. Lehmacher       Instability & turbulence near the turbopause from simultaneous observations of trimethyl aluminium trail diffusion & in-situ small-scale fluctuation measurements
A8         I. Egry            Dynamics & solidification of immiscible liquids
A9         L. Sturz           Analysis and interpretation of Maxus-7 experiment mace on columnar-equiaxed solidification inf al-si alloys
A10        O.Brekhov          The deviation of the position of measuring base of the balloon gradiometer concerning a vertical line at drift of a balloon
A11        L. Altenbuchner    New mobile Eurolaunch command, tracking- a data acquisition station
A12        A. Engel           Regular Balloon observations to study ozone climate interactions
A14        L. Ljunge          Guidance, Navigation & Control systems - Review, Analysis and future designs
A15        N. Greuel          Gravity-sensing processes and gravity-dependend gene expression in plants studied under hyper- and microgravity conditions
A16        H. Oelhaf          Balloon-borne remote sensing of 2-D distributions and diurnal variations of atmospheric parameters: achievements and perspectives
A17        S. Kemi            Scientific Balloon Flight from Esrange
A18        A. Stamminger      REXUS-4: Vehicle & subsystem design, flight performance & experiments
A19        S. Nonaka          Conceptual design of reusable sounding rocket
A24        L-O Jönsson        Esrange ethernet-based airborne datalink & future development
A25        J. Blamont         The Titan balloon: scientific objectives on the atmosphere and internal properties
A26        P. Wikus           Micro-X, the high resolution sounding rocket X-ray imaging spectrometer
A27        A. Ponomarev       The change of no, vertical profiles in the middle atmosphere at high altitudes during intensive salor proton events
A28        N. Harris          The future for research balloons in Europe
A29        A. Theuerkauf      High resolution turbulence measurements in the strastosphere
A30        M. Gerding         Temperature & gravity waves in the middle atmosphere seasonal variation & selected case studies
A31        M. Gerding         Balloon-borne hot wire anemometer for strastospheric turbulence soundings
A32        D. Herlach         Measurement of dendrite growth on Al68.5Ni31.5 during TEXUS 44 mission
A33        G. Baumgarten      Noctilucent clouds & their variability above Alomar
A34        G. Baumgarten      The morphology of noctilucent clouds on global to local scales during the ECOMA/MASS sounding rocket flight
A36        E. Turunen         Eiscat 3D - European new technology atmospheric & space environment radar arrays
A37        E. Caroli          Hard X-ray CZT detector Development & testing on strastospheric balloon payloads
A38        J-E Ronningen      Design of a low-cost student hybrid rocket system
A39        J-P Pommereau      Contribution of convective overshooting to troposphere-stratosphere transport in the tropics
A40        J-M Giron-Sierra   Developing a gliding spacecraft to flight over Titan
A41        R. Phillbrick      Measurement of agents of atmospheric climate change
A42        K. Holmes          High energy monitoring instrument for gamma-ray burst tudies
A43        A. Kummer          The hybrid plasma probe: a unique combination of plasma probes for In Situ space environment characterization
A44        S. DeVore          The student space programs laboratory: fostering student space systems education & research within a university environment
A45        J. Urbar           Medipix cosmic ray tracking device on BEXUS-7 strastospheric Balloon flight
A46        P. Montefusco      A low cost inertial navigation experiment onboard balloons
A47        N. Ivchenko        Auroral diagnostics package for pogolite astrophysical balloon
A48        N. Ivchenko        Small recoverable payload for multipoint measurements in sounding rocket experiments
A49        U-P Hoppe          Case study of gravity wave propagation in the upper mesosphere & lower thermosphere during the ECOMA campaign in summer 2008
A50        B. Kaifler         Improved analysis method for temperature & wind data from an NA resonance lidar & first results
A51        P. Johnson-Green   Strategic assessment of sounding rockets as vehicles for scientific study in Canada
A52        F. Garcia-Moreno   Metallic foam experiment in MASER-11
A53        F. Stroh           Balloon & airborne in-situ measurements of active halogen compounds in the artic polar vortex: CLOx partitioning & Ozone chemistry
A54        P. Eberspeaker     National report on the NASA sounding rocket & balloon programs
A55        A. Zigiotto        Design of a measurement bus for payload telemetry & command data handling
A56        G. Mayer           Trends in aeronautical wideband telemetry applicable to sicence missions with aircraft & balloon
A57        M. Siegl           A prototype for in-flight acquisition and post-flight analysis of strastospheric aerosols
A58        S. Blindheim       ALOMAR observatory at Andoya Rocket Range. An advanced research facility for atmosphere studies
A59        E. Becker          New developments in the representation of gravity waves & turbulence in a global circulation model
Abstract # Presenter              Title of paper/presentation
A60        F. de Azevedo Correa   Brazilian microgravity program: an overview about the earlier sounding rocket & related missions in microgravity
A62        M. Rapp                On the importance of aerosols for the physics of the mesosphere
A63        K. Dannenberg          National report on Swedish space activities - General overview with a Focus on Balloons & Rockets
A64        A. Sahlholm            Performance of an X-ray imaging detector based on a structured scintillator
A65        K. Moesl               NOx Measurements at the combustion of an N-decane droplet array under microgravity conditions on TEXUS 46
A66        M. Khaplanov           Optical investigation of NLC particles during ECOMA
A67        M.Friedrich            In Situ observations of a dying sporadic E-layer
A68        C. Engel               Status of the Pilot balloon-borne experiment
A70        O. Norberg             The future of suborbital rockets for science and technology development
A71        Y. Houltz              X-ray diagnostics for use in microgravity experiments
A72        H. Hellmann            Student education during the REXUS-BEXUS projects
A73        J. Hildebrand          Wind measurements with the Alomar RMR-Lidar
A74        A. Vaerneus            Soundiing rocket compere experiment (source) module on Maser-11
A75        J. Hedin               New methods for accurate measurements of atomic oxygen from sounding rockets
A76        J. Hedin               The Phocus project - Particle interactions in the polar summer mesosphere
A77        M. Kassa               On the sizes and effects of dust particles in polar mesospheric winter echoes
A78        O. Havnes              Observation & analysis of polar mesospherics winter echoes modulated by artificial electron heating
A79        J. Antonsen            The Norwegian student satellite program, ANSAT
A80        D. Vieira              Development of a recovery subsystem for the atmospheric reentry satellite
A81        J-B Renard             COBRAT project: long duration balloons for the study of high energy phenomena & consequence for stratospheric chemistry
A83        M. Battelino           Ramses & MAXUS-8 - Using an ECSS and CCSDS compliant control system in sounding rockets to process PCM data
A84        A. Teixeira            Rate control systems for plant parameters uncertainties
A85        A. Arantes Filho       Structural Dynamic Analysis of a Recoverable Orbital Platform Experiments Module
A86        T. Faria               Numerical Analysis of Flow Field over a Recoverable Suborbital Platform at Subsonics Speeds
A89        A.S. Kirillov          The study of vibrational populations of electronically excited molecular oxygen in the nightglow using some rocket data
A90        H. Procopio            Viability of reusing electronic circuits in payloads
A91        D. Kuznetskov          New Russian meteorological rocket (MERA) for atmospheric sounding: design and application
A92        C. Lockowandt          Swedish Space Corporation activities within national and international balloon and rocket projects
A93        A. Lykov               Observations of water vapour on board long duration super pressure balloon using flash-B Lyman-Alpha hygrometer
A94        A. Verdier             New Balloon concept: NANO Aerostat Network for Observations
A95        V. Yushkov             Experience of international balloon campaign in the Russia
A96        M. Dorf                Envisat / Sciamachy validation with the LPMA / DOAS balloon gondola: comparison of O3, NO2 and BRO profiles
A97        M.Corti                Stratobus: a multiuser platform system for making access to LDB flight easier and cheaper
A98        G-J Olsen              Using unmanned aircraft systems as a new platform in space research
A99        B. Strelnikov          Small-scale structures in neutral & plasma species in the middle atmosphere as observed during the ECOMA rocket campaigns
A101       J. Babbick             Sounding rocket experiments, magnetic levitation, random positioning: homologies in molecular plant cell responses
A102       G. Fisch               A study of the internal boudary layer and turbulence generated at the Alcantara Launching Center, Brazail
A103       O. Lie-Svendsen        Observations and modelling of positively charged aerosol particles during the ECOMA 2008 campaign
A104       J. Kurihara            DELTA-2 campaign: coordinated sounding rocket and ground-based observations of the dynamics and energetics in the polar lower thermosphere
A105       S. Barabash            Long duration balloon flights to support solar system exploration and astronomical studies
A106       I. Perez-Grande        Thermal problems associated to the ascent phase of strastospheric balloon payloads: the Sunrise mission
A107       D. Petzsch             MONDARO student experiment on the REXUS sounding rocket
A108       S. Cecchini            A full duplex telemetry system for long duration stratospheric balloons
A110       J. Ettl                Rate control system for sounding rockets
A111       I. Strelnikova         In Situ studies of meteor smoke particles in the middle atmosphere during the ECOMA rocket campaigns
A112       M. Gausa               Recent developments & measurements in the troposphere at Alomar
A113       J. Ettl                Principle design of the Service module of REXUS
A114       L-H. Surdal            New flight qualified payload by Andoya Rocket Range payload services
A115       H. Schmeiduch          CHARPA student experiment on the REXUS sounding rocket
A116       T. Houge               A hybrid rocket approach to space education
A117       T. Wang                Norwegian Cansat competition pilot
Abstract # Presenter               Title of paper/presentation
A118       T. Blix                 A study of the charge balance within NLC and PMSE layers measured during the ECOMA 2008 Campaign
A119       N. Engler               Turbulence measurements at polar latitude using an 3-MHz Doppler radar
A120       K. Eckert               Marangoni convection in presence of an A+B-> S reaction: the CDIC II experiment on Maser-11
A121       C. La Hoz               Recent investigations of polar mesospheric winter & summer echoes with the Morro & Eiscat radars
A122       L. Dorman               Cosmic ray influence on atmospheric physics & chemistry: importance of balloon observations using..
A123       R. Goldberg             The unusual northern polar summer of 2002
A124       M. Markgraf             IGAS - A novel GPS antenna concept for spin-stabilized sounding rockets
A125       M. Libera Battagliere   Flight test of the instrumentation of UNISAT-5 microsatellite: the experience of the stratospheric balloon BEXUS-7
A126       A. Croell               Controlling Marangoni convection in float-zone silicon through vibrations
A127       S. Filippov             Geomagnetic dipole intensity decrease during last decade
A128       T-A. Bekkeng            Development of a multi-needle langmuir probe system
A129       T-A. Bekkeng            Instrumentation & mechanical boom systems for the ICI-2 rocket
A130       E. de Schrijver         SP.ACE 2007-2009: building & mastering tools & technologies for space education in high school
A131       S. Bettens              SP.ACE: secondary school students sensing the strastosphere, measuring magnetism & riding rockets
A132       A. Pedersen             Measurements of CUSP-Polar cap electric fields on the ICI-2 rocket
A133       H. Pfeuffer             TEXUS service module (TSM)
A134       W. Webers               More details on the internal magnetic field by separate field models referred to the Earth's ground & to different balloon & satellite altitudes
A135       R. Latteck              The new MST radar on Andoya / Norway
A136       G. Florin               Maser-11 microgravity rocket flight
A137       D. Titomanlio           Digital video system performance on Maser-11
A138       K. Jacobsen             A new langmuir probe concept for rapid sampling of space plasma electronic density
A139       E. Caroli               A balloon borne Laue lens focusing telescope for gamma-ray astronomy
A140       M-L Battagliere         The Aurora experiment: overview and preliminary results
A141       Moraes                  An Evaluation of Digital Anti-Aliasing Filter for Space Telemetry System
A142       J. Moen                 On the investigation of CUSP irregularities by sounding rockets
A143       C. Steigies             HF observations in the auroral ionosphere using a digital impedance probe
A144       M. Roth                 The 1st 2 years of the REXUS/BEXUS student programme
A145       M. Pearce               PoGOLite - A balloon-borne soft gamma-ray polarimeter
A146       V. Hölland              Nordic Ionospheric sounding rocket seeding experiment (NISSE)
A147       D. Vassaux              General objectives & results of the 2008 CNES balloons workshop
A148       F. Schmidlin            Electrochemical concentration cell (ECC) ozonesonde quality
A150       G. Zimmermann           Investigation of the columnar-to-equiaxed transition during solidification of a transparent alloy using a TEXUS module
A151       D. Martynenko           Assimilation of satellite-based aerosol measurements in a chemical transport model using aerosol component information
A152       N. Engler               A case of study aspect sensitive VHF radar backscatter in the vicinity of PMSE during the ECOMA2008 rocket campaign
A153       F. Cremaschi            Sounding rocket trajectory simulation and optimization with ASTOS
A154       M. Egli                 Sounding rocket & balloon activities & related research in Switzerland 2007 -2009
A155       A. Schuette             TEXUS & MAXUS: An overview of the latest developments for the future
A156       H. Steinau              Into space and back in time - Late access operated biological experiments on TEXUS and MAXUS
A157       Y. Kyzyurov             Sporadic-E plasma irregularities under intensification of turbulent mixing
A158       M. Hoerschgen           European Recovery System (ERS)
A159       A. Stamminger           MAPHEUS-1: Vehicle, subsystem design, flight performance & experiments
A160       G. Damilano             Parameters identification through operational modal analysis applied to VSB-30 sounding rocket
A161       R. Kuhl                 National Report on sounding rocket and balloon activities within the German space programme
A162       R. Wunderlich           Thermophysical properties of industrial alloys in the liquid phase measurements with an electromagnetic processing device in Texus sounding rocket flights
A163       M. Dreyer               The benefit of fluid physics experiments under microgravity
A164       H. Page                 ESA Education activities related to sounding rockets and stratospheric balloons
A165       V. Guidard              Balloon applications in meteorology
                                                                    ESA-PAC 19th Symposium Bad Reichenhall - Germany 7-11 June 2009
Time Sunday 7 June Time                   Monday 8 June                 Time                    Tuesday 9 June              Time                Wednesday 10 June           Time                 Thursday 11 June              Time Friday 12 June
                                                                        8:30                                                8:30                                            8:30                                               8:30
                                                                                            A163 Dreyer - ZARM                          A012 Engel - Univ. Frankfurt                    A174 Kintner - Cornell Univ.
                      8:45    Bad Reichenhall [Lackner]                 9:00    A058 Blindheim         A015 Greuel          9:00    A041 Philbrick        A173 Jung         9:00    A164 Page             A086 Faria
                      9:00    DLR Space Agency [Hohage]                 9:15    A078 Havnes            A101 Babbick         9:15    A151 Martynenko       A113 Pinzer       9:15    A144 Roth             A085 Arantes Filho
                      9:10    ESA [Zell]                                9:30    A077 Kassa             A008 Egry            9:30    A148 Schmidlin        A128 Bekkeng      9:30    A072 Hellmann         A080 Vieira
                      9:20    F.-J. Lübken [SPC chairman]               9:45    A121 La Hoz            A032 Herlach         9:45    A006 Abplanalp        A091 Kuznetsov    9:45    A146 Hølland          A141 Moraes                  Facilities in the
                      9:25    P. Turner [LOC chairman]                  10:00   A033 Baumgarten        A009 Sturz           10:00   A093 Lykov            A019 Nonaka       10:00   A115 Strelnikova      A133 Pfeuffer                Altes Kurhaus
                      9:30    A161 Germany [Kuhl]                       10:15   A004 Lübken            A150 Zimmermann      10:15   A039 Pommereau        A038 Rønningen    10:15   A107 Petzsch          A083 Battelino                  available
                      9:50    A175 France [Clair]                       10:30   A099 Strelnikov        A126 Croell          10:30   A171 Suttiwong        A084 Teixeira     10:30   A046 Montefusco       A129 Trondsen                  for splinter
                      10:10   A176 Norway [Brekke]                      10:45                                               10:45                                           10:45                                                         meetings
                                                                                                 Coffee Break                                      Coffee Break                                    Coffee Break
                                              Coffee Break
                                                                        11:15   A111 Strelnikova       A060 Correa          11:15   A053 Stroh            A124 Markgraf     11:15   A125 Battagliere      A153 Cremaschi
                      11:00   A063 Sweden [Dannenberg]                  11:30   A152 Engler            A155 Schuette        11:30   A016 Oelhaf           A014 Ljunge       11:30   A045 Urbar            A090 Procopio
                      11:20   A154 Switzerland [Egli]                   11:45   A118 Blix              A136 Florin          11:45   A027 Ponomarev        A167 Turner       11:45   A140 Battagliere      A102 Fisch
                      11:40   A051 Canada [Johnson-Green]               12:00   A066 Khaplanov         A074 Vaerneus        12:00   A096 Dorf             A048 Ivchenko     12:00   A057 Siegl            A055 Zigiotto        12:00
                      12:00   A166 Japan [Abe]                          12:15   A067 Friedrich         A172 Podgorski       12:15   A031 Gerding          A158 Hoerschgen   12:15   A029 Theuerkauf       A160 Damilano
                      12:20   A054 USA [Eberspeaker]                    12:30   A049 Hoppe             A120 Eckert          12:30   A081 Renard           A110 Ettl         12:30   A044 DeVore           A098 Olsen
                      12:40   A177 Brazil [Villela]                     12:45   A103 Lie-Svendsen      A137 Capuano         12:45   A122 Dorman           A114 Surdal       12:45   A079 Antonsen         A170 Schimmerohn
                      13:00                                             13:00                                               13:00                                           13:00
                                                Lunch                                               Lunch                                              Lunch                                            Lunch

                      14:15                                             14:15                                                                                               14:15
                                    A165 Guidard - Meteo Fr                                   A062 Rapp - IAP                                                                                A105 Barabash - ISP
                     14:45    A043 Kummer           A047 Ivchenko       14:45   A034 Baumgarten        A071 Houltz                                                          14:45   A117 Wang             A025 Blamont
                     15:00    A142 Moen             A011 Altenbuchner   15:00   A123 Goldberg          A052 Garcia-Moreno                                                   15:00   A116 Houge            A145 Pearce
                     15:15    A132 Pedersen         A097 Corti          15:15   A050 Kaifler           A064 Salholm                                                         15:15   A130 de Schrijver     A139 Caroli
                     15:30    A138 Jacobsen         A024 Jönsson        15:30   A075 Hedin             A162 Wunderlich                                                      15:30   A131 Bettens          A037 Caroli
                     15:45    A143 Steigies         A094 Verdier        15:45                    Coffee Break                                                               15:45                  Coffee Break
16:00                16:00    A134 Webers           A056 Mayer          16:00   A076 Hedin             A036 Turunen                                                         16:00   A018 Stamminger       A042 Holmes
                     16:15    A104 Kurihara         A005 Huens          16:15   A073 Hildebrand        A112 Gausa                                    Excursions             16:15                         A026 Wikus
                     16:30                    Coffee Break              16:30   A059 Becker            A092 Lockowandt                                                      16:30                         A068 Engel
       in the Altes 16:45     A007 Lehmacher        A040 Giron-Sierra   16:45   A030 Gerding           A070 Norberg                                                         16:45                         A106 Perez-Grande
                     17:00    A127 Filippov         A017 Kemi           17:00   A119 Engler            A169 Ball
      Kurhaus from
                     17:15    A157 Kyzyurov         A135 Latteck        17:15   A089 Kirillov          A095 Yushkov
      16:00 to 21:00
                     17:30                          A108 Cecchini       17:30   A159 Stamminger        A147 Vassaux
                     17:45                          A010 Brekhov        17:45   A065 Moesl             A028 Harris
                     18:00                                              18:00   A156 Steinau           A003 Palmerio
19:00 Welcome Party 18:15                                               18:15                          A168 Paull                                                           19:00          Reception [Rotunde]
      Luisenbad      18:30      Bavarian Reception [Kurhaus]                                                                23:00                                           20:00      Conference Dinner [Kurhaus]
                              National Reports New Techniques & Instrumentation            Programmatics                                                                            Education
                              Atmosphere                               Life & Physical Sciences                                                                                                      Astrophysics, Astronomy
Symposium lectures:
S. Barabash           [Institute of Space Physics - Sweden]                     A105 - Long Duration Balloon Flights to Support Solar System Exploration and Astronomical Studies
M. Dreyer             [ZARM - Germany]                                          A163 - The Benefit of Fluid Physics Experiments Under Microgravity
A. Engel              [University of Frankfurt - Germany]                       A012 - Regular Balloon Observations to Study Ozone Climate Interactions
V. Guidard            [Meteo France - France]                                   A165 - Balloons Applications for Meteorology
P. Kintner            [Cornell University - USA]                                A174 - Understanding Currents and Waves by Measuring Electric and Magnetic Fields with Souding Rockets
M. Rapp               [IAP Kühlungsborn - Germany]                              A062 - The Importance of Aerosols for the Physics of the Mesosphere
m Bad Reichenhall - Germany 7-11 June 2009
                                             Friday 12 June

                                             Facilities in the
                                             Altes Kurhaus
                                               for splinter

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