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									  Certification in Infection
  Prevention and Control

Certification Is Commitment
           What is CBIC?
• Voluntary, independent, multidisciplinary
• Provides direction for and administers the
  certification process for infection prevention
  and control (IP&C)
• Mission: Protect the public by raising the
  standard of the infection prevention and
  control profession through the development,
  administration and promotion of an accredited
  certification process.
           What is CBIC?
• Established by the Association for
  Professionals in Infection Control and
  Epidemiology, Inc (APIC) in 1981; CBIC is an
  affiliate of APIC
• Certification program is accredited by the
  National Commission for Certifying Agencies
• Member of the Institute for Credentialing
  Excellence, formerly National Organization
  for Competency Assurance
   Eligibility for Certification
• Must meet practice requirements for “current clinical
  practice of infection prevention and control”

• Must have primary responsibility for the infection
  prevention and control program for their employing
  organization OR the department in which the applicant
  is employed is assigned responsibility for the infection
  prevention and control program in the organization.

• Must meet educational requirements (or apply for a

• All requirements described in Candidate Handbook
Eligibility for Certification (cont)
 • A current license or registration as a medical
   technologist, physician, or registered nurse;
 • A minimum of a baccalaureate degree
 • Contact CBIC Executive Office regarding
   educational requirement waiver
Eligibility for Certification (cont)
  • Candidates who are self-employed or who
    work in non-traditional settings must submit
    additional documentation (See Candidate
    Handbook for details)

  • Candidates with lapsed certification must
    meet the practice requirements as described
    in the Candidate Handbook for first time
    applicants and take the proctored computer-
    based examination.
Eligibility for Re-Certification

Individuals who are currently certified
      are automatically eligible for
    re-certification every 5 years.
Definition of Infection Control
• The clinical practice of infection control occurs
  in a variety of settings and includes both:
   – analysis and interpretation of collected
      infection prevention and control data; and
   – the investigation and surveillance of
     suspected outbreaks of infection.
Definition of Infection Control
         Practice (cont.)
• Includes at least three of the following five
   1. Planning, implementation and evaluation
      of infection prevention and control

  2. Education of individuals about infection
     risk, prevention and control;
Definition of Infection Control
         Practice (cont.)
  3. Development and revision of infection
      control policies and procedures;

  4. Management of infection prevention and
     control activities;

  5. Provision of consultation on infection risk
     assessment, prevention and control
Proper Use of the CIC® Credential
   Only individuals who have successfully
   passed the proctored computer-based
         certification exam and have
      maintained current certification,
    through either the computer-based
           or SARE examination,
        may use the CIC® credential.
Proper Use of the CIC® Credential
  • The CIC® credential may be used on
    resumes, business cards, letterhead,
    and other professional communications.

  • The CIC® credential may not be used for
    product or other endorsements.
• Check CBIC Web site www.cbic.org for:

  – Candidate Handbook (all application and
    order forms for the examinations are

  – Background information on CBIC and the
    certification process
CBIC does not produce or endorse
  products or materials related to
   preparing for the certification
• CBIC Executive Offices are located at:
     555 East Wells Street
     Suite 1100
     Milwaukee, WI 53202
     Phone: (414) 918-9796
     Fax: (414) 276-3349
     Web site: www.cbic.org
        Resources (cont.)
• AMP (CBIC's testing company):
    18000 W. 105th St
    Olathe, KS 66061-7543
    (888) 519-9901
       Resources (cont.)
  1275 K St., NW
  Suite 1000
  Washington, DC, 20005-4006
  (202) 789-1890

• CHICA-Canada
  PO Box 46125 RPO Westdale
  Winnipeg MB
  R3R 3S3
  (866) 999-7111

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