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					                                                                                     No. 210.1

                                                    SECTION:        PUPILS
                                                    TITLE:          OVER-THE-COUNTER
AREA                                                                MEDICATIONS

SCHOOL DISTRICT                                     ADOPTED:        March 15, 2004

                                                    REVISED:        May 17, 2004

                                   210.1. OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS

1. Purpose       The Burgettstown Area School District considers the possession, being in control of
                 or the use of over-the-counter medications to constitute a potential danger to the
                 heath, safety and welfare of the students entrusted to their care.

                 Administrators and teachers realize that under the proper circumstances over-the-
                 counter medications, alone, in conjunction with other medications, or illegal
                 substances may jeopardize the health, safety and welfare of students. These concerns
                 arise from the common use and access to such medications and the general
                 consensus among students that, over-the-counter medications in and of themselves,
                 offer no real threat. To this end, this policy is viewed as a means to instill in students
                 an understanding and avoidance of the potential threat for the misuse and overuse of
                 such medications. It is designed to create a safe environment for students and to
                 assist those students, not realizing the full negative potential of the use of such
                 medications, a realistic perspective of their dangers.

2. Definitions   Over-the-counter medication - any substance designed to provide symptomatic
                 relief for common illnesses, injuries or maladies and not falling under the control of
                 the Food and Drug Administration.

                 Possession of an over-the-counter medication shall mean any possession or having
                 control of any substance normally reputed to have medicinal qualities and readily
                 available at many various commercial sites.

                 Use - to ingest, inject, or otherwise cause a drug to reach the bloodstream or
                 digestive tract.

3. Authority     Students are not to be in possession of over-the-counter medications while on school
                 property including all school provided transportation twenty-four (24) hours a day,
                 seven (7) days a week.

                 The only exception granted is that such possession may occur during the process of
                 transferring the over-the-counter medications from the home setting to the school
                 nurse’s station or returning the same.

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                Students are not permitted to use over-the-counter medications unless done so under
                the supervision and control of the school nurse.

4. Guidelines   Students are to present all over-the-counter medication at the office of the school
                nurse upon arrival at school.

                All over-the-counter medication must be in the original, factory sealed, unopened
                container. Over-the-counter medications must be accompanied by the Burgettstown
                Area School District Medication Form available from the nursing office or online at
                the Burgettstown Area School District website.

                The Medication Form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian.

                No medications will be accepted in any other containers or without the fully
                completed and signed form.

                No handwritten notes will be accepted.

                The student will then access the medication and have it administered through the
                nursing office subject to the information presented on the Medication Form.

                Procedures When Medical Practitioner is not Available

                The student will provide the activity sponsor/coach with the original container of the
                over-the-counter medication and Burgettstown Area School District Medication
                Form completed and signed by the parent for each over-the-counter medication to be
                taken. No handwritten notes will be accepted.

                The activity sponsor/coach will store all over-the-counter medications in a sealed
                container in his/her possession.

                The student will self-administer over-the-counter medication(s) under the
                supervision of the activity sponsor/coach.


   Pol. 233     First Offense: Students determined to be in violation of this policy will be
                suspended for five (5) days. During that period of time the parents/guardians must
                meet with the building administrator for a formal disciplinary hearing relative to the
                violation and referral to the Student Support Services Team shall be made.

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           210.1. OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS - Pg. 3

Pol. 233   Second Offense: Students determined to be in violation of this policy for the
           second time as a student of the Burgettstown Area School District will be suspended
           for a period of ten (10) days and participate in a Drug and Alcohol Counseling
           Program as approved by the district.

Pol. 233   Third and Subsequent Offenses: Students determined to be in violation of this
           policy for the third time or each subsequent offense as a student of the Burgettstown
           Area School District educational program will receive disciplinary action up to and
           including expulsion. Such determinations may be made through the building
           administrator, Superintendent or their designees or through a formal hearing before
           the Board of School Directors.

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