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					                                 JR 200B
                         MINUTES OF THE MEETING
                        HELD ON 1st SEPTEMBER 2008

Present:      Chris Hindley (Ship Ops Manager)
              Julia Fear (Ops)
              Richard Bridgeman (AME)
              Johnnie Edmonston (ICT)
              Martin Collins (PSO-BSD)
              Peter Enderlein (BSD)
              Rebecca Korb (BSD)
              Sophie Fielding (BSD)


1.    Introduction

      The Chairman welcomed everyone to the cruise meeting for JR200B.

2.    Scientific Programme

      Martin Collins PSO covered the cruise content by giving a brief science

      The possibility of swapping JR200A and JR200B over was discussed at                       CH
      length. CH to look into the implications this will have on logisitics and
      AME cover. CH to discuss with AME on 4th September and advise all
      relevant parties ASAP on whether the swap will go ahead.

3&4   BAS & Non-BAS Equipment and Support

      BAS 24 Bottle CTD is needed. Going on JCR this summer.

      There will be new SCS software running on this cruise.

      Please ensure all participants bring with them rescue/recovery disks for
      their PC’s and Antivirus software. Also all software for running any
      science packages.

6.    Health and Safety

      Risk Assessments are to be with Chris Hindley by 1st January 2009.                        MC
      BAS Risk assessments can be made available if needed.

7.    Logistics/Shipping

      BAS contact for shipping is Kath Nicholson –

      The official deadline for cargo has now passed.

                                        Page 1                                     Julia Fear
                                                                          2nd September 2008
      Please ensure all samples, kit and cargo are clearly marked with

8.    Itinerary & Diplomatic Clearances

      The itinerary is unclear at the moment due to the possibility of swapping
      the cruises. The last port call is planned for Ascension which will make
      demob hard as the ship cannot come alongside.

      No diplomatic clearances are needed for this cruise.

9.    Travel Arrangements

      Participants numbers for cruises:
      JR200b – 9 x science pax
         - 2 x BAS Techs

      Flights are undetermined at this time. JF to inform PSO of flights when                            JF
      the itinerary is decided.

10.   Personnel/Domestics

      Medicals for BAS staff should have all been done in the normal BAS
      rounds. JF would ensure external participants have the correct                                     JF

      All participants should ensure they have seen a dentist prior to

      Sea survival certificates (STCW95) would be needed for everyone
      working on deck. Copies to be passed to Personnel and originals must
      be taken on board the Ship. Failure to do this would bar any work for
      that person on deck.

      For personal spending onboard the JCR, Non NERC visiting science
      staff are to complete a form, which must be signed and a guarantor
      given together with a £100 deposit or credit card details. Leaving
      personal credit card details with our Finance Department is the BAS
      preferred option.
      Relevant forms can be found under the following link.

      A first aid certificate is not essential for cruise participants but it is

      There will be a doctor onboard the JCR during this cruise.

11.   Invoice Guidelines

      The PSO Standing Instructions and the Lab Code of Practice are
      available on the web under the following link.

                                            Page 2                                          Julia Fear
                                                                                   2nd September 2008

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