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20080502 Practice - Dribbling Defending Attacking


									                                             Practice Plan – Saturday 5/02/2008
                                          Player of Week & Assistant Coach: Cara
            Game/Drill                                                 Diagram                                                Coaching Points & Progression
            Circle Shooting                                                            Build a circle approximately       Attacking: keep the ball close with head
            Game                                                                       the size of the center circle      up so the players are aware of
                                                                                       with a cones in the middle of      defenders and safety areas (space). If
            10 minutes                                                                 the circle. The actual size of     the ball is lost, recover quickly and fight
                                                                                       the circle will vary depending     to win it back.
            Focus:                                                                     on the age and skill level of
            Technical Dribbling,                                                       the players. With all players in   Defending: Transition quickly from
            Tactical Defending,                                                        the playing area, dedicate         defense to offensive and stay focused
            Tactical Attacking,                                                        most players with the ball, and    once the ball is won, and find the
            Tactical Support,                                                          few players without a ball will    target.
            Tactical Possession,                                                       be the "Pirates".
            Tactical Transition,
            Tactical Vision
                                   Split into teams. Players may not enter circle. Point scored by striking target
10:00 am                           inside the center or the circle from an outside shot/pass.

                                   Use 2 balls to add shots to this game

                                                                                 Square area with random cones for        Dribbling: progressively add moves
Warm up
            Follow Snake                                                         dribbling obstacles                      such as pull backs, cuts.
            Dribbling obstacle
Technique                                                                                                                 -    focus on the players getting their
Relatively 10 minutes                                                                                                          heads up while dribbling for
 free form                                                                                                                     awareness and to avoid collisions
            Player of Week Pick
            Cara                                                                                                          -    make sure players keep the ball at
                                                                                                                               a close/safe distance. If the ball is
                                                                                                                               too far in front of them they will
                                                                                                                               most often lose their ball or hit a

                                   1. Line Leader guides line through cones dribbling to avoid touching cones.
                                   2. Touch a cone or lose their ball and you need to go to back of the line.
             Game/Drill                                              Diagram                                            Coaching Points & Progression
             Jam-Packed                                                           To begin this drill, create a        - focus on the players getting their
             Soccer Dribbling                                                     circle with disc cones that          heads up while dribbling for awareness
                                                                                                                       - make sure players keep the ball at a
             Drill                                                                is approximately 20 yards            close/safe distance. If the ball is too far
                                                                                  in circumference. Make               in front of them they will most often lose
             10 Minutes                                                           sure each player has a               their ball
                                                                                  ball, and instruct them to
             Focus:                                                               line up around the outside           Review dribbling moves–
                                                                                                                       Game 1: Free form
             Technical                                                            of the circle.                       Game 2: Pullbacks
             Dribbling,                                                                                                Game 3: Step Over
             Technical           Have the players begin the soccer drill by dribbling around the outside of the        Game 4: Inside Cut
             Turning, Tactical   circle all in the same direction. The coach should inform the players to listen for
             Vision              certain queues and perform those actions once the coach shouts the command.           Coaching Points
                                 These commands are:
                                  JOG - players should dribble at a comfortable speed
10:20am                           FULL SPEED - players should dribble at their top speed
                                  CUT - players should cut the ball in the other direction and travel in the other
Technical                             direction around the circle
  Skills                          CROSS - all players should cur across the grid avoiding contact with other
 Review                               players or other players balls.
   and                           Teach: Inside Cut change direction
  Teach                          Video demo here:
 new skill             

                                 Video demo here:

             New Skill           Teach: Triangle Dribbling technique                                                   Clean ball control and light ball
             Triangle                                                                                                  touches. Steps:
                                                              1. pull back touch,
             Dribbling                                                                                                 2. inside foot touch move ball to other
             (Time permitting)                                                                                             foot,
                                                                                                                       3. Inside foot touch push ball forward
             ball handling                                                                                                 1 foot.
              Game/Drill                                         Diagram                                       Coaching Points & Progression
                                                                            Set up 10 players in a circle     Coaching Points
              Goalkeeper                                                    around the center circle or       * Focus your attention on the keeper
                                                                                                              and their work ethic. Their feet must be
10:30am       Pressure Cooker                                               outline a center circle with      constantly moving them in position to
              Shooting and                                                  cones. Have the keeper stay       stop every possible shot. The keeper
 Match        Passing Drill                                                 inside the circle and give one    must react quickly to EVERY ball that is
Condition                                                                   of the attackers around the       playable by the keeper.
   1      15 Minutes                                                        circle a ball.

Time and      Focus:
  Skill       Passing,          Players around the circle must keep the ball moving with one-touch
Pressure      Shooting,         passes. At any time a player can shoot at the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper
  only        Goalkeeping,      must constantly anticipate a shot and react quickly. After fielding a shot,
 activity     Physical          the goalkeeper returns the ball to one of the players around the center
              Goalkeeper        circle.

              2v1 and 1v1                                                   Create a 10 x 20 grid with a      Coaching Points
              Possession                                                    midway line. Have two             * Get a look up to the person in the
              Game                                                          yellow players in one             other section every time.
10:45am                                                                     section along with one red        * Try to receive the ball with the
              15 Minutes                                                    player. In the other section      body opened up to the field
 Match                                                                      have one yellow and one           whenever possible.
Condition                                                                   red player.                       * Play the ball to the correct foot in
   2                                                                                                          order for the player to receive the
                                                                                                              ball opened up.
   20                                                                                                         * Communicate every time to make
                                The two yellow players play keep away while the red player tries to win
 minutes                                                                                                      sure someone goes over into the
                                the ball. After X Number of passes (X can be anything from 3-5
                                                                                                              other section upon successful
                                depending on level of play) the two yellow players try to find their
Defender                                                                                                      penetration.
                                teammate in the other section who is making runs to get open while the
 pressure                       red player tries to prevent this pass from being played successfully. When
    &                           the ball is played into the yellow player, one of the yellow teammates may
Directional                     join them in that section and they then begin playing 2 v 1 in that section
  Target                        until X number of passes are completed at which point they try to play the
  activity                      ball back into the original starting section.

                                Do this for 3-5 minutes and then rotate the players so everyone gets to
                                play offense and defense.
           Game/Drill                                        Diagram                                         Coaching Points & Progression
           Scrimmage                                                                                     Coaching Points
                                                                                                             Throw-ins
11:00am    30 minutes                                                                                        Defense = keeping possession of
                                                                                                              the ball
                                                                                                             Offense = get the ball
Condition 1 field. 2 teams                                                                               Progression
          (10players 5v5                                                                                  Without Goalies, small goals
Full Game 14 players 7v7)                                                                                 With Goalies, large goals

           Homework                Away Game Sunday @ 1:00pm, arrive by 12:30pm. Upper                  Tryouts Thursday 5/8 6:15pm
                                   Blue and yellow trim jerseys

11:30 am                           Triangle Dribbling 10 minutes a day

Wrap Up                            Drop, Flip with your toe, and Catch the ball – 10 minutes
                                      Video demo here:

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