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Contact CLEAN Chair and Minnesota State Rep. Jeremy Kalin Rep




                                           Contact: CLEAN Chair and Minnesota State Rep. Jeremy Kalin
                                                        Rep.Jeremy.Kalin @ or 612-875-2546

                                                                                       January 29, 2010

President Barack Obama
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
House Minority Leader John Boehner
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
House Minority Leader Mitch McConnell
Members of the 11 1st Congress

Dear President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Representative Boehner, Leader Reid, Senator McConnell, and
all members of the 111th Congress,

As leaders in state legislatures across the country, we call on you to pass comprehensive clean
energy jobs and climate change legislation.

State legislators have been leading clean energy efforts for decades. As the laboratories of
democracy, states have proven that clean energy jobs and climate legislation results in job growth, in
greater security, and in spurring American leadership and innovation.

29 states have passed Renewable Portfolio Standards and four more have set renewable energy
goals, requiring that a significant percentage of that states' electricity be generated from non-fossil
fuels. These renewable electricity requirements have led to significant job growth in the clean-energy

Nearly every state In the nation has made energy-efficiency a priority. These energy efficiency
investments have helped major industries stay competitive, and have helped schools, cities, counties,
and other local governments save hundreds of millions of dollars in energy costs.

In states where renewable power and energy efficiency is a policy priority, the clean energy
economy has outpaced the rest of the economy, in some cases nearly 10 to 1. While other sectors
of the economy have been losing jobs, the clean energy economy is a bright spot for job creation.

State and local governments are seeing the benefit of clean energy jobs legislation, but we also
face steep costs due to the risks associated with climate change. The costs and instabilities
involve massive flooding and major hurricane damage, sustained droughts and widespread

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agricultural pests and diseases, and major biological disruptions affecting our water and food supply,
health care, and public safety. These catastrophic costs affect insurance payouts and higher premiums
for private- and public-sector policyholders. They also involve unprecedented economic losses to
industry and to federal, state and local governments.

America's dependence on foreign energy makes our nation vulnerable, in terms of economics
and national security.

According to the Energy Information Agency, our federal energy trade deficit is approximately
$1 billion a day, or more than $10,000 a second. To fuel our economy, we depend on unstable,
unfriendly nations who don't share American values. As a result, in the words of former CIA Director
James Woolsey and Senator John McCain, we are funding both sides of the war on terror.

Our nation's most respected military leaders recognize that climate change is a threat multiplier for
instability in the most volatile regions of the world. The climate change threat presents significant
national security challenges for the United States - challenges that should be addressed today,
because they will almost certainly get worse if we delay.

The global economy is increasingly a clean energy economy. We must ensure that we do not
replace our reliance on Middle Eastern oil with a reliance on Chinese solar panels and South American
biofuels. As a nation, we have always relied on the ingenuity of the American people to solve our
problems, and a federal clean energy jobs and climate bill will give American innovation the chance to
shine again.

Through its centrally-controlled economy, China has quickly leaped ahead on renewable energy
development, including the world's largest solar power plant. India is moving forward with its
ambitious National Action Plan on Climate Change. The United States of America cannot allow
nearly every other nation to beat us to the clean energy economy.

Today, American industry faces a confusing patchwork of state incentives, regulation and energy and
emission targets that hinders innovation. Only Congress can provide a predictable, national
framework that will spur innovation and discovery in the clean energy sector.

Forty years ago, the Apollo 11 mission provided a dramatic display of America's innovation and spirit
of discovery. President John F. Kennedy explained that we chose to "go to the moon in this decade and
do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve
to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills."

The clean energy and climate challenge Is America's new space race. The United States has never
backed down from a challenge on this scale, and we urge you to again place our country at the
forefront of innovation and prosperity.

We, the undersigned state legislators, call on you to enact comprehensive clean energy jobs and
climate legislation that relies on continued close collaboration between state and federal
governments. We pledge our support in pursuit of a more prosperous, more secure, and more
energy Independent America.


CLEAN Chair, Minnesota State Rep. Jeremy Kalin, on behalf of 1,201 state lawmakers from 49 states

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                                         COALITION OF LEGISLATIONS OR ENERGY ACTION Now
                                                      ASOF29 1ANUARY 2010

           Rep. Eddie Ableser, AZ               Sen. JoNell Bakke, ND                   Rep. Seth Berry, ME
           Sen. Paula Aboud, AZ                 Rep. Ruth Balser, MA                    Rep. Joe Bertram Ill, Hl
           Rep. Joseph Abruzzo, FL              Rep. David Baram, CT                    Sen. Don Betzold, MN
           Rep. Alma Adams, NC                  Rep. Jeb Bardon, IN                     Rep. Karla Bigham, MN
             Vice-Chair, Commerce, Small        Rep. Elias Barela, NM                   Sen. Stan Bingham, NC
             Business and Entrepreneurship      Sen. David Barla, MS                    Rep. Jackie Biskupski, UT
             Committee                          Rep. Jeff Barker, OR                    Rep. Clement Bissonnette, VT
           Rep. Herb Adams, ME                  Rep. John Barnes, IN                    Rep. Spencer Black, WI
           Sen. Amanda Aguirre, AZ              Assm. Peter Barnes Ill, NJ                Chair, Natural Resources Committee
           Rep. Edith Ajello, RI                Rep. Phil Barnhart, OR                  Rep. Richard D. Blanchard, ME
             Deputy Majority Leader             Rep. Dick Barrett, MT                   Rep. Lynne Blankenbeker, NH
           Sen. Charles Albertson, NC           Rep. John Bartlett, IN                  Sen. Patricia Blevins, DE
           Rep. Eliseo Lee Alcon, NM            Sen. Philip Bartlett, ME                  Senate Majority Leader
           Del. Kenneth Alexander, VA              Senate Majority Leader               Rep. Anders Blewett, MT
           Rep. Martha Alexander, NC            Rep. Brent Barton, OR                   Sen. Lawrence Bliss, ME
           Rep. Kelly Alexander Jr, NC             Vice-Chair, Business and Labor       Assm. Marty Block, CA
             Vice-Chair, W ater Resources and      Committee                              A ssistant Majority W hip
             Infrastructure Committee           Del. Kumar Barve, MD                    Rep. Anna Blodgett, ME
           Sen. Justin Alfond, ME                  Majority Leader                      Rep. David Bly, MN
           Del. Saqib All, MD                   Sen. Ray Basham, MI                     Del. Elizabeth Bobo, MD
           Rep. Alma Allen, TX                    Vice-Chair, Natural Resources and       Chair, Land Use and Ethics
           Rep. Lucy Allen, NC                    Environmental A ffairs Committee        Subcommittee
             Vice-Chair, W ater Resources and   Sen. Christopher Bateman, NJ            Assm. David Bobzlen, NV
             Infrastructure Committee           Sen. Alan Bates, OR                     Rep. Donna Boe,1D
Rep. Peter Allen, NH                              Senate Majority W hip                 Rep. Ellyn Setnor Bogdanoff, FL
        Rep. Susan Almy, NH                     Rep. Joan Bauer, MI                       Chair, Finance and Tax Committee
        Rep. Roberto Alonzo, TX                 Assm. Jim Beall, Jr., CA                Rep. Andrea Boland, ME
        Sen. Elaine Alqulst, CA                 Rep. John Beard, IA                     Rep. Mike Boland, IL
        Sen. Pam Althoff, IL                      Vice-Chair, Natural Resources         Sen. Joe Bolkcom, IA
        Rep. Carol Alvarado, TX                   Committee                             Rep. Valinda Bolton, TX
        Rep. Rafael Anchia, TX                  Rep. Jane Beaulieu, NH                  Sen. Suzanne Bonamici, OR
        Sen. Ellen Anderson, MN                   Vice-Chair, Environment and           Sen. Terri Bonoff, MN
             Chair, Environment and Energy        A griculture Committee                Rep. Deborah Boone, OR
             Finance Committee                  Rep. Michael Beaulieu, ME               Rep. David Borden, NH
          Rep. Kathy Angerer, Ml                Rep. Paul Beck, MT                      Rep. Alice Bordsen, NC
             Majority Floor Leader              Rep. Henry Beck, ME                     Rep. Frosty Boss Ribs, MT
          Rep. Sherry Appleton, WA              Rep. Arlene Becker, MT                  Rep. Bill Botzow, VT
          Rep. Dennis Apuan, CO                 Rep. Ray Begaye, NM                     Rep. Merle Boucher, ND
          Rep. Brian M. Ashe, MA                  Vice-Chair, A griculture and W ater     House Minority Leader
          Sen. Tim Ashe, VT                       Resources Committee                   Sen. Peter Bowman, ME
          Rep. Cory Atkins, MA                  Rep. Della Belatti, Hl                  Sen. Betty Boyd, CO
          Rep. Joe Atkins, MN                   Rep. Larry Bell, NC                       President Pro-Tern
             Chair, Commerce and Labor            Vice-Chair, A griculture Committee    Sen. Jim Bradford, SD
            Committee                           Rep. Debbie Benefield, CO               Rep. Matthew Bradford, PA
          Sen. Bob Atwater, NC                  Rep. Bernie Berm, NH                    Rep. David Bradley, AZ
          Rep. Shannon Augare, MT               Rep. Jennifer E Benson, MA              Rep. Gerald Brady, DE
            House Majority Whip                 Rep. John Benson, MN                    Rep. Joan Brady, SC
          Rep. Terri Austin, IN                 Rep. Terese Berceau, Wl                 Sen. Gary Branae, MT
            Chair, Roads & Transportation       Rep. Lyla Berg, HI                      Rep. Mary Brandenburg, FL
            Committee                           Sen. Linda Berglin, MN                  Sen. Joseph Brannlgan, ME
          Rep. Dennis Avery, IN                 Rep. Bob Bergren, MT                    Sen. Liz Brater, Ml
          Rep. Jules Bailey, OR                   Speaker of the House                  Rep. Christopher Bray, VT
          Sen. Rosalyn Baker, HI                Rep. Penny Bernard Schaber, Wl          Sen. Joan Bray, MO
            Chair, Commerce and Consumer        Rep. Maria A Berrios,IL                 Rep. Sheryl Briggs, ME
            Protection Committee                  Chair, Bio-Technology Committee       Rep. Tim Briggs, PA

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                                          COALITION OELMISiATIONS Fog ENERGYAcTioN Now
                                                       AS OF 29 JANUARY 2010

            Del. Bob Brink, VA                     Rep. Becky Carney, NC                  Sen. Spencer Coggs, WI
            Rep. Ronald Brise, FL                    Vice-Chair, Commerce, Small            Chair, Labor, Elections and Urban
            Rep. William Brisson, NC                 Business & Entrepreneurship            A ffairs Committee
              Vice-Chair, A griculture Committee   Del. Alfred C. Carr, MD                Rep. Ellen Cohen, TX
            Sen. John Broden, IN                   Del. Betsy Carr, VA                    Rep. Joan Cohen, ME
            Assm. Richard Brodsky, NY              Rep. Mele Carroll, Hl                  Sen. Richard Cohen, MN
            Del. William Bronrott, MD              Sen. Morgan Carroll, CO                Rep. Jill Cohenour, MT
            Rep. Charlie Brown, IN                 Rep. Richard Carroll, AR               Rep. Garnet Coleman, TX
            Rep. Edna Brown, OH                    Rep. Terrance Carroll, CO              Sen. Jacqueline Collins, lL
            Rep. Jack Brown, AZ                      Speaker of the House                 Rep. Marlow Colvin, IL
            Rep. Larry Brown, NH                   Rep. Seth Carson, WY                   Rep. Gary Connor, ME
            Rep. Terry Brown, Ml                   Assm. Wilmer Amina Carter, CA          Rep. Chip Conquest, VT
            Assm. Julia Brownley, CA               Rep. Alan Casavant, ME                 Rep. Kari Conrad, ND
            Rep. William Brownsberger, MA          Rep. Frank Case, NH                    Rep. Steve Conway, WA
              Vice-Chair, Global W arming and      Rep. Ed Casso, CO                        Chair, Commerce and Labor
              Climate Change Committee             Rep. Ted Celeste, OH                     Committee
            Sen. John Brueggeman, MT                 Chair, A lternative Energy           Sen. Tanya Cook, NE
            Rep. Angela Bryant, NC                   Committee                            Sen. Mike Cooney, MT
              Chair, Energy and Energy Efficiency Rep. Tom Chabin, AZ                     Sen. Ellen Corbett, CA
              Committee                           Rep. Bobby Joe Champion, MN             Rep. Alex Cornell du Houx, ME
            Rep. Mark Bryant, ME                   Rep. Kathleen Chandler, OH             Rep. Marc Corriveau, MI
            Rep. Kathy Brynaert, MN                Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia, IL             Sen. Jay Costa, PA
            Rep. Peter Buckley, OR                 Rep. Maralyn Chase, WA                 Rep. Nathan Cote, NM
            Rep. Debbie Buckner, GA                   Chair, Trade Policy Committee       Rep. Tricia Cotham, NC
            Rep. Dwight Bullard, FL                Rep. Gail Chasey, NM                   Rep. Andy Coulouris, MI
            Sen. Larcenia Bullard, FL              Rep. Eleanor Chavez, NM                Rep. Lois Court, CO
            Del. David Bulova, VA                  Rep. Rebecca Chavez- Houck, UT         Rep. Rick Crawford, GA
            Rep. Grant Burgoyne, ID                Rep. Margaret Cheney, VT               Sen. Cynthia Stone Creem, MA
            Rep. Mollie Burke, VT                  Sen. Deborah Cherry, MI                Rep. Jarrod Crockett, ME
            Rep. Lon Burnam, TX                    Assm. Wesley Chesbro, CA               Rep. Patsy Crockett, ME
            Sen. Meg Burton -Cahill, AZ            Sen. Ken Cheuvront, AZ                 Sen. John Cullerton,IL
            Rep. Suzanne Butcher, NH               Rep. Sue Chew, ID                         Senate President
            Rep. Steven Butterfield, ME            Assm. Upendra Chivukula, NJ            Sen. Sandra Cunningham, NJ
            Rep. Pam Byrnes, MI                      Chair, Telecommunications and           Majority W hip
               Speaker Pro Tempore                   Utilities Committee                  Rep. Barbara Currie, IL
Rep. Barb Byrum, MI                                Rep. Frank Chopp, WA                      House Majority Leader
        Rep. Mary Caferro, MT                        Speaker of the House                 Rep. Robert "Renny" Cushing, NH
        Rep. Emily Cain, ME                        Del. Virginia Clagett, MD              Rep. Steve J. D'Amico, MA
        Rep. Jacqueline Cali-Pitts, NH             Rep. Fred Clark, WI                    Sen. Kevin Dahle, MN
        Rep. Jennifer M. Callahan, MA                Chair, Forestry Committee            Sen. Dennis Damon, ME
        Rep. Chad Campbell, AZ                     Rep. Herbert Clark, ME                 Rep. Chris Danou, WI
               Minority W hip                      Rep. Karen Clark, MN                   Rep. Jeannie Darneille, WA
            Rep. James "Jim" Campbell, ME          Rep. Katherine Clark, MA               Sen. Don Davis, NC
            Rep. Linda Dean Campbell, MA           Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, NH              Vice Chair, A griculture,
            Rep. Margarett Campbell, MT            Sen. Hansen Clarke, Ml                    Environment; and Natural
               House Majority Floor Leader         Rep. Richard Cleary, ME                   Resources Committee
            Rep. Karen Camper, TN                  Rep. Brian Clem, OR                    Rep. Frank Davis, NH
            Rep. Ben Cannon, OR                      Chair, A griculture, Natural         Rep. Susan Hatch Davis, VT
              Chair, Environment and W ater,         Resources and Rural Communities      Rep. Will Davis, IL
              Committee                              Committee                            Rep. Yvonne Davis, TX
            Rep. Michael Carey, ME                 Rep. Lorene Coates, NC                 Rep. Jim Davnie, MN
            Sen. Jim Carlson, MN                   Rep. Eileen Cody, WA                   Sen. Deborah Dawkins, MS
            Rep. Lyndon Carlson, MN                Rep. Denny Coffman, HI                   Vice-Chair, Environment Protection,
            Rep. Reuven Carlyle, WA                  Vice-Chair, Energy & Environmental     Conservation and W ater Resources
                                                     Protection Committee                   Committee

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                              COALITION OF LEGISLATIONS FOR ENER GY ACTION Now
                                           AS OF 29 JANUARY 2010

Rep. John Day, IN                      Rep. Hans Dunshee, WA                 Rep. Mark Ferrandlno, CO
Assm. Hector De La Torre, CA           Sen. Bob Dvorsky, IA                  Rep. Ann - Margaret Ferrante, MA
Assm. Kevin de Leon, CA                Rep. Carolyn C. Dykema, MA            Assm. Mike Feuer, CA
Assm. Wayne DeAngelo, NJ               Rep. Beverly Earle, NC                Sen. Thomas Fiebiger, ND
   Vice-Chair, Telecommunications and Rep. Robert Eaton, ME                  Rep. Edward Finch, ME
   Utilities Committee                 Del. Adam Ebbin, VA                   Rep. Barry R. Finegold, MA
 Rep. David Deen, VT                   Rep. Jane Eberle, ME                    Chair, Joint Committee on
   Chair, Fish, W ildlife and W ater   Rep. Bob Ebinger, MT                    Telecommunication, Utilities, and
    Resources Committee                Rep. Kate Ebli, Ml                      Energy
 Rep. Ed Delaney, IN                   Rep. David Edwards, OR                Rep. Randy Fischer, CO
 Sen. George Della, MD                 Sen. John S. Edwards, VA                Deputy Majority W hip
 Rep. Michael Dembrow, OR              Rep. Sarah Edwards, VT                Sen. Stephen Fischmann, NM
 Rep. Paul Dennert, SD                 Rep. Lori A. Ehrlich, MA                 Vice-Chair, Science, Technology and
   A ssistant Minority Leader          Sen. James B. Eldridge, MA               Telecommunications Committee
 Rep. Eugene DePasquale, PA               Vice-Chair, Environment, Natural   Rep. Michael Fisher, VT
 Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, CA                 Resources, and A griculture        Rep. Susan Fisher, NC
 Sen. Ted Deutch, FL                      Committee                          Rep. Sean Flaherty, ME
    Vice-Chair, Regulated Industries   Rep. Elaine Elliot, SD                Sen. Jennifer L. Flanagan, MA
   Committee                          Sen. Rodney Ellis, TX                  Rep. John Fleming, MT
Sen. Bill Diamond, ME                 Rep. Rich Engels, SD                   Rep. Patricia Fleming, AZ
Sen. D. Scott Dibble, MN              Rep. Bob England, NC                   Rep. Elspeth "Elsie" Flemings, ME
    Chair, Transit Subdivision        Rep. Kirk England, TX                  Assm. Nathan Fletcher, CA
Rep. Sue Dickenson, MT                Assm. Steven Englebright, NY           Sen. Dean Florez, CA
Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, WA           Del. David Englin, VA                     Majority Leader
Rep. Cynthia Dill, ME                 Rep. Vicki Englund, MO                 Rep. Mike Foley, OH
Sen. Jackie Dingfelder, OR            Rep. Mark Erlcks, WA                   Assm. Paul Fong, CA
   Chair, Environment and Natural     Sen. Ron Erickson, MT                  Sen. Jennie Forehand, MD
   Resources Committee                Sen. Sharon Erickson Ropes, MN         Sen. Tony Foriest, NC
Rep. Denise Dittrich, MN                  Vice-Chair, A griculture and       Rep. Mike Fortner, IL
Rep. Margaret Doherty, OR                 Veterans Committee                 Rep. Les Fosse], ME
Sen. John Doll, MN                    Sen. Jon Erpenbach, WI                 Sen. Joyce Foster, CO
   Vice-Chair, Energy, Utilities,     Sen. Sue Errington, IN                 Rep. K. Jerry Frangas, CO
   Technology and Communications      Sen. Will Espero, Hl                      Vice-Chair Transportation and
   Committee                             Chair, Public Safety and Military      Energy Committee
Rep. Paul Donato, MA                     A ffairs Committee                  Rep. William Frank, VT
Rep. Marie Donigan, Ml                Assm. Noreen Evans, CA                 Rep. Dan Frankel, PA
Rep. Johannah Donovan, VT             Rep. Mark Eves, ME                     Sen. Rosa Franklin, WA
Sen. Katie G. Dorsett, NC             Sen. Darlene Fairley, WA               Rep. Jack Franks, IL
   Co-Chair, Select Committee on      Rep. Andrew Falk, MN                   Sen. Karen Fraser, WA
   Energy, Science and Technology        Vice Chair, Energy Finance and      Rep. Lew Frederick, OR
Rep. Stacy Dostie, ME                    Policy Committee                    Rep. Barbara French, NH
Sen. William Dotzler, IA              Rep. Mark V. Falzone, MA               Rep. Eldred French, VT
Rep. Denise Driehaus, OH              Rep. Mitch Fargen, SD                  Rep. Julie French, MT
   Vice-Chair, Economic Development; Sen. Susan C. Fargo, MA                   Chair, A griculture Committee
   Committee                          Rep. Joe Farias, TX                    Rep. Patsy French, VT
Rep. John Driscoll, WA                Rep. Steve Farley, AZ                  Rep. Jason Frerichs, SD
Rep. Robyn Driscoll, MT               Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield, NC       Rep. Marcie Frevert, IA
Rep. Tim Driscoll, ME                 Rep. Jessica Farrar, TX                Rep. Carol Friedrich, NH
Rep. Paul Drucker, PA                    Vice-Chair, Land and Resource       Rep. Patti Fritz, MN
Rep. Robert Duchesne, ME                 Management Committee                Rep. Paul Froehlich, IL
   House Chair, Joint Standing        Sen. Teresa Fedor, OH                  Sen. Brian Frosh, MD
   Committee on Natural Resources     Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, IL              Del. Barbara Frush, MD
Sen. Bob Duff, CT                     Rep. Marc Feinstein, SD                  Chair, Environment subcommittee
Rep. Dawnna Dukes, TX                 Sen. Dede Feldman, NM                  Rep. Tim Furey, MT
Rep. Jim Dunnam, TX                   Sen. Jim Ferlo, PA

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                                            AS OF 29 JANUARY 2010

Sen. Mike Gabbard, Hl                   Rep. James Gordon, AL                 Rep. Marian Harris, OH
   Chair, Energy and Environment        Sen. Steve Goss, NC                   Rep. Pricey Harrison, NC
   Committee                            Rep. Suzanne Gottling, NH                Chair, A ppropriations
Rep. Pete Gallego, TX                   Rep. Jay P. Goyal, OH                    Subcommittee on Natural and
Sen. Mario Gallegos, TX                    Majority W hip                        Economic Resources
Sen. Brickwood Galuterla, HI            Rep. Deborah Graham, IL              Rep. Philip Harvey, NH
Sen. Rob Garagiola, MD                    Chair, Renewable Energy Committee Rep. Suzanne Harvey, NH
    Deputy Majority Leader              Rep. Mary Grant, MA                     Vice-Chair, Science, Technology and
Rep. Sean Garballey, MA                 Rep. Anne Grassie, NH                  Energy Committee
Sen. Jorge Luis Garcia, AZ              Sen. Josh Green, Hl                  Rep. Anne Haskell, ME
    Minority Leader                     Rep. Tami Green, WA                  Sen. Jack Hatch, IA
Rep. Martha Garcia, AZ                  Rep. Mitch Greenlick, OR             Rep. Harold Haugh, MI
Sen. Mary Jane Garcia, NM               Assm. Linda Greenstein, NJ           Sen. Bob Hawks, MT
Rep. Miguel Garcia, NM                  Rep. Mindy Greiling, MN              Rep. Jeff Hayden, MN
Rep. Pat Gardner, GA                    Sen. Eric Griego, NM                 Rep. Teresea Hayes, ME
Rep. Paul Gardner, MN                   Rep. Chris Griffin, ND               Rep. Helen Head, VT
   Vice-Chair, Environment Policy and   Rep. Wanda Grinde, MT                Rep. Chris Heagarty, NC
   Oversight Committee                  Rep. Edmund Gruchalla, ND            Del. Anne Healey, MD
Rep. Chris Garrett, OR                  Assm. Reed Gusciora, NJ              Sen. Rollie Heath, CO
Sen. Susan Garrett, IL                     Vice-Chair, Environment and Solid Del. Sue Hecht, MD
   Chair, Environment Committee           W aste Committee                       Deputy Majority W hip
Sen. Linda Garrou, NC                   Del. Nancy Guthrie, WV                Rep. Matt Heinz, AZ
Rep. Mary Gaskill, IA                   Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez, MD            Sen. Margaret Rose Henry, DE
Rep. Elesha Gayman, IA                  Rep. Jon] Gutierrez, NM                  Senate Majority W hip
Rep. Douglas A. Gelss, M1               Rep. Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney, WA     Rep. Teresa Henry, MT
   Vice-Chair, Energy and Technology       Chair, Community and Economic      Rep. Ana Hernandez, TX
   Committee                               Development and Trade Committee    Rep. Lisa Hernandez, IL
Sen. Dan Gelber, FL                     Sen. Ken Haar, NE                     Del. Charniele Herring, VA
   Vice-Chair, Commerce Committee       Rep. Sandy Haas, VT                   Rep. Elfreda Higgins, ID
Rep. Sara Geiser, OR                    Rep. Jennifer Haase, MI               Sen. Linda Higgins, MN
Sen. Stan Gerzofsky, ME                 Rep. Robert Hagan, OH                 Rep. Steve Hilgenberg, WI
Rep. Karen Glannlni, NM                    Chair, Transportation and          Assm. Jerry Hill, CA
Rep. Peggy Gibson, SD                     Infrastructure Committee            Rep. Debra Hilstrom, MN
Rep. Paul Gilbert, ME                   Rep. Phil Haire, NC                   Rep. Bill Hllty, MN
Rep. Rosa Gill, NC                      Rep. Larry Hall, NC                      Chair, Energy Finance and Policy
Rep. Brenda Gilmore, TN                 Sen. Bethany Hall-Long, DE               Committee
Rep. Ruth Ginsburg, NH                  Rep. Robin Hamilton, MT               Rep. Jon Hinck, ME
Rep. Eliot Glasshelm, ND                Rep. Christine Hamm, NH                  Chair, Utilities and Energy
Rep. Rick Glazier, NC                   Rep. Jill Shaffer Hammond, NH            Committee
Del. Cheryl Glenn, MD                   Rep. Julie Hamos, IL                  Rep. Gordon Hintz, WI
Rep. Anne Gobi, MA                        Chair, Mass Transit Committee       Sen. Barry Hobbins, ME
Rep. Bruce Goforth, NC                  Sen. Loni Hancock, CA                   Chair, Utilities and Energy
  Vice-Chair, Commerce, Small           Rep. Betsy Hands, MT                    Committee
  Business, and Entrepreneurship        Rep. Arthur Handy, RI                 Sen. Steve Hobbs, WA
  Committee                               Vice-Chair, House Committee on    Rep. Terri Hodge, TX
Rep. Lee Gonzales, Ml                     Environment and Natural Resources Rep. Kevin Hodges, NH
Sen. Seth Goodall, ME                Rep. Faye Hanohano, H1                   Rep. Jay Hoffman, IL
   Senate Chair, Joint Standing      Rep. Rick Hansen, MN                     Sen. Rob Hogg, IA
  Committee on Natural Resources     Rep. Valerie Hardy, NH                      Vice-Chair, Environment & Energy
Rep. Adam Goode, ME                  Rep. Chris Harker, OR                       Independence Committee
Rep. Roger Goodman, WA               Rep. Patrick Harkins, PA                 Rep. Thomas Holbrook, IL
Sen. Bob Gordon, NJ                  Rep. Charles Harlow, ME                     Chair, Environment& Energy
  Vice-Chair, Environment and Energy Sen. Don Harmon, IL                         Committee
  Committee                          Rep. Greg Harris, IL                     Rep. Frank Holden, NH

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                                COALITION OF LEGISLATIONS FOR ENERGY ACTION Now
                                           AS OF29 JANUARY 2010

Rep. Galen Hollenbaugh, MT              Sen. Patricia Jehlen, MA               Rep. Margaret
  Chair, JointA ppropriations           Sen. Larry Jent, MT                     Anderson Kelliher, MN
   Subcommittee on Natural              Rep. Tim Jerman, VT                       Speaker of the House
   Resources and Transportation         Sen. Sandy Jerstad, SD                 Rep. Scot Keith, ND
Rep. Rick Holman, ND                    Rep. Willem Jewett, VT                 Rep. Deb Kennedy, Mi
Sen. Linda Holmes, IL                   Sen. Pam Jochum, IA                    Sen. Thomas Kennedy, MA
   Vice-Chair, Labor Committee          Rep. Christine A. Johnson, UT          Rep. Peter Kent, ME
Sen. Jim Holperin, WI                   Sen. David Johnson, AR                 Rep. Andy Kerr, CO
   Chair, Committee on                  Rep. Mitzi Johnson, VT                    A ssistant Majority Leader
   Transportation, Tourism, Forestry,   Rep. Sheldon Johnson, MN               Rep. Beth Kerttula, AK
   and Natural Resources                Rep. William Johnson, NH                  House Minority Leader
Rep. Jason Holsman, MO                  Sen. Mike Johnston, CO                 Rep. Lynn Kessler, WA
Rep. Paul Holvey, OR                    Del. Adrienne Jones, MD                   Majority Leader
Sen. Gary Hooser, HI                       Speaker Pro Tem                     Rep. Kay Khan, MA
Del. Patrick Hope, VA                   Rep. Earl Jones, NC                    Sen. Michelle Kidani, Hl
Rep. Frank Hornstein, MN                  Vice-Chair, Science and Technology   Rep. Ryan Kiesei, OK
   Chair, Transit and Transportation       Committee                           Rep. Bill Killen, ID
   Policy Committee                     Sen. Kenneth Wayne Jones, MS              Minority Caucus Chair
Rep. Timothy Horrigan, NH               Rep. Patricia Jones, ME                Rep. Kevin Killer, SD
Rep. Melissa Hortman, MN                Rep. Robert B. Jones, Ml               Rep. Phylis King, ID
   A ssistant Majority Leader           Rep. Andy Jorgensen, WI                Sen. Ellie Kinnaird, NC
Rep. Larry Hosch, MN                      Chair, Renewable Energy and Rural       Vice-Chair, A griculture,
   A ssistant Majority Leader              A ffairs Committee                     Environment and Natural
Sen. Matthew Houde, NH                  Rep. Peter(Pete) Jorgensen, WY            Resources Committee
Rep. Steve Howard, VT                   Rep. Babette Josephs, PA               Rep. Patrick Kirschman, SD
Sen. Janet Howell, VA                   Rep. Joel Judd, CO                     Rep. Warren F. Kitzmlller, VT
Del. James Hubbard, MD                  Sen. Charlie Justice, FL                 Chair, Commerce and Economic
    Assistant Majority Leader              Minority Leader Pro Tempore           Development Committee
Sen. Evie Hudak, CO                     Rep. Naida Kaen, NH                    Sen. Adam Kline, WA
Rep. Zachary Hudgins, WA                   Chair, Science, Technology and      Rep. Shelia Klinker, IN
Assm. Jared Huffman, CA                    Energy Committee                    Sen. Frank Kioucek, SD
Rep. Sandra Spaulding Hughes, NC        Rep. Bryan Kaenrath, ME                Rep. Kate Knuth, MN
Rep. Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, CO        Rep. Louis L Kafka, MA                   A ssistant Majority Leader
Rep. Bernie Hunhoff, SD                 Rep. Daniel Kagan, CO                  Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, WA
    Minority Leader                     Rep. Ruth Kagi, WA                     Sen. Russell Kokubun, Hi
Rep. Robert Hunt, ME                    Rep. Nick Kahl, OR                     Rep. Angeline Kopka, NH
Rep. Sam Hunt, WA                       Rep. Phyllis Kahn, MN                  Del. Kaye Kory, VA
Rep. Chuck Hunter, MT                   Del. Anne Kaiser, MD                   Rep. Tina Kotek, OR
Sen. Mattie Hunter, IL                  Rep. Margaret Kaiser, GA               Rep. John Kowalko, DE
Rep. Ross Hunter, WA                    Rep. Jeremy Kalin, MN                  Rep. Joseph Koziura, OH
Rep. Thomas Huntley, MN                 Rep. Andrew Kandrevas, MI              Rep. Bob Kressig, IA
Assm. Valerie Vainieri Huttle, NJ       Rep. Jay Kaufman, MA                   Rep. Joe Kroeber, ND
Sen. Les ihara, HI                      Sen. Christine Kaufmann, MT            Rep. Chuck Kruger, ME
Rep. Melissa Walsh innes, ME            Assm. Brian Kavanagh, NY               Sen. Gary Kubly, MN
Rep. Ed Iron Cloud Ill, SD              Rep. Jerry Kearns, IA                    Chair, Energy Finance Subdivision
Rep. Chuck lsenhart, IA                   Vice-Chair, Environmental            Rep. Mark Kuhn, IA
Rep. Jim Jacks, WA                        Protection Committee                 Rep. Gail Kulick Jackson, MN
Rep. Darren Jackson, NC                 Rep. Helene Keeley, DE                 Rep. Stephen Kulik, MA
Sen. Robert L. Jackson, MS              Rep. Kathleen Keenan, VT               Rep. Jeanne Labuda, CO
Sen. Troy Jackson, ME                   Rep. John Kefalas, CO                  Del. Stephen Lafferty, MD
Rep. Naomi Jakobsson, IL                Sen. Christine Kehoe, CA               Rep. Carolyn Laine, MN
Sen. Harold Janeway, NH                 Rep. Gilbert Keith-Agaran, Hi          Rep. Mike Lajoie, ME
Rep. Wendy Jaquet, ID                   Sen. Ken Kelash, MN                    Rep. Sara Lampe, MO
Rep. Maggie Jeffus, NC                  Sen. Maryanne Keller, CO               Rep. Lou Lang, IL
                                        Sen. Tim Keller, NM                    Rep. Gerald Lange, SD

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                                          COALITION OF LEGISLATIONSEORENERGY _ACTIONNOW
                                                       AS OF29 JANUARY 2010

           Rep. William Lantigua, MA            Sen. Alan Lowenthal, CA                 Rep. Karen May, 1L
           Sen. Cliff Larsen, MT                Assm. Bonnie Lowenthal, CA                Chair, Environmental Health
           Sen. Sylvia Larsen, NH               Sen. Louise Lucas, VA                     Committee
              President of the Senate           Rep. Marvin Lucas, NC                   Rep. Edward Mazurek, ME
           Rep. Mark Larson, VT                 Sen. Eddie Luclo, TX                    Rep. Al McAffrey, OK
           Sen. Ron Latz, MN                       Chair, International Relations and   Rep. Dave McAlpln, MT
           Rep. Elaine Lauterborn, NH              Trade Committee                        Vice-Chair, Fish, Wildlife and Parks
           Rep. Linda Lawson, IN                Rep. Paul Luebke, NC                       Committee
           Sen. Daylin Leach, PA                Rep. David Lujan, AZ                    Rep. Jeff McCabe, ME
           Rep. Chris Lee, HI                      House Minority Leader                Rep. Beth McCann, CO
           Rep. Marilyn Lee, Hl                 Rep. Ben Lujan, Sr., NM                 Rep. Edle McClafferty, MT
              Majority W hip                       Speaker of the House                 Rep. Jim McClammer, NH
   Del. Susan Lee, MD
Rep. Sylvia Luke, HI                                                                    Del. Jennifer McClellan, VA
   Rep. Edward Legg, ME          Assm. Donna Lupardo, NY                                Rep. Ruth McClendon, TX
   Sen. John Lehman, WI          Sen. Virginia Lyons, VT                                Rep. David McCluskey, CT
   Rep. Gabe Leland, Ml             Chair, Natural Resources and                           Deputy Speaker of the House
   Rep. Joan Lenes, VT              Energy Committee                                    Rep. John McCoy, WA
   Sen. Mike Lenett, MD          Rep. Bruce MacDonald, ME                                 Chair, Technology, Energy and
     Chair, Special Committee on Rep. Margaret MacDonald, MT                              Communication Committee
     Renewables and Clean Energy Rep. Nick Mackey, NC                                   Sen. Matt McCoy, IA
   Sen. Mark Leno, CA            Rep. James Roger Madalena, NM                          Sen. Harris B. McDowell,Ill, DE
   Rep. Bryan Lentz, PA             Chair, Energy and Natural                             Chair, Energy and Transit
   Rep. Lucy Lerlche, VT            Resources Committee                                   Committee
      Assistant Majority Leader  Sen. Richard Madaleno, Jr., MD                         Sen. Donald McEachin, VA
   Rep. Matthew Lesser, CT       Sen. Sue Madison, AR                                   Rep. Buffie McFadyen, CO
   Rep. Tom Letson, OH           Rep. Antonio "Moe" Maestas, NM                            Speaker Pro-Tem
   Rep. David Levdansky, PA      Rep. Michael Magaoay, HI                               Sen. Amanda McGill, NE
   Sen. Phil Leventis, SC        Rep. Veronica Magnan, ME                               Del. Maggie McIntosh, MD
   Rep. Melanie Levesque, NH     Rep. Sue Malek, MT                                       Chair, Environmental Matters
   Rep. Paul LeVota, MO          Rep. Liz Malia, MA                                       Committee
      Minority Floor Leader      Rep. Dale Mallory, OH                                  Assm. John McKeon, NJ
   Rep. Claire Levy, CO            Chair, Environment and Brownfield                      Chair, Environment and Solid W aste
              Majority W hip                      Development Committee                   Committee
           Rep. Jason Lewis, MA                 Rep. Kathy Manderino, PA                Sen. Floyd McKissick, NC
           Rep. Tina Liebling, MN               Del. Roger Manno, MD                       Co-Chair, A ppropriations on
           Rep. Bernard Leeder, MN              Rep. Carlos Marian, MN                     Natural and Economic Resources
             Chair, Transportation Finance      Sen. Henry Marsh, VA                       Committee
             Committee                          Rep. Seth Marshall, NH                  Rep. Marian McLawhorn, NC
           Rep. Marko Liias, WA                 Rep. Cynthia Martin, VT                 Rep. Ricla McMahon, NH
           Rep. Leon Lillie, MN                 Rep. Grier Martin, NC                   Rep. Paul McMurtry, MA
             Vice-Chair, Commerce and Labor       Vice-Chair, Homeland Security,        Rep. Margo McNeil, MO
             Committee                            Military, and Veterans A ffairs       Sen. Cisco McSorley, NM
          Sen. Terry Link, IL                     Committee                             Rep. Mark Meadows, M1
             Majority Caucus W hip              Rep. James "Jim" Martin, ME             Rep. Reginald Meeks, KY
          Rep. Ellen Lipton, Ml                 Sen. John Marty, MN                     Rep. Robert Megna, CT
          Rep. Carolyn Lisle, NH                Rep. Sandra Masin, MN                   Rep. Robert Mehlhoff, MT
          Rep. Lesia Liss, MI                   Rep. Jim Masland, VT                    Rep. Deborah Meil, IL
          Sen. Carol Liu, CA                    Rep. Cory Mason, WI                     Sen. Heath Mello, NE
          Rep. Diane Loeffler, MN               Rep. Barbara Massey Reece, GA           Rep. Mike Menahan, MT
             A ssistant Majority Leader         Rep. Anthony Matarazzo, NH              Rep. Susana Mendoza, IL
          Rep. Phil Lopes, AZ                   Sen. Tim Mathern, ND                      Chair, International Trade &
          Sen. Linda Lopez, AZ                  Rep. Robert Matheson, NH                  Commerce Committee
             Minority W hip                     Rep. Marcie Maxwell, WA                 Sen. Pam Merchant, SD
          Rep. Jason Lorber, VT                 Rep. Tracy Maxwell Heard, OH            Rep. Michael Merrifield, CO
          Rep. Stephen Lovejoy, ME                 Majority Floor Leader                Sen. Amanda Merrill, NH

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                                          AS OF 29 JANUARY 2O1O

Rep. Eric Meyer, AZ                     Rep. Mark Nakashima, HI                 Rep. Solomon Ortiz, Jr, TX
Rep. Aaron M. Michlewitz, MA            Rep. Nancy Nathanson, OR                Rep. Tina Orwall, WA
Rep. Rick M !era, NM                    Sen. Cynthia Nava, NM                   Rep. Marcus Oshiro, Hl
Rep. Joe Miklosi, CO                    Assm. Pedro Nava, CA                    Rep. Harry Osterman, lL
Rep. Alice Miller, VT                   Rep. Floyd Nease, VT                       Chair, Labor Committee
Sen. Dale Miller, OH                      Majority Leader                       Rep. Jeanette Mott Oxford, MO
Rep. Elizabeth Miller, ME               Sen. Gloria Negrete McLeod, CA          Rep. Derek Owen, NH
Rep. Fred Miller, M1                      Chair, Senate Business, Professions   Rep. Sal Pace, CO
Sen. John Miller, VA                      and Economic Development              Rep. Sharon Pace, MO
Del. Paula Miller, VA                     Committee                             Sen. Marc Pacheco, MA
Rep. Nick Milroy, Wl                    Rep. Elaine Nekritz,IL                     Chair, Senate Committee on Global
Rep. Sue Minter, VT                        Vice-Chair, Environment & Energy        W arming and Climate Change
Rep. Bonnie Mitchell, NH                   Committee                            Sen. Frank Padavan, NY
Sen. Libby Mitchell, ME                 Sen. Carolyn Nelson, ND                 Rep. Lynne Pancrazi, AZ
   Senate President                       A ssistant Minority Leader            Sen. Sandra Pappas, MN
Rep. Mark Mitchell, VT                 Rep. Jon Nelson, ND                      Rep. Joe Parisi, WI
Rep. Wayne T. Mitchell, ME             Rep. Mary Pennell Nelson, ME             Rep. Al Park, NM
Rep. J. Larry Mitchell, DE             Rep. Sharon Nelson, WA                   Rep. Cherelle Parker, PA
Rep. Annie Mobley, NC                  Sen. Linda Newell, CO                    Rep. Sandy Pasch, WI
Rep. Corey Mock, ND                    Rep. Stacey Newman, MO                   Rep. Anne Pavley-Stuart, ID
Rep. Jim Moeller, WA                   Rep. Jerry Newton, MN                    Rep. Beatriz Pastor, NH
   Deputy Speaker Pro Tern pore        Sen. Clarence Nishihara, HI              Rep. Matthew C. Patrick, MA
Assm. Bill Monning, CA                 Rep. Mary Nolan, OR                      Rep. Matt Patten, OH
Del. Karen Montgomery, MD                  Chair, Land Use Committee               Vice-Chair, Commerce and Labor,
   Vice-Chair, Land Use and            Rep. Pat Noonan, MT                         Committee
   Transportation Committee            Rep. Susl Nord, NH                      Rep. Daniel Patterson, AZ
Rep. Michael J. Moran, MA              Rep. Terse Norelli, NH                  Sen. Fran Pavley, CA
Rep. Mike Moran, OH                       Speaker of the House                    Chair, Senate Natural Resources
   Vice-Chair, Environment and         Sen. Ralph S. Northam, VA                  and W ater Committee
   Brownfield Development Committee Sen. John Nutting, ME                      Rep. Michael Paymar, MN
Sen. Sue Morano, OH                    Rep. Eldon Nygaard, SD                  Rep. Tony Payton Jr., PA
Rep. Will Morgan, MN                       Minority W hip                      Rep. Sarah K. Peake, MA
Del. Dan Morhaim, MD                   Rep. Al O'Brien, WA                     Rep. Jamie Pedersen, WA
   Deputy Majority Leader              Rep. Andrew O'Brien, ME                 Rep. Alice H. Peisch, MA
Rep. Hermina Morita, HI                Rep. Anne O'Brien, VT                   Rep. Scott Pelath,IN
   Chair, Energy & Environmental       Rep. Mike O'Brien, PA                   Rep. Kathy Pellett, VT
  Protection Committee                 Rep. Bill O'Neill, NM                   Rep. Gene Pelowski, MN
Rep. Dawn Morrell, WA                  Rep. Jim O'Rourke, CT                   Del. Joseline Pena-Melnyk, MD
   Democratic Caucus Chair                 Deputy Speaker of the House         Rep. Donna Pence, ID
Rep. Terry Morrison, ME                Sen. Rick Olseen, MN                    Rep. Peggy Pendleton, ME
Del. Joe Morrissey, VA                 Sen. Dennis Olshove, MI                 Rep. Cherylin Peniston, CO
Sen. Michael W. Morrissey, MA             Vice-Chair, Energy Policy and Public Rep. Ann Peoples, ME
  Chair, Telecommunications, Utilities    Utilities Committee                  Rep. Lelia Percy, ME
  and Energy Committee                 Rep. Donovan Olson, IA                  Assm. V. Manuel Perez, CA
Sen. John Morse, CO                       Chair, Environmental Protection      Rep. Anne Perry, ME
   Senate Majority Leader                 Committee                            Sen. Joe Perry, ME
Sen. Lynda Moss, MT                    Sen. Mary Olson, MN                     Rep. John Persell, MN
Sen. Mee Moua, MN                      Del. John Olszewski, Jr., MD               Vice-Chair, Environment and
Rep. Mike Mrowicki, VT                 Rep. Timm Ormsby, WA                       Natural Resources Finance Division
Rep. Joe Mullery, MN                      Vice-Chair, A griculture & Natural     Committee
Rep. Erin Murphy, MN                     Resources Committee                   Sen. Chap Petersen, VA
  A ssistant Majority Leader           Sen. Nan Orrock, GA                     Sen. Karen Peterson, DE
Rep. Dennis Murray, OH                    Vice-Chair, Interstate Cooperation   Rep. Matthew Peterson, ME
Rep. Lee Myxter, ND                       Committee                            Rep. Eric Pettigrew, WA
Rep. Elliot Naishtat, TX               Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino, NM

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                                           COALITION OF LEGISLATIONS FORENERGYACTION Now
                                                         AS OF29 JANUARY 2010

            Rep. Phil Pflum, IN                    Sen. William Purcell, NC                Sen. Phil Rockefeller, WA
               Chair, A griculture & Rural         Rep. Kesha Ram, VT                         Chair, Environment, Water &
               Development Committee               Del. Victor Ramirez, MD                    Energy Committee
            Rep. Eber Phelps, KS                   Assm. Rubin Ramos Jr., NJ               Rep. Benjamin Rodefer, NM
            Rep. Mike Phillips, MT                 Rep. Peter Ramsey, NH                   Rep. Eddie Rodriguez, TX
                House Majority Caucus Leader       Rep. Scott Randolph, FL                 Rep. James Roebuck, PA
            Rep. Danice Picraux, NM                Sen. Kevin Ranker, WA                   Rep. Christine Rolfes, WA
            Rep. Wendy Pleh, ME                       Vice-Chair, A griculture & Rural        Vice-Chair, Ecology and Parks
            Rep. Garland Pierce, NC                   Economic Development Committee          Committee
            Rep. Matt Pierce, IN                   Rep. Helen Rankin, ME                   Sen. Gloria Romero, CA
               Vice-Chair, Commerce, Energy &      Rep. Ray Rapp, NC                       Rep. Jeff Roorda, MO
               Technology Committee                Sen. Jamin "Jamie" Raskin, MD              Minority W hip
            Rep. Sandy Plhos,1L                       Co-Chair, Maryland Clean Car and     Sen. James Rosapepe, MD
            Rep. Connie Plilich, OH                   Energy Policy Task Force                Assistant Deputy Majority W hip
            Rep. James Pliliod, NH                 Rep. Robin Read, NH                     Sen. Diane Rosenbaum, OR
            Rep. Donald Pilon, ME                  Rep. Tobias Read, OR                       Chair, Commerce and W orkforce
            Rep. Hannah Pingree, ME                   Chair, Sustainability and Economic      Development Committee
               Speaker of the House                   Development Committee                Del. Samuel
            Rep. Wright Pinkham, ME               Rep. Harry Readshaw, PA                   "Sandy" Rosenberg, MD
            Sen. Paul Pinsky, MD                  Sen. Debbie Regala, WA                   Rep. Deborah Ross, NC
               Chair, Environment Subcommittee    Rep. Michelle                            Del. Justin Ross, MD
            Rep. John Plotd, ME                    Rehwinkel Vasilinda, FL                    Chief Deputy Majority W hip
               House Majority Leader              Rep. Nathan Reichert, IA                 Rep. Margaret Rotundo, ME
            Del. Ken Plum, VA                     Rep. Roger Reinert, MN                   Rep. J. David Roundstone, MT
            Rep. Mark Pocan, WI                   Rep. Michele Reinhart, MT                Rep. Richard Roy, CT
            Rep. Paul Poirler, VT                     Vice-Chair, Business and Labor       Rep. Kelda Helen Roys, Wl
            Del. Albert Pollard, VA               Sen. Ann Rest, MN                        Sen. Sandy Rummel, MN
            Sen. Jim Pomeroy, ND                  Rep. Amy Rice, RI                        Rep. Byron Rushing, MA
            Rep. Jack Pommer, CO                     Deputy Majority Leader                Assm. Ira Ruskin, CA
            Rep. Jennifer Pomnichowski, MT        Sen. Andrew Rice, OK                     Rep. Diane Russell, ME
               Vice-Chair, Natural Resources      Del. Craig Rice, MD                      Rep. Trinka Russell, NH
    Rep. Sondy Pope- Roberts, WI                  Rep. Joe Rice, CO                        Rep. Maria Ruud, MN
   Assm. Anthony Portantino, CA                   Sen. Nan Rich, FL                        Rep. Su Ryden, CO
    Rep. Gregory Porter, IN                  Vice-Chair, Policy and Steering               Rep. Mark Ryder, NH
    Rep. Ari Abraham Porth, FL               Committee on Energy, Environment              Rep. Tara Sad, NH
    Rep. Fran Potter, NH                     and Land Use                                     Chair, Environment and
Rep. Jon Richards, Wl
    Rep. Weezie Potter, ND                                                                    Agriculture Committee
   Sen. Edith Prague, CT                   Rep. Gary Richardson, NH                        Rep. Scott Salki, HI
    Rep. Benjamin Pratt, ME                Rep. Pam Richardson, MA                         Rep. Brita Sailer, MN
   Sen. Margarita Prentice, WA             Rep. Gail Riecken,IN                               Vice-Chair, Game, Fish and Forestry
    Rep. Philip Preston, NH                Rep. Jim Riesberg, CO                              Division
   Sen. Yvonne Prettner Solon, MN          Rep. Al Riley, IL                               Assm. Mary Salas, CA
      Chair, Energy, Utilities, Technology Rep. Chuck Riley, OR                            Assm. Lori Saldana, CA
      and Communications Committee         Sen. Jeremy Ring, FL                               A ssembly Speaker Pro-Tem
   Sen. Craig Pridemore, WA                  Vice-Chair, Select Committee on               Sen. Mary Anne Salmon, AR
               Vice-Chair, Environment, W ater and   Florida's Economy                     Rep. Linda Sanborn, ME
               Energy Committee                    Rep. Shirley Ringo, ID                  Rep. Edward Sandoval, NM
            Rep. Charles Priest, ME               Sen. Rebecca Rios, AZ                    Rep. Steve Santarsiero, PA
            Rep. Bob Pritchard, IL                    A ssistant Minority Leader           Rep. Dante Santoni, PA
            Rep. Denise Provost, MA               Sen. Fred Risser, WI                     Sen. Tom Saxhaug, MN
            Sen. Floyd Prozanski, OR                  President of the Senate                Vice-Chair, Environment, Energy
            Rep. Cherrish Pryor, IN               Rep. Mary Helen Roberts, WA                and Natural Resources Budget
            Rep. Raymond Pryor, OH                Rep. Sarah Roberts, MI                     Division
            Sen. Linda T. "Toddy" Puller, VA      Sen. Judy Robson, Wl                     Rep. George Sayler, ID

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                                         COALITION OF LEGISLATIONS FOR &ERGY ACTION NOW
                                                      AS OF 29 JANUARY 2010

  Rep. Bev Scalze, MN                               Sen. Bob Smith, NJ                 Assm. Robert Sweeney, NY
  Rep. Christine Scanlan, CO                          Chair, Environment and Energy       Chair, A ssembly Committee on
  Rep. Sue Schafer, CO                                Committee                           Environmental Conservation
  Rep. David Jon
Rep. Schapira, AZ                               Rep. Elaine Smith, ID
                                               Switalski, Ml
  Rep. James Schatz, ME                         Rep. Jefferson Smith, OR              Rep. K. Mark Takai, Hl
  Sen. Linda Scheid, MN                            Vice-Chair, Environment and W ater Rep. Roy Takumi, Hl
  Rep. Ed Schleffer, MO                            Committee                          Rep. Mike Talboy, MO
  Rep. Donna Schlachman, NH                     Rep. Matt Smith, PA                   Rep. Cullle Tarleton, NC
  Rep. Peter Schmidt, NH                        Rep. Nancy Smith, ME                     Chair, W ater Resources and
  Sen. Becky Schmitz, IA                        Rep. Suzanne Smith, NH                   Infrastructure Committee
  Sen. Elizabeth Schneider, ME                  Sen. Charlie Smith Dannelly, NC       Sen. Christine Tartaglione, PA
  Sen. Mac Schneider, ND                        Rep. Frank Smizik, MA                 Sen. Greg Taylor, IN
  Rep. Marlin Schneider, WI                        Chair, House Committee on Global Rep. Rick Taylor, PA
  Sen. Brian Schoenjahn, IA                        W arming and Climate Change        Rep. Andre Thapedi, IL
  Rep. Teresa Schooley, DE                      Assm. Cameron Smyth, CA               Rep. Phyllis Thede, IA
  Rep. Dianne Schuett, NH                       Sen. Eleanor Sobel, FL                Rep. Charles Kenneth Theriault, ME
  Rep. John W. Scibak, MA                       Sen. David Sokola, DE                 Rep. Kristl Thlbaut, TX
  Rep. Carl M. Sclortino Jr., MA                Rep. Judy Solano, CO                  Rep. Cynthia Thielen, Hl
  Del. Jim Scott, VA                            Rep. Darrell Solberg, SD                 A ssistant House Minority Leader
  Rep. Dan Scripps, Ml                          Rep. Judith Spang, NH                 Rep. Brian Thomas, GA
  Rep. Larry Seaquist, WA                          Chair, Resources, Recreation and   Sen. Buzz Thomas, Ml
  Rep. Mike Sells, WA                                 Development Committee               Minority Floor Leader
  Rep. Tony Sertich, MN                            Rep. Kristy Spengler, VT            Rep. Jack Thomas, NM
            House Majority Leader                  Sen. Karen E. Spilka, MA            Sen. Antoine M. Thompson, NY
          Rep. Jon Sesso, MT                       Sen. Carolyn Squires, MT               Chair, Environmental Conservation
          Sen. Brandon Shaffer, CO                 Sen. Pat Steadman, CO                  Committee
            President of the Senate                Sen. Heather Steans, IL             Rep. Bill Thompson, SD
         Sen. Eliot Shapleigh, TX                      Vice-Chair, Environment         Sen. Patricia S. "Patsy" Ticer, VA
            Vice-Chair, Veteran A ffairs and           Committee                         Chair, A griculture, Conservation
            Military Installations Committee       Rep. Sharon Steckman, IA               and Natural Resources Committee
         Rep. Dave Sharpe, VT                      Rep. Cheryl Steenson, MT            Rep. George Till, VT
         Rep. Michael Shaw, ME                     Del. Dana Stein, MD                 Rep. Joy K. Tilton, NH
         Sen. Kathy Sheran, MN                     Sen. Josh Stein, NC                 Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Ml
         Rep. Malle Shimabukuro, Hl                Rep. Jeff Steinborn, NM             Rep. Nancy Todd, CO
         Rep. Stephen Shurtleff, NH                Rep. Sara Stevens, ME               Rep. Patricia Todd, AL
         Del. Mark Sickles, VA                     Rep. Mimi Stewart, NM               Sen. Steven A. Tolman, MA
         Rep. Steve Simon, MN                      Rep. Dan Stewart, OH                Rep. Carolyn Tomel, OR
            A ssistant Majority Leader             Rep. Judy Stiegler, OR              Rep. Timothy J. Toomey, MA
         Sen. Deb Simpson, ME                      Rep. Mark Strama, TX                Sen. Patricia Torres Ray, MN
         Rep. Geoff Simpson, WA                       Chair, Technology, Economic      Del. David Toscano, VA
         Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, AZ                      Development and W orkforce       Rep. Anna Tovar, AZ
            A ssistant Minority W hip                 Committee                        Rep. Chuck Townsend, NH
         Rep. Christine Sinicki, WI                Rep. Richard Stuart, NH             Rep. Sharon Treat, ME
             Chair, Committee on Labor             Rep. Peter Stuckey, ME              Rep. Pamela Jabar Trinward, ME
         Rep. Lawrence Sirois, ME                  Rep. Stephanie                      Rep. Mike Tryon, IL
         Rep. Kelly Skidmore, FL                    Stuckey Benfield, GA               Rep. Cllft Tsuji, Hl
         Rep. Mike Skindell, OH                    Rep. Mary Ann Sullivan, IN             Chair, A griculture Committee
         Assm. Nancy Skinner, CA                      Vice-Chair, Small Business &     Sen. Susan Tucker, MA
         Sen. Dan Skogen, MN                          Economic Development Committee     Vice-Chair, Joint Committee on
            Vice-Chair, Environment and            Sen. Nancy Sullivan, ME               Telecommunications, Utilities and
            Natural Resources Committee            Rep. Vanessa Summers, IN              Energy
         Rep. Nora Slawik, MN                      Del. Scott Surovell, VA             Rep. Frank Tupper, NH
         Rep. Linda Slocum, MN                     Rep. Patricia Sutherland, ME           Vice-Chair, Resources, Recreation
                                                   Rep. Benjamin Swan, MA                and Developnment Committee

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                                             AS OF 29 JANUARY 2010

Rep. Art Turner, IL                    Rep. Rochelle Walton Gray, MO        Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton, NM
   Deputy Majority Leader              Rep. Mary Beth Waiz, NH              Rep. Franke Wilmer, MT
Rep. Cleon Turner, MA                  Sen. Dave Wanzenried, MT                House President Pro Tempore
Del. Frank Turner, MD                  Rep. John Ward, MN                   Sen. Frederica Wilson, FL
Sen. Nina Turner, OH                   Rep. Edith Warren, NC                   Minority Lead Whip
Rep. John Tuttle, ME                      Chair, A ppropriations            Sen. Jonathan Windy Boy, MT
Rep. Max Tyler, CO                       Subcommittee on Natural and        Rep. Ryan Winkler, MN
Rep. Peter S. Ujvagi, OH                 Economic Resources                 Rep. Lonny Winrich, ND
Rep. Alice Underhill, NC               Rep. Ray Warren, NC                  Rep. Dave Winters, IL
  Vice-Chair, Environment and          Rep. Rebekah Warren, Ml                 Republican Spokesperson, Electric
  Natural Resources Committee            Chair, Great Lakes and the            Generation & Commerce Committee
Rep. Dave Upthegrove, WA                  Environment Committee             Rep. Brady Wiseman, MT
  Chair, Ecology and Parks             Rep. Rae Waters, AZ                  Rep. Brad Witt, OR
   Committee                           Sen. Kirk Watson, TX                    Chair, Business and Labor
Del. Kris Valderrama, MD                  V ice-Chair, Transportation and     Subcommittee On W orkforce
Rep. Mary Valentine, Mi                   Homeland Security Committee         Development
Rep. Linda Valentino, ME               Rep. Thomas Watson, ME               Rep. Suzi Wizowaty, VT
Del. Joseph Vallarlo, Jr., MD          Rep. David Wafters, NH               Rep. Alice Wolf, MA
Rep. Kevin Van de Wege, WA             Del. Vivian Watts, VA                Sen. Lois Wolk, CA
Rep. Kendall Van Dyk, MT               Rep. Jim Wayne, KY                   Rep. Larry Womble, NC
   Chair, Fish W ildlife and Parks     Rep. Kate Webb, VT                   Rep. Jessica Wooley, HI
  Committee                            Rep. Kathy Webb, AR                     Vice-Chair, A griculture Committee
Rep. David Van Wie, ME                 Rep. Carolyn Webber, NH              Rep. Michael Wray, NC
Rep. Martha Vanderlinde, SD            Rep. David Webster, ME                 Vice-Chair, A ppropriations
Rep. Suzanne VanOrman, OR              Rep. Jennifer Weiss, NC                Subcommittee on Natural and
   Vice-Chair, A griculture, Natural   Rep. Joan Welsh, ME                    Economic Resources
   Resources and Rural Communities     Sen. Elliot Werk, ID                 Rep. Thomas Wright, ME
   Committee                              A ssistant Minority Leader        Sen. Robin Wright-Jones, MO
Del. Michael Vaughn, MD                Sen. Royce West, TX                  Assm. Mariko Yamada, CA
Rep. Ben Vig, ND                       Rep. Jake Wheatley, PA               Rep. Karen Yarbrough, IL
Rep. Edward Vigil, CO                  Rep. Walter Wheeler, ME              Rep. Tyrone K. Yates, OH
Rep. Mike Villarreal, TX               Rep. Alma Wheeler Smith, Mi          Rep. Coleman Young 11, MI
Rep. Greg Vitall, PA                   Rep. Jane Whilden, NC                Rep. Nancy Young Wright, AZ
Rep. Hubert Vo, TX                     Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple, VA       Rep. Kenny Yuko, OH
Rep. Melanie Wade Goodwin, NC             Democratic Caucus Chair              Chair, Commerce and Labor
Assm. Connie Wagner, NJ                Rep. Scott White, WA                    Committee
Rep. Joe Wagner, ME                    Sen. Charles Wiger, MN               Rep. Steven L. Zaiser, ND
Rep. Richard Wagner, ME                Sen. Patricia Wiggins, CA            Rep. John Zenie, VT
Rep. William Wainwright, NC            Sen. Mary Jo Wilhelm, IA             Rep. Jake Zimmerman, MO
  Speaker Pro Tem                      Rep. Nate Willems, IA                Sen. Ryan Zinke, MT
Rep. Glenn Wakal, HI                   Rep. Brendan Williams, WA            Rep. David Zuckerman, VT
  Vice-Chair, Consumer Protection &    Sen. Carol Williams, MT
  Commerce Committee                     Senate Minority Leader
Del. Jeff Waldstrelcher, MD            Rep. Sandra Williams, OH
Rep. Deb Wallace, WA                     Chair, Economic Development
Rep. Armando Walle, TX                   Committee
Rep. Mary Jane Wallner, NH             Sen. Suzanne Williams, CO
   Majority Leader                       Majority Caucus Chair

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