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Heirloom and Gourmet Vegetable Plants 2011 by dfgh4bnmu


									Heirloom and Gourmet Vegetable Plants 2011
vegetable        name                      type   comments
Bean---bush      Black Valentine           heir   50-55 days; pre 1850; 6" pod; use fresh or dried; prolific
Bean---bush      Royal Burgundy            hyb    55-60 days; 5" pod; dark purple pod, green inside; flavorful
Bean---bush      Tavera                    hyb    54 days; Filet type; gourmet favorite; 4-5"; slender; best used fresh, when seeds are small
Bean---pole      Climbing French           heir   65-75 days; 1931; 4-7" long; dark purple seed; excellent fresh
                                                  53 days; flavor reputed to be superior to other gold beets; orange skin; bright gold flesh; sweet
Beet             Touchsone Gold            hyb    flavor; up to 4" wide
Brussel Sprout   Long Island Improved      heir   80-115 days; 1890's; semi-dwarf, up to 24" tall
Cabbage          Alcosa                    hyb    72 days; savoy type(krinkled); 2-4 lbs; beautiful as well as tasty
Cabbage          Winningstadt              heir   80-90 days; 1866; "pointed" type (not round); 9"h x 7"w
Carrot           Paris Market (Parisian)   heir   50-68 days; red/orange color, rounded---1-2" long; good for containers
Chive, garlic    Dugeirhong Purple         heir   China; beautiful and delicious
Cucumber         Carosello Barese          heir   60 days; round to oval; burpless; mild, tasty flavor---eat when young---when skin is fuzzy, not
Cucumber         Edmonson                  heir   70 days; 1913; 4" long; "white", turning red/orange at maturity; disease resistant
Cucumber         Japanese Climbing         heir   60 days; 1892; 9" fruit; strong tendrils---best grown on a trellis
Cucumber         Lemon                     heir   65 days; 1894; pale yellow; round shape---ripe when 2" diameter; semi-bush habit
Cucumber         Striped Armenian          heir   63 days; striped; lightly ridged; harvest when 8-18"; delicious
Eggplant         Brazilian Oval Orange     heir   70 days; small, bright green oval; turns red at maturity; edible but also ornamental
Eggplant         Cannibal Tomato           heir   60-70 days; 3" wide fruit; red when ripe; ornamental only---edible but very bitter; 4' tall
Eggplant         Prospera                  heir   75 days; from Sicily; mild flavor; glossy, medium purple skin; white flesh
Eggplant         Rosa Bianca               heir   73-80 days; from Sicily; 4-5", round; lavender and white streaked skin; sweet, not bitter
Melon            Amarillo Oro              heir   100 days; golden yellow; oblong shape; creamy white flesh; up to 15 lbs
Melon            Banana                    heir   80-100 days; possibly pre-1800; yellow skin, salmon flesh; up to 24" long
Melon            Noir des Carmes           heir   75 days; France; prolific and easy to grow; dark green skin, turning orange; orange flesh
Melon            Prescott Fond Blanc       heir   70 days; France; 4-9 lbs; yellow skin, with warts and ribs; flesh is salmon and very fragrant
Melon            Pride of Wisconsin        heir   90-100 days; 1937; 4-8 lbs; hard shell; flavorful
Melon            Sweet Siberian            heir   80-90 days; green skin; sweet, golden flesh; good for northern growers
Melon            Tigger                    heir   85 days; Armenia; orange skin with yellow zigzags; fragrant, sweet, pale flesh
Onion            Savonese                  heir   100 days; Spain; red; flat shape; sweet, mild flavor
                                                  110 days; Originally from Italy; large, flattened globes; light brown skin, white flesh; sweet; use
Onion            Walla Walla               heir   fresh---limited shelf life
Onion            Yellow Potato Onion       heir   Prior to 1790. Flavorful, yet not too hot; good keeper; about 3" wide
Pea              Asparagus                 heir   "Winged Pea"; 1734; a legume, but not a pea or bean; red flowers; edible pod
Pea              Golden Sweet              heir   60-70 days; India; needs a pole or wire to grow on; eat before fully mature
Heirloom and Gourmet Vegetable Plants 2011
                                                      80 days; 3" x 2.5", heart shaped; green, turning red when ripe; sweet, more flavorful than other
Pepper---Sweet    Perfection                   heir   large peppers
Pepper---Sweet    Shishito                     heir   60-65 days; Japan; 3" x 1"; mild; usually used when green; prolific; popular with chefs
Pepper---Sweet    Sweet Cayenne                hyb    75 days; 12" long; skinny; thin wall; sweet; cayenne flavor without the heat
Pepper---Hot      Bulgarian Carrot             heir   70-80 days; 3" long; tapered; thin; yellow/orange when ripe; hot yet fruity
                                                      70-80 days; 19th century African American variety; 4-5" long; pointed; striped; various colors;
Pepper---Hot      Fish                         heir   medium hot---45,000-75,000 scovilles
Pepper---Hot      Hot Lemon                    heir   70 days; citrus hot; smoky spicy flavor; 3-4" long; bright yellow when ripe
Pepper---Hot      Peguis                       hyb    75 days, large Jalapeno---4" x 1.5"; hot; thick walls; prolific
Pepper---Hot      Rocotillo                    heir   80-85 days; bright red small pepper; curious shape---like a patty pan squash; medium heat
Potato            French Fingerling            heir   90-100 days; pink skin; yellow flesh; larger oval shape; do not peel---skin is tasty
Potato            German Butterball            heir   100-120 days; russeted skin; yellow flesh; good yield; very popular
Potato            LaRatte                      heir   90-120 days; French; yellow flesh; nutty flavor; creamy texture; highly recommended
Potato            Rose Finn                    heir   80-100 days; heavy yield; even moisture gives best yield
Potato            Russian Banana               heir   105-135 days; best known fingerling; 4-5" long; slender banana shape; pale yellow flesh; stores
Potato            Yellow Finn                  heir   90-100 days; classic European gourmet potato; oval to pear shaped; high yield
Potato            Yukon Gold                   hyb    80-90 days; 1960's; oval shape; yellow flesh; dry texture; thin skin; superior flavor
Squash---summer   Magda (zucchini)             hyb    48 days; Mideast style zuke; pale green; best when 3-4" long
                                                      52 days; yellow scallop (patty pan); tender; buttery flavor; heavy yield; harvest when 3" or less;
Squash---summer   Patty Pan Sunburst           hyb    bush habit
Squash---summer   Sweet Gourmet                hyb    50 days; light skinned Lebanese type; heavy bearing; harvest when 4-6" long
Squash---winter   Boston Marrow                heir   90-110 days; 1831; red orange skin; Hubbard shaped; up to 12 lbs
Squash---winter   Burgess Buttercup            heir   85-100 days; 1932; 3-5 lbs; thin, blackish skin; orange flesh
                                                      100 days; Lakota Sioux heirloom---"baby Hubbard" type; stout shape; 5-7 lbs; orange with green
Squash---winter   Lakota                       heir   streaks; highly decorative
Squash---winter   Marina di Chiogga            heir   105 days; Italy; deep gray green, warty skin; sweet, dry flesh; good keeper; 10 lb; heavy yield
Squash---winter   Musquee de Provence          heir   80-110 days; France; 1898; green and tan skin; dense orange flesh; 8 lbs
Squash---winter   Orangetti                    hyb    80 days; higher nutritional value than other spaghetti types
                                                      110 days; 1887; banana type; oblong, teardrop shape; slate blue color; thick, sweet orange flesh;
Squash---winter   Sibley (aka Pikes Peak)      heir   up to 9 lbs
Squash---winter   Spaghetti (Veg. Spaghetti)   heir   80-90 days; 9" long; yellow skin and flesh; keeps well
                                                      95-100 days; boxy shape; variable coloring---usually pale orange base with a green top; sweet,
Squash---winter   Speckled Hound               heir   orange yellow flesh; nutty flavor
Squash---winter   Sweet Lightning              hyb    100 days; smaller, good for single servings; gourmet favorite.
                                                      95-100 days; skin is creamy color, with dark green stripes; tender, light orange flesh; up to 9" x 3";
Squash---winter   Zeppelin Delicata            heir   2lb; semi-bush habit
Heirloom and Gourmet Vegetable Plants 2011
Tomato        Andes                        heir   75 days; SEMI-DET; 5" x 2"; meaty; few seeds
Tomato        Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red    heir   85-90 days; IND; rich; delicious
Tomato        Armenian                     heir   90 days; IND; bicolor
Tomato        Austin's Red Pear            heir   80 days; IND; 2" fruit with elongated neck; superior flavor; productive
Tomato        Banana Legs                  heir   75 days; DET; long fruit---4" x 1.5"; low acid; meaty; prolific
Tomato        Baylor Paste                 heir   80-85 days; IND; egg shaped; highly rated paste; prolific; crack resistant
Tomato        Berwick German               heir   85 days; IND; irregular shape; 2-4" wide; meaty; few seeds
Tomato        Big Pink Hybrid              hyb    75 days; IND; very flavorful; 8-12 oz; smooth skin
                                                  85 days; IND; superior variety; from vegetable historian W. W. Weaver; circa 1920; (aka True Black
Tomato        Black Brandywine             heir   Brandywine)
Tomato        Brandy Boy                   hyb    78 days; IND; Burpee says it is their best tasting tomato; 14 oz; heavy yield
Tomato        Carmello                     hyb    72 days; IND; French; rich sweet flavor; 6 oz; thin skin yet crack resistant; disease resistant
Tomato        Cosmonaut Volkov             heir   72 days; DET; rich, deep, balanced flavor---sweet yet tangy; 2-3" wide
Tomato        Early Peru                   heir   75-80 days; IND; scalloped; midsized; sweet
Tomato        Golden Ponderosa             heir   80 days; IND; large; meaty; smooth, mild, sweet flavor; low acid; thin skin
                                                  75 days; IND; tomato author Goldman's introduction; large; beautiful; squat, pear shape---ribbed
Tomato        Goldman's Italian American   heir   and pleated; intense red color; thick, meaty flesh
Tomato        Green Velvet                 heir   80 days; IND; traditional taste; midsize, meaty fruit; smooth texture
                                                  85 days; IND; red; meaty; up to 6" across; prolific---couple of bushells off each plant; vines can
Tomato        Italian Tree                 heir   reach 25'
Tomato        Large Red                    heir   85 days; IND; 4"w x 2"h; scalloped; intricate, tangy flavor
Tomato        Milano Plum                  hyb    60-65 days; DET; Italian type; dense, thick flesh; rich, sweet taste; elongated pear shape
                                                  75-85 days; IND; bright red; gourmet quality with fine even texture, yet slightly acidic; blossom end
Tomato        Old Brooks                   heir   rot resistant
Tomato        Polish Giant                 heir   81 days; IND; pink
Tomato        Rhodia                       hyb    72 days; IND; beefsteak Italian; full flavored; very popular in Europe
Tomato        St. Pierre                   heir   78 days; IND; French; deep red; full rich flavor; heavy yield; 12-16 oz
Watermelon    Royal Golden                 heir   85 days; rind turns golden yellow when ripe; sweet, pink red flesh; size 8-25 lbs

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